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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 18, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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>> next at eight. students at san jose city college are told to stay in their classrooms. as police search the campus for a
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gunman. we are live on the scene lockdown. as police respond campus. this all began late this college. on moorpark avenue. >> there has not been a sugar found. the class's tonight have been cancelled. >>pam: told about the class is for tomorrow? and the police have closed off so many of the streets. and have those police barricades being lifted? >> they have all been lifted it was quite chaotic at the scene. the middle of rush hour. there were tons of cars trying to get to the campus. they wanted to get their final exam completed. but there were not able to get on
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campus but now it is clear. the traffic is open and the barricades have been cleared. >>pam: reggie, thank you for the update of san jose city college. earlier this evening. we chancellor of san jose city spoke about the lockdown andturning now to other news. also, vicki leave the office. >> yes, we have been getting a lot of information the lockdown has just been lifted but earlier, just a few hours ago that this could have been a prank. a tweet from san jose city college saying that police for tracking the call from this anonymous source. it could have been a prank. there was suspicion and also a tweet from 6:24 from the san jose police department
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that they have not made any contact with anyone. that could confirm anybody seeing a gunman. this father first was getting information from his son who was inside of the building. james bowam saying that there was a lot of policemen and chopper. and some instructors came by and told his son and his two classmates to " run for it ". the father and son were communicating through facebook. and another caller was in that tech center. one of them was yelling at the evening students to of not heard about the lockdown but against the lockdown has been lifted. and classes will resume tomorrow. reporting live, kron 4. >>pam: thank you, vicki.
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more anxious feelings on this campus san jose city college having cleared after they received a report of a possible indictment earlier. the lockdown lasted over 2 hours stay with kron 4 will have coverage later in this newscast. the san jose situation has been just as scary with them one of the big things that we have to do is to try to get some level of
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normalcy. school is part of that. >> the children are not back in classit makes people feel better.. they feel there's a another and the people who are back in conneticut who clifford kron 4 news. in other bay area news. case. did not reveal her identity. and amid a re- ignited gun are laid to rest -- as many27 people - including the sandy hook elementary school massacre - 20 were children. obama is taking a stronger has more on the connecticut school massacre. catherine? the children headed back to
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school tuesday were met by specially trained teachers. those staffers spent monday with experts - learning how to best handle the aftermath of sandy hook elementary are 'not' back in class yet. and probably won't be until equipment to a vacant middle school where they'll go back to class.meantime.the sad string of funerals jessica rekos is one of the 20 children gunned down friday morning. her funeral service began only minutes after another one - for classmate james mattioli - had wrapped up. while investigators promise answers in what happened. many wonder if it will ever really be clear why 20-year- old adam lanza did this. the fbi is trying to recover information from his hard 'the kid knew what he was doing' - referencing the fact adam apparently deliberately destroyed his hard drive to erase valuable evidence. a home search turned up no mental health medication. and authorities say lanza left no note or letter. no explanation for why he targeted innocent children. the one person who might have offered some answers - adams mother nancy. another of his victims. police say he shot her 4 times in the today one of the people visiting a memorial was a school freshman and adam lanza was a sophomore. the imam>> "we all kind knew that like you know, he had problems socially and we had a feeling that there might have been something wrong thought it was our place to do so." >> "the acts he did that day one time.he was just
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another kid." catherine heenan, kron 4. spoke about the lockdown andturning now to other news. >>pam: dozens of people came together in pleasanton tonight for a candle light vigil to mourn the lives lost in connecticut. kron 4's charles clifford was there. if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, you can email us at m >>reporter: beneath a clear sky on a crisp december night, dozens of people gathered in pleasanton's amaral park to mourn the loss of so many young lives in last week's conneticut. >> you're really kind of dumbfounded. you don't understand how someone could do something like that and it just takes you aback. your jaw drops and you just shake your head.
