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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  October 15, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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this is the bay area's top news station. kron 4 news at 6:00 a.m. start now. >> good morning top stories we're following on this monday october 15th investigators are collecting evidence after an early- morning homicides in east oakland. we will have a live report. >> so much for the home field advantage. st. louis cardinals claimed a victory a 4.0ight at att earthquake some of you may
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have felt that. i sought comments of my facebook fan page. later today temperatures could actually climb to the low 80s. now we have disability issues visibility now at 0 around 101 interchange. along the
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coastline for those of you driving around half moon bay it is foggy out there but we do have sunshine on the way. here afternoon forecast coming up in a bid. >> for the san mateo bridge a clear and trouble free ride with no delays a quick check shows the heaviest traffic on the east bay highway for interstate 580 bay area saturday. >> we can try all over again today here at at&t park. they have not won a game at home in the postseason yet. they will have a chance and about 11 hours. they did make a great comeback scored four runs in the bottom of the fourth but after that everything was shut down. they wanted to make a home crowd happy at some point. they have today to do it after today they will travel to st. louis. they have to win two of the next four
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games in order for this to come back to at&t park. that is the hope right now. the good news is that this is a seven game series last time it was a five game series that is the winning team has to lend four games. there's still four victories away from their second world series in two years. unfortunately it is against last year's world championship team to st. louis cardinals. >> we did see briefly the
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pitcher he did g tcher. there is no certainty that baumgartner will get a another star in this rotation. >> still much to watch and wait for as the giants a quest for another world series chance. >> today is the deadline for city colleges of san francisco to provide the reasons to the accreditation commissions why it should
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remain open. citing leadership weaknesses the commission sent a letter earlier this year say-l ohe pled guilty to a mr. boehner count of false imprisonment. >> it is 6 04 a m in new this morning police in oakland are looking for the gunman who shot and killed a man overnight. will trend is live in east oakland. what do they know right now wheel. >> they do know that this was not a drive-by shooting because they saw the bullet casings near his body. this indicates that whomever shot him walked up to him shot multiple times and probably fled on foot. investigation is ongoing. here's video from the scene he was shot near the intersection at bancroft and hilton around 1:00 a.m. in the morning. he is a man in his twenties he was still breathing at the time the officer ride and was taken to the hospital. doctors tried to save his
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life but cannot. we do not know if he lived at the home or was visiting someone at the time. when officers of ride they were monitoring the location. a woman also called in to them about the shots when they arrived they found the man he was alone. they want to talk to the one about the woman refused to give her name or any indication of what she knew. >> that is the problem in oakland people will not come forth. >> they did not have a motive or know if it was gang-related his name is not been released at this time. we will try to get more of retaliation. the police say it is not talking that allows you to be terrified pe >> the police want people to call for more >> testing out in the neighborhood is a very quiet neighborhood and even if you probably wanted to talk
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after learning that someone had been shot 13 times may be next door or cross the street from you it is pretty hard to have people to come for. the officer did tell me usually they give little bits and pieces of information one or two days later. usually not immediately but after the shooting because their after it happens. >> we will see what happens if we get any leads in that. there was another shooting in oakland as well. a double shooting two people shot just after midnight.
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1007 st. let's take a look on the map where that is. two men were taken to the hospital they are in stable condition. >> down on to paul upticks decision 2012 here is video gtnd republican challenger mitt romney will square off in a town hall style debate. tomorrow night a at 6:00 p.m.. the major topics are
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anything from four more to domestic policy. >> undecided voters in attendance will be asking questions. we will see if they entertain questions coming in from twitter or facebook. it will be the first one immoderate to oversee a presidential debate in two decades. >> we will be broadcasting
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at 6:12 a.m. louis back with more in a couple of minutes on this monday morning. let's take a live look at walnut creek. it looks like everyone is getting up and out of the house there is a little more traffic. in concord is currently 55 degrees. the high today is a perfect 81. this why we all live in the bay area.
