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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  December 20, 2012 5:00pm-7:00pm PST

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bullet sales. violence intensifies. all following the deadly school massacre in new town, connecticut. good evening, i'm pam moore. tonight - much more on the elementary school tragedy -- with more victims being laid to rest today. but first - kron 4's justine waldman is standing by with more on what san francisco is doing. to try and prevent a mass shooting here. >> the mayor said today that the mass-murder in connecticut renewed. and he's drafted a plan to take what he calls aggressive action against. ammunition. para >> nat lee this is a hollow bullet. hollowed out so on explode. >>reporter: >>reporterit is these hollow-pot bullets that mayor ed lee calls dangerous and deadly. he wants them banned in san francisco. they are already illegal to purchase in the city. but a new proposal would possess. >> the ammo that has been designed by law enforcement for military use has no reason to be in our homes and on ours streets. >>reporter: standing next to the handguns and rifles turned in during the city's
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biggest gun buy back program. the mayor said he wants these weapons gone. the other part of his to put a notification system in place so when someone buys 500 rounds of more of any type of any type of ammunition in one purchase. police would be notified. >> that should be a trigger. >> "it triggers why? >> what is it for? >> and it could be legit" >>reporter: police chief greg surh supports the plan. he believes it will make a difference. >> "i would say to nra or anyone who says this is not the problem, if it is not the problem then it shouldn't make a difference banning them." >>reporter: also announced today. the police department will train all new academy recruits in school safety. with this new propos what >>pam: would stop someone from buying 499- rounds of ammunition at one store. then 499 at another store? in both cases, not enough to
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trigger notificiation to police? >>reporter: nothing. the mayor said that is a potential consequence of this proposed law. >>pam: when does the mayor think the board of superiviors will get to look at this? >>reporter: the goal is to have a draft before the board. by mid-january. >>pam: thank-you. 67 people have been murdered so far this year in san francisco. 45 of those were shot. kron 4's maureen kelly went to a vigil in the bayview. district for one of the most recent victims of gun violence. >>reporter: a small gathering of worshipers said prayers and sang songsat the site where a 17 year old boy was shot and killed on saturday night. montreal blakely was a senior at concord high school who was here in san francisco visiting family when he was gunned down. so far police say they have no suspects. no one in this group knew the popular football player personally.they are from
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the san francisco catholic archdioseceand have been holding sidewalk services for every violent death in the city for the past 18 yearsand there's been a lot of them. >> we did two in october, and in november we did 4 and we did another 4 this thursday >> our young people are dying they are the future of our community. >>reporter: the people here prayed not only for the victim in this shootingbut also for the prepatrators of violence >> while those hear say they welcome efforts to curb violencethey'll keep showing up at scenes like this oneto make sure victims of violence are not forgotton. >> when nothing else works, then we have to pray. >>reporter: maureen kelly kron4 news. >>pam: the mayor of san francisco is encouraging people to participate in a nationwide moment of silence. for the victims of the school massacre in new town connecticut.
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it will be observed at 6- 30- tomorrow morning our time --- 9-30 am on the east coast. now for the latest, ondeadly ell shooting. grant lodes is standing by. >> tomorrow, at 9:30 it will be exactly one week since the massacre at sandy hook elementary school rocked the nation.and left 20 children and six adults dead. today in connecticut and new york.funerals or memorials for six more victims. people in newtown are mourning and hurting.but support from across the u-s is helping them get through it. it's the same heart- wrenching scene over and over in newtown. groups of mourners.paying respects.and laying to rest the victims of last friday's shooting. 26 christmas trees line this street. 27 guardian angels representing the lives lost.including the shooter's mother. young women collect donations and hand out christmas ornaments. coffee and food at this local shop
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are free - thanks to anonymous donations from all over the country. >> it is really in a nice thing people come and and really need it is heartwarming. it >>reporter: the emotional wounds are still fresh. today >> i think that for some it is too soon to forget the need to go to the process, the grieving. before there is even room for forgiveness. >>reporter: today, invesgtigators finished processing suspect adam lanza's home. that's where the rampage began.with lanza killing his mother in her sleep. nancy lanza was also laid to rest today in a huh private, family only service. adam lanza has not yet been burried.toxicology results on him are pending. >> we mentioned that moment of silence. and silicon valley venture capitalist, governor malloy is calling for a moment of silence at 9-30 in the morning. 2
5:06 pm and mc hammer, runs the crest and britney speers promoting this event. bells will ring out -- one for each of the victims at newtown churches. here in san also pause for a moment of silence >>pam: scary moments today at two bay area schools. as tensions remain high across the country involving concern over child safety. in hayward today, a deadly shooting at an apartment complex caused nearby southgate elementary school and martin luther king junior middle school. to go on lockdown. this is video of the scene from sky- 7. the shooting happened just after 10-30 on sleepy hollow avenue. the schools were given the all clear about two hours later. no word on any arrests. >> republicans in the house of representatives have passed the first part of their fiscal cliff bill. known as plan b. another vote, to approve the second part of the plan, should
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take place soon. the measures would limit income tax increases on the wealthiest income earners. kron 4's reggie kumar is live in the newsroom with more on this developing story. reggie? >> that is correct. they are not going to vote on this portion tonight because house republican leader, john dinner does not have enough votes. let us take a look. the first measure is th spend reduction plan is barely recess, when members return they are expected to begin one hour of debate on the the most important part is shelved. they're not going to be boating on it tonight. the house does not have enough votes that they're not going to be-of voting-- john boehner earlier? >> i am not convinced at all
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that when the bill passes the house today that it will die in the senate. at some point, the senate has to act. they have a bill setting on the desk that protect all americans. >> until republicans can take up this our bill in the house there is nothing to discuss. we are not going to take any freedoms over there now. >> the democratic senator leader harry reid. keith it even went into the senate. read says that there would not even discussed it. even if it did have a slim chance of passing it president obama was going to veto it. they only have 11 days to avert the fiscal cliff crisis. reggie kumar, kron 4. >>pam: you're looking live
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from walnut creek -- people bundled up today. and within hours -- it might also be time to break out the the umbrellas. on the right of your screen --- a live look from our camera atop mount tamalpais. and a live picture of downtown san francisco. cloudy and cold.i'm here in the kron4 weather center. jacqueline -- when will this storm hit? with the holidays. >> things look decent for christmas but the next couple of days but we could see to what weather. it will approach the north bay and overnight tonight. heavy rainfall and quite a bit of snowfall. the blue on your screen extending well offshore. let us take a look at the wind gusts. as we go towards this evening, gusting up 20-30 m.p.h. 29
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mph in half moon bay. 22 in santa rosa with a wind advisory in effect for the north bay. and also the san mateo coast. you can see the area high lighted from tonight until friday morning. the wind gusting at 45 m.p.h. however, overnight that rainfall will pressing south into tomorrow, moderate rainfall and showers. until at least four-6:00 p.m. and a bit of a break before the rainfall continues. we will time picked out and take a look at your extended forecast. >> outside the bay area, extreme weather hitting parts of the u-s. blizzards -- tornadoes -- even a dust storm. the dramatic pictures, tonight on kron-4 news at 5- 30. >>pam: but first tonight, robbed outside a bay area mall while christmas shopping. that story and more -- after the break.
