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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 19, 2012 4:00am-6:00am PST

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starts now. >> the morning it is wednesday december 1910 live look at our roof camera as we look at city hall in san francisco. we are waking up to cold temperatures. >> it is literally freezing in some spots. thus did the latest on our chilly spots and starts the day with anny. >> the good news is we have breezes overnight that kept temperatures on the milder side. it is definitely a cold start to the morning. it was cold. temperatures now napa up at 29. santa rosa vallejo at 27. widespread '30's 0 around the bay area. with the exception of downtown san francisco at 42 degrees. the coldest temperatures will be up north. that is where we do have a freeze warning in effect going until at o'clock this morning in the north. because of the fact that temperatures will get down into the twenties was
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the widespread '30's. a frost advisory is in effect for the bay shoreline and the interior east bay today. >> the code is temperatures will be a around sunrise. these temperatures will continue to drop all the next couple of hours. today is definitely a day when you need your heavy winter coat. it is cold out there. >> the coldest weather we have seen this season. this morning a frost advisory and freeze morning until 8:00 a.m.. you may want to warm of the car. >> for the afternoon we will see a lot of sunshine. temperatures on a chilly side. this evening the changes come. cloudy conditions this evening and we can see some rain moving in the forecast. >> i'll have more details on that including our 7 day later. >> back to you james. >> a quick check of the commute no hot spots. west bound 80 traffic wiworking its way. >> highway 92 the san mateo
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bridge it is light there as well. traffic in both directions moving well with no problems. >> and the final stop, the golden gate bridge an easy ride on 101 a lone car working its way it from san francisco opera marin county. >> will have more revenue and traffic updates in a bit. >> we want to bring you up to speed on the traffic to twist to our north. >> a 60 vehicle crash on interstate 5 as close the road just south of the oregon border. >> a spokesperson with the california department of forestry and fire protection's as a number of people have suffered minor to moderate injuries in a series of crashes that started around 630 last night. >> those accidents dressed for nearly a mile along the northbound side of the freeway. >> no word yet on what caused the call-up or when the interest they will be 03 opened. >> authorities said icy roads may have been a factor.
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>> a security guard is recovering this morning after the building where he was working on fire. >> fire broke out around 1215 this morning of a 900 block of railroad avenue in east oakland. >> authorities said the fire began in a pickup truck. >> the finest and spread to a commercial building nearby. >> to cause the fire remains under investigation and no suspects are in custody. >> a lockdown at san jose city college's been lifted after officers and several hours searching the campus for a reported gunmen. >> is a video from the abc sky seven h d of the scene. >> the campus was locked down route 430 yesterday afternoon after school officials reports of alleged arms suspect on campus. >> city college and san jose police searched campus for nearly three hours and did not find a suspect. >> police said there were no reports of gunshots.
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>> parents in town conn have cautiously sent their children back to school. >> i was naturally love to keep my kids in a bubble but you cannot live that way. >> the close-knit community is forever changed because of the 20 children that will never return to class. the investigation continues into what sparked the shooting rampage. >> the shooter left is less computer at his home so far as investigators have not been able to retain any data. >> within four hours to funerals were held yesterday's at st. rose of lima church. >> i am watching a sea of people leave a funeral for a child. >> and another sea of people tried to get in for the next funeral. >> teacher victoria soto will be laid to rest today
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and parents will carry more children. >> parents say they take comfort in knowing their daughter is with her friends. >> they are altogether up there and that are up there with their one for principle. be a visible last night for the principle in a neighboring town, the town's mayor sent their fate will not waver. >> president obama meanwhile will watch a demonstration wide effort today to create a new policy and at preventing another mass school shooting. >> the president is expected to announce the offer from the white house but no major policy decisions will be announced. >> white house aides say obamas is likely to produce a type of gun laws, including a ban on assault style weapons. >> is also likely to seek ways to improve mental health resources and school safety. >> vice-president joe biden will be spearheading that process. >> dozens of people gathered
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in pleasanton to emeramaral park to mourn the loss of so many allies in last week's connecticut shooting. >> singing songs, play in lighting candles the bond together to express their pain. >> it was really important for us to gather together to bring it was again the to have a sense of community is best during the holidays i season. >> the pta collected pictures, points, and donations which will be sent to the victims of the family in connecticut. >> fairfield police say, this teen friend to carry out attacks similar to the massacre in connecticut. >> now, the 18 year-old is facing felony criminal press charges. investigators say sergio cabada posted a
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message on line saying he supported the school shooter and thought of doing something similar. >> within hours of posting the message, investigators tracked down the team in the city of suisun. >> gun sales of one gunshop in livermore are approved. >> grandy collins owner of the j and our guns supply shop says he believes sales at its shop skyrocketed because people are concerned about two things. >> their protection and possible changes to gun laws. >> isn't as holiday season, he was still in there from 20 to 10 guns for day. the suggestion in when alone he has made over 100 sales >> astronauts are set to take off for the
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international space station russia providing the vehicle. >>
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>> we're back. watching wall street this morning. market future shall all three indexes in the green starting off pre-market trading this morning. >> strong gains for the second straight day yesterday. committee here's a look at yesterday's numbers on wall street. the dow surged for under 16 points. >> nasdaq rose 44 points. >> and as in peak-to jump up 16 points. >> facebook c o markzuckerberg is definitely in a holiday giving mood.
