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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 20, 2013 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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(male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> announcer: the game is over! it's the 49ers are going to the super bowl. of >> the 18-year-drought is over. the 49ers beat the falcons - 28-24, winning a spot in superbowl 47. against the baltimore ravens.
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tonight - kron4 has live team coverage -- from san francisco to atlanta - as the celebration rages on. >> good evening i'm vicki liviakis - full highlights on the game ahead. but first - kron4's dan kerman is live in the mission district - dan? >> reporter: >> reporter: things are quiet tonight we thought that there were going to be celebrations with people setting fires in the mission district like after the giants with that is not the case tonight guar. let me show you the police presence in the mission district tonight. just about 20 minutes ago, there was a fight at the bart station. at least 15-20 police officers in 60 seconds. they are in this area and they are not going to have a repeat from the giants. let me show you video from earlier. this was right
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after the giants had victory. you can see the m 80's with many people celebrating and honking horns. but it did not turn into the vandalism that we have seen before we have seen a lot of police. allowing police and buses to get through the same time, keep the peace. they have dwindled to about 5, 6, 7:00 p.m.. right now, 24th/mission. quiet. however, there are police throughout the mission district ready to respond and something goes on. that is the latest from the mission district, dan kerman, kron 4 news. >> this is the latest, the brother against brother. jim harbaugh, and to john
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harbaugh. just a little bit older, the head coach of the baltimore ravens. squaring off against each other in the super bowl. they played once before - last year - 16 - 6 ravens with for john. big brother john 50 - jim 49 dad jack was college football coach: who has it better than parents going to watch from home in wisconsin. dad was college football coach - recruiting with kids in car - who's got it better than us - noooobody. that was kind of what started fare hike. we are going to hear a lot about that and they are going to hear the family and the brothers parents are more than likely going to be
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watching from home in wisconsin. vicki? >> a look from above the earlier celebrations. in san francisco. a pickup truck full of fans -- people waving flags celebrating. now let's to get the marina district. that's kron4'sscott rates is live, with the 49ers faithful. >> absolutely, everybody is enjoying this. >> the game was amazing i could not believe this. that we're going to go to the super bowl i think that it is very special for the bay area. >> i am so excited. >> and i am so happy that
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they have made it this year. the best, however they did an amazing job. i love the 49ers. >> these parties are going to continue. the champions. scott rates, kron 4. >> at the corner of mission and -- excited fans blocked traffic. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc-7 news. some people in their cars even hopped out of to join in the fun. kron4's charles clifford is live. at the keyzar pub in lower haight. charles fans pretty excited. >> reporter: the fans are pretty excited and it was very busy with they packed house. let me show you video from earlier. the first half was not a lot to cheer about what after halftime things really picking up.
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and of course the 49ers went to take the lead and the people went nuts! let me show you video from the reactions from france. fans. >> we've never had a doubt. san francisco, we never had a doubt. we never had a doubt we knew that we would win. >> oh my gosh! it was amazing to go to the super bowl. >> we've come through. just like we always do. new orleans, here we come. >> more fans reacting later in this newscast. charles clifford, kron 4. >> here's a look at the celebration in the niners locker room -- the georgia dome. kron4's j-r stone was there - and is live in atlanta tonight. jr, did you find any niners fans out there?
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>> reporter: of course. they stretch all across the country. i can tell you that some of these celebrations but some of these fans have been here since 6:00 a.m., eastern time. they were a sneaking in for a nearby tournament. they got things going by the time the this was over they said that they were worn out. but still, there were really pumped up. >> we are going to go home and watch it on the big screen, baby. >> we are going to add one more to this. >> it was a beautiful game. the 49ers deserve every bit of it.