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>>pam: held up at gun point in the parking lot of a popular east bay shopping mall. it happened last night -- while the victims were out doing their christmas shopping. kron 4's haaziq shows us where the crime occurred r >>reporter: there is a heavy security presence here at the sun valley mall in concordthis is in response to a woman being the victim of an armed robbery wednesday night at around 7:15pm here in this parking lot near the macy's womens store >> "a woman was getting out of her car she was
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approached by a black male, unknown age, medium build, who pressed something against her, she believed it to be a gun she gave him credit cards and he took off in a light colored vehicle" >>reporter: concord police are hoping the sun valley mall's security system will provide more details regarding the suspect >> "that includes reviewing surveillance footage from the sun valley mall security" >>reporter: in light on the incident the mall's general manager is reminding holiday shoppers to stay on the alert >> holiday shoppers, if it is here or anywhere to take proper precautions. be aware of your surroundings simple, basic steps. to insure that they are safer. >>reporter: in concord haaziq madyun kron4news >>pam: it may be a case of the grinch making an early holiday appearance. concord police say, they've arrested this man - for stealing packages with presents inside -- from right in front of people's homes.
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one victim captured the crime on surveillance tape. investigators say, that led them to suspect's home where they found the stolen packages. police are now working on returning the gifts to the rightful owners -- in time for christmas. his name is in daniel pres chris .. daniel chris -- >> it was a long, chilly wait. but well worth it for the hundreds of south bay families who are getting some help with their holiday shopping. kron four's rob fladeboe shows you the glad tidings that arrived. along with >>reporter: more than 17- thousand donated toys and other stocking stuffers. yes, virginia, there is a santa claus and as usual, he arrived a little early this year for sacred heart community services annual holiday toy giveaway. >> this is an enormous amount of help i am a
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single. out here, struggling. >>reporter: rachael is one of some 57-hundred people, many of whom shivered in line since midnight to choose two new toys and a book they might not otherwise be able to afford. >> we are excited that they will get toys in the book because it wanted to encourage reading. >> hello, how many? >>reporter: among sacred heart elves helping out with the choosing was san jose mayor chuck reed. >> it is amazing that in this land of opportunity there are still people that are unemployed and they cannot afford to purchase toys. >>reporter: a raffle was held to give away hundreds of shiny new bicycles. christine kallman took one home. >> my kids have nothing but heavy old bikes i do not know if they've never had a bike. >>reporter: a new bike, thousands of new toys and a spirit of giving that might also be known as the miracle on monterey street. >> i have six kids and think how many gets you need to get. it is hard. but this
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helps me. >>reporter: sacred heart has been doing this. with one- quarter of $1 million. san jose, kron 4. >>jacqueline: it was a cold start. those frosty wind conditions around the bay area with temperatures in the 20s in the 30's. but things warm up pretty nicely. 50s but the next storm is moving in tonight. in another round of rain fall on saturday and sunday. a couple of systems as we go towards the weekend. the rainfall approaching with the still lose skies near the golden gate. this tale end of this system is spending all the way down the west coast and offshore. a lot of rainfall associated
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it is moving slow. we could see a couple of inches of rain fall in the next 24 hours. the futurecast showing by 6:00 a.m. and that coverage through 9:00 and also increasing in intensity through moderate rainfall over petaluma. as we move for the early morning hours is pressing suc towards the south. and as we go towards the morning commute will see a fairly widespread moderate rainfall. and you can expected for your morning and also allow yourself some extra time. as we go for it all up and o'clock still moving and by 4:00, finally making some leeway. you can see mainly dry conditions and another round of rainfall coming in on saturday. there rainfall headlines starting tonight and going through 6:00 a.m., tomorrow. lingering showers
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and into the south bay. and rainfall totals nearly 2 in. in the north bay. that is where it will largely be concentrated. and there is a wind advisory for the north bay. and the san mateo coast with a winter storm warning for the sierras. for the entire weekend, heavy snowfall expected as this system presses through. 1 ft.-2 ft.! at lake level. and here is a look at your extended forecast with a couple of the different systems of last throughout the day. saturday, the rainfall will increase and last until about 6:00 p.m. monday, 2:00 p.m., until monday my midnight. drier conditions expected to press and even through christmas day. >> and the latest on tam lincecum tatimothy
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>> in yet another sign the mayans are right.tim lincecum cut all his hair off. most of it at least. these two pictures are making the rounds on twitter.and thousands of fans are in a frenzy. the long locks enjoys keeping a low profile.and not many people recognize him right now. a stylist in lincecum's home town recently tweeted this pictre and said."lincecum cut all his hair off.side part."here's another picture that was recentlly tweeted.shoting lincecum doing an interview. our kron-4 facebook fans are really getting a kick outta this one.guys and gals loving and hating the 2- time cy-young award winner's new do. >> dave: cut all that hair off, gotta weigh, what 110- 120 lbs??? >> aaron: now he looks like every other sf hipster. where's the ultra lame ironic mustache? is he now going to show up for games
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on an old bicycle? >> delia: from freak to geek he's still super chic! love ya tim-cecum! we're always looking for viewers to join the conversation on facebook. log, on, like us, and we could read your comments on air.
