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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 11, 2012 4:00am-6:00am PST

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later. >> if you want more information on anything you saw today, head to >> for doctor's orders, i will go back to the segment with tom green, talking about testicular cancer, tom put it best. doctor's orders, don't wait. if you notice something wrong with your body, maybe an abnormal growth or pain, you are worried about something like cancer, don't wait; go to the doctor, those are the doctor's orders, thanks for being with us! [ crowd cheering ] [ applause ] ♪
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the rain is likely around the bay area. here is a look at your numbers 36 for fairfield. 46 and antioch. mild and san francisco 53 degrees. 39 in novato. as retail look at your afternoon highs evethe upper fiw 60s. 57 for richmond. san francisco 61. here is the big weather story satellite and radar is monitoring the system that will push in from the pacific with that we will experience light
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rain here in the bay area however, this is not a huge rain maker. the majority of the rain is falling late tonight. and into the overnight hours. futurecast 4 pinpoints at 9:00 p.m. cloud cover in the north bay some light rain approaching. it passes through the main band by 2:00 a.m. wednesday. for your morning commute a a.m. wednesday morning light scattered showers are around the bay area--8:00 a.m.. i do not see any flooding we are expecting a quarter of an inch of rain for most of us and maybe a little bit more for the coastal ranges. your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast looks like we should dry things out as we head into thursday. that will be short-lived. by friday we have another chance for rain. this is a slight chance. a 10-20 percent chance. the bigger rain story saturday night into sunday. a storm system will come from the gulf of
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alaska to the judge will be in the mid fifties. we will continue with the chance for scattered showers as we start the next work week. >> we certainly have rain and forecasts but us check out traffic. the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza was good for your ride out of oakland to the city. no problems at the san mateo bridge. the drive 12 minutes from end to ind. over to the golden gate bridge. new issues on the span itself. again we have locally dense fog. the drive running 22 minutes out of novato into the city. >> banking erica a quick story for you this morning. firefighters battle a one alarm fire at a commercial building in east oakland. >> the blaze reported about 1:30 a.m. at 6145 international boulevard a vacant building. the fire was under control in about 15 minutes. no reports of injuries. the filfire was
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started by squatters. >> authorities from the contra costa county will meet with the u.s. coast guard at 10:00 this morning that will search with sonar equipment. phillip stephen mattingly was working on his tugboat when he was in last saturday. please do not suspect foul play. his age and health may have contributed to his disappearance. >> police in pleasant hill are searching for a person who left a pipe bomb outside the elementary school. >> it was left in the parking nolot yesterday afternoon. >> we don't know if it was planted here and there were
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people here or if there were not people here. it was planted with what we believe to the intent to do damage to school. >> walnut creek and bomb squad was called in. one officer called the bombing have fog on a protective suit. the school actually ended early. not as many children were on campus. those were there were frightened. >> yes. we never had this. >> i was a little bit fighting. >> i was a little bit weird because i did know what was happening. >> were you scared? >> yes i was shaking when we were all on the field. >> it is alarming but there are a lot of crazy people out there. >> this follows of a pipe bomb at incidents no word on whether all the incidents are related. >> a scary scene at the intersection of market and bill streets where male
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struck and killed by a truck. >> according to police, the truck hit the male victim as he crossed beale street across walk around to 30 yesterday afternoon. biehl was close between market and mission for few hours police said the driver of the truck is cooperating with police. >> san francisco district attorney george gascon announcing the launch of a new advertising campaign that highlights traffic safety during the hot busy holiday season in the city. >> it is called the what is the russian campaign in you should start seeing ads on muni buses and bus stops for the month of december. >> that can encourage motorists, bicyclist, and destined to increase awareness of their surroundings. >> in 19 year-old female is fighting for life after she and another man were found bound and gagged and said fiscal street pier in a san
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francisco street >> the victim for discovered tied up gatt on the nine of the blockbuster it around a third son the night. order to please, the one still being written for life- threatening injuries. no is been arrested and the victim's identity has not yet been released. >> 25 years to life without possibility of parole. that is a sentence handed down yesterday to a convicted killer of haywood nursing student michelle le. >> a jury convicted giselle esteban in october of killing le. >> the 26 year-old le went missing from haywood hospital parking lot and make 2011. since governor batt be both a man in a canyon four months later. her family coddles spoken at the sentencing say they want to make sure the killer
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knew of the pain she cause. >> as a bomb killed lay over a relationship with her daughter's father. the killing was in the heat of passion. >>, as in the second state to allow recreational use of marijuana. the governor of the state took the final procedural step to legalize marijuana yesterday by finalizing the voters approve the amendment. the move was very low-key with just a handful of activists gathered outside the state capitol to smoke. >> we will be right back on the kron 4 morning news on this tuesday. the time is 4:07. >> the live look outside at the san mateo bridge or traffic there is no problem spirit we do have some changes in the forecast we will come back. we will have a look at traffic weather and headlines.
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watching wall street this morning. market future show all 3 indexes in the
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positive in pre-market trading. stocks started the week off with modest gaines yesterday. thanks in part to a strong november sales report from fast- food giant - mc-donalds. here's a look at yesterday's closing numbers. the dow rose about 15-points to close near 13-thousand-170. nasdaq went up nine-points to close just shy of 3- thousand. and the s-and-p- 500 gained a little less than half a point. retailers are hiring a record number of seasonal workers across that's according job gray and christmas. data statistics show,retailers added more than 465-thousand seasonal workers last month. that's up 21 -percent from a year ago. the firm says, seasonal hiring could reach 760-thousand. that would be the strongest retail holiday hiring season since 2000. twitter has rolled out its own library of retro filters for its android and i-phone apps. this comes as the social media site said it lost the ability to display images from the facebook-owned instagram.
