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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 14, 2013 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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>> pam: startling new numbers are out. about the number of suicides among members of the military. >> reporter: this is not the record number the u-s military wants - a record high number of suicides in 2012 - 349 active duty service members took their lives last year - that's across all four branches. compare that to 20-11, which saw 301 suicides. and service member suicides is significantly higher than the number of u-s troops that died in operation enduring freedom - 313 people died fighting in afghanistan. the army saw the most suicides - and a previous
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study released last spring found that army suicides have soared since the start of the iraq war in 2003. it has been one month since the massacre at sandy hook elementary school in new town connecticut. 26 people were killed. most of them children. when a gunman stormed the campus. a month later, support continues to pour in from all over the world. and now people from new town are forming a group called 'sandy hook promise' . they are hoping to join the national debate on gun control. they say, their goal is to set a course for change, so that other communities do not suffer through similar disasters. the national debate on gun control is happening in part - because the president has re-issued a call for action on gun violence. his special task forced, aimed at coming up with solutions. has been busy. and as catherine heenan explains. the public got a
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better idea today of just what the president is expecting. >> catherine: the president is acknowledging an uphill fight in congress. so now he's looking at actions he can take on his own to fight gun violence. ".if we can save even one kid's life.have to take that step." >> catherine: the vice- president has been holding a series of meetings.including this one with cabinet members. some of the ideas on the table. reinstate the expired ban on assault weapons and limit magazines that have more than close the so-called gun- show background checks for 'all' gun-buyers. ensure better access to mental health care. improve school security. review the impact of things like violent movies and video games. this comes in the wake of not only the school shooting in connecticut. but tragedies like the movie theatre shooting in colorado. and the california teenager
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who fired on classmates he said had been bullying him. there are more than 30- thousand gun deaths in the u.s. every year. the white house wants a wide-ranging plan that goes beyond weapons and ammo. and on its first day in congress8 bills were introduced - or re- with the problem. all of them are far from a done deal. but the president says he can handle it.. >> "my starting point.not politics.what makes sense, what works. >> >> catherine: , kron 4. bills. he says, the mere threat of defaulting on government obligations is hurting the economy. the government has hit its borrowing limit again. and is expected to run out of
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ways to pay bills by early march. >> frigid party seven degrees in half moon bay. 39 and concord. the the seven- tomorrow but 37 right now what happened bay this warming trend will continue. finally, and we could finally get a bit more mild temperatures as this week progresses'. that stormtracker is well to the north of us we're not going to see any green. calm wind that combination is providing very chilly conditions. 28 in napa, 29
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in santa rosa. 42 in san francisco. in vallejo, 29. 28 in fairfield. 30's in concord, pleasanton. this frees warning in effect and frost advisories for the bayshore. freezing in sunnyvale. that freeze warning and frost advisories continues. for the north bay, the inland valleys and the bayshore. take a look these frosty windshields. certainly, you are going to want to take your time tomorrow for the afternoon, temperatures are going to be improving. 50s for the most part. 56 in santa rosa. 54 and concord.
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and help make a foster child's night a little cozier. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child.
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>> pam: apple's dominance in the smart=phone market may be coming to and end. according the wall street journal, compared to last month, apple has cut component orders in half for the i-phone five.. this suggests that demand is lower than predicted. causing apple to slow down on manufacturing orders for more devices. apple stock was hit hard on this report. closing near five- hundred dollars today. down from its high just three- months ago in september. so many wonder whether this just an overreaction by investors, or is the i=phone losing its mojo. kron 4's tech reporter gabe slate has some answers.
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>> here is what some analysts see. that they could possibly be losing their grip because of the rise of android & samsung. there are so many different android/samsung and some are cheaper or even free! and also the rise of the phablet this galaxy notebook is a huge screen with a stylist is a large phone/small-cap but. it is catching on an apple does not sell one. also, the iphone 4 is possibly hurting the iphone 5 cell. and some consumers are taking advantage of a
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free iphone for and did not purchasing a bit more expensive by phone 5. however, they have not reduced their water for componentry for the iphone 5. this could all be a rumor and perhaps there are just years and the motions. this will tell us exactly what happened over the holidays. and they will probably clear up this chatter about componentry. gabe slate tech report
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ahead at 8-30. a violent weekend in oakland. more than a dozen people shot in separate incidents around the city. how the police department plans on slowing down the accelerating violence. and the flu outbreak starting to reach crisis levels in parts of the u-s. how hospitals in the bay area are working to keep the region safe. >> jacqueline: it is going to be very cold. temperatures in the 30's. i will show you how cold it is going to cast. get.
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>> pam: now for a look at our top stories at eight- thirty. disgraced cycling champion lance armstrong has reportedly admitted to doping throughout his career. during an interview with oraph winfrey taped today. before the interview.
