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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  December 17, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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this is the bay area's news station, kron 4 news at 11:00
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p.m., starts now. >> then i knew, and then they said there was blood. there was blood. >> he lived near sandy hook elementary school, some of the children got to his house telling him what he saw. people in newton, connecticut gathered for the first of many funerals. >> reporter: some of the schools here in newton, connecticut will reopen as the community continues to grieve. carrying a tiny coffin to its final resting place, this scene will become too familiar in newton, connecticut in the coming days as family and friends say good-bye to loved ones. two six-year-olds, jack pinto and noah pozner were laid to rest. >> your heart has toache -- to
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ache. >> reporter: support is pouring in from around the country. >> amazing people that far away care about us. >> reporter: this community is beginning the task of moving forward. monday trucks arrived to move supplies from sandy hook elementary school to another school where the children will resume classes. the tragedy sparked a debate over gun control in a culture of violence in america. >> gun violence is a national tragedy that demands more than words. that is why we need immediate nation action. >> we haven't done enough to fulfill our number one obligation to protect our children. >> group is calling for better gun control. it plans to send a delegation to washington on tuesday to prevent a similarity nightmare
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from striking another community. >> do something now and leave here with some pro active action. >> reporter: in the mean time the police investigation is ongoing at this point. investigators are putting all the pieces together to come up with a time line and a motive to release to the public. in newton, connecticut. >> the victims are being honored across the country including here in the biarea. tonight there was a -- bay area. tonight there was a candlelight vigil. kron 4's reggie kumar said they wanted some way to show support and sadness. >> perhaps you are angry, angry at the shooter, angry at the conditions. >> reporter: during monday night's vigil he described the shooting in newton, connecticut as pure evil. he is a former police officer.
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>> here are these little children, going to school, trusting all is well, never thinking about it. and so the difference between good and evil couldn't have been more stark. as graphic and evil as the holocaust. >> reporter: some came with their children to pray for the victims. >> i lost family members myself, we have to pray for them they get through this. >> reporter: they are in the same profession as some of the victims who died. >> honor the teachers, facat and staff who -- faculty and staff who protected the children. >> i can't imagine, you know, you have to think so quick. no place can be 100% perfect. we try the best we can. [ music playing ] >> reporter: reggie kumar, kron
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4 news. how the u.s. compares to other countries when it compares to gun ownership. the u.s. has the highest rate in the world with an average of 88 guns guns per 100 people. the united states has the most gun related homicides of any other developed country. in 2011, 9100 gun related murders and compare that to japan who had just 11. first off hand gun ownership in japan illegal. and the only time of gun you can own is a shotgun, the process to buy one, more than complicated, you have to pass
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tests and a shooting range class and a mental and drug test, then you have to pass a back ground check and not only do you have to lock and store your gun, you have to tell the police exactly where in your home that gun will be stored at all times and they are going to check. i am grant lodes, kron 4 news. bay area schools have seen their share of violence. the school district has been beefing ufsecurity over the -- up security over the last few years. that is considered a model for how to protect students. >> one of the things that the school does is it is gated all the way around. access is limited. >> the school has 5 communities safety officers a local police officer and students and staffers have to wear photo i.d. six months ago 600 security
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cameras were installed. a third of the schools have already been updated. the day after the connecticut shooting, oakland and san francisco held a gun buy back program, 600 guns taken off the streets. for each gun turned in the owner got $200 and a lot of the guns were illegal. >> for example, this is a pistol grip shotgun. this is illegal because the stock has been modified to pistol grip. and shortened the barrel. >> this is a high capacity rifle. >> on saturday 300 guns were turned in in oakland and in san francisco 296 guns. >> new tonight at 11:00, a hearing is set for tomorrow in a case of vigilante justice. the parents of teen girl are
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charged with murdering a man they claimed turned their daughter into a prostitute. he was shot to death in june. two other people have also been charged. two boys have been arrested for breaking into a home and stealing a gun about 1:00 p.m. this afternoon police got a call about two boys running carrying a rifle case. police spotted them, chased them down and found a rifle and bullets. police say the boys broke into a home and were on their way to shoot at a home. a man in custody accused of posting online comments police consider criminal threats. you are looking at a photo of sergio cabada. he was arrested for writing online he supports the connecticut school shooters and that he thought about doing the
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same thing. you are looking at his photo. he was arrested at his home. police say they wanted to make sure they were trying to prevent any possibility of a violent act. it looks like we are dry for now. we see partly cloudy skies. tomorrow, however, it will be a cold one. some locations hovering around that freezing mark. expect morning frost, partly cloudy skies and wednesday really cold morning lows but plenty of sunshine into the afternoon. wet weather returns to the bay area for thursday. another storm is going to approach. up to an inch of rain for the bay area communities. a look at your morning lows, just above the freezing mark. 37 in concord. future cast, extended forecast coming up in my next report.
