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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  December 10, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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. >> this is the bay areas news station. kron 4 news at eleven starts now. >> tonight police in pleasant hill are searching for the person responsible for placing
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a pipe bomb outside of an elementary school. at 1:00 this afternoon police received a report of a suspicious device outside of the front office near the parking lot. police responded and determined the device to be a pipe bomb. >> it looked like it had been lit but did not go off. >> we don't know if it was planted while there were people here but it was certainly planted with what we believe was intent to do damage to the school. >> the walnut creek bomb squad was called in. one officer dawned a large protective suit and was able to cut the bomb in half. while all of this was happening the students were taken to the back field. others were taken to specific rooms inside the building. school actually had ended early today but many of the children were not on campus. still those who were there were frightened. >> we've never had this. >> i was a little bit frightened. >> i was a little worried. because i didn't know what would happen. >> were you scared at all.
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>> i was a little bit. >> i was shaking at day camp when we were on the field. >> it's alarming but there's a lot of crazy people out there. >> today's bomb case follows other pipe bomb incidents in pleasant hill last week. no word on whether these incidents are related krom 4's grant lodes has more. >> this one friday night here on kristen court. this one exploded. we have video of police detonating the device. you'll see it happen right there. and the bomb destroyed that metal mailbox right there. it was outside a home on christine court. shortly after the explosion police were able to find and arrest the teenage suspect responsible. they were in their suv. and that suv was located right here just a couple blocks from the explosion in the college park high school parking lot that's on viking drive in the
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suv police found another explosive device that had not been set off. meanwhile today's pipe bomb incident that we were telling you about just a couple miles south but also in pleasant hill. here's that location. pleasant hill elementary. again this bomb did not go off. police are not sure if the two pleasant hill pipe bomb incidents are related. >> the woman convicted of stalking then murdering a bay area nursing student is on her way to state prison. giselle was sentenced today for the murder of michelle lay killed back in may of 2011 her body was found four months later near the border. family members finally got their chance to speak to the woman who murdered their loved one. >> we're glad some form of
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justice has been served. >> for her after being found guilty in oakland of first degree murder of michelle lay whom the da proved to the jury was killed by esteban who saw her as a romantic rival. the murder in the parking lot of the nursing school program. >> michelle was a beautiful person. >> for lay's siblings the sentencing day allowed them the opportunity to do something they've been waiting to do for a long time. address their sister's killer face to face. >> to recount how we felt when she was murdered to her murder. >> she only revealed her own ugliness and revealed michelle's beauty. >> i just want everyone to know how beautiful and incredible michelle was. and you know how much she's impacted my entire family. christine and i. >> esteban got her chance she chose not to address lay's
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family during the sentencing the convicted killer's family members also said nothing to reporters as they left the courtroom. in oakland, kron 4 news. >> tonight san francisco police are investigating a bizarre murder case. a man and woman found bound and gagged in the middle of a residential neighborhood. the man is dead. the woman is fighting for her life tonight. krom 4's justine has more. >> reporter: the crime is egregious and disturbing. >> police found the bodies of a 20-year-old black man and a 19- year-old white female bound gagged and left for dead in this neighborhood. both victims went to the hospital where the man later died and the woman is fighting for her life with severe injuries. police cannot elaborate on how the two new each other. say where they are from or answer the question, why the victims were left brutally on
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this street? >> our investigators canvassed the neighborhood to see if any video surveillance captured the incident on video as well as to see if anyone witnessed this incident. >> people who live here are shocked by the horrible violence. >> i wouldn't even leave the house alone. i had to leave with other people. >> police are encouraging anyone with information about this crime to come forward. in san francisco, justine waldman kron 4 news. right now fairly dense fog in santa rosa. a quarter mile visibility there. it's coming and going. the fog forming and breaking up. we're going to see more fog over night and chilly temperatures. right now it's 42 in vallejo. 44 in fairfield. and 45 in pleasanton and it's going to get colder into tomorrow morning. we're going to see fog in the
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north bay valleys and across the delta. tomorrow afternoon we're going to see another change. increasing cloud cover as rain approaches the bay area for late tomorrow night. we're going the time that out on future cast in just a bit. >> new tonight at 11:00. the new eastern span of the bay bridge nears completion some focus shifts to the toll plaza. reggie kumar is live there tonight to show us changes drivers should expect to see over the next six months. >> the toll plaza all ready has a brand new administration building that you can see behind me. more changes are coming. officials want the toll plaza to have a similar look at the eastern portion of the bay bridge. but it comes at a hefty price. $6.5million. >> this is what the newly updated bay bridge toll plaza will look like when it's
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finished. prepainted white aluminum panels. the columns toll booths and traffic islands will be painted the same shade of white. drivers will see on the new eastern span of the bay bridge. all the work will require periodic lane closures between 10:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. day time lane closures are not necessary. >> now, the funding for the new eastern span of -- excuse me, for the new toll plaza is coming from the toll bridge rehabilitation program. but the price to do all these improvements, $6.5 million. the construction will start on thursday and last six months. there will be periodic lane changes and the new eastern portion of the bridge opens over labor day weekend in september. live in oakland, reggie kumar kron 4 news. >> frantic day for fedex. the shipper claims to have its busiest day ever. and some people just really love coffee.
