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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 30, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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breaking news tonight at eight out of oakland. a 15-year-old girl shot and killed --- and a 14-year-old boy hurt. while the teenage gunman remains on the loose tonight. all this happening late this afternoon on lion way, near 66-th avenue. the gunman opening fire on a family out walking. this evening police interviewing witnesses. again -- no arrests have been made. the suspect is described as being between 13-and-16 years old. kron4 crews are on the scene -- and we will have a live report ahead. now a developing story at eight. secretary of state hillary clinton hospitalized, with a blood clot. doctors say this is a medical problem related to a concussion she recently
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suffered. the blood clot found today during a follow up medical visit. you may remember -- 65-year- old hillary clinton contracted a stomach virus earlier this month, became dehydrated, then fainted, fell and hit her head. we will keep updated on this developing story as more details emerge. now at eight -- three people -- a couple, and young grand-child, killed in a san jose apartment fire. this evening -- family members recounting the scary moments. you're looking at the aftermath--56 people without a home tonight. it happened late last night -- the upstairs unit on bridgeport court was fully engulfed in flames. kron 4's reggie kumar is live at the scene. reggie you've been with family members of the victims today? what a terrible tragedy for them. >> reporter: vicky. vannessa pulido, her two kids and boyfirned saved themselves by jumping out of the second floor window of the unit. she says she could hear her aunt, who died in the fire screaming for help. bulmaro and marina pulido maldonado and their four year old grand-daughter kyra chavez died in saturday night's fire. they were among eight family members who lived inside this now burned up three bedroom apartment in west san jose. vanessa pulido her two kids and boyfriend also lived there. she says they barley escaped the intense flames. pulido says she will
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never forget hearing her aunt screaming for help. she says her boyfriend quickly jumped into action and saved their lives. when i opened the room door, we saw a whole bunch of black smoke and fire when i opened my door i heard my aunt scream, i heard her say something, but everything happened so quick i couldn't see her. slowly slowly threw them down, fast >> reporter: pulido says little kyra loved playing with her kids. kyra's mother is grieving for her little girl and didn't have the strength to talk to me. family members kept watch outside the apartment 19:27:34-she was sweet she was so loveable and caring, she used to play with my kids a lot, my kids and her were really close 19:28:30-they said it was because of a candle but i don't know now to other developing news tonight. no deal on the fiscal cliff.
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if nothing is done by midnight monday, mandatory tax hikes and spending cuts will kick in, impacting every american. senate majority leader harry reid says while negotiations are on-going, the senate will not vote on any plan this evening. elizabeth corridan is monitoring the situation from washington, d-c. senate majority leader harry reid says while negotiations are on-going, the senate will not vote on any plan this evening. the senate will reconvene monday morning, at which point there will be just over 12-hours until the u.s. goes over the fiscal cliff.
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if nothing is done by midnight monday, mandatory tax hikes and spending cuts will kick in, impacting every american. elizabeth corridan is monitoring the situation and brings us the latest. --reporter pkg-as follows -- " as we gather with so much work undone, guide our lawmakers with your wisdom." the senate convened its rare sunday session with a prayer for progress. the house returned from its holiday hiatus. with less than 48- hours until the u-s economy goes over what's being called the fiscal cliff - lawmakers are locked in a fierce face-off over a set of spending cuts and tax hikes. "we're apart on some pretty big issues." "i'm willing to get this done, but i need a dance partner." >> reporter: on n-b-c's meet the press, president obama made a final pitch for his plan to preserve bush era tax cuts for everyone but the wealthiest americans. "regardless of partisan differences, our top priority has to be to make sure that taxes on middle class families do not go up that would hurt our economy badly." >> reporter: a major sticking point continues to be the annual income level at which those tax increases should kick in. the
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threshold has wavered from 250-thousand dollars to as high as one-million dollars. republicans argue the country doesn't have a tax revenue problem, it has a spending problem. "unless we do something about spending, the government will continue to get bigger and the deficit will continue to get bigger." >> reporter: following the president's interview, speaker of the house john boehner issued a statement saying in part: "republicans made every effort to reach the 'balanced' deficit agreement that the president promised the american people.we've been reasonable and responsible. the president is the one who has never been able to get to 'yes.'" "what i ran on, and what the american people elected me to do, was to put forth a balanced approach." >> reporter: despite the on- going blame game, there is consensus on one thing: time is running out. i'm elizabeth corridan reporting. r as the fiscal cliff deadline ticks down -- you might wonder we got into the situation in the first place.
