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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 24, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> a routine traffic stop prompts a search for a suspect in greenbrae. police in greenbrae are searching for a man who jumped over the bon air bridge after getting pulled over for a basic traffic stop. however, let us check-in
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with erica. >> we are looking at this front pushing over the golden gate bridge. gusting at 30 m.p.h. along the coast. that rainfall will continue to process itself. everybody will be contending with wet weather. not too much moisture associated. especially compared with what happened this weekend. expect 1/4-three-quarters of 1 in. at the lower elevations. for those of you located in the hills and also for the afternoon highs. the 50s. 56 in oakland and it looks like concord in pleasanton. here is that very important the seven day around the bay. expect showers. we could see clean during showers for wednesday, thursday. and we could see lingering-showers
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wednesday. friday, temperatures in the '50s with a chance with saturday. as of right now, they should not be that bad with partly cloudy skies a security >> george? >> and as we take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the quick commute check. light and easy. even this morning on highway no. 4, interstate-580. where we could see it slow traffic. and at the bay bridge toll plaza, light traffic. the back up in the cash plains. but not this morning. no leader in lights with the no backups in the cash--lanes. >> as i mentioned, the search and green brea
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presumably, this man has been pulled over for a du i and he jumped the fence and into the water. to get you more news faster we turn to kron four solo reporter jackie sissel who >> what started out as a drunk driving stock has now turned into research and rescue. the drunk driving - pullover around 12:30 as there were getting information, the suspect got up and took off on the football tamale jumping over and into the corta madera creek given the heavy rainfall. the officer had contact with 100 yds with
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his flashlight as the suspect went down the creek, he ultimately lost contact and multiple agencies including the marin county water agency, the fire department, in the with the marin county water rescue were called. to start searching, we spoke with the police chief earlier. he spoke of the concerns he had. >> we are concerned with the swift moving water that he could have gotten caught up in the something. or possibly could have drowned. we are concerned for his safety and we are hoping that he is okay. there is a swift water rescue going up a creek. try to locate him. >> just to be clear, i am at the bridge, this incident started at two, 3 mi. closer to the town of ross this is
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where they ultimately set of the command post. they expect him to be here along the banks to resume the search. >> in washington, this york right now. lawmakers say it'll be time to get back to work when they and president obama return to washington on thursday following the time is running out to avert increases and domestic some members of congress are growing more skeptical that a budget agreement can be reached. >> before we go over the fiscal cliff, negotiations. >> president obama is in hawaii for christmas. and says he'll cut his vacation short to try and hammer out a deal with congress. the deadline. now a week away. if congress fails to reach any agreement, income tax rates will go up on just about everyone on january 1st. unemployment benefits will expire for many as well. >> thousands of nurses will
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walk off the job today at nine bay area hospitals. nurses with sutter health's alta bates summit medical center are asking for negotiated labor contracts and improvements in patient care protections. such as staffing levels, health benefits, and sick days. strikers say hospital officials want to reduce the number of paid sick days for nurses and technicians, while eliminating health care coverage for those who work fewer than 30 hours a week. >> we will be right back. thousands of palestinians and international tourists are visiting bethlehem to visit christmas. and to celebrate-christmas. this is live at the we will be right back.
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>> watching wall street, this shorter trading day. they are open until just 1:00 p.m., not a lot to cheer about. with little in the news. there was a expected a lower opening. of the driving force was the fiscal cliff. expect low trading volume with wall street closing at 10:00 a.m. our time, 1:00 p.m. on the east coast. we will watch and wait.
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>> it is crunch time for last-minute shopping as you know. and you better know. this deadline is firm if you are still looking to get some gas. >> also, of costco open from 9:00 a.m.-5:00 a.m. macy's closes at 6:00 and canno tonigh and what else is that they are a bit concerned on a shopping. but
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for a week and was strong percent. but analysts says sales fell 4-point-3 percent for the week ending december 15th. and last week they forecasted holiday spending to decrease another 2-point- 5 percent. previous expectations were for a 3-point-3 percent increase in spending. >> this live look from our roof cam.