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shooting, we are hearing more stories of courage. friday morning before anybody knew what happened he discovered six terrified children and a school bus driver on his front lawn. he describes what happened next. >> and they said we can't go back to that school our teacher is dead. what are we going to do. we don't have a teacher. the boy said it was a big gun and a small gun and then i knew -- and then they said there was blood. there was blood and then they said her name and i cried. >> that teacher, here is her photo. police say she shielded her students trying to keep them
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away from gunfire. the six children he met somehow got away. washington lawmakers took time today to honor the victims of the shooting. a moment of violence in the house and the senate. some lawmakers had been talking about tighter gun control measures, including reinstating a ban of assault weapons and high capacity magazines. in other news, hawaiian senator daniel inouye died of respiratory complications. he was the longest serving senator, 50 year run and a medal of honor recipient. harry reid announced the death today, he last word was allowa. -- aloha. speaker of the house john boehner had more talks with the president on the fiscal cliff and they might be getting closer to a deal.
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the president agreed to curtail future cost of living increases for social security and a deal is needed to a halt the spending cuts and tax hikes that take effect in january. and remember this? remember the easy bake oven, favorite of little girls for years. the design has been updated but there is something one girl thought was missing, she is 13. she petitioned to design a easy bake oven that both girls and boys can use. now there is a black and silver easy bake oven in the works and it will be in stores in the fall. >> future cast, we have cool temperatures to look forward to. bundle up, put your heater on, 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning a lot of locations talking the east bay,
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valleys, north bay, that indicates 30s. we will be hovering just above the freezing marks. 40s around the heart of the bay. a mix of sun and clouds, dry conditions but temperatures will only climb into the low 50s. it will be a chilly one throughout the day. we will break down the afternoon highs. 53 in conquered. san francisco, at 52. 51 santa rosa and as we look at the headlines here, the next wet weather system approaches wednesday. expect widespread heavy rain. accumulating about an inch for the bay area. looks like we could see more inches on top of that for the coast. strong gusty winds associated with the system and we could see wimbledon gusts up to -- wind gusts up to 30 miles per
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hour. seven day around the bay forecast dry conditions for tuesday and wednesday. but it will be cold, inland lows in the 30s. wet weather thursday. spotty showers friday and a heavier system approaches the bay area impacting saturday and sunday. a charity is trying to make sure people have food for the holidays. >> rob fladeboe reports on the holiday food program. >> reporter: serving a record number of people. they are doing it again. the first of an estimated 3200 families waited in the rain monday for a holiday food box. >> 40 pounds of food. turkey, chicken or ham. trying to make sure they have enough into january. >> reporter: most of the people are at or below the poverty
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line and can't afford such a holiday meal. they expect to provide a food box for all who signed up their toy distribution program is short and made a call for new donations. >> short on teen gifts. teens are hard to buy for. but we especially need a book for every child, especially the older child and gift cards to target or something like that so they could by a shirt they want. >> reporter: the need for help exists year round, not just during the holidays and despite the improving economy here many of these people are still out of work and are left behind. in san jose, rob fladeboe, kron 4 news. san jose state has a new football coach and hockey back in san jose. only this is the sharks. jason has that story and all the sports next. >> and it is the bay area's favorite way to ring in the new
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years, i will host new year's live withöfdeñvgary radnich. that is, of course, december 31 at 11:30 p.m. only on kron 4. music's, ready !
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all right. welcome back. san jose state has a new football coach. it is 45-year-old ron caragher who grew up in morgan hill.
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he is a local guy. spent six years coaching at the university of san diego i jim harbaugh once coached. the previous 12 seasons assistant coach at ucla and kentucky. he inherits a program that went 10-2 with a bowl game left later this month. >> my vision for this program is have a culture of excellence. and that excellence is in the classroom, in the community and on the playing field and we want our guys to embrace challenges, love challenges and give it their all. >> the 49ers clinched a spot in last night's win over the patriots. >> going into the game it was obvious both teams, you know, desperately wanted to win the game. felt like both teams wanted to
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prove they were the better team. really came out to -- see who was better. >> one note from that game, justin smith suffered an arm injury. kept him out of:the 4th quarter jim harbaugh wouldn't reveal what the mri showed. he started 188 connective game. longest streak among defensive tackles. 49ers in a big game with seattle, the division title on the line sunday. tonight's match-up, monday night football, a dud. titans hosting !cxñaimthe jets. chris johnson paid tribute to all 26 victims of the connecticut shooting by wearing their names on his shoes and then ripped off the longest run in titans & a touchdown. 27 yards on his other carries.
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mark sanchez had five turnovers who were eliminated from any playoffs. titans. giants bringing back the pitcher. the a's they have -- or are going to sign a shortstop from japan, 30-year-old hiroyuki nakajima. he sa7 time all -- is a 7 time all star in the pacific league. the a's called a press conference for tomorrow. but the buzz is to sign this man. he would replace stephen drew. drew got $10 million today to play for the red sox. pro hockeys return to the hp pavilion. minor league pro hockey. 12,000 hockey fans showed up to see the bulls take on the thunder. bulls tie it up. but stockton ices it. tony scores on the rebound.
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5-2. and of course, what would hockey be without a little fight? as you see here. fists. nobody got hurt, badly. stockton wins 6-4 and hockey for one night back. mike, bob and now jim, the only three division 1 coaches to reach 100 wins. he reached the file stone in -- milestone in his 37th year. with three more wins he will become number two all time and warriors a note here, yeah -- >> i like your note. >> david lee, the forward for the warriors, named the player of the week in the western conference. >> all right, david. >> yep. >> good night, everybody.
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