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. >> the defense department released the name of the navy sale killed in a rescue mission in afghanistan over the weekend. petty officer first class nicholas check was killed during the successful rescue of joseph. joseph was kidnapped while working in the country as a doctor for a relief organization. intelligence showed that joseph was in serious danger so sale team six, the same team that stormed osama binladen's compound went in for the rescue. check lost his life in the fire fight which ensued after the mission. the suspect in the colorado movie theater massacre was
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scheduled for a court appearance today in aurora. the big issue a notebook from james holmes containing details with the violent plans was mailed to the psychiatrist he was seeing. holmes is accused of killing 12 people and wounding dozens of others when he opened fire during the bat man movie premier. he's charged with multiple first degree murder and attempted murder counts. >> we've been enjoying nice weather over the past couple days. but rains back in the forecast. temperatures in the 30s. i'll have all the details coming up. >> kron 4 program something sponsored by acura. acura, advance. -what's up? i' -and i'm erik.
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and delivering to thousands of companies every week. i would definitely say this is a fruitful business.
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. >> the window to ship your holiday gifts to arrive on time is beginning to close. all ready shippers are getting bombarded with packages. federal express was expected to handle millions of parcels today on what it's calling the busiest day in history. how busy things got as the company's distribution center in south san francisco today. >> as the trucks move in, the unloading begins. the labels, then on to the conveyer belts. it's what the busiest shipping day of the year looks like at this fedex distribution sent her in south san francisco. >> we're 10 percent up higher than last year. >> he and his crew are working to make sure everything that
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moves through here is delivered on time. and to give you an idea on how busy it is here. employees at this facility are expected to move more than 25,000 packages just today. >> it's great to have the volume here. keeps employment happy. so we're good. >> nationwide fedex is expected to ship 19 million packages today. and move 280 million packages between thanksgiving and christmas. >> you guys are ready for this. you saw this coming. you new it was coming. >> we're good to go. we've been planning for it all yearlong. >> if you haven't sent out gifts yet, don't fret. there's still time. you have until december 17th if you want to ship it ground. and on december 22 nd would ensure your gift makes it in time for christmas if you use express. >> i think the economy is doing well. a lot better than last year. >> reporting in south san francisco, scott race, kron 4
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news. >> retailers are hiring a record number of seasonal workers this year. according to job placement firm. data from the bureau of labor statistics show retailers added more than 465,000 seasonal workers last month. that's up 21 percent from a year ago. the firm says seasonal hiring could reach 760,000. and that would be the strongest retail holiday hiring season since the year 2000. >> well we certainly enjoyed nice weather out there today. temperatures in the 60s and 70s. we hit 71 in oakland. same in hayward. 70 in redwood city. upper 60s in napa. it was 65 degrees in san francisco. but changes are coming. as we head into tomorrow. it's going to be clear to start the day. but we'll see increasing cloud cover in the afternoon as rain approaches for tomorrow night and wednesday morning and that system will bring a blast of cold air with it.
