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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  December 1, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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a flash flood watch issued around the bay area... as residents brace for the next round of rain. we're tracking the storm.... and we'll have your full weather forecast... >> plus a string of armed robbery arrests in the east bay. police have several we'll bring you the latest details. see you at 11... another powerful storm is moving into the bay area... storm three is expected to bring several inches of rain and flooding. warnings have been that are filling to the hillsides are still as residents are bracing for the next round of heavy rains... kron4 news at 11 starts now. (male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >> tonight at 11... round three of the storm is fast approaching... heaviest rain is expected to hit the north bay... the roads look wet out there... here's a live look at the bay bridge where a wind advisory was issued because of storm conditions. flights were also the san francisco international airport today. we're continuing to track the storm... >> taking a look at walnut creek. vallejo is also wet.
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not too much on the peninsula or the south bay but this is just moisture out of the main system that is to the north. if you are in yosemite were also getting moderate rainfall. and you can see we do have moderate near chico. the more the gusting wind and heavy rainfall is on the way. the live look of the satellite and radar system showing it will press slowly. with a concern of flooding. here is what we can expect with this system. just as strong as the system that we had yesterday in the day before. strong wind. high wind advisory if you are going across the bridge is the heavy downpour will be tomorrow morning. the wind is picking up with a decrease in showers as we go towards tomorrow. we will time it out on futurecast
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and what we can expect. when we can get a break from the rain. >> we are continuing to track the storm. kron4's philippe djegal is live out at san francisco's ferry building. is the rain getting >> it is actually getting a lighter. let me mention just as robin when stand mentioned i was crossing the bay bridge. as i was driving across the bay bridge. the wind was howling and moving the vehicles left and right to and with the slippery road to are quick to want to drive careful. under 45 m.p.h.. you are going to want to drive slowly. take a look at the embarcadero. i shot this video of people walking up and down. with umbrellas people wearing jackets, boots, anything to keep warm. and they all are familiar with these moist
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and reconditions. certainly, the weather is not keeping people inside totally i think that this would be totally deserted but that was not the case. we also saw some trees swaying along the embarcadero in the howling wind. it is going to be a busy night. i do not know what portion of the storm i.m. and but the rainfall was just a light drizzle. certainly, coming down harder, earlier. be prepared. reporting live, phillipe djegal, kron 4 news. >> continuing our team coverage... a flood warning has been issued in the sonoma county. kron4's jeff bush spoke to residents at guernville who are keeping an eye on the storm. >> i am standing here in the parking lot of johnson's speech. two blocks from downtown guernville.. locals
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say that this parking lot and set 50 ft. for that grassy area is. during the summertime the water is 50 ft. further from there. you can see the russian reformer his swollen and in some cases it is all the way up to the tree branches. you can see how fast it is moving. there have been some improvements but they say that mother nature can sometimes be unpredictable. historically, there is a big flood about every 10 years. >> when it gets up to seven, feet in a gets scary. and you have to think about leaving town. or turning off the electricity, gasoline, so forth. >> this entire area can get flooding, this entire buildings. the river can
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come up to where we are standing. >> people live here are not particularly worried about this storm but are keeping an eye on the worker. mother nature can be unpredictable. jeff bush kron 4. >> as we continue the rise in rainfall has an adverse impact on plants and trees in can be a curse. >> all of the wheat and greenery is at the top of the tree. the wheat. and the naked branches saying that it is up there with the stronger weight of the tree. if you have a ficus tree, acacia, or a really large monterey cypress, monterey pine. those are hazard trees. typically with a weak route structure. >> this certified arborist
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says that there is constantly wet soil. they will not be able to get enough oxygen and the routes could be wrought brought -- it could wrthe it could b or rock rodding the.. route structure up by not getting enough oxygen a tense moment tonight as a string of armed robberies they blocked of several city streets. near the oakland/berkeley border. there were four men a arrested in connection with a string of robberies near lake merritt. the lake shore and piedmont st. a stolen car was recovered. the streets are safer with the suspects off the street. >> the arrest. >> this was surely, we were able to get some of these people off the streets. >> the berkeley police were
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able to block the perimeter and a police tip led them to the area. >> also, police and monte sereno have released a sketch of a murder in side of a home on friday morning. police are right on the scene and found a body of a dead man identified. no details on how he died investigation his wife iwas taken to hospitals the suspect is a 22-2353 years old,
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the victim is identified as
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>> a historic building building destroyed after it caught fire... and injured a firefighter. how crews were able to jump in and put out the blaze. a deadly shooting rocks an n-f-l team. details in what police are then... charter bus leads to a airport. fire crews responded to a two-alarm fire at the san francisco zoo this afternoon the fire started in the historic fleishhacker pool building next to the zoo parking lot around one p-m. part of a massive swimming water pool. closure it has been known to fire crews have yet to blaze but it is being viewed as suspicious in nature. cars were trapped when a tunnel outside of tokyo collapsed. coming up after the break.