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twitter has eight filters, including desaturated, black and white and high contrast. there are also auto-adjust and cropping options. twitter first added the ability to play store. it is coming soon to apple's app store. voting is over. for proposed policy changes to facebook. if it wants to, the social network can now change its policies without user approval. proposed changes official facebook site governance page. starbucks lovers who missed out on the coffee chain's limited -edition gift cards. can now find them on e-bay, but for a lot more money than the original price. on friday, the company sold five- thousand stainless
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steel gift cards online. and they went for 450- dollars each. they sold out in six - minutes. the gift cards are loaded with 400- dollars in starbucks credit. by monday, dozens were selling on e-bay for hundreds of dollars more than face value. one was claimed saturday after a winning bid of almost 11- hundred dollars! and here's a live look outside. the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. weather and traffic not to bad although there are changes in the forecast. explwe will explain what
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>> welcome at the time is 4:14 on your tuesday
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morning. they're big changes in your forecast erica had a look on the details. >> good morning erica. >> good morning as we take it to our roof cam in downtown stephenson's gold can make out the lights. visibility not an issue in the city however, we have local dense fog for the north bay and the delta. the bottle, santa rosa around a quarter of a mile there. -- novato. >> the rest of the area is seen 10 mi. which is it going clear conditions we have big changes to talk about in the form of wet weather. we are tracking the storm that will drop in from the pacific. a lot of cloud cover associated with the system. temperatures will be on the cool side as cool air infiltrates the bay area as the main front passes. >> we can see when the rain will is quick to fall 9:00 p.m. later tonight. maybe some cloud cover. the rain
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is sitting offshore. is not until the overnight hours where it will pass through. we will have scattered showers on the back end as well as cool air. cloudy conditions will persist for the breast of your wednesday. we could encounter wet roadways for your morning commute. this would not last of the evening hours we're not expecting too much moisture. a quarter of an inch for most of the bay area and a half inch of the coastal ranges. in our afternoon highs it will be chilly. we will knock off a couple of degrees compared to yesterday's and bring everyone in the upper 50s low 60s. 614 palo alto in fremont. to the east bay we will see an increase in cloud cover fifties for pittsburgh and antioch. 60s for castro valley. 574 san francisco. 59 in berkeley.
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we are tracking a winter weather advisory going into affect later tonight for the northern sierra spirit we could see between four and 8 in. of snow or around 4,500 ft.. turning to snow showers as we head into wednesday morning. you will need your chains for interstate 80 and highway 50. that will go into effect 10:00 p.m. tonight and will last 24 hours. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast we are not out of the woods just yet. we should be drive thursday afternoon. friday we have a slight possibility for some showers. temperatures will be on the cooler side. a lot of cool air is coming in associated with the system impacting us today. your emlyn lows will be in the low 30's hovering around the freezing mark. we may encounter frost advisers to the north bay valley. and we continue with the chance for
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rain as we transition into the weekend. >> it is quiet in the traffic center knows lows on our traffic maps. the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza is good out oakland san francisco. no metering lights and top speeds across the upper deck. at the san mateo bridge your normal view shows westbound traffic is good. to tell like to headed towards foster city. south bound 101 a problem free commute. again, locally dense fog. all is well for the east shore freeway. westbound 24 is a clear shot through the caldecott tunnel through the macarthur maize. >> thank you erica. >> the san francisco police department is not enough to crack down on repeat offenders. continuing through 2013 south san francisco police will coordinate with the department of motor vehicles to watch for repeat offenders.the dmv manages a
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master list and shares that with local agencies. over the past three years there's been more than 65 d.u.i. collisions in san francisco. 87 people have been injured and one person was killed. police say catching repeat offenders is a big step. >> the people that are repeat offenders that have the multiple suspensions are some of the worst of the worst. those are the people we are targeting to make sure they will not on the road and drive. >> this important effort is actually just a pilot project that will wrap up at the end of next year. after the board will have to decide if they want to keep doing it. also the department will be conducting a d.u.i. checkpoint this weekend at an undisclosed location as part of its ongoing effort. >> police in pinole are looking for two men who robbed another man at gunpoint in a wendy's parking lot. investigators say, the robbers posed as buyers from "craigslist". this one happened last night
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inthe craigslist buyers met parking lot here on suspects car.and the rifle.demanding cash. the victim in the car was able to get out.and both victims escaped without injury. police say incidents like these are infrequent when you consider the high number of craigslist transactions. >> you want to do it in an area where a lot of people are. a department store parking lot near the front door were people are. coming in and out so there is no chance of being alone. you do not want to follow them some place. if they tell you to meet them at one intersection and then changed to meet around the corner instead that is a red flag. i would say do not do that. >> police a meeting in front of the bank is another good idea. one last tip of the
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price is so cheap it sounds too good to be true the odds are is that to be a red flag. >> the man charged in the murder kidnapping of it more in hill team will face new charges for other crimes. 21 year-oldbut as kron four's dan kerman tells is, there are garcia now faces charges in the attacks on three women in 2009. all three cases happen in the morgan hill safeway parking lot. prosecutors say in one of the attacks, at 18 year-old woman was sitting in her car when a man tried to open the door. when she grabbed a pocketknife to defend herself, the man grabbed her and pulled her--the play to our neck. he apparently took off when she screamed. taurus is still awaiting trial following his arrest in may in connection with the mars disappearance. >> russell roy died of
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multiple blunt force injuries and is all fracture according to the coroner's office. >> or crossing the street in the area south white and 20 roads last wednesday afternoon when struck by a dark colored s u v or van. the driver of the vehicle did not stop and neither the driver of the vehicle had been located. >> will take a live look at the chance lick freeway looking back at san francisco. we do have changes. rain is on the way. probably one more try day before things turn on a dime. when we come back we will update you on national stories and the latest team 6 they had a successful mission but one member was killed. -- still plenty of things you can do to protect yourself.
