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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 13, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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next at eight. firefighters are looking for the cause of a huge fire that gutted an industrial and san francisco police put the brakes on the officer who posted video of his high-speed joyride through the broadway tunnel. i'm catherine heenan. shelter in place that's what people were told to do after a huge fire plant in fremont. kamal our big concern for the public is very toxic tis the season to be worried about thieves. are doing to make holidy shoppers feel safer, and he had fun fun fun, but the san francisco police officer who raced his lamborghini through the broadway tunnel has spent his last shift on the tonight at eight. >> this is video. enjoy writing. there are reports
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that he commented that they were drunk. he was enjoy writing.there were two or writiy they were jo joy riding.. under the rule of order misconducted is classified at any breach of reflective to the dead could be considered on officer like. it is-unofficer like i wonder why they would put this on facebook? in the meantime he could lose his job? is that likely? it is not likely because it is still early. the ethics
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committee is still during their investigation. however, the sergeant said that when they told me it is that the chief is leaning towards suspension. >> and he is on a desk job. >> absolutely. >> grant lodes? size of the fire, firefighers mainly fought this blaze defensivley, tonight we're learning more about the san francisco police sergeant who posted this video of his high-speed joyride through the broadway tunnel in a lamborghini. hitting 100 miles an hour. as of today. the san has reassigned sergeant carl tee to an administrative assignment with no public contact.
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this is video of sargeant lamborgini. there are reports sargeant tee friends were drunk when this the video on facebook in september. he wrote broadway tunnel 100 miles per hour in the lambo. an internal investigation is being police says investigators will go over this video about the video being postedthe sargeant could receive a suspended or fired. under san francisco's rule of classified as any breach of peace, neglect of duty,.reflects discredit on the department, shall be conduct subject to san francisco police told me investigation isn't finished andrecheck told the chief is police in are asking for east oakland shooting.right in the middle of the we'll fly you in on the big grant? d street. we have video from the scene. there's a sheet over thehe died at the scene. no motive is known. this is the 122nd murder in oakland this year. there were 105 all of last after a bomb threat at lynbrook high school in san jose -- was delivered through graffiti. >> and students at monte vista high in cupertino say they can't believe that the threat was directed at one of the nicest teachers on campus. the teacher was not hurt but remains under the sheriff's
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protection. bomb-sniffing dogs were checking classrooms and the parking lot of monte vita high school. federal agents were also called in -- saying that if was a hoax, no one is laughing. an attempted kidnapping in the south bay. police say a young girl walking to school in san jose was approached by a stranger and told to get into his car. and as kron 4's scott rates reports.police are taking this claim very seriously. they are very concerned. >> it is not what florio wanted to hear of any of her children. >> they are afraid to come to school. >> they are worried about what happened to near this middle school. >> when i heard of this news i was scared. >> now, when i was a child i was able to walk to school. now, we do not let them walk anywhere. s. , we have to drive them
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everywhere. >> this is what happened. that the driver reportedly asked the girl to get into his car. she refused, and went to school and told school authorities. >> id is very scary. >> if this is-it is very scary. >> and if they wanted their independence they should be able to walk around. >> police say that he is described as a clean shave and hispanic male. anny information is passed to call the san jose police department. >> new tonight at 8. with the holiday shopping season starting to kick intobart police are adding an help keep riders safe. kron 4's alecia reid tells us how. >> it's the holidays and when most people are shopping, the last thing on their minds is security. well bart police are on the
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lookoutto make sure riders are safe this season. there will be stepped up patrol for the next few weeks. it's good you know, people spend their money and don't have to worry about getting harassed. bart is on top of their game. >> there'll also be more officers ridiing the trains and safeguarding busy downtown san francisco stations the presence is a little >> better. >> i think it's a good thing because there are a lot of things going on around here and not been tough >> athough some passengers feel safer when there's more police presence, it's important to always stay alert and be aware of your >> will snatch something from you, take something out your pocket without you even knowing, in 2.5 seconds. it's as easy as can be. >> bart officers, oakland police and community volunteers all served as pedestrian escorts today at the the west oakland station. as safety escorts, they helped walk or drive passengers to bart parking lot or anywhere within a 3