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>>pam: coming up at 5-30. extreme weather hitting parts of the u-s. a blizzard, a dust storm -- even a possible tornado. and -- the fiscal cliff.the house voting on a republican sponsored bill. but, democrats promising it will be a no go in the senate. kron4's poltical analyst is here to break it down. [ female announcer ] here's to a whole world
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(male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >>pam: now at 5-30. extreme weather hitting parts the united states. blustery snowstorms with heavy accumulations in the midwest, a deadly dust storm, and a possible tornado touchdown in
5:31 pm
alabama. tonight --- those conditions are affecting air travel. grant lodes is standing by with some of the dramatic images we've been getting into the kron- 4 newsroom. but first tonight -- jaqueline bennet is tracking the wild weather. >>jacqueline: this is quite a nasty storm. you can see that we already seen a foot of snow in some locations. with even an additional feet of snow and other locations, overnight. this system is very divided. with a warm sector and a cold sector. this is pressing into the cold section bringing in that cold air from canada. a lot of snowfall with it. that the blue is one we could see the heavy snowfall. snowfall rates of one-2 in. per hour from illinois towards indiana. we do have a lot of weather advisories for the area. not
5:32 pm
only for the snow but also for gusting winds. the blue is indicating a wind advisory. the purple is a blizzard warning. through 10:00 p.m. tonight look at the areas. the white on your screen is indicating winter weather statements. we are going to see heavy snow and gusting winds. this will press to the east. this cold snowfall will be pressing towards the east coast for the next 24 hours. >>pam: the wild weather is rocking the country - just in time for holiday travel. april williams has more >>reporter: extreme weather is sweeping across the united states. >> "the lights just went off and i just heard a boom, real loud, and then the tornado was like over my house." >>reporter: a possible torando in mobile, alabama tore through trees, damaging buildings, overturning cars, and mangled this red cross
5:33 pm
setup. >> "i was in the living room, laying on the couch, and then my aunt came running down the hallway saying that there was a tornado. and um, i saw the firetrucks pull up and uh, the neighbors house was completely destroyed." >>reporter: heading west, high winds kicking up dust storms that caused a 23-car pileup that killed one person on i-27 near lubbock, texas wednesday. and more than 30,000 people were without electricity in iowa thursday, where blinding snow caused a 30-car pile up that shut down parts of interstate 35, also killing one person. in wisconsin, residents like dave bush are trying to keep up with the falling snow. >> "it's hard on the equipment when you get this real heavy, wet snow and you stay on top of it, you let it build up, it gets real heavy then. it's very difficult for your equipment." >>reporter: lights. heavy winds and snow in the greater omaha area left nearly 40,000 power customers in the dark. april williams, kron4 news.
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>> even the big german shephards were bundling up in the mid-west today. this dog and its owner out for a walk in boulder colorado. but things weren't as peaceful looking elsewhere. in eau claire county wisconsin.this semi-truck skids off the roadway. we showed you that huge wreck in iowa - here first responders battle the elements.trying to help victims. you can barely see the cars in cedar falls wind blows the snow.creating snow drifts. in des moines.this guy has to help push the tractor. can't plow snow without traction. also in des moines.the winshield brushes and scrapers must still be packed away for the summer. cause this young man's using his glove to clear the windshield. and if you're like most kids.snow is awesome. bundle up for the walk home from school in colorado. the first big snow storm of the year for much of the mid-west.
5:35 pm
and not if >> not a washington d.c. we have learned that house republicans have postponed their vote on their own fiscal cliff bill. the mess known as " plan b " reggie it was -- known as plan b. >> that probably means that the republicans to not have enough votes to pass plan b. this is the first voting cast that would avert cuts. this would extend bush era cuts for everybody making $1 million. those making more would have to pay a higher tax brea rate. senator kerry reid is saying that he is not going going to discuss plan b. senator-harry reed is not going to discuss plan b and already president
5:36 pm
obama is warning that he would have vetoed it. >> we are getting closer and michael you have a sense of humor about this. we have to understand what is happening with the physical let for a really quick synopsis what is planned be and what did they not want to bring it to the floor of the fiscal cliff? >> that was the millionaire tax increase. but that is one of the problems with the bill. problem is that house speaker, peter said that he did not have the sufficient number john boehner did not have enough votes. they are going home after christmas. and spending cuts. >> what is the president planned? >> the president, that taxes on increases of over $400,000 a slight adjustment. with cost of living, by $200 billion. and
5:37 pm
some medicare here, they're that they're not even sang. however, the republicans are saying that that is not enough. what they put on the table was off the chart. they have taken a repeal of the obama care extreme exchanges. the president would never let out the door. >> where we do we stand? all of this back and forth in washington will lead to regular folks in the united states and nervous about where we are going. >> it is odd. when house speaker john boehner said that the spending cut is the fiscal cliff deal. what it did was protect the sequester and replace it by defense spending in the of cut the other domestic programs. >>pam: there on vacation and
5:38 pm
they're coming back after christmas. and in five days. and before we go off this " on clip fiscal cliff, what has to happen in those five days? >> john boehner has to out worries going to get these votes. he does not want to take any tax increases and they're not going to back a bill that is going to go nowhere which is what we had a problem today. and why are we supporting this? >> and are we going to go off this fiscal cliff that are triggering a dos cuts >> my gut feeling is that john boehner is not going to get the votes. >>pam: will speak about this again andif you'd like to connect with michael -- you can follow him on twitter -- his handle is "at-yaki-blog." this is a developing story. >>jacqueline: taking a look outside this rainfall is approaching santa rosa. your
5:39 pm
full forecast details, coming up. >> coming up, this stolen christmas trees lead to a random act of kindness and the next edition of people behaving badly. ?ñ
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>>pam: now for today's market update. stocks bounce back from yesterdays sell-off. as traders turn optimistic about the prospect of a deal being reached in washington. to avoid the "fiscal cliff." on wall street. the dow gained 60-points after a strong afternoon session. the nasdaq rose six points. and the s-and-p-500 gained eight.