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tonight at 8-30 -- an in depth look on that. the 49ers --- nfc west champions for a second year in a row. they beat the arizona cardinals 27 - 13, in their final game of the regular season. the niners now looking ahead to the playoffs -- and thanks to a loss by green bay -- the team is getting a first round bye! as you can imagine -- lots of excited fans around the bay area tonight. kron4's scott rates was on the side-lines for the big game -- and has more. >> reporter: let us get right to it, they started off a little bit slow. this 49 yearpass. all the way to kaepernick, making it 7-6. and in the third quarter,
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michael crabtree with a 7 yd pass to kaepernick. and if the niners would adjust roll from this point, forward. this to a yard run into the and so on. the forty-niners victory, a big day. green bay, they lost. the niners will get a first round bye add that will be into the playoffs which is great news. all of the fans are happy and this is what coach jim harbaugh had to say. >> i need an extremely happy. with the victory, that was our mission, but one thing that people wanted to do. we got that done, to be the champion. the western champion means a lot to us and our players. i congratulate them on getting that done now, they are the
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best western division. >> reporter: they can definitely use that week off to heal and rest they will be ready for the playoffs. reporting at candlestick park, scott rates, kron 4 news. also the last game of the regular season for the oakland raiders -- but not as happy of an ending as for the 49-ers. they lost to the san diego chargers 24-21 -- a late rally by oakland coming up just short. the raiders finish the season with a record of 4- and-12. funeral crashers. tonight, three people are recovering from non-life threatening injuries. following an afternoon crash at an east bay funeral home. kron four's philippe djegal is in concord with what police say may have led up to the accident. >> reporter: police say it appears the damage here at the ouimet brothers concord funeral chapel is possibly the end result of a street race. at this point, we are still
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trying to corroborate that. both drivers are cooperating >> reporter: just after one- 30 in the afternoon. the concord police respond chevy nova slamming into a building. turns out that building is this funeral home on the 41- hundred block of clayton the accident also happening during an active funeral. >> only one person and the from roll hall was injured and they were transferred to a hospital. the vehicle were juveniles that struck the funeral home and they're also transpo transported to a local hospital court >> the was also a the other vehicle, a minor as well in the fourth mistake. police say he was not injured. investigators say he is cooperating. police could not provide an estimate of the extent of the damage. in concord, philippe djegal, kron four news. the family of a missing novato man has offered a five-thousand dollar reward
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police say 23- year old the corte madera creek to avoid a sobriety test in ross on christmas eve. during their search for the man on thursday. another attempt at a search has yet to be scheduled. donelson's family members are putting up the reward to encourage help from anyone with a boat that could be used in a search. a fourth arrest made, in a deadly home invasion that rocked a quiet silicon valley suburb. de-angelo austin is now behind bars, accused in the murder of venture capitalist - raveesh kumra. you're looking at video from sky-7 h-d, abc news over the scene in monte sereno -- november 30th. the break in also left kumra's wife injured. police not releasing details on a possible motive -- but do *not believe the attack was random. a cold day around the bay area -- and not much relief in sight. you're looking live from our camera atop mount tamalpais -- and a live shot at downtown san francisco. i'm here in the kron-4 weather center with meteorologist brian van aken.
