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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 26, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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know who torched three mayors office and another fires were set at a chapels and funeral homes. >> oakland is getting some up much needed help. >> of violent crime is
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overwhelming. >> the oakland police department is getting some much needed help. >> the giants are getting ready for the world series if traveling today. they left for the motor city. you can see they are going to the glasses going to be- airport with their sunglasses on. and kron 4 was the only station there today? >> that is correct, pam. if that is the talk of that town gave three. you can see it is quiet at comerica of park. however, it is going to likely be anything but quiet. the giants have a right they are in after a troy, also known as the d.. >> i would say that it is much better in this position that we were for the first two teams.
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>> the gis team is ready. the detroit tigers fans are tired. and what are your thoughts? >> they are going to lose. >> a difficult couple of days? >> yes it has been the. >> they are especially tired of pablo sandoval. >> what do think of him? >> no comment. >> what do think of that big panda guy. >> i do not like hemlock i do not like him!-i do not like hemloc [laughter] >> i spent friday in detroit and quickly became a witness to the crime. this person was with detroit merchandise.
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>> we are going to win one game, and another game, with three straight victories in detroit and one game victory its it francisco with their world series championship! >> luckily i was able to find a couple of sensible people >> i think the giants are going to take it. but i want to come to san francisco to visit fisherman's wharf. but detroit is better and i hope they have a great stay here >> certainly, some interesting people who are out in detroit fired up about the tigers. but that is only one side because the people in the bay area are still fired up about the giants. with a to-nothing lead in the series. just bee = justine.. covers the 2 - 0 lead.
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>> a giants fan believe that it is too soon to start celebrating. >> they are doing everything right. >> i am happy that we're up by two games and still scared about that tigers. >> you cannot say they're going to win until the wind. >> the next in line please. >> still people packing the dugout to get new season merchandise. >> let's go giants. >> staffing pictures as workers repaired the orange lights on one of the 24 palm trees just in case they come back for another home game the. >> i would happy to see one a victory for the next two. and hopefully finish it in game no. 5. >> a clean sweep is what we're going for. >> this is one game at a time. offensive do not want to jump ahead. the fans-do
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not want to jump ahead. -and i think that we are playing good baseball and there is reason to believe. >> the giants are doing a great job right now. and we are going to want to get a new rain for the world series. >> it at&t park, kron 4 justine walden >> as far as the temperatures in detroit 40's. but it even could get into the 30's it tonight. and it is sure to be a wild one. with all the coverage in the details i will beat out here for the weekend. reporting live from detroit. i will be out here-- >> the world series brings together two very different cities san francisco median income is nearly twice that of detroit. on the other hand the cost of living is twice as high as the national average. detroit
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is 20% less. the difference in housing is even greater cost in detroit is less than one-third of the national average. here, it is four times higher. both cities have an elevated crime rate. here, the risk could be twice the national average. in detroit, it is four times higher. our sports director, will speak about the world series expectations. and have more, later. >> you heard j. r. stone speak about the cooler temperatures. and it is going to get even cooler. it is cool system associated to the north with the rainfall. detroit could be seeing some clear conditions even towards tomorrow with cooler air filtering and. that will arctic air and temperatures are going to be dropping into the 40's. game time and even 30's as j. r. stone mentioned. even freezing for detroit. a completely
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different story. at s f o, clear skies. and over the bay area. the well rainfall- well to the north but still 73 antioch. and 60s in napa. 60s in san francisco the warm weather is on tap for the weekend. details on that, coming up. >> oakland is going to be getting much needed help on fighting crime. terisa has more about the c h p will be on the streets and also additional units from law- enforcement agencies could also becoming as well. >> this is going to be a more familiar sight on the streets of oakland in the near future. several teams on the california highway patrol are going to be handling traffic stops and other vehicle related issues. this is all an effort to crack down on crime. on a news conference near jean quan and chief jordan are speaking what they need more resources.
