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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  December 4, 2012 5:00pm-7:00pm PST

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with more wet weather in the forecast. i'm in the approaching rain. but first -- a major sinkhole in the east bay... you can see the video on the right. justine waldman is there live. progress are crews making? >> this is 80 x 30 x 15 d and getting deeper. you can is see it is getting deeper. they have been at it sense of this happened on the sunday. they certainly do not want to see this get any bigger and the homeowners are very upset especially the home owner of the blue home. she is worried that it is going to swallow her home. >> i feel so bad. everything that you build up. >> worded that her home could be swallowed up in a worried-brought her to tears
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as she has lived here for 30 years. her backyard is a construction zone. >> i would have to have a sleeping pill, but my ears because of the noise. >> working crews are trying to repair mountain view drive that collapsed during sunday's storm. the reason is not totally clear but with more rain fall of the working crews must work quickly your from making this bad to worse, with a disconnected exposed pipes. water could overflow. >> when it gets at this point there is no where to go your it was continued to go to the rest of the system. >> sewage water has been diverted to a different terrain and tons of dirt have been dug out some repairs can be made that small leaky pipe has a black rubber band aid. that sewage water has been diverted to a
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different--and drain. >> i do not know when i am going to get any peace. especially with christmas coming >> working crews are going to be here 24/7. i have to get this and dirt out so they can get to the dirt and to the pipes to reconnect. when the pipes are not connected the water is going to fill up this sinkhole and making it worse bureau volvos are temporary fixes it will probably take until the summer to totally fix this. with a $1 million price tag. reporting live, adjusting waldman >> kron4's storm damage team coverage continues tonight. maureen kelly is in pacifica, where crews are trying to stop erosion on devil's slide. rob faldeboe is in the santa cruz mountains, where roads are blocked. haaziq madyun is vallejo -- where a major mudslide is causing problems. >> it was a muddy mess
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completely covering the north highway 29 and of vallejo. caltran it temporarily shut down the connector ramp off interstate 80 well workers used this bulldozer to remove the mud. while workers used that holdovers arbulldozer and these cranes for clock with the recent clock's saturated the sort of this hillside causing this month slide toward as we take a look you can see with the rainfall so to earth gave way of liquefying huge sections of this hill and flooding the off ramp- with mud. after several hours a welcome sign for motorists. these crews reopens the exit and i was the first driver to use the off-ramp once the work was completed. in vallejo haazig madyun kron 4. >>pam: residents and
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commuters impacted by a large mudslide near highway 17 in the santa cruz mountains will have to wait at least until tomorrow for even a temporary fix. kron 4's you can see how bad the damage is. there is a lot of work ahead of them. with th of russian of throad toward kro- with the erosionrob fladeboe brings you up to date on progress underway to re-open vine hill road and on how people are coping. >> in more ways than one, the earth is still moving here along vine hill road as maintenance crews are working to restore the soil washed away in the recent storms. a 60-foot section of the road is now down there at the bottom of the cliff and with more rain on the way there is no time to lose. >> we thought that it would be open today but there were complications. there was a bit more water than we thought so we had to put an extra 60 ft. of pine. >> the slide and resulting
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road closure is a major inconvenience for unsuspecting residents, delivery trucks and others who could be seen reversing course for a 10-mile, 20- minute detour back through scotts valley. mark cooper lives on one side of the slide, his car is parked on the other side. >> i had about a six minute drive to get the kids to school. going the back way it is about 35 minutes. we are taking less trips but getting up earlier. >> the road crew bauried a long drain line against the hillside and installed an asphalt berm to divert runoff away from the slide. concrete k-rails will be placed at the edge of the slide leaving just enough room for one lane of traffic. >> is a main commuter route of the 17. we had to evacuate the town of this would be the routes and we want to give this a top party at this point. >> residents will have to be content with a single lane for a least one month. if they cannot find a solid ground beneath this mudslide
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it could take four-five months. in the santa cruz mountains, rob fladeboe, kron 4. >> caltrans crews battle the winds as they work to put down plastic sheeting over a section of the hillside along devil's slide traffic control work on that narrow section of highway no. 1. for much of the day today. maureen kelly has a closer look bypass the most trecherous part of highway one.what these crews are doing in this video you are looking at is trying to prevent any futher saturation of the soil..they secured the
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covering it with wire mesh. which they lowered down with ropes. here you can see one worker being hoisted up in a cherry pickeras others hammer the wire and plastic in place from a ridge up top.he helps secure it midway. sandbags are lowered to further steady the protective layers. which will hopefully stay in place as the next weather system moves in. maureen kelly kron4 news. >> now to tracking the next storm. here's a live look from our camera atop mount tamalpais on the upper right... you can see a little bit windy. cloudy, dark. on the bottom right a live shot of san francisco -- skies are gloomy, more rain on the way. janu?