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so brain -- how much colder is it going to get? >> is going to get a lot colder which the 20's and the north bay. if 30's by the bay. a right now it is already pretty chilly. 40's towards hayward, the coolest spots and in santa rosa. even if 30's, 39 degrees in vallejo. taking a look at futurecast by 11:00 p.m. tonight we will see temperatures drop. 40's by the bay. watch for the pink throughout the night for the east bay. fairfield, concord, and the north bay looking at 20's. for the rest of tonight look at temperatures to drop. sunrise, is when we will start to see the coolest readings. mid upper 20s for the north bay valleys. below freezing for the east bay. 30's by the bay. san
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francisco, 41 and it is going to be another cold night for new year's eve. extra clouds in the evening. temperatures in the 40's. look for clear skies, cold temperatures, low 40's for the day. mid 30's inland and what you can expect for the first few days of 2013. at least nine people are dead after a tour bus lost control and crashed down an embankment near pendleton, oregon. this photo from oregon state police shows the emergency vehicles responding to the scene this morning. police say the driver hit a patch of ice and crashed through a guardrail. the crash also injured about 20 other people. rescue crews used ropes to help get people back up to the interstate. there were about 40 people on board the charter bus at thousands of first responders gathered today to remember a comrade killed in the line of duty responding to a fire in upstate new york. the casket held the body of volunteer firefighter and police lieutenant michael chiapperini. the 43 year old was one of two firefighters gunned
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down, police say by an ex- con who deliberately set his house on fire to lure fire crews into a deadly ambush. each law enforcement officer passed by lieutenant chiapperini's casket. the funeral for 19 year old volunteer firefighter tomasz kaczowka is scheduled for tomorrow. 2012 is drawing to a close. and tonight kron4 is looking back at the stories what that story -- tonight at eight-30. but first, the new year, usually means new laws. the bay area city where there won't be anymore free parking on sundays -- and a lot of people not happy about it.
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i think it is not good! many people are unhappy that a long standing tradition is about to be a thing of the parking meters will no longer be free on sundays starting in january. kron4's maureen kelly explains how the new parking enforcement plan will work. >> reporter: time is running
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out for free parking on sunday. starting january 6th the city's nearly 30-thousand meters will start accepting cash and days a on sundays meters will be enforced from noon to six p- m citywide.charging between 25 cents to five dollars and on where they are located. it's a new fact of urban life that's startling to those who like to run errands on what has traditionally been a day of rest. >> it is nice on a sunday not to have to pay. but i do not drive that much. on the sundays i am more tempted to try because i do not have to pay. >> reporter: it's also disappointing to those attending mass at st boniface in the tenderloin.where parking and money is tight. >> we are very multi- cultural so they tried in and they will be impacted. a lot of people that did not have out of pocket change. >> reporter: but those
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attending events like church services won't have to leave the pews to order to feed the meter.because drivers will be able to pay to park for up to four hours at every meter.and drivers will be able to pre-pay in case their event starts before noon. sf mta's spokesman says their department expects to eventually collect close to 2 million dollars a year from this plan. but the money wasn't the big motivation. they are just trying to change with the times.when meters first went in.most businesses were closed on sunday but that's not the case anymore >> a lot of major cities throughout the country have gone to sunday meters. it makes sense for recent times that most businesses are open on sundays. this will help a merchants. for people that are trying to find a place to park. >> reporter: the new parking charges generating a lot of controversy. and we want to know what you think. log on to the kron-4 maureen
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kelly, kron 4 news. >> let us know what you think. facebook fanpage -- post your comment -- we'll be reading them on air ahead. new years is just around the corner. but, do you know what you're doing yet? or how to get around on the busy night? kron4 has team coverage on what you need to know -- starts now. >> reporter: days away... in san francisco, charles clifford kron 4 news. you should try to think about taking public transportation there is even a free transportation. here is the schedule. bart will have extended coverage until 3:00 a.m.. in the newsroom, charles clifford, kron 4 news. >> it is going to be cold
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new year's eve with temperatures plummeting. for the night after that as well. for the beginning of january, 2013. we are starting off with some of richard warnings. the temperatures in the 40's right now for san leandro. even in the 30's, walnut creek, san ramon. we are already starting to see some cold temperatures. temperatures below freezing in some of the cooler spot in the north bay, the east bay. for tomorrow, sunshine but increasing clouds. there is a storm system for the afternoon/evening. but it will be out of here in new year's day. cool temperatures, and here is a look at that storm with futurecast. midnight tonight, we are clear. temperatures will be cooler. with those cooler skies overhead. we will remain cool. 8:00 a.m., those clouds are offshore from
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this system but they will be increasing by late morning. to the early afternoon hours. there is the rain. it is going this way. and as the clouds spill over for tomorrow morning it does not look like it is going to produce any type of rainfall. they will begin to clear out by the time we bring into the new year by midnight. for tomorrow, look for temperatures to top out into the upper 40's, 30's. it is going to be cool for here is the next seven days for the year 2013 on tuesday. plenty of sunshine but it is not going to help warm things up that much. attempts and that 50s, a little bit warmer on wednesday. the temperatures- attempting to get to the 50 degree range. and to dry weather all the way to the weekend with 60s returning
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on sunday. you know,fireworks will be ringing in the new year monday night.
