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tv   KRON 4 News Weekend  KRON  October 27, 2012 7:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> the world series shift to the detroit tonight. we will have a preview of tonight's game 3. >> how the states are preparing for hurricane sandy. >> it is actually looking pretty good outside. the bay
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bridge toll plaza is already seen patchy clouds and a lot of sunshine is in store for that afternoon. there'll be warmer temperatures for this after know. it will be low 50s and oakland as well as livermore valley. it will be gorgeous in the south bay. it will be 81 in los gatos. upper seven days for livermore. downtown san francisco will be in the low 70's and in a mixed bag of zero power 70's for the north bay.70's for the north ba >> the giants are preparing for game 3. here they are arriving in detroit. kron 4 j.r. stone followed the giants and how they're getting ready for game 3. >> the giants have arrived.
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they are now in detroit a.k.a. the d. the giants manager stated that his team is ready and fans in detroit stated that they are tired of this giants squad. >> it has been a tough couple of days. >> when you think of paul blololaolo no comment. >> do you think this panda
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guy is pretty good? tic >> yes he is good. >> we are going to win one game and there will win another game and then a another one. we will win three straight in detroit. chich >> i was able to find a couple of--i will come to sampras's go to see the n onesan francisco--i do hope that you have a great stake here. >ay here. >> a few people are starting
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their morning jogging around the park. the lights at at&t
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park shut off and the park shutdown as a series shift to the west. the giants only need two more wins to become the of world series champions again. >> fans are-stashed their love to see the win here in san francisco but this would not be until game 6 or game 7. >> fans that i talk to while they are way than to come back here and try to do with. >> i am very happy that we're up 2 games but i am still scared about the tigers and they do have a great lineup. >> the giants go into the midwest up by 2 games. they have to be filling confident but detroit will have to special section on our website at >> this could affect six see million americans. sandy is knocking down trees and power lines but no
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casualties were reported. the storm plan more than 40 lives in the caribbean. forecasters are stating that sandy and emerge with two other storms and some states are already declaring states of emergency. they can go without power for several days. 26 ships have been ordered to sail out of virginia from the storm's path. sailors have also been putting out sandbags and have been checking their disaster equipment. >> vallejosuspect in connection to the
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fire. they will state why they feel that he started the fire. >> we will be right back.
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>> police have not
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released a mold tough but investigators armamotive but the investigators stated that they do believe that they have the right suspect. vallejo resident was arrested in connection to 3 arsonist. chic this is a good feeling that they caught him. chiche.
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the fbi and that a t f joined the investigation on september 29, 2012. they joined when his location was torched. investigators stated that they have sufficient evidence that connects him to the crime. >> still ahead on kron 4 we can californian voters will be--prompt 32 will we talk about it coming up. (car horn)
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>> and we are back with this look outside from the golden gate bridge. the sun is coming up. did you notice the four mon coming man?
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>> know i did not. >> it is a gorgeous star for the morning and you see mostly clear skies.
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taken a look at the satellite and radar you can see that there is a warm-up. as we set the clock ahead till about noon time we are expecting widespread 70's. for those of you had it out of this evening it will be pretty nice. it is upper 70's and 80's expected that stashed 80 degrees for evergreen valley this afternoon. of course 70's about 78 in walnut creek. it weather. all sold some
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battleground states may be involved as well. both of the campaigns are adjusting their schedule due to the weather. reporter jim was and i was as romney tried to win over voters. >> mitt romney traveled to iowa to deliver a major speech on the economy. the speech was no change from his speech earlier this when the real change big change. chich >> a new stimulus. this makes--it will not back as
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the one dead four years ago. >> according to the government web site the company won't receive is more business from through the stimulus for the $1 million. romney speech came on the same day that the government announced that the economy had grown by 2% and that it beat estimates. so >> and slow the economy's slow take home ba pay. >> one of his--stated that colen powell endorsed
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president obama and due to his race. >> after a long campaign does almost reached it is in keeping the candace straight is almost a challenge. we will put america on a new craft and a new day with a new president. it will be president obama. pardon me mitt romney. >> among them proposition 32
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is built as a way to curb special interests from donating to political candidates. >> 32 will stop special interests from buying votes from politicians. proposition 32 is still straight ford or is it? chicheforward or is it? >> prop. 32 is to ban contribution to canada's3 >> when it comes to money and political influence corporations already outspend unions and the passage of prop. 32 will make this even greater. >> a special interest group is facing a day in court.