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>> yes, pam we are seeing some heavy band of rainfall. taking a look at the stormtracker 4 not too much in rainfall. we can see in the north bay, with throughout the day in the north bay but accumulated lesson one 10th of 1 in.. the heaviest is yet to come. with less than one-tenth of 1 in. already accumulated. by midnight, this heavy rainfall which the red indicating heavy downpour. more whites spread by the evening commute. 6:00 a.m., more-wide spread-out-from a fairfield, to fairfield and the heaviest will be in the morning. it will taper off in the morning and the evening commute will be over the heart of the bay. perhaps the north bay could bit of a break with the south bay will see some heavier conditions and will press out by tomorrow afternoon. your full
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forecast, coming up. in- store? stay with kron-4 as we continue to track the approaching storm. updates also available on -- as well as our facebook and twiiter pages. >> new developments. police answering questions sexual assault of an autistic teenager. the 16-year-old walked away from a group home in wast oakland -- and was *not stopped by staffers. she then turned up days later -- after apparently being kidnapped and assaulted. right now -- one person is behind bars, accused in the crime. j-r stone is live tonight at oakland police headquarters... with the latest. jr? a lot of questions. what it ithe low suspect? >> he is a rap sheet at a multiple charges after having an arraignment this afternoon he is behind bars. let me show you a video of the suspect. 36 rolled gary adktinson.. this girl went
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missing on tuesday after leaving the fred french youth center and was found on the muni train on thursday they used surveillance to identify him and he is facing fifth and kidnapping with force, kidnapping with force, a food acts on a child, three counts of rape, or the victim was incapable of work giving consent because of for developmental. >> this is by far, one of the most sickening cases i've seen in my career. >> tonight, the girl is doing much better. she is with family members. as for the suspect he will be in court today, tomorrow and possibly enter a plea. we will also likely be there as
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well and give you an update. reporting from oakland, j. r. stone, kron 4. >>pam: whether or not to strip people the right to walk around naked in san francisco. city supervisors made the final decision today... more on that story tonight at 5-30. >> but first, voters in the contra costa county didn't pass a tax measure to fund fire-stations. and now -- the hammer is coming down.... which ones are be under consideration to shut down.... after the break. >> the holidays are approaching and gadgets are the best gifts... the hottest gadgets for the high tech person in your life.
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>> four fire stations in contra costa county...on the verge of closing for good at the end of the year. once a ballot measure failed last month...we knew stations would be shutting are the four stations on the chpping block. station 12 on shell avenue in martinez will be shutting down. also station 16 on los arabis avenue in lafayette. station 4 on hawthorne drive in walnut creek. and station 11 on center avenue in clayton. officials have been debating these closures...and impact this all afternoon...kron four's dan kerman has been in that board meeting...and has the latest developments. >> after discussing this matter for most of the afternoon it looks like a contra costa fire protection district will delay a decision on weather or not to shut for down of the 28
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stations. they need more information before they make this decision. declining revenues, increase in benefits, pensions mean that the district is not have as much money as it needs to have to keep all of these stations open. >> this is the last option we have we have exhausted all of our reserve funds, cutting costs, and trying to go to the public with a temporary tax measure and that did not pass. we are at a point for we cannot go any further. >> the district wants to look at other options in to get some questions answered and next tuesday this same question. should these four different stations the close? there will all be an agreement that will in be
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>> and we are still waiting. >> i am still waiting. >> the transformer blew at about 5:45 yesterday evening. the working crews worked overnight to the electrical system to have everything running smoothly for the morning riders. >> we are going to take a look at your weather headlines with scattered showers. the heaviest and pressing into the north bay and the moderate one of rainfall tomorrow. light in the afternoon and it will be
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dry by tomorrow night. with a drying trend kicking in fo rest next of the workweek. taking a look of stormtracker 4, san rafael but mostly dry we are expecting light, scattered rain for the evening commute but the overnight could be heavier. through santa rosa, indicated by the red on the radar. more widespread for the morning commute and by 11:00 a.m., heavy from a son of a health, fairfield, antioch, the east bay shores and it will continue to press south toward an even-- san rafael and even wet on the east peninsula. the heaviest in the south bay by 11:00 p.m., it will be cloudy but it will be dry the morning lows will be upper 40's in the north bay, richmond, 52. and low 50s for the south bay. tomorrow, a pretty mild today with a low 60s for the
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north bay. 63 in oakland, and 62 degrees in antioch. your kron 4 7 day around the bay bay once we are past that wet weather we are expecting dry conditions for the next workweek. gabe slate tech report >> gadgets make great holiday gifts. right now, samsung has some really popular devices. there are catching on giving apple a run for their money. this little bloom with the galaxy why fight camera a unique device. some of these great items from samsung. the new galaxy camera is a game changer. it is entirely new point and shoot and and three tablet. it can do anything a smart phones can do except make phone calls. wifi, or a low cost at&t
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plans. if you want to make calls? the galaxy phone a tablet is interesting. it is a tablet phone. and it is 5.5 in.. it is in between a phone and a tablet. greed for video, anything media of related this is great. for somebody that works a lot on their phone, e-mail, with a stylus. and the touch screen with a detail and i like this feature you can even handwrite with the stylus. it will transfer to digital text. the galaxy s three is the other hot phone and it is currently the no. 1 iphone 5 competitor. it is a slick, fast and really light. if you're going to go for android this is the one to choose. leslie, there is a seven-inch or 10 in. tablet. with samsung, these android tablets are a great alternative to the ipad. if you would like to get a
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closer look you can. samsung has a pop up store. the samsung studio on a level 3 and the westfield center in san francisco. just outside of bloomingdale's. and you can get your hands on these products. gabe slate tech report >> the 49ers new starting quarterback...and his birth mother. the two have never met...but that doesn't stop his mother from attending his games...and hoping that one day she'll meet the man who she raised for the first six months of his life. the harsh reaction to this story...after the break. >>
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>> 49ers new starter colin kaepernick is already in the midst of a quarterback controvesy...but we now know he's also dealing with drama off the field. a yahoo sports story reveals kaepernick's birth mother wants to meet her son...but kaepernick apparently does not want to. heidi russo is a 44- year old registered nurse
5:24 pm
who raised colin for 6 months before giving him up for adoption...when she was ()* *take vo full * )á russo watched her son play when he quarterbacked nevada... though they've never met, the two have exchanged messages on twitter and myspace. russo says while she would love to connect with her now celebrity son...she has to respect his decision not to meet. we posted the story on our kron four facebook fan page...and dozens of people immediatelty started sounding off. >> frederick: its like the part in the movie waterboy towards the end when bobby booshea was doing great and his father showed up.... >> shane: gold digger >> arlene: shame on all of you who call a woman you don't know, a gold digger. it is a selfless decision that a girl/woman makes to put herself second after the welfare of her baby. >> gregory: who said anything about money? maybe she just wants to meet her son like so many other parents who gave their child up for adoption. the timing is suspect but i'm not in any position to judge.