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amongwe asked our our viewers to share their thoughts on san francisco's city officials decision to end free parking on sunday. this is what some of you had to say on our facebook page. the city! carmen's response. the cities and counties are hungry for money and will do anything to make money. if you don't want to pay for parking, take public everyone who complains about bike. and to those who won't travel to the city because and bring your funds up! every city is feeling the we always want your opinion comments on our facebook just search kron 4.
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>> we are following breaking news with two teams shot and one is on the loose. two teenagers -- shot
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now at 8-30.
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the year 2012 is winding to a close. and it's been twelve months filled with stories of joy, sadness, grief, elation, and astonishment. we've said hello and some new faces, and goodbye to some familiar ones. let's take a look back at some of the top stories from 2012. been a touchdown confirmed. >> thank you so much. >> we want to be free. (music) >> the italian cruise ship capsized. >> 23% unemployment. >> this out rage. >> this affordable care act. >> this is a very massive playbook. >> the largest ipo. >> yes use of a breast feeding. >> one article that has the entire country talking. >> the president believes that same-sex marriage should be legal. >> we know the name of the
8:31 pm
suspect blamed for the movies better shooting >> this wisconsin temple shooting. >> they tell cnn that people have been shot in front of the empire state bol buildi. >> bath salts, bellsouth, bell south. >> and-a-bath salts-- >> and also jerry sandusky. >> joe paterno dies. >> these diamond jubilee celebrations. >> the flying squirrel. >> somebody sell for bird sees prince harry and naked. >> the prince harry naked. >> one of the hottest novels. >> what went wrong? some changes of the republican convention. the what do you mean it shot up? >> thank-you. >> chanting for more years. >> christopher stephens and other embassy staff are dead.
8:32 pm
>> we will bring those to justice that committed these murders. >> all of the impact of hurricane sandy. >> sandy has carved a path along the eastern seaboard. we cannot secure the cream until the wind dies down. maybe. >> tandem. >> honey boubou. >> the shuttle endeavor will sit down the streets. pam let us take a look at the man, general david petraeus. >> and despair in syria, and this has gone on for over 20 months. >> the red line and warnings. >> the projection is that barack obama will be reelected president >> terror at an elementary school in connecticut. >> 20 children dead, there are six adults also dead.
8:33 pm
>> so, our heart goes out to the victims' families. as it says in scripture. to bind up their wounds. (music) (music) >> developing news out of oakland there are two teenagers. a 15 year-old girl is dead and a 14 year- old boy is hurt. spirits.
