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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 28, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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>> this developing news with a child and a parent are dead. the coast guard operation with three people had been fishing when a wave crashed them into the bay. one of the adults swim to shore but the child and the other adult was underneath the golden gate. they could not be resuscitated. treated and released. >> developing tonight. time is winding down. and
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still no deal to keep the country from falling off the fiscal cliff.. with the deadline just 4- days away. the president and congressional leaders met at the white house for more talks. stacey cohan has the latest. >> president obama is saying that he is out of patience and he is urging congress to do its job. i
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>> what ever we come up with, it is not going to be perfect and did not everybody is going to like it. >> house speaker john peter does not want to bring anything to congress until it is passed by the house. those tax cuts are expected to expire house speaker john boehner does not want to bring anything until it is passed by the house. >> these everyday workers are going to be paying the price for all of not being able to get anything done. >> catherine: after a break in the rain.yet another round is this is a live look at conditions in san on van
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ness avenue. i'm in the weather center with jacqueline - who has been tracking this latest >> jacqueline: it has been a bit deceiving. but we are finally seeing rain hit the coast. half moon bay in the last one hour and a san francisco probably seen some sprinkles right now as well. let us to track some of these rainfall totals. not all of this is hitting the ground. there are pockets of yellow is indicating the rainfall in excess of 1 tenths per hour. we could it just see light sprinkles. as we go towards half moon bay. the rainfall totals and of and down the coast as this system continues to process along the coast. light rain towards richmond, berkeley. but one hour before things
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get saturated. as i mentioned a quick look outside. the satellite & radar pressing to the south and moving through a ukiah. and the rainfall approaching the coach with more tonight. timing it out on futurecast. >> catherine: in bay area news. just a day after oakland's top officials unveiled a new plan to fight crime. three people were killed overnight. two young men were gunned down about one this morning on mead avenue. about an hour and a half later. a woman was found stabbed to death on walnut street. kron 4's j.r. stone has more on what one of the department's new "top cop" consultants is saying about the crime rate. >> this troubled community. >> reporter: bill bratton will be a consultant for oakland police department starting in february.
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>> it could we give this deployed in a timely manner and more effectively for crime-fighting strategies >> reporter: bratton also tells me it's about changing the relationship between officers and those in the community to where people trust the police. he says that in la that was another major problem the city was dealing with when he got there. he's hoping to turn >> it is the lack of confidence on part of the public that the of the police department is not confident on dealing with the growing crime problem. >> reporter: he was a former police commissioner in the new york and boston he is ready to meet the challenge of oakland. >> might challenge was that it was a very small police force for a very large city. we were able to implement
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change and that the crime rate has gone for 12 consecutive years. >> reporter: he also says that the public's opinion about the police force and willing to turn that around that around in oakland as well. j.r. stone kron 4 news. >> oakland is 400,000 it has seen the 130 murders. the most in five years. oakland has about 400-thousand residents.
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it's seen 130 murders.most in five years. one of every three-thousand people were killed in san francisco's populationit has seen 67 murders.that's up 34 percentso one in every 12-thousand people were murdered this year in san franisco. and san jose has nearly 1 million people. 45 murders this year, most since 1991. one in every 21,000 people were killed in san jose. all three bay area cities saw homicides increase this year compared to 2011. for comparison.we'll widen the view. chicaco has 2.7 million people.and 499 murders this year.that's one in every 54- hundred people being murdered.,,just a little better than oakland. and new york city's murder rate is at an all time low. 8.2 million people in the big apple. 414 homicides. just one in every 20- this year in new york city. new at eight -- kron four's philippe djegal highlights a more than 800 new laws are set to take affect at the start of the year. that's right -- 800. i scanned through what passed through the state assembly and senate.