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sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home. >> will tell how city officials voted for a nudity ban. and -- a man pushed in front of a subway by a pan- handler. captured on camera. the news continues next. now at 5-30... it is official.... san francisco has passed a ban blocking public nudity. this has been a controversial subject... with many protests, such as the one you see here, where those fighting against the ban are arrested after taking off all of their
5:31 pm
clothes. and as kron four's terisa estacio reports, during today's final vote, the clothes came off again. >> the final tally of votes before the san francisco board of supervisors was a sudden those against the ban began to strip off their clothes... and one by one, the out these blue robes covered the naked protestors and lead them away. >> this is against my right, nudity is my right. >> you are harming people by this was not the first time, protestors have taken such demonstrative measures... this was the scene a few weeks ago at the board of supervisors meeting right after the first vote on this issue... and here look, this is a protest staged in front of city hall several months ago. this will prohibit nudity from wasted down, plaza, parks, side streets, public places around the city. the public venues, such as bay to breakers.. will be a exception. supervisor scott wiener has pushed for this
5:32 pm
change in >> we've always had occasional and random nudity but in the last couple of years it has gone above and beyond. in the castro district it is seven days a week where they are taking their clothes off at castro/market. it is over the top and it is time to do something. >> most of the colleagues agree. a 7-3 but a problem popped up. the supervisor, that voted in favor had made a mistake and every vote was taken. kim... 6-5 the mayor is in support of the ban and will sign it and once he does, february 1st. terisa estacio, kron 4. >> janu: order. as we take a look. as we can see that
5:33 pm
light rain to the north bay. for the entire day but it has been light in nature. the main event is tonight. we are expecting a light rain on/off. by midnight, some of that heavy band of the rain. pretty widespread for your morning commute. as we go towards a 11:00 a.m. some heavy rainfall and near fairfield, concord, antioch and the east bay shore. it will continue to press south-east for the evening commute pressing out by 11:00 p.m. we are expecting a dry night and it is drying trend for the next workweek. >> of violent clashes in egypt. protesters and
5:34 pm
morsi.. recently drafted a egyptian constitution that gives thehim too much power. the egyptian media outlets are also protesting. dozens of newspapers did not appear on newsstands and television's going off the air. the country will be voting on a new draft of the constitution on december 15th to read 100,000 people gathered to make their displeasure known. with 19 protesters were injured on these police clashes. >> iran officials say they've captured a u.s. drone. iranian television reportered the news -- which the united states disputes
5:35 pm
--says the aerial device was flying over the persian gulf. according to a u-s navy official, all drones are accounted for. >> there are troubling new signs out of syria. intelligence suggests syrian forces may be preparing to use chemical weapons on its own people. a u-s official says... according to intelligence obtained over the weekend... syrian forces began mixing two chemicals needed to make deadly sarin gas. president obama issued a stern warning to syrian president bashar al-assad. >> i want to make it absolutely clear to assad and those under his command -- the world is watching. the use of chemical weapons is and would be totally unacceptable. >>pam: u-s officials are concerned that with fighting moving closer to damascus, the assad regime may be getting desperate and could use chemical weapons to try to crush the rebellion. secretary of state hillary clinton says if assad goes down that road... there will be consequences.
5:36 pm
>> this is a red line for the united states. i'm not going to telegraph in any specifics what we would do in the event of credible evidence that the assad regime has resorted to using chemical weapons against their own people, but suffice it to say we are certainly planning to take action if that eventuality were to occur. >>pam: u-s officials say assad could use artillery shells filled with sarin to push back opposition forces. sarin is 500 times more deadly than cyanide. one drop can kill a person in a matter of minutes. syria not the only thing on washington's mind right now. with about four weeks to go before that fiscal cliff of tax hikes and spending cuts gets triggered, negotiations still appeared at a
5:37 pm
standstill on tuesday. karin caifa tells us where everything stands. >> in the midst of a standoff with capitol hill republicans, president obama told bloomberg news that the latest plan put forth by house speaker john boehner, simply doesn't add up. the >> speaker's proposal right now is still out of balance. he talks about, for example, eight hundred billion dollars worth of revenues but he says he will do that by lowering rates. when you look at the math, it does does not work. >> not work. as negotiations as negotiations to avoid the so-called "fiscal cliff" continue, republicans were equally dismissive of the last proposal from the president. >> his proposal was so outlandish i don't think we should go back to the table until he puts something there that we can work with. >> the key sticking point between the two sides hasn't changed -- tax rates for the wealthy. >> the math is clear. the only way to accomplish these things is to allow the rates to go up on the top 2 percent of taxpayers.// >> he's punishing success. we'll put at risk the economic growth that we
5:38 pm
really need to create the jobs, to create taxpayers and to create the revenue we need to lower our deficit. >> after a white house meeting tuesday, a bipartisan group of governors expressed hope an agreement will be reached, soon. none of us >> but none of us want to see taxes on middle class folks go up and we think it would have a significantly negative impact on our economy but we are not backing one particular plan or the other. >> experts forecast economic turmoil in january, if a deal is not reached. in washington, i'm karin caifa. >> a controversial photograph generating making the roudns online -- generating outrage. police say a man in new york was pushed onto the subway tracks at a timesquare station -- then struck and killed by a train. a photographer on the platform picked up his camera as it all happened. we must warn you -- some viewers may find this picture disturbing. this is on the cover of the new york post. the subway train apparently just seconds away from hitting the victim.
