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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 22, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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and we leave you today with the most successful christmas song ever, bing crosby's white christmas, it sold 50 million copies. merry christmas, everyone. >> ♪ and may all your ♪ christmases be
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(male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >> vicki: we continue tracking the 3 storm i am here in the weather center with brian. >> yes, some breaks right now but most areas are dry but there is wet weather in the south bay. even heavy around santa terisa, no, sunnyvale, cupertino. and even near-sunnyvale pushing east. near palo alto, mountain view and about 30 minutes. also showers in the
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north bay, relatively light but this pocket of yellow. this is moving to the north- east as it goes towards vallejo, napa and american canyon. the rainfall totals have been 1 in. and more in their field, redwood city and even 2 in. in san rafeal. and more, for tomorrow after midnight tonight. the satellite & righter, this system offshore is giving us a break but the satellite and--radar. as i mentioned, a bit of a break but the big impact will be steady and heavy rainfall. possible flooding, strong wind and a wind advisory. the wind speeds at 50 m.p.h. and even the chance for storms. the worst will be the late morning hours and a gradual
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improvement as we go for the afternoon. details, coming up. >> vicki: our team coverage continues with kron four's philippe djegal. he's in the easteets were still busy with shoppers despite the damp conditions. >> reporter: it has been a cold and damp night in walnut creek but that has not stopped people from coming out to do their shopping or inshore the evening with their friends, family. take a look. they are also enjoying their evening but it is a dark cloud coverage played out in downtown walnut creek. the streets were wet and people were walking up and down the sidewalk. at broadway plaza trying to find the best deal but they were doing that with their boots, jackets and the knee hafts and they
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do not have a problem with the weather at all. >> it is perfect! who knew it was christmas? >> reporter: do you feel the same way? >> and not know about perfect. >> i have been in hawaii. >> this must be a lot different than hawaii? >> when it is in hawaii it will rain and warm but here it is cold and freezing. and in hawaii, you do not even have to wear a coat if it starts to rain. >> reporter: many people brought a jacket but did not need it. i walnut creek, ft phillipe djegal, kron 4 news start developing news >> vicki: developing news out of oakland. tonight at eight -- more than four- thousand people are without power after a tree branch hit a powerline. p-g-&-e crews are on scene fixing the problem. officials say power should be restored by
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eight-45 this >> the holidays have hundreds of thousands of passengers traveling in-and- out of bay area airports. but rain put the breaks on some travel plans this week. today - flight schedules began to recover after storms caused massive delays last night. kron 4's mike pelton spent the morning with travelers as they prepared to take off. >> reporter: this is a popular spot at sfo making sure that there airline is on time. >> it is on time. >> very excited >> reporter: especially with this weather is going to be 72 degrees. >> reporter: thousands passed through sfo, going to the holidahome for holidays. >> these are special people the we're going to see. the rainfall dampened some travel plans. some commutes of lingered into saturday passengers trying to get
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home but were left waiting. there were left waiting, and waiting. >> i sat down there about six hours and finally i said another six hours in this terminal waiting for a --bus >> some are getting ready to go to grandma's. >> we are going to have some good cheese soup. >> also some people are flying high that the holidays are in nearly here. >> i am truly being chilling out and i'm really enjoying it even if there is a bit of a delay i am really not less word about it. there are worse places to get st uck. >> yes. >> reporter: the airlines and airport are encouraging you to check with your carriers before you go to the airport. mike pelton, kron 4. amazing.