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>> donated 8 million of his shares worth nearly 500 million to the nonprofit silicon valley community foundation, which works and education and health initiatives. >> it is auckerbvergs second in donations since he joined the giving pledge, the bill gates warned buffett organization that has as the will to achieve when the u.s. to give to work while causes. >> the picture is pretty clear, users are not happy with the changes coming to instagram . the uproar is over changes to instagrams privacy policy allow the company to use scare photos and advertising. >> of against the galthough ins issues still have ocean falls, the service term
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state by adding a photo to your account, you're giving the service less user content. >> we are watching developing news out arekazakhstan where astronauts from nasa, the russian federal space agency, and the canadian space agency where the soyouz lodge is taking place. three astronauts are headed to the space station. >> 5, 4, 3, 21 and lived off. >> the astronauts are making their way towards the international space station. >> we are doing well. >> delivering 102 t of thrust for hits in zero core
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engine. the first stage measuring 68 ft., burning liquid fuel for the first two minutes, six seconds of flight. >> there you saw it live a lunch of the capsules taking up to the international space station three astronauts will be traveling for three days one russian into americans before reareaching their destination later in the week.
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>> we are back at 4:15. taking a look at the golden gate where we are dealing with colder temperatures. >> detectors are quite a bit colder than yesterday. we are seeing 10 20s in some
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areas right anny. >> yes. as best in the north bay. a cold morning to start off. vallejo and fairfield 27. widespread '30's this morning in the mid '30's san mateo. oakland mid '30's. san francisco is the warm spot at 42 degrees. half moon bay at 37. redwood city at 37. sunnyvale at the freezing mark almost at 33 degrees. >> these numbers will continue to drop as the sun rises. sunrise time is around the coldest temperatures this morning. it will getting colder over the next couple of hours. >> this is why we have a freeze warning in effect for the north bay. that is where was it the coldest temperatures low in the 20's and '30's. a frosted by three for the bay shoreline and interior east bay until 8:00 today in the morning. cold temperatures will be around sunrise. for those of
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you bring in your sense of place if you have them. -- sensitive plant. >> temperatures are going to be on the cold side for today. we have rain coming in i would say, tomorrow widespread rain expected for the entire bay area. the rain will into the north bay around midnight tonight. >> did the judge will be in the lower fifties today. tomorrow and friday we will see the storm system come through in the form of widespread rain and freezing conditions. >> saturday and sunday looking to be unsettled with showers. temperatures topping at around mid '50s with a weekend. as we head into the holiday monday christmas eve, when will start to clear out. sunny skies temperatures near mid '50s and for christmas day
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we are looking at mostly sunny skies. highs around 53 degrees. that is a look at your weather let us go back to james to check on traffic. >> good morning. >> good morning will begin with the bay bridge approach. looking good no problems heading to san francisco or out to oakland on the lower deck. >> the san mateo bridge moving well on both east and west bound elections. the right hand si is your commute direction heading toward the golden gate bridge. >> no problem for santa rosa into san francisco. their reporting no problems. >> police are searching for a man who wrorobbed a bank in belmont. >> those are taken from the banks surveillance video from the bank on ralston
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ave. >> authorities say the suspect into the bank and demanded money from a teller before running off. >> no one was hurt. >> that employes is by the suspect as a white male, between the ages of 25 to 35 years old. >> between 5 and foot 9 and 6 ft. tall. >> a spike in both residential burglaries and auto burglaries as residents on guard in morgan hill. >> since november 1st their benign residential burglaries, and at least 14 auto break-ins. >> the significance bike and burglaries as been in the green leaf neighborhood, just north of east dmnne avenue. police and volunteers went door-to-door with pliers employe fliers advig
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residents with advice about locking doors, securing property keeping valuable in cars outside. >> we went door-to-door asking neighbors to be aware of their neighborhood their street. to look out for one another. to lock their doors and windows. >> police have increased patrols in the green leaf neighborhood and urging residents to avoid leaving their holiday gifts in the car while they are shopping. >> also in morgan hill, the search is on for a bank robber police released this photograph from a surveillance camera. >> police say, the man robbed the the wells fargo bank at the corner of monterey road and main street about 145 saturday afternoon. >> the testing note to the teller, demanding money and said that he had a gun. >> no was zeno was heard, but the man escaped with an undisclosed amount cash last seen heading south on
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monterey road. >> in vallejo to children and 12 and a 13 year old arrested and accused of stealing a rifle. >> police alleged that it took the weapon from residents on irene drive. this happen at around 115 monday. >> that is when a motorist of the two boys on columbus park will hold the air rifle case. >> one clearly had a rifle case it was a khaki green to handle rifle case. the other kid had a backpack on. when i turned the corner i saw them and they had squatted down like they were attempting to hide. there was no rush where they were. at that point they were running up to the rock formation and were hiding. i made a left and parked up the street where i could see them and they could not see me. tell me there were two units on the way i saw the
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two units come flying up here with their lights and on to the chp--also the chp. >> i heard the police say get down off the mountain. >> i clearly saw it was a rifle case. the suspicious nestle was they were trying to duck down which may be jump to 911 faster. >> one of the boys were released to the custody of his parents while one of the other remained behind bars and is expected of stealing the rifle. >> it will set the rate will have more coming up on the
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other side and just a minute. here's a live look out of of of creek where it is really cold. frost advisory and freezing mornings are out there. we will get with anny and a little bit about your forecast for today.
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>> we are back in is 4:25. >> reaction is expected this morning on the just released bipartisan review of the deadly attacks of the u.s. consulate in the benghazi libya. >> the independent panels the past two months examining security lapses prize to the september 11th attacks. >> natisha lance the details. >> security was lacking in the attack was " of
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anticipated. it also concludes there was no protest prior to the attack. that is the unclassified portion. be read the rest available only for those with high-level clearance. >> it is going up to the senate and house assigned reading rooms like they always do with classified information. members and staff of our committee and other committee will be granted access to it. >> the report includes 24 recommendations ranging fofrom security. >> stays and to hillary clinton says she accepts the responsibility she came forward and accepted for stability. >> 275 post. >> the details of what happened that night said the security systems in response fell short. also
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the possibility that gates of the compound were left open. >> today both the house and the senate will be briefed on the initial findings. >> i am natisha lancde. >> another wrench has been thrown in the fight of the so-called fiscal cliff. >>vboehner has veered off the bipartisan course and has instead pushed for a republican package to extend cuts for wealthy americans. >> the move comes after several days of significant progress between president obama and the house speaker. there were reportedly close to a deal raising taxes on the wealthy and curbing government spending, including social security. >> but the speaker says the white house bill to make an acceptable offers as a result he needed to move ahead with another planet.