5:39 pm
investigators say the man tried to pull himself up -- but could not make it. police are questioning a man fitting a desription from surveillance video. witnesses say the victim, and the suspect were arguing just before the crime. they also saw the suspect talking to himself. >> coming up there could be some rules and regulations for donation bins around the bay. and the next edition of people behaving badly (car horn) paying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings) that's a step forward. with chase quickpay, you can send money directly to anyone's checking account. i guess he's a kicker...
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>> now for today's market update...
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stocks again close slightly lower.. as investors continue to monitor talks to avoid the "fiscal cliff" in washington. the dow fell nearly 14 points to close just shy of 13-thousand. the nasdaq dropped five-and-a-half points to fall below 3-thousand. and the s-and-p-500 finished the day down two points. >> the ceo of bank of america came on the cnbc. we are starting to see businesses slowed down perhaps a recession in 2013 that could linger into 2014. if you do not come off and come up with some answers, compromise but not compromise would move forward but because the in decision is paralyzing. >> banks seem to be doing pretty decent with the quarterly profits. >> a slight increase i know that americans do not like banks or do not trust banks. however, loan balances have increased by $65 billion in the third quarter your loans are failed. more money is being collected. that is the
5:44 pm
lifeline, the blood of our economy the bank profit will drive the economy, the economy will drive the stock market. >> let us go back to the losers. they have violated their privacy? >> that does not relieve that surprising they are settling of of court. individually they have been selling their stories, sponsored stories. it is a $20 million issue. 2 million people are going to to $10. $10? i do not like it. the lawyers will get to $10 million for leading the charge on this. the lawyers make out and the individual will get pennies on the dollar. >> the lawyers always seem to do well in the new air jordan. they are getting hand. >> i do not have enough here to pull out. look at this
5:45 pm
issue. it has a stocit is the air jordan, x, x, 8 $250, and they should probably be a high demand but the style is very cutting edge. they are calling this a shroud.... but i think of michael jordan and nike will come up on top. >> thank you, you can catch rob black go to our new channel. comcast 193 for the latest news, weather and traffic updates and on digital 4.2. we are reducing dry roadways but expecting--heavier showers overnight. we are waking up to moderate downpour transitioning to light rain. and a dry out
5:46 pm
for tomorrow as we take a look ahead there is a drying trend kicking and by thursday. for the next workweek with mild temperatures. we are looking at how light rain in the north bay as resume into the north bay. san rafael, santa rosa, bodega bay, light rain. we will see light rain for the evening commute but the main event will be by midnight. heavy downpour 3 santa rosa, widespread for the north bay for the morning commute. it will span the inland and the east bayshore. lighter rainfall for the evening hours however, sitting over the peninsula, the east bay inland valleys and the south bay. have your downpours but it could press out with a dry night tomorrow night. 40's. and richmond, the
5:47 pm
peninsula, low 40's with 50s expected for the east bay inland valleys. low 60s in the north bay and the coast. 60s and sunnyvale. and it 60s for the inland valleys and as we take a look your kron 4 7 day around the bay once we get to this rainy day we will have a drying trend on thursday. lasting into the weekend and we are expecting sunny skies. with your next workweek. (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found people behaving badly.
5:48 pm
>> in this day and age we do need to question it may be a good cause it may go to charity but they need to put the facts out more and people donating needing to find out where there things >> the people have spoken and the lawmakers have been unattended donation boxes that have been popping up around the bay in castro valley where there seems to be an saturation of for profit donation boxes, for clothing, some for books i found one in the city of alameda where the owner of a car repair shop agreed to have this one on his >> the told me that they shared with the salvation army and goodwill >> i even found a couple of bins near my house in san and some say for charity. but the truth you and i could go and buy a donation bin off the internet and put >> the bin appeared on our property stanley ( just out of nowhere,) out of nowhere >> but all that may be about to change, there is a state bill ab1978 will establish rules and regulations for the bins state wide one that i liked was if someone places a bin on your property illegally can without fear of being held liability hire a two truck to remove it in castro valley they are
5:49 pm
proposing that deach been be 400 feet apart to avoid saturation, and premission for the placement they are also considering charging a 500 dollar per bin fee; i can see the bins vanishing as we speak. no longer will just an web address be allowed on the bin you will need you full address of the owner and get this it will have to say for charity or for profit, you see that what happens when you over do somethings... laws and ordinances are created. castro valley, said kenneth roberts, kron 4 >>pam: if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, you can email us at m
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>> john boehner helped light of their christmas tree today this eagle scout of colorado springs helped.
5:53 pm
the crowd cheered and the air force band played 'oh christmas tree'... this comes from the national forest in colorado it is a spruce that will be lit every night. [ crickets chirping ] [ traffic passing ]
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>> the controversial gay therapy and san francisco tried to ban it and also the response to super storm sandy. what residents are saying about the help from fema... >> stormtracker 4, light scattered rainfall but the heaviest is yet to come.