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here's what the governor made law and what you should know. assemblywoman joan buchanan's bill regarding metal purchases passed. the fine for dealers who knowingly buy metals used at public utlities facilities jumps up big time. now 250-dollars. in a few days. four times that amount. to one thousand dollars. another bill out of the assembly. gives women greater access to birth control. a-b 23-48 will now allow certified nurses, midwives, nurse practicioners and physician's assistants to prescribe that medication. and, drivers licenses for illegals. some 400-thousand undocumented immigrants will be able to apply for a license. this applies to those in a federal program supporting immigrants who came to states as a child and have not broken the law. the homeowner bill of rights will also go into affect at the start of the year. it's meant to give battle forecloser. this set of bills will restrict dual-track foreclosures. when lenders act like they're working with a borrower to modify a loan, while still moving forward with foreclosure. a senate bill also makes it illegal for public and private universities. from forcing students to reveal their usernames or passwords for social media. philippe djegal, kron four news. >> catherine: chevron has received the okay to move forward with plans to repair the crude unit that burst
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into flames at its richmond refinery in august. it sent a huge fireball into the air. and sent thousands of people to local hospitals. as kron 4's dan kerman reports - chevron will be able to use a type of pipe that has created a lot of controversy. >> reporter: nearly 5 months after a pipe rupture created a fireball above chevron's richmond refinery sending thousands to area hospitals, the oil giant has been given the ok to rebuild crude unit number 4 and replace the pipe that ruptured with one made of 9-percent chromium steel the chemical safety board had questioned why chevron was not using stainless steel with 18% chromium. suggesting it was the industry standard and better to withstand corrosion which is believed to be the cause of august's pipe rupture but in this letter to the richmond city council, city manager bill lindsay says two outside consultants have concluded that using a 9 chrome represents an
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"inherently safer design" than other available materials. it was that determination that lead to the permits being issued the chemical safety board said it "will not endorse or object to that decision." city councilman tom butt said he believes this time chevron covered all their bases" and said ultimately no pipe will last forever which his why they must be rigously inspected on a regualr basis as for chevron, the oil giants says its please the city has issued the permits so they can proceed with the repairs and get back to full production >> chevron is hoping to have a prepares to have full repair spared the first quarter of next year. that could mean possibly by the month of april. dan kerman,
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kron 4. >> catherine: a woman who was brutally gang raped on a city bus in india. has died. the vicious crime has been drawing worldwide attention. protests have swept through india since her attack two weeks ago. and today at the indian consulate in san francisco.there was a vigil.and a message from dipolomatic officials. >> reporter: about three dozen protestors gathered at the consolate on arguello street just before sundown. many of them are indian expatriates and say something needs to be done to address women's rights in that country. >> (protest organizer) preeti shekar: this incident is one of many that have been going on and we are here to say that violence against women is not ok and we need to do something about it. >> manoj hergarwl, protestor: i'm a citizen of india and i thought i should be herejust, as a guy, i feel so sad and it is shameful what has happened to this girl. >> reporter: people without ties to india were moved to come to the vigil as well. >> marcia poole, protestor: india has tolorated the rape of women for so long now that the police
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actually, don't listen to the girls. >> reporter: the group presented a petition to the consulate saying more needs to be done to stop violence against women in india. a representative accepted the petition and gave a brief statement regarding the incident. he said a special commision has been established to investigate the horrible crime. >> n.p. singhand: we are confident that the incident will prove to be a turning point. efforts are being made to bring the guilty to justice in a speedy way. thank you. >> reporter: despite the words coming from the consulate here in san franciscomany are worried that nothing will change in india. i'm jeff bush in san francisco, kron four news. >> catherine: the men accused in that assault will reportedly now be charged with murder. still ahead at eight. the new arrest and charges filed in a brutal san francisco crime. during which a couple was bound. gagged. and left for dead. plus. the bill one state senator introduces. in an effort to put the brakes on repeat d-
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u-i offenders. and celebrating the new year safely. a look at all the public transit options for getting to various bay area events.
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at&t u-verse high speed internet. now on our newly expanded advanced digital network, a connection your whole house can count on. ♪ >> catherine: police are cracking down on people drinking and getting behind the wheel this holiday weekend. this is a live look at a checkpoint in san rafael. it's one of several set up tonight - and scheduled for the weekend and if you're planning on going out to celebrate on new years eve-- you might want to consider public transit. kron 4's charles clifford has more on that. >> reporter: in an effort to accommodate large new years eve crowds and to keep people from drinking and driving, nearly all of all of the bay area's transit agencies will be offering free or extended services on new years eve.