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they want to reveal who is behind the $11 million that they donated a two--the lawsuit filed by all--the hearing will be on to say tuesday. chich >> it is just 10 more days to the election. chic >> we will show you what happened would cost all of this problem when we return.
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>> 83 your old suffered a punctured wound. a 3 year old sa punctured wound. the girl nor the suspect was shot and the suspect was taken into custody. chich >> this is a view of the crash that he was involved in. his office stated that he walked intothey say that he had been unconscious since the crash. they ticketed him for driving without a license and reckless driving. >> in the oakland police department is getting some help from fellow law enforcements. the highway patrol is going to back of the police carry it >> there is no closures this weekend on the san mateo bridge. we will be right back.
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>> we are back. it is
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looking really pretty outside. it is looking very breezy due to the trees blowing. >> let's go ahead and did the forecast. teachin. >> we are expecting plenty of sunshine for the afternoon. our temperatures will be warmer than yesterday. as for your temperatures it will be mostly forties' right now outside. it is still very chilly in san jose. the high pressure the dissident off of the cole's is really what is bringing us the warmer temperatures. it will be up for 70's for the afternoon. it will be 81 degrees in livermore valley and upper 60's for the coast this
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afternoon. 80 degrees for santa rosa and 72 degrees for downtown san francisco. headed our way and how hurricane san the can affect the world series. >> ihere is a video of the giants are arriving in detroit. the team arrived on friday and we were the only ones there. kron4 was the only newhe highway patrol will n be on the street and additional units from a another law-enforcement agency also may be coming. it > >> several teams from the
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california highway patrol will help handle traffic stops. this is all in an effort to track down on crime in oakland. the chief and the mayor talked about why they need additional officers. >> this is a serious concern that the crime has one of here. that is why we have reached out to the high we have more police on the streets the crime is down. oakland is operating with 600 police. how many chp officers and how the city will pay for them is still being worked out.
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>> oakland officials stated that they have been working with governor brown called to make this situation happened. this did take place before and it did make a difference. >> with continuing team coverage. chich >> this lieutenant is a 20 year veteran. he is also a watch a veteran. >> he stated that the department cutbacks and the increase in violent crimes has kept his officers busy periods my team or 12 hour shifts and that potentially can respond to about 20 calls within that 12 hours.
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>> i am absolutely excited about this and i have not had the opportunity to work with the chp. any help that we can get weatherbee c h p or the sheriff's department it will be greatly appreciated. >> he also hopes said the additional police presence
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will help the people feel safe. >> we want to reduce the fear. >> san jose police stated that day or rest of the suspect who what crews around to assault women. the 24 year-old was charged with two rapes, robberies-- >> police said that a woman accepted a ride and then she was taken to day--and she >> he chose to take enforcement action and he sent this guy on his way and he was not aware that he would do something like this. >> he is charged with attempted rape. she to escape and in a bazaar second encounter a another woman for graft his license plate number and pass along to police. chic >> he is are rated on probation and he is also
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charged with aggravated assault. and if he is convicted he can go to jail for life. the police are encouraging anyone with information about this case to come forward. >> still to come on kron 4 news we can we do have a little bit of news. chichen you can see that the traffic is moving smoothly on the bay bridge.
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chi >> for business news this morning. sam son entered into a net profit of $6
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billion. this is--due to the strong sales of its phone the galaxy. chichapple stocks dipped after their company earnings missed expectations. they stated that their holiday profits may be lower than last year. apple has changed so many products but they are expecting new sales. it went uapple was hoping that a nw line of products can pull the company from its recent stall. apple unveiled a new ipad and a new computer. >> you're talking about a
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fourth generation ipad. it was unveiled before they knew that the ipad mini was overshadowed. they normally wait a year and this has got to anchor people who had just dropped $500 on the new ipad 3. the apple a 68 this new fourth generation ipad will be twice as fast. we're also updating-stashed a big change to the ipad is the connector dock. keep in mind that your additional ipad assessors would not work with the new fourth generation 1.
