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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 31, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> thank you for joining us. the top stories we are following this monday, december 31st. if two people are hospitalized after a 2 alarm fire in san francisco. we will have a live report coming up. >> the clock is ticking until the so-called fiscal cliff. we will have details on today's the last minute negotiations. >> it remains cold at specially for tonight. it is a clear start for the morning and we do not have any issues with a
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visibility. if you are in the north bay there is a good chance that you will stay below the freezing mark. celebrating new year's eve it will be mostly clear conditions. here is a look at the numbers currently. it is 32 degrees currently in fairfield. i will show you where these numbers are supposed to go for the course of today. >> we have been minor's in a reported stall the upper deck of the bay bridge. it has now been cleared. it did not affect the drive time. do not expect any early morning delays or normal commute patterns. >> new this morning, off two people are in the hospital this one after a 2 alarm fire at a residential building in san francisco is
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excelsior district. the fire broke out before 1:00 this morning and crews had under control by 2:15 a.m.. to get you more knows who will turn to jackie sizzle. >> page dna crews remain on the same and we are expecting to see fire investigators out relatively soon. they will start looking over the debris and to find out if it was suspicious. they were able to get it under control in about an hour and eventually it led to two people being sent to the hospital. their conditions more last lifted as non life-threatening. this is good news. i just spoke with a pg&e worker and he stated that when they arrived the fire crews were standing back because a gas line had a ruptured. they had to wait
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until pg&e arrive so that they can turn off the gas. the good news says that you can see how close these houses are together. they are basically wall to wall. they were able to contain the fire to justice one structure. there were calling this fire suspicious and they're waiting for the fire investigators to come out to find out what caused the fire. >> a men has been injured in a shooting in east oakland. police found a man suffering from a gunshot wound whe n responding to reports of a shooting in 8700 block of birch st.. if the victim is in the hospital in stable condition. authority said two suspects were seen fleeing the area in a vehicle. one of the suspects were armed. no arrests have
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been made. >> developing news, we are in the final hours some lawmakers to keep the nation from going over the so- called " fiscal cliff. " economists fear the combination of automatic spending cuts and tax increases could trigger a new recession. andrew spencer explains how negotiations today must now overcome a " major setback. " >> talks on briefly hit a major setback over social security benefits. both sides agree to push for. >> i want everyone to know that i'm willing to get this done but i do need a dance partner. joe biden is that person. top-level resources stated that the two were talking and if nothing is resolved by midnight then the taxes will increase for everyone. >> one mom and mexican
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stated that this is about 1 months of groceries. >> democrats want the tax is to be raised for people making too much as $50,000 a year more. other people want to see government spending put in check. >> the president is doing nothing about the eviction of his administration. he is the spender in chief. >> i offered over a trillion dollars in addition to spending cuts. this is a way that we can have increased revenue. >> the senate recompense at 11:00 a.m. so as americans celebrate 2013, they may wake up and state that they wish it was still 2012 when they had more money in their pockets. >> secretary of state and hillary clinton has been
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hospitalized with a blood clot. doctors say that this is a medical problem related to a concussion that she recently suffered. the blood clot was filed found yesterday door a follow-up medical visit. these are areas of new york's presbyterian hospital where mrs. clinton as same. if this is a five-year old clinton suffered a concussion several weeks ago after she fainted while recovering from a stomach virus. she was supposed to return to work this week. we will be right back.
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>> hundred of thousands of minimum-wage workers in 10 states will see a pay boost in the new year. according to the nonprofit advocate advocacy group the national employment law project, rhode island workers will see the biggest paycheck increases in average of $510 a year for the average worker. the group says workers and nine other states including colorado, florida and ohio will see the minimum wage jump between 10 to 15¢ an hour. an estimated 855,000 workers will be affected by the changes. in 2013, 19 states
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and the district of columbia will have rates above the federal level. lawmakers are trying the head off a possible doubling of milk prices in january. both parties on the house and senate agriculture committees have agreed to one-year extension of the 2008 farm bill that expired in october. however, republican leaders of not decided how they will proceed. mill could cost as much as $7 a gallon at the government returns to the 1948 formula for calculating no prices. ford motor co. says two of its vehicles are the best selling in the world. the company says the focus and smaller fiesta have ranked in the most sales during 2012. worldwide for its is there more than 737,000 focuses registered for september and the fiesta had more than 560,000. sports is to vehicles are a drop for customers do their compact size is an award winning ego boost engines.