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bart is going to extend train service until 3am on new years day. they will also be running additional trains into and out of san francisco to accommodate new years eve crowds. if you want to ride muni, service will be free between 8pm new years eve and 6am new years day. along the peninsula, caltrans graphic caltrans will be offering free rides after 11pm through the end of service. fit they will also be running francisco after midnight to help people get home, the last one will leave at 2:15am or whenever it's full. samtrans will also be offering free rides between 11pm and 2am in the east bay ac transit, will be offering extended service on the broadway shuttle, or "free b". the shuttle will run from 7pm to 1am on new years eve. in the south bay, vta will be offering free service on all light rail and bus lines from 7:00 p.m. monday evening through 3:59
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a.m. tuesday morning. they'll also have extended service on several routes. now, if you plan to drive into san francisco on new years eve keep in mind that because of the fireworks show near the ferry building, there will be traffic delays along the embarcadero between 11pm and 1am in san francisco, charles >> jacqueline: we are finally starting to see some showers and pushing inland. that will be one hour before that the serbs to press through. the core of this storm is surrounded by cold air all around. we can see snowfall through lake tahoe. and the system tail end is going to be pressing through. on futurecast is pinpointing offshore. lighter showers will right where they are sitting at this moment as to go towards the later evening hours if repressing inland.
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heavier along the coast and really light showers as this system continues to press itself. some showers wrapping around. some showers remaining and we will see drier conditions in the afternoon and evening. the rain headlines on early saturday morning. we will mainly see light rain with nearly 1 in. expected in the coastal locations. as i mentioned, this is surrounded by cold air. this blessed of cold air locally, 3,000 ft.. this- blast -- blast of cold air. temperatures to requite ke chilly with 30's. quite chilly. delta, the inland valleys. for the afternoon,
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temperatures not rebounding that much 50s through redwood city. as for this year as a chance of flurries. a look a your extended forecast with me in the light rain. drier conditions and on monday, there is a slight chance of showers for the north bay. increasing clouds for the afternoon and a better chance of rainfall towards the bay area on wednesday. >> torn oscar of 20122012 was a huge year for tech. among other things.there was a big lawsuit involving apple and samsung. facebook went public, and private space exploration
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kron 4 tech reporter gabe slate gives us a look back. >> the warriors, are planning philadelphia ad oracle and also justin smith will need surgery. those stories later in sports.
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stop online piracy act...or 'sopa'.. activated an online protest.. and the web cried was protest. with petitions calling for and organized boycotts. and wouldn't you know, that it worked! ahhh.. the power of
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organized internet community. when facebook went public it was the most hyped stock ip0 - however many lost money when it opened at $38 but that was much overvalued. and dropped quickly. it bottomed out below $18. since then it has been steadily rebounding at currently, $25. also, the trial war of 2012 from apple & samsung it is going to take a while for it to unfold. patents related to their tablets and smart phones... and so far apple is winning. samsung will pay apple $1.5 billion in damage. for infringing on their ideas this could impact on
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products are available. >> also the era of commercial private space exploration has been started by the founder of tesla motors. the space exploration " dragon " made history when it successfully delivered cargo to the international space station. >> we are bringing phones into the windows family with windows eight. >> with the new gadgets, 2012 the new windows eight 2012. the explosion of the mid-size tablet and also, apple released the ipad mini it is still however, difficult to get to it is an ipad with so light thin, portable the ipad mini.. and also, the iphone 5 has been
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a great success with the larger screen. one of the best features is how light it is. light weight. and with the full 4 g network and also the samsung galaxy is giving the iphone 5 a run for its money. gabe slate tech report
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>> , god the next edition of people behaving badly. >> -- >> coming up- >> jacqueline: the system is coming up it is moving so slow! it is moving offshore. what time it of on futurecast. [ female announcer ] this is a special message from at&t.
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>> catherine: now, after a meeting between president obama and top congressional leaders at the white house today. still no deal on avoiding the "fiscal cliff". the president does say he's optimistic. the main sticking point continues to be tax rates for the wealthy. just a day after oakland's top officials unveiled a new plan to fight crime. three people were killed overnight. two young men were gunned down about one this morning. about an hour and a half later. a woman was found stabbed to death. no arrests have been made.. chevron now has the okay to move forward with plans to repair the crude unit that burst into flames at its richmond refinery in august. the company will be able to use a type of pipe that has created a lot ofthe state's chemical safety board does not think it's the best choice for preventing corrosion. in bay area news.