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video from san mateo sent by one of our viewers. as rain poured into a hillsdale mall parking lot. look at all the water. you can see it rushing down the steps of the stairwell. causing the surrounding area
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to partially flood. no one was able to walk down those stairs without facing the risk of slipping. return to index of stories... ---------------------------- ---------------------------- ------------------------ flooding info updated this morning-oc.fsc this morning we're waking up to much better conditions after flooding hit parts of the bay area. this is the latest from the national weather service. all hydro issues from yesterday have subsided. all streams and creeks are within their banks again. the napa river has peaked and is beginning to recede. the current level is 9.4 feet, while flood stage is at 16 feet so we're much below that. the flood warning for the napa river has been cancelled. >> it is in the 30's, for some areas and other areas getting last-minute christmas shopping done. temperatures will be in the fifties under mainly sunny skies. here is a look at the visibility with locally dense fog. not that evident in the north bay. with less than one-half mile, napa. santa rosa, novato drive
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with extra caution towards the golden gate bridge. and the cloud coverage could increase. that is with a storm headed our way the futurecast, by 9:00 a.m., some light rain tomorrow. as we go towards tomorrow, christmas, some light rain for the delta. still, through mountain view, san jose. heavier through the golden gate but that front is going to press through with christmas evening. a lot of people will be enjoying their holiday.
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however, not much moisture but we could not see that intense rainfall with advisories like we saw yesterday. here is a look of the afternoon highs, 56 in fremont. 55 in the sunnyvale. everybody in the same boat antioch. and for the castro valleys, enjoy the dry weather. 55 in it the city. the kron 4 seven day around the bay with unstable air toward probably until the middle of this week. 6:18. george? >> good morning. we can go straight to the bay bridge as we check in our bay bridge. just tell like the traffic is one normally the metering lights would be activated. the volume would be high but not the case of this morning. and also highway in '92, we are looking at how light the traffic is. at this time, a
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lot more cars usually towards foster city. the golden gate, also pretty light but a good commute. the camera lens is trying a bit and the camera is showing not much moisture. however, we could encounter some showers and the traffic there is a new incident. there has been an accident reported on interstate-80 on the westbound at university ave. light. also, in addition to what is happening on traffic we are keeping an eye on where santa is north american aerospace space command they are usually watching for missiles, it is ironic because he is and north
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korea. they have been launching special i missiles. ad he has left japan, and now from north korea, he is headed towards china. >> the jump. because santa has so much ground to cover that he can travel at the speed of light. one of this speculation is is that he uses an atmospheric separator so he can use these lightning speeds. >> is good that he is on rain gear powe-- rain deer power and the gas prices san
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francisco, $3.60. oakland, $3.48 in the state average is $3.52. >> it was tough to watch the 49 hours last night with the triplet seattle quarterback wilson. collin kaepernick led by their rocking crowds. they wrote the niners 42 to 13. wilson's touchdowns put him one and shy of patent mannings rookie record. -- peyton manning
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former stanford star richard sherman struggle all night with the deafening noise of the field. >> we don't feel good about it but that is how we handle it. that is how we respond. >> that is true they are still and first. the raiders weren't kinder any to them. the panthers beat the raiders 1726. they held the panthers to 129 yds and several shoving matches played in heated exchanges. carson palmer was knocked out of the game.
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>> we make believe it did not happen. it is not absolutely necessary anyway. move on. think of christmas shopping. remember the whole 24 our thing with macy's? they're open. you go shopping any time. they have the skating rink of which they've had for a while. >> at the new year's live party? with catherine he and and gary radnich. we will be back.
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>> the time is 6:26 a.m. and wall street has revealed the best and worst ads of 2012. among the best is a rebel with sponsored felix baumgartner dive from space. the drink makers logo was featured prominently as a world record was set for the highest parachute jump, a supersonic free fall from just over 128,000 ft.. to paul light also favored is
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that not left connected and as we normally don't >> three california cities have been ranked as the best places for man in the united states. the rankings are released by men's health magazine. here's a look at number one, the lazy, idaho. no. 2, san francisco, no. 3 san jose, no. 4 plano texas. these rankings were based on criteria is rented from the
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cost of living, a number of jobless, obesity, crime and death rates, air quality and the ratio of men to women. >> a live look from the floor of the stock exchange, we will have numbers for you coming up.