5:43 pm
>> gun sales are through the roof? >> it feels like a knee-jerk reaction so i'm going to call it a loser. some tragedy when it hits pretty hard a spike in gunsels is common however, guns on ebay are ---gun sales. and checks on peret one hou it takes fallen lunker to adopt a dog. for background checks on -- gun permits. it takes longer-to adopt a dog. gun sellers are pulling the automatic rifles off the shelf. when the gun laws go into effect they will have these where goods to sell at a higher price. >> the assault rifle ban in 10 years it only banned the
5:44 pm
sale as it did not pan actually possessing the guns. people were grandfathered and if they had an assault rifle. they are able to purchase. , what is tragic is that the 1996 shooting is what started this lot is that i'd forgotten about that. and 20 were injured at a new york playground. >> house preludes, showing a increase. this seems to be solidifying of. the house numbers. >> yes. they have gained an estimated 6% in this year since 20 06. and a nice recovery. improving with a 30% below the peak of july 20th 06. what it they have seen is that 2013 is expected to be a nice here. the permits for new-home
5:45 pm
construction was of a four year high last month. and it certainly, you could probably be happier. >> many people are looking to refinance. if the banks are, going to start loosening up? i know that some many people are refinancing. >> on the one hand you do not want to start of a standard and on the other hand what the bank to be able to be able to lend. >>jacqueline: eighth live look outside. the rainfathis live look. and also moderate through highway 101. as we take a look of the satellite & radar is well to the north. it is moving ever so slowly. and we are seeing the increasing clouds to the bay area. the rainfall is expected to start this evening at last into tomorrow. the tail and is
5:46 pm
down the west coast and offshore tapping into some sub-tropical moisture will be getting into this more moisture and heat is moving slowly with the wind picking up at this hour card and the 22 mph in half moon bay with a wind advisory in effect for tonight through friday in the north bay coastline and the san mateo coast line card as well as san francisco for the sustained when of 45 m.p.h.. gusting at 50 m.p.h. it is possible that these could be even have downed power lines. take a look at the timing of rain rainfall on the forecast for it will start to spread out and intensify. moderate rainfall with the early-morning hours and a bit of progression towards the south. a southern progression continues and
5:47 pm
more moderate rainfall celt of the golden gate. it could impact your morning commute. south-of the golden gate-- and by tomorrow afternoon. drier conditions for the north bay and to the evening hours. continuing to be very slow. by 11:00 on friday, mainly dry conditions and will notice more rain fall. and saturday morning as for the sierras we are expecting quite a bit of snowfall for the next couple of days. three different rounds coming first and saturday, sunday. by tonight, that snowfall will be early friday morning. widespread and even heavy in spots by noon. even for the evening. it is not going to let up. if you plan on driving, tire chain laws in effect and to take your time. lots of snowfall expected with 1- feet at the lake level. two-
5:48 pm
feet on saturday, and additional feet on sunday. locally, rainfall for most of the day and another round of rainfall saturday. through saturday evening and sunday afternoon and early it will pick up on monday morning. it does look like it could be a drive holiday. and how about checking no new snowfall to check up but that is going to change. this era, at tahoe, a 70 in. base. sure verbal and if you'd like to keep up with all of the new snowfall >>pam: the bay area's favorite way to ring in the new year. is always with kron 4. the biggest parties and spectacular fireworks. will all be on kron 4's new hosted by catherine heenan and gary radnich. kron 4's - new year's live. starting at 11-30 december 31st.
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(male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >> you're right it's "people behaving badly" real bad this is all that's left of a tree that was planted 5 years ago just broken bulbs and lights, oh and a small hole in the ground what use to be here in the front yard was a 7 foot tall norfolk pine tree no make that three trees one died of natural causes, another was cut down by vandals >> this is wants left of the trunk from last year >> yes it was cut down with a saw .and now this year >> they folded it over repeatedly until it snapped off >> tree number three which was decorated for the holidays was stolen, dragged over this fence and stuffed in a getaway car "allegedly" the tree wasn't just any tree .it was a it was planted in memory of their grandson who died of cancer when he was 19
5:53 pm
now to the average person this would probably take the air of christmas sorta like this deflated santa clause >> the fact that they just came in my yard and took it theres no there nothing right about that at all >> even the neighbors are outraged >> a christmas tree i think that terrible like he said he could have knocked on the door and he would have bought them a tree >> in fact he has done just that >> how many trees have you bought in the past for other people i don't know maybe a dozen! >> it was uncalled for now i bet you are thinking that she is crying about the stolen tree .she is not, she is moved by a random act of kindness this is 40 dollars that was left in their door in a plain white envelope by a total stranger >> and there is no name and there is nothing on there and who ever did it did not knock >> which would be a great way to starts a new tree fund but they have different
5:54 pm
plans we'll donate it to cancer, >> at childrens hospital in oakland >> they also asked that instead of giving them money please donate it to childrens hospital in oakland and to the person who stole the tree >> enjoy the tree, merry christmas in vallejo, stanley roberts kron 4. if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, e-mail us at 'people behaving badly' at kron- four-dot-com.