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nasa's newest mars rover is gearing up for a road trip but first it has to drill into a rock. the first priority in the new year is to test out its drove. the car size rubber landed and a crater near the marsh and equator over the summer to great fanfare. since then, it has been taking it slow. curiosity is expected to start the dive the drive to a mountain in mid february after drilling is complete. scientists predict it will take nine months to get ♪ [ female announcer ] no more paper coupons. no more paper lists. [ dog barking ] ♪ no more paper anything. safeway presents just for u. ♪ save more. save easier. saving more, starts now. just for u on the safeway app.
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>> rainey and the new year already it is 2013 down under. sydney australia just an hour ago bringing in the new year over the harbor. if you're planning to have out tonight overnight play it safe and take public transportation. it will make it easy for you to get around. many will be providing free service starting at 8:00 p.m. tonight until 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. are will also remain open until 3 it tomorrow morning. the chp report said there were no fatal collisions and 123 d u i rise on chp
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patrolled roads in the bay area during the first two days of the new year's holiday weekend. the totals are down from last year 1161 drivers or rested during the same period. last year to people were killed. statewide 723 people were arrested as opposed to 932 last year. >> it is called out there, you will certainly feel it in the '20s. it is a cold start and you will want to bundle up. remember, we have not even your morning roads just yet. 8:00 a.m. this morning you will see all around the heart of the bay the stretch of purple that indicates where you will see be 40's. 30's for the east bay interior valleys that, of the north bay as well. and after an heights, mostly
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sunny skies in the early '50s. we could see some upper 40's in some areas. conditions will be very can't similar considericomparedo what we saw yesterday. as we bring in the new year, it will be cold out there. if you are celebrating in land expect mid 30's and 40's around the bay. afternoon highs and specifically in your neighborhood looks like napa and richmond at 52 degrees mid-50s expected for oakland. overall it will be a little chilly but we will remain dry. high clouds in the distance as we take a look at satellite and radar. this weekend there was some discussion that we may see some stray showers into new year's eve, it looks like those chances have diminished. i think we will be dry and clear but it will be cold. if you are celebrating tonight, dress in layers. we will see some
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high clouds, low 40's by midnight. mid-30s and land and low 40's around the bay. instead of celebrating at the party clubs, what if you are heading to tahoe there are no chain restrictions in the fact. temperatures are topping out in the 30's for your afternoon highs and it will be a cold one for the overnight hours. bundle up, freezing fog a factor. sunny skies into the afternoon. 7 day around the bay shows a tranquil weather for the most part. pretty chilly mornings in the slight potential for rain on thursday, sunny skies and warm conditions as we head into saturday and sunday. >> we're looking at a pretty good ride around the bay area, light traffic almost everywhere. the bay bridge is is it easy trip across
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the upper deck and problem free for your ride into san francisco. this >> tale drive looks good with no delays 11 minutes in both directions. the golden gate is a smooth trip in either direction. east shore freeway, interstate 880 but still clear. i 20 men drive time through marin county, make it 23 from a bottle to the golden gate bridge. >> the 20 year-old man has been found shot to death near a cove golf course in livermore. officers responded to reports of a man down near springfield golf course yesterday. a female jogger found the body of the man with multiple gunshot wounds near a bicycle path. the victim has been identified as as kenneth roberts ogden. police continue to investigate the homicide and say there's no indication it
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was gang-related. the family of a missing nevado man has offered a $5,000 reward for help in finding him. police a 23 year-old anthony donelson jammed into the courts a moderate creek to avoid a sobriety test and ross on christmas eve. video shows authorities during their search for the man on thursday. another attempt at a search has yet to be scheduled. the family members are putting up a reward to encourage help from anyone with a boat that could be used in the search. police in richmond say the murder rate in 2012 is the lowest the city has seen in more than a decade. police say they have been 18 murders this year. that is down from 24 last year and 45 and 47 in 2009 and 2007. there's also been a drop in other by the crime such as assault and attempted
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murder. the drop in violence is largely due to richmond's increase police force. and reds recent years the department has increased from just 40 officers to 190. san francisco police are asking for the public's help in finding a motor they say robbed a woman and killed her dog. police said the woman pulled their car over friday on the street in the tenderloin district of making up there and demanded money. after giving the man her money police say the moderate grab a woman's dog and a probe into the street. the dog died after being taken to an emergency that hospital. we will be right back.