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>> only from savannah, baby. >> i drove all 11 hours and got here. and i am still here. >> the super bowl! >> we did what we had to do. >> we were the first team to beat them in their own house and we have out a number of them. >> reporter: to beat them in their own house is what the forty-niners were saying. keep in mind the majority of the fans were not from the bay area of work currently living in the bay area. it shows how many fans stretch across this country. it was a while today with a couple of hundred fans before that celebration. it was a wild and day today. reporting
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live in a slanted, j. r. stone, kron 4 news. >> hundreds of 49ers fans atlanta-thank you. sharing their excitement on our facebook fan page. we want to share some of your thoughts. let's get right to it. shirley says quote - "great job well done san francisco 49ers" and nancy says - "on to the mercedes benz super bowl in my hometown!!! so proud of the 49ers!" sandra also left us a comment -- she says "not a huge football follower but the niners deserve to go to the super bowl. how awesome would it be to have both of our sf teams win titles for their respective season?!" and remember we want to know what you think. join the conversation on our facebook page, to weigh in. we'll continue to share your thoughts during our super bowl coverage this week.
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>> more video now of the celebrations on the streets of san francisco -- horns honking. kron4's haaziq madyun has more. >> reporter: the fans are all fired up as their team is going to their survival. >> i am so fired up! >> super bowl. (chani chanting -- >> the warriors, the giants is a great time to be a bay area sports fans. >> reporter: haazig madyun kron 4. >> or 49ers if you see arguably one of the most dedicated to with that man with a tattoo on his head look closely - you might see arguably one of the most dedicated. a man with the team logo tatooed on his head. kron4's philppe djegal was mixed in with that sea of red a gold earlier today. >> reporter: they are
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absolutely beside themselves in the mission district. all of them are so excited this makeshift parade in the middle of mission street. many of them, celebrating, the showing their pride of gold and red (cheers & applause) (horns honkinig) >> it is finally time >> the 49ers. >> :san francisco. how great? >> this is great.
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>> this is so insane! >> the san francisco 49ers, here we,. >> we are going to play hard, strong, and focused and go to the super bowl. >> reporter: one of these things that all of the fans can agree on. phillipe djegal, kron 4 news.
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(cheers & applause) >> the san francisco!
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>> excited fans across the bay area. come on gary - you lost your reporter's objectivity for a moment didn't you? >> it was very enjoyable. >> and a sometimes and your for to give us some of statistics? >> yes. are you ready to go? >> yes. a for a good day. let us whirled the highlights from atlanta. kaepernick only his ninth start but matt ryan was very good. 49ers star quarterback colin a final defensive stand
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by the 49-ers. to beat the falcons.
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49ers at falcons colin kaepernick making his 9th career start - how would he handle the pressure against #1 seed atlanta in2nd quarter matt ryan - perfect 20 yard touchdown pass to julio jones in corner of end zone 17-0 atl jones: 11 rec, 182 yards, 2 td's 2nd quarter, 17-0 atl lamichael james - busts into end zone with a 15 yard touchdown run 17-7 atl caps off 11 play, 80 yard drive kaepernick- leads another scoring drive culminating in a 4 yard touchdown pass to vernon davis 17-7 atl davis: 5 catches, 106 yds, td kaepernick: 16/21, 233 yds, td ryan - ends the half with this 10 yard touchdown strike to tony gonzalez 24- 14 atl ryan: 396 yards, 3 td's, 1
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int gonzalez: 8 catches, 78 yds, if this is any indication. that was a great, great performance. if you figure in the super bowl it is going to be harbaugh vs harbaugh. if the patriots are of south florida few fun-thy beat it -- the new england patriots. however, joe3rd quarter 49ers open 2nd half with an 82 yard drive capped off by this frank gore 5 yard td run off tackle 24-21 atl gore: 21 carries, 90 yds, 2 tds following a 49ers interception of ryan the left upright from 38 yards out that would have tied it. harbaugh can't believe it akers - missed most fg's in nfl this year 4th quarter after a ryan fumble
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but fumbles at the 1 yard line and force punt field and gore races zone as 49ers take first lead of game with 8:23 left 28-24 sf ryan - finds harry douglas like it may have hit turf - but ruled a catch and 1st down whiteand that's the ballgame tony g said he was wide open on the play.he walks off. 49ers are headed to the super bowl. and many took the time to tweet their thoughts! 49ers star quarterback