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>> this is sure to cause about reached the utility company, pg&e is taxing safety upgrades after the san bruno gas pipe explosion. on to bay area customers. the latest air jordan already people are lining up. these stories, coming up. >>jacqueline: big stories. those cold temperatures are gone but the rainfall is on its way. we will have details on when it could get
5:58 pm
to your neighborhood, coming up.
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6:00 pm
(male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >>pam: tonight, california's utility regulators have decided to allow p-g&e to share the cost of pipeline upgrades with you. their customers. the utility company was ordered to improve the safety of its natural gas the massive explosion in san bruno. that killed 8 people more than two years ago. and now, with the approval of state regulators, some of the cost is being passed on to you. j. r. stone is following this. san bruno. >> this neighborhood where the blast happened two years ago has been under construction for some time
6:01 pm
in. you concede this directly behind me the mayor of san bruno is outraged toward not only will pg&e be charging you to improve the safety but it will also be making money off of it to. >> we would not be here if they did not blow or neighborhood. these proceedings took place today they impact making a profit. this is not going to be over for a long shot. this is a slap in our face to the neighborhood. >> there were eight people killed in the san bruno explosion. basically, this ruling is to say you were going to purchase and finance over one half of the upgrade of the pipelines. this decision is saying that they can get to their normal rate of return, over 11 percent. >> this is continuing to fill us and we need a voice for the people, the public to look out for our safety. not charge us more money and
6:02 pm
blow up or neighborhood. >>reporter: on average, there was a $1 increase on their bill. san bruno, kron 4. >>pam: today a vigil was held in san francisco's bayview district for the city's most recent homicide victim. >> mother of god >>pam: members of the city's catholic archdiocese came together, prayed and sung hymns where 17 year old montreal blakely from concord was standing when he was gunned down saturday night. the victim- a popular student and member of the football team at concord high school was in town visiting family when he was shot. the archdiocese says they conduct these sidewalk services at the scene of all violent deaths in the city. >> we are trying to say that each life is important. we want to remember them in the
6:03 pm
way that they were so carelessly and paul leslie killed it. we want to say that you are important. >>pam: r montreal blakely is the city's 67th murder victim so far this year. it's the 45th homicide involving firearms. with the issue of gun control and safety on the top the everyones minds. san francisco's mayor ed lee is getting behind a new proposal surrounding gun ammunition sales. kron 4's justine waldman in on set with the details.the mayor put out two proposals. >> he is taking a in both take aim at ammunition. here is a look at the proposed laws. the first, would make it illegal to posses hollow- point bullets. those are the kinds. that explode on impact. it is already illegal to purchase them in san francisco. thsome consider those the most dangerous ammunition to begin with. >> second, creates a warning system. it would notify police when someone purchases 500 rounds or more
6:04 pm
of any type of ammunition. in 1 sale. the mayor explains why he wants this to happen. as soon as possible. >> there are other types of bullets that are designed for more massive destruction. that should only be in the hands of law enforcement, military. and not in the hands of civilians, at all. >>reporter: the proposed legislation is still being drafted. and it is being done quickly. it should be before the board for review in january. >>pam: thank you. funerals today. for the young victims of last week's elementary school shooting. grant lodes is here now with more. grant?tomorrow morning at 9:30 it will be exactly one week since the massacre at sandy hook elementary school rocked the nation.leaving 20 children and six adults dead. today in connecticut and new york.funerals or rials for six more
6:05 pm
victims. people in newtown are mourning and hurting.but support from others, is helping. >> it is the same heart wrenching scene over and over. groups of mourners paying respect and laying to rest the victims of last friday's shooting. 26 christmas trees at line the street 27 and guardian angels representing the lives lost including the shooter's mother. women collecting donations in handing out christmas ornaments, coffee and food at this local coffee shop are free. from countrywide anonymous donations. >> it is really a nice thing. it is a nice thing they need it is heartwarming. >> the emotional wounds are still fresh. then i think for some people it is too soon. they need to go to the process of grieving before
6:06 pm
there is even room for forgiveness. >> today the finished processing the home crime scene where the killing of her mother was found. calling killing a -- of his mother. the toxicology results are still pending his burial. we've mentioned the moment of silence tomorrow at 9:30 eastern. silicon valley venture capitalist ron conway is leading a world-wide effort to have an on-line moment of silence too. is a the start-up that's facilitating the internet moment of silence. at least 100-thousand people and sites say they'll participate. celebrities promoting this on-line backout tomorrow morning.ryan seacrest, brittney spears, m-c hammer and others. >>pam: new tonight, the obama administration has approved a plan to expand two california marine sanctuaries. the move could permanently prevent off shore oil drilling along a
6:07 pm
large section of the northern california coast. kron 4's charles clifford has details >>reporter: earlier today in washington the president gave a green light to the national oceanic and atmospheric adminstration, or noaa, to come up with a plan for expanding two of northern california's marine sanctuaries. let's take a look at a google earth map. this is a view of san francisco looking north across the city. to the west, off the marin coast is the gulf of the farallones national marine sanctuary seen herer in green. it covers more than 1200 square miles of ocean and includes the farallon islands and the waters around point rays. to the north is the cordell bank national marine sanctuary which includes more than 500 square nautical miles. now, under the proposed expansion the cordell sanctuary would be more than doubled in size, as would the farallones sanctuary which would be extended north to point arena in mendocino county. if approved the expanded sanctuaries would include more than 50 miles of coastline and protect more than 4500 square miles of
6:08 pm