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armstrong. who was stripped of his seven tour- de- france titles. issued an emotional apology to members of the "live strong" cancer charity foundation he started. the interview with winfrey is set to air thursday. >> the search for potential victims of the "speed freak killers" in a central california well is entering its second week. the f-b-i continues to prepare the sight for closer inspection. and has had to deal with numerous setbacks. including misjudging the depth of the well. it turned out to be 200- as was first thought. >> and bart is seeing a surge in ridership. the agency says, it experienced a six- percent increase in riders last year. well above its projected 1-point- 8 percent increase. the improving economy and high gas prices are the primary reasons. bart says, it will need to increase the number of train- cars in the system to 1-thousand in order to meet the growing demand. >> another night of frosty temperatures around the bay area.
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jacqueline bennett is here now with a check of the forecast. >> jacqueline: pam, it is already cold. 39 degrees. along the coast, 39 in half moon bay and also some detail. 38 in pleasanton, livermore. clear skies. cold temperatures again tonight with widespread 30's. 20's are building through fairfield and the conditions will start to improve but still in with a lot of third degree readings. clear and cold with a frost advisories. the frosty windshield and icy roads. temperatures a bit warmer in fact, this warming trend
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will continue. >> pam: police and city leaders trying to make sense of a violent weekend in oakland. 15 people were shot. including five at a birthday party last night. sunday's shooting came. after four people were shot and killed friday. today, oakland city officials promising action. more on that part of the story ahead. but first, grant lodes shows we'll break it down and map out all the shootings starting with friday. starting on firday. four shootings all of them fatal. all over the city. three fo the four were friday afternoon. the other was 8:15 friday night.
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two shootings saturday. nobody died. but there were three people shot at this one location seminary avenue and harmon street. and then three more shootings yesterday - sunday. none fatal. but a five people were shot at this one location - seminary and foothill boulevard. less than a half mile from saturday's shooting in which 3 people were hit. so far this year in oakland - six people have been murdered. earlier today, oakland police chief howard jordan explained how he plans to deal with this recent rise in shootings. chief jordan says. two rival groups are connected to a number of these recent shootings, and says, they are also responsible for the majority of the violence in the city. now to the widespread outbreak of the flu. which has killed at least 20-
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children around the country. here in california - four adults have died from from the flu. and the sickness could just be getting started here. at last check, the flu is widespread in 47-states. that does not include california. terisa estacio is on the peninsula, where kaiser permanente is awaiting thousands more vacination shots. >> reporter: at some kaiser permanente facilities in northern california there simply was not enough vaccines to meet demand. but that was last week. now, this week. the spot shortage is over. and help is on the way. this is doctor smith - an infectious disease expert for kaiser. >> we moved supplies around. to deal with issue. plus, the doctor says a large supply is on it's way. >> 30 thousand on the way. >> reporter: and that is a
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very good thing. especially for this reason. take a look at this graph on the doctor's computer screen. see how it shows an up tick right here. well, the doctor explains. this graph is showing them, concrete facts that the flu is definitely rising in number. with no signs of letting up. >> 10 15 20 keeps going. not epidemic yet. but certainly it is an issue we are dealing with. take a look at this graphic. it is concrete evidence that it is rising. >> 10 percent, up 15%. >> reporter: redwood city. terisa estacio. kron 4 >> pam: if you are in the east bay. we found there is no shortage of the flu vaccine at contra costa health services. at the immunization clinic headquarters in martinez. we got a look at the supply. the county has all the different types of vaccines in stock. from the regular vial, the shot for children, the nasal spray and even the shot made just for pregnant
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woman. officials there tell us, there are plenty of shots to go around. contra costa public health clinics have given out 15- thousand flu shots thi year. >> so far, we have not had to turn anybody away. and flu season ends in march. >> the 16-year-old california boy accused of shooting a classmate has now been charged as an adult. bryan oliver is charged with attempted murder and other counts - in the thursday shooting at a high school in the southern california town of taft. one student was injured. people who know bryan say he was teased for his small stature. and that he was smart - and sometimes scorned for saying
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irreverent things. he reportedly targeted classmates who had bullied him. >> pam: los angeles coroner's officials changed the official cause of death for actress natalie wood. there are unanswered questions about bruises on her upper body. officials say the bruises may have occurred before she went into the water and drowned-- but this could not be definitively determined. wood's body was found floating off catalina island back in 19-81. the cause of death has been changed from "accidental drowning" to "drowning and other undetermined factors." now for today's market update. >> coming up, this constant battle between pedestrians and drivers but who is correct and who is wrong? coming up in the next edition of people behaving badly
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>> pam: stocks start the week with mix results. as investors continue to wait for more
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earnings reports to com in. apple stock fell 4-percent on word that the company has cut orders for i-phone 5 components because of weak demand. on wall street the dow finished up 18-points. despite falling as much as 29 at the start of the session. the nasdaq lost eight. and the s-and-p-500 dropped one. beverage company coca-cola communities to fight obesity. the company is debuting this video tonight on national cable news networks. the two-minute video will encourage people to be mindful of calories and how they can affect weight. the company says the point of this video is to emphasize what coca-cola is doing to offer customers healthy options. facebook is generating a lot buzz with a mysterious press event set for tuesday. the social media giant has invited the news media to its headquarters to quote "come and see what we'remuch of the speculation is latching onto the long- rumored facebook smartphone wrong strategy for facebook.
