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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  December 8, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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(male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >> 3 teenagers are under our roster after they were making a homemade bomb.
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there-under arrest. police say that it could have been a much worse. and out to a pleasant hill neighborhood after a bomb discovered! three teenangers under east bay say they were detonating them. no one was hurt in the initial explosion that destroyed just a mail box in pleasant hill last night. but police say things could have been far worse. as kron-4's aleica reid tells us. the bomb squad had to be called in when officers caught up to the juveniles. >> we got a call of an explosion and found a mailbox that was. >> this is the mailbox the police were talking about that is a shortage to pieces after neighbors for this lau which last after is normally a quiet block. >> i knew that was something besides fireworks. and i called the 911 a. >> it was a pipe bomb
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explosion that left to residents and numb. >> my right ear was a number and deafening >> of base of this red as to be leaving the scene and it was found at college park. after leaving the scene it of this red as to be believed to be related s the mas completely destroyed and there certainly would have been some serious injuries. >> those could have been a strong enough to kill somebody that could have been fatal if somebody was standing next to one of those mailboxes. >> and oakland, alecia reed.
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-- in pleasant hill, alecia reed, kron 4. >> in oakland, one person has been killed in a shooting near jack london square and just blocks away from the police department. it happened late this afternoon on the 400-block of third street. police say the victim was pronounced dead on thethe shooter is still on thehe was described as an adult driving away in a vehicle. this developing story. >> and this new video just in to the kron-4 newsroom from concord. where a hazmat team was called out to a foodmax grocery store after 20 people were sickened. a fire chief said some one sprayed pepper spray in some of the aisles in the store about five tonight. that caused everyone walking in the area to become ill. hazmat team members checked for any other dangerous chemicals. and didn't find any. police do not yet have connection to the incident. >> richmond police have released sketches of a man wanted for kidnapping and sexually assaulting two women. police say he also attempted to kidnap a third woman within the past six months. here are the sketches.though the hair style is different, police believe it is the same man.
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officers say the suspect has been attacking women along the 23rd street corridor. the first attack happened in june. the last two attacks occurring last month. anyone with information about the suspect should contact police. >> also developing tonight. a standoff at a jack-in-the- box in sacramento has come to an end. sacramento police say a man with a gun tried to rob the restaurant earlier this afternoon. and barricaded himself inside with two female hostages. one woman was released and able to walk out on her own. another woman ran free when swat teams opened fire and detonated concussion grenades. the gunman was shot. his condition has not been released. >> a controversay brewing on the u-c berkeley campus. between the student government and the salvation army. kron four's philippe djegal explains why some students want bell ringers banned from the university. >> if the uc berkeley government has of their way you will never receive the salvation army runners on campus ever again. and i think it has gone too far i would disagree with the band. and i think that the student body is discriminating against the salvation army. >> last month passed a
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resolution of the discriminatory practices of the salvation army and want to end the presence of the organization's donation containers on the uc- berkeley campus. students have mixed opinions >> and i think that if it is dividing the campus. >> from my stance, i believe that christians should be the bigger people. regardless, of what judgment is on one hand. >> the resolution states that the church services are only available for people that accept and abide by the doctrine and discipline. that excludes the homosexuality. the golden state of selvage an army responded to kron 4 and sang " totally false ". the only requirement is it demonstrated to need. >> our message to uc
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berkeley were not returned and the celebration army has not been contacted by the university and also says that the bell ringers have not been on the campus for at least the past five years. in berkeley, phillipe djegal, kron 4 news. >> we have a nice evening taking place with clear skies but some low clouds and fog beginning to form. petaluma, no overcast visibility is beginning to drop and outside the north bay, mostly clear skies for tonight and cold temperatures, inland. and to the north bay valleys. for tomorrow, look for mostly sunny skies it there could be some low visibility but it does not look to be as extensive. but for sunshine and warmer temperatures with
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the 60s. that is what futurecast is showing and noted that purple is showing 30's in the east bay. and to the north bay, on the bayside and watch these temperatures warm up as we go through the day. plenty of green on the screen. even possibly 70's in the north bay. more of what your forecast, coming up. >> happy hanukkah. >> tonight is the first night of of the eight-day jewish holiday of hanukkah. and the holiday kicked off just about an hour ago. with the lighting of a 25-foot mahogany menorah at union square. its a tradition now in it's 37th year. jewish hip-hop artist matisyahu had the honors tonight. tomorrow. there will be a holiday festival. with mayor ed lee. state senator mark leno. coming up. one n-f-l player is dead. and his teammate is in custody. after a suspected dallas. and new video of another n- f-l linebacker. hours before he murderd his girlfriend. and took his own life. plus the growing fallout over a radio prank. that led a nurse who treated a member of the british royal family
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to apparently take her own life. we'll be right back.