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is season in the u.s. is having its early start in nearly a decade and health officials say this season could be a bad one. the cdc said its noticed an uptick in flu activity about a month before or authorities normally see it and the primary strain has been associated in the past with more severe flu seasons. the flow often peaks in january, february or even later. reports of will have been reported in 29 states and higher than normal reports of like ellen's illnesses have been reported in 12 states. one of the most intense ensured is married meteor showers of the year will light up the skies this week. the quad rented meerschaum for will be covered by thursday and friday morning. the sour last for only a few hours but it can produce up to 40 shooting stars per hour
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before dawn. this hour will be the only one in the month of january and if you want to watch it faced north east after midnight. the nhl and players association are expect to continue negotiations today and the two sides are likely to restart official bargaining. representatives from the lee and the players association met for 2 1/2 hours yesterday to continue the information exchange process began at a conference call on saturday. the league's proposal is reportedly contingent on a 2013 regular season of at least 48 games that will start no later than january 19th. the original schedule has already been cancelled for january 14th. it's a last their 20s well and here's a look at the top apps on smart phones for the year. >> 2012 it is coming to an end we decided to look at the hottest acts of the year. the first one is instagram. it is important
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that is sold for $8 billion to facebook and had only a handful of employees at the time it sold. it is very popular but is no stranger to controversy. the company recently said it will allow users post to be sold to advertisers. it retracted after a mass of user backlash. the company really got its start during a bit of the facebook back at last. the idea was to share what matters most with the friends and family that really mattered most to you. they have it limited to 150 friends. it was created by one of facebook early employees and really started to gain an attraction this year. next, global maps. the iphone 5 came out with apple maps and it was not an accurate. it was only a matter of time before google launched its maps app. it
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had 10 million down lows in just 40 hours. also snap chat. it is a photo messaging app. it coddles and messages can disappear with in seconds so users decide how long to preview of these photo. the company has shared over a billion photos. this is something you want to look out for as we head into 2013. >> looks like dow futures are headed well to the positive right now in hopes of a deal on the fiscal cliff. we'll be back as the kron4 morning news continues in just two minutes. a live look at san jose, it is chilly out there and temperatures are down and the 30's and the inland spots around the bay. traffic is very light in the traffic you are seeing is the 1 01 northbound approaching the 87
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>> the last trading day of 2012. we saw the down dollar down last week with concerns about the fiscal cliff. there are some hopeful signs this morning that a deal was as in the works. dow futures are up 77 points ahead of the opening bell. let's get an update on the eve forecast with erica. >> good morning and it is a cold start. a lot of your actually below the freezing point. it is clear, we have no business issues with visibility. new year's night could be the coldest of the season thus far. and would not be surprised if a freeze warning went into affect but generally dry conditions for the remainder of the week. the exception is thursday, slight potential for some rain for some of our north bay spots.
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temperatures out the door, severance is go waking up to 46 degrees. below freezing and concord, i will show you where these numbers are expected to go and my next report. >> looking at a nice and easy commute around the bay right now. light traffic for your east bay, swordplasouth ba. bay area bridges look good right now, no delays. >> 2 people and the hospital after a two alarm fire at a home and the excelsior district. it broke out on around one this morning and it was controlled about an hour-and-a-half later. jackie sissel is live on the scene. >> @ looks like it is basically completely
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destroyed. crews are still out here as we speak. we are waiting to see fire investigators relatively sound looking at what they call a suspicious fire. around 1:00 this morning is when this fire broke out. when they got out here they quickly called it a second alarm. according to pg&e person i spoke with he said when they got out there one of the main to going into the house had ruptured and flames were going into the house about 10 to 12 ft. in the air. firefighters were stepping back to keep the fire from spreading. the genie was able to turn off the gas line and they were able to put out the fire. -- the gnp. two people were taken the house vote was not life-threatening injuries.