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the we have seen a spike in crime this year is a serious concern that is why we have reached out to the chp. >> there is no doubt that we need more police and we can see that on we have more police, crime goes down. >> oakland has 627 officers. that is the lowest number in decades although specifics on how many officers from the c h p and how they're going to pay is still cutting worked out. the captain of the c h p explains the critical role the officers will play. but what we are expanding law enforcement. but the people that are traveling. >> oakland officials have been working with governor brown to make this situation happened. it has taken place before and they say that it made a difference. in oakland, terisa estacio, kron 4.
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>> continuing coverage what one officer things of the c h p coming in. >> lt. kirk lewis is a 20 year veteran and also a watch commander. on an average night he is responsible for one half of the patrols. lewis says that the cutbacks and the increase in violence has kept the officers busy. >> my team work 12 hour shifts. potentially, they could respond to all parts of 20 calls within those 12 hours of words- >> the california highway patrol is welcome to news. >> i am absolutely excited about it we have an opportunity to work with the chp in the past. violent crime, is on the rise, without a doubt. any help, we will get it from the c h
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p, the sheriffs, it will be greatly appreciated. >> the anticipation is that the chp will focus its efforts on vehicle codes. and also the additional police presence will help people feel safe. >> anytime we can increas increased police presence we can also reduce that fear. >> charles clifford, kron 4 news. >>pam: san jose police have captured a suspect who what cruise around town looking for women to assaultiv. he is charged with one break, to attempted rape, and attempted kidnapping rob fladeboe has more. >> the most recent incident and a south san jose. near blossom heal and snell avenue with this woman was accepted a ride and driven to a remote area and was raped. she managed to get
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the license plate. >> this officers of a quality of life have been right in front and he took enforcement issued a citation. he had no idea that just a few moments later that was going to be used to identify him in and aggravated kidnapping and. pam is also accused of attempted rape on moderate avenue in early october and she also was taped. and a second in cover a escape the second time she photographed his license plate number and pass it on to police. >> he is just driving around the city trying to be really nice to these females offering these rides. and if you need me to help with taking you somewhere? >> already a felony hit-and- run and aggravated felony he could go to prison for life. they suspect that he could have attempted other crimes
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they are cracking anybody with information to come forward. in san jose, kron 4 their -- encouraging anybody with the permission. >> this man could be responsible for several cases of arson in vallejo including the mayor's office. and who will hear the reaction in castro valley with this neighborhood is feeling better that police have caught those suspects alleged to them arson suspect case and that neighborhood. also, coming up gabe slate tech report.
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>> the murder of this woman. >> the intent was go in and burglarize the house and to take troubles. >> the sergeant of the alameda share of the department cited the distant relative of the victim was hired as a handyman a run the house. >> this 16 year-old ranch the doorbell and she answered. she is familiar. he came in and said it that could he do more work and. however, the 18 year-old enter the house from the back door. >> shortly after they both
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choked the victim until she was unconscious. >> the word to the house and took the audibles and they also took guns. the both took -- from the bulls, guns, jewelry and while there were doing this she started making noises that she was not dead at that point. they took a rope and together, they strangled her to death. >> these two suspects ufor escaped and their card and tried to destroy evidence by setting the house on fire. they escaped -- with their car. >> to set their body on fire is unbelievable. haazig madyun we have more coverage to talk with the residents that are relieved of the suspects are off the street. >> there has been heightened alert in the castro valley community. after this woman
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was killed on her home and thursday. questions remain on how this could have happened to. this news comes as a relief to neighbors it was one week ago that she was brutally assaulted when sheriff's investigators describe as the most violent things i have ever seen. her san carlos home was also set on fire in the 2006 bowl was stolen card the arrest is just days after the police released a sketch. her 2006 volvo.. was stolen. >> i was worried i only live just a few blocks from here. >> knowing everything that happened i am happy to know that they are not out and about. from what i found out of what they did is not acceptable. the neighbors are still appalled at the
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gruesome nature of this crime. castro valley, kron 4. >> this high school in oakland went on lockdown today. they received a report of a man and a gun. they chased the suspect, recovered a handgun and took him into custody. a 22 year- old oakland resident was captured in the back yard of their residents. the lockdown was lifted by early afternoon. pinot warmer conditions this afternoon and will continue this weekend with mostly clear conditions. temperatures dropping into the 50s. another round of the 70's and even 80s. let us take a look at futurecast. temperatures mainly in the '50s with the 60s and even the 70's by even if the shore by 3:00 p.m., taking a look a your neighborhood was 70's and the south bay these
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in cupertino. and for the inland valleys also 70's to tomorrow. 73 alameda. 60s along the coast with temperatures in the '70s near milpitas they took it with warmer wheweather this weekend but that rainfall is expected to go to the bay. this weekend. >> remember, go to our new channel. comcast 193 for the latest news, weather and traffic updates and to watch latest new[ laughter ]nd [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah, blah, blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no, we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver. only from at&t u-verse. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan.