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colin kaepernick tweeted "appreciate the love". he responded to seattle seahawks q-b russell wilson's tweet congratulating the team for making it to the super bowl. that's good sportsmanship! more tweets came pouring in from other 49ers team mates. but we had to share this one with you! 49ers linebacker nathan stupar tweeted this! -- "navorro bowman and i are super bowl bound, hastag superbowl 47" and take a look at this picture, attached to his tweet! you see the two 49ers team mates smiling ear to ear with their new champions hats inside the locker room. shortly after today's game! the san francisco giants team also tweeted their support-- congrats to the championship on their way to the super bowl hashtag s-f unite, hashtag rally niners you can also join the conversation and share your twitter pages. we might share them on air
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during our superbowl coverage this week! >> we have more details on this arrest later of a alleged 12 year-old to involving the 12 year-old. in a another story, >> 49ers wide reciever michael crabtree started todays game against the falcons despite the sexual assault allegations surrounding him. the incident in question took place in a san francisco hotel early sunday morning after the 49ers victory over the green bay packers. crabtree already met with officials and agreed to assist the investigation in anyway possible. for now it remains unclear what the future holds for crabtree. >> police in atlanta are investigating a stabbing that happened right after the game. according to early reports, a fight started between a falcons fan and 49ers fan. witnesses say a falcons fan punched a 49ers fan, who in
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turn pulled a knife and either cut or stabbed the falcons fan in the neck. this is video of medics treating the victim. no word on his condition. >> we saw a beautiful babday today, with 20's and the north bay valleys, tonight. below freezing however, tonight. tomorrow, for martin luther king day also looking sunday with a repeat performance. if look for 66 degrees in oakland. here is a look your kron 4 7 day around the bay more sunshine on tuesday. after a cool start there is a storm are arriving on wednesday. partly cloudy skies and the chance for some light rain. the next chance of rainfall for next weekend
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>> the game was a mason, kaepernick was also amazing. the game was the amazing- the no. 1, 2013. super bowl, super bowl, i think that i was like 18 when it was steve young it was great to see it come back .
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>> take a look at this people also kaepernick ing... that is the hottest thing going, the jersey. generations also kissing the biceps also, the 'harbo
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coming up. >> police investigating yesterday's deadly bart shooting say the victim could have been an innocent we have the latest. the president's second term already underway. first inauguration oath today. plus the big party plans following his second! and. we bring you more of the as san francisco prepares to send the team to the super bowl!
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(male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. (cheers & applause) >> a final defensive stand by the 49-ers. to beat the falcons. and now - san francisco is super bowl bound. around the bay area tonight. dan kerman is live in the mission district. >> reporter: the news we are at 24th admission. nothing as what we've seen after the san francisco giants. when the 49ers clenched the championship. >> it is amazing to feel the energy hear what happened, with the 49ers came up from behind this is what it was
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like the last couple of seconds for the game. (cheers & applause) >> it was pandemonium. lots of high-five's a green dream come true. -we are born and bred 49ers fans. >> it is amazing. >> the best feeling in the world. after they thought that it was going to be a loss they now say " yes "! >> the harbaugh vs harbaugh is going to be inspirational >> it is inspiring all of us. as far as what is going on in the mission district. at 24th and mission. however, none of the vandalism that we saw after the world series for just a lot of excitement. all in
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all, no major problems. still, plenty of police on the scene. that is the latest from 24 to/mission. >> charles clifford is live. live. at a sportsbar. charles fans pretty excited. >> absolutely, it is a little bit quieter now. however, this afternoon it was very busy. let me show you from a standing room only earlier. from the first half. the second half, this place went crazy. let me show you a video of what happened inside. take a look. >> it was awesome a great