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-- hospital and you can see this pet house is completely destroyed. >> a teenage boy shot and killed a 15 year-old girl and injured 814 year-old boy as they walked on line and wave your 66 ave and oakland. the victims were walking with a group of friends and family members yesterday afternoon when they were fired upon. a lone suspect approached the group on foot and allegedly started firing into the crowd. the shots struck the juvenile victims killing the girl in sending the boy to the hospital would not life- threatening injuries. the suspects fled the area on foot and has not been detained. police have identified the victims of a double homicide and oakland. 21 year-old beryl b armstrong and 19 year-old keith davis
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were gunned down in the 800 block of mead ave around 1:00 on friday morning. officers found both men on a seen suffering from fatal gunshot wounds. so far there have been no arrests made in connection with a double murder and police and not determined a motive. the woman accused of killing a grandmother and a drunk driving accident at the twin peaks look out will be arraigned later today. 23 year-old gina eunice is accused of vehicular manslaughter at the you i causing injury and hit and run causing death. the accident occurred three people and killed 56 your old yuee yao who was here visiting her new grandchild from china. the jets that unisys they'll at $2 million and it should posted she must wear a scramble by said checks to make sure she does not drink alcohol and she is not allowed to drive. officials of but continue to investigate its alarm fire at a san jose apartment complex that killed three people and injured three
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others. the fire broke out late saturday night with 3000 but the bridgeport court. michael crabtree caught touchdown passes of 49 and 7 yds and finished with a career high 172 yds, leading the standards as the 49ers to a straight nfc west title with a 2713 victory over arizona cardinals on sunday. collin kaepernick k overcame a slow start to throw for a career best 276 yds and two touchdowns as the niners did their part to control the postseason picture. thanks to minnesota and talking of green bay, the 49ers grab the second seed in and at sea and earned a coveted by week. >> we got everything we wanted to get done today. the champion, western division champions that means a lot to our staff and
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players. i am congratulating them for getting that done. they are arguably the best division in football. >> a well coast season. 49ers won't know who they play until after the wild- card round of playoffs. they will host a higher seed of next week's winners and the fans are not worried either way. also the last game of the regular season for the oakland raiders but not as happy ending as for the 49ers. they lost to san diego chargers 24 to 21 a late rally by oakland coming up just short. the raiders finished the season with a record of 4 and 12. we are waiting for skies to write and in the bay area at as there is very light traffic on the james lick. not much in the wake of the morning commute on this new year's eve day. speaking
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of new year's or bring in the new year's with kron4 with catherine heenan and gary radnich. kron4 new year's live starting today at 11:30 p.m..
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share everything. >> at least nine people are dead after a tour bus lost
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control and crashed down an embankment near pendleton oregon. the photo from the oregon state police as emergency vehicles responding to the scene. police said the driver hit a patch of ice and crashed through a guard rail. the crash also injured about 20 other people and rescue crews used ropes to help get people back on the interstate. they're about 40 people on board a chartered bus at the time. a judge ordered a psychiatric exam for the woman accused of pushing a man to his death in front of a new york city subway train. prosecutors said in a week and a court hearing that they're cut men and has pushed the man because she thought " it would be cool " and also blamed muslims for the september 11th attacks. friends of the victims a 46 year-old sunando sen was a hindu from india.
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more than two weeks after the new town conn shooting rampage adam lanza body has been claimed for burial. that is according to new york times. the paper was not able to learn from the state medical examiner who took him. on december 14th, lands a shot and killed 26 people including 20 children at sandy hook elementary school before committing suicide. before that massacre adam lanza killed his mother at her home nearby. police haven't given a motive for the shootings.
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>> there was a view about three hours and 41 minutes ago in new zealand as they rang in 2013. hillary clinton has not even set down yet as secretary of state and there is already counts of speculation as to whether she will run again for the white house. no decision
6:45 am
from our or any future bid for president is expected in 2013 expect speculation about her future political plans to intensify throughout the new year. and new national survey indicates the vast majority of democrats, 85 percent in fact would consider backing her as their party's nominee. new >> this is our mt. tam and you can see is a cold start to the morning. santa rosa is coming in at 30 degrees and low 30's and convert and pleasanton. 42 degrees and sam francisco. we are dry for now but there are high clouds streaming into our area. there was some concern that we could pick up a stray showers but it looks like it is backing off now. there will be some cloud coverage later on tonight and we will remain dry. we will be a dry one for those of the ring in the
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new year. it will however be a cold one. we will take a look at those temperatures coming up. afternoon highs and 524 fremont 53 for milpitas and mountain view and mostly sunny skies, similar to yesterday. 52 for concord, pleasanton. and the north bay low 50s expected there. 52 for san francisco and oakland. it looks like you will be climbing to 55 in the afternoon. the new year's eve forecast 8:00 p.m. if you are heading out to the party looks like we will see some clouds out there. it will be called already with inland temperatures in the low 40's. ringing in the new year, heading into midnight, clear and cold conditions and light winds and the forecast. with that it could affect a wind chill and inland spots and dropping into the mid 30's. low 40's if you are