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christmas decoration you can night. >> santa claus will be leaving a lot of gifts for shoppers going to emeryville. >> better bargains if you wait until the last minute. >> i went to h & m and also had a some coupons. so i accused those. >> i had a great deals and i had coupons of -- and i used those. >> some people that do not like crowds made an appearance it made it feel more festive. >> id is busy but it is the holiday season so i decided to come out. >> well some customers were
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finishing up the holiday shopping some had a reason to be in the stores. >> i just found out what i should to get so i made that decision, brave the cold, rain, the crowd. >> walking around can build an appetite so of course it is only right to take a break. >> we're going to have pizza. >> we just left a hot dog place and hungary and then went to victoria's secret, hvand h & m, banana republic. >> reporter: some spent the entire day getting as many guests as they could still are not they're no do but there is still time. they're not quite done in emeryville, kron 4 evening. r
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wide christmas decoration competition. there's a huge prize going to the local school district if they win. kron four's jeff bush is live in concord >> jeff, wow! that looks amazing. >> we are on the crest would circle and they are hoping to win $100,000 for the amount school district. jason and deseree branscom heard about the competition and decided to go for it. they are trying to win $100 grand from (electronic singing voice) it's the most wonderful time >> reporter: of the year. the branscum home is one of 25 other homes in the nationwide contest for most decked house of this year. >> ofthere's a lot of competition and we're hoping that concord can pull through. there's 25 nice houses on the site but concord, that's our area so we're hoping for the best. >> reporter: they have more santas than you can shake a stick at and just about every other christmas decoration you can imagine.
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>> we got about 12 blowups and about 25 different sleighsabout eight different christmas trees. jason and >> reporter: jason and deseree say they are doing it for the school district because they know the money can be put to good use.the word is out and the house is becoming the most famouse one in the neighborhood. a steady stream of visitors have been coming by every night. >> we've had massive traffic. it was quite backed up last night. >> my great grandaughterand, we went by and we saw it and that's why we stopped by because she likes lights in christmas. jeff bush, concord, kron 4.
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>> vicki: today, glide memorial church is spreading some more toy giveway for families in need. hundreds of kids packed a building in san francisco. they received bags filled with toys just in time for christmas. one parent shares how important this program is to her family. >> vicki: francisco giants mascot lou seal also stopped by to help hand out toys for the children. glide memorial church will also hold a special prime rib luncheon on christmas eve. it's sponsored by joe betz and san francisco's house of prime rib. it'll all take place at 330 ellis street in san francisco from 11 a-m until 2 p-m. next up. we take a look at county health worker in trouble for stealing food stamp money. plus, people are fired up about gun control. we'll see who's lining up on which side of the debate. and the last of the newton children who were massacred at school.have been laid to rest. the kron 4 news at 8 continues.after this.
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>> vicki: a contra costa county employment and human services worker has been arrested and charged for allegedly stealing food stamp funding. tina crosby was arrested on thursday on suspicion of embezzling public funds. falsifying records. and identity theft. an investigation by the district attorney's office and crosby's work revealed that she had embezzled a little over five-thousand dollars in public funds. crosby is being charged with four felonies and is facing a maximum sentence of four years in prison. the dui crackdown over the winter holiday has resulted in a significant number of dui arrests in santa clara county. from december fourteenth through the 22-nd officers in santa clara county arrested 184 individuals for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. that's compared to 157 arrests made during that same time period in 2011. >> over christmas weekend there will be a second campaign with extra dui patrols in several cities like gilroy. palo alto. and san jose. the chp is deploying all their officers over the
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holiday weekend through midnight on christmas. rthe >> compromise will soon be affecting your paycheck! we explain what you should expect to see on your pay stub come january! >> the stormtracker 4 showing showers for this evening and the rainfall will increase. your forecast, coming out.
