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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  January 18, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> if you have been driving a around looking for the flu shot and you have my had any luck you should stop. i will tell you when and where they are giving them out. >> an attempted kidnapping and san jose has turned out to be a hoax. we will have the tell straight ahead. >> lance armstrong comes clean to oprah winfrey. as he anticipated this interview broadcast. will hear what he had to say later. >> let's focus our attention on our current conditions in the east bay. hayward is 37 s out the door. we are
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below freezing in fremont. sunnyvale is coming in at 37 degrees. it is up to 30's for santa clara. as we head into the afternoon it will be warmer and sunnier perry ed if you liked yesterday's you will like today. we will keep the sunshine around and the extended forecast will be dry into the middle of next week. >> we are still going well for the drive or around the area. we are not tracking any hot spots. we are not looking at the metering lights to just yet. if there is a problem on the peninsula of but it has not created any problems. there were a number of deer that were crossing the road perry e. there is no indication of
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any delays perry. there is slowing for interstate 580 perry. >> new this morning, anyone who was looking to get a flu shot this season know that they are not easy to find, with many places running out of the shots. we do know of a place this morning that should have them ready to go. we have kron 4 will tran in fremont this morning to tell us the place. >> it is $10 for those of you who have been looking for the shot. this is a blessing. when people want the shot that will drive to find them. a few places did not have them available because of the rush in the
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middle of sleuths season. they are hard to come by.flu seo come by perry ed >> commonplaces did you visit? >how many places to did you a few. i do not always get the shot every year but i see everyone else is wanting it. >> we are still not in the peak of the flu season but this could be a bad season. is it fear of going around from people that you know? >> yes. when i got to the mall i see people try to
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stay away from each other because they do not want to get sick. >> how did you find out about this place? >> i was watching the news and i found out on kron 4. >> they should have a leas 50 shots available perry ed they were doing 25 shots per hour yesterday perry ed this is still first come first served. >> we are learning more about the first bay area first flew related death of the season. santa clara county health officials say that the victim was 98 years old. and she died earlier this month. she also suffered from a variety of other chronic illnesses including pneumonia. >> we do have an update now
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on the attempted kidnapping and san jose that read reported earlier this week. police now say it was all paying hoaz. according to investigators, the mother has attempted to making up the story. she initially told police a man tried to wrestle her three year-old daughter out of her arms while they were in the front yard of their own. police noticed some inconsistencies in the mother's story, and after more questioning at the police department, the mother finally admitted that she made the story of. police say that since there is no never will watch program in place for the area, but they hope that the hoaz will spur one.
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>> live right now, aerials over the side where the postponed lottery winners a body is being exhumed. dacko's began digging at the chicago cemetery this morning to excellent the body. >> a federal judge appears ready to allow san francisco's public nudity ban to go into effect on february thfirst period of public nudit activistnudity acts filed a federal lawsuit hoping to overturn the new law. they argue that the government ordered covered up of violates their first
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amendment right to express their political views. a u.s. district court judge said yesterday that it takes more than simply this morning in public to make a political statement. >> in an interview with oprah winfrey, lance armstrong comes clean about doping. the seventh time " to tour de france " wenner says that he used a variety of performance enhancing drugs to when those titles. armstrong refuse to answer when oprah winfrey asked him if betsy andreu, the wife of armstrong's former teammate frankie andreu, was telling the truth when she said that in 1996, she overheard him
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telling a doctor treating him for cancer that he was doping. he also limited to being a bully. >> armstrong has been stripped of his tour de france titles and the olympic medal that he won in 2000. he is also facing numerous lawsuits. saith the second part of the interview with oprah winfrey airs tonight. >> still ahead on kron4 morning news. attention and frequent fliers, a major airline lays out new rules for passengers with high- flying status. >> new information from the boeing and this morning about its plans for its 787. what engineers are working
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on right now. >> we will also have issues with boeing and how it affected wall street today. we are looking at a pre market mover ahead of opening bell. that is all still ahead on kron 4 morning news. [ womanom ] thi tis mis this iss my tey
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>> welcome back it is 6:10 a.m.. attention travelers your highs line status with delta air lines may take a dive with the airline's new frequent flyer rules. delta announced a new spending requirement for gaining the elite status in the airlines sky miles program. in addition to racking up medallion colophon miles or segments, passengers will have to spend a minimum dollar amount on tickets each year for each one on the mileage ladder. the change starts on january the first of next year for membership status in the 2015 program. >> meantime, boeing plans to
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continue building its 787 dream liner jetliner while engineers try to solve the battery problems that have grounded the plane is. the dream liner was grounded worldwide yesterday. the faa announced that battery failures cost a league of flammable material, heat damage in smoke. it is not clear how long the investigation will take or how long it will take to fix the problem. >> the colorado movies there where a gunman killed 12 people and wounded dozens of others has reopened with a private ceremony for victims, first responders and officials. the governor of colorado acknowledged some victims and their families and did not want the deer to to be reopened. he said that for those who attended the ceremony, it
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was the path to healing. cellmark plans to reopen the entire 16 screen complex in aurora to the public next week. >> we will right bac.