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>> just less but this side by side with the previous generation and we will see the huge difference. it costs $1,700 for this. the imf is the best computer in the industry as you have heard. they find it invested some time. is 80% dinner and it is a pounds lighter. they invented a new hard drive for hip in november. gabe slate kron 4 news. chiche >> let's take a live look outside this is that walnut creek and the allies are starting to shine. it is 7:42 a.m. and will be right back. >> and i am marty and here
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is the top stores. a man is in custody due to the fire. they arrested this 44 year- old and he is mentally troubled. the law office was badly damaged and he was charged with setting to unrelated fires. they have not yet released a mold off. >> and sexual predator who
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went on the streets looking for women. police believe that he may have attempted other crimes and they are urging anyone with information about this case to come forward. >> a some relief is on the way for the oakland police department. the chp stated that they will deploy officers to help with the traffic stops. so some scary elderly man crashed his car into the store. this happened just after 10:30 a.m. in the morning. >> the giants is up to 2 games to nothing in detroit.
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tic >> they're hoping that they can just sweep the tigers. these are our top stories that you for watching kron 4 bay area news.
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chich >> it is shaping up to be a beautiful day. it will be much better than where we are expecting tonight in detroit. teach some mild temperatures in the '50s but after known will be bringing better temperatures. it will be low 80s for most areas. it will be a upper 70's for the inland valley. about mid '70s for chester valley. we are respectable 70's in downtown sampras's go. it is 80 degrees for santa rosa. as we track hurricanes stand
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it continues to push north east. it will continue to push north tomorrow and then northwest by monday evening. it will impact the virginia and d.c. area. it will bring a strong, gusty winds and a chance for snow showers. chic it will not impact game 3 as we take a look at game 3. today's game will be dry as well as tomorrow. the game on monday maybe affected. we have a warm we can store for us and we do have showers in store for us. the timer now
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is 7:48 a.m.. >> things are getting back to a normal. an elderly man accidently crashed his car into the store. the driver told us what happened to. >> i just held on the gas instead of the brakes. i was just on my way to go shopping. one person is suffered minor injuries and shopping. one person is suffered minor injuries and a tow truck pulled the car
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the giants are just hoping just for two more days because that would mean a suite. teachiwe're in detroit te sampras's go giants are the underdogs for game 3. >> i would much prefer to have the lead than the other way. this is just say no. and that's all it is. >> we will not take this two to zero for grawe would try to when as soon as possible. >> and they have really good chance of doing some damage but we need to keep going. there's no time to relax until the fourth win is made. teachin let's take a peek at their work out in comerica park. they're expecting temperatures to be in the '30's an the tigers have
7:51 am
to win. when you fall down by two games of good luck. chichen let's remember that he had three home runs in a game carry it chic.
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we have have not hit well but it was our pitchers that did good. >> coming up on kron 4 news weekend. will take a live look at--the sign a shine off the water and it is looking pretty a side. chich
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teac chi
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chi trick teac and teac. the giants are in detroit preparing for game 3 of the world series. kron 4 is the
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only local station that is there as the players and coaches got off the bus to head into comerica park. >> j.r. stone followed them to detroit. teac \ series game 3 is the talk of the town. it will be anything but quiet this evening at 5 07 pacific time. iwe were the only san francisco news crews there was there when they got off the bus on friday and they arrived here in detroit. they took batting practice and then they went to the hotel to rest up for tonight's big game. i talked to a number of tigers fans who stated all sorts of things and even growled at me. teachin teacwhat do you think about
8:04 am
the big panda dieguy? >> i do not like him. i like the tigers. >> reporting in detroit, j.r. stone kron 4 news. teachin let's turn to our reporter who is live outside of at&t park. chiche it is certainly giants fever
8:05 am
out here and some people are running or jogging by the war. a lot of them are wary giants hats, shirts and jackets. >> a lot of the fans are kind of conflict thing. some of them stated that will like to see the giants win in san francisco and that would mean that it would have to go to game 6 or 7. some fans are stating that it will simply be to
8:06 am
stress with the goals that long. >> any real fan knows betted is better to win quickly than to have a big party at home. where will party when they get home there's no question about it. chiche i would love to see them when here but the argument if they take it home in detroit to. >> if the giants have shoulder is a thing this post-season is that a to post season when does not mean anything. chiche it is certainly a different role than how they were just a couple series ago. i want to remind you that you can stay with kron 4 news. we do have a special section on
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kron 4 door, and you can share your photographs, and videos with us on facebook and our twitter to page. >> hurricanes and they may cause a billion dollars in damages. it could even affect the presidential election. >> a late-season storm has the east coast bracing. there are people filling sandbags and bulldozers. the nation top forecasters are getting ready. >> what is the worst-case scenario?