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>> coming up on the kron 4 news more on your weather and traffic will be right back.
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>> we're back the time is 4 :30. here's a look at golden gate bridge as we wake up this morning to really, really cold temperatures this morning. >> first you want to get out to san francisco where volunteers have been working hard stuffing backs preparing for food giveaway today there is a line about 100 people today outside the church now. kron fours mike pelton is live from the giveaway, the morning mike. >> is cold around the bay are expected is cold war you are. >> a lot of these people are braving the cold to get the free meal. >> i would say the line is closer to 1000 people. the line runs around the building down to zero feral you can see on the left side of your screen these metal fencing's at some point they are going to move these people and snake them through that. this gives you a good idea of how many
4:32 am
people they expect today. the plan to hand out 5500 bags of goes reach a full holiday meal. >> comes with turkey or chicken. potatoes, bread, pasta, rice, beans and bread. >> the handout begins around 730. it runs until 1230 this afternoon or until they run out of food. you can see the demand is very very high here this morning. we will keep an eye on this all morning long. again this starts at 7:30 a.m. anyone who comes will get a meal until they run out till 1230 this afternoon. >> how low you suppose people have been waiting this morning? >> on your screen is the first group of people that have arrived. some of them tell me they got here at 9:00 last night. they have been in the cold of my long to get the free meal this morning. >> thank you mike. until
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then and beyond. >> a nice tradition that is provided each year. >> let us turn our attention to weather. is really cold. anny a close look at the numbers. >> is below freezing in the north bay where temperatures now in santa rosa are at 29. napa the upper twenties. novato at the freezing mark. downtown san francisco 41 degrees. that is the milder spot on the map. in vallejo, very cold upper twenties. fairfield 27. concord 21. widespread '30's for much of the bay area. these temperatures will continue to drop about through a around sunrise. the north bay is where will see the code is numbers low in the '20s and '30s. defrost advisor for the rest of us
4:34 am
including the bay shoreline communities and the interior east bay. again cold temperatures will be a around sunrise this morning. the numbers you saw will continue to drop. the lowest numbers will be in the mid '20s and the next couple of hours. >> looking ahead to day after the very cold start this morning sunny this afternoon. still chilly it will be breezy at times. tomorrow rain likely and breezy in chile again. beyond that there rain continues and the weekend looks to be unsettled as well. >> more details on the rain and also your 7 day forecast which includes christmas eve and christmas day. the time is 4:33. here is george with traffic that morning. >> good morninganny. light traffic around the bay area no problems are hot spots. >> conditions are in the east bay and they are like. highway 4 no back up to three the the altamonte pass or through antioch in the
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case of highway 4. south bay peninsula north bay ride spotlight traffic as you can see on our live camera shot it is an easy ride getting to the bay bridge. james. >> thank you george we will continue with the news the father of one of the connecticut school shooting victims wonders if his daughter and student of have been saved. >> 30 year-old lauren rousseau was a substitute teacher at sandy hook elementary dave commons has more details on that story. >> jill drousseau prepares to the same. his daughter was a teacher at school. as a substitute teacher she had not been given keys to the classroom. >> she did not have the keys to lock the doors on the inside. then she was killed immediately and 16 kids in
4:36 am
her room. >> she grew up here but her family is originally from quebec. she had a boyfriend and says she was excited to be teaching at sandy hook. >> she was excited about something she could r a live in and get married and have children but that was cut short. >> earn a living. very sad. >> her car is with her dead. testifying to the power of the shooter's rifle bullet passed through the car coming through the walls and windows of the school's first all the way to the parking lot. >> school resume for new town student grief counselors on hand to help the students to see school as a safe place in spite of the attack. >> moving trucks are taking ness, books from santee elementary to a new school nearby which had been vacant. it will open in the new your welcoming students
4:37 am
who survived the massacre. >> school safety is on the mind of the nation these days and the students at montclair elementary school in oakland at that assurance from the oakland police department. >> police chief howard jordan showed up at the school to show his appreciation for all the kind words they wrote to him a few months ago. >> chief jordan says he wanted the kids to know that the police are approachable, responsible and will keep them safe, on the streets at home at school. >> i read all the letters personally and were very moved by them. >> she's jordan said his trip was planned before the new town incident happened he did not talk about the incident and the kids did not ask questions about it. >> to open in have been charged with the killing of two teenage girls. >> prosecutors said 18 year-
4:38 am
old diandtay paul and 19 year-old antonio edwards are being charged in the shooting deaths of 15 year- old raquel gerstel and 16 year-old bobbyl sasartain on november 26th. >> sentencing has been delayed for a man convicted of gunning down his ex- girlfriend and her friend in richmond san rafeal bridge toll plaza in 2009. >> nathan burris was convicted of to a count of murder last month for stalking and killing toll taker debra of ross and bus driver ersie everett on august 5, 2009. >> burris his attorney say that the client, who represented himself as this trial, was not in the park roberts and his teeth to prepare for the hearing.