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>> students that will return at a different school. they will be attending chalk hill school nearly 8 mi. away. students and volunteers have been working round-the- clock to make sure that it is identical to sandy hook elementary. meanwhile,the funerals for the victims of the sandy hook elementary
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school massacre are nearing week of farewells in newtown. services were being held in connecticut for 7- year-old josephine gay and 6-year-old ana marquez- greene, while another service was taking place in utah today for 6-year-old emilie parker. and for the very latest we turn to chris monzingo for a closer look at the heated gun control debate. - >> reporter: as the last of the newtown school shooting victims are buried today a renewed debate about gun control has heated back up. late friday new jersey gov chris christie came out against posting armed guards in schools.. >> "i'm not someone who believes that having multiple armed guards in every school is something that will enhance the learning environment and thats our first school." >> reporter: the gov was responding to the national rifle association's proposal to create a program that would train volunteers on gun use to guard schools nationwide. and as executive vice president of the n-r-a wayne lapierre says the best way to ensure safety for our children is to have qualified armed security. >> "the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun." >> reporter: retired la county sheriff deputy ed knutsen agrees. >> "the only way to fight
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fire is with fire so if you got somebody thats armed and your not your part of the problem, not part of the solution." >> reporter: for others, the solution starts with tougher legislation on assault weapons and background checks. democratic party chair debbie wasserman says she doesn't believe the nra is listening to the country. >> "the nra i would say they are tone deaf but its beyond that.they're just deaf. they have completely ignored dont understand, dont grasp how deeply wounded this nation was." >> reporter: still, in a poll taken right after the connecticut shootings, less than half of the public believes government and society can take action to prevent future gun violence but that's up 13 points from the arizona shootings and since the newtown tragedy 43 percent of the people are more likely to support gun control. i'm chris monzingo reporting. >> vicki: a federal judge is givng the okay to b-p's settlement with businesses and people affected by the 20-10 oil spill in the gulf
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of mexico. under the settlement, b-p will pay an estimated 7- point-8 billion dollars to settle economic and medical claims from thousands of businesses and individuals in louisiana, alabama and other coastal areas. aside from seafood industry claims, there is no cap on the amount b-p will pay to those who agree to the class action settlement. the company will pay 2- point-3 billion dollars to commercial fishermen, seafood boat crews and other industry workers. the b-p oil spill was one of the worst in u-s history. >> the countdown to fiscal cliff negotiations reaches the final hour. but it's already too late for your first couple of paychecks in the new year. >> no matter what congress does to address the year- end "fiscal cliff," it's already past the deadline for employers to accurately withhold income taxes from january paychecks. this means. at first workers probably won't feel the full brunt of next year's tax increases in their january paychecks. employers are planning to withhold income taxes at the 2012 rates, at least for the first one or two paychecks of the year. things change when the internal revenue service releases income tax
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withholding tables for 2013. >> president barack obama and first lady michelle obama are wishing americans a merry christmas and happy holidays from hawaii. the obamas departed for their vacation last night and arrived there this morning. the president says the nation should give thanks for veterans and their families and asks americans to "say a prayer for all our troops" - including those spending the holiday in afghanistan >> authorities are saying that prosecutors are deciding whether to p charges over the royal prank phone call that caused a nurse to take her life. this after two australian djs impersonating queen elizabeth and her son. called the hospital that kate middleton was staying in. the two fooled nurse the nurse. jacintha saldanha. who transferred the call to middleton's room. saldanha's body was found hanging in her room three days later. >> preliminary results released by egypt's muslim brotherhood show that the disputed constitution has received a "yes" majority of more than 70 percent in the second and final round of voting. the results, posted on the
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brotherhood's website early sunday, show that eight of the 25 million egyptians eligible to vote - a turnout their ballots saturday, a turnout of about 30 percent. the referendum was held over two days, on dec. 15 and 22. in the first round, about 56 percent said "yes" to the charter. the turnout then was about 32 percent. the brotherhood, of which islamist president mohammed morsi hails, has accurately predicted election results in the past by tallying results provided by its representatives at polling centers. official results would not be announced for several days. >> lots of what weather wet weather--even a low of around the inlan a halo around e mono monon the plan that moanabe indicatio that a storm is going to be on our way is what i saw earlier which was a halo around the moon. we do see some showers
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with another system coming in tonight. we will light up the radar and letting things up in concord this is press would circle what a beautiful scene in presswood circel. the heaviest rainfall is expected for tomorrow. strong wind could be gusting between 40 m.p.h.-50 m.p.h. with high wind advisory. clearing for the afternoon and still some showers sticking around. maybe even thunderstorms with a dry day on monday. kurt satellite some showers and this system for tonight and tomorrow that will be in town right on top of this for the mid-late morning hours. and futurecast
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looking at the clouds and rain. notice, it is increasing as we get to the early morning hours. it will start out light with a steady and it will be heavier by midmorning. 8:00 a.m., widespread rainfall and the wind will also be picking up in the rainfall will continue. the heaviest could take place right before noon. things will improve as we go for the afternoon. notice the rainfall is leaving. as if it clears we could see thunderstorms popping up. unstable air. this rainfall totals could be over 1-inch in the north bay. and even a couple of inches possible by the inland areas. the system on thursday with lingering on wednesday dry conditions but possibly more recall for next weekend. >> coming up free
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navigation system, just break glass.. in the next edition o bay area b people behaving badly.....