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afghanistan over the weekend. petty officer first class nicholas checque . was killed during the successful rescue of dilip joseph. joseph was kidnapped last wednesday, while working in the country as a doctor for a relief organization. intelligence showed that joseph was in serious danger, so seal team six. the same team that stormed bin laden's compound. went in for the rescue. checque lost his life in the firefight which ensued after >> attorney's for the florida man charged with shooting trayvon martin are expected to ask a judge to end george zimmerman's 24-hour g-p-s monitoring. zimmerman has is expected to hear at least eight new motions in the case today. zimmerman, who claims he shot the teen in self-defense, is set to go on trail in june. >> authorities in michigan are bracing for an onslaught of demonstrators today, as the
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state leaders vote on "right-to-work" legislation. if it is passed, michigan would become the 24th "right-to-work" state, banning requirements that non-union employees pay unions for negotiating contracts and other service. michigan governor rick snyder has pledged to sign the measure into law. >> in world news. south africa's former president, nelson mandela is suffering from a recurring lung infection and is responding to medical treatments. that's according to the nation's presidency. the 94- year-old has been hospitalized since saturday for medical tests at a hospital near the nation's capital. government officials originally declined to say what caused the hospital stay. no word yet on when he is expected to be released. >> meanwhile, a stomach virus has forced u-s secretary of state hilliary clinton to cancel a trip to the middle east clinton was supposed to fly to morocco for a wednesday meeting with the "friends of syria." it's a group that focuses on ways to support syria's opposition against the regime of syrian president bashar al-assad. deputy
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secretary of state william burns will go in clinton's place to the meeting. >> we have a live look over the golden gate bridge your ride is really nice. no problems out marin county heading south bound on 101. erica will be here with a forecast on your morning ♪ secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death.
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speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it.
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welcome back. the time is ;4:29 on your tuesday. good morning everyone. we are taking a live look from your mount tam cam. the morning
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commute should be ok overall as far as the weather. we do have the changes in the forecast erica let us know what to expect. the morning. >> good morning. rain expected over night and as you wake up tomorrow morning. the fog is in the north bay and for the delta. here is the weather story for the next few days. we have fog on tap today. an increase in cloud cover later this afternoon and temperatures on the cooler side. as we head into tomorrow cloudy conditions in to the afternoon. by the weekend. rain is a possibility especially saturday night into sunday night. temperatures will be on the cooler side your overnight lows will be hovering in the 30's. here is a look at your numbers. we are in the 30's for some north bay spots. santa rosa 38. novato 38 out the door.
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satellite and radar is monitoring another storm system. the cloud--a lot of cloud cover associated with this system. this system does not have a lot of moisture. you can see for yourself on futurecast 4:09 p.m. tonight we will continue to be dry. it is not until 11:00 light rain is headed to san francisco. it will impact the north bay first and continue to spread into the overnight hours. it could get heavier by midnight for most of the bay area. it will be relatively scattered on the back in, in fact tomorrow morning you could commute-- content with what roadway is for your commute. here is a look at your afternoon highs. cooler than yesterday's. upper 50s low 60s. 574 richmond. san francisco and san mateo 59.
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to the east bay temperatures will be five degrees cooler than yesterday. we will see an increase and cloud cover and noticeably cool conditions in the north bay. your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows our rain a possibility. mostly every day. thursday afternoon will be a dry one. friday a 10-20 percent chance of showers. another system will drop from the gulf of alaska saturday and sunday. this extended model looks to be a bit stronger. we will see a cool air and more rain with the system especially to our north. we keep the possibility for a stray showers as we start the next work week. >> in the traffic center not minority any problems on the bridges. at increase in volume at the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. over all a pretty easy ride with no metering lights. if
4:34 am
you are coming out of the north bay no problems to report on the golden gate bridge. again some locally dense fog. visibility near zero in some spots drive with extra caution. i am not seeing any accidents to report and the drive is 22 minutes out of novato into the city guides. >> thank you erica. >>from luxurious meals to tiffany silver key rings to a u-2 concert. these were among nearly 200-thousand dollars in ""questionable"" expenditures by port of oakland workers in 2011. that's according to a pair of audits released yesterday that looked at what employees purchased with public dollars. the release of the audit has forced maritime director james kwon to step down. an internal audit of 2011 expenses were already underway in october when news broke about the port's executive director, omar benjamin and kwon spent nearly 45-hundred dollars at a houston strip club. >>
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two men shot are expected to survive. it happened in the 2300 block of mandarin way after 10:00. there were transported to a local hospital with not life- threatening injuries. the investigation is still ongoing. >> an update on the fiscal cliff the federal reserve is expected and on buying plan that would soften the blow from tax increases and spending cuts that would go into effect in january if congress cannot reach a deal. the white house and republicans are not selling any outward signs of yielding. house speaker john bennett says he is waiting for the president to identify the spending cuts he is willing to make-that senator johntoday, authorities will. >> those with and it could
4:36 am
rally in san francisco says no more tax cuts for the rich save medicare and medicaid and those benefits. the protesters say if congress does not reach a deal in the country goes over the cliff 98 percent of americans will pay $2,000 more in taxes. >> in terms of the tax increases on the wealthiest we obviously need more money revenues in the economy. they have had a wonderful break for the last 10 years in this time to share the sacrifice that the middle class and the working people have been doing for all this time. >> a controversy is unfolding at a north bay school district concerning the school meal program. the state department of education is ordering the can't feel school district to fired the volunteer group which had handled the
4:37 am
program. the volunteers have handled the program for the past 30 years. only the district and oversee mill services that is a state law the department says it wants to pass. >> the district has sent a letter lay out its current program the matter will be discussed at a board meeting later today. >> after 144 years the university of california has a new logo. the original logo was designed in 1868, and is inscribed with the words let there be light. >> university officials say, the new steel is more simple and contemporary. in will appear on the school's marketing materials and web sites. but not everyone is happy about the new look. >> it looks really
4:38 am
professional the old one dozen this one looks cartoonish. >> the old ones in the dignified. it seemed a part of a tradition of the school.the new one is ugly. >> i like the new one better it has the seal and all that stuff. the new one is just a blue thing with a seat on it not very interesting. >> there is an on-line petition with nearly 40,000 signatures dedicated to getting rid of the new logo. more than 5000 people joining that page. >> a lot of people do not like the logo. >> it does not look very good. >> there is something to be said for that. there is a certain aura of professionalism and tradition. >> we will take a quick break we will be back with more headlines in a minute. this is our walnut creek camera monitoring the ride on 680 people making their way through the san ramon
4:39 am
valley. the weather continues to be something we are watching because it is changing. we will have erica up in a bit to make plain what we can expect
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>> welcome back the time is4:40. >> a monkey in a fancy coat caused quite a stir when it got loose in a store parking lot. jeanne moos has the story. >> you go to ikea expecting cheap furniture. >> this is so was all right other mafia i care? >> he was at a toronto ikea in an outfit that free to everyone out. >> it is definitely fall further. >>--the monkey bread is to get out of his great and that out of the car. people
4:42 am
were trying to call it towards them. it was scared and try to get away from cars. >> his diaper detracted a little from what was later described as what was his favorite jacket. >> we have a stylus to the stars to critique a look. >> i thought it was an editor i have seen that fashion week! >> >> animal control captured the seven month old primate unfortunately for the month his honor this shopping trip ended with a no return policy. >> because markets are prohibited as pets the owner was fined $240 and had to permanently had over the little guy identified asa monkey in a fancy coat.