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>> police in irving texas are investigating a deadly crash involving two dallas cowboys football players. police say that josh brent was drunk when he collided with a curb causing his vehicle to flip early this morning. this is a mug shot of the 24-year-old defensive tackle josh brent. the crash killed fellow teammate jerry brown. >> it appears that he was traveling at a high rate of speed at which time his vehicle touch the outside of the curve of the service road. causing the vehicle to flip at least one time. officers believe that a alcohol was a contributing factor. he was asked to perform some surprise tests.
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>> support the test-test sobriety. >> the cowboys released a statement today saying the team is deeply saddened by the accident and brown's death. return to index ofpolice in kansas city have released the dashcam video of officers interacting with. chiefs linebacker jovan belcher early saturday morning just hours before he died. up behind belcher who was parked on the side of the road in his bentley. belcher appeared drunk and asleep so the officers pulled him out of the vehicle and talked to him. they eventually decide to let him go if he agreed to go inside the building he was parked outside of. police say that just a few hours later belcher killed his girlfriend kasandra perkins before heading to the chiefs stadium and shooting himself. >> traffic on the bay bridge will be coming to a halt! we'll tell you about planned construction work and how it could affect your travel plans.
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on any new volkswagen. sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home. >> starting monday, the bay bridge toll plaza is going to be getting a facelift. this is a live picture of the bridge tonight. the toll plaza is going to be turned the same shade of white as the bridge's new eastern span. it's a 6-point-5 million dollar project, and it will require some lane closures over the next six months. however, those closures will only take place between the hours of 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. the new east span is scheduled to open in september next year. >> as we mentioned,it's the first day of hanukkah and christmas is only a few weeks awayand, that means shopping and traffic. kron four's jeff bush shows you what it was like today at union square.
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>> traffic has been crazy down here at union square but those who chose to drive had to be patient because it's been a slow roll all day long. the drive down oferrel street was a slow motion affair and it took several cycles of the traffic lights just to move a block. it was a convergence of pedestrians and other drivers and total gridlock was often the case at any given intersection within a mile of the square. ()horns honking)á. freyed nerves and impatience were affecting many drivers who were caught off guard by the overwhelming amount of drivers ()honking)á and pedestrians. thousands of people were out and about with their shopping bags in tow. when the lights turned, you can see that the intersections were filled with at least a hundred people every time the light turned green. but, eventually, as slow as it was, people got where
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they were going and joined in with the annual tradition of holiday shopping in the city. i'm jeff bush, live in union square, kron four news >> volunteers in san jose spent the day building thousands of bicycles for kids who otherwise might not get a special present on christmas day. the organization behind the idea.turning wheels. gives bikes to local charities who make sure that deserving children receive a bicycle this holiday season. the project has been going on for eight years and this year more then three thousand bicycles were assembled by more than a thousand volunteers who were delighted to take part is spreading holiday cheer. >> every kid deserves a bike and a good christmas so it's fun. it was the best present i ever had so i know how good it feels to get a bike. i enjoy seeing the kids get bikes so it's a good feeling. >> the project is a popular one since registration for bicycle builders filled up in just four minutes. over the last eight years turning wheels has given out more than eighteen thousand bicycles.
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>> only a day after jacintha saldanha was found dead after an apparent suicide the radio dj's responsible are stepping down. saldanha worked at king james memorial hospital where katherine middleton the duchess of cambridge was staying while doctors worked on her accute morning sickness. the two radio hosts from today-fm prank called the hospital claiming to be queen elizabeth and prince charles. >> we are deeply saddened by the news we extend our deepest sympathy to the family. and everybody impacted by the situation.
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>> the radio station held a press conference today. the two radio dj's are taking a leave of absence from their show for an undetermined period of time. it is still unclear if legal action will be taken against the two. >> it is a victory for egypt's opposition. the country's president is canceling a decree which widely expanded his authority. the move comes after president mohamed morsy's meeting with some members of the opposition earlier today. protesters have been demanding he give up his new powers and they at times carried out deadly violent demonstrations. they also want the government to postpone a referendum vote on a controversial new constitution. but a panel of officials decided to go forward with the planned vote. >> venezuelan president hugo chavez announced today that his cancer has returned and that he will undergo another surgery in cuba. this is the third operation to remove cancerous tissues over the last year and a half. chavez recently won re- election on october seventh. however chavez says that if his health were to worsen that vice president nicolas maduro would take over. the 58-year-old president said tests show the return of malignant cells in the pelvic area where the tumors were first removed.