8:34 pm
>> of he is believed to be carrying a handgun and they are just leaving the scene. this line creek crossing apartment complex. lyon way is where the shooting happened. this group was family, friends and he opened fire on the family and friends. he struck a 15 year old girl she is dead on the scene. hospital with non-life threatening injuries that will live through this. the police department says that these are not known if there is a
8:35 pm
connection between the suspect and the victims. however, they were on the scene from just a couple of moments ago when they left. the fire department was also here. i try to speak to witnesses, neighbors, residents, to see if they saw what happened. at this point, many people do not want to mention what they possibly could have seen. for fear of retaliation. at this point, a 15 year-old girl has been killed. believed to call, kron 4 news. >> do think that this is gang related? philippe? >> they're not talking about that, the key. but certainly, this is a crime that is worse and sad for the committee. >> they say that this community is -- and they think that the teenager was only 13 years old. what type of firearm? >> at this point, they say
8:36 pm
that he is wearing an a--a handgun-and wearing a red t- shirt. and yes, as you mentioned, only 13 years old was the gunman. >> now, still difficulty for the compromise with steep spending cuts automatic tax hikes going into effect. and economists have warned that this could go into another recession. >> it is difficult to figure out. >> president george w. bush initiated tax cuts for all americans. but this deal is with the double, it is politically expedient but costa to government and will expire in 10 years timing. >> houses of congress have
8:37 pm
passed the package of tax relief. this will impact the middle-class. the one those cuts were going to expire the u.s. was just emerging from the worst recession since the great depression. he agreed to extend those tax cuts for two more years for congress to extend federal emergency unemployment benefits. those costs are expensive. extending those to 2020, the bush era will be responsible for over one half of the total national debt. democrats insist that tax will go up for the wealthy but stay in place or under $250 k! >> we need to stop the job killing tax hikes and also cut spending, now. >> republicans cannot want to play ball. no more higher taxes on any one or the rich. they say that this ideology should the government as small as possible the rich are as old as governments possible. the
8:38 pm
main spokesperson is this man, grover norquist. the americans for tax reform. he was almost regenerating all signs from republicans, signatures -- from republicans. this became 2011, when it came to we had the demanded that it reduce the deficit. because of the debt ceiling without a deal, the u.s. would lose its ability to borrow money. democrats, republicans, wanted a stricter tactics that shut down the government and ultimately cost the american it is trouble a credit rating in the first time in history. at the last moment, they both agreed to a trillion dollars in spending cuts and 1.2 trillion to be decided by a special congressional super committee. but a poison pill was attached. if this cannot be reached, this automatic across-the-board cuts as the sequester would
8:39 pm
go into effect starting january, 2013. at the exact moment when the abortion-era tax cuts required-bush-era tax cuts could have been expired like they did two years ago but once we often got drowned out by seemingly endless and continuous elections in america. this time, there could be a serious price to pay for it. >> another developing story tonightrussian authorities say a fifth person has died from yesterday's plane crash in moscow. she was a flight attendant who had been hospitalized. mourners have been stopping to lay flowers at a makeshift memorial, where the plane overshot the runway and slammed into a highway. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the crash. >> clear skies tonight from the bay. that will allow temperatures to cool off quite a bit. 20's. when we can have some warm weather,
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that is coming up. can have some warm weather, that is coming up. >> when we return, [ man ] it's big. supports in times of need. same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better.
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aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better. the one the top entertainment moments' that had less cheering. here is michele turner with more. >> celebrity breakups, and a singing icon that and catchy tunes. just a couple of things that people were talking and show tunes. the top-10 entertainment news from 2012. >> this song was almost inescapable. the " call me maybe " she received two different grammy nominations in this reenactment. from the u.s. olympic team.
8:43 pm
>> the force is now stronger than it disney. this caught many by surprise this bar wars enterprise fiercely independent, george lucas sold it to disney over $4 billion! once more, disney announced plans for three more star wars movies. shutter lens.. >> are they or are they? chris brown. and we all said that they are going to renew their friendship renewrhianna... the song collaborations. they have suggested otherwise. >> the want to keep everybody guessing or explain what is going on with the relationship with anybody in the world. >> the jacksons, with one big reality show. >> more turmoil, as michael jackson's teenage daughter, paris is announcing that her
8:44 pm
grandmother, guardian was missing. forcing a judge to suspend therdianship of the three children of michael jackson. >> katherine jackson the sense that she was home she was not kidnapped. >> the family is disputing that claim that she was resting in the however, reissued a garden. >> take a look he is tearing up my pants. >> if it was a pleasure, a guilty pleasure, they could not turn away from the is beauty contestant in their family. >> this relatively unknown performer and a worldwide phenomenon as the catch get dance style hat the web. >> this is issued this trademark dance from the south koreans with the number one watched video on you tube. 970 billion use.