4:43 am
>> he was moved to an ontario primate sanctuary where he will live happily ever after. his name will live on as ikea monkey he is the lead acquired parity twitter accounts describing him as a lover of fashion. a connie stevens saw was dedicated to him >> some speculated he headed for ikea in search of swedish meatballs. his image was inserted in an ad for ikea bedroom furniture. >> as for the jacket. >> he will start a trend in we will be able to find a version of it at age and in next week. >> we will take a break caused quite a stir when it. >> we will be back with a
4:44 am
complete check of your traffic and air a will give us an in depth look at your forecast. there is rain on the way. >> not forget kron 4 favorite way to ring in the new year. it is always with kron 4. the biggest part is a spectacular fireworks will be on kron 4 new year's live. new year's live starting at 11:30 p.m. new year's eve.
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( male announcer): now here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly >>(male announcer): now, found some people behaving except for this driver people think only pedestrian did pedestrian she was the only one that stopped for this woman trying to cross busy el camino real in millbre to have pedestrian safety you first have to have safe drivers, this driver is
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direction on a one way street and while going the worn way fails to yield to the tree pedestrians already in the crosswalk >> don't make him nervous then proceeds to make a u- turn causing him to be on the wrong side of the street then finally backing up to go back dow the street he was orginally on >> my girlfriend was crossing the crosswalk and she almost got ran over. one time it was like three times in one week. >> this person is trying to cross and not one person stopped. welcome to millbrae, el >> it was so bad i have to walk out into traffic with the camera rolling so she could cross safely. >> thank you. >> you are welcome. >> i have to wait for 30
4:48 am
driver to pass. followed state law in the field. >> these people had to wait as well what happens when they are in the middle of the street. >> there is often time for education but sometimes there is a need for enforcement. >> i think the time is now. in millbrae stanley roberts. kron 4 news. >> good morning james. no problems as we take it outside to the james lick freeway and downtown san francisco. we are contending with locally dense fog. the north bay the delta. fairfield is down a half mile. santa rosa visibility at 0. once you cross the golden gate bridge clear conditions. that will be the story for the rest of the morning we will see an increase and cloud cover. as
4:49 am
we are tracking a storm system. another cold front that will drop down from the gulf of alaska. not too much moisture expected with this. the majority of it will fall in the overnight hours. later tonight you can see northern california. we will pick up light rain for the north bay. there rain snow mixed for the tahoe area. the showers will continue to spread overnight and we could contend with a wet road ways as we wake up wednesday morning. we have a winter weather advisory in effect for the northern sierra. you will need to bring your chains for highway 50 and interstate 80. snow levels will be slow. accumulate between four and 8 in. around 4,500 ft.. the winter weather advisory expires 10:00 p.m. tomorrow. >> here is a look at your afternoon highs a lot cooler convicted yesterday. 57 for richmond and san francisco. 63 and
4:50 am
pleasanton. clause 64 vallejo and cochrane an increase in cloud cover. 59 expected in napa. shows wet weather is here to stay. the next system we are tracking we do keep potential for showers friday and heavier rain saturday night into sunday. we will continue with cool conditions your afternoon highs region the mid-50s. >> or on your forecast coming up shortly the traffic center is quiet. here at the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza more cars on the road however, no wait at the toll plaza top speeds up the incline and across the upper deck. the san mateo bridge is trouble- free the issues to report in fact traffic is at the limit at the 1 1/92 interchange. south bound 101 looking good however there is dense fog in the north bay. drive with extra caution. a pretty easy
4:51 am
ride in a drive around 11 minutes to hercules to berkeley. westbound 24 looking good to the caldecott tunnel. the green on your roadway show's top speeds. >> thank you erica sonoma county will be talking medical marijuana today. the board of supervisors will consider reducing the amount of marijuana that medical marijuana patients and their care givers can cultivate. patients may possess up to 3 lbs. of dry canada's per year and no more than 30 plants. the resolution's repeal the ordinance would set the allowable amounts to 8 ounces of dried marijuana and no more than six mature plants in compliance with california state health and safety codes. >> scientists believe porcupines may hold key to less painful shots. >> a study says that the way
4:52 am
the animals quills are designed, it reduces the force that it takes to pierce skin. >> scientists believe these findings will help them develop new needles and other instruments women have a better chance of living to be 100 years old than men do. of the more than 53,000 americans age 100 and older, 80 percent are women. the findings are based on the 20002010 census. researchers say there's not much you can prevent do to prevent oxygen deprivation. >> nasa's supersecret space plane will take off today from four. the ex-37 be the vehicle is set to make the
4:53 am
third mission this morning. here is video of the space plane returning to earth earlier this year. the first two missions have the craft orbiting the planet for months at a time. it's true purpose is classified. some think it could be testing technology which could someday replace the space shuttle, which was retired last year. >> traffic is picking up a bit here but there's more going at this hour. we can see some changes in the forecast. you may want to bring out your winter coat soon. also catch dr. phil at 10:00 a.m. right after the kron 4 morning news. and also at 4:00 p.m. on kron 4. the kron 4 morning news. and also at 4:00 p.m. on kron 4. [ man ] it's big. supports in times of need. same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better.