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>>reporter: sharing. they bonded together here to express their pain. it makes people feel better. they feel there's a connection between one another and the people who are back in conneticut who have to deal with this. this vigil was put together by the mohr elementary parent teacher association. some of the families got together over the weekend and wanted to do something express their grief. the pta also collected donations which will be sent to the families of vicitims in conneticut. in pleasanton, charles clifford kron 4 news. >>pam: in other bay area news. this happened monday at around 1:15pm. this owner of this gun shop is through the roof. so close to the holidays and is packed but not packed when people are purchasing christmas presents. >> we see this periodically one we see tragedies. >> collins owns this a gun shop he has been selling
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guns to enthusiasts. >> with people fearing a new ban on guns, there getting them now. >> normally, they would sell 15-20 per day. since yesterday, 100. >> after the sunday speech from the president the sales have nearly doubled. >> it is all types of guns, semi automatics, and several boxes of ammunition. >> there is no rhyme or reason because everybody has the type of gun that they want to shoot. >> we target chute and otherwise they are locked up. >> even though these are flying off the shelf. they are always careful on who they sell. >> if i get a funny feeling? i have a moral responsibility to get th sticky t-guns out of the wrong hands. >> and to give you an update, the all clear of the
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san jose city college has been issued. the possible gunman. after room by room, they have secured the buildings and the " all clear " was given in the last 20 minutes. stay with kron 4 will have more news, after the break.
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>>pam: once again our developing story the all clear has been just issued at san jose city college. earlier today the police were called of a possible gunman. our reporter is still on the scene gathering information from law enforcement and a school personnel. to get a sense of how this was wrapped up. we will have more later in this newscast. and it is a happy holiday for 100 children
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that were able to shop for what ever they wanted. alicea read? rifle. thousand >> i found it jackets, mostly some issues. >> i have a shoes --. >> $100 gift card will go a long wait at old navy. there were able to get anything they wanted. >> these are coming from working families but do not have a lot of extras. not
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necessarily what is practical or what the parents what they want. but it to see what they want. >> it is heartwarming. >> this is only possible between it this family services. some sought shoppers scoped out before the wanted to. >> i was here last week. so i kind of know. >> this partnership has allowed children to enjoy shopping for the last nine years. this is from this family services program from the tenderloin district. alecia reed, kron 4. >> national news there is some optimism that lawmakers are closing in on a budget deal. john boehner and president obama have been talking in the latest round with negotiations about the
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fiscal cliff. originally, they wanted it that the number to be the household income of 200-2 minutes 50,000. of $250, 000. now, the impact of the financial negotiations between the speaker and the president is certain what we do know is that to pay for the health- care reform individuals earning over $200,000 and married couples over to one rickety thousand dollars will pay a new tax next year. over $250 --. >> there will pay a 3% medicare tax. over an income of stock, taxable interest.
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and from gains on real estate. anything that was not " earned income ". the fear of the fiscal cliff has many people concerned about their investments and their taxes. tonight kron-4's dan kerman takes a look at what youwhat we do know is that to pay for the president's health care reform individuals earning over earning over $250,000 will pay a new tax next year wealth manager kevin gahagan with mosiac financial avoid that tax by selling before the end of the year know they will need to investments. >> if this investment that you would want to hold, continue to hold if it makes sense. >> also,financial analysts say if talks break down, the capital gains tax could go up from 15% where it is now to 28%. more than likely it will land somewhere between the two investment analysts say that if you are going to have to
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cash out some investments next year, you may want to rethink that and cashed them out, this year. dan kerman kron 4. >> take a look outside. with 30's in fairfield 30's and 40's in napa and if you think that is cold wait until tonight. for the north bay valleys and a frost advisory for pretty much everyone else. we could see certainly is, but some and slippery conditions tomorrow. and as we take a look at the morning lows, 29 degrees in napa. 37 degrees in oakland and antioch is coming in at 35. only the low 50s and we will see mostly clear conditions and mostly sunny skies. your
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kron 4 7 day around the bay changes by thursday. active weather returning with showers continuing on friday. wet weather as we transition for the weekend. >> instagram is back- tracking on a new policy that gave the company the right to sell your pictures. if you use this, this will impact 2, stay tuned. it will impact-you--
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>>pam: instagram is thoughtback tracking... which is now owned by facebook. the popular photo- sharing app, now owned by facebook, changed its privacy policy that has led to a huge backlash on the web. kron 4's tech reporter gabe new policy could affect you. >> this " new terms of service was disclosed and
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this new policy allows photos to be used for advertisers. without financial restitution for the user. and obviously, people want to be paid or their photographs to be used and on one only by the users and owners of the photographs. however, instagram is saying that once these photographs will be using inatagram.. are now part of their property. however, they've got the message and they opposed it is a statement saying that they are listening and it
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was a big misunderstanding. the legal jargon made it seem that there were going seem thatsell photos or lead advertisers use user's pictures. have they really heard these people were made and the peas? all eyes will be on january 16th and the new policy takes into effect. gabe slate tech report [ female announcer ] here's to a whole world
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>>pam: ahead at 8-30. residents on edge in one south bay neighborhood. after a rash of residential burglaries. we'll tell you where it is happening pays a surprise visit to a his message for students. and the community. >> cold weather. certainly, the morning lows with 32 degrees in vallejo. the rainfall, when the evening news returns.