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expect from this system. through ukiah, and the heaviest rainfall will push in and through tomorrow. with more widespread by midnight tonight. the wind is already picking up with a high wind advisory. take it easy. if you're going any over the bridges. reduce your speak, hang onto your seat steering wheel with mud slides, flooding, downed trees. flash flood warnings in place for all of the areas highlighted in the green. between now and sunday evening. and oversaturation, this is the third storm this week. with 1 in.-5 in. of extra rainfall. flooding in the north bay, napa, and the russian river so we will keep an eye on that. over the next 24 hours here is a look at futurecast. we timed it out. hovering. for tonight and slowly works its
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way south. we can still see monterey scattered showers but 10:00, moderate and gusting winds from this system to the north bay to the santa cruz mountains. everybody is getting a healthy dose. the good news is that it is a good moving system. cloud coverage in the clearing. light rain through of vallejo, the east bay and the front of this system will already be to the south. as we advance this week are okay if you have any plans because that will continue to press self. looking good for your monday morning commute to pretty much rain-free. rainfall totals, the boat no. 8 with 5 in., 2-3 5 in. in the north bay toward the peninsula, the south bay,
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with the afternoon highs not that warm. will be getting into the 60s. your kron 4 7 day around the bay once we get into this system will get a break for the rain just in time for workweek on monday however, another chance of rain fall tuesday, wednesday. >> tom a tragic morning for the kansas city chiefs as they grieve over the loss of one of their players. police are still investigating what lead linebacker jovan belcher to kill his girlfriend before taking his own life. police have identified belcher's girlfriend as kasandra perkins. george howell has the details. >> the kansas city chiefs are morning a fellow teammate. 25 year-old linebacker be belcher.. >> when the officers arrived they had a witnessed
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a black man that had held a gun up to its head. they heard gunshots and it appeared that he took his own life. >> just a few moments before the suicide he shot his girlfriend at her home. she died a short while later at an area hospital. >> recently we heard that they had been arguing. >> the team had released a statement belcher and his girlfriend kasandra perkins were living in their kansas city home with their three-month-old baby girl and belcher's mother. taken care of by family members. police are looking for a possible motive in the shootings. in response to this tragic event the oakland raiders released the following statement this morning... the oakland raiders are empathizing with the chiefs organization. our hearts are wounded by such an unimaginable tragedy in our nfl family. we will continue to pray for everyone involved.
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>> san jose police are investigating the 43rd homicide this year... last night, police responded to reports of a avenue... been shot -- he was pronounced dead at the three people are dead after an attack with what police are calling a "sharp edged weapon" on the casper college campus in casper, wyoming. in new jersey, new details in the train that derailed on a rail bridge. the national transportation safety board has learned the train's engineer had problems with the signal at the bridge... but proceeded to cross the bridge anyway yesterday after calling a dispatcher. as a result, the train derailed -- spewing out hazardous chemicals into the air. more than 100 people have been evacuated -- officials are working to
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clear the chemicals in the air. officials say that a bus carrying 32 people crashed into the miami airport killing two people. the bus crashed into a concrete overpass outside the miami international airport. those on board the bus were part of a jehovah's witness group traveling to palm springs. police say that most of the passengers on board were elderly... including the two men who died. at this point in time three people remain in critical condition. police say that the driver of the bus was not familiar with the airport and entered it by mistake >> parts of a tunnel on a highway west of tokyo collapsed today... trapping a number of cars. the road was temporarily shut down as police cars... fire trucks and ambulances gathered outside of the sasago tunnel entrance. emergency crews rescued several people. they were taken to a nearby hospital. officials say at least seven people are still missing. one east bay community is taking action against taggers who deface public property. as kron four's jeff pierce explains... some of the best street artists in the bay area are replacing those tags with beautiful
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images. >> >> when fifteenth street between webster and franklin in downtown oakland was the target of spray can taggers art gallery owner jaime galinda and his friends in the art community came together to attack the problem with street art.
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i'm an artist, my friends are artists, my wife's an artist, let's beautify the neighborhood through art, paint over the tagging and graffiti that makes it look horrible and replace it withi'm really happy what we did wanted to take it a step further. while the art collective gave the street a whimsical sense of innocence galinda wanted to demonstrate that true graffiti art that comes from the street. transcends the crude vandalism the neighborhood suffered from. crayone did the dragon, he did the face, here in this corner is blaze aka picasso, this wall was done by nate one, this corner here and the character was done by east three and craze one, and then we have the buddha done by mike bam tws. leftgalinda enlisted six of some of the most accomplished street artists in the bay area to produce street art in his fifteenth street gallery for an exhibition that will demonstrate that works of art can be created with a spray can. >> what i do per se is not the vandal on the street what i do is art work with the spray can, that a huge diffierence between me and the average tagger. >> the artists assembled for the exhibition which opens on december 7th all have decades of experience in perfecting their art and have had both exhibitions and commissions to produce their work. i would consider myself an
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artist with roots in graffiti arts, i started in 1987 and after more than twenty five years i'm still doing it. i started doing gallery shows and started getting paid commissions from corporations and local businesses and here i am a long ride. >> the artists challenged themselves in designing the exhibit. >> we're going to paint and try to push the boundaries of what typical graffiti art is our color palette to just black, white and red. proceeds from the exhibition will help support the art collective's efforts to murals. >> we want other neighborhoods to see what we're doing and duplicate that. because together we can make a difference. >> in oakland jeff pierce kron four news. >> the warriors, against the pacers and the stanford cardinals coming up look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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this is the pursuit of perfection. >> the golden state warriors continued their solid start to the season tonight against the indiana pacers. stephen curry scored 20 points and had a season high eleven assists to lead the warriors to their 103-92 victory. klay thompson added 22 points of his own and david twevle rebounds. that was lee's ninth double-double of the season. the warriors have won three straight games and remained tied with the los angeles clippers for first place in the pacific division. >> tonight was the big ten championship game between wisconsin and number fourteen nebraska... with the winner of this game going on to face stanford in the rose bowl on january first. running back montee ball ran for 201 yards and three touchdowns to lead the wisconsin badgers over the nebraska cornhuskers 70-
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to-31. the badgers ran for 539 yards on their way to becoming the first team to reach the rose bowl with five losses on the season. >> and robin, what could we expect? >> we will have a wet morning but denies late afternoon. in the fantastic and good night, everybody. >> 80 wet morning but a fantastic late afternoon tomorrow. thank-you
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