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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 12, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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as (male announcer) live from the bay area here is your kron 4 news have stories or filing this wednesday december 12th san francisco police have arrested five people in connection with the man and woman were found bound and
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gagged on the streets of san francisco, we will have details. >> we are and pacifica moderate monetary extremely high tides. we will speak with jackie sissel and find out where you may be expecting some flooding coming up. >> here's a live look at the golden gate bridge, scattered showers right now let's find out where it is falling. good morning erica >> good morning scattered pop up showers around bay area. not so much on the coastline anymore and has pushed its way east. i was a man as it is raining in your neighborhood. it is starting to dry out for san rafael however the reds in san revell bridge is picking up some light showers. you will need to use your windshield wipers. in the east shore freeway it is reading richmond on the berkeley but all is good at the bay bridge toll plaza. the peninsula has light rain for
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the bayshore freeway palo alto redwood city currently dry for a sunnyvale and cupertino. the zooming in on the south bay, light rain on highway 1 01. right around 87 dry with extra caution. i don't think flooding on the roadways will be that big of a concern because this is not a very moist system. it is bringing a lot of " cool air into the bay area so we will see cool conditions. we have a lot of instability in the air and what that means is we have a chance for a pop-up thunderstorm. we could see lightning, small hail could be produced. later on this afternoon expect temperatures in the mid-50s. we a lot of changes to talk about a year expect that extended forecast and i will tell you what to expect coming up in my full forecast. >> it has been raining but there's still no major hot spots or accidents out there. give yourself extra time traveling on wet roads. if you're heading to san francisco traffic is filling in at the bay bridge toll
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plaza. if you have cash you have a bit of a weight. it is backed up to the middle of the parking lot. fasttrack folks are moving faster. it is a good ride across the upper deck. coming up i will have a full check on traffic and we will look for problems having to the south and east bay's. >> we're watching extremely high tide's coming into the bay area over the next two days. a live look from pacifica we will goes to jackie sissel, the debt tied it keeps coming up it seems >> i hope you can hear me through this gust of wind. the tide is coming up and we are expecting to see more tides and sell 945 this morning. king tied happened a couple of times a year and is what is happening over the next three days in the bay area. we are expecting high tide at 945 this
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morning. it will get even bigger tomorrow and get bigger through friday. all the areas around the bay and around the ocean we will see extremely high tides. there're probably be some coastal flooding. the good news is we do not have a big story coming in. -- storm we are still several hours away from the highest parts of the tide. we are ready starting to get right here to the sea wall and as the morning continues it will be pretty spectacular show. >> it is not just the coast is around the bay area as well. the 1 01 northbound no. valley accident accenexit in county. 1030 tomorrow around 1130 tomorrow on friday we could see the 1 01 exit
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closed for the next three days. >> more than 2500 customers are without power in concord. the outage was reported just about an hour ago and pg&e is on the scene tried to fix the problem. they have not revealed what caused the outage and they cannot estimate when they will have the power restored. we will let you know they make any progress. >> police have arrested five people in connection with the death of a man who was one of two people found bound and gagged on the street san francisco. we talk about a man and woman were found out bound and gagged at the scene they had roped off. police are not releasing the details about the relationship between the man a woman and the suspects as case. all they're saying is that there were some kind of extensive relationship. they have a lot of unanswered questions white where were those to be in somewhere else and then bodies dumped in san francisco sunday night.