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>> we are back it is 6:14 a.m. carry it we will now go to traffic. the >> there are problems being it reported where a number of vehicles struck some der that were crossing the road. the chp are converting the traffic off the ramp from
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the on ramp to clear the road. while the sensors are not showing i am getting reports that there are some delays for the southbound 280 ride. if this is just south of highway 92 in san carlos. otherwise, there is not a bed commute. all around the bay area the conditions continue to look good. if there are no other problems. >> here is a bridge to check. saith the bay bridge is close to having the metering lights activated. the san mateo bread still looks good is that 11 minutes. the golden gate bridge is problem free as you come from marin county. it >> as we take a look at the conditions outside we are showing new emeryville.
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there are waking up to clear skies. it is currently 40 degrees and de ville. we will have a relatively mild 50 by tonight. it is a cool frigid start for the morning especially for the north bay. it is upper 20s right now in napa perry ed it is 40 degrees out the door in oakland perry ed the temperatures throughout the day shows that by 8:00 a.m. we will still be clinging on to the 30's for the delta perry ed we will have a wide range of 40's for the rest of the bay area. it is very mild conditions already down in the south bay. as we move to 8:00 p.m. tonight it will not drop as fast as it has been periods by 8:00 p.m. it will just be a mixture upper
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40's to low 50's. >> check out the numbers in the south bay. saith if you like to yesterday will definitely like today perry ed it will be 66 for campbell. saith the east bay will not be as warm but they're still holding on to low 60's. it will be 61 degrees for castro valley. you will see a wide range of low 60's and richmond will be coming in at 64 degrees. if you are heading up to tahoe for the week can you do not need your chains currently now perry ed it will be freezing fog for the morning hours. if the afternoon high will climb into the upper 40's. if you should bundle up for the morning perry ed >> your kron 47 day around the bay highlights warmer weather for sunday and monday. we do have some
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changes to talk about as we go into next wednesday perry ed there is a potential for showers. at the temperatures will start toand a high pressure will break down perry ed >> police in chicago are exhuming a body of a person who won the lottery last year and he died before he collected his $425,000. if the doctors said that his death was natural causes but a relative one at a full toxicologist to examine the body. they stole that he was poisoned and has cyanide in his system. if they stated that with this autopsied they will be able to give more clues to see whether not he in hailed this or if it was injected.