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>> welcome back and the opening bell on wall street on the shortened trading day. dow features are down 24. we'll bring you the numbers throughout the morning. >> time is running out to get your guests under the christmas tree. yoli assesses in union square this morning where we expect to see crowds of last-minute shoppers. when do most things open? >> it looks like a lot of these doors are wide to open around 7:00 in the morning. late shoppers like myself (laughter) will get a chance to buy some presence. macy's and
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has to recover because they would through this whole 24 hour deal over the weekend. they open on friday and did not close until late last night. we will see how well that worked out a lot of these surveys and research is sounds like it was pretty good for this last minute shopping. overall people are sticking to their budgets and keeping in the range with spending. hopefully will be able to talk to the manager at macy's to see what they expect today. >> thanks allot yoli. >> it looks like traffic is
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going to be giving us a break on christmas day at least for christmas day. >> a lot of people have christmas shopping to do today and it is going to be a dry one. no fuss out on the roadways, mainly sunny skies as the afternoon. later on tonight we will have that cloud cover which is all i had of the storm in the pacific which will have an impact on christmas day. a lot of folks will be endorsed and that is certainly the trade off. the rain will start in the bay area tomorrow afternoon. heavier rain is anticipated for your christmas night, showers will continue into wednesday and thursday. it looks like over all dry and mild and to weekend. current temperatures out the door 37 and napa, 36 for vallejo, out low forties for concord. satellite and radar is monitoring the storm that will impact the bay area and
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future cast four predicts light rain around santa rosa tomorrow morning, 9:00 a.m.. by christmas brunch, check out the delta. great indicates light rain on the coast line and for the heart of the bay. as we set the clock into motion you can see the clearly defined front ahead of this with gusty conditions along the coast. it will continue to pass through as we head into the christmas evening. not too much moisture associated with the system compared to the weekend. a quarter of an inch to about three- quarters of an inch of rain for the lower elevations and an inch to an inch and a half relocated in the hills. temperatures for today, everyone in the mid-50s. 56 for redwood city and mountain view, 56 for sunnyvale. 55 for san leandro and turning our
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attention to the north bay, no problems. 534 napa and palo llama. ocean beach is coming in at 52 degrees. 7 day around the bay forecast shows unsettled weather for 2 state wednesday and thursday. we'll return to dry conditions as we transition into friday. 6:34 a.m. and here is traffic with george. >> thanks and i mentioned in my last report in accident on the east shore freeway interstate 80 in the westbound direction on at university ave. this is a pretty surt serious crash and that started as a stall. it was struck by other vehicles and now there are three or four vehicles involved in this accident. it was on the shoulder. even though there is slowing, conditions are so light that even with the accident the drive time is still only 18 minutes. that is from hercules to berkeley from
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highway 4 down 2 university ave. >> following a developing story for green and gray police are searching for it 8 man. jackie sissel is on the scene and will explain what is happening. >> we expect to see search and rescue units from multiple agencies on madera creek. this all started as a de you i stop --dui according to police are on 1238 and they pulled over a suspected drunk driver. they're giving him a sobriety test out of the car and the suspect took off on foot. he climbed a fence and then jumped into this cold madera creek. over the weekend this water was brushing. the suspect was
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seen by the police about a hundred yards down the creek and trying to volume with their flashlights they lost him. marin county sheriff's department and the search of water rescue boats from the southern rent fire department searched the waters for several hours. they had no luck. they had to suspend the search until they get back out here until they break which will be about a half an hour. they have not released to the identity of the suspect, they have his name but they are only saying it is an adult male. they want to get back out to search but they're not sure at the suspect is in the water or not. they will be giving it the once over it would daybreak. we expect to see them out here and about 30 minutes. >> the time is 6:36 a.m. and
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we will back with more in just a couple of minutes. music's, ready !
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>> take a look at this, video from outside cars were fully submerged. it was 1982 and january and that is san rafael. no one is going anywhere. cars were going anywhere in the water, and highway traffic tunnel down to one lane. yesterday, not so bad. >> remember the fun we had and what was that 2002? we still have people without
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power in the bay area. the biggest outage right now is being reported in lafayette with 261 pg&e customers without power this morning. power is expected to be restored there around 815 this morning other outages we're watching and watsonville 147 are without power in san francisco 131. >> take a look at this, plenty of nice snow. highway 2 and a >> we will take a quick break and there is a reminder you can catch dr. phil right after the kron4 morning news at 10:00 a.m..
