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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 22, 2013 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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(male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. violent crime on the rise. and right now: an overflow crowd at oakland's city council meeting. >> public safety is number one >> pam: the cash=strapped city debates whether to spend a quarter million dollars on controversial police consultant bill
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bratton supporters say he is the right man to lead the fight against crime in one of america's most violent cities. opponents say they have concerns. >> very valid concerns about bringing in a military=minded man like bratton to make things better. >> pam: right now at eight o-clock. the oakland city council is weighing whether or not to bring in police and security heavyweight bill bratton. to consult its beleagured police department. bratton formerly served as police chief in los angeles, and police commissioner in new york city and in boston. but last week. oakland residents voiced their concerns about bratton's controversial tactics. which include the "stop- and- frisk" policy. kron 4's terisa estacio is live in oakland tonight. where the city council is hearing from those concerned residents. terisa? >> reporter: things are really heating up in oakland. let me show you this hall just one of many rooms that they have been
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forced to open in dealing with these large crowds. here is video that we took just a few moments ago from inside city hall. you can see for yourself nearly 270 people have a registered to speak tonight about this controversial issue of. and controversial contract here is what some had to say (poor audio) (cheers & applause) why not use that money to keep the schools open? >> i have done a lot of research on bratton and what we found was foundstop and
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frisk .. >> this is not a necessary expenditure. we could use that $250,000 to open up the parks in the city that could help the youth. >> reporter: this is still keeping with this meeting is just getting started with just one of many people that have scheduled to speak in to do with the overflow crowds. we are going to stay on this story and the oakland council is expected to make a decision sometime this evening as i mentioned, 270,00 270 people are going to
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schedule to speak it is a very late night expected to terisa as the show, kron 4 >> pam: new tonight at eight. caught on camera. an oakland man is seen shining a laser at a television news helicopter. it happened last night. while the chopper was covering the search for