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life at the edge of a sinkhole: >> you just feel so bad ... because of everything you've built up >> we will take you live to lafayette, where a neighborhood threat is expanding as a new storm approaches. it a race against the clock and the weather.... as crews struggle to repair a massive sinkhole in lafayette! a collapsed storm drain created the hole on sunday. workers say, before they can repair the drain and
6:00 pm
fill the sinkhole.. the damaged pipe needs to be dug out and removed. that is where we find kron 4's justine waldman... justine how is the repair work coming along? >> let me show you. >> i have to use it a sleeping pill and plug my ears just to get to sleep because of the noise. i do know when i'm going to get any peace. especially, with christmas coming. >> let us take another look at how large this is. it is 80 x 50 x deep and deeper. they will stay out here. and they will not think until these repairs will be done until this summer. at the price tag of $1 million. >> everybody are run the area of ou from the area-..-. if
6:01 pm
china? >> we have seen the heaviest -- janu? >> stormtracker 4, a bit lighter through san rafeal, petaluma, and we are our expecting scattered rain for this evening's commute. taking a look at futurecast. the heaviest of this system will press in, overnight. the red color indicating heavy downpour. as we go towards tomorrow, it will be widespread for the north bay. even along the san mateo coast purif the del fairfield for concord. and portions of the east bayshore. it will get a lighter in nature. the heaviest could be the bayshore. the evening will press south, the 101/280 in
6:02 pm
the east bay will be wet. the heaviest could be in the south bay but it will continue to press out. and still a lot of cloud coverage for we are expecting drier conditions. we will take a look get your full forecast, coming up. >>pam: our weather coverage continues as we check in with kron 4's reggie kumar ... who brings us the latest hitting the north bay. >> it is already scrambling here in the san rafael. this is what it looked like with a bit of sprinkles. the public works crews have spent all day sunday clearing roads and to debris from the last storm. now they're focusing on this storm. if they do not believe that it will be a strong as the previous storm but they are prepared. they have cleared a lot of the storm drains and have gone around all day. tuesday, to
6:03 pm
see any problem areas, to remove the branches, and clear more debris to prevent that from clogging the storm drains. and not cause flooding. you can see the rain is coming down as we speak it is a sprinkling but getting a bit heavier towar residents are prepared, bt is expected to could have here tonight as the storm presses through the area. it will go through the north bay harder than the north bay. reggie kumar, kron 4, san rafael. >>this just in to the kron 4 news room a large tree has fallen onto a major road in san mateo. here's the scene from sky-7 hd, abc7 news. this was on el camino real this back hoe and workers hustling. one person was
6:04 pm
injured. near essential between fifth and ninth avenue there was also some property damage. you can see that this was open about 10 minutes ago by police but take a look of the back up. it is a big nightmare as these lanes continue to just open >>pam: cal-trans crews took advantage of the dry day on the peninsula, to try and prevent further weather related mishaps along workers covered part of the hillside at devil's slide, with black plastic and wire mesh, and holding them in place with sandbags. they are hoping to prevent rockslides or dirt from falling into the roadway during the next round of rain.. . they say, the soil eroded in this area, during the most recent heavy rains. there were some delays on highway- one during the day, as one way traffic
6:05 pm
controls were put into effect.. so the road work could be done safely. >> this has caused backups, they are trying to stabilize the plastic tarp with metal mesh. maureen kelly, kron 4 news. >> there were some delays on highway one as one way traffic controls report into effect so the road work could be done safely. >>pam: hundreds of people affected by a large mudlside in the santa cruz mountains... will have to wait until tomorrow for some relief, and that's weather permitting. vine hill road remains closed due a slide that took out a 60-foot- long section of one lane. crews had hoped to re- open a single lane by late this afternoon, but the ground was still too wet and they had to install a drainage system to keep the slide from getting worse. meantime, frustrated residents and commuters face a long detour to reach highway 17. >> that happened a couple of years ago on the other side of the house bill or not
6:06 pm
impacted as much we could still get to the highway. now, i have to try a 20-25 minutes to get to highway 17 to go north or south. >> i have to go to san andrea's and come back. >> how far away of is that? there 30 minutes. >> if it is long term will have to figure out something else. there are many people impacted through santa cruz county right now. >>pam: depending on how much rain falls here, the road crew hopes rail' barrier along the slide .... to allow one lane of traffic, possibly by tomorrow evening. permanent repairs could take from one- to several months, depending on the stability of the hillside beneath the section of road that slipped away. >> we are going to oakland were j. r. stone is live. following a case were a teenage girl was allegedly assaulted after wandered away from her caretaker.
6:07 pm
j.r.? >> oakland police chief, howard jordan says that this is the most sickening cases that he has ever seen. the 16 year-old victim has the mental capacity of a 12 year-old. thank goodness she was found last weekend as at home. >> the oakland police a partner was contacted by the san francisco police department of the juvenile was on a muni trained in san francisco. the driver said that the girl was disoriented and scared. the suspect is san francisco gary atkinson.. he is being charged with three counts of rape, lewd act, and the victim was not giving consent. lewd acts on a child, and with the suspect. they were able to find at
6:08 pm
can send by using surveillance video from a barge. they were able to find--atkinson... he is scheduled to be in front of the judge tomorrow afternoon. j. r. stone, kron 4. >>pam: coming up! four bay area fire we'll tellyou which ones... a judges new ruling on a controversial therapy that is said to treat homosexuality... details on california's fight to ban the practice. plus -- slow recovery efforts for victims of superstorm sandy... now fema faces lawmakers... we'll have that story and more --- coming up!