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demand was 260 stephen reid and died after he was taken to hospital. the woman who has not been named is still in serious condition. she is expected to survive. no word yet on the five suspects, three women into men will be arraigned. >> were all but are more informations after 2 people and the gunmen were killed in the mall shooting near portland oregon. police and witnesses said the gunman was wearing a mask, camouflage clothing and a bulletproof vest when he opened fire yesterday afternoon at claque amassed town center at one of organs biggest and busiest malls. along with the three dozen other persons in critical condition. there is 7000 shoppers and several dozen employees in the mall at the time. police say the attentively and identified the suitor but i'm not release his name. there's no word yet on motive. 6 05 is
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the time it coming up apple wants to make its place in your living room. we have this go on a new product they say works right now. and number of bay area companies have bragging rights this morning. we will learn which one is rated the number one place to work in 2013. same-day shipping by the united states post office, only in san francisco. we will have details coming up. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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waiting for the opening bell on wall street and the dow closed at 13,000 to 48. the s&p was up nine in the dow was up over the 2000 mark. stocks rising on the expectation, the federal reserve will continue to pump cash and the federal economy. we'll have an announcement on what the fed plans to do around 930 our time. a caught us a summit is that anxiety about the fiscal cliff may be misplaced and that a brief fall probably wouldn't be too damaging. even if they years passes with no deal there be no need to panic as long as an agreement seemed likely soon. the tax increases and spending cuts could be retroactively repealed. a new report is encouraging small news for small business especially in light of super storm sandy. mastercard advisers and wells fargo reported
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spending by holiday shoppers trump sandy's impact on small businesses in november. the report says shoppers spent 5.2% more in small retailers in november than they did last year. the total u.s. retail sales increased 4 1/2% for the same period. >> apple has begun the early stages of a television set testing. that's the word from wall street journal this morning. kaukauna's collaborating with giant tax to test designs for a large screen high-resolution tv. apple has been testing television several times for a number of years. the testing comes after apple ceo them put hinted in an interview last month of the new tv product offering may be on the horizon. we will see what comes out of that. net flicks says they've learned which in that service provider is the fastest. they did this by tracking subscriber download speeds. net flicks ranked google fiber as a speedy as internet connection and the u.s. with average down
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mosby's of 2.5 mb per second. the bad as it is will fiber is only available in just one place right now kansas city, attack kansas. the rest of us net flicks as horizon files ranks no. 2 at nearly 2.2 mb per second. tomcats comes at a close third. >> 611 as the time and we will be back in a couple of minutes as we continue to was developing news and weather and traffic this morning. a live look of the golden gate bridge, still little wet there. we will be back with more details about the rain when it will go and when it will come back in a moment.
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woke up to a free rain drops but they're few and far between. are they going to come back? >> this weekend but most of the rain is moving out of our area. because of instability lit up pop up thunderstorms are possibility later on this afternoon. small hail could be produced. storm tracker 4 and we're looking at a break right now and it is pushing its way through. we're picking up light rain mid span on this and revell bridge to the east shore freeway from pinole headed to berkeley. be aware of that. yellow on our screen
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are around the 58080 interchange. it indicates moderate rain so is a little heavier there but drier conditions approaching the bay bridge toll plaza. further south and the east bay in the 880 corridor is contending with light rain also for the eastern end of highway 92. rain in the peninsula so you will have to use your windshield wipers. dry for have monday but more wet weather is on the way. light rain reported in san jose. los gatos highway 17 already has this on the drive. reduce your speech and drive with extra caution. we have seen a couple of accidents and slower speeds reported. satellite and radar is monitoring the bigger picture and you can see a lot of showers have pushed their way south. not too much snow in the sierra but we do have a winter weather advisory still in effect. snow levels will drive down
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to about 3,000 ft.. we're seeing a rain snow mixed right now. not much in terms of accumulation. it is not a moist system but we are seeing a lot of cool area. future cast four is set for the next hour and maybe light rain in the south bay along the optima past. said the clock into motion and it looks like a chance for showers that diminishes throughout the day. we'll continue see cloudy conditions. we could see maybe a pop-up thunderstorm. in terms of temperatures right now upper '40's low 50s. 51 in san jose and temperatures will not warm- up as we head into the afternoon. expect low to mid '50's. 7 day around the bay shows mostly sunny conditions by thursday. friday should be giant dry but we could see a scattered showers. another storm will head south our way from
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saturday into sunday. maybe two-thirds of an inch of rain for the the bay area. upper house will remain in the mid-50s and a chance for showers continue as we start the next work week. 617 and that is sure weather. here is robin >> have your traffic headed into san francisco and there is an accident coming in westbound near the toll plaza. it's a car fender bender 1 landlocked. the back up with heavier and they have turned the lights on. traffic is the at backed up to the end of the parking lot to the 880 over cross. drive times have increased to 60 minutes from the oakland a's into downtown san francisco. it is actually moving well. -- oakland may ease thze. the goldn gate you can see they're so
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good wet roads out there, make sure you're being extra careful on wet roads. it easy to me between the north bay in downtown sambar's as go. traffic maps show no hot spots but it is picking up regular slow commute traffic coming out of tracy threw the all to my and into livermore. it is heavy from 2052 livermore ave. it moves well as you make the connection and 2680. south bay, no major accident but you can see yellow on the 1 01 that is northbound traffic headed to san jose torres mountain view. give yourself extra time this morning before you head out the door. >> chevron officials say a small fire at its refinery in richmond evening yesterday is nothing to be alarmed about. a spokesperson confirmed that the where was that as a precaution. it was a small flareup and no shelter and place orders were needed.