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rethink possible.
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>>pam: microsoft put up temporary stores with new tablet 'surface'.. they are hoping to get some of the
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market share. gabe slate tech report >> the features a we have not seen before in tablets. and has a built-in kickstand which is great. and depending on what model you purchase microsoft will include a functional case with a built-in keyboard. touch case will protect it and it is paper thin and also accordion keyboard. however, if you like the physical key is a little bit thicker but not by much and it will give you the full keyboard experience. it as a larger screen and the ipad at 10.6 in.. that is nearly 1 in. larger the screen is great. it uses clear type technology for text display. and even a touch screen which makes for a light less reflective display. overall,
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>> this man is behind bars for his alleged connection to arson in the city limits. including the law office of davis. coming up how they caught him. >> this early release for those in state prison in propositioned 36 will pass. that story, coming up. >> this live look from the golden gate. clear skies and warmer weekend your full report, coming up.
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>>pam: our top stories at 8:a 30 the giants are braving the detroit weather as they go to commerical park practicing. they ride earlier. they are 2 - 0 plane tomorrow. >> police have arrested this man for several attacks on women. in the san jose area. ulysses rios. is behind an attempted rape and any other women are asked to come forward. >> the oakland police are getting a helping hand from the c h p. they are going to be assisting the traffic stops and the of related issues. it is an effort to crack down on crime. chp officers and how they will pay is still not decided to
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the above police have captured the man that set three fires in vallejo. even this of this area of major davis law office. this is video. we are live for >> they saw him and they made a stop and arrest. this is the man in custody that is wanted for alleged did are some in the city of vallejo. the last happened on september 29th. with the law office of mayor davis. this happened in june, july near the mortuary and taylor chapel on louisiana sweet. they believe that he acted alone on all three fires. louisiana-street -- evidence
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that the fbi and the atf consisted in the investigation. immediately of the torching of of my ears private law office. >> anny time there is a victim of a of violent crime we are concerned. regardless of the individual saddest of course of this and we felt that it was extremely poor tend to get this individual in custody. regardless of the individual -- status. >> he is in custody in fairfield and the phone calls to ozzie davis were not returned. phillipe djegal, kron 4. >> this was the three strikes law but on election day voters will have the opportunity to make changes. kron 4 has a look at
8:32 pm
proposition 36. >> right now if you are convicted of two or serious felonies the third is that you will saispent 25 years in jail. proposition 36 will change that so the 25-years of course let will only impose if it is in deep violent or serious. non- violent or non-serious is that it is twice the usual term for the offense but not the 25 years. in addition, the three strikes currently serving a 25-could apply to a their sentences reduced if that third strike was for a non-violent or not a serious felony. and if that was not for drugs, sex or felony. the legislative analysts say that this could be a savings of $70 million per year. and there are three district attorneys that are seen in this television commercial. >> announcer:this will be
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on keeping dangerous criminals locked up. >> the california poppy peace officers saying that this is dangerous for the early release of the serious and violent offenders. >> as far as the public is concerned of a majority of voters favored changing the three strikes law and will vote in favor of proposition 36. dan kerman, kron 4. >> gop credite candid that mitt romney will return to -- he was in iowa today in the pelican state has six electoral votes. in 20 08, president obama had the victory in iowa. >> mitt romney travel to the