8:08 am
>> we are very confident that this storm even though --it will actually turn back towards the coast. this is the best situation for a land falling storm. rain and wind may hit during a full moon when tides are at its worst. we receive access from the tracking facility. this is the nerve center and experts here are able to track hurricane be a billion dollar worth of damages with don powedowned powr lines and other. >> make sure that you have a flashlight with sufficient batteries and sufficient food
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when i see that our schools are 47th in spending per student, i just can't accept that. our schools shouldn't be 47th in anything. proposition 38 bypasses sacramento, and makes education a real priority- with the funding, to our local schools and the accountability from our local schools... that we'll need to improve student learning in every classroom. so we can stay 47th... or we can choose proposition 38. i'm voting yes on 38... because it makes our children #1.
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>> there has been an arrest due to the fire. they're not releasing the motive just yet. the investigators are confident that they have the right person. the mayor watched his private law office to go open flames. >> the spotted this gentleman on the street and they took him into custody. he was arrested in connection with three and they said a bonfire and right after they did all this work. chichen the fbi and atf joined the investigation. investigators said they have sufficient evidence to lead him to the crime. we may
8:14 am
cost to the mayor's office but there were not returned. >> coming up on kron 4 news we can california voters hold the death penalty and an hands. teachi we will be right back.
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teachin teacthis
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>> by noon time it will be plenty of 70's. we will start seed 80s as we head into the 3:00 hour. for those of you that are ha headed out in afternoon--76 degrees for mountain view 81 degrees for los gatos and 81 degrees for morgan hill this afternoon. upper 70's will be for the del we are not only n
8:19 am
changes in the forecast we will have a chance of showers for wednesday morning and it will stay until thursday . >> it has been six years since anyone has been executed and california's death chambers. proposition 34 would have a mom and abolished the death penalty . >> california does not
8:20 am
execute that many people. we are not texas or florida. california has only executed 13 people since 1938. while pro death penalty were strong and california times have changed and so have attitudes. >> people are aware now and the variety of the dna have made reversals. all of these things make the public
8:21 am
vigilance right now. the costs associated with the death penalty and the appeal crossprocess-- this could save
8:22 am
the state $100 million annually. this will not stasave the state money but it will cost them more money and it will leave more killers able to escape. teac >> you can also stay updated on as well as our facebook page and twitter. teac if the series the switch
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(male annoucer): now here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> no matter how many times did you try to tell people not to buy tickets from scalpers. teaching they never listen. believe me when i tell you that there are a lot of counterfeit
8:26 am
tickets out there. these people spent $500 per ticket only to find out that the tickets were counterfeit. they purchased four of them. >> with this much money it brings out the worst in people. >> even though these guys were sold fake tickets that went back to the scalper and he gave them their money back. i may have to go out
8:27 am
and put a contract on him. this guy was not so lucky he did not find him and i hope that he was just kidding about putting out a contract on him. teachin >> stanley roberts, kron 4 news. >> this is a early start to the ski season. it will be right back.
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>> the giants are ready to take on the tigers and last
8:32 am
in 24 hours. sh >> fans in detroit stated that they are tired of the giants. >> it has been a tough couple of days. >> they are especially tired of paolo. chic >> what do you think about the big pandagu guy? teacteach this man sprinted out of the store with items.