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this is not a murder investigation in chicago. >> the time is now 6:19 a.m.. >> more than a million dollars in golden nugget's where stolen out of a northern california courthouse last year. now we have learned that the thieves, may be right here in the bay area. search warrants were executed in el sobrante and else are we told. the siskiyou county sheriff says that the potential evidence was recovered in those searches but will not say if the evidence was gold. no are arrests have been made but the sheriff says that his team does have a evidence on thr side. they have the ben did 60 in a. the shared belief
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that some of their stolen gold has been sold off assets said it is possibly melted down. >> one suspect is still on the lows after three attempted rob a jewelry store. it was all caught on video. the store owner describes the robbers rushed into her store. the store owners husband surprised the robbers, and pulling out a hand gun from behind the counter. the three would-be robbers ran out of the store empty-handed. two of the suspects were later captured by police. >> hayward police are looking for a gunman who was involved in a shooting. you are looking at video from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news. off police were called out to the lord
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tennyson apartments, on tennyson road just before 4:00. when they arrived they found a male victim who had been shot. if police identified the victim as 24 years old. he was taken to the hospital for treatment of non live for and injuries. if police said that the victim with to the apartments, off because he has some sort of a dispute with a residence there. >> a not guilty plea from a convicted felon suspect it of are running an illegal gun operation out of his san mateo home. 35 year-old antonio infante faces up to 10 years in prison after police found several weapons including an assault rifle during a raid last friday. infante is being held on a $150,000 bail. a concerned
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neighbor called police after noticing a lot of people were born in and out of the house. the district attorney's office says that since infante is a convicted felon, he cannot legally possess any guns. >> next on kron4 morning news. a winter storm is slamming parts of the east coast and the south. we are tracking it and we will have ♪ a woma ♪ ♪ [ fe[ male aleouncou ] ] take the t specipe k c klle. loselo up top ix pixndsd in two t weeksee withwi the cheeal eau lou. and so msouch moh . what wil wl you yoin in when you y lose?os
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>> right now we are watching severe weather conditions and other parts of the country. parts of the saudis are digging out this morning from a winter storm that dumped snow or around the region and played a role in at least one death.
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>> check out the new video just into kron 4. virginia, alabama and north carolina. in virginia, some parts of the state sought as much as 13 in. of snow. road crews are out in full force this morning to assault and treat the rose. while the winter storm is not as severe as initially feared, i see rose remained a concern this morning. some school systems decided to open late. the >> authorities in philadelphia have arrested a man suspected of brought a woman on to the subway tracks. we must warn you, that this video you are
6:28 am
about to see it " may " be disturbing. this this surveillance video of the incident on tuesday. if you could see that the man walked up to the 23 year-old woman sitting on a bench. he reportedly asked for her lighter, walks away then moves in and attacked her. he then pulled off the bench by her feet, transfer and rose are on the tracks. the woman managed to pull herself to safety and she suffered only minor injuries. police say that they decided told of one telling the public what the suspect was wearing and they manage to find him within 48 hours. >> we will be right back.
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>> welcome back. >> the peninsula has a hot spot but it has cleared. this was set to 280. there a number of deer that were struck. all this has been cleared and the lanes have been reopened. the slow traffic that was once there has lifted. >> we are taking a live look outside and it is clear outside. it is a another cold start. livermore is just above the freezing mark. we are below freezing
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in concord. oakland is waking up to a 40 degree reading. we will cease temperatures very similar to what we saw yesterday perry e. it will be warm and sunny for the weekend. i will talk about what you can expect for sunday and monday coming up to my next report. >> the forty-niners quarterback is giving the team's and next opponent a lot to think about perry ed falcons running back michael turner said that he is glad that he is not on the
6:33 am