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j. gamow we could see more rainfall longer coast. half moon bay, light rain and it will continue to press south slowly towards the coast. however, it is impacted to impact the coast. >> catherine: there are new charges tonight in a brutal home invasion crime in san francisco december 9th. a man was killed - and a woman beaten. prosecutors say 6 people - including catherine uong - also known as "killer" - forced themselves into the victims home. shooting the man and leaving the woman for dead. the defendants are set to >> a new state bill would mean that repeat d-u-i offenders would have to have breathalyzers installed in
8:34 pm
their cars. the bill introduced today by state senator jerry hill. it would require that drivers with one or more dui convictions would "have" to install the device in their cars. the idea is getting mixed reviews from drivers. >> if you have a second to the why you should of thought better the first time here. a second-dui guard >> i do not think that it is a good idea. they have a right to drive a car. not everybody should get a breathalyzer. i do not think that is a good idea. >> i think that it is a good idea. after the second, that if you have to of that device. for safety purposes there are too many things happening these days. too many kids getting killed and it is just a bath. i give them something to think about. if you're going to drive, head of the designated driver, catch a cab.
8:35 pm
>> d-u-i drivers now have the option of installing a breath-alyzer in their cars. the new law would make that mandatory. san francisco's muni railway has been celebrating its 100th anniversary with free rides today. service on muni buses, light-rail trains, cable cars and streetcars will be free until 5 a.m. muni began service with 10 streetcars and one line on december 28th, 1912. as part of the celebration, the first streetcar - car number one - was brought back into service. from tasteless thieves to dirty street fights. and dopey drivers. our own stanley roberts has seen some of the worst behavior the bay area had to offer in 20-12 tonight. he takes a look back at some of the best moments of "people behaving badly". return to index of stories... >> and i watch your show i like your show but i'm not going to watch it after this. >> it is that time of year
8:36 pm
when with all of the subject i have covered. and it is going to be a bumpy ride. basically, many people think that i am number one. >> we are still going fast. >> and you have heard of people living under the freeway and alongside a freeway but how about you have not seen anything like this before. this man is living inside of the 280. yes, inside of the 280 near mirabeau 70, and also, this band of alcohol. at the zazzle bayy to breakers and t he mission from giants strip club and drink? this ban of booze... and this is the san francisco police on mission getting bombarded from so- called giants fans. to carry
8:37 pm
you to this point it is important to why did the video. a word of a vice if you're going to go to the strip club and the middle of the day. >> what time to start drinking? would that be 1:30 a.m. you may wonder take off your vest...with your company ologo >> i did not get caught behaving badly. and i am guilty. >> not only did he ignore the officer he was cutting across several lanes of traffic and he was really just running from police. this park is zero tolerance this that it has no on liquor. >> this also had to be opened and dumped. this is the head stone on the creek where bodies were entombed. the oldest was 1930's. >> they tried to break into all three but they only got
8:38 pm
the one body open. >> let us face it this lady forgot her purse. and the moment that she got at the bay bridge toll plaza. and his driver forgot that she should not be texting. however, she did remember and then forgot again. >> you are going to a to get that with binoculars. >> these three men are dumping furniture richmond in broad daylight. it is 2:55. these dogs are playing in the water at pine lake at stern grove in san francisco. normally, they this light does not allow dogs in the water. there is where one-a real but this-- lake does not allow dogs in the water. >> this car was doing 80 mph in a 65 mph. >> go to the right and exit the freeway toward >> need i say more?
8:39 pm
>> and signed at the bottom. throwing a cigarette out the window. >> put the camera down you have been watching women. >> when it rains some people put their driving skills straight out the window. >> and this you should have had enough to finish your matter on this other man. getting it in his face and and his eyes and this man through fecal matter on to this other man. >> do you want a large ticket? >> you have been issued a ticket for mas passing a public
8:40 pm
bus. >> there is a magical but and in every car that is the ability to defy the rules. button. >> i got caught behaving badly. >> my passenger got caught the window, is not so hidden it is inside of this chocolate cake mix however, put this go pro in side of this box to 'catch a the if"... no instructions about putting a hidden camera inside to catch a theif and yes, the giants are celebrating. but i am not here to watch the parade i am here to watch... and i cannot wait until i see what 2013. stanley roberts, kron 4 news.