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[ man ] it's big. supports in times of need. same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better. >> we are back your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows we're looking for rain. may start as early as later tonight. erica will
4:56 am
look at the time is that we wouldn't update in just a moment. it looks like a slight chance of showers returned at the end of the work week. >> thank you james beyonce inks a major deal to use her pop status to sell pop. plus justin bieber is adding more shows to his>> has a partner and ambassador. ambiance they will also star in a global tv campaign that will launch next year. pepsi said it is eager to pioneer new ways to pioneer its brand and her talent. >> the rolling stones are closing out their 50th anniversary tour. bruce
4:57 am
springsteen. lady best guess is the last schedule performance. if you do not have a ticket do not worry. >> christmas comes early for justin fans. >> he will hop on the tour bus in the u.s. for 30 shows in june. tickets will go on sale later this week. for hollywood menopause elizabeth gordon. >> still ahead on the kron 4 morning news stories in pleasant hill are searching for suspects who they will leave left pipe bombs and from the school. >> another top executive with the port of oakland resigning after an audit. we will have reports on what was spent how much, and on what. to check with erica in a moment to show is a look
4:58 am
at the forecast. we're also watching your morning commute. we are watching both of those coming up in just a minute.
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>> good morning the top stores we are following this morning's accoun >> firebricks out early this morning in east oakland we will have details straight ahead. >> we are watching the talks between the white house and the gop continue as the fiscal cliff is three weeks away. >> that was in a quick update on weather and traffic will begin with your forecast we have rain on the horizon erica. >> good morning james barrett we do have rain on the way not too much moisture a lot of locally dense fog as you head out the door. temperatures in
5:01 am
the '40's and '30's later this afternoon. we will see an increase in cloud cover and later tonight rain likely in the north bay. santa rosa visibility down to 0 1/4 of a model for novato. most of the north bay not to bad for the san francisco bay. again, rain on the horizon i will have full details on what to expect with you to cast four in my next report the morning robyn. >> good morning so far so good light traffic around the bay area no hot spots or major problems. the golden gate so far is nice and slow in both directions of 101. a 22 minute drive time between novato and downtowns have to go. the bay area during his final major accidents to problems. i'll have your full traffic check coming up in a bit. >> the time is 5:00 a.m.. the cost of constacontra costa l
5:02 am
close our stations next month. will is at the fire station up for clothes and martinez. good morning will. >> up for closing in martinez. >> according to the county supervisor they cannot afford to keep it open anymore. this one or the three other ones. lafayette, walnut creek, and clayton. residents recently voted to reject measure q which would have generated millions of dollars to keep all of the fire stations open. now they do not have that they are on the chopping block. in fact they will make a decision at 9:00 a.m. this morning. a couple of options is to shut it down but maybe it can be staggered. or it can be kept open but instead of full-
5:03 am
fledged firefighters may be higher some medical people to staff here. most of the phone calls came to the fire stations or for medical responses. at the very least have an ambulance and some paramedics that can come. that is on the table. however, it looks like all four will be shut down. >> thank you will. we would check with your later. >> firefighters battled a one alarm fire at 6145 international boulevard. we have video. it is an abandoned building and did burn intensely. only burn about 15 minutes or so. its burned before firefighters have extinguished no reports of injuries. the oakland fire department's says the fire was started by squatters in the building. >> here in the kron 4 knows
5:04 am
and we are watching the latest out of washington another round of negotiations. that is speaker john boehners office. >> bidders i sent to want to bin. the republicans are insisting on deep cuts to entitlement programs such as medicare. neither side is giving much information. we are looking at tax increases were the top tax brackets for 35 to 37%. the debt ceiling is also looming in these talks. the treasury said the u.s. is likely headed to a 16.4 trillion dollar debt limit. they can use creative measures. we're watching negotiations with either side bitter willing to give right now. the hope
5:05 am
is they can get a deal done. congress is also planning their christmas vacation the 17th in a week. we will watch and follow the latest out of watching. >> bay area news authorities will searched today for a fair oaks man presumed to have fallen in the mare island straight. authorities from the contra costa county and solano county sheriff's office will meet with the coast guard at 10:00 a.m.. they will search the straight with sonar equipment. police say 7777 year-old phillip stephen mattingly was working on a tugboat on the shore of mare island when he was last seen on saturday. police do not suspect foul play believe natalie's agent help might have contributed to his disappearance. >> best as mattingly's h help contribute to his disappearance. police in
5:06 am
pleasant hill are searching a 19 year-old woman is fighting for life this morning after she had best as she and a man were found bound and gagged on a set of fiscal street. >> the victims were discovered of a 900 block of brussels tree brought a 30 saturday night. no one is been arrested in the victims' identities is not been released. >> two men entered into that death in a drive-by shooting in an antioch they would expect survive. happen
5:07 am
yesterday morning in the 2300 block a matter of wages at 10:00. the two victims were transported to a local hospital investigation is still going on. >> it was a scary scene at the intersection of market and beale street. a man was struck and killed by a truck. according to police, the truck hit the male victim at the crossbill street across rock amount to 30 yesterday afternoon. bills closed we market and mission for a few hours. police said the driver of the truck is cooperating with police. >> not a bad start to the day although it is called the numbers. it looks like there is rain on the way. we will get more with erica forecast coming up ñç çoç5
5:08 am
5:09 am
5:10 am
welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. >>watching wall street a day the nasdaq up 9 futures are positive this morning. optimism about what the federal reserve may do
5:11 am
to stimulate the economy.; they start a 2 day policy meeting. i'll have more on that in the next half hour. >> the u.s. government bailed out insurance giant a-i-g. well the treasury department sold it's remaining shares in the company. for over 7 billion dollars. at one point the u.s. government owned 92 percent of the companies shares.and what many thought would be staggering losses for taxpayer.the u.s. government actually winds up making a 22.7 billion dollar profit from bailing out aig right after lehman brothers collapsed. >> and watching hp shares. as rumors purcolated that activist investor carl icahn was buying up shares in the company. hpq was up 2.55 percent yesterday. and up another three quarters of a percent this morning. >> and apple shares continue to slide down to 529.82 but shares are up the premarket >>hsbc will pay $1.9 billion to settle a u.s. money-laundering probe. the investigation into hsbc
5:12 am
has focused on the transfer of billions of dollars on behalf of nations such as iran and the transfer of money from mexican drug cartels. the british bank said in statement tuesday that the settlement involves a deferred prosecution agreement with the u.s. department of justice. the bank won't be prosecuted if it meets certain conditions, such as strengthening internal controls to prevent money laundering. >> we will get you started with weather and traffic and everything went you need to head out the door. let us take a look at our roof cam. we are looking at a pretty the day today. will get cold. we have changes on the way to tell you about. we will be right back.