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federal health officials say the case of a song called meningitis are up to 198. ar-15 deaths reported. 15 states reporting cases the latest is in new hampshire. california has yet to report any illnesses from this outbreak which is linked to sarah chocks for back pain. if there originated at a specialty formallpharmacy in massachusetts. a study says that a shot for a speedy does not make for young women promiscuous. they love
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that the records whether the girls had sought for control of vicdevices. very few who got the shot at the ages of 11- 12 did not have any of those samples by the time the were 15. >> there is a tropical storm watch for the baja peninsula coastline. right now wins are about 75 m.p.h. that puts it right around the category one stage. about 565 mi. southeast of the peninsula. the national hurricane center expects the storm to began weakening into tomorrow dropping down to tropical storm levels. we are keeping an eye on that. >> we're also keeping an eye
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on our own weather looks like we are heading for an october heat wave. >> good morning good weather back in the forecast. some of our cooler spot specifically half moon bay climbed the low 80s by thursday. very pleasant conditions as before the bay area. right now contending with some fault clear conditions here in walnut creek however that is not the case everywhere. check out concord where visibility is down to a half mile. 3 mi. of visibility at highway 101 for half moon bay. this afternoon mostly sunny conditions you can see clearly sunny along the coast temperatures in the upper 60s. temperatures in the wide range of seven is for the bay shoreline. inland communities could get hot some locations in the '80s. pleasanton dishes around the bay area. the one
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attract those numbers '70s and '80s to the south bay. mountain view at 75 degrees. 79 and out so. off 84 on an valley. campbell 83 expected loss gatos. we are in 80 degree of territory for pittsburgh. your afternoon high for danville 75. pleasanton additions for the east bay shoreline low to mid '70's 72 for downtown san francisco. four spots with mid to upper 60s. mid '70s and san mateo. your baseball forecast for those of you lucky enough to rule on the giants against the cardinals' first pitches at 5 07 p.m.. mostly sunny conditions temperatures will start out in the upper 60s but we will cool things down wins will come in from the southwest at 10-15 mi. per hour could see guston range of 20 mi.. kron 47 day
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around the bay forecast shows wednesday and thursday as the warmest of the week. high pressure will be firmly in place we will even some eighties or coastal spots. cooling down by friday in mild conditions in store for the weekend. at 619 ms check for hot spot for george. >> and the westbound direction first indication is the center line is blocked by what may be as many as five cars involved. the order to get there you have to pass through fault if your coming out of a vallejo there is a fog advisory in place. as we heard erica said earlier the north bay conditions are foggy could affect your right on highway 37. the rest of your east make of commute not too bad. your drive time here for the south bay still looks great. 18-19 minutes from 85 to
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237. no delays to the west valley on highway 85. the marin portion of your 101 north bay ride will be an easy one from the auto to the golden gate bridge just 23 minutes. a bridge check the bay bridge bus ground metering lights active now the backup already forming if we are into them free. san mateo bridge we have yet to see any construction delays. this weekend will be the first of two consecutive weekends which the san mateo bridge is closed. don't worry you'll be hearing plenty about that as the woreek wears on. >> is 6:21 a.m. back to bay area headlines. colonel services will be held this friday for a hercules school teacher was murdered last week. morristown the victim inside of her house. she had several stagstatus phones.
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she failed to pick up her husband from the airport as when she was found by a neighbor. >> the family will bury her at the mountain view cemetery in oakland. >> meanwhile let man is behind bars falling a standoff with san francisco police. in the area of eddie in webster there arrived and found bullet casings on the ground and blood on the pavement. that is on this around a nearby home nearly four hours into it they finally have some resolution when several adults and four children walked out of the house. the suspect to started it is being held without bail. >> now on the richmond chevron refinery fire. for cause of the blazes linked to another fire at the plant last year. state documents show that two workers said there was commotion at the refinery and a possible risk for employees because of it. but chevron said the corrosion that led to last year's fire was unexpected
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and they found nothing unusual about the fire. al to reno police are asking to be on the lookout for this man he is a male thief. and is linked to a bunch of mail that's been out to reno.--they had this photo not his identity. >> a quick break is 623 atm here's a live look outside from san jose checking on the 1 01. traffic is moving ok. 54 woman to the low seventies by noontime with high 78. suay in the south bay today
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welcome back to the kron for morning news. tracking the hot spot for interstate 80 west down at the bay bridge we're getting word of an accident on the upper deck. according to the chp is the center lane that is blocked with one vehicle facing the wrong direction. remember there are problems on the upper east shore i will be tell those in the rest of you traffic coming up james. >> thank you george following moral news we're hearing from the father of christopher stephens. the
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ambassador said there was killed in syrrilibya. he is speaking out about his son's death being used in the campaign speeches. >> the situations led up to the attack will be investigated and are bent being objectively considered. democrats are shovelinrugging off accusations that president obama deliberately covered up the events of that day. the ministration is accused of knowing within 24 hours that the benghazi act was a core a native of salt and wanted people to think they had dismantled al qaeda and refused to release the
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information. >> if the time is 627 tam do not go away. we are monitoring what happens on wall street with three minutes away from the opening bell.