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>>pam: our developing story tonight. at 8-30 continues to be the lockdown at san jose city college. police are swarming the campus searching for a possible gunman.
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this is video,kron-4's reggie kumar is there live with the very latest. >> as you mentioned, the all clear was issued right before 8:00 p.m. take a look at this video. this building, was focused with the search here. luckily, no gun was found. no gun was found, and take a look at the officers. no gunman was found. this began at 4:30 after they received a report of the gunmen on campus. the school was placed on lockdown. and one hour later, the partial lockdown and students that were taking final exams were told to leave, immediately. except for the ones inside
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of the technology building. they had to stay inside before they were given the all clear. the school president say that class's will resume tomorrow. no word on who told the school that there was a gunman on campus. that is still currently under investigation reggie kumar, kron 4 news. >> a spike in residential and auto burglaries have residents on car. a spike in both residential and auto burglaries. has hill. since november 1st. there have been nine residential burglaries, and at least fourteen auto break-ins. and police describe a significant spike in burglaries in the greenleaf neighborhood, just north of east dunne avenue. police volunteers went door to door with fliers advising residents with advice about locking doors, securing property and keeping valuables in cars out of sight. police have increased
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patrols in the greenleaf neighborhood, and are avoid leaving holiday gifts in their cars. and to join or form a neighborhood watch group. they are asking neighborhoods to be aware of their street lock their doors and windows. >> police have increased patrols and to avoid leaving holiday items in their cars to form a neighborhood watch group. >>pam: also in morgan hill, the search is on for a bank robber. police released this photo from a surveillance camera. police say, the man robbed the wells fargo bank at the corner of monterey road and main street. about 1:45 saturday afternoon. he passed a note to a teller, demanding money and said that he had a gun. no gun was seen and no one
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was hurt, but the man escaped with an undisclosed amount of cash. and was last seen heading south on monterey road. >> school safety is on the mind of the nation these days. in oakland, the police chief wanted to tell elementary school children that the department is there forkron 4's justine waldman has more on his surprise visit. >> these second graders at this elementary school had no idea. a few months ago they wrote a letter to the oakland police chief to tell them about their experience with officers and ask questions. however mostly to say thank you. >> writing is a powerful tool. to say thank you, is a reinforcement of yes, people are listening. and they could be surprised when the police chief, howard jordan comes inside the classroom. >> he surprised the
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classroom and the children were stunned. not only that he responded but that he came to meet them and read these letters. >> . chief gordon, thank you for keeping our city sake. and asking questions, what are the stripes for and thank you for keeping our city -- safe. >>reporter: the police even got miniature police badges. >> is this encouraging for you? >> also i would like to be a fashion designer. >>reporter: the chief is used to being getting a letter but it is not always so kind but they wanted to reinforce that police are here for your safety, school, home. >> it is important to let them know that the letter to not just end up at a desk i read all of them, personally and i was very moved. >>reporter: the chief's visit was planned before the
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connecticut tragedy. the students did not ask about it he did not speak about it. justin waldman, kron 4 news. >>pam: raleys supermarket chain and its workers have made some progress and came to a tentative contract agreement. the union representing raley's workers said it won't count the results of contract-ratification votes until grievances are resolved. raley's spokesman said both parties agreed to binding arbitration for any dispute, and the union should file a grievance rather than impound the ballots. the tentative agreement was reached last month. and it ended a nine-day strike at the west sacramento-based raley's stores. >>pam: san francisco recreation and parks department began demolition of the fleishhaker pool building today. the san francisco landmark on the great highway had been closed for years before it became victim of fire on december first. days later architecture experts determined the building to be unsafe and required demolition. >> temperatures are cool.