5:13 am
5:14 am
5:15 am
5:14 is the type. >> california experience the highest tides of the year
5:16 am
this week. thursday morning is when it will peak. this condition is called the king tied to where the gravitational tug of the moon and sun not climate change is responsible for the extreme tides. >> king tied occur several times a year, but this week's are the biggest of 2012. >> meteorologist say the weeks titled not cause flooding because it is happening during relatively calm weather. >> things are looking good in san jose we do have the changes on the way. you can feel it is cold out there. >> yes sternly a lot cooler than yesterday'sdarya. >> we have quite the spread out the door we have heard it in the north bay. concord 39 degrees. sandals a mid '40's. in downtown san francisco at 50 degrees. some what on the mild side. here to look at the changes satellite and radar we are tracking a storm system a cold front that will drop
5:17 am
down from the gulf of alaska. we will see an increase in cloud cover throughout the afternoon. by 9:00 p.m. tonight some light towers of the north bay coast line. clouds will rise by at 11:00 p.m.. the green on your screen shows a ban pushing its way toward san francisco. you can see the green infiltrating the bay area. light rain while most folks are sleeping. scattered showers on the back in. what it will do is bring a lot of cool air into the bay area from arctic air. that will last for quite some time. expect temperatures about 10 degrees cooler than what we saw yesterday. your afternoon highs getting into the 50s and 60s. 57 for richmond. 59 in san francisco and san mateo. 60s for oakland and hayward. 63 expected and pleasanton. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows we have the changes to talk
5:18 am
about rain on the way heading into tomorrow the afternoon should be dry. >> a slight possibility of more showers on friday. another storm will drop in from the gulf of alaska saturday into sunday. the system expected to be stronger impacting most of the bay area with heavy rain to our north. we have the possibility for stray showers as start the next work week. big changes in your forecast and more on that in a bit. at 5:17 a.m. it is time for traffic. good morning robyn. >> good morning but a start off with a bridge check. a live look from the bay bridge toll plaza of the approaches are doing fine. the nimitz, the store freeway, highway 580. into the oakland maze and the pay date. your commute between the east bay and peninsula here is a live look at the san mateo bridge 92 doing
5:19 am
fine it will take you about 12 minutes to get from hayward to foster city. to the golden gate a nice ride no problems 1 01 south out of the north bay towards san francisco. once you get to the golden gate you are at the limit heading towards downtown. the east shore freeway doing fine traffic moving smoothly in both directions between the oakland maze and cortines bridge. your eastbound ride out oakland a tad bit crowded as you approached the town wittunnel not a major k up. >> nice easy traffic allman the bay area. >> thank you robyn a developing story we are following the port of oakland maritime director james quan stepping down. it is showing $200,000 in questionable experiences from luxury meals, tiffany silver key rings. and concert. the executive
5:20 am
director omar benjamin and quan was reported spending money at a new york strip club. benjamin has stepped down from his position and now quan is stepping down. >> the man charged with murder and kidnapping of a morgan hill teenager is facing new charges this week for a the kron spirit 21 year-old angolin --op cases happen in the same morgan hill safeway parking lot in 2009. one was in 18 year-old woman sitting in her car when a man tried to open the door and when she grabbed a pocket knife to defend herself the man grabbed her hand and pulled the blade to her neck. he apparently took off when she started to scream. he is still awaiting trial in connection with
5:21 am
this disappearance. >> an investigation is underway a traffic accident took life of a 21 year old concord man. police say the man was skateboarding in the intersection when he was struck and killed by an s. police are trying to determine who had the green light. --he was struck by ansuv. >> the number of hate crimes reported has dropped. however the number increased and sandals a. san jose reported 32 hate crimes in 2011 that is up from the previous year. oakland had now dindown 15. the deficit's going reported 46 cases while 63 were reported in
5:22 am
2010. the fbi says it is good that the numbers nationwide now, but bad because they're still happening. >> san jose police announced a new, streamlined way for residents to report nonviolent low-level crimes using an online form. >> the application, called coplogic , allows people to report crimes such as razzing phone calls, instead, lost property and vandalism. 40 say the new application is user-friendly and allow the public away report less serious crimes. >> the south severs is always the pardon is launching an effort to crack down on repeat d.u.i. offenders. >> from now through all of 2013 south san francisco will corneille without
5:23 am
foreign department motor vehicles to watch for the defenders. of the past three years there been more than 65 be likely instance out said the scope. >> police in pinole area investigating another crakes liz robbery. this one happened sunday night. two men posing as sellers bet to unsuspecting buyers a wendy's parking lot hot on apian way. the robbers pulled out rifles and demanded cash. >> both victims were able to run off without injury. >> police say in incidents like this are rare when you consider the high number of transactions on a practice every day. police say incidents like this are infrequent when you consider the number high--the high number of cracks with transactions. >> how about going to a police station? >> that is probably the best idea. >> we will take a break and be back with more in a
5:24 am
minute. >> that is just pretty where compared to all the stuff that is going on the james lick freeway know this is a san mateo bridge moving all right although it has a tendency to slow down. we will watch it for you this morning.
5:25 am
5:26 am
5:27 am
watching what's happening in sonoma county today they are talking medical marijuana with the board of supervisors. there consider reducing the amount of marijuana of that patience and care givers can possess and cultivate. of the current law which was approved by the 2006 war patients may possess up to 3 lbs. of dried cannabis the year and no more than 30 plants. the resolution to repeal the ordinance was said the allowable limit 8 ounces of dried marijuana and no more than six mature plants in compliance with california's health and safety code.
5:28 am
>> san francisco could be taking a step towards snuffing out smoking entirely. the board of supervisors will consider a measure that would prohibit smoking in outdoor events. the ordinance would require even organizers to post notices banning smoking as a condition to their city permit. it applies to all smoke, tobacco or otherwise. >> we are reminding you that new year's is coming up and you wake up saying and i have nothing to do. we have something for you the bay area's favor waitering in the new year and the is parties in spectacular fireworks. consider sending the years the with gary radnich. we will be right back.