6:09 pm
6:10 pm
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contra costa fire closure >> >> this is fire station number 12 in martinez it's one of four stations on the chopping block the fire chief says closing these stations will lead to greater response times but he says over the last 4 years the fire district has seen a 32 million dollar drop in property tax revenue dan kerman has the latest developments. >> this is no. 12 in martinez is one of four stations on the chopping
6:12 pm
block. >> this is not an easy choice. not one the we have to do the we are out of options and to in the best we have to do even with the stations closed. >> they are admitting that this will be a greater response time but in the last four years they have seen a $32 million drop in property tax revenue. and that means that there are few options left side. >> to try to find another resolution to find that option open. >> the mayors, residence tax at the ballot box means but at a public hearing tuesday, mayors and residents of the communities to be impacted told the fire >> howard geller/mayor of clayton: >> this is going to leave, with absolutely no station which will be the only county in the city limits with no fire station. >> the danger cannot be underestimated we need to work together to find other ways to counteract the district. >> the board agreed, giving
6:13 pm
the chief a list of questions which they want answers to >> john gioia/fire district board member: >> we need to look at other solar service delivery options with ambulance, medical service, and other- emergency service delivery options we knew that this was coming and we need other options from the fire chief. a new ruling handed down today surrounding the issue of the controversia if the it will not be the end of it because in the 2013-2014 is a proposal to close one or two more stations including one in the city of pittsburgh. martinez, dan kerman, kron 4. janu? >> with a dry skies but we are expecting evening overnight precipitation.
6:14 pm
tomorrow, some moderate downpour and a lighter by nature. it will be drive by tomorrow night and the drying trend kicking into the weekend. for the next workweek. taking a look at stormtracker 4 some scattered rainfall in the north bay. through petaluma, the son rafael, looking a little bit dryer. some rafeal. if the overnight hours through some rafeal, santa rosa, moderate/heavy. indicated through with san rafael. and more widespread for the morning commute. by 6:00 a.m. and by 11:00 a.m., through vallejo, vallejo, concord. the heaviest will be indicated by the yellow, the orange. 2:00, it will be along the bay shore but leiter by nature. for the evening commute. it could be a bit of a break as we set
6:15 pm
the clock forward it will be out by tomorrow night drier conditions expected as for the morning lows, 40's and santa rosa and now, daly city. oakland, 52 degrees in hayward. tomorrow, the highs will be mainly 60s and 60 degrees in half moon bay and 64 degrees in los gatos. for the north become a low 60s and 64 degrees expected in downtown san francisco. as for take a look your 7 day around the bay we have a dry days ahead. >> a new ruling handed down today surrounding the issue of the controversial practice of so-called - 'gay therapy'.. u.s. district judge kimberly mueller decided to allow the ban on gay or "conversion" therapy .... to take effect january
6:16 pm
first. it is a practice that allegedly treats homesexuality ... and the state of california wants it banned.. yesterday, another judge gave a competing ruling, granting two mental health providers... and a former patient ... to be immune from the law until their lawsuit seeking to overturn it on first amendment grounds, can be heard next year. >> clerical workers at the port of los angeles and long beach are walking the picket lines for an eighth day. the union and management were unable to reach a deal to end the strike after a late- night meeting. the work stoppage has dramatically slowed activity at the nation's busiest cargo complex. the port of oakland has picked up some of the work not going to southern california ports. the clerical workers have been without a contract since june 2010. they're accusing terminal operators of outsourcing clerical jobs. officials estimate the strike is costing the u-s economy a billion- dollars per day.
6:17 pm
>> this man is in police custody after allegedly pushing a man in front of a time square subway. he tried to climb to safety but got trapped between the train and the platform. >> the judge over the fort hood shooting trial has been removed from the case. a military appeals court in texas says that it was because of the judge treatment of the suspect. indicating a lack of impartiality. hassan is charged with 13 people dead and dozens injured. he is facing the death penalty, if convicted. the judge ordered that hassan be clean shaven
6:18 pm
or completely shaven. before the military court. but the controversy started when the suspect wanted to protect his religious rights. the argument was that the judge was not going to enforce clearing standards. >> the fox executive wanted petraeus to run for public office. the analyst said that she had a message from fox news and chief, roger ailes. that petraeus should not accept any government position of the then chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. if that did not work that he should run for president. one question, it also said that he was joking and just trying to shake up the republican
6:19 pm
primary. and that he was way out of line ales.. said that he was just joking we will be back.
6:20 pm
6:21 pm
6:22 pm
with frustrated homeowners still waiting for help from superstorm sandy... the head of the federal emergency management agency testified before u-s lawmakers today . >> we have seen long response times because of fema because of every detail. >> the house transportation and infrastructure committee held a hearing... on the agency's response to the storm ... and touched on all the trouble people faced in
6:23 pm
the north east.. despite prepositioning of certain assets, we still saw massive fuel shortages, people in places like staten island who did not have help for days, and millions we've seen meaningful rebuilding. we don't want to see, from ny and nj, still haggling with fema over every different doorknob and light switch. we will be back.