ocean. northern california representative lynn woolsey has been pushing for the expansions for nearly a decade. >> this area is a national treasure. it needs and it deserves permanent protection from oil and gas exploration. >> now, the expansions aren't a done deal. there will be a public comment period, starting in january, that could last up to two years. also while the expansion of the marine santuaries could prevent oil drilling, it won't stop boating or fishing in those areas. in san francisco, charles clifford kron 4 news. >>pam: lets take a live look outside. this is emeryville where rain is expected to roll in anytime now. let's go to jacqueline. how much rain should we be expecting? >>jacqueline: it is going to be concentrated to the north bay. we are going to see quite a bit to the golden gate. it is moving to the north bay. near hillsboro --
6:09 pm
heelsburg and plenty to the north it is moving very slowly. the tail and down the west coast offshore. tapping into tropical moisture we are expecting quite a bit of rain fall with this system. and because of how slowly if is moving and also increasing the wind. as we go for the overnight hours with 25 m.p.h. in half moon bay. but a lot of 25 m.p.h. and even a 35 m.p.h. gusting, overnight. here is what we expect overnight with the rain fall slowly moving to the south. moderate rainfall and shower conditions for most of the day in the evening. more rainfall for the weekend. details on that and your christmas holiday, coming up. >>pam: on capitol hill
6:10 pm
republicans are scrambling to get their own party members to back their fiscal cliff plan. we have the latest and also in washington d.c. the hearing on the benghazi attack and some politicians are blaming the security breach. and security plans could be on hold. video of the winter storm warnings with travel plans -- could be on hold [ female announcer ] this is a special message from at&t. [ male announcer ] it's no secret that the price of things just keeps going up. [ female announcer ] but we have some good news. it's our bundle price promise. [ male announcer ] a price you can definitely count on, for two whole years. from at&t. [ female announcer ] a great price for a great triple-play bundle. [ male announcer ] call now. bundles with u-verse tv, internet and home phone start at $89 a month. now get the same great price for two years. [ female announcer ] switch today and get a total home dvr included, free for life. [ male announcer ] you get reliable, high speed internet
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to the airport. >>pam: the first of two hearings into the deadly attack in benghazi that killed four americans began today. two state department employees testified before the senate foreign relations committee this morning. congress has the power. , and for years, with vast our state department to a break with increasingly less resources and conduct the central missions. because of the gridlock, excesses' in the senate and congress itself we have not been able to pursue the regular order
6:14 pm
of authorizing legislation. that must change. then the next session of congress, i hope that it well. >>pam: it comes two days after an independent review released a scathing report on the attack. citing "systemic failures and leadership and management deficiencies" at the state department. politicans are making a priority to address. congress also bears some responsibility here. congress has the power of the purse. we use it for any number of things, but it's our responsibility. and for years, we have asked our with increasingly lesser excesses in the senate and congress itself, we have not even been able to pursue the legislation. that must change, and in the next session of the congress, i >> hillary clinton is unable to attend the hearings following her doctor's suffering a concussion. but she is expected to appear before the house foreign affairs committee >>pam: just over an hour ago. house republicans put off a vote on their answer to the looming fiscal cliff. being called plan b. house speaker john boehner s bill didh support from members to pass. the plan would have allowed tax rates to rise for households earning one million dollars and up. this complicates attempts to avoid a year-end fiscal cliff that threatens to send the economy into recession. we have political analyst michael yaki joining us. michael the countdown to
6:15 pm
>> nothing is probably going to happen until the day after christmas. house speaker, john boehner is going to be speaking to see what a fiscal cliff past or does he want to be the house speaker remaining? that is the decision he has to make. he needs to make a deal with the president and perhaps only one half of its own caucus. he is going to be democrats support. >>pam: because we are in a lame duck session and a tea party republicans are still in the house the new members will not comment until january. we are going to go off as physical clip. they will not come and-until january we could go off the " fiscal cliff " --. >> this is a bit of a profiling and encouraging moment. the majority of the entire house and his entire
6:16 pm
caucus has to support them. i do not know if they're going to support him if he does not strike a deal with the president. that is the course he is and right now. >>pam: the president's plan would tax people of of $400,000 or more and house speaker john boehner is looking at tax cuts of people making $1 million or more. >> and also the tax cuts. the president saying that there are over 10 years quite not as much but because they cannot reach that a deal, we are facing this looming fiscal cliff. >>pam: it sounds like they are playing this game with the nation's economy and is certainly fragile it cannot afford a number possible recessionary hit. >> there are two, three
6:17 pm
shots. the one with the alternative minimum tax and the three would do the spending cuts. and if you cut $50 billion of the offensive that is going to go towards manufacturing that is not going to be spent. that is the worry of the fiscal cliff. and it gets bigger as the time goes on but the market is for a concerned about that. people are concerned about that does john boehner hav the best ability to do that? but that could be at the cost of the consumers. >>pam: we are just waiting to see. with five days after christmas and many of the representatives senators and congress are leaving for the christmas break and most are also attending the hawaiian the senators funeral. two weeks away. and still no the table. are politicians
6:18 pm
if you'd like to connect with michael -- you can follow him on twitter -- his handle is "at-yaki-blog." >>jacqueline: this wet weather approaching to the north bay. the increasing clouds for the early afternoon and the tail end of this system is down the west coast and offshore this system is going to tap into the some tropical moisture. this combination will lead to significant rainfall. a look at futurecast pinpointing the timing on storm perfectly. it is moving and right now. showers will become more widespread and also picking up in intensity. for the early morning hours per rainfall will be largely concentrated. we could also see showers of the near the golden gate and continue for the morning commute. this storm going slowly to the south. and by 11:00, the rainfall is still hovering near the golden gate.