8:33 am
bars due to and murdering a woman and then sending her house on fire. investigators stated that this deadly attack was not random. >> this is the kind of case that puts fear and nightmares--they were under arrest for the murder of barbara whose burning body was found by firefighters. their intent was to burglarize the house and ta a handyman
8:34 am
around the house and he knocked and because she was familiar she let them in. what he actually did was open the back door so that the other legitimate to comment. shortly after the two suspects both choked her to she was unconscious. that went through the house and took valuables. while there were doing this the lady started to make noises and she was not dead at that point. the two of them took esce victim's car only to return hours later and they set the house on fire in order to destroy evidence of the crime. >> to murder her and then to return to set her body on fire is just despicable. >> kron 4 is headed to the area to talk with the
8:35 am
neighbors. >> there has been heightened alert in this castro valley community. i
8:36 am
>> sandy is expected to be a monstrous storm that will have a tremendous effect on the east shore. >> this is the same in new
8:37 am
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>> there are long lines at some area bay malls. microsoft has worked on the surface for years and they're trying to break into the tablets market. >> the tablet has some features like a cake stand where you can prop it up. it is also a full l qwerty keyboard. it is a thinner and less reflective display. it is very come parable with its display and it runs on microsoft's windows eight.
8:42 am
the home screen is based on a live toweliles which show all the apps. you can fully customize them all and it comes with the software for free. it starts at $500 and it comes with a 32 gigs of storage. gabe slate kron 4 news. >> coming up on kron 4 news
8:43 am
we will show you how people are dealing with the weather. >> no matter who you are movies can help elevate us and they can make us feel better. i would tell you about a few movies that are out run now that you should go check out coming up next.
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>> people are trying to qualify for the oscars so you will get a lot of people coming out with new will be spiritemovies. >> let's start with cloud
8:47 am
atlas. this epic femme goes over the span of five years when characters reunite and it is somehow connected. what makes it work is that the actors are playing many paroles. bay area's own tom hanks and halley barry. the same film maker did the matrix trilogy. i would like to see an oscar for tom hanks. it is wild and you need to sit on the big screen. >> this tells a story about a man who lived most of his life-stashed at age 38 he finally experiences sexuality. he has a caring
8:48 am
about this character. teachi >> people should see this move because it is very inspiring and uplifting. it makes it sexuality not dirty or gross. it makes you feel the importance of it in your life. >> people are stopping me in the street about argot. chic
8:49 am
>> ben affluent combined air real life story with comedy. teach >> these people are good and
8:50 am
is just about the craft of acting. teachi think hugh grant is stating that he needs to hang up a few things. he also has the talent foand for it. >> another movie that you would take drugs for is teachi is a--hole would have
8:51 am
thought let's go outside and chk on the weather at the golden gate bridge. the traffic is trying to pick up. it will be a beautiful day for you to get out. >> it is a beautiful day in san francisco and the giants are in detroit. let's take a
8:52 am
look at satellite and radar. game 3 should not be affected by this. it should be dry conditions today as well as for tomorrow. to there is a chance for game 5 to be a wet one. chi teac \ for those of you headed out this evening the temperatures will be going down to a wide spread 60's. 70's were the east bay shore. admix bed of the upper 70's and low 80s for the north bay. we do have changes in store for us. >> coming up on kron 4 news we can a wild swing at an office where a deer takes over a break room. we will
8:53 am
have the pictures coming up. >> [ female announcer ] this is the story of joycelin...
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>> the world series shift to detroit. the giants hope to continue their winning streak on the road. >> we are taking a live look outside from our teach this is the view from our san mateo bridge camera. it is mostly sunny for the afternoon and the temperatures will be warmer carry it it will be mild but
9:01 am
clear and dry periods as for your temperatures will be sitting at the low 60's. it is 56 degrees currently in concord and a bar 54 through livermore valley. it is up for 70's for antioch. in the south bay this afternoon will be mid '70s. looking for a high of 81 degrees for napa and a bottle.the the new c let's take a look at this video from yesterday's. kron 4 was the only local station there as we saw the players get off the bus and head into comerica park. >> the giants have arrived
9:02 am
and they are now in detroit a.k.a. the d. chich it is a lot better to be in this position that we were in the last two rounds. teachinit has been a couple of w scoring days. >> i when you think about paul
9:03 am
blololi love my tigers. >> the you think that this panda guy is good? chi this man-out of the tigers store with goods and this is not as bad as what this man said. we will win one game then a another one and then one more and they will go i hope detroit does it and i hope you have a great stay here. >> a lot of fans are out
9:04 am
here wearing giants head, shirts and jackets. they just want to give a piece of action. here it at&t park they may not even play here again this season because the series has shifted to detroit. this means that they cannot win the world series on the road to.. >> some fans here are stating that they're not
9:05 am
sure that what the giants to win on the road or at home. >> they tell me that this will make them a little bit nervous. teaching as long as we win is gravy and of course i love to see them win here but i would not want to take their risk. chiche. the trick is a good step tthe trick is a good teamand td, and they can turn it aroun
9:06 am
d. on to a developing story that we're following this morning. hurricane sandy is whipping up high winds on florida's coast. sandy not down power lines and trees and no casualties were reported. 40 lives were claimed in the caribbean. forecasters are stating that sandy merge with two other storms. residents are bay
9:07 am
9:08 am
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9:10 am
>> back and 1994 california voters approved the str-- >> right now if you have been convicted of two or
9:11 am
more violent felonies if you get a third one you will serve a 25 to life sentence. prop. 36 changes the law that this is will only apply to if it is a third violent felony. in addition 3 strikers' currently serving 25 to live may apply for to have their sentences reduced. if it was due to a nonviolent felonies. it cannot be for drugs, guns or sex. this may lead to a savings of $70,000 a year.