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ending. they came back and pulled it out. >> amazing. 18 years! 18 years! we're going to go back to the super bowl, colin kaepernick was amazing! we came through. like we always do. >> i think that i was just eight. i think the last time it was steve young's so it is great to be back >> that is the latest from charles clifford, kron 4 news. >> we have things that are trending on twitter. take a look get a some of the things that are trending. for all available to comment oni
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can only imagines. as we continue on and the would like to connect with you. >> let us look at some video reggie kumar is more. >> it was a sea of red. they were cheering. the 49ers were down and everybody was upset. the faithful fans did not give up but they waited until the very and dental
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celebrating their victory. as the team advances to the super bowl. >> let's go 49ers! >> run of the ball. >> reggie kumar, kron 4 news. >> now, j. r. stone is here in atlanta. >> it is a lot later. keep in mind that it is 11:30. nobody is out in this location but there were a lot of fans, earlier. let me
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show you just not just a couple of dozen we are talking about hundreds of 40 niners fans. and this was roped off they thought that the party was just going to be this big. they do not necessarily live in this area but the some of them wrote grew up in the bay area. they were fired up. and take a listen. >> the 49ers section for detailed data section. >> you have something? >> yes, it is 49ers nation. >> all the way from savannah.
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>> back out here live, it was quite an evening. but some of the coolest things that i have seen it this afternoon is that it was rocking. at one point a fighter jet took off that is allowed was certainly, it was not quite to that allowed -- fiorit was great, when the 49ers to of the game. took the game! (cheers & applause) gary radnich coming up next
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>> an estimated 30,000 people came out to half moon bay to watch more than two dozen of the world's top surfers compete in this years mavericks invitational big wave surfing contest. they were greated with clear skies and temperatures in the sixties as they watched the surfers compete for the first time since 2010. peter mel of santa cruz took home the competitions top spot. this is the first time that mel has won the contest although he's competed in every event since it started in 1999. alex martins of san francisco came in second and greg long rounded out the top three. it was a day of small waves by mavericks standars with most waves cresting around ten feet with the highest waves reaching the 20 foot requirement for the contest.
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>> police are now saying that the man shot to death in front of a san leandro bart station yesterday may
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have been an innocent bystander. kron4's maureen kelly has the latest on the investigation. it was near this ac tranist bus stop outside the bayfair bart station that the shooting happened. you can still see bright orange paint marking where evidence was collected.some on the benches where people wait. this is video taken shortly after the the gunfire broke out just after noon on saturday.bart police say it happened after two groups of roughly 3-4 people got into an argument and then both groups started firing at each other. in the end.more than a dozen shell casings were collected at the scene. at least one of the bullet hit a 50 year old man.killing him.police say it doesn't appear that he had anything to do with the confrontation that erupted so violently. a woman was also injuredshe has been treated and released from the hospital. police say herand could not say if she had any connection to the groups who were fighting. one possible suspect was taken into custody.and the search is on for the others. .police investigators asy they are looking at
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surveilance tape taken from the scene.and they could been seen sunday re- interviewing witnesses.those waiting for the bus were dismayed over the death of an apparent innocent bystander. >> it is crazy out here. >> reporter: maureen kelly kron4 news. >> the hayward girl who has been missing for three days is safe and back at home. 13 year old delicia moreno's mother jessica avila said her daughter came home last night. delicia went missing thursday mornng after dropping off her younger sister. the girl's mother saidwho that friend was or why delicia left is still unclear but the mother says she did leave willingly. it's official! both president obama and vice president joe biden officially sworn into office today. it's the first of two inaugurations. tory dunnan has the latest on today's ceremonial event, and a preview for tomorrow. >> he starts as the second term as the 44th president of the united states this