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the rich the refinery was the site of a major fire in august when leaking fumes from a pipe ignited sending thick black smoke into the air. thousands of residents were said to the air reza area hospitals with breathing difficulties. >> opec ministers keeping output ceiling at 30 million bar. a day prices are relatively high. the average cost of the group's oil produced by opec countries has been about $100 a barrel for two years. that's a first of opec's history here in the u.s. believe it or not we have a glut of u.s. crude it is around $86 a barrel. dozens more in analysts saying that he thinks the u.s. crude could drop to $50 a barrel. why not why not a huge drop in gas prices? we don't have enough refineries. there has been a new refinery built the u.s. in 1976. all the
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soil is not backing up at u.s. refineries. >> detectives of pleasant hill say copycat criminal may be to blame for the latest by bomb incident outside a school there. a pipe bomb some outside pleasant hill and the school yesterday. it did not go off and will start. this pipe bomb case marks the second three days. on saturday battles look this mailbox, a short time later officers as mantle another pipe bomb and arrested three things. at this point they're not linking the case to the one of the elementary school police successfully dismantled the pipe bomb found yesterday at the school. no arrests have been made. uc-berkeley has announced >> uc-berkeley has announced it is launching in his cause of phonics loosely for an undocumented students on campus. the dreamers fund will start with a $1 million donation from the alan walter haas jr. foundation. undocumented students in california are eligible for
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some states but a scholarship programs that are eligible for federal refinance financial aid. the $1 million we paid out undocumented students over the course of five to 10 years. san jose ranked atop nationally and rising home prices. according to the net federal housing finance agency home prices down over 3.4% in the third quarter of 2011 and 2012. that is of advise and innate rise in the nation. cities that sought even higher increases included bakersfield, of phoenix and boise. >> a little bit of a wait for you but we will be right back.
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he and i'm storm tracker 4 we have showers out there this morning. there is some sprinkle over night as well so your ride this morning was a damn one. the rain is not happy but it is bringing in spots. >> it looks like they had a tornado and florida, check out the path of destruction. the final was caught on camera and it was a pretty long distance away. this thing touched down and lose a county florida. we're told
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as happened yesterday would be rough winds and rooftops being toward often trees blown over and power lines were down. the national weather service is looking at the pattern of damage done at this particular cloud today to confirm whether not it was indeed a tornado. several bay area companies are apparently some the best places to work that. that's according to a glass door and on line dancing career in a community. it said analyst lisa noiseless award was is that the best places to work in the year. coming in at number one, facebook. the social me a giant is known for its laid-back culture in great part slight free food and transportation, $4,000 in cash for new parents, dry cleaning and they care reimbursement. that's just of you. also notable on the list google. this certainly comes in at no. 6 on the west. and at no. 14, be
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based company linked and. unlike most workplace related words which required hire companies to sell to nominate the employee's choice awards rely solely on the input of employees will not mislead anonymously provide feedback through a survey. here's a look at some of the other bay area companies that made the list sampras's the base technology company riverbed, which came in at third, a sales force, chevron and were they all made the top 25. we have more of facebook coming up as a den joins the nasdaq 500. financial expert rob black is coming in at 645.