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block radius - all in an effort to keep passengers safe. in san francisco, alecia reid kron 4 news.the >> highest tide of the year. called the "king tide". caused flooding. and traffic headaches. in the bay area today. in mill valley - the northbound 101 and highway 1 ramp was closed because the water was too high. even so, some drivers went through it. a popular bike path was also under water. forcing some cyclists to turn around. water even got into some business. the "park and ride" lot looked like a lake. warning signs went up.telling people which parking spots to avoid. people we talked to say they were impressed by the tide. king tides are caused by the perfect alignment of the sun and moon - which causes the ocean water to pull in opposite directions. it's expected to last until saturday. still ahead at eight. president obama's
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pick to be the next >>jacqueline: things are expected to be very cold tonight already in the 30's in the santa rosa' we're also going to keep a close look on the cloud coverage. it is not torn to be nearly as cold. this is approaching-it is not going to be nearly as cold. however, because of those clouds, the it will provide a level of coverage. and tweak however, could see cold temperatures tomorrow. as we see, going towards to malraux. >> still ahead at 8:00 p.m., president obama is the next of the running. why
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susan rice says it's just not worth it. the president met today with house speaker john boehner about the looming fiscal cliff. we'll have insight from our political analyst - michael yaki. how a car wound up on a precarious perch at twin peaks in san francisco. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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a big political surprise today.that will influence the final four years of mister obama's presidency. venom >> a big political surprise today.that will influence
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susan rice. the leading candidate to replace hillary clinton as secretary of state.said she withdrew herself from consideration for the position. rice is currently the u-s ambassador to the united nations.and has been harshly criticized by some prominent republicans for her response to the attacks on americans in bengazi back in september. now.rice has removed herself from the process.saying she was saddened that we've reached this point.and she did not want to go through confirmation hearings that were going to be "very politicized." >> i do not think that it does justice. >> i withdraw my name because i think it is the right thing to do for the country, the president and my family. >> president obama is praising her efforts. releasing this statement. president obama says he deeply regrets the unfair
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and misleading attacks on susan rice. >> i think that this was probably for the best. it has been an uphill battle in the senate. it is her intention >> i think that there is some sentiment because they want john kerry in thei
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toward john mccain is after that? >> in 2008. canted it all, did not have a foreign policy presidents but the architect of his foreign policy was susan rice. and some ways, they did not forget that john mccain was be a little bit during the 2008 debates. >> whole but the physical clip. and now, after some political posturing of the fiscal cliff >> i'm not sure if either of them have a flexibility on either side. can the beer at least kick the can down the
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road. but people are thinking that there is going to be no deal. >> there could be a and additional recession. >> it is all psychological, with economics. the reality of the fiscal cliff as that there was the debt ceiling in february. but psychologically, with a europe, not getting a deal done is setting people into a panic. the to not want to see that. i think that it could see people concerned. that however, is unfortunate why they are not making that much of a concern. >> and plaine john boehner also being difficult. >> it also feel free to
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follow michael yaki on twitter. ji >>jacqueline: we did see some calle temperature but firs, some coal /+ temperature t we did se. some cold temperatures we will see some temperatures that are in the low 80s. and that wi you50s. as we see that it is going to be and the low 50s-- >>jacqueline: as we see we are going to see a few degrees warmer. mostly clear. some cloud coverage going towards a north and at that point we are going to see some 30's and 40's. i
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would keep the umbrella cand i would keep the un prelo hand your umbrella keep it handy. temperatures will be in the 30's in the south bay. the same in san mateo, the inland valleys with 35, concord, livermore, a 47 degrees in vallejo. the big question mark is the north bay. 37 degrees in vallejo. i think that it will get cold. with 30 degrees in napa but if that cloud coverage will roll, it will still be cold but not quite as freezing. there is still a frost advisory the only
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reason why the north bay is not included is because that cloud coverage could help. we will keep an eye on it and frosty windshields. and give yourself some extra time. and for the afternoon you are going to need your jacket with only the 50s. chilly. let us take a look at your extended forecast. mainly dry. the rainfall will return on saturday, sunday and also some precipitation at higher elevations. stay with us.
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>>catherine: kron 4 tech reporter gabe slate gives us a look at the new the google maps. >> it is a big deal about the google maps is available for the iphone 5. with voice commands. and previously, the apple maps was even a safety risk in
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the center of the desert of australia. leading people to the middle of nowhere when they thought that they were going to a town. however, the new global map for the iphone 5 operating system is a great deal for the google matchup. we will be ppacpawe will be pack. we will be back.