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and we're back is 6:30 a.m. there your the opening bell sounded for the new york stock exchange and the nasdaq. will be visiting with rob black coming up in about 10-12 minutes. will break down what is going on on wall street and we think the market will be headed today. >> want to get caught up on whether an traffic george for a hot spots. >> an accident have confirmed with caltran it is the center line that is blocked to cars. one of the vehicles was reported facing the wrong way. off the back of has not reached the metering lights. we have not sent things really start to slow down but we will. we are looking at a back up already this could mean that
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the freeway will be jammed into the book carbamate.macarthp running a break in order to clear the crash to the shoulder that will be a visual hazard. the drive times for 22 minutes but we expect that to start to build. >> george is foggy out there we do have issues with visibility. in fact really bad conditions for a santa rosa novato, napa. for those of you coming in to half moon bay take a look at your whether headlines. the sunshine into the afternoon tomorrow will receive more in the wake of some antipater season warmer. >> wednesday and thursday we could see some nineties for our warmest income communities. things local back down into the weekend full details on your extended full cast coming up in just a bit.
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>> thank-you erica came to will be much better. the san francisco giants entering game 2 and the national league championship tonight. they are looking for their first home victory of the postseason. our sole reporter jacqueline ciscokie si >> they came back and scored four runs in the bottom of the fourth it was too little too late. they still have not won a game here at at&t park. in the postseason. they are 0-3 they're hoping to break that street tonight. >> to get another chance at
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5:00 p.m. they will take on the reigning world champion st. louis cardinals and game to. no matter what there is still more baseball to be played to have to win the best out of seven. there will tplace 3 in singles and come back to at&t park. they are waiting--they never really got started they had the big fourth inning but after that everything was shut down. they're really hoping tonight will be denied and get a home victory for the home crowd. the tickets are out there. >> i just sort of watched by myself in the house. with
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one eye open roaming around by myself. >> i'm not proud of it. i'm not saying it's rational that's just the way have to do it. >> ok jackie. if you want to go there are tickets if you're willing to pay. the cheap seats are going for about $80 off on the park yesterday people were trying to sell tickets even though it is illegal to scalp tickets. >> they've been going for about 150 to $200. >> the will sell you parking passes to. >> they will sell you anything. >> this morning police are investigating a stabbing at candlestick park. fed involved people the war on the way to the game. the
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suspect starting an argument with the victim and then stabbed him this happen brown 1:30 p.m. yesterday. the victim is expected to be ok. >> to people are dead from a shooting in pittsburgh around 5:30 p.m. at buchanan wrote in ventura drive. >> no arrests have been made in that shooting. >> some happier news the space shuttle endeavor is now is new homes and los angeles will go on display this month. it rolled to its final destination is the california science center. to begin the 12 mi. journey from lax to the science interpret it very slowly took till sunday to get there. dozens of trees had to be cut down. they had to remove traffic signs and signals. they have to do all the work that is why it took so long. a former endeavor astronauts says it was an emotional experience seemed
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the shuttle make its way home. >> it is bittersweet. this is the last shuttle that's been delivered to a museum. is to me i am personally saddened to see the shuttle program having come to an end. but also nice to see that the shuttles will be displayed proudly and the public will have the opportunity to see them. >> coast shuttles were incredible feats of engineering. enterprise and atlanta's and the endeavor will all be on display at the california science center. the endeavor will go on display october 31st. >> that take a live look outside. it is foggy out like a movie set. you could barely see city hall in san francisco. we'll be right back
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welcome back to the kron for more news as we continue to track the lay for the bay bridge westmount. the mineral rights have been clamped down you can see hardly any traffic moving at the toll plaza. and we are continuing to monitor the upper east tour freeway for the center lane in the shoulder are blocked at in a multi vehicle accident. and of the visor is still in effect this morning. >> thank you george as we turn our attention to decision 2012 we have a gallup poll to show you the numbers have mitt romney in the lead. 49 percent said they will vote for mitt romney while president obama card 47 percent of that vote that is still within the margin of error. there's still tied technically. half of all americans do not think i the president will
6:41 am
have much effect. another 29 percent says their personal situation will be better under present obamas to richard of 20 percent said their personal situation said romney--if romney won the election. and a reminder as we make way for the presidential debate tomorrow night you can watch it live in its entirety will have that for you are 21/7 channel comcast 193 or digital channel 4.2. >> in italy hearings begin today for the cost to concordia ship captain. he is accused of steering the ship too close to the shore he has not been formally charged. several crew members and managers with the cruise liner also under
6:42 am
investigation for the wreck that killed 32 people when the ship hit the rocks and capsized last january. >> will take a break it is 6:41 a.m.. here is a live look outside. approach to the bay bridge toll plaza is backing up we do see fall out in the distance. we will give both weather and traffic in just moment