defense. the running back of the falcons or once told of the ball and limits ka epernick;s time on the field in sunday's nfc championship game. he ran for 181 yds-an nfl record for a quarterback-with two touchdowns in last week's win over green bay. >> 49ers fever is sweeping the bay area. the team is ready to take on the atlanta falcons on sunday for the nfc championship game. >> the pilot who was in charge of the oil tanker
6:34 am
that sideswipe the bay bridge last week could get his license taken away. that is if the state agency fine cement fought for the accident. the 751 ft. vessel called the overseas reymar hit the western span of the bridge on january the seventh, this cost more than $200 million in damage. the san francisco bar pilots association says that he changed courses at the last minute in heavy fog. investigators are looking into the change as well as other factors, including the malfunctioning radar beacon equipment at the bridge, as possible contributors to the crash. >> some of san francisco's top city and law enforcement officials are meeting to discuss the tactics the city
6:35 am
uses to address the costly vandalism at a three day conference. graffiti cost san francisco more than $20 million each year. back in the '90s san francisco created an anti graffiti task force and assets to develop a database to catalog the graffiti and to determine who is responsible for the tagging. >> law enforcement sources say a millionaire investor that was killed last november for the home invasion and monte sereno was set up by an escort service. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news of the scene. both of austin and garcia are known and gang members from west oakland who form or robbery crews and targeted homes in oakland and fremont. during the robbery, ravi kura's
6:36 am
wife also was injured. police still have not released a possible motive for the incident. >> president obama is a inauguration day is just away. but do not expect the same pageantry that you saw the first time around. this year it will be scaled down. only 900,000 people are scheduled to attend. this year's preparation is have been replete with rehearsals-withstand-ends played the president, vice president, chief justice. the real president will have to swearing ins, a public ceremony on monday, a private one the day before. he will use to bibles, one owned by abraham lincoln, the other by martin luther king jr.. >> coming up on kron4
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morning news. thousands of people will get to have moon bay this weekend to watch the pros compete in the mavericks' international surfing contest. >> the australian summer is heating up, making it tougher firefighters to battle these raging wildfires. >> we are learning more about the bay area's first flute related deaths of the season. santa clara county health officials say that the victim was 98 years old. she died earlier this month. she also suffered from a variety of other chronic illnesses, including pneumonia. there have now been five reported flu deaths in the state. health officials say that the worst may still become periods
6:38 am
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old daughter of arms while they were in the front yard of their home. but officers say that it was not too long before they knew something was not right about her story. those are our top stories. i am james fletcher. thank you for watching kron 47 day area news channel. go morning the time is 6:38
6:40 am
a.m.. >> little more there said 32 degrees. there at the freezing mark. it will warm- up to about 60 degrees and this afternoon. >> half moon bay is going to be busy this weekend with the mavericks international surfing contest. about 12,000 people are expected to check it out. it looks like there will be a beautiful condition for the event. >> it will be plenty of sunshine and it will be clear. the temperatures will be in the mid 60's by sunday. we do have a whether to talk about coming from the west. by sunday, wishes
6:41 am
the upper 20 ft.. you should be certain it cautious if you are a spectator. the temperatures will be in the mid 60's for half moon bay. never turn your back to the ocean if you are going out to watch. >> it is 6:39 a.m. perry ed >> we are getting new video and to kron 4. several homes are gone and thousands of acres are shared a mitt a wild fire in australia. the fire started yesterday and it grew to more than 61,000 a.. at least one family has to be rescued from their home as the flames is close to the property. several firefighters had to take shelter against the flames, finding safety in their trucks as the fire passed over them. record high
6:42 am
temperatures are making it very difficult to fight this fire. >> live right now, aerials over the site where the point isn't lottery winners body is being exhumed. backhoes and began digging at the chicago cemetery this morning to exhume the body. the police are looking into this and they did it for a toxicology screen. if they stated that this man was poisoned with cyanide. they stated that this is not a murder case. just recently there were able to convince a judge to give them the order so that they can dig up the body. that want to find out what caused or why someone killed this lottery winner. someone killed this lottery winner. >> we will be right oh!
