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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  December 25, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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lish >> this is the bay area's news station. news at 11 starts now. >> rain swept through the bay area christmas day as the third storm system and a hand full of days hit the region and we're seeing scattered showers. i'm here at the weather center with brian. you've been busy today. what's happening with this rain ? >> things are wining down for tonight and we're seeing improving conditions and the rain is starting to taper off. here's the live from tracker 4. a few scattered showers around san jose and those are moving out in the next hour or so. some showers on the peninsula around san carlos and bellmount. most of the heavy rain off to the east and a lot of snow in
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the sierra and that's the blue band. see the speck le, that's cold and a lot will rotate through the bay area. rainfall totalled from this afternoon and evening have been over an inch in many locations like san francisco is one of the weather spots with an inch and a quarter of rain and there still is more on the rain and i'll let you know how long it's going to last. vicky. >> we've had it scattered across the bay area. and our team cover is continued and that's the worst weather. >> i'm not getting rained on. it's the first time all day i've been dry and i've spent time all across the north bay. late tuesday a water main broke in fairfax leaving homes without water for a short time. in this video you can see water from the broken pipe racing down the hill. this is one of the many
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problems on christmas day. in petaluma, it causes flooding on highway 101 and that didn't stop cars from plowing through the water. chp$laç5z tells us there was one accident because of this water. driving on highways of 101 was a mess. the visibility was poor and because of the rain it was standing water in sections of highway that causes the wet stuff to go everywhere. while i was driving i saw a car hydroplane across four lanes of traffic and the driver's wheels caught before he crashed. tonight's weather is the improvement over what it was. in the north bay, jr, news. >> the rain causes problems in san francisco. scott continues from fisherman's wafsh.
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>> it's causing problems for drivers and all the water is flooding onto the street and drivers out here finding themselves facing challenges when they come out to drive. let me show what i'm talking about. i'm at the fishing man's warf and look at the water here. people had to drive through this and you can see it's coming up high to my boot. 6) in several parts of the streets causing major headaches for drivers. >> as the rain continues to fall tonight, driving along the roadway have become more difficult. >> it was bad out there. i couldn't see where i was going. >> this was earlier tonight and water gushing out of bay street causing a mess for drivers in the area. ponding along the road have drivers concerned out here and hoping they don't hit one of the flooded areas. >> it was a lot of water. >> it was pretty scary. my mother was driving crazy at times. >> it was scary, especially
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those big highways. >> despite the rain, people came out along fisherman's warf and they grabbed their raincoats and umbrellas and enjoyed the evening. >> i walked the bridge and it was raining, but i got the umbrella and the coat and i'm good. take the good with the bad. >> the chp said they're asking xwi: and over the next few days as rain comes into the area. reporting, scott 4 news. >> it maybe wet and windy in the bay areas but things are worst in the area. a line of storms are finding tornados and it flipped over cars and broke windows of several businesses, but there are no reports of injuries there. a san francisco family sent christmas without their grandmother and mother because a
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drunk driver -- 56 yun died after a car hit her tweak peeks area. he doesn't want the family to suffer because someone drank too much and decided to drive. >> the thing about the consequences, my family -- i had a perfect family, a perfect mom and now everything is gone. >> the driver of the car 23-year old jenny who you saw there faces several felony accounts verses have heck lar man slaughter. new details about the man who set fire to his neighborhood yesterday before shooting four firefighters and two of them fatally in the new york town of
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webster it's near rodchester and the shooting left a note intending to wipe out more people. >> he was intending to wipe out more people that he did after the police read a night that spangler wrote. he wrote i have to see how much of the neighborhood to burn down and do what i love to do best which is killing people. >> he wanted to kill as many people but as far as motives and we don't know. >> his 67-year old sister died in the incident and they lived together in one of the houses that burnt and spang letter started the fire and luring firefighters so he can kill them. >> lured first responders and he armed himself heavily and taken up an area of cover near a tree
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and immediately started firing upon the responders. >> authorities said he shot firefighters, 43 mike and 19-year old tomas. two other firefighters were shot and are in serious but stable condition and spangler served years in prison after beating his grant mother with a hammer back in 1981. i'm grant lewis, 4 news. >> the gun man had three guns with him and a semi automatic and the same weapon used in the school shooting. coming up with the fiscal washington in hopes of an avoiding a costly new year. all right. match ups on christmas day in the nba and we'll give you highlights and play a rematch of the nba finals
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and jim, one of the 49ers should be con the big lost to seattle. those stories up next
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>> new at 11, christmas vacation is cut short for president obama and he's leaving hawaii tomorrow night. the president is returning to the white house to work on a fiscal cliff deal before the year ends. house and senate members are going to reconvene without an agreement, automatic tax increases and that will be triggered in the new year. it looks like few people season. retails are the weakest. holiday sales increased. and they expected them to go 6 to 4%. it's blamed on super sandy which stroke the east coast but let us
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not forget why obama is returning from hawaii early. the lawmakers will be able to reach a deal. we have rainfalling across the bay area and some heavy showers and departing san jose out of the santa clarita valley but there's showers coming in and i'll let you know on storm track 4 coming up.
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>> we have wet weather still falling across the bay area and
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here's live storm track, but the rain is gone for this evening and showers in the south bay but they're moving out to deablos and showers for palo alto and we'll see the rain pick up here and in the north bay, it has been quiet for a while but light rain drops and towards petaluma. and we're seeing some light rain at this time and we're continue to see the showers for tonight and into the day tomorrow and in the sierra, lots of snow falling and storm watch until tomorrow night. and a dry day for friday. maybe an additional one to 2 feet of snow by the time this storm is all set and down.
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live at the san meteo bridge and showers along with gus tea winds./ú7 a lot of places with winds 20 to 30 miles per hour. showers continue for the day and then tomorrow mostly sunny thursday and another storm friday. here's future cast as we're moving through the night we'll see the showers continue off through the overnight hours and tomorrow night. waez start the day on wednesday, look for showers to pass through the bay area and shows showers will be decreasing as we go into the afternoon hours with sunshine increasing. and here's the 7-day around the bay. for thursday, mostly sunny day and dry but the clouds are back on friday and another storm comes in but the rain will be light and it arrives friday clearing by the time sunday rolls around and looking sunny for the last day of 2012 and the last day on
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tuesday we've seen break throughs in science and john has the top ten science stories at 2010 >> a revolutionary light called litro. >> this will change how we take and experience pictures. >> the camera captures the light field, allowing focus to be changed after it has been taken. no. 9, nasa space craft sent data about an asteroid. it appears vesta went through planet evolution and it's one of a kind. to be one of e only one that's left. >> no. 8, you may have heard the term god pardon cal. the european nuclear center claims to have found it. why is it a
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ci,]w:qbig deal? think big bang theory. >> in this particle, this set off the explosion that creates the universe. >> after analyzing data generated by an accelerator. >> at 7, a leap of faith. record breaking jump. bub broke the free fall record jumping from 128,000 feet in a space suit. >> i said the whole world is watching and i wish the world could see. cambodiag5a[([ and a package cac 71 was aggressive. he was there when the mystery was solved.
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>> those organizism and them getting steroids. >> no. 5, space was the first promotional company to dock a space craft in the space station and marked a new beginning. private companies taking over nasa and sending humans to the station. >> no. 4, scientist found the largest in the world is in trouble. >> the great reef has disappeared overtvú[tsv the last 27 years. >> scientist tribute much of the loss to storm damage. and no. 3 we go to the pacific and any part in the ocean which famous explore james cameron, first test drops. finally inwgfq deep sea, he went down 30,000 feet. no. 2, melting ice.
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scientist -xú found te greenland and ice sheets are losing three times as 20 years ago. pine ice glacier and it contributed to 1/5 of all sea level rise over the past 20 years. and our no. 1 is called 7 minutes of terror. he survived in -- it was an out pouring of emotion from the nasa team and that's the landing cite and hunting for water and methane. curious on the might well be our number one again next year. and john, miami. a rocket that covers like a helicopter and space x which was
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mentioned launched a test flight of a rocket. after launch, it goes in the air and lands vertically and softly instead of breaking up. it has the potential to change space flight and save money in the process as a reasonable rocket. still ahead, 49ers and the coach and whether or not he's concerned about the team. and five of the best basketball players show case their skills and we have that up next.
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case their skills and we have that up next. >> a big christmas match up and lebron and dwan in the heat, a rematch of last year's nba finals and james will show off his power slam right here. also picked up a fowl finally in his 5th game and gone five straight without a fowl. and darant fade away plus the file and 33 points for daran. he had 21 points and less than 26 points. james finds chris inside, bosh with 6 and heat wins. and it's their 5th win going back to last year's june's final. the laker are final starting to heat up
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and cobee is playing on christmas day and hosting carmello and the pretty lay up. and kobe 9th game. and they're opened a big quarter. mello matched kobe with 34 points. lakers up three and pal who has been called soft and he throws down the exclamation points and lakers win 194 and their 5th straight win and they're 14-14 on the season. is 49ers coach concerned at the blow off lost to seattle? >> no, i feel like my team's leadership and the staff, and the talent of the players and the work ethics of the players will pave the way. >> that's what he has so say as
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the head coach. >> it makes you win. but potentially some good news. according to 49ers insider, he should be available for the season finale against the cardinals. he has to pass the protocol before he takes the field. for those who want hockey and for the lockout, this goes for you. >> moving right. and kicked it and shoots and scores.ep75÷ what a brilliant move by cole. are you kidding me. his name is colton and he plays for the on tare yo rain. 360 spin and nothing but net and yellow horn and the ontario rain, they beat our bulls 4-3 out of the chel this past saturday and talk about a devoted fan. guess who emmit fan is and it has to do with the
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tattoo on his head. the miami dolphin and one hip cup is it looks like their photo is changing. and it has gone viral as the logo and stephen ross said it will pay om age and heritage of the team. as for mr. dug, he could get another one if he decided to update his tattoo. e-mail us if you have a question. you see the e-mail at the bottom of your screen and gary is back and he'll pick e-mails and read those on air with his wife. thanks good night, everybody. >> what a super soaker. we're done for a little while. >> we have a few showers left for tomorrow and tonight but it's looking nicer thursday and dry weather. >> good night, everybody.
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