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the time ride down 6:45 a.m. and the top stories we are following. police are investigating shootings that happened in oakland. the first in the east oakland was deadly in the 5500 block of hilton st.. a man was shot dead 13 times and no one has been arrested. the national league championship series of events have francisco yesterday was a lost. the st. louis cardinals beat the
6:46 am
giants 6-4. game 2 in the best of seven series is tonight. the stock wall street chatting with raw black about the latest year economic news as we took a look at the dow which is seven points up. >> flaw black with a spreading down some of the news that move into politics. i guess this is often the most recent report of the gala fifth again showing that consumer in the united states. again it's nice is not glorious like 2001 and the glory days. we are a paycheck to
6:47 am
paycheck self driven economy. does it get any clouds of his to what the holiday shopping season will be like. >> wal-mart is a good indicator it will be good but not as good as last year we will have a good holiday sales. >> the stock from business news city group came out this morning with their earnings. have lending companies and taking a hit?. >> $3.3 billion in profits for sitting. the quarter. they're not doing a lot of mortgages. they're not really a market company. not as great as wells fargo did last week. morgan stanley barney these companies keep changing. they had a good
6:48 am
quarter we want the banks to do well wells fargo. in their lending for some in our economy is working in our economy is working the stock market is higher. if the stock-market is higher people will be happy. >> all looking for continued recovery, albeit slow. >> keep in mind occupy wall street is about a little older the year. >> one of our final bids has to do with japanese companies. by spring or lease a big chunk of it. >> from 70% will be a big jump for sure. this is not a manufacturing company which is what japanese companies used to buy this a telecom company. it is no. 3 if this
6:49 am
is really the for consumers we want more than at&t and verizon. >> the ceo with on to say fast as fast as fast. >> innovation is going to be something is really pushing. >> innovation is good for shareholders. the needs as bison turn the of shareholders. television's get more interactive this good for innovation is a good for shareholders. and some of that innovation from japan their usual way ahead of us in terms of implementing high-speed this. >> you are correct. >> will get some of that inspiration in the states. >> will see you back here at 915 am. >> the time is now 6:49 a.m. we will give a look at weather and traffic this
6:50 am
morning. >> the morning check out the cab of fault as we take a live look outside on our roof kevin downtown san francisco. it is a great start to the morning. temperature wise not to that low 60s and oakland. 56 degrees out the door in san downtown san francisco. blurting with the '60s woraking up in san jose. some delay is averaging 79 minutes on arriving flights at s f o check with your carrier. >> again that fog will be slow to clear so we could see these delays keep blasting for quite some time. your satellite and radar picture shows cloud cover streaming over the bay area. we do have some moisture to talk about. the good news is the wet weather is well to our north. if you could see it passing through
6:51 am
the northern most portions of california stretching into oregon as well. it looks like high pressure will start to build and we will see nothing but sunshine and temperatures well above average that we get into the middle of this week. >> me what is to cast or yellow indicates '70s pushing into your afternoon highs will start to see that more indicating low eighties for the delta for livermore valley. for pesticide napa and santa rosa as well. as we check out those numbers neighborhood by neighborhood. warmer conditions to what we saw this weekend i know we have a lot of fog of this morning but it will start to drop off and we will see sunshine and warmer conditions. santa clara 78. 77 expected in milpitas. a degree territory for fairfield, fo concord. in 7 day around the bay for cash shows high pressures are the place.
6:52 am
wednesday and thursday is the warmest of the week. apart a is a around the bay. low 80s with a coastline. thursday will start to cool things down that warm weather is relatively short- lived. temperatures on the mild side transitioning into the weekend. at 60 2:00 a.m. that your whether the see how traffic is doing with george. >> for the bay bridge traffic beginning to move after the accident on the upper deck is cleared it did manage to back things up pretty badly. the metering lights on now at a faster rate the drive times are well over 20 minutes on all of the approaches. not even much of an advantage coming from the nimitz freeway this morning. and for your ride getting to the bridge on the east shore freeway we're still backed up down from-- we have fault advisory pinole valley road where an accident on the shoulder manages to tie up traffic.
6:53 am
continuing our bridge track as we had to the san mateo bridge you can see things are a little slower and the westbound direction we do not see the big construction delays. about 12 to 14 minutes drive time instead of the usual comfortable 11 minutes. the san mateo bridge closed this weekend. and ride to the golden gate bridge 101 southbound a little foggy but no delays. 37 down to the toll plaza from marin. >> 653 a m. we will be back with more than just a couple of minutes. we are taking live look outside you can see from our mount tam cam we have a cloud covers.
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>> welcome back. this amazing record setting it. it looks baumgartner is the first person to break the sound barrier without a jet. he freefall with four minutes and the wheat speeds of over 700 m.p.h. space officials are hoping to show that high altitude pilots extend for aoutside of the spacecraft for an extended amount of time it. with this research it lends itself to new data. with that space suit also helping. with the
6:58 am
consciences possibility but he maintained his consciousness. >> take a look de 0 aurora borealis. and we are going to take a break it is nearly 8:00 a.m. it is 6: 5:07 a.m. we will
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