6:19 pm
finally press into the salt. for the rest of the afternoon we will continue to see the rain fall very slowly. dry conditions for the most part and notice to the north there is another round of rainfall on saturday this storm and timeframe right now is about until 6:00 and at that time we will see dry conditions and a lingering showers for the south bay toward rainfall totals will be extensive or that will largely be concentrated toward 2 in. w1 in. and 4 tomorrow morning, gusting wind at 55 m.p.h. we're also going to see a lot of snowfall at widespread, the morning hours. it will continue for the afternoon and the evening. notice, widespread and it is really not going to let up. several feet of snowfall for the weekend. tomorrow, 1 ft. at
6:20 pm
lake level and to feed on saturday with an additional snowfall on sunday with 5 ft. at the higher elevations. a look at your extended forecast with rainfall on saturday. 7:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m. and by 2:00 last until early monday morning but the good news is that christmas day and holiday both look dry.. >>pam: the bay area's favorite way to ring in the new year. is always with kron 4. the biggest parties and spectacular fireworks. will all be on kron 4's new year's live show. it is and gary radnich. kron 4's - new year's live. it all starts at 11-30 on new year's eve.
6:21 pm
6:22 pm
6:23 pm
>> heavy snowfall that could impact traveling in the midwest take a look at
6:24 pm
wisconsin. heavy snow, strong winds with blizzard conditions. kansas towards wisconsin. this has also led to tens of thousands of power of outages. also a number of flight delays, cancellations. experts at the airport to make sure to check with your carrier before going to the airport we will be right back.
6:25 pm
6:26 pm
6:27 pm
>>pam: this bay area mall is on high alert. and also, a quick and easy way to make your own holiday cards with the help of deep sleep gabe . >>jacqueline: and your full forecast, coming up.
6:28 pm
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(male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >> pg&e is ordering its customers to help finance its safety upgrades. these have been in the works since there were eight killed at the san bruno pipeline explosion. this means that pg&e bill is expected to go off for each consumer. the residents are outraged. they're even going to be making a profit. between $140 million is expected to be the profit for pg&e. >> san francisco, mayor athlete is proposing to new laws. it would be illegal to possess hollow point bullets it is already illegal to purchase them. the second is also to notify police when there is a purchase of 500 rounds of ammunition in one purchase. this legislation will go before the board in january. justin waldman,
6:32 pm
kron 4. >> a vigil was held for the most recent homicide victim in the bayview district. for the 17 year-old montreal blakeley the w /+. when he was gunned down. he was shot. and visiting family. this is the 45th killed of gun violence from this year. >> this sun valley concord shopping mall is a heavy security presence with an armed robbery. >> this woman was standing out of her car and was approached by a male that was believed to be a gun. she gave him credit cards and he took off in >>reporter: they're hoping that the surveillance video
6:33 pm
will provide more details. haazig madyun kron 4. >>reporter: in san francisco there are a large and nieb neighbor a violent sex offender that has been released after 24 years. some of these -- neighbors are afraid that this sex offender is near their children. others that say that some some are saying that everybody deserves a second chance. alecia reed, kron 4. >> in cupertino, this share of savas is asking for anybody who shot at a u.s. marine recruiter on highway 85 yesterday afternoon. this was the scene. this is from abc's seven high-definition video. investigators are looking a round of a car that was sprayed with bullets. it was driven by a recruiter from the united
6:34 pm
states marine corps. sheriff's deputies are searching for suspects in cupertino, scott rates, kron 4. >> the obama administration has approved a plan for to marine sanctuaries of the california coast. if approved it will protect whales and to prevent oil exploration on this section of coastline that is 60 mi. long and it would provide two different marine the century protection. >> the only thing missing was the man in the red suit but you wouldn't know it from what looked like santa's work shop. judge for heart community services in san jose where more than 17-thousand donated toys and books were distributed to needy families across the south bay. some of the more than 57-hundred people on shivered in the cold since midnight to claim two toys, a book and a chance at a new bicycle. the toys and books were donated by individuals >> is an enormous. today was my lucky day because i got a bicycle. i am very excited.
6:35 pm
>> one-quarter of $1 billion was donated to. san jose, rob fladeboe. gabe slate tech report technology to the rescue with a high- quality greeting card through the mail. you do it all from your smart phone or tablet. it only takes 20 seconds tonight at 8:00 p.m. i will tell you all about it. gabe slate tech report >> kron 4 >>jacqueline: our big brother story tonight is the our big-weather story tonight-is the santa rosa storm system. yet it is slow to move. there is a lot of rainfall to the north and even snowfall. the tail end of this system is well offshore. moving slow. this
6:36 pm
rainfall will continue for the evening in much of tomorrow. the futurecast is showing widespread shower activity to the north bay. heavy rainfall associated. we will continue to see the rain fall concentrated by 3:00 p.m. in the north and pressing south with light/moderate for the morning commute. and it is very slow to move out of the bay area. finally press into the south bay and catching a break but more rainfall for saturday. a look at the weather headlines. this rainfall will begin right on time and until 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. with 2 in. expected in the north bay. there is a wind advisory until tomorrow morning. and for the san mateo coast. there's a winter storm warning. for of systems
6:37 pm
impacting us. saturday, sunday, with one-2 ft. of snowfall below 7,000 ft.. and 5 ft. at the higher elevations. a look at your extended forecast with a series of systems effecting the bay area. holiday looks like it will be dry. >> in pleasanton, the cold waweather had freezing temperatures linger in with this cold weather in frosting laboring the ground. this cold weather did not stop a lot of people from going a rather typical morning routine. a lot of people were out for a run. some of them were even wearing shorts. mike pelton, a pleasanton, kron 4. >> coming up the 7/market
6:38 pm
street you might be surprised or maybe not. in the next edition of people behaving badly. hey, look! a shooting star!