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>>catherine: ahead at 8-30. software pioneer john mcafee belize. is back in the u.s.. what he's happily admitting he did. while on the run. and celebrity chef marti >> and a look at our region with 30's, a cold night, details coming up.
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simonov monthnow for a look at our top stories at eight- thirty. firefighters area trying to figure out how the fire that gutted an industrial building in fremont began today. it started around 1-45 - sending a huge plume of thick smoke into the air. the roof of the building collapsed. it took firefighters an hour to get it under control. no one was hurt. see them of 1/2 >>catherine: oftensanta clara county sheriff's deputies are trying to figure out who spray- painted a bomb threat against a teacher at monte vista high school in cupertino. classes there and at nearby lincoln elementary school were cancelled for the day while deputies searched the campus. nothing dangerous was found. classes resume tomorrow. cinnamonand the san francisco police sergeant who posted thishour joyride through the see a glimmer
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of cine and >>catherine: broadway tunnel is off the streets. sergeant carl tee has been reassigned to an administrative job with no public contact. while the matter is investigated. scary moments in san francisco's twin peaks neighborhood. >>catherine: a car was attepmting to back out of its parking space, when the driver pressed on the gas-- causing the to car jumpthe curb and go flying 40 feet. sites seers on twin peaks tell us their reaction after they saw the car drive over the cliff. >> i have never seen this. >> that never happens. >> i have lived here all my life i've never seen anybody fly over the curb like that. >> fortunately, nobody was hurt. the attention was focused to the tow truck operators. and it was no easy job it took nearly three hours. >>catherine: anti-virus software founder john mcafee now says yes -- he faked his heart problems in guatemala. it was part of his effort to
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avoid being sent back to belize, where he's wanted for questioning in the killing of a neighbor. mcafee hasn't been charged with any crime, and it's not clear yet whether u-s authorities want to question him. he talked to reporters in miami today. >> "i want to make this clear. for the 100 time i have absolutely nothing to do with the murder. this began on the 30th of april when 40 armed soldiers stormed my property, and held me in the sunshine, with handcuffs, and destroyed what happened in dollars my property, and shot my dog and ahead. and the next day i was approached and said are you willing to pay the money. and i said " no " to. so i went to the international press. first speaking out." >>catherine: mcafee has spent weeks on the run -- and time in immigration detention in guatemala.where he's accused of entering the country illegally.
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he claims he was targeted by belize authorities after he decided to talk about corruption in that country. >>catherine: grant lodes? >> the average bay area home is skyrocketing! percent more expensive in november compared to a year ago. average prices for homes up to 438-thousand dollars. and the number of homes sold is also on the rise. up 16 percent this november from one year ago. more sales last month than any november in the last six years. fewer forclosures are out there.and the housing market continues to improve. >>jacqueline: tends to decline yocontinue-2 declined temperatures. -temperatures
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it-have been continuing to decline. with bay area wide, the clouds are approaching from this system. it is impacting the northern portion of california and the bay area. it will keep tabs not quite as cold but it is expected to be pretty cold tonight. >> there is nothing like watching a chef in action. this a brand new hot spot " my china' is modern chinese food. right before your very eyes. >> people want to come here and they want to taste our food. and you can sit up close. with a giant and to
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check up this call is longevity them with a wonderful memories. we want them to come here and have a dining experience. we want them to come back again and again and again! >> she has been here three times in one week. >> i like this very much i am experimenting. >> the black truffle dumpling. and a giant ancient bell he shakes it up. my giant is the crab and the veggie noodles enjoy life! vicki liviakis... >> coming up the madness
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aids is strong. aids is strong. but we are stronger. and aids... ♪ aids is going to lose. aids is going to lose. ♪ now for today's market update. stocks ended down. as the president and john boehner seemingly got nowhere on the fiscal cliff talks. on wall street the dow dropped 75-points. the nasdaq sank 22. to fall below 3-thousand and the s-and-p-500 lost nine points. nov retail sales-wipe vo retail sales rebounded in november - thanks to a strong and early start to the holiday shopping season. overall sales rose point- three percent from the previous month. it follows a point-three percent drop in october, when sales were skewed by super-storm sandy. a lot of stoers in the northeast were closed for days. the november report included black friday, the
8:42 pm
traditional start of the christmas shopping season. >> coming up the 49ers. match up with the patriots added the new york next.
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(male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found people behaving badly.yea girl scout cookies. this kind of tree, it's the holiday season in san francisco's union square .you can tell from all the gift buyin what kind of beer you drink?