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(male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >> you are looking at a one thousand dollar navigation receiver sitting in the rear seat of this car in downtown san mateo. in the front center column is this wide screen gps in plain view and yet another box containing who knows what. in fact if you look around at cars parked in downtown san mateo you might be surprised at what you might find. this mercedes while it has nothing in plan view look at this. the door is not locked. >> luckily i have a police officer right here so he saw me but you have to actually lock your door to be safe. in this car i found a old school ipod charging in the front seat and plenty of navigations systems good for re-gifting. you might not know this but it only takes 6 seconds to break a window and steal you're belonging. now some people think hey if i put in my trunk everything is safe actually ght bad guys are watching want you put in your trunk. san mateo police put out an alert that there have been burglaries from vehicles
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even in broad daylight. they along with all other cities in the bay ask that you please don't make it easier for the crooks by leaving stuff visible. i have done numerous segments around the bay hoping to educate drivers not be a victim so i'm tlling you again. do not leave anything of value visible, even these dvd's tell a crook that you might have a electronic in your car. and don't expect the average citizen to call the police, i was looking in cars for three hours and not one person who saw me called the police. in san mateo stanley roberts kron 4 news if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, e- mail us at m still ahead. we take a look at the lawmakers who are taking on the national rifle association and attempt to change our nations gun laws. then. we tell you the latest story thieves are telling unsuspecting victims. before they make off with their cell phones! plus. as we near the end of
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2012 we take a look at this past year's memorable moments. all that coming when kron 4
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>> a dramatic demonstration in san francisco against gun violence. it's part of a nationwide effort to ban assault weapons and to pay respect to the victims and families in newtown, connecticut. kron4's jeff pierce has the story. >> we are here to represent the twenty six people who were massacred in newton connectticut >> reporter: local members of the brady campaign the national group that has crusaded for the ban of assault weapons for over three decades laid on the cold concrete of justin hermin plaza in san francisco saturday afternoon.
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>> we've been losing children to gun violence for a long time, i'm hoping this is the straw that broke the camels >> it has a greater impact when it is twenty kids at once there is something about first graders that strikes peoples hearts. >> reporter: the brady campaign and others like them are mobilizing to keep the dialogue this national tragedy has created in the forefront of their effort to ban assault weapons. >> i'm hoping that these twenty six people did not die in vain that these twenty children, their lives have to mean something and this is what they are going to mean. >> reporter: the campaign is encouraged that their pleas have finally reached as far as the president himself. >> with him establishing the commission with joe biden in charge of it bringing back a set of proposals that he has pledged that he will do we are very hopeful that this time something will change. >> reporter: that hope is tempered by the tragedy that brought it about. >> it's unfortunate what we have said what has to happen, how many people have
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to die, what age the people have to be to really make a solid change in this country and unfortunately we have seen what that tragedy has been. (reading victims names) 4in san francisco jeff pierce kron four news. police in berekely are warning residents to be on the lookout for cell phone thieves who have been taking advantage of some people's willingness to help others. >> vicki: there are several reports of cell phone thefts where a suspect asks to use a victim's phone. often claiming that they need to call a sick relative. the suspect then takes the phone and flees in a nearby vehicle according to police.a few prevention measures can go a long way to reduce the risk of theft. police are advising people to avoid lending their phone to strangers and to not use your cell phone while outside alone.a marine veteran who spent more than four months in a mexican jail is on his way home. police arrested 27-year old jon hammar in august for carrying a gun they say was forbidden in the country.