4:39 am
>> the sentencing has been continue to january 18th. >> the russian parliament pulmonary authorization to ban the adoption of russian children by americans known of on what is motivating that move. >> it is right at the freezing mark in novato the coldest temperatures will be sigfound in the north bay. it will be a chilly wind. we will be right
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>> we're back at 4:4 for0. too many players on the field among them was not human. a pigeon or raided the home of turf of the oakland raiders and would not leave. jeanne moos has the details. >> the pigeon was not
4:42 am
intimidated by the oakland raiders for the kansas city chiefs. throughout the second quarter it would not leave. >> staying close to the action. >> he is holding down the field with them! >> a. raiders fan shot the video. >> no one step on the pigeon. dustup on the pigeon. >> there was a few near misses. literally they were blown away before they finally made it says a the other side. >> the pigeon was practically on the line of scrimmage. >> (cheers and applause) for get the raiders and the chiefs led the crowd was rooting for the pigeon. the specimen number 65 took a swipe at the bird with his foot to get out of harm's way. >> (cheers and applause) why do you have to hate bro. >> some reports and it is
4:43 am
funny that you focused on the bird and not the game. >> did you see the score? there was not a touchdown during the whole game. >> the raiders won with a field goal. the bird was themvpmvp. >> the original cooperating as the p a blared the song free bird. >> ♪ finally the pigeon was scooped up and deposited in the bucket. of course there were jokes. indeed the raiders had thought the sun the pigeon to a contract. the jets have already penciled in the pigeon as next week quebec. >> instead of picking up grass it would have picked up the pass.
4:44 am
>> but will take our break. we will be back with more news in a minute. and look at the bay bridge toll plaza is a light and easy ride. 28 degrees in napa. that is extremely cold. cold enough to have a freeze warnings in effect. we will check your forecast coming up on the other side of this break.
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>> we are backed 4:45. a sinkhole is undermining portion of march creek road near morgan territory road in clayton. >> the contra costa county department of public works says, a cavernous, 8 ft. in diameter was discovered underneath asphalt yesterday's. >> the road was closed of medical crews could begin repairs. >> they believe it was caused when an old storm drain gave way during the heavy rains. >> it was corroded. water
4:47 am
watched through in the storm and material goods watched along with it and create a cavity underneath the road. >> crews are reinforcing the trouble spot with steel plates as you can see. that will be in place until a permanent fix will be made they are keeping a close eye on that area during this round of rain which may be expected as early as tomorrow. >> it is cold right now that we know for sure. good morning anny. >> good morning. it is cold this morning. look at these numbers 29 in santa rosa. napa upper twenties. vallejo 28. vallejfairfield 28. >> in san francisco you of the bony spot at 41 degrees. --balmy spot.
4:48 am
>> a free lodging is in effect for the north bay until 8:00 a.m. this morning because of the lows expect to fall in the twenties. that frost advisory for the bay shoreline interior east bay. colder temperatures will be around sunrise. the numbers of 30 seconds ago will be the lower or the next couple of hours. a morning to bring out the heavy duty winter jacket and scarfs. all accessories how the more on. >> a very cold start to this morning. this afternoon the sunshine will look pretty it may not feel that pretty with chilly temperatures. we do have a slight chance for rain late tonight also through tomorrow. here's why. satellite and radar picture show up to the north we are looking at star systems quite a bit of snow and rain up in the northwest. we will taste that in the form of cold air and some wet weather tomorrow and into friday and
4:49 am
weekend. >> now the models have slowed down the rain a little bit. i think tomorrow we are expecting a initially wide spread rain. you can see fairly clear conditions we do see clouds increasing later tonight. some of the showers and the rain up to the north by thursday afternoon. up toward santa rosa. it was a cloudy conditions for tomorrow. we will see the wide spread rain friday in into your weekend. >> after the very cold start this morning we will get to around fifties for the most part. 53 in downtown 7 to scott. lower fifties and santa rosa down to the south bay. east bay oakland may be close to the mid '50s this afternoon. pleasanton around 53. s >> your kron 4 7 day around
4:50 am
the bay forecast shows the changes come tomorrow precondition for clausen chance for rain. friday will be a little more widespread highs of around 57. the weekend looking to be unsettled with showers. christmas eve we will be dry. christmas day a lot of sunshine highs around low to mid 60's. >> the time is 4:49. here is george with a traffic. >> good morning anny. the hot spots or no delays or any traffic problems. >> your commute coming to the golden gate bridge an easy commute coming in from the macarthur maize from the east shore and from the nimitz. >> for the san mateo bridge now is a good time to cross 11 minutes weather east and west bound. light traffic with no delays. >> the golden gate bridge looks good 1 01 the have not yet configured the bridge for the morning commute. traffic is sparse. no problems on either the north
4:51 am
of the south downside. >> looking at the traffic maps an easy commute would bring showing on the roadway censors. your ride in and out of the san ramon valley averages 8680. westbound 580. south 680 from public and pleasanton--from dublin to pleasanton to some old milk problems. >> san jose freeway is light traffic. there may be a problem on highway 9 with a fallen tree. looking at the commute through marin 101 southbound is to lay free from the bottle to the golden gate bridge. from the county line down to highway 37--novato. >> california has released draft regulations for hydraulic fracturing, or frankincking. >> the state currently oversees oil will construction but it does not require disclosure of fraclomg practices.