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>> welcome back it is 6:44 a.m.. washington hospital in fremont is holding a public flu vaccination event this morning. they are holding this event because of high demand in the area. if this comes as the first flu and death in the bay area was announced yesterday in santa clara county. >> police now say an attempted kidnapping in san jose has turned out to be a hoax. the mother has committed to making up the story. she initially told police that a man tried to take her three year-old daughter out of cars what they were in front of their home. police now consider the mother is suspect and have opened a criminal investigation on her. >> in an interview with
6:47 am
oprah winfrey, lance armstrong comes clean about doping. the seventh time "tour de france " wenner says that he used a variety of performance enhancing drugs to win those titles. armstrong also said that he was a bully at times. >> 49er fever is sweeping the bay area, the team is ready to take on the atlanta falcons on sunday for the nfc championship game. tickets to more news faster we will go to mike pelton who is live at the headquarters in santa clara. >> what an exciting time to
6:48 am
be a 40 niner fan. i am down here at the complex perry ed later this morning the players would show up and that will go through a practice about 11:40 a.m.. later on this afternoon they will board a jet and head to atlanta. this is the 49ers consecutive nfc game. they lost in this game last year but they are hoping that things are different this time. >> last year we beat the states. we had a chance. we took care of business. we want to go down there in atlanta and take care of business. >> will always do what we
6:49 am
always do. we will keep a good attitude. >> the team that they are facing is the autopsy. the game is in atlanta the 49ers are favored in this game. we do not want to get too far ahead. if san francisco wins then they will advance to the super bowl which is on february the third. >> this is different and it all depends. it looks different than when i was here a month ago. they have added some stadium sections. you concede that they have added new seats. >> we will now turn to
6:50 am
weather. >> it is still pretty cold in the north bay. we do have a lot east bay spots that are still below freezing. it concord past 33 degrees. as we take it over to the south bay sunnyvale is currently sitting at 37 degrees and the same is for sunnyvale. let's check out where the numbers were below letter on perry ed by 8:00 a.m. we will still be in the 30's along the delta. the rest of the bay area was the wide range of four days. it will be a little bit warmer along the coastline. by noon time will see 60's that will start to develop. as we looked at 8:00 p.m. it will be mild and not too bed. >>ad.
6:51 am
>> as we focus our attention on the afternoon high sunnyvale will reached 65 degrees. san rafael will come in at 58 degrees. it we do have a few things to talk about. the skies are clear. the temperatures will be a little bit warmer by sunday into monday perry ed we have bake changes to highlight. the kron 47 day all around the bay shows more clouds from tuesday to thursday perry ed we do have a 20 percent chance of rain. enjoy the nice weather while it lasts. if the temperatures are above seasonal average. >> looking at a new incident in san leandro. this may
6:52 am
become a hot spot. this is 238 on the northbound side. this is toward the mimic freeway. there is a stalled semi truck. the potential is that it can start to back up traffic onto interstate 580 westbound. otherwise, the east bay freeway is going well. here is a bridge to check as we look at the bay bridge. the backup began such end of the east parking lot. the drive time is 14 minutes. the san mateo bridge has not began to slow it is still an 11 to 13 minutes. the golden gate bridge is still an easy commute. >> here are live shots from chicago perry ed the body of
6:53 am
a lottery winner who was killed last year has been placed in the back of this truck and it will go to the medical examiner's office where they will do a autopsy. this story had a lot of twists and turns. the winner died just before he claimed his money. he had over $425,000 that he had won. if the family members pressed the police to dig deeper. if they did a toxicology tests and found out that he was linked with cyanide. that was to find out who killed this lottery winner. >> giants slugger pablo sandoval is in the hospital and venezuela. he has a dominant issues. that is according to a tweet that
6:54 am
was posted by his brother, michael sandoval. sandoval had been planned for a venezuelan oil leaked during off-season. he is expected to return to that team, within a few days. >> we also want to remind you to catch dr. phil today at 10:00 a.m. right after the kron4 morning news. we will be right back.
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>> wall come back perry ed >> kristen stewart and robertrobert patterson are hollywood's highest grossing romantic film couple in the past three years. the stars of twilight stems easily surpassed all other film couples in forbes list. other couples on the list are channing tatum and co- starrachael mcadams in " the
6:58 am
vaultow ". jennifer anniston and adam sandler in " just go with it ". the list is compiled by looking at the top grossing romantic films in the united states in the past three years as classified. >> first lady michelle obama celebrated her 49th birthday with a night on the town with her presidential hubby. the obama was and
6:59 am
dined at cafe milano last night, an upscale italian restaurant in the washington neighborhood of georgia town. you may have noticed the first lady's new haircut--she's wearing banksgs! >> am i the way, president obama has a new official photo. on the left is his new pitcher just released this morning. the president is standing in all office with a big smile on his face. for the pitcher is a big contrast from the more serious look at the head in 2009 when he took his offical total. >> we will be right back.


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