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you won't take my life. you won't take our future. aids affects us all. even babies. chevron is working to stop mother-to-child transmission. our employees and their families are part of the fight. and we're winning. at chevron nigeria, we haven't had a reported case in 12 years. aids is strong. aids is strong. but we are stronger. and aids... ♪ aids is going to lose. aids is going to lose. ♪
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once in the opening bell on
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wall street investors seem to be ignoring the fiscal cliff that is coming out in concentrating on the federal reserve. the fed is wrapping up a two day policy meeting and expected to make an announcement of what they plan to do at 930 this morning. the fed will keep pumping $95 billion a month into the u.s. economy and buying treasury and mortgage-backed securities. we have the dow 79 points yesterday and right now the future is up 15 at the opening bell. >> the highest tide of the year is going to hit sampras's go bay and nearby beaches this week. it is called the king tied. we would turn you into jackie sissel who joins us live from pacifica. any site yet? >> it is coming. (laughter) at 945 this morning is when we will see it. it is not just today, for the next three days. we was seeking
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tide that has to deal with the sun and moon and the gravitational pull. we have extremely high tide to cross the bay area for the next couple of days. low-lying areas, you'll see a lot of the coastal flooding. here at the pacific appear we can see the waves almost hit the sea wall. we will probably say, i have to be careful out here. a couple of waves crashing over that sea wall. it is extremely windy and the rain will blow through sideways out here. it is kind of a nasty morning in pacifica. >> it looks blustery. from the camera angle it looks like snow. erica said there could be little hail pop up things this afternoon and i thought you were getting it. but that is rain? >> that is rain. it is just coming in sideways.
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>> don't get to wet jackie (laughter) he is going to kill me >> rain is coming in for the east bay and parts of these south bay as well. we have potentially isolated pop up thunderstorms were small hail could be produced. this'll happen probably between 7 and 1:00 p.m.. as a reason in storm tracker 4 there is a light rain on the east is an revell bridge. berkeley shows yellow on the screen which indicates pretty moderate rain. you'll meet user windshield wipers on the nimitz and field freeway and castro valley. the coastline of the green is green up for highway one indicates light rain reported there. in the south bay it is pretty spotty, it depends on where you are. we are seeing light trading cupertino, sunnyvale. it has pushed its
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way east. as we continue we will see instability today and cool conditions mostly sunshine into tomorrow. rain certainly likely saturday and sunday, full details on what to expect with your extended forecast coming up and my next report. >> take a live look at traffic headed into san francisco, we have a bad back up at the bay bridge toll plaza. if a vendor at westbound at the pay gates. it is out of the way and only blocked one lane. we have heavier traffic headed into san francisco for the back up extends west to grand avenue exit. the drive time is up to about 17 minutes out of the oakland a's getting into downtown san francisco. we have wet roads out there is to use extra caution this morning. no major hot spots or problems but when i come back we will check the rest of the bay area bridges and
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freeways. a full traffic report coming up in just a bit. >> new this morning there is something that could come in very happy handy for you if you shop online. and you really need to do it today. starting today the financially struggling postal service will be launching same-day delivery which means you did very well order something and the morning and get it later on that afternoon. will tran is following that story, he is in san francisco. >> the reason why is because it's only in san francisco for now. if it is successful here than other places like new york city boston and chicago will also do the same thing. as soon as you hit submit my order there is a chance you get that item as soon as maybe two hours after you placed your order. that is how quickly the pose of this once to move on that. take a look at your screen you have to do by 2:00 p.m.. no later than that to give the postal worker at a chance to get
6:35 am
the items. it is a flat $10 fee and a could be in your hands as early as 4:00 and as late as 8:00 in the evening. as far as storage for dissipating, you would think the postal service and the other stores would announce the world we are part of this program. the postal service as because of their contract they cannot tell us. they say of that particular store it is also an the other 10 major markets they're looking at there is a good chance they're part of the program. you'll know when you go on line that if there are the program because it will say u.s. be as. it is expected to generate $50 million each year for san francisco alone. that is $500 million. that is a lot of money especially for a service that right now is looking at losing $16 billion just this year. they're looking to shake things up and are