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30's in fairfield. san francisco, in his 46 degrees. it is dry and clear. and 46 degrees with a freeze warnings for the north bay valley. frost advisory for most of the bay area. that will be in effect until 3:00 a.m. certainly bundle up. do not be surprised if you see frost and there could be an active storm. thursday for the north bay. wet weather will continue on friday with showers and rain chances for the weekend full details on what to expect what the next report. >> coming up, this is stolen christmas tree in vallejo is a random act of kindness in the next edition of people behaving badly.
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>>pam: it is all clear given at the san jose city college. earlier, the police were called to investigate a possible gunman on campus. stay with us we will be back after the break. oh, you have a keurig vue brewer? oh, it's great! now i can brew my coffee just the way i love it. how do you do that? well, inside the brewer, there's this train that's powerful enough to carry more coffee and fresh water to make coffee
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>>pam: update. stocks post strong gains for the second straight day. as traders remain optomistic about the prospect of a "fiscal cliff" deal in washington. on wall street. the dow surged 116-points. nasdaq rose 44-points. and the s-and-p 500 jumped up 16-points. >> toyota has agreed to pay a record 17-point-four- million-dollar fine to the national highway traffic safety administration. it's the largest fine allowed under law for a single investigation toyota's troubles stem from a 20-12 recall involving one its lexus models. the n-t-s-b says the automaker did not report a safety defect related to its floor mats in the lexus r-x 350 crossover in a timely manner.
8:42 pm
the faulty floor mats could have trapped the vehicle's accelerator pedal, causing unwanted acceleration. toyota has been dogged by significant recall problems over the last three years it's already recalled more than 10-million vehicles worldwide for various problems so far this year. >> another check your weather, after the break. [ male announcer ] if you're ready to get more from your tv service,
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plus, add hbo and cinemax, and get the first three months free. [ male announcer ] and now, exclusively from at&t, our wireless receiver lets you move your tv where you want around the house, even outside. so you're no longer tied to the tv outlet. [ female announcer ] at&t u-verse. tv like you've never seen before. ♪ >>pam: the all clear has been given at san jose city college. earlier today police were investigating a possible gunmen on campus. it was unfounded.. (male an badly. the
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break. this is all that's left of a tree that was planted 5 years ago just broken bulbs and lights, oh and a small hole in the ground what use to be here in the front yard was a 7 foot tall norfolk pine tree no make that three trees one died of natural causes, another was cut down by vandals >> this is wants left of the trunk from last year >> yes it was cut down with a saw .and now this year >> they folded it over repeatedly until it snapped off holidays was stolen, dragged over this fence and stuffed in a getaway car "allegedly" the tree wasn't just any tree .it was a it was planted in memory of their grandson who died of cancer when he was 19 now to the average person this would probably take the air of christmas sorta like this deflated santa clause >> the fact that they just came in my yard and took it theres no there nothing right about that at all
8:46 pm
>> even the neighbors are outraged >> a christmas tree i think that terrible like he said he could have knocked on the door and he would have bought them a tree >> in fact he has done just that how many trees have you bought in the past for other people i don't know maybe a >> it was uncalled for >> now i bet you are thinking that she is crying about the stolen tree .she is not, she is moved by a random act of kindness >> this is 40 dollars that was left in their door in a plain white envelope by a total stranger >> and there is no name and there is nothing on there and who ever did it did not knock >> which would be a great way to starts a new tree fund but they have different plans >> we'll donate it to cancer, at childrens hospital in oakland they also asked that instead of giving them money please donate it to childrens hospital in oakland and to the person who stole enjoy the tree, merry christmas