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important groun b ground states which is aide important speech on the economy. however, it was no big change for his team of the week. it is the candidate for big change. >> what this requires is a change change in the last four years. it requires the put aside the small, petty and demand the scale of change we deserve. we need real change, big change. >> he also returned to his line of attack that there's no second term agenda. the with the stimulus, but three years after, that is for a government but it will not stimulate the private sector any better than it did this stimulus for years ago. >> as it turns out, the site at this construction site has been receiving stimulants money it tracks the government spending and the government received a small business loans of over $1 million. this speech
8:35 pm
was the same as the government announcing that it was going to purchase 2% of this quarter this year beating estimates. but not as good as past predictions from tfrom the president obama- >> declining take-home pay that is what he has produced. >> with the polls show that his campaign. have.. another detour. his top circuits and longtime public and relator saying that former secretary of state paul had endorsed obama because of his race. >> if you have somebody of your own race you would be proud to have somebody of the united states i applaud him. >> he released a statement now that the poll endorsement is because of its policies. their reason i will browse with this particular debate performance. >> what people saw was that a product president reveals
8:36 pm
a detached and lisa performance. >> this nearly is -- lasik performance. >> this was a challenge for the iowa dimetwe will put america on a new path with a new president, obama with a new president, mitt romney, -- [laughter] pardon me. >> as a reminder, kron 4 will have extended live coverage. november 6th. you can also stay updated on our website. along with facebook, put your updates. and twitter. cahow it was 77 degrees in santa rosa. '70s in san francisco and also 70's for the inland valleys. 76 in redwood city and 75
8:37 pm
degrees in some detail. temperatures are still on the mild side in some locations. 62 through san jose and overnight, the temperatures are going to be into the 50s. a little bit chilly, overnight but mostly clear temperatures mainly in the '70s like they did today. as we go towards next week big changes with the rain back to the forecast. when that is expected to come and how that impact your halloween holiday. >> coming up how an atm machine that looks up old cellphones is the reason for the spike and cellphone tough toughs---thefts....
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rachel and sam have a house. now they want a home. a home where everything feels like it's designed just for them. where the styles they love fit into the wallet they have. big or small they want furniture that makes life better.
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that's why they visit us. we're more than a home improvement store. we're ikea, the life improvement store. >>pam: the stocks closed less with weak earnings and
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with nearly four points after spending most of the day in the red. poor earnings from goodyear, and other companies were disappointing for investors. samsung electronics have record electronics. and the company's net profit was six of the dollars. that is an 91% increase from one europe earlier. strong sales of its galaxy, smart phones and tablets. however, from one- year earlier but it could be stalled from clear marketing costs and lower performance from semiconductor sales. >> apple stock was below $600 in three months. it missed expectations. apple is also warning that holiday profits could be lower than last year. is because it is launching so many new products. it is still
8:41 pm
experiencing big sales and expecting to have big sales but it has peaked at over $700 the day that the iphone 51 on the sale. >> on sports, it is e--one the iphone fight went on the sale. -- and also, we will see what gary and his wife have to say about the viewers comments and the giants arrived in the motor city. however they are not taking anything for granted at comerica park, next.