6:36 am
hoping that you must out your wallet and get excited about it. >> we are trying any way to stay relevant today. thank you for the update and we will see how it goes in san francisco. >> the talks and president obama press sang for his plan. he held a conference today with a bipartisan group of mayors and community leaders to talk about preventing and income tax increase on middle class families while finding ways to reduce the deficit. so far president obama and republicans have not been able to work out a budget compromise. senate majority leader and henry reed said he does not expect a deal before christmas. >> the city of lafayette is of an advancing: open up after lee's last weekend's storm repaired by christmas. the job has hired emergency
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contractors d.c. meyers for the job. that simple form on mountain view road drive after a storm drain failed. it was initially thought the road would be closed for the entire winter. they thought it would be months. with c.c. meyers it will be quicker. the cleanup and repairs related to water pipe break that center river mud flowing into daly city neighbor unless mother expected to cost about a million dollars. yesterday the city council approved setting aside over $990,000 to repay for repairs to the hillside above the homes on a blues and ave. repairs will also be made to the aid and water main that cracked open november 13th. city officials say the funding for these repairs will come from money already collected from residents' water bills. >> it is 6:36 a.m. and giving you a quick look, we
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have outside. i know we have one more story is show you. the bay area's favorite waiter ring in the new year, right here on kron4. all the spectacular fireworks can be viewed from your couch. it will be hosted by katharine heenan and gary radnich the starting at 1130 on the years each.
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>> you are watching kron 4 urs bay area news channel here are the top stories. police have arrested five people in connection with the death of a man who was one of the two people found bound and gagged on a sampras's coach tree. police are not releasing details about the relationship between the suspects and victims. the male victim was identified as a 26 year-old steven reid , died after he
6:40 am
was taken to a hospital. and woman, who has not been named, is still in serious condition but she is expected to survive. no word yet. antioch's new mayor is taking office at a time when there is a spike of violent crimes in the city. wade harper has been in office exactly one week and there has been one murder in a separate drive-by shooting that injured two people yesterday morning. harper says of the first thing he wants to do to address the problem is to create a committee that will work with the community. harper, who also operate a tracy police officer, also wants to beef up the antioch police force. those are our top stories. i am mark danon
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thank you for watching. >> we're back at 6:40 a.m.. nasa says a giant asteroid did come pretty close to the earth yesterday. the space rock came within a few million miles of our planet--or 18 times the distance to the moon. astronomers say that the astronauts actually comes
6:42 am
close to the earth every several years, but there is no risk of a collision anytime soon. scientists say a separate and much smaller astrid discover just a few days ago also came close to the early yesterday. >> we will be right back with rob black.
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>> welcome back it is 6:44 a.m.. >> the top story that we are following right now-- president obama continues to push for his plans to avert a fiscal cliff. he will hold a conference call today with a bar partisan group of
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mayors and community leaders to talk about preventing an income tax increase on middle class families while finding ways to reduce the deficit. >> watching on wall street we have to dial up period watching wall street. joining us now to talk about the market's is rob black. >> wall street is focused on low evaluations and they are just waiting if there is a fiscal cliff. >> facebook today, is one of
6:47 am
the listing. do we expect to see any swings? >> good question. i think this helps face books stock. they are now up to $28 a share. investors with their 401k choose to 10%. more and more people own the stock and this is a good thing for the shares of the company. i i do not look for a lot of drama to come from this. this is a big oversized company and i am-- >> nine days until the end of the earth. this is as bad as the fiscal cliff.