6:47 am
celebrating around the heart of the bay. it will be a chilly one, a bundle up. 7 day around the bay shows overall pretty quiet weather for the next several days. looking forward to some pretty frigid morning however. a little bit of a warm-up as we head into the weekend. >> easy traffic for you this morning. you will not find any problems as you drive around the bay. bridges are clear, no wind advisories. the san mateo bridge looks good as well. light traffic for both east and west on flow. a 11 minute drive time. the golden gate bridge commute is as light as it gets. no problems if you're coming from marin county. heading over toward the east bay, highway 24 and that commute westbound is delay free. 680 southbound through the san remo valley 16 to 18 minutes. 85 to 280 and the 1
6:48 am
01 are all clear in the south bay. the 1 01 is delay free through marin county. >> from tasteless these two dirty street fights and dopey drivers are all stanley roberts has seen some of the worst behavior the bay area had to offer in 2012. this morning takes a look back at some of the best moments of people behaving badly. >> i'm telling you i like your show what i will not watch it any more after this. >> it is that time of year again people behaving badly, i have a seat it will be a bumpy ride. people love me, and it shows. many think i am number one. >> i thought they were yield signs. >> you heard people living under the freeway and even along side of the freeway. i am willing to bet you have not seen anything like this before. this man is actually living inside the 280
6:49 am
freeway. yes, and inside the 280 freeway near mirabeau's avenue in san francisco. ok there was a so-called band of alcohol at the 2012 bay of breakers. let's break down with the ban on who is really meant. >> get off of the street and on to the sidewalk. >> this is police in riot gear at 22nd and mission. they were bombarded with glass bottles from so-called giants fans. . to get you to this point it is important rewind a video to about here. a word of advice, if you're going to go to a strip club and drank you may want to take off your best with the company logo. >> i did not get caught behaving badly, i plead the fifth. >> not only did the driver
6:50 am
tried to ignore the officer, he cut across multiple lanes of traffic to avoid a ticket. he flat out ran from the police. the park at zero tolerance for liquor, a zero tolerance. and what did you see the sign say no alcohol? >> z was also issued a ticket and all of the coronas had to be opened and don't. this is the head stone placed on top of the crypt where the three bodies were incident. it was dated back to 1930. >> they tried to break into all three of them but they only got the one on the wide open. -- right >> this driver for got the note testing lot. in the process she forgot to hold on to the steering wheel. she remembered for a brief
6:51 am
second and then forgot again. you are looking at video of three men not dumping furniture and oakland in broad daylight. it is to 55 in the afternoon. these dogs are playing in the water at pine lake located absurd road intemperances go. normally dog sledding in the water would not be an issue accept this lake does not allow dogs and the water. in fact, there is one dog area where dogs are allowed to be off the leash but for some reason dog owners would rather be here. this person was doing 80 and a 65 but when the officer tried to pull them over... exit the freeway >> need i say more? >> no they were dumping
6:52 am
asses out of the window -- ashes >> you should have had enough time to finish your food. it got on his face and in his eyes. the you want a big fat ticket? then do with this driver just did. >> you have to fasten your seat belts >> there must be a secret button and every car and truck that gives people the ability to disobey the law. >> my passenger got caught behaving badly. >> a camera, not so hidden inside a box of chocolate
6:53 am
cake mix. that is a recipe for hidden treasure cupcakes. yes the giants are celebrating their world series win. but i am not here to watch the parade, i am here to watch people behaving badly. in the news room stanley roberts, kron4 news. >> coming up at 10:00 dr. phil fouled by and all nel.
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mom ? mom ? the share everything plan. lets your family share a pool of data across 10 devices with unlimited talk and text. now get a lucid by lg, free. >> officials and put the new year's eve ball through one final test. everything appears to be working as
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planned ahead of tonight's countdown times square. the 12,000 lb. ball will rise 130 ft. tonight as crowd count out the final seconds of 2012. nearly 2700 waterford crystal cover the service of the ball which is led by more than 32,000 l e d lights. officials say this year's ball is 88% more efficient than previous versions. time for the 38th annual list of words to be banished from the queen's english for me is used, over use and general uselessness. spoiler alert is on the one of the words on the west. others include kick the can down the road, trending and bucket list, up super food, up grew at job creators and double down. the phrase receiving the most votes, fiscal cliff. the non- binding tongue-in-cheek list is released every year bite
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northern michigan's lake superior state university. if you're planning on traveling for new year's eve we will tell you more on additional public transportation service coming up. plus the 49ers win the nfc west for the sake year and grow. we will break down the highlights ♪ ♪ i'm halfway to your heart ♪ you have to let me know ♪ so i don't make my worst mistake ♪ ♪ turn around and let you go [ female announcer ] when sweet and salty come together, the taste is irresistible. made with sweet, smooth peanut butter and salted, roasted peanuts. sweet and salty nut bars by nature valley. nature at its most delicious.
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