6:24 pm
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>> this same:lafayette is 30
6:29 pm
x 50 x 15. they need to get to the pipes to reconnect it their all of this connected up because of what happened on sunday with his road collapse on mountain view drive. once they can reconnected the pipes they will be able to put that road back together. that will probably be over the summer costing one a million dollars. lafayette, kron 4. >> san rafael, this light steady drizzle with public works crews tell me they have spent a sunday cleaning up the debris left behind they are focusing on the clearing drains for this storm all day on tuesday they are prepared for the latest round of what weather. the public works says that they do not believe that it will be as strong as the previous one. san rafael reggie kumar, kron 4.
6:30 pm
>> devil's slide, the working crews are trying to stabilize this hillside after the weekend storm caused erosion. covering it with plastic sheeting, wire mesh and sandbags. they are working in advance of the next round of rainfall. this has caused backups throughout the day. as one way traffic controls have been in effect to keep the workers, safe. maureen kelly, kron 4. >> and the santa cruz mountains, for vlne hill road.. residents were forced to detour of our ground washed out stretch trying to get to highway 17. >> if it was just 100 more feet we could have lost our driveway. >> they're hoping to get a single line (a long term fix cryptic one month or more. kron 4,. >> physicians are reminding
6:31 pm
people to get a flu shot. the time to get it is now. the ctc saying that this year's flu season could be worse than previous years. it is also are arriving earlier than usual. walnut creek, dan kerman. >> the samsung is getting ready to launch this pot of stew work toward the samsung the studio where they can get their hands on this gadget. samsung has really given an apple a run for their money. there gadgets are gaining popularity. if you would like to get a closer look? anybody can come here to the end of the year to see. gabe slate tech report (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >> if you want to paint a picture of and what might be floating in the water take a look at this man. yes, he is
6:32 pm
wearing a necktie. i took a look at three separate waterways. the guadalupe river, the coyote in the los gatos creek. the guadalupe river at the julian has more than its share of plastic bags wrapped around trees to write it is also where people are using this as a public toilet. and peopl howevee here to spawn. just a few blocks away is where the los gatos... the los gatos creek has even more garbage but look closer. it is spray paint cans just to name a few. near brokaw is the coyote creek it was 6 ft.
6:33 pm
high. >> it has all gone to the bay. >> robert castillo, the respiration group and a consultant for the state of california mom enter this area to protect the wildlife. they say that the homeless encampments are the problem. >> the reverse is like a conveyor belt. the only 10 percent of the trash gets caught in the tree the other 80 percent ends up in the san francisco bay. he has even seen homeless people come 55 gal. of from of garbage in the creek. >> the other issue. right here is the heavily populated homeless encampment are rounded this creek. there are barriers in the fish accumulate here and they get taken them and not only are they trashing the creek there also poaching the salmon in the san jose, kron 4 news. >> taking a look at the
6:34 pm
stormtracker 4. we are looking at 1 in. per hour indicated by the yellow it will pick up, overnight pressing into santa rosa. the heavier brand associated with this system with moderate/heavy even widespread in the north bay. by your morning commute. 11:00 p.m., fairfield, vallejo, concord, the east bay shores of getting the heaviest of this system. it will continue to press south-east. 2:00 p.m., not quite as heavy but still a bit heavy near the bayshore. and portions of the north bay continue to press out for the evening commute. a wet ride with the heaviest in the south bay.. with dry conditions by tomorrow night. your full forecast,
6:35 pm
coming up in just a bit. >> the president and lawmakers only have 28 days before the fiscal cliff. there is not enough time to make a comprehensive deal including tax reform and fixing medicare. he wants congress to do a downpayment toward freezing tax regs for the wealthy and putting off a hard work until the beginning of the new year. however, he has to win over the republicans to make that happen. president obama hit with some tough questions surrounding the fiscal cliff negotiations. and it all surrounds talks boener... or lack there of! news.
6:36 pm
>> the president and lawmakers have only 28 days now.. to make some kind of deal before the country hits the so-called fiscal cliff. president obama says, there isn't enough time to do a comprehensive deal including tax reform and fixing medicare. so he wants congress to do a down payment by raising tax rates for the wealthy "now"... and putting off the hard work until next year. but, as jessica yellin reports, he has to win over the republicans to make that happen. what does president obama think of speaker boehner's proposal to avert the fiscal cliff? >> "unfortunately, the speaker's proposal right now is still out of balance he talks, for example, about a 800 billion dollars billion worth of revenues, but he says he will do that by lowering rates. when you look at the math, it doesand he won't agree to eliminate a tax dedication >> "every hospital and university and not for profit agency across the themselves on the verge of
6:37 pm
realistic option." >> but the president didn't say all this to speaker boehner -- he said it in an interview on bloomberg tv. the last time the two men spoke was almost a week ago. president obama is focused on the stalemate with congress over averting the fiscal cliff but he's just not talking to house republicans about it. at the white house, he discussed the issue with a bipartisan group of governors. >> "i know that the president certainly wants a deal. he didn't try to handicap it." and earlier this week, he told so called middle class americans on twitter keep pressure on congress, he's even ventured outside the beltway rallying supporters to do just that "i'm going to be asking all of you to make your voices heard." >> why isn't he calling speaker boehner over to a white house meeting? "speaker boehner and i speak frequently. and, you know, i (reporter: "so when? when will the two of you sit down in a room?") >> "you know, i don't think that the issue right now has to do with sitting in a room." in part the white house was burned by the debt ceiling negotiations of 2011 when lots of meetings, failed to stave off a fiscal nightmare. but there's another strategy at play. some in the administration say they learned in the first term, the best way to break washington stalemates: rally the public to their cause. here's' how the president put it to cbs news >> "so getting out of this town, spending more time with the american people,
6:38 pm
listening to them, then also being in a conversation with them about where do we go together as a country, i need to do a better job of that in my second term." >> reporter: "a better job of explaining?" "well, explaining but also inspiring." the controversy around egypt's president self- proclaimed power is being hurt by the media in response with television, newspapers not publishing in a day of protest.