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>> let's talk about was born on with the oil. the opec oil is up and we did have a analysts come out this stated that the u.s. oil could go down to $50 a barrel. the american energy beam outside right now--this pushes the demand for all to go down along with the pulse. if this is a good thing and this is one of the things that is open the markets right now. cars are doing well for america. gm is doing well for america. >> we are hearing that there is a lot oil sitting at refineries. they stated that we have not build a refinery
6:49 am
since 1976. do we need to build more refineries? >> good luck with that. no one else will do it. we set our oil refineries to other companies to have them do it, to dirty their in violence. >> thank you rob for the updates. >> it is not too much that we should be concerned with. most of the shower reactivity is to our east. i do want to as soon man around the bay area because we did see ran round the san rafael bridge. you may need to use your windshield wipers. we are picking up some light rain over portions of highway 24. we
6:50 am
are dry right now in san francisco and the same as for the 880 corridor. let's take a look that highway 1 there is a lot of green on your screen and we are picking up some yellow. there is more moderate rain and stern's boss. as we take it over to los gatos is currently running. you should certainly reduce your speed and dry with extra caution. >> the next hour there may be spotty showers of the south bay. there may be dim roles and the potential for showers will diminish as we head into afternoon. this really was not a moist system and we really did not see very much and how tae could also encounter a pop- up thunderstorms with small hail. fremont is a 54
6:51 am
degrees, to the east we go low 50s here as well. castro valley is that 52 degrees. 53 degrees for napa, 53 for richmond and your kron 47 day around the bay highlights wet weather for saturday into sunday with the potential of showers. >> starting out with traffic heading into san francisco. we had an earlier fender bender there was mixed then with heavier traffic. it is now slow. the lights are on and the traffic is backed up on the 880 cross over. it does not quite back up toward oakland mayes but it looks like it is getting there. your drive time is up to 80 minutes from oakland
6:52 am
mayes into downtown san francisco. we do have a new trouble spot near toll plaza and is not quite a hot spot. this is westbound 92 due to a big red losing its load. chp and caltran crews are on their way. your ride here across the golden gate bridge is light and trouble- free. it will take your ball 21 minutes to get out. your ride on 580 from castro valley is slow and there are no problems. >> tejo just saw from this live shot you concede that it is very crowded as you work your way across. >> new this morning. united airlines is announcing that
6:53 am
they will add nonstop service between san francisco and fort lauderdale, florida. beginning march 2nd, the service will begin as saturday-only service but will switch to a daily schedule beginning in april. united says that south florida is the largest region in the country not currently served by united from san francisco. >> and there reminder to catch on dr. phil today at 10:00 a.m. after the kron 4 morning news. in today's episode the locators troy dunn is back to tackle to stores about separated loved ones. again, today at 10:00 a.m. after the kron4 morning news.
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>> welcome back. the agriculture department is responding to criticism over the new school lunch rules by allowing kids to eat more grains and meat.
6:57 am
the department will do away with it daily and weekly maximums of meat and grain. several lawmakers have written the department since the new rules went into effect in september saying that kids were not getting enough to eat. schools administrators also complained, saying that setting said maxwell's on grains and meats are too limited as they try to plan daily meals. >> united health has ranked california as the 22nd help the state in the country. the radius of the states are based on the result of telephone interviews. the rig is also consider the rate of conditions and deaths from cancer, diabetes and heart disease. over my right as to help the state in the nation, followed by hawaii and new hampshire. >> a new poll shows that
6:58 am
most americans are no were close to having their holiday shopping done. 58% of those surveyed say that they have done about half or less of their holiday shopping so far. 28 percent said they still have not started and 16 percent have completed less than a quarter of it. only 80 percent said they have completed their shopping, which suggests that stores will be busy in the final two weeks before christmas. >> it's come via to be in the bay area this holiday season. what to the you as ps is launching today in sampras's go only! the highest tides of the your hitting the bay area or the next three days--we have already seen some flooding.
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apple wants to expand their products for your viewing pleasure. the scoop on its latest projects coming up.


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