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(male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >> this atm. dispenses cash for used cellphones. it also asks for the phone recycling. and the man will wait for his cash. the atm takes too long in the becomes impatient. and his friend of wade's. you can see a clear shot that he is trying to turn in for cash. however, he adds up jamming
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this. >> just out of curiosity? >> actually we are together. >> i'm not saying that these phones are still a but there has been a dramatic increase in smart phone temperatures around the bay. people are so engrossed with their phones and i pets that are not aware of their surroundings. it has gotten to the point for san francisco are circulating crime alerts to not be a victim. >> we want people to be more aware of their surroundings. the coat atm there has been steady homeless people for this eco--atm.. i traded in an old black. to see how it works. it works actively with law enforcement however the san francisco police to parker has never heard of this until i told them about it. in san francisco, stanley roberts, kron 4. >> if if you have a comment
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or story idea for stanley, you can email us at m >>jacqueline: we are seeing mostly clear skies and some fog developing locally. reduced visibility. we're probably going to be seeing some fog along the coast that is it. here is what we can expect with patchy fog near the coast. temperatures in the 50s and for the afternoon sunny, warm with temperatures in the '70s once again. and for the evening hours a little bit cool and mostly clear. as we take a look of the satellite & ritter some of the cloud coverage approaching the coast. that satellite-and radar card for the coast but on this and that
8:47 pm
>> with neighborhood by neighborhood looking decent through palo alto and '80s in cupertino. upper 70's for the in the balance with 78 in concord, livermore and los 70's for the east bay shore. along the coast 60s and san francisco with 70's for the north bay. a look at your extended forecast with warmer conditions but changes. and we are going to be seeing a storm coming into the bay area bringing showers. and wednesday. however it is going to be a rainy day. let us hope that it stays confined to the morning on halloween. however there could be chances of rain fall on thursday. >> good evening, everybody that traveling day at the
8:48 pm
world series. they have not waste any time. chronologically, hunter pence early this morning getting on the charter boss and barry zito was getting ready and vogelson will get ready. bocci went through a brisk afternoon work out at comerica. scutero.. 336 in the post season 5:07 of the game three. they are trying to go up a three-nothing. this is how it went there is everything here. and 40 degree butter. jacqueline bennett. the last that we heard from her 40 degree -- weather. >> that is correct. 2-0.... >> i would rather think
8:49 pm
that that is just a number. >> we are definitely not not taking this for granted we want to play the baseball the we have been planning for the past 60s. try to win as soon as possible for the past-'60s-- >> they have a good chance we are wanting to play just like we did last six days. we need to keep going there is no time to relax. >> pablo sandoval and scutero and pablo is hitting 714 and batting practice deep into the retroit night and jr stone has been doing
8:50 pm
a great job and spoke with bocce. >> they have a great time to play well. i really think that it has been contagious with a couple of guys sandoval and scutoerl. but the pitchers have been doing really well with barry zito and baumgartner. we rely on our kitchen but it is nice to get some runs for them. >> i would say that he was doing a least 50 interviews in two days. and j. r. stone gives him a great interview. jackie,?
8:51 pm
>> i was making a graphic for you. we did see some rainfall pushing towards detroit. and what is behind it is cold air. even possible snowfall. snow for the game. 30's. no snow-- with the game. >> have you ever made a graphic for me? >> of course! [laughter] >> i think that your wife could have done more than just make a graphic. [laughter] >> we are ready! bring it on. here we go. when we come back we are going back with
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>> here she is. and my this is from amy you should be thinking. seattle. >> and i hope that she is hoping. that i am not going
8:55 pm
to be doing that. thinking- barry zito. he will face verlander again and ...easy! how much of a different you think the fans make in the outcome. >> i think a lot. not for as much what the players say but they are always going to say that. but i tell you what if you listen to them and to hear the crowd. i cannot put a finger on one, two runs but they make a difference. annual continually hear the are the largest and lowest plcrowd in baseball. >> how about sandoval? do
8:56 pm
you think that he would be a better player if he was in better shape? however, as long as the hits that all over the fence. i do not even care to speculate. and if he would lose some weight? so i cannot beat umass with a guy. he does not need to be bloated i do not think that you-mess with a guy could >> do think that lincecum do not feel anything? >> oscars heard me on the radio. and i would giv my best l nickel to watch but they are living in their own world. they are young the coverage so they do not have time. and i was a to channel your energies at home as you can. >> you sound like the regular season or the world series. what does it take to get you excited? >> you are looking at her!
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