6:39 pm
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sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home. >> britain's duchess of cambridge, catherine, still
6:42 pm
in the hospital today. she's recovering from acute morning sickness from her pregnancy. here you see prince william leaving the hospital. he reportedly spent much of yesterday by his wife's bedside. the duchess of cambridge is less than 12 weeks along. she is expected to remain in the hospital for several days. regardless of whether the duchess has a boy or a girl, the baby will be third in line to the british throne, behind prince charles and prince william. you can catch all your entertainment news right here on kron-4. the insider starts at 7 -- followed by entertainment tonight at 7:30. >> organizers of the outside lands music and arts festival have just announced the 2013 performance dates. the festival, which takes place in san francisco's golden gate park, will run from august 9th to 11th. the lineup for the 2013 festival is still under wraps but this years headliners included metallica, stevie wonder, neil young and the foo fighters. professional
6:43 pm
hockey is returning to hp pavilion...only it's not the sharks...gary has that story straight ahead plus...wait til you hear what the giants are reportedly offering free agent marco scutaro... gary has all the sports, next
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
6:46 pm
>> good evening, everybody. the raiders coach, dennis allen has been telling with more than just a losing season. his father, 66 years old passed away today. from cardiac arrest. grady e. allen worked in the 1960's and led his son right into football. the raiders made this statement today. we sadly learned that the father have passed away. he still returns to plan to approach on thursday night
6:47 pm
against the denver broncos. the organization, will extend its most sincere condolences to coach allen and his entire family. that is patent manning and the denver broncos, a quick turnaround. their approach will be back. afraid mor their - will be back more. -frank more. with the back running back can go out for the season with could see a second round pack lamicheal james. 5 ft. 8 in., 190 lbs. and this could be his chance. >> and i play. i always feel like what ever if the team needs me to do i am still young enough and learning. whatever it takes, and for every takes me to get of a field. for each and every
6:48 pm
week. >> the 49ers have not received much from their draft picks. a wide receiver that barely suits up. this guy has also seen limited with miami. perhaps a bit of a break. stanford, new year's day of atonement, wisconsin is going to lose their poli coac. he will become the haute coach at arkansas. madison, wisconsin. they must be paying through the nose with $3.2 million nos six years. and what the people ihas not been announced that he will coach in the rose bowl. is it a bit of jealousy? you always have used the kron of reporters but i always like to use the kron staff and outside sources. >> you have a staff. and
6:49 pm
there is our outside >> and keep that on kevin hart thank-you for dressing up. oh my gosh! a la and weather or not the wisconsin will continue to coach on a new year's day. >> this flier has no the heisman trophy. now, people is providing tweets. johnny is going to be the first freshman to when the most coveted prize for the 11th straight year. stiff arm trophy .com has predicted the winner and look at it jason. stiff arm is predicted manzille to win
6:50 pm
and klein out of kansas state... i guess that takes the fun out of debt. i would sit and wait did mention that kevin is my outside source. in this super media world, we know everything. and the reason why i have to show. >> 11? >> have your jokes. because everybody knows the results of the game. >> back in 1999, 78 percent of the people that stayed up to watch sports wanted to find out who won the game. that is down to only 8%. >> really? >> yes, people without cable courthouse without remote
6:51 pm
control they just watch law and order for 300 times and then they wait and watch me. it is terrible! there's nothing sacred, nothing. >> they still want to see you. >> i know. >> that is why they are only on for 1.5 and is there is no information about the warmth that we have. two i mentioned that i have a bodyguard? [laughter] >> and the giant software angel pagan is now in place now scutero... is that he is 37 years old and the yankees and the cardinals are in the mix. he really came into his own. marco scored a ro--suctero. and hockey is returning to
6:52 pm
san jose. it is not the san jose sharks it is going to be the san francisco bulls on the september 17th. the minor league is off to a decent start at the cow palace. we have not visited with them. and we have -- visit with them in the past, and the former shark. he cannot wait for this locked out to wants to play some minor league hockey. december 17th, if you want to go to san jose to see states and it stacks and ..skates and sticks... the " to make a wish " for 15 youth the players in
6:53 pm
anticiaption here he is wearing giants glasses.. >> we are here hanging out with the kids it is the holidays and i love giving back. it is great for us as a team. >> lebron james is officially the kingvale sports illustrated sportsman of the year. if you think. he is officially the king --. now, and undoubtedly, the best athlete in the world. lebron james. is the 18th time he has been on the cover of sports illustrated. way to go. >> jim harbaugh acting with 'screech' .. from an old
6:54 pm
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>> >> the was a popular show called " saved by the bell ". when jim harbaugh was a quarterback he appeared on
6:58 pm
the show. >> see you at 11:00 p.m. [ male announcer ] steak and lobster is on the menu at sizzler.
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a fresh-cut tri tip sirloin served with a succulent lobster tail. just $16.99. sizzler. kate middleton sends the media into overdrive today as headlines blare she could be having twins. i'm kevin frazier. "the insider" is on. there's also speculation that -- >> -- it could be twins. >> could it be twins for kate? >> they say that sometimes it's an indicator of multiple, maybe a twin birth. >> inside the press frenzy today


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