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>> it is christmas eve and we're looking for at least better weather the what we had yesterday. >> that is right daria we will have dire conditions as we start the day and it will and that way as well. we of cloud cover and clear skies today and we will and with more clout cover later on tonight. sampras is still is waking up to 38 degrees. here is a satellite and radar, we are monitoring rain on the way and right now it is in the pacific. cloud cover will increase tonight, ahead of the system. future cast four walking you through your christmas day forecast, light rain for santa rosa and dry for everyone else. 7:00 in motion all around
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christmas brunch, noon light rain in the delta up, of vallejo, and napa. it was stretch of coastline and affect mostly the peninsula. the south bay will mostly be dry. drain of a cup of intensity for the north bay as well as in the afternoon. ahead of the front wind speeds will increase with gusts up to 30 mi. an hour for the coastline. you could see most of the heaviest rain will stick close to the golden gate bridge. it will pass its way through for christmas night and by 9:00 p.m. scattered showers remain for the north bay with heavier rain to our south. christmas day forecast, here's what to expect for the north bay. rain approaches late morning and it will be the low 40's. the afternoon highs will be low 50s. the bay shore will be dry for the morning with a rains likely in the afternoon. for the south bay it looks like
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a cloud cover will be there but the rain will not start until later on that evening. it looks like it is fine to be outside for san jose and mountain view and those of you and sunnyvale. if you are headed to the sierra bring a change for highway 80. the snow will be for tuesday into wednesday in you could see between two to 8 in.. winter weather advisory goes into effect tomorrow until 4:00 p.m. on wednesday. afternoon highs the bay area 534 vallejo, 56 for oakland in fremont. 7 day around the bay forecast shows unstable weather to about the middle of this week. also be filed and we will return to mild quiet conditions on monday. >> taking a look at the bay bridge light traffic on the approach to this morning, even coming from the macarthur maze and east
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shore freeway. all the approaches look good. it is a light and easy right here as well as highway 92 and the san mateo bridge drive. it has gotten heavier of the last hour and a half in the westbound direction but the drive times are still under 11 minutes. your commute to the golden gate bridge is an easy one with extremely light traffic across the span. we have been tracking one accident this morning in the east bay and it is almost completely cleared now. there may be one are two vehicles left in one lane. even with this accident and the brief slowdown the drive times have gone down on interstate 80 from 18 down to 16 minutes. even with the accident and place it is still a pretty light and easy ride. also doing a little extra duty in the traffic center we are also tracking santa claus. on the other side of the world, it
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is my time already. you can see he is working his way through china and with all the people there, he is soon going to spend a lot of time there. he will work his way east word. he has already delivered 1.1 billion presence. santa has been pretty busy. i always wondered how he got so many presents in his leg and manage to get this done as quickly as he does. >> it is a christmas miracle george. also he is not using global earth this year. he is using bing maps. as we see on the maps there. google is offering its competing scented tracker. you can go to google .com/
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santa tracker. >> you would need a lot of cameras to capture santa. a member of the u.s. military gets an early give to his mother. he was in afghanistan during christmas last year and this year he assesses the prize for his mother. >> my mom is my best friend, i can't wait to see her. >> the plan was to meet any family room of betties, a restaurant. >> one of mom's the best friends runs the place. and her duty is to get her here without knowing that her son is in the back. he stayed in the back while we acted like we were doing a story about
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holiday traditions. she bought it. soon as she started talking about her son, jeremy. >> maybe i will see him next year. >> as soon as she looked up she realized we were not there for the reason we said we were. >> (crying) this is my best press it yet. --present >> we had a couple of slip ups here and there. >> he is usually terrible at this. >> they found a way to bring back a joint like only seen her son jeremy can.
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>> i love you. >> i love you too. i am so happy you are home. >> a great story but wall street is not so great. right now the dow was down 36. we will take a quick break as the kron4 morning news continues. also a reminder you can bring in the new year right here on kron4. we will show you fire works here around the bay and that starts at 1130 p m on new year's eve.
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>> summer home decor and san diego got a little out of hand and very into season. 30,000 christmas lights.
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chris morrow took this video of the home-shopping almost every inch of the house cover an electric lighting. he says the family has set up elaborate displays for many years and that they typically pay a $1,000 power bill after every december. >> the st. anthony's foundation in san francisco needs your help and to reach its old goal of collecting 500 hams during the 25th annual kerbside donation drive. today organizers hope to get 400 hams, they got 100 on saturday. st. anthony's is located at 150 golden gate ave and will be open from 9 to 3 today. the hobbit an unexpected journey held the top spot at the weekend box office. the film took over $36 million
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easily beating and arrest of holiday newcomers. meanwhile tom criuze's film jack richer came in second place with $15.6 million debut. at no. 3 with $12 million was the marital comedy this is a 40. the guilt trip, a 3 d version of monsters, ink and a circuit these allay worlds away also open this weekend. we will be back with more in a couple of minutes.
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