8:47 pm
in vallejo, stanley roberts kron 4 news >> clear and dry but there is a freeze warning in effect. overnight a frost advisory for the rest of the bay area. temperatures are going to get cold. twenties in some spots. i would not be surprised if we got to some record lows. with unseasonably cool. although it is going to be sunny the afternoon highs are only going to be in the 50s. here is a look at your morning those lows. 29 degrees expected in napa. expect frost advisories. and even possible black ice in some
8:48 pm
areas. although it will be sunny letter, it is expected to stay cold, so bundle up. developing in the gulf of alaska of this system is going to approach from the eastern pacific. by 10:00 a.m., thursday or widespread rainfall. and this band is eventually going to press through the bay area. it will probably be in the north bay. certainly, keep your umbrella handy as we have what weather each and every day. lasting into the weekend. that rainfall is usually snowfall. there is a winter storm watch. 18-30 in. above 7,000 ft.. tire chain laws in effect. your kron 4 7 day around the bay shower for the weekend.
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tonight. jason applebaum and also shortstop it's hiroyuki nakajima who is from japan
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>> welcome back. the a's have a new shortstop
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hiroyuki nakajima is from japan and an 8-time all star with the seibu lions.says folks can call him "hero" most experts cannot expect him to duplicate his same numbers over here but a japanese baseball expert afloat is saying that they do not know how we is going to do on the field but is already a star off the field. >> he says that billy beane.. is extremely sexy and cool [laughter] and thank you very much.
8:53 pm
(cheers & applause) instantly, he was in during to the -in during..endearing.. and a great personality. the newest oaklandathe 49ers can clinch the nfc west with a win in seattle sunday night.the big question is whether justin smith will be ready to go after injuring his arm against the patriots >> his nickname is cowboy. and what i know about smith with his situation i think that the cowboy is going to prevail. he will be saddled up. >> take a look he will be up on the field. now given colin kaepernick's he had to
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get his own crops along rap song (baby rap) she is on youtube... success - no surprise fans are popping up everywhere. m.sanchez benched no tebow- what does tim tebow have to do to get a chance with the jets? last night new york was eliminated from the playoffs after mark sanchez threw four interceptions - and had another key fumble at the end of the game that effectively ended their season.
8:55 pm
mcelroy is now favored. tebow now if you recall? with the press conference, the private jet when he led the broncos to a playoff game last year. you wonder if our reps ryan will keep his came after this season. heisman winner johnny manzell is still racking up postseason honors the texas a&m quarterback was named the associated press player of the year - the first freshman in history win that award he also achieved the davey o'brien award with 24 touchdowns, 1,180 yds and 19 touchdowns at into his 10
8:56 pm
victories since 1998. texas a&m will play january 4th in the cotton bowl. college basketball.stanford back east taking on 25th ranked north carolina state curry visits kaiser 12,000 saw hockey at hp 50-40. the cardinals tried to make a game out of it but the tomahawks with a game high of 24 points. not happy with the defensive rotation. 88-79. stanford is now 07-4. the warriors are back home. it has been 2 weeks. they lead the hornets, 59-50. david lee. on his amazing stride. curry visited
8:57 pm
kaiser permanente yesterday. to the apprize visit. when this is part of the holiday the cetacean by the team. signing autographs for patients, and staff. >> for at least a few hours last night, hockey returned to san jose of course it wasn't the sharks. the watched the san francisco bulls take on the plunder at the h p pavilion. it is a minor league. at the -- h-h-p pavilion. and with the lock out, stockton 6-4. there was even a fight! at least it was back at the pavilion. >> good night see you at 11:00 p.m.
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