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6:42 pm
fed ex box but not before he partially rips it open to reveal whats inside the seller puts the fedex box back in the bag and the sale is made and the buyer stuffs it side hhis back pack and leaves but not before talking to me >> you wanna see some id you wanna see some id because >> you be on tv i bought something so what >> this man with the muni transfer is selling this bike for 35 dollars he see me taping and now he wants something from me >> i'm talking to you like a man give me my picture back >> this man told me he was one of the whispers producers and he wanted me to listen to a new group he stopped this muni worker and tried the same line with him which included placing a used earbud in his ear and this man tried to sell >> me a frozen chicken he got from a local church food giveaway but he was not alone, these woman are regulars, the hit up food banks get free food
6:43 pm
and resell it dispite the not for resale labels they do this every single day, but get this according sources they all ride in a van that takes them to the food banks to do just this on you should have had enough time to finish your food, this fight began after one of the men threw fecal matter on this guy the police arrived and this man was arrested when they searched him they found weed and a needle im telling you 7th and market aint no joke it is as some people say off the hook in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news >>pam: if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, e-mail us at 'people behaving badly' at kron- four-dot-com.
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>> the new air jordan are already popular. >> the highly coveted nike air jordan 11. >> this card that you are about to get is the raffle. >> it is so popular that this raffle was held at the sun valley mall in concord. attracting people by the hundreds that stood in line for hours. >> iupui. since 5:00 a.m. >> hoping to be here -- i have been here since 5:00 a.m.. >> why is this so important wiry? >> this is about four hours. >> for a chance you are not even guaranteed? but it is worth it. >> yes i even have my mama
6:48 pm
worked out here. >> the actual audit of getting here. >> and the lottery person in charge. >> we have had approximately 600-700 but we only have 100 to sell. we have more people than shoes. >> if your number is drawn, you are the first one. >> i have a probability of one and 1000. >> it is worth it? >> always. >> in concord, kron 4 >> it looks like tim tebow could be over even before it started. and the acre, from justin smith. against the seahawks, the-acre coming up with your sports the anchor --the chamber for if of a
6:49 pm
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>> welcome back, everyone. another huge game this sunday for the niners. .in seattle with a chance to clinch the division - and possibly a first round bye the big question is whether defensive tackle justin smith will healthy enough to play. the big question is whether smith will healthy enough to play. smith suffered an elbow injury against the patriots sunday and missed most of the second half. .two days ago it sure seemed like a foregone conclusion smith would be ready to go when coach harbaugh made these comments on knbr
6:53 pm
radio >> his name is cowboy. >> and i think that we will see the cowboy. >> we like a cowboy he is a settled up. >> saddled--up. well today after smith sat >> out yet another practice harbaugh backed off a little saying he will play, "if it's humanly possible" considering smith hasn't missed a game in 11 years it would have to be a pretty serious injury to keep him out . truth is harbaugh loves to keep people guessing, including opposing coaches so we probaly won't know his status until a few hours before game-time as for the game - the seahawks stadium is the loudest in the league - one >> they are probably going to have the speakers turned up as loud as possible to practice through that. to get the calls and work on watching the ball. >> is always good to go into a hostile environment.
6:54 pm
anytime you get that opportunity to do that you feel like you have done your job. >> the other reason is that johnson was fined $21,000. the raiders are playing out their -- quite frankly -- this third infraction is surprised that he has been cited three times. he is free set beck cited $7,000 and disagree that it was not dirty. >> i was getting that all week. people following me on twitter coaches, the police. friends, everybody from the outside looking. through this entire ordeal. >> the raiders are playing out the string against carolina at san diego. quite frankly, miserable season --
6:55 pm
many fans have been calling backup quarterback terrelle pryor to get some action it looks like this week those fans will get their wishes sunday. it looks like this week wish sunday. offensive coordinator greg knapp says they plan to use pryor more this week - in what he is calling "specialty situations" pryor finally saw the field last week - 2 handoffs and an incomplete pass he has also been impersonating panthers quarterback cam newton this week in practicetrying to get the defense ready here's pryor and coach dennis allen today >> it is time for me to put a lot of reps and i will have success i really truly believe that. i do not want to compare myself to kaepernick. but i do not want to say that i'm going to be like that because i've not even quite plight of because much. >> the thing i can tell about to roll is that he continues to work any wants to be good. as long as he has that type of attitude there is a chance that he will develop. >> the raiders are
6:56 pm
developing talent. 4-10 that they could finish 6-10 if they have to see consecutive victories. has there ever been more hype with less payoff than what happened to tim tebow this year in new york? today a story came out that the jets mercifully plan to release tebow. he has barely played after his grand are rival. the jets have played after seven-10 and they have committed nearly $4 million to free him and. clearly, they do not think that he is going to be good enough and adios perhaps tim tebow cannot wait. >> that was the best decision for this organization and i respect that. he might not agree. a >> do you want to be back here next year? >> i will wait until after the season to talk about anything like that. >> he is glad going to be out of there. >> and alsoolympic athlete turned las vegas escort it's true
6:57 pm
suzy favor hamilton.a 3-time u.s. olympian in track and field admitted today that she has been working as an escort in vegas, as well as l.a., chicago and houston over the past year suzy favor hamilton escort suzy favor hamilton.a 3- time u.s. olympian in track and field admitted today that she has been working as an escort in vegas, as well as l.a., chicago and houston over the past year the 44 year old - who once starred in this nike commercial - went by the name "kelly lundy" and said she earned $600 per hour, or $6,000 for the entire day. she said she often told clients of her true identity thinking they would keep it a secret - which obviously didn't happen favor hamilton - who has a seven year old daughter - tweeted today that she has been depressed and takes full responsibility for her actions >> michael phelps is the associated press male athlete of the year phelps narrowly beat out lebron james for the honor 40 votes, and james had a 37. this is the second time that michael phelps has achieved this award. >> jason, thank you and we will see you tonight at 8:00
6:58 pm
p.m. tonight, everybody.
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