4:52 am
>> under the draft regulations, operators would have to name the chemical used in the process and they would have to test their wails to insure that it was stand the drilling process. >> astronomers say they have found five planets circling a star much like the sun. >> one of those pledges thought to be a habitable. >> the star is called tau ceti. the astronomers say they have, more than 6000 of the basis for three telescopes to detect the systems planets. >> it is a happy holiday for more than a hundred children who got the chance to shop for whenever they wanted. kron force alecia reid has a store from zero navy slacks store. >> each child has a hundred dollar did car. >> i am at a hat and a sweater. an orange and gray
4:53 am
long sleeve shirt. in a couple of sweaters terry >> my favorite shirt is this mission. in all this is my favorite. >> this have allowed o enjoy this shopping spree fall last nine years. all the children participating in today's of it are from glide family service program in . >> aledia reid kron 4 news. >> we have a live look at the golden gate bridge. we want to emphasize it is cold if you have not stepped outside your door is freezing out there. literally we are under the freezing mark in a number of spots. we will have an update on your forecast coming up. >> 7 cisco 41 degrees is to warm up to 53. and do not
4:54 am
forget you can always catch an episode of dr. phil after the kron 4 morning news at 10:00 a.m.. >>
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>> we are backed at 4:55. it is freezing outside. this afternoon it should be sunny and dry but we should be on the cool side. then thursday and friday rain should be back. >> the mass shooting in a connecticut elementary school is having an impact on the happenings around hollywood. martha j. is joining us with today's hollywood minute. >> quentin terintina new movingjdango unchained was scheduled to premiere. but was canceled in the wake of the deadly shooting in new town conn. >> the movie is centered
4:57 am
around a free slave turned a bounty hunter and includes violent scenes. >> fans cast and crew was given the option to attend a private cast and screening. it stars jamie foxx, samuel jackson, and leonardo dicaprio. >> john legend, and danny glover, and russell simmons served as executive producers of the house i lived in. >> the team lead, said in part their knees to b >> for today's hollywood
4:58 am
minute i'm martha shades. >> still ahead on the kron 4 morning news for more funerals will be happening in new town today as the community continues to mourned the loss in the school shooting. will have more on the investigation coming up. >> and some tense moments for students at san jose city college as a threat of an armed suspect had a school on lockdown. >> will have an update coming up. >> and we will be checking beanny who has a look at our forecast + will be talking to george will has a look at our morning commute. we will be right back. ?ñ
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>> (male announcer): live from the bay area this is the kron 4 morning news. >> kron 4 news at 5:00 a.m. starts now. >> top stores there will following on this wednesday, december 19th breaking news out of the south bay where firefighters cover a body in a carport to tell us a
5:01 am
straight ahead. >> president obama is launching a gun control task force this morning to prevent another tragedy like new town from happening again, and the national rifle association is speaking out. >> it is a cold one today colder than yesterday's. >> let us talk to anny about how things will want a little bit today. we do have sunshine. bidefinitely a cold start this morning. >> widespread '30's. san jose is at 35 degrees. oakland at 35. concord 31. san carlos the mid '30's. livermore at 30 degrees. santa rosa has cooled down to 29 napa 28. vallejo 29. fairfield 27. elsewhere we are looking at widespread
5:02 am
'30's in the north bay because of the twenties we do have a freeze warning in effect now. it is until 8:00 a.m. this morning comes from the national weather service. we also have a frost advisory because of the widespread '30's for the bay shoreline communities and the interior east bay. >> remember colder temperatures are around sunrise. we will continue to drop in temperatures over the next couple of hours. you will need to bring out your winter weather accessories. hats, gloves, and heavy winter coat. >> for today after a very cold start to the morning. a lot of sunshine. it will look nice today still a bit chilly when you factor in the breezy conditions. conditions similar to yesterday's. i walk my dog yesterday and it was still cold and sunny. >> increasing clouds and then we see rain on the rising. the models are backing up the timing. you may not see the widespread rain until friday but we
5:03 am
will break down the forecast and take a look at the 7 day which includes christmas eve and christmas day later. first here is george with a traffic. good morning. >> good morninganny. >> we are not tracking in hot spots or delays. >> light traffic of around the bay area of four high way for immediate interstate 58580.0 there is south bay peninsula they all look good. >> we have developing news in the bay area will tan our solo reporter--tran. >> and body was discovered off gulf kuehnis drive.
5:04 am
>> they initially got a phone call about a stores and on fire. when they came out and put out the fire they stumbled across a body. at this point would not have a gender. they're not releasing it is up to the coroner's office. it appears the body was burned how badly burned the police department is not going into detail. it looks like they will be here for the next several hours talking to witnesses and hoping to make a better positive id on the person. i will try to talk to the sergeant from the campbell police par to get more information. as far as a structure that caught on fire it was minimal damage. >> and wrecking the situation in canada we will check with your later thank you will. >> a lockdown at san jose city college has been lifted after officers spent several hours searching the campus were reported gunman. >> the campus was locked down at 430 yesterday afternoon after school
5:05 am
officials received reports of an alleged armed suspect on campus. >> city college and san as a police searched the campus for nearly three hours and did not find a suspect. >> police said there were no reports of gunshots city college officials a class will continue as normal today. >> new this morning president obama will launch and ministration wide effort today to create new policies aimed at preventing another mass school shooting. in naming vice president joe biden to head the push for gun legislation. >> the president is expected to announce the effort from the white house. >> white house aides say president obama is likely to pursue some tightening of gun laws, including a ban on assault style weapons. >> he also likely to seek ways to improve mental- health resources and school safety. >> in and now the national rifle association says it will hold a news conference on friday. >> the nation's largest gun rights lobby said it did not
5:06 am
comment on the connecticut school shooting out of respect for the families and as a matter of common decency. >> it says now it will offer meaningful contributions to make such a tragedy doesn't happen again. >> six more victims of the new town school shooting will be honored at funerals and remembrance today, including the school principal who was killed with 20 averse to ness and five other staff members at the sandy hook elementary school. >> the family of flexible dawn hochsprung invited moore to visit a local funeral home this afternoon. >> another teacher, victoria soto , will be buried today. >> still will also scheduled for 6 year-old charlotte bacon, 7 year-old daniel garden and a six year old charline--caroline prreevidi,
5:07 am
while a visitation of privilege will be held for seven year-old chase lowalski. >> ness in lanza was shot in the head four times while she slept the gunman for sun is believed to have shot himself in the head. we are learning that the shooter was a student at the elementary school at one time. rennet relativerushed to y that lends attended sandy hook but a school a minister in former classmates bolt said he did. lanza was our school for some of his going. >> let us take a look at the
5:08 am
golden gate bridge it is cold. is freezing in novato 32 degrees. looking for a high of 53 this afternoon we will be right back.