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oh so you got a beer, you can put the sign down then not it not a whole on i need another one and the bad drivers that wave at you while committing violations this case its not left turn. but if you watch you will see driver. after driver after driver doing just that. remember the guy that waved earlier lets have a chat with him. were tourist this just our first day here did you see the sign that said no left turn hell no i didn't see it but you saw the camera. then there was this driver, way to drop off a passenger. and this driver has their activated in an active turn lane so that makes it ok. during the holiday rush the panhandlers come out in force, well after all they know there is many here remember this guy .. everytime you take a picture of a street artist or preformer you must give them a dollar tip .. them directions and maps a guide one final note, while shopping remember to be aware of your surroundings remember if i'm watching you so are the bad guys. they don't steal our phones while we are standing on the corner. in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news. >>jacqueline: take a look. we can see some cool temperatures. with even 30's expected to tonight. the north bay, looking at possible freezing
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conditions. even places like fairfield, vallejo. with 37 in vallejo, 31 degrees in livermore. the clouds will move towards the north bay. napa, santa rosa but still in the 30's. 37 degrees in san jose, sunnyvale. 38 and san mateo there is a frost advisory for the delta and the livermore valley. we could see some frosty conditions. giving yourself some extra time. as for tomorrow afternoon is still going to
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be chilly. keeping your jacket handy even 50s. as for the sierras, we will see some snowfall. flurries. this stronger system moving saturday, sunday. you are going to want to bring your tire chains. it is going to be cold tomorrow. keeping your umbrella handy as we look towards the weekend, a better chance of a slight warm up saturday, sunday. however, lingering rained on tuesday returning wednesday, thursday. let us check out your ski report with new snowfall. sugar bowl, even 8
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in.-16 in.. and >> good evening, everybody. the warriors in anticipation of their game tomorrow night in orlando. guess who is there? ben stiller, woody allen. and look at that. madison square are garden. carmelo antony. 30 points. in 20 minutes. and he left the game with an injury. and one of the most powerful teams. they cannot get it done. he left the game. and
8:50 pm
116-107 lose to the new york knicks. 9-14. the warriors, or 15-7. just for the record. they will get together a one week from saturday. the lakers will be at the oakland coliseum are reno. and welcome back torres. and andres torres is a nice guy people like him and after one year they left the light on, at 35 years guy a good addition to the
8:51 pm
team and look out the oakland a's. josh hamilton is a ranger no more - but a's fans aren't celebrating as he is staying in the a.l. west after signing a 5-year, $125 million deal with the l.a. angels - pending a physical the 31 year old hamilton hit four home runs in a game this past season and was the 2010 american league most valuable player and a 5-time all-star. he will join a lineup that includes mike trout and albert pujols. nfl playoff expansion vote, it is almost here, the forty-niners and new england. each and every week we can only try to get better. there are a lot of
8:52 pm
playoff season opportunities. >> it will be great for what we're capable of. >> kaepernick can be handled tom brady? that'll be something on the sunday. and we did have some disturbing. she called five different times. and violently upset that i said coming up, my wife are you ready to go " to grow ". >> it is a term of endearment, ready to go " girl ". >> she was extremely upset. and she would like to give me some lessons on how to treat women. and i do not think that the way that he treats his like. >> there were five calls. >> it is a difficult kron 4
8:53 pm
audience member but i guess it hurt my feelings. i will be calling her back. >> i called everybody back. and i would say that do you know what my wife has gone through? she would just practically begged me to call her girl.. and i will make myself sound good. even >>catherine: that part is not true that i was in a bed of fair [laughter] >> but as the chest.and as i was just mentioning, and jest.... it is not easy. and at the kron 4 audience, they have needs. the thursday night football. this one night of the week that i think that it is too much.
8:54 pm
perhaps sunday, monday, but after a thursday. here is after a fumble. 34-13. cincinnati 8-6. and talking about too much football. roger fide- goddell.. the nfl commissioner isthe nfl is considering expanding the number of teams that make the currently 12 teams make the playoffs, but a 14, and even a 16 team playoff is being discussed. commissioner roger goodell confirmed that the committee will be looking at it in the next few months. why? money of course >> and even president of, even providing some insight on the nfl lockout. >> we are going to come back.
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, the warriors have been great. none the less, you can feel it. >> what about the sharks? >> a good time to be a california sports
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