9:12 am
>> opponents include the california peace office association. if they stated
9:13 am
that this is a dangerous and deceptive and that a lot of serious offenders will be released. the majority of voters more than 60% will vote in favor of prompt 36. >> a reminder that kron 4 will have extended coverage on election night starting at 8:00 p.m.. you can go online at kron 4 dot com and catch a lot of information there.
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9:16 am
>> it is 79 degrees for campbell and 78 degrees for cupertino. as we head into the east bay we're looking
9:17 am
for a high in the '70s. mid '70s for--we're looking for low temperatures for the east bay shore. mid '70s for hayward and union city. downtown san for cisco will get up to 72 degrees.san francio 72 degrees. there will be up there 70's for--we have a >> what are we going to do
9:18 am
about this? >> this is about organic keeping . bees are in danger to at this point in time. they're just falling by the wayside. they are the one a lot of research on how they can help the honeybee. one of the ways we would like to help is to offer this dvd for anyone for a homeowner or renter on how they can start their own high of the.
9:19 am
9:20 am
ve. >> commercial bee keepers are able to run the hives individually. in california is ok to have them here. i knew nothing about beekeeping until i took this class and i said o.k. let's start from the very very beginning. teachin why were you interested in you could help. >> what we do with the organic be keeping met thathod. bees have been around for a number of years and if you just leave them alone they can do their own work and survive. >> most people especially in this area you can find organic on every corner. i
9:21 am
am really grateful for this. more people in my area and i am fighting around the united states the people are trying to get more natural. we sailed de bidis to states and i have had several e-mail's about our clients who stated that they did not know that this was even possible. can you tell us how you start. >> you get the call. you
9:22 am
9:23 am
have to just loved be eased and have an interest in it. there is local be keeping associations and every town and it is a great idea for you to get involved. learn as much as you can and there is a lot of information that you can get on beekeeping and honey trees. chiche i do not go into the [ female announcer ] this is a special message from at&t.