5:09 am
5:10 am
5:11 am
welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. >> wall street had advanced the so-called santa claus rally. in the latest session, the dow rose one 16 points to 13,351. the s and p was up 16 points, while the nasdaq surged 44. >> world stock markets are up after u.s. political leaders appear to be closing in on a budget deal to avert the fiscal cliff by the year-end deadline. >> figures are due this morning from the commerce department on november housing starts. >> a gauge of builders sentiment, released yesterday, was at the eyes as ever about six.
5:12 am
>> and in a turn for the strange on social media irans supreme leader ayatollah ali khamendi . >> has set up his new facebook profile and has already garnered nearly 6000 light even though the social network is technically blocked by the irianian government internet filters. >> facebook see all of our zuckerber i is and how they move giving. he donated 18 of his shares worth nearly 5 t in million to the nonprofit silicone valley community foundation which works in education and health initiatives. >> it is suckerbergs in big donations is to join the giving pledge, the bill gates-warren buffett organization that he ask the
5:13 am
wealthiest people are u.s. to give to worthwhile causes. >> in is a look outside of our mount tam cam weekend see cold temperatures will be right
5:14 am
5:15 am
5:16 am
>> we're back 514 in the time. >> a 60 vehicle crash on interstate 5 as close the road just south of the oregon border. >> a spokesperson with the california department of forestry and fire protection's as a number of people have suffered minor to moderate injuries in a series of crashes that started around 630 last night. >> those accidents stretch for nearly a mile along the northbound side of the freeway. >> no word yet on what caused the pile up or when the interstate will be open. >> authorities say icy roads may have been a factor. >> stormy weather is being blamed for a middle mudslide in washington state that took out a freight train. >> a 75 ft. wide slide slammed into a moving freight train derailed in crushing cars and the tracks. >> a longshoreman what working nearby city realized she was in danger when you're the gramm moving. >> everything to scan the
5:17 am
stock. >> crews worked through the night train to clear the massive mass of metal in mud off the tracks. they hope to have the freight trains back on track soon. the passenger cars have to wait longer. >> and a look at the kron 4 weather center with any. we're talking about when chilled. a lot of spots in the twenties. if you spot showing up with wind chills in the mid-20s. >> not what it feels 24 or 25. hayward also the current is 34 but when you factor in a wind chill it feels like 30 degrees. it is cold. is this the worst of it? it would be cold again tomorrow? >> i think today is the cold is. it will not be as cold tomorrow morning. >> this morning we're dealing with really cold temperatures. frost allies resent freeze warnings. 29
5:18 am
in santa rosa. novato at freezing 32 degrees. 274 fairfield. the numbers will continue to drop until about sunrise. >> 35 and oakland. 42 in downtown san francisco. 38 in daly city. sunnyvale 33. fremont 33. pleasanton, conquered all in the lord '30's. ring out the winter coats. -test, occurred are into lower '30's--bring out the winter coats. >> it is really cold out there cover your sins of plants or bring them in. -- sensitive plant. >> once we get to the frost and freeze warnings this
5:19 am
afternoon a lot of sunshine. still on the chilly side when you factor in the preconditions. this evening becoming cloudy with a slight chance of rain. the models are holding off on the timing of the rain. >> satellite and radar shows the view temperatures will be around the fifties. you can see the clouds are to the north of us and so are the showers. we saw the mud slide in the portland oregon area we will get some of that weather by tomorrow and more like friday in into the weekend. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows sunny today after the close to the cheers. thursday and friday cloudy conditions. rain for thursday especially in the north bay. by friday i expected to be more widespread as far as the models now. saturday and sunday showers are expected. it will be unsettled for the weekend. >> monday and tuesday christmas eve is dry. partly cloudy to mostly sunny
5:20 am
conditions. christmas day on tuesday, not a white christmas lots of sunshine high in the '50s. the time is 5:19 a.m. here is george with traffic. the morning. >> the morning anny. quiet here as we have no hot spots. light traffic on all the approaches of the bay bridge. an easy ride across the span without delay. problem free to the san mateo bridge. highway 92 at 11 minutes in the west bound commutes direction. >> the golden gate bridge crews are on the span finishing up three configuration from overnight conditions setting up with 4 into line configuration for the morning commute. >> as we update your ride on the traffic looking at the traffic maps to update your drive time is still just a 13 minute commute hercules to berkeley. the ride here to the san ramon valley problem free with no delays as you work your way westward on highway 580 even
5:21 am
through the altamonte pass you will find a pre the ride. >> here in the south bay you will find smooth conditions on 101, 85, 280. there is a problem highway 9 near glen arbor a tree has fallen and is blocking the roadway. north bay we mention the golden gate bridge here is 10 on the lay free from novato to the wall below grade. >> thank you george knew this morning's final preparations are underway at glide memorial church where san francisco'volunteers will ht 5500 bags of free groceries today. >> to get your news faster we turn to the kron 4 solo reporter mike pelton, who joins us live from glide memorial. >> this is the line it shows
5:22 am
you how great a demand is this morning. a good turnout means a bad sign. they have a great turn out this morning about 1000 people are in line. the metal fence will seyou see has been slaked around and set up so the line can go the route the city. >> this line wraps around the building. glide plans to hand out 5500 bags of groceries comes with chicken, potatoes, bread, pasta, rice, beans, and vegetables. >> more crews will rise to began packing the backs. the handout begins at 730. >> these people cannot wait a listen. >> and i am excited to be here because i'm want to be first in line. i am going to get the first big turkey i hope. i hope not a chicken
5:23 am
and turkey. >> a nice full meal? >> a nice warm milk. >> what he has alluded to is that these people cannot pick between a turkish origin in which they are going to receive this morning. this runs until 1230 this afternoon or until they run out of food. --a turkey or a chicken. >> if it goes until noon or after what time do the doors open and can you come out if you wanted to. >> it opens at 730 you can come thou but you will have to wait in line. it is quite a long line. >> a lot of people are up and out looking for help. thank you mike. the time now is 5:23 a.m.. we will take a quick break but give you a live look at the bay bridge where it is cold just about
5:24 am
anywhere around the bay area. traffic is not a problem of the toll plaza. oakland you are seeing the current tender of 35 degrees a few degrees of the freezing mark. it's a lot of slightly by this afternoon to 54. some sunshine and it still will be cold we will be right back. ♪ we were skipping stones and letting go ♪
5:25 am
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doesn't to the kron 4 news. >> time and then unveiled a 2012 chance for its iconic person president obama in this year's choice, being a figures including mariss mayuer, apple ceo tim cook
5:28 am
college presidents mohammed mordis and bill and hillary clinton. >> as it has for the past 85 years, magazines like the person of persons is editing and the single greatest impact during the past year. >> hopes to bring the present house speaker john bain are getting close to a deal to avert the tax increase and automatic spending cuts that will kick in the first the year congress doesn't do anything. >> the so-called fiscal cliff. >> the speaker present the president with a plan that would raise taxes on americans earning more than $1 million. >> not the 250,000 the present as a close. >> the house responded with a proposal for tax increases on those making more than 400,000 so some common ground they had been found on tax increases. >> and spending cuts the sides are far apart with the public is demanding greater cost so secure in medicare than the democrats seem willing to give for now.