5:29 am
5:30 am
secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it.
5:31 am
a lot of changes to talk about first we have some locally dense fog. we will see an increase in clouds cover letter this afternoon. at some time tonight the rain will arrive in the bay area spreading over night. we could wake up to some light rain a little early wednesday morning. cloudy conditions until tomorrow afternoon. rain likely this weekend and as we start the next work week. satellite and radar show we have a storm system and a cold front will drop down from the gulf of alaska bringing a lot of cloud cover. not too much rain. maybe a quarter of an inch of rain for most of the bay area, possibly a half inch for some of the coastal ranges. i'll have your full forecast coming up in my next report. >> we have a higher volume of traffic on 92 heading across the san mateo bridge. as a live look at traffic
5:32 am
and you can see on the right hand that that is the westbound traffic headed towards in hayward in foster city. drive times are 12 minutes and there are definitely more cars on the road now as we approach the 6:00 hour. give yourself lots of extra time. no major problems and no accidents on 205 or 580. that is regular commute traffic. margin on 2580 west of the all to my it loosens up by the time you work your way into livermore. fearful traffic check coming up in just a bit >> the apartment fire near hayward the start on dix's tree near vista avenue we are going live to jackie the stain. >> i'm on the 2900 block of dickson street and you can see crews from the fire department remain out here.
5:33 am
it was a close call for two occupants inside the building that basically gutted out at this point. according to hayward fire department they got the call from 4:00 this morning to a two-story apartment complex. when they got here they saw that one of the and it's in that complex was fully engulfed. they also determined that there were two people inside the apartment complex that had self evacuated. the mother and son were able to get out of the apartment unharmed. it was only one alarm but you can see how many crews are out here. they were able to put out the fire relatively quickly this and stopped it from spreading to a nearby apartment. the apartment next to this one that burned was also evacuated. there were four others in the adjoining apartment six people altogether that are on the street right now. we have been told that a fire investigation has been called. there may be they
5:34 am
say is suspicious in nature. the good news is the fire is out and the bad news is there are people out on the street right now. no one has heard so far which is good news including the fire fighters. >> we will check back with jackie with this apartment fire in haywood coming back. >> the martine as lafayette walnut creek fire stations could be closed next month. the list of possible closers comes after voters rejected measure q a temporary parcel tax that would cap the stations open. the board's abies is meeting is scheduled for 2:00 this afternoon.
5:35 am
>> move on that board activists are demanding that congress opposes cuts to medicare and medicaid benefits during the fiscal cliff negotiations. those who attended last night's rally at the civic center held sizes that no more tax cuts for the rich save medicare and medicaid benefits. their rally fighting foreclosures to keep senior citizens and people with disabilities and their homes will be held today outside wells fargo bank on grand street in san francisco. in the obama administration says states must commit to full expanding their medicaid programs in order to take advantage of generous funding in the federal health-care law. monday's ruling affects the federal-state program that covers nearly 60 million low-income and severely disabled people. under the law the federal government will cover 100 percent of the cost of three years of expansion. expansion
5:36 am
scheduled for 2014 is expected to provide coverage to about half the 30 million uninsured people who benefit from the law. >> a to a policy meeting on the federal reserve begins today and it appears the fed will continue moving forward with programs to stimulate the economy. the fed is likely to continue to purchase 45 billion a month in long-term treasures treasurys. the goal be a further reduce long-term interest rates encourage borrowing by companies and individuals, perhaps of softening the impact if there's no agreement to avoid the fiscal cliff. the fed's balance sheets already top three trillion dollars added expected to top 40 in by the end of next year. >> 25 years to life without possibility of parole is a sentence that was handed down yesterday to the convicted killer of a word parsons to the michelle lei. a jury convicted giselle as the bond in october of killing way. the 26 year-old
5:37 am
went missing from hayward parking lot in may of 2011. searchers discovered her badly decomposed remains in a canyon four months later. prosecutors say as the nine killed lay over french ship lay had with the father of as the bonds daughter. as a bonds lawyer insists the killing was done in the heat of passion. >> the time out is by 30 6:00 a.m. and we will be back in just a couple of minutes. we are waiting for a new round of coal area to hit the bay area and we will talk about when we will get some more rain. here is a live look at the approach to the u-verse wireless receiver. [ light laugh ] the tv stayed in one place... mmmmhmmmm. ...right next to the upstairs tv outlet. oh yeah. they can move the tv all over the place, even outside. grandpa... mmmhmm? kids have it easy nowadays. [ glasses clink ] i'm trying to tell ya.
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in just 15 minutes the light delicate layers add a layer of warmth to your next dinner. pillsbury grands biscuits let the making begin. in national news of 30's and michigan are bracing for onslaught of demonstrators today as the state's leaders boat on a right to work legislation. it is passed michigan will become the 24th right to work state ban
5:41 am
requirements that nonunion employees pay unions for negotiating contracts and other service. michigan governor rick snyder has pledged to sign the measure into law. >> colorado has become the second state to allow recreational use of marijuana. the governor of the state legalize the astray during a ceremony that finalize the voters approved a minute. a handful of supporters decided to celebrate the moment by gathering outside the state capitol to smoke a joint. >> attorneys for the florida man charged with shooting and killing 17 year-old trade on margin are expected to ask a judge in georgia judgment zimmerman 24 our gps monitoring. zimmerman has been out on bond and a judge is expected to hear at least eight new motions in the case today. zimmerman who claims he shot the teen and self-defense is set to go on trial in june. >> the suspect and a caught a movie theater massacre was scheduled for court appearance yesterday in a
5:42 am
war. the big issue and notebook from james on homes containing written details of the live implants was mailed to the psychiatrist was seen before the july 20th shooting. holmes is accused of killing 12 people and wounding dozens of others when he allegedly opened fire during the batman movie premiere. his charge of most of first- degree murder and attempted murder counts. he has yet to enter a plea. >> a major decision in a legal battle over this choose life license plate. a federal judge in north carolina ruled growing as they can issue these plates without offering a pro- choice play as well. pro- choice advocates and the aclu praised the decision. the pro-life advocates point out of the ruling suggests the state would not offer a kill the sea turtles play to counter the sea turtles plate that the state already offers. we will be back as the kron4 morning news continues.