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49ers coach jim harbaugh talks about sunday's big matchup with the falcons. plu colin kaepernick is suddenly the talk of the n- f-l gary has that story, and all the sports, next!
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>> this battle between pedestrians and drivers. (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >> pay attention to the man walking away from the camera . let's stop the video rightnow the question is will the postal truck do the right thing and yield to the pedestrian lets roll the video nope, and it wasn't like the driver was in a rush he parked a few feet away
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the law states that a driver shall yield the right away to a pedestrian in a marked or unmarked crosswalk no where does it say driver should try to beat the pedestrian crossing the street but at 6 and folsom in san francisco you will find driver doing just that, not yielding to people who are legally in a crosswalk. no matter what the person is carrying you must yield to the pedestrian now if they are riding a bicycle they don't get to use the crosswalk like a pedestrian, just like scooter's riders can't use the sidewalk now there are two sides to every coin and theat is pedestrians don't get to cross just because there is a green light if you donht have the walk symbol you need to wait on the sidewalk until you do there has been a constant battle between the pedestrians and drivers over crosswalks with both sides breaking the law but just remember this if you are on foot even if you ar in the right and you get hit you still lose in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, e- mail us at 'people behaving badly' at kron- four-dot-
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>> another cold night. >> jacqueline: we can see from our live picture. very light wind 36 degrees in half moon bay. 38 in sunnyvale. we have not seen anything yet. 20's and 30's expected again tonight with a freeze of warning. frosty when chilled. just how cold is going to get out tomorrow morning. with warm conditions wednesday, thursday. the morning lows
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no rainfall in sight but just chilly conditions will remain very low indeed. 20's through napa, santa rosa, 29 through vallejo, 28 in fairfield 30 in concord. all of these areas are under a freeze warning for the overnight hours. as for the peninsula, 34 degrees. and freezing also in sunnyvale and these locations are under a frost advisories. we will see those icy windshield. the frosting advisory in its place between 2:00 a.m.-9:00 a.m. and as we mentioned, the inland valleys will be impacted. the frost advisories for the peninsula and the east bay shore and the south bay. those frosty windshield you were going to see them for tomorrow. temperatures are
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going to warm. with low mid '50s. 50s through san francisco, pleasanton. 50s through sunnyvale. and 56 in santa rosa. a bit warmer tomorrow we will continue that warming trend. still, that afternoon will warm up. wednesday, thursday, friday that warming trend will continue for the afternoon. the high temperatures will be in the 60s. and l, gary radnich.
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>> thank you, jacqueline, for that nice tal. anyway, i do not think that i'm going to be anywhere. they will have to take me out in a pine box. jacqueline is possibly set a precise los angeles. >> pam: it maybe she will take us with her? [laughter] >> jim harbaugh. >> with the defense, making a lot of great please. and defensively a great plays... at this point we are going to really commit have a great team. >> just for people still talking about the performance of kaepernick in
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terms of performance, all round. this is a gentleman that i spoke with at that sat next to terry bradshaw said that he was just amazing. however, he was great! >> we did a lot of great things up front. and our receivers made plays. >> the way that we saw how he played it was amazing. did he just do that? >> he was running all over the field, big, strong, athletic and runs the ball well. it was emotional. he had never had a playoff game
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victory. now from kansas city he is now trying to pick up that first play off w the falcons, he is going to go to the hall of fame in this, he is a winner in the post season. the atlanta falcons. now, it is 4.5 to favored but atlanta will have the home field the advantage. tony gonzales. and it would be pretty nice for the harbaugh brothers. the baltimore ravens. peyton manning, the denver broncos baltimore pulls it out. the father was also a coach what
8:53 pm
a weekend! >> he was excited. that we had one of those days where indiana beat minnesota in a big basketball game. we watched the games and it was thrilling for the ravens. my parents are in their 70's. there is a lot of action it is like going back to back to back. several episodes in a row. >> indian of basketball. tom green is married to one of the horrible sisters. and also bob will stay until 2016. he was the a manager the-manager of the year.
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>> and also buster posy saying that he does not want to play the world came because of a possible injury. ryan vogelson and says that right now keep would like to play. and lance taped to deal with oprah winfrey winfrey today. her channel >> satellite has a different number. >> check with pamela [laughter] lance armstrong is going to
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admit to using. perhaps if he had the media in his face. he would say one of white light to just keep going but for him to keep lying year after year, a bit of a different story we are coming back after this. sleep train has your ticket to tempur-pedic. experience the pressure-relieving comfort of tempur-pedic, and sleep risk-free with sleep train's 100-day money back guarantee. get 36 months interest-free financing: no down, and no interest for 3 years.
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>> the sharks are back on the ice. their first game will be sunday in calgary the first home game will be one week from thursday and rory mcelvoy will have to
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settle for the amount of $175 million instead of $200 million. they made the announcement in dubai. he is doing a commercial where tiger woods. and barry bonds never lied he just blew everybody off but lance armstrong just kept lying to everybody's face. >> pam: good night. [ male announcer ] if you're ready to get more from your tv service, now's a great time to get at&t u-verse tv. make the switch. [ female announcer ] call now to get at&t u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months,
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