5:29 am
>> the bay area favorite way to bring in the new year is always with kron 4. >> we will bring you the biggest partisan as fireworks. >> they will all be on kron fours mocked new year's eve live show hosted by catherine heenan and gary radnich see you
5:30 am
5:31 am
>> here is a live look at our mt. tam camera. it is 5:30 a.m.. it is cold out there, really really cold. >> it's so cold that director paul has a hat on. temperatures right now and hayward at 34 degrees. the wind chill feels like it is 30. mountain view 30 have monday and the 30's. palo alto 30's. now but is at 29 degrees. but isn't on the north bay because that is where we're seeing some of the coldest air vallejo 29
5:32 am
fairfield 27 degrees concord and lower 30's and it looks like temperatures will continue to drop or the next couple of hours. because of these cold conditions we do have a freeze warning in effect for the north bay. a frost advisor is also in effect until 8:00 this morning. you have more in your forecast including the neck storm with rain this way when we come back. >> a quick traffic check shows were still looking at light conditions even at the bay bomb bridge. you'll find us move commute for the north bay, the peninsula and south bay drives as well. in the east bay we are starting to see some slowing from interstate 580 to the altamont pass and highway four through antioch. >> we have breaking news
5:33 am
were falling out of campbell where firefighters have discovered a body after putting out a plafire. will tran is live on the scene >> they just allowed us a little bit ago to get a little closer. there is not a lot of damage to the carport. someone noticed the fire and called it into the fire department. they got and and a few minutes about the fire and that is when they made the discovery. at this point they do not know the gender of the person. this is obviously an ongoing investigation. starting gary byrd with the police department. >> this is under investigation and we are looking at all the pieces of evidence to determine what the fire was as well as the
5:34 am
cause of death. >> was this person found inside or outside of the carport? i see some remnants there. can we assume he or she was there? >> no. the body was actually located in the storage unit. the items they're taking out there were already part of the ms station. we are trying to locate potential witnesses. we will continue to look into that throughout the day. >> it is awfully cold this morning. does that look like this person lived here and came out and pajamas? or they fully clothed and somehow got in here after the fire started? >> at this point will not speculate what happened. we
5:35 am
will look at all the different pieces that we found to make a determination of what actually happened. >> the know how much longer you'll be here? >> we will not be here much longer. a lot of people did not get a lot of sleep last night. the fire trucks are still here even in the background. we're hoping to diplomatic mission in libya. the two most senior members of the accountability review board are set to testify behind closed doors today before the house and senate foreign affairs committees. an unclassified version said
5:36 am
syria's bureaucratic mess mismanagement was as of will for the inadequate security at the mission and benghazi where the u.s. ambassador and bay area native christopher stevens and three other americans were killed. schools and keep >> schools and use on the mind of the nation these days. the students at montclair elementary school in oakland got just that assurance from the oakland police apart. oakland police chief howard jordan showed up at the school to show his appreciation for all the kind words and wrote him a few months ago. steve jordan says he wanted the kids to know that the police are approachable, responsible and will keep them safe at home and on the streets and at school. >> up dozens of people gathered in pleasanton's amaral park to mourn the loss of so many lives in last week's conn shooting.
5:37 am
singing songs, praying and lighting candles they bonded together to express their pain. >> pleasanton as much like a small town in new england and this could have easily been a our community. being 3,000 mi. away it was important for us to gather together to have a sense of community especially during this holiday season. >> the visit was put together by a more elementary parent teacher association. the pta collected pictures palms letters and donations which will be sent to the families of the victims in conn. the time is 536 and we'll be back with more in just a couple of minutes. it is cold out there and the big story is the weather. a live look at walnut creek, the traffic is light and clear. and pleasanton the current temperature is 30 degrees we're looking for high 53 this afternoon.
5:38 am
5:39 am
5:40 am
5:41 am
>> of six months after the government that it cancer the list of sicknesses covered by the world trade center fund, and a study has found a clear link between cancer and the dust debris and fumes released during 911. the study examined more than 55,000 people were exposed to the dust and him is near the world trade center site. researchers say overall, there was no increase in the cancer rate of those studied compared with the rate of the general population after looking at 23 cancers from 2003 to 2008. >> the american heart association has opposed the new guidelines for treating heart attacks. they say how fast a doctor can treat severe heart attacks can determine a patient's prognosis. the most common symptom of a heart attack is chest pain or discomfort. other indicators include a nagging stomach ache, and
5:42 am
explained and the shoulder, a job, arm or shortness of breath. >> former president george h. w. bush could be home for christmas. the former president remains in a houston hospital this morning. a spokesman for the methodist hospital says he remains in stable condition and that his doctors are " increasingly confident " very much as ben and hospitals as a member 23rd for bronchitis related costs. >> 41 degrees right now intemperances go looking for high 53 this afternoon. how close did in your neighborhood? before you pull your toes out the door we will have your forecast for you in just a couple of minutes.