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temperatures in the low 50s wednesday afternoon. over night into thursday morning temperatures dropping into the 30s nearly bay area wide. and looking outside on satellite radar, clear skies around the bay area. but the storm track is getting closer to the bay area. the cloud band up to the north. this is going to sag down to the south and bring us rain late tomorrow evening. the rain moving in at 10:00 in the north day. and down in the south baby the 2:00 hour. and then lingering showers into wednesday morning. so largely this will come in and make its way out through the over night hours. we'll see residual showers. napa, vallejo, concord, 43 in san jose. afternoon high temperatures will be 5 to 10 degrees cooler than today. a look at your extended
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forecast. that storm coming in late tomorrow into early wednesday. dry conditions thursday and friday. but quite chilly in the morning. and then into the weekend a chance of rain returns to the forecast. >> new tonight at 11:00. starbucks lovers who missed out on the coffee chains limited edition gift cards can find them on e bay but for a lot more money than the original price. on friday the company sold 5,000 stainless steal gift cards online. and they went for $450. each. they sold out in six minutes. the gift cards are loaded with $400 in starbucks credit but by monday dozens of them were selling on e bay for hundreds of dollars more than face value. one was claimed saturday after a winning bid of almost $1,100. nasa's super secret space plane will take off tomorrow from florida. the vehicle is set to make the third mission tomorrow morning. her's video of the space plane
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returning to earth earlier this year. the craft was orbiting the planet for months at a time the true purpose is classified but some think it could be testing technology which could some day replace the space shuttle which was retired last year. researchers in china found a way to transform human urine into brain cells. they were able to re program kidney cells harvested from urine samples into immature brain cells. they are called neutral progenitor cells. the technique could be used to treat brain attacking diseases such as alzheimers and parkinsons. the research appears in the journal nature of methods. still ahead tonight the 49ers. suspend one player for the rest of the season. garry tells you who and why straight ahead. tom brady and the patriots take apart the houston texans tonight on monday night
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the 49ers received a look at their next opponent. tom brady and the patriots were really good tonight. finding brandon lloyd once upon a time he was a 49er. they jumped out on texas who came in tonight 11 and one and
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brady owned them. brady to donte. packers haven't lost in december at home in 20 straight games. that's a tenure period. brady shows for 296-yards. 42, 14. new england. they host the 49ers on sunday night. and nbc announced to day they have the option to pick up big games down the stretch. sunday again, new england 49ers. that's set a week from sunday. it's going to be in seattle on sunday night football. so back-to-back weeks. the 49ers playing the premier game in the league. last year is the super bowl champ. this year, suspended and ultimately will be released by the 49ers. brandon jacobs has been suspended three games. the rest of the season. for a little social media talk. i'm on this team rotting away. this is by far the worst year i've ever had.
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now one of his followers said you hate playing for the 49ers. jacob responds yes i do. for good reason. he's making 1.6 million a year. so one more time. he has a super bowl ring with the giants. they said we can do fine without you. harbaugh gave him a shot and it just has not worked out. so he'll be short some $300,000. suspended the final three games of the season. undoubtedly his career is through but harbaugh is not talking. >> i really don't have a comment on that for you. no comment. >> have you spoken to him about his comments. >> no comment. >> is he still part of the team. >> i'm going the have to go with the fifth amendment. i have no comment about that. >> another guy who they're slowly inching to the door. who knows if he'll play again for the radars. he's been reinstated but again no word if he will play for the
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oakland raiders again. so far the 2010 first round draft choice lost 114,000- dollars in salary. made a lot of friends in san jose but colorado came calling. more money, an upgraded conference, and mike mackentire is now the head coach of the buffaloes. leaving san jose state after a terrific 10 and 2 season. a chance to go to the military bowl. back in the washington dc area december 27th. now it's up in the air whether coach mac will coach the spartans again but he'll be a member of the pac 12 conference coaching at the university of colorado who's been down in recent years and this fellow will hopefully bring them up. the warriors are hot. red hot on the road. steph curry.
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look at steph get the warriors bench up. the warriors haven't had an all star since 1997. this year it may be curry. clay thompson to david lee. that's it the warriors win tonight. 104, 96. they've won seven of their last eight. michael jordan's charlotte team is very, very bad. real quick. show the folks novak jokavich. he's hot on donkey cheese. it's made in a farm. and jokavich hometown in serbia. >> and good night everybody. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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