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hammar's family said he was planning to use the antique shot gun to hunt and was told it was okay as long as he declared it and paid a fee. his mother says she's overjoyed her son is finally free. hammar met his father at the u-s mexican border friday night and they are driving back to south florida. they're expected to arrive on christmas eve.a cruise ship is being sanitized in texas after more than 100 people - mostly passengers- became sickened by norovirus. the crown princess docked in galveston today. princess cruises says the virus was likely carried onto the ship by boarding passengers. norovirus easily transmitted. the ship left venice, italy earlier this month for a 20 day cruise. >> the only survivor of the clackamas is speaking out. two people were killed in the teenager is setting nicias very thankful.
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>> 15 year-old is home for the holidays after a frightening ordeal. she says it is the support of families and others that have given her strength. >> they sent me cards, calling and saying that they were praying for me. that's really helped. it was a big impact. >> this day, they had gone to the mall to they remember seeing a man and they thought it was a paid all gone. when she was shot she felt a tremendous amount of pressure and pain. >> it is difficult to capture the moment of what happened. >> reporter: they meted out to the parking lot the-made its way out to the parking lot and it's the police did not believe that she was going t sure was shot.
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>> they said that it was going to >> the removal of bullet fragments from her lover in the she came home earlier this week. >> she is home, safe. and it is amazing that she has been here. >> i know that god has his eye on us and angels on everybody's shoulders. he was especially watching out for my family. >> vicki: bryan, some spotty showers expected the we are holding steady. >> a bit of a break. the first big storm with the rain and the wind and in another system is arriving. some showers on/off. they have been heavy in the south bay will receive the yellow. the green is showing the
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lighter rain where we see the yellow. in the south-bay a bit heavier. their rate is picking up and also south san jose has been under the gun. and notice south san jose highway 82. almadon valley also with this other batch of showers to the north-east and rainfall to venice beach. notice it is a dry right now we're going to sue rain in just a few minutes. mainly light but occasional patches of heavier rainfall. much more overnight with that next system. tonight, still partly cloudy skies and some showers possible for
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rainfall could be steady and heavy overnight. going into tomorrow. gusting winds, 40- 50 m.p.h. showers tapering off but there could be somewhat rumbling of thunder. into the sierras, snow levels at 4,000 ft.. the blue is where we could exceed 2 ft. of snowfall by this time tomorrow. a winter storm warning is in effect through 10:00 p.m. we could see white out conditions and tire chain laws in effect at higher elevations. details on your bay area forecast, coming up. >> vicki: the year 2012 is coming to a close. and it's been a long twelve months filled with stories of joy and sadness. the world has welcomedsaid good bye to others.let's take a look back at some of the top stories of the year. >> thank you very much. a massive crowd has gathered here. >> we want our freedom. we
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want to be free people. >> the italian cruise ship capsized. >> nearly 23% unemployment. >> joseph kony -- viral on media sites. outrage stirred social media. >> my name is sandra -- >> legitimate rate. >> this is a massive play by facebook. it largest ipo in tech history. >> this is breast-feeding in the picture. one article has the entire country talking. >> the president says he now believes that same-sex marriage should be legal. >> we now know the name of the suspect blamed for the movie theater shooting spree. >> shooting at the sikh temple in wisconsin. >> police now tell cnn people have been shot in front of the empire state building. >> bath salts. bath salts? bath salts. >> jerry sandusky sentenced to a minimum of 30 years in prison. >> an iconic statue honoring the late football coach joe paterno is gone. >> the british people are
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going ga-ga for the diamond jubilee. >> the flying squirrel. >> the fab five. >> ryan lochte. >> someone sold photographs of prince harry naked -- >> one of the hottest novels around. >> what went wrong, why now? >> isaac is forcing some changes at the republican convention. manufacture. >> what do you mean shut up? >> four more years! >> thank you! >> christopher stevens and three other embassy staff, they are dead. we will bring those to justice who committed these murders. >> all the effects of hurricane sandy already. sandy's carved a path of destruction across the eastern seaboard. >> we can't fully secure the crane until the wind dies down. >> they're doing another story on this? >> "call me maybe." >> tan mom.