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
>> it is 545 right now and we're taking a look at top stories this hour. firefighters and campbell
5:46 am
have found a body after putting out a fire in the attached carport of an apartment building. five fire crews and police are on the scene working with arson investigators. the coroner has also ride on the scene. president obama will launch a gun control task force today. this administration might ever will create a new policy aimed at preventing another mass school shooting. the president has named vice president joe biden to head the task force. white house aides say the president obama is not expected to announce any policy decisions today. you are taking a live look at the golden gate bridge or you will see sunshine but it is so cold. >> temperatures and really plummeted as expected. 29 and now the 28 but it feels like 20 with the wind chill. there fell 29 upper 30's for the the city. san francisco
5:47 am
is the mild spot on the map at 42. pleasanton is at 30 concord 31 hayward when joe there is 30 degrees. it is definitely a morning to a bundle up. and the north bay the temperatures are in the '20s. we had a freeze wording in the fight for this morning until 8:00. elsewhere bay shoreline communities in the interior east bay we have a frost advisory in effect. it means it's just really cold and are sensitive plants are at risk. also temperatures will be around sunrise. the temperatures on the map " fall over the next few hours this morning. calder's lives in the north they can get down to the mid-20s. they planner for today, after the cold starts thissunshine. still chilly temperatures need
5:48 am
factor in the wind chill. this evening becoming clouding and they clouds will help insulate everything. it won't be as cold tomorrow night and morning. rain is possible and satellite and radar pictures shows that to the north of us, nw is being hammered with snow and port when. we will get a taste of that starting tomorrow. more on friday. we don't expect widespread rain really until friday. tomorrow afternoon santa rosa getting some light rain. pell of them was ever fell use it later in the after now. earlier in the evening and thursday night at 8:00 you can see as its stars to fill out a little more headed towards the south it could become a little more widespread
5:49 am
moderate to heavy rain. highs for today - we should basically get up and to the '50s. 54 in oakland or 50 for san mateo, occurred lay out now but also topping out at around 51 degrees. 7 day around the bay shows sunny today after the cold start. breezy, and wet for there is a. saturday and sunday look to be unsettled in the form of showers. the measures will stay in the mid-50s. monday tuesday monday is christmas eve looking to be dry. tuesday, lots of sunshine and topping out in the '50s. >> we're still looking at a pretty good ride around the bay area. we're not tracking any problems our hot spots or major delays. the bay
5:50 am
bridge toll plaza is starting to slow down but no metering lights yet. drive times are still 11 minutes across the span. the golden gate bridge is set for the morning commute but still very light traffic coming from marin county. no delays yet for the east shore freeway interstate 80, 13 minutes drive time from hercules to berkeley. we are delay free into walnut creek and the san ramon valley. south bay freeway is doing pretty well a little slowing only on 1 01 northbound between the 280 and the 880 and changes. the north bay ride looks good coming from marin county. we're still looking at it in under 25 minutes drive time from navato to the golden gate bridge. >> the oakland athletics have agreed to terms of a two-year contract with the shortstop hiroyuki nakajima
5:51 am
of japan's sebu lyons. the deal runs through 2014 season includes a club option for 2015. he will fill a big boy for oakland who traded away shortstop and second baseman cliff pending 10 to arizona and in october 21st trade that brought out fielder chris young to the a's. the pose a warriors continue their winning ways. after returning home from their most successful road trip since night the 1970's going six and one the warriors beat the hornets one of three to 96 at the oracle read up. david lee had 26 points and nine rebounds, clay times and finished with 19 points. the warriors built a 14 point lead in the second quarter and held off the more it's late. golden gate golden state is it 17 at 8 on the
5:52 am
season at all to their bus starts since 9192 season. >> last year ago partnered with israeli muslims israel museum i should say to put five scrolls on line. >> the internet movie database has announced its top stars of 2012. leading the list is english actor tom hardy. he has been in and pepsin, the dark night rises. star trek nemesis. no. do it is a jet effort
5:53 am
lawrence, actors christian hymns word and christian bale round out the top. jerry seinfeld and colin quinn are headed back to the states to raise funds for victims of hurricane sandy. they will donate 100 percent of the proceeds to relief organizations. they previously sold out so performances and all proceeds will go to charity. >> we are going to take a break and we'll remind you that dr. phil is coming up after the kron4 morning news after 10:00.
5:54 am
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>> police in los angeles
5:57 am
have arrested a juvenile they believe they to 911 calls. sen the emergency chrises celebrity haunts including ashton culture and just in bieber. working with the fbi police say the book suspect was using his computer to hack into systems and report the bogus emergencies. the call at ashton cutters, happened and october with reports there were guns and explosives at the residence and that several people were shot. >> the picture is pretty clear users are happy with the changes coming to is the grant. the uproar is over changes to is to grab spot privacy policy allowing the company to use your photos in advertising. although and saddam says users will still at or above the photos the services terms state that by adding eight votes to your account you're giving a service license to use your content. since launching in 2010 more than 100 million users at up loaded more than 1 billion photos since the ramp.
5:58 am
>> time magazine unveiling their person of the year for 2012. we will tell you who is on the cover. plus a waking up to very cold area and the bay weather we will have the latest in the forecast for your neighborhood coming up and just two minutes as a kron4 morning news continues.
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