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was administered by john roberts and took place on a sunday. it is january 20th. it is a constitutional mandate the swearing in the took just a couple of hours after joe biden was also sworn in. >> congratulations. >> thank-you. (cheers & applause) >> reporter: on monday, he will have another cheering and. he will use it two different bibles. one is from martin luther king and the other is from abraham lincoln. and the president will deliver the first speech of his second term. he could choose to lay out his challenges. the looming debt ceiling and passing a gun control. >> he is going to talk about our political system does not settle all of our differences
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>> after the official business. it will party at the inaugural ball. in washington, tory dunnin. >> and you'll be able to watch the inauguration ceremony live during the kron-4 morning news on monday. it will start at 8-30 in the morning. and we'll also have the inaugural parade live on our 24-7 bay area news channel - starting at 10-35. >> temperatures in the 30's and '40's. even the chance for some chanel showers. looking great, plenty of sunshine and temperatures making it into the mid '60s. look for readings in the low 60s. 65 degrees. berkeley,
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richmond, oakland. and this nice weather will hang on for another day. 60s and sunshine. for wednesday, this weather system is coming through with harley of mostly cloudy skies. sunday for thursday and friday of the chances for storms with rainfall possible. >> we will continue our coverage and a gary radnich will also be back with the recap
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>> the 49ers are favored by 5. here is how it is a set of. colin kaepernick. it is funny when you think back. however, there were the numbers to cede number two seed. the-nothing = atlanta in the early second quarter. however, here comes michael james. kaepernick vernon at davis also had a great game.
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24-14. and you wonder if they had a enough to come back with the a plan to crawl going crazy! he emphatically, yes. david acres. at this point are you going to think that is this going to be the final? however, the 49ers defense. here he goes. in the 49ers never looked backcolin
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kaepernick making his 9th career start - how pressure agat #1 seed atlanta in the dome? 2nd quarter matt ryan - perfect 20 yard touchdown pass to julio jones in corner of end zone 17-0 atl td's 2nd quarter, 17-0 atl lamichael james - busts into end zone with a 15 yard touchdown run 17-7 atl caps off 11 play, 80 yard drive kaepernick- leads another scoring drive culminating in a 4 yard touchdown pass to vernon davis 17-7 atl davis: 5 catches, 106 yds, td kaepernick: 16/21, 233 yds, td ryan - ends the half with this 10 yard touchdown strike to tony gonzalez 24- 14 atl ryan: 396 yards, 3 td's, 1 int gonzalez: 8 catches, 78 yds, td >> they played great. i do not know how else to say it. everybody check in on this one. >> i feel so good that i am exhausted! i do not even have words. we made it. when
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i see this team is destined to win. we have a lot of guys with energy, character that is what it is all about. >> we believe in each other. we know what we need to. >> if it just feels great to have your family together and to be part of such a great victory. and to give back to the survival. >> what is great about the super bowl is that he is a young guy but he and his mother, his mother was right in front and is on call. i think that it was pretty cool. he was very cool. >> it is exciting. and this
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was the first time that i felt like this is not show montana. i have been here for 28 years and vicki has it done so many shows but i've never seen a weekend anchor drive a car like that! >> have you seen her car? >> it is worth more than what kaepernick [laughter] and let us role of this.
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there were favored by 9 points3rd quarter 82 yard drive capped off by this frank gore 5 yard td run off tackle 24-21 atl gore: 21 carries, 90 yds, 2 tds following a 49ers interception of ryan tied it. akers - missed most fg's in after a ryan fumble crabtree over the middle who but fumbles at the 1 yard49ers come right back down untouched 9 yards into end zone as 49ers take first lead of game with 8:23 left 28-24 sf 4 mins left, falcons down 4 like it may have hit turf - down 4th and 4, 1:09 leftfalconsnavarro bowman - breaks up whiteand that's the ballgame 49ers celebrate hugs teammates.49ers win 28- >> i hope my father is on his fourth or fifth of beer right now. but i do not know what he is thinking but i will just check it out. >> jason. the last time the 49ers played in the new
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orleans. john taylor, 55-10. of course the parade down market street. just one win away from another party. and i will say it one more time. if the harbaugh family must be feeling really great. and also the key is vicki must be feeling great
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