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>> honey boo boo. >> live picture from "endeavour." the shuttle roping down the streets of l.a. let's look at the man of the center of the scandal, general david petraeus. responded to fresh rocket attacks-- syria has gone on for 20 hours - >> are these red line warnings talk? cnn projects that barack obama will be re-elected president of the united states. >> terror at an elementary school in connecticut. 20 children dead. six adults are also dead. our hearts are broken today. for the parents and grandparents, sisters and brothers of these little children. may god bless the memory of the victims. and in the words of scripture, heal the brokenhearted and bind up their wounds.
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(soemn music--solemn... music) >> coming up if you're looking for a new chinese restaurant look no further than celebrity chef martin yan's my china. after the break we'll take a closer look at the new restaurant in this weeks version of dine and dish. if your furry friends need a place to spend the holidays while you are out of town. there's an app for that! those stories and more when we returne.
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gabe slate tech report >> if you have paid do if you he
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a dog and you need to go on vacation, this is a free account when woners can find a local boarder and they hand pick them dog vay cay has 24/7 support and these are official boraders. it was fun for companionship and a nice way to have a pet without having a long term committment and nice side
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money... a 15% cut is for the app.. a great place with no kennesl for the dogs. >> we had a lot of are rated today we have a lot of rain today i even saw a double rainfali even saw a double rainw pockets of heavy rainfall. and as............... san jose. and as we go towards south
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san jose towards the valley. the showers are picking up. at this wet weather will return and off the coast of san francisco as we speak. the satellite, it is off to the east. lingering showers and the next over the ocean. this is approaching rapidly. the rainfall will pack up tonight and heavy at times
8:49 pm
>> the futurecast is the showing by 1:00 a.m., some spotty shower activity and the next brand will be from the west by 3:00 a.m.-4:00 a.m. initially light but it could get heavier. by 8:00, widespread, light and/moderate rainfall. it will be heavier towards the late morning as we transition towards the afternoon more scattered but even the possibility of thunderstorms. partial clearing. that will be the trend as recall for the rest of the evening if your on monday, a dry day with a mixture of sun and clouds. with a another system are riving just in time for christmas
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>> there is nothing like watching a chef aand action. >> my china is the celebrity chef latest with modern chinese food right before your eyes. >> we want to see what we are torn, taste our food and discover. >> you can catch noodle masters watch 1000s of thin strands and blindfolded and the longevity noodle and have a dining experience. helga has been here 3 time sin one week the black
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truffle dumpling and the kung pau dungeneous crab and a hot , cool fire in the wok cocktail... enjoy life good wine. >> this police catches a baby that was caught in a runaway cart.
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>> take a look at this. a moment of sheer terror for any mother - seeing her child in a shopping cart, rolling out of control, down a hill -- and toward a highway. it was all caught on camera - and thankfully the baby is safe tonight thanks to the quick-thinking of a
8:54 pm
wisconsin police officer. let's replay the video. from the dashboard camera of officer adam brunclik. the wisconsin officer was on patrol when he spotted this child in a yellow shopping cart. it was just a few feet away from a busy highway - so the officer sped toward the helpless infant. >> officer brunclik: "my immediate reaction was he was traveling fast and so i knew there wasn't an option to stop the cart, but i had to do something to try to stop traffic because it was headed directly towards a busy highway, so." >> chief andrea: "it's not often that officers have something like that happen right in front of them, but he was in the right place at the right time. he still had to take action." >> vicki: police say the baby's mother was placing another child in the car at the dollar general parking lot. when the shopping cart with the baby rolled dramatic >> fashion boston police officer edward norton jumped into the freezing
8:55 pm
cold water to rescue a woman who had fallen into the water. officer norton says the woman was drowning and calling for help. so he didn't think twice about diving in. once norton reached the woman he handed her a flotation device and pulled her to the safety of the nearby dock. the two, as well as two firefighters who dived in afterwards, were taken to the hospital to be checked out for hypothermia. no one was seriously injured. also, the best word to bring and the new year's eve live is 11:30
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>> a bit of a brake on our grain of >> more tomorrow >> will close u. s. 11. >> a bit of a break of the rain we will see you at 11
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