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5:46 am
5458 m and contra costa county supervisor is scheduled to vote on a plan that would close for county fire stations. the walnut creek lafayette martina's and clayton stations will close next month. the list comes after voters rejected measure q a temporary parcel tax that would cut the station's open. fire crews battled a one alarm fire at a commercial building in east oakland this morning. here are photos of the fire it was around 1:00 this morning and the 6100 block of international boulevard. fireman's says the fire was started by squatters in the vacant building. a 19 year-old woman continues to fight for a live this morning after she and a male or found bound and gagged on a san francisco street. both were found alive but the man later died at stanford says those naso. the victims' identities have not yet been released.
5:47 am
>> a live loovisibility is not d as we take it outside to our mt. tam cam. we do have some locally dense fog and santa rosa visibility is at 04 portions of nevada. the fog does carry over to a fair failed less than 2 mi. visibility reported there. satellite and radar sure an increase in clouds cover and a cold front is slated to hit the bay area later tonight around 9:00 p.m.. light rain is expected for portions of the north bay. we will accumulate some snow and the greater lake tahoe area. rain will continue to spread its way south as we head into the overnight hours. tomorrow morning because season scattered
5:48 am
lingering showers but not too much moisture associated with this system. maybe a quarter in and for the sam francisco bay and have answers to our coastal ranges. with the cold front passing through we will see a lot of cool air in the bay area and afternoon highs will on the climb to the mid-50s. winter weather and advisory goes and affected 10:00 p.m. tonight stretching for 24 hours. we could see between 48 in. of snow at 2,500 ft.. keep your change handy if you're headed in the direction for high interstate 80 and highway 50. a lot of snow for the greater lake tahoe area. afternoon highs are cooler than yesterday upper 50s low 60s. we're saving of between five and eight degrees. 61 for fremont 62 for millipede is a santa clara. in the east bay we will see an increase in the cloud cover low 60s for walnut creek and san leandro. noticeably lower
5:49 am
conditions for an downtown san francisco. 7 day around the bay shows rain will continue friday with a heavier storm approaching saturday night and to sunday. more moisture as a starter system and temperatures will climb into the mid '50s. scattered showers remain on your monday morning. 5:48 a.m. and on to traffic with robin >> no major hot spots are accidents reported but we have heavier traffic headed into san francisco. we're getting closer to the 6:00 hour so that is normal. the bay bridge toll plaza cash lanes are backed up beyond the end of the parking lot. lights are often no problems on the bridge just a heavy volume of traffic headed into the city. if you have fasttrack it will save some time. traffic across the sam sale bridge doing fine in both directions. the drive
5:50 am
times are still checking in at 12 minutes. the commute across the golden gate is looking good in traffic is moving into and out of seven cisco. the traffic map shows normal commute slowing and was bound for but give yourself extra time as you head out from antioch towards pittsburg. we have a crash working on the westbound 5 aigrette line. as you work your way to the altamont. one span out in one vehicle is blocking one lane and should be moved over to the shoulder. the drive time is now up to 40 minutes out of tracy into pleasanton. >> at is 5:50 a.m. and online travel advise our hot wire .com has compiled a list of the top most festive destinations for this holiday season. topping the list is san juan pr for its
5:51 am
six weeklong celebration of christmas from the day afterthat of the three teams on january 6th. new york also makes the cut things to the attraction of the rockefeller center christmas tree and as ready as center christmas spectacular. ronnie at the top three is on the beach in australia where summer kicks off december 1st for all surfers of sunbathers out there. >> still not looking good for the nhl season. the league to cancel all games through december 30th of eliminating two more weeks from the season schedule. so far five of more than 500 hockey games having canceled including the new year's day when the classic an all-star weekend. ito commissioner gary bettman says illegal not play a season with less than 48 games per team. a deal with the players association needs to be
5:52 am
reached within the next few weeks to save this season. there're no talks scheduled between the two sides as of now the lockout is now on the 87 day. san of a state football coach mack by matt mcintyre is leading the spartans a takeover at colorado and coached in the pac 12. mcintyre transformed a once weld team when he took over three years ago and to attend game winner and a top 25 ranking this year. many fell cal would go after mcintyre but they went with sunny dikes instead. mcintyre be coaching against call on a regular basis and trying to turn around colorado is in the middle of a seventh straight losing seasons and has 20 losses the last two years. no word on whether mcintyre will remain at san jose state the next two weeks to coach in a bowl game december 27th against bowling green. >> nasa supersecret space
5:53 am
plane will take off today from florida. the exit 37 b vehicle is set to make a third mission this morning. here's the of the space plane returned earlier this year. the first two missions have a crack or break a plan for months at a time. it's a purpose is classified. some think could be testing technology which could someday replace the space shuttle, which was retired last year. what do you do when a family member owes you money? how you get that money while maintaining family relations? it is tough and a big issue. dr. phil will be dealing with that it 10:00. we will be right back.
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the pope was in his first week from his new personal twitter count tomorrow. he was in the first week from his new book how personally as part of a question and
5:57 am
answer session with his followers. the benefit of the 16 washed his pontiff ax twitter account last week and has more than $600,000. the pope is expected to only address matters of faith during his twitter session. >> starbucks lovers to miss out on the coffee chains limited edition gift cards cannot find them on ebay. for a lot more money than the original price though. on friday the company sold 5000 stainless steel give cards on line and they went for $450 each. they sold out in six minutes. this gift cards are loaded with $400 and starbucks credit. by monday dozens were selling on ebay for hundreds of dollars more than face value. one was claim saturday after a winning bid of almost $1,100!
5:58 am
>> for a $400 gift card? >> they're doing is right? >> they just want people when they pull the car out to say whoooh >> de get to take a brief stay home with you though? concert costa county supervisors voting today on the future of four fire stations we will tell you what that means we are live in martinez. the man charged with kidnapping and killing more than held teenagers sierra lamar will face new charges this week for other crimes. details straight ahead. that a id bailout is now
5:59 am
over and the u.s. government making billions. rob black is coming up in just a few moments. we will be right back.


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