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teacit as ait is lovely outsided some places will get into the low 80s. >> we are expecting low 80s for our inland area. there will be widespread sunshine and warmer temperatures. take a look at our temperatures it is already warming up. san jose is a little bit chilly at 52 degrees. livermore is gone to get until will get up to about--
9:31 am
downtown san francisco will be at 72 degrees. cha teachi the giants are in detroit preparing for game 3 tonight. you are looking at video of the team arriving yesterday in detroit. fans around the bay are still remaining optimistic around the b!!f cer excited jackets. this is the first time that the giants have been in this situation for the entire postseason. the next three games are in detroit. they need just two wins in detroit to make it. even though the team is on
9:32 am
the road against a good tiger team fans here in san francisco are thinking sweep. >> it will be nice for us to whefirst when 2 games in detroit. chich if the giants only when one game in detroit it will be a potential clinching game 6 at at&t park on halloween day. teac stay with kron 4 for continuing coverage and we have a special section on our web site at
9:33 am
>> oakland will soon get help on fighting crime. the highway patrol will be on the street and they have a another enforcement agency coming as well. >> several teams from the california highway patrol will be handling highway stops and other vehicle related issues. this is all in an effort to crackdown on crime in oakland. the chief and the mayor talked about why they needed additional officers. >> this city needs more police and we can see that when we do have more police
9:34 am
on the streets the crime goes down. oakland is operating with 627 police. c h p capt. stated that what top of critical role officers can play. >> a lot of times when we stop people--oakland officials said that they have been working with governor brown to make the situation happened and it has taken place before an official stated that it did make a difference. teach
9:35 am
he is also a watch commander and an average night he is responsible for half of the patrol was on the streets. he stated that the increase in crime has kept his officers busy. my team work 12 hour shifts and that potentially can respond to about 20 calls within that 12 hour shift. >> i am absolutely excited and i will have the opportunity to work with the chp. violent crimes is on
9:36 am
the rise here and any help the we can get what ribby chp or the sheriff's department will be greatly appreciated. >> the chp will focus their efforts on focusing o --we can e that as well the fear. >> coming up on kron 4 news weekend gabe slate has details on app
9:37 am
9:38 am
9:39 am
9:40 am
>> apple is hoping that a new round of products will help pull the company back up. the company introduced a new mac computer and a new laptop. >> it almost went unnoticed at apple's big press conference. apple completed a 180 from their normal routine and released a new- stashed this is back to anchor people who had just bou a new chip
9:41 am
that apple chip will bring in new faster. we are also updating the face time font size. and the big change to the new ipad is the connector thought.. >> i am really excited to show you for the first time the brand new 13 in. mac book >> this is the lightest mac book pro. you concede that there is a huge difference. it costs $1,700. t it is actually the number one gas top model in the world.
9:42 am
9:43 am
we do this so you can get more reads and writes. it will sell for $1,300 and will ship in november. the 27 in. one will cost $1,800 and will ship in december. >> the time is now 9:41 a.m.. >> i will tell you about an amazing play coming up next .
9:44 am
9:45 am
9:46 am
(laughter ♪ chicit is a bloody bloody andrew jackson. this is the name of the show. this is no traditional white house experience. you actually see andrew jackson as a rock star. maybe it is about how we look at our presidents. these are the two people will start at the sampras's go play house and now they have moved to a new location.
9:47 am
>> we have made this more
9:48 am
intimate and a sensible. this is such a easy place to get to. and it is right next to union square. >> it is right inside of the kensington park hotel on the second-floor. you could stay in the hotel and then come and see a show. chichen if you come to see bloody bloody andrew jackson you would not look at the $& 13
9:49 am
that the washington elite where there representing his people correctly. he invented--the idea that the people knows better than the people in washington. this is done with us for some time and we do see this happening right now your current election season. chiche (...) tha 6 c1
9:50 am
>> this witch makes this dicot fall in love with her and in turn she falls in love with him.
9:51 am
and chic >> we are talking about bloody but the andrew jackson and this is that the san francisco playhouse and it is just a ball to get to go here. you should go and sup& outside the city hall and it is shaping up to be a lovely day. we are expecting a beautiful weekend. >> it will be gorgeous and this is our view. sunny skies are drop the bay area and we are expecting warm temperatures. as we set the clock ahead to noon time it will be plenty of 70's outside. for those of you had it all for tonight the temperatures will cool off to about the '60s. los
9:52 am
gatos is at 81 degrees. the inland areas are gonna be at 80 degrees, 79 in concord to 75 and union city and downtown san francisco will be at 72. low 80s for napa. chi. although this hurricane is a category one it is still very large and it is going to be chances for snow showers and more power outages. >> it will not impact game 3 and 4 of the world series but there may be showers. game 5 maybe the with one. >> halloween may be what one
9:53 am
as we have showers for wednesday morning. chiche we will have what is planned at the movie theaters to show you some produce coming up next.
9:54 am
9:55 am
>> tom hanks and halley berry star in this movie. this film chronicles different lives and it features a mystery, action
9:56 am
and romance. >> this movie is rated r. >> the senior is forced to babysit heard little brother when she would rather be going to the party of the year. she loses him and she needs her friends to help per track him down before her mom notices it. >> this movie is rated pg. >> hebert is drawn into a fragmented reality where she discovers the truth about her i did it. silent hill is rated r. >> this boy is obsessed with surfing. he tries to get him in shape and along the way they build a friendship-- >> this for rep everything up for us that you for watching.
9:57 am
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