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>> in 44 days, president obama will be sworn in for his second term in office. and as he continues the job he started four years ago, he'll likely be surrounded by some fresh new faces. emily schmidt looks at some of the people who may make up the president's new cabinet. >> a late november white house photo-op. >> this is a wonderful opportunity for me to meet with my full cabinet. >> .may be the last glimpse of this picture. an imminent cabinet shuffle is expected. >> the president has a lot of very very good people to choose from but he wants to put together a team especially in international affairs. a team overall, that going into a second term doesn't look like a second team. it does not look like a group of second stringers. >> the likely short-list to succeed secretary of state hillary clinton is already politically charged. susan rice--the us ambassador to the united nations--is thought to be a leading contender. but some republicans have been highly critical of rice following the attack on the us consulate in libya. >> when they go after the un ambassador apparently because they think she's an easy target, then they've got a problem with me.
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>> senator mccain. thank you very much, mr. secretary. >> senator john mccain jokingly gave the cabinet post nod to democrat john kerry, the senate foreign relations committee chairman. >> i think john kerry would be an excellent appointment and would be easily confirmed by his colleagues. >> kerry is also listed as a potential defense secretary to replace leon panetta. it's a list that includes michele flournoy, who held what's considered the number three job at the pentagon. senior democrats say deputy defense secretary ashton carter is on the list, and former nebraska senator chuck hagel--- a republican-- could represent a reach across the aisle. >> we're in a much stronger position today as a country than we were in '07. >> treasury secretary tim geithner has said he will stay at his post until at least inauguration. president obama's chief of staff jack lew is often named as a potential replacement. emily shred, kron 4 news.
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shre schmidt >> some nice weather for this weekend and certainly nice and the union the square. for the first night of hanukkah and the lighting of the menorah. the holiday trees and clear skies with temperatures in the 50s in some locations we have mostly clear conditions but some low clouds to settle and the pure visibility is beginning to lower. the ferry building, checking in at 53 degrees. and it is getting cooler in richmond. 47, san jose, 47 and walnut creek. low 40's with the mid upper 30's. high clouds over california today. those blocked out the sun and made
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for some cloud conditions combined with the fog. it kept tabs in the 50s. tomorrow, looking better with temperatures in the 50s today. but this should warm up tomorrow. with rain the system up and over the state of california. it will pass right over with dry weather continuing. nice weather for the 49ers came tomorrow against the white dolphins acahoagainst miami wite cooler north bay valleys with 30's. the upper 30's, and also livermore, fairfield low 40's itself. with mid upper 40's by the bay. and at high temperatures will be looking nice the average high this time of year is mid upper 50s. for tomorrow, 60s. nearly 70 degrees in the center of clara, 67 degrees.
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highs in the 60s in lead. fairfield, 65 the same in pittsburgh. and the 60s pretty much everywhere are not much spread on temperatures. everybody will have low mid-60s. 66 degrees your kron 4 7 day around the bay dry weather with mostly sunny skies. monday, tuesday, a highs in the low mid-60s. a dramatic change on wednesday with a storm coming out of the gulf of alaska forehoof col arctic air. we will have the chance for some rainfall but looks to be on the some breaks with wet weather possibly next weekend. >> after winning the first two games of their seven game road trip. the warriors faced off against the team with the worst record in the n-b-a. return david lee scored 24 points and snagged 17 rebounds to lead the golden state warriors over the washington wizards 101-to-97. klay thompson added 23 points and stephen curry scored 22 to keep his record of seven straight games with 20 points or more going.
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the warriors are thirteen and seven on the season and are currently sitting in fifth place in the western conference. next up the warriors head to charlotte on monday to take on the bobcats. still to come. we show you a view of earth like you've never seen it before. we have the stunning photos that are out of this world. right after the break.
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only a handful of people in the world have taken in this view. you are looking at a picture released by nasa and the national oceanic and atmospheric administration satellite. the picture shows the dark continent lit up by city lights. scientists unveiled this new image at the american geophysical union meeting here in san francisco earlier this week. and a reminder, the bay area's favorite way to ring in the new year is fast approaching. the biggest parties and spectacular fireworks will year's live, hosted by catherine heenan and gary radnich.
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