8:45 pm
and his newfound fame was not without controversy. the anti-american remarks he made in 20,004 or resurfacing. he apologies were saying that his lyrics were emotionally charged of was from 20,004 >> sexual misconduct. >> the most surprising. bell will puppeteer, kevin clash was forced to resign from sesame street. accusations of sexual misconduct with minors. his lawyer says that this case is without merit. however, he loved sesame street after 22 years 28 years-- >> this tallest-highly celebrity kerstin stewart
8:46 pm
moved out of the home after this alleged affair with her co-star from twilight. she allegedly had a affair with a director. order, her boyfriend for caper. >> the shocking entertainment world, after six years, katie holmes filed for divorce, blind spot a sighting. >> it is how katie homes had everything so well prepared. although she asked for full custody. they all eventually settled amicably. just two weeks later and did one of the most high-profile celebrity marriages. if >> this breaking news of the death of whitney houston. >> this was tragic. this sex will but often troubled career. heard-successful but often troubled career when
8:47 pm
she was 48 years old. just one night before the grammys. this was an accidental drowning. as a possible contributor. >> what we can expect for tonight in san francisco, upper 40's. as we take a look at san jose, 46 degrees. 39 degrees in pleasanton. san jose, 46 and it is colder in pleasanton. 39 degrees as to go for tomorrow look for the coldest temperatures to be in the north bay valleys. they're killed, napa, mid upper 20s. 20's for the east
8:48 pm
bay valleys and these are below freezing. look for patchy frost to start. and we even have some 30's by the bay. san francisco, mild relocations. and it is going to be another cold night for tomorrow with mild-be locations possible. however, look for scattered clouds. with low 40's inland and for midnight, clear skies, cold temperatures and a light breeze. however, if you would like to stay inside and watch new year's live on kron 4. it is going to be chilly and the sierras. tuesday morning, temperatures are going to be five degrees below zero. no storms in sight. this satellite, with clear skies
8:49 pm
and it is calm is going to promote cooling tonight. this storm system offshore is breaking up as a is gets closer. but clouds on monday. midnight tonight, clear over the bay area and over the entirety of northern california. these clouds will approach by tomorrow morning. 8:00 a.m., clear but as we go for the late morning look for increase with high clouds over the bay area. these clouds will continue to thicken for the afternoon. the rainfall associated will stay well off to the ocean. as these clubs go by the rainfall is not going to impact us. we could sugges t some possible clearing by midnight as ring and the new year. temperatures tomorrow are going to be chilly just upper 40's and 50's. as we
8:50 pm
look ahead at the next seven days and going into the year, 2013 a tranquil weather pattern sunny skies tuesday, wednesday but cool temperatures. just the outside chance of sprinkles on birthday. sunny for the rest of the week with a warming trend. 60s by saturday & sunday. >> take a look at this video from new england. it can sure throw a wrench into your traveling plans but details, coming up with a new possible app for your support phone smart phone--
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some interesting entertainment. a black capuchin monkey, just like ross from friends had, is riding a dog. is the monkey pulling the reins or is the guy in the cowboy hat. either way it's not everyday you see a monkey riding a dog >> there is no better way to end the show often with a monkey on a dog. >> and on that note, we have some time to talk about the weather. >> we had some cold temperatures and mid upper 20s expected in the north bay. the east bay valleys, and take a look of hayward, fremont, with 35 degrees. 41 degrees in san francisco. for the last day we will see upper 40's and the of the peace. for the last day of the year. it will stay dry as the go for new year's eve. this threat for wet weather. but it is
8:58 pm
diminishing. >> definitely called. >> yes, bundle up definitely-cold we will see you at 11:00 p.m. ♪
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