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i will be hosting with sportster, gary radnich. bringing in the new here. sports a director
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>> catherine: now for today's market update. stocks ended the week on another down note. investors - again worried about the fiscal cliff. the dow lost 158-points,. its current 5-day losing streak is the longest since july. the nasdaq dropped 25- points. and the s-and-p lost 15. welcome back everyone >> the biggest and the bay area sports. the sports figure will leame to
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>> jacqueline: we can see the stormtracker 4. it will stay along the coast however with light showers through san francisco. it could have here through the sunset district and over daly city. the bulk of the rainfall will be slowly towards the coast. the satellite and radar showing the core of the storm. it is surrounded by cold air. snowfall through northern california the snowfall totals will also be dropping. this will go towards a southern california. this yellow with the heavier rainfall finally pressing against the coast. and futurecast has been slow to bring it into the bay area. let us take a look. it has been offshore. and still keeping their rainfall offshore for the latter portion of that day by
8:48 pm
midnight. finally, some heavy rotation of midnight rain fall towards livermore, the delta, san jose we will continue to see showers south of the golden gate record c clearing for the north bay with more clearing. we could see more clearing. rainfall totals will be fairly light. with nearly 1 in. near the coast. and again of the snowfall levels are dropping. but most of the precipitation will be pressing her before that happens. the north bay hills, the east bay hills and electric your extended forecast. and tomorrow, dry conditions on the sunday with the increasing clouds. . just a slight chance of storms and returning on
8:49 pm
wednesday. >> . evening. 49ers defensive lineman justin smith.who as we told you yesterday has a partially torn tricep tendon in his left arm. they are hoping that he will be able to playcoach jim hargbaugh confirmed today that smith will need surgery - whether now or after the playoffs - and that he does indeed risk further injury by trying to play through the injury. smith officially listed as "doutbful" for sunday.but you can bet he's really "out" as the niners won't risk further injury before the playoffs after all, why risk it? - the niners are 16 1/2 point favorites without smith to beat the cardinals and clinch the nfc west alex smith was the man in their first meeting back in week 8, some two months
8:50 pm
ago. alex smith was nearly flawless in the game - in fact statistically it was his best game ever going 18/19 for 232 yards and 3 touchdowns it was also the last full game smith would play this year - he suffered the concussion the following week and lost the job to colin kaepernick. >> that was our goal, to become part of the west but we need to win. >> this week with david tree, that is what we are concentrating on right now. this week, we need a win. the 49ers a very different team now - and with the division title at stake their doing their best not >> anthony davis fined 49ers right tackle anthony davis was fined $10,000 for this late hit on seattle rookie cornerback jeremy lane it happened late in the game with the seahawks victory well in hand davis is 330 poundslane is 190 the best part is when davis puts his arms up at the end, like "who me?" so davis, $10 grand lighter
8:51 pm
in the wallet >> i am going to go with torrel pryor >> one other piece of 49ers news- tight end vernon davis officially listed as questionable as he tries to bounce back from a concussion the raiders meanwhile -- will have a new starting quarterback sunday in san diego pryor m akes first startand a collective, "better late than never" from raider fans quite frankly pryor seemed like the obvious choice over journeyman backup matt leinart raider fans have been hoping to get a look at pryor the past two years but for whatever reason he hasn't gotten any playing timehe'll finally get his chance sunday in san diego when we promised.the bay area year in sports. a look back at the biggest games.and best moments.put together by the great kevin "the bodyguard" back in a moment! 2012 was a big year for
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>> 2012 was a big year, let us take a look. sports in the bay area.dominated by the giants and the 49ers.let's take a look back. (music) >> announcer: >> it is recovered by the
8:55 pm
giants! >> well, read chief and his guide, the new head coach, denis allen (cheers & applause) >> i figured it that something was going to happen today. we are prepared for it. >> when will you be ready to go? >> november 1st? >> you should be in full strength? >> something what i of trade for its just is not performing well >> milky cabrera was having a good ear but our thoughts are that we will move on. >> the giants, for the second time in three years. >> center field! >> unbelievable.
8:56 pm
california! oh my gosh! >> and take a look with the deep right field. it is a walk off. >> and with this pie in the face >> this fly ball center field coc western divison and a double posey way back and a grand slam the giants will advance to the west scutero had a mvp
8:57 pm
the giants win the pennant the center and a 3 homer in game 1 and giants we are the giants and we are the champions advane to the rose bowl since 1999 this is not what our campus deservs >> this is this amazing that
8:58 pm
we have two great guys. a >> people are probably drilling all over themselves because they're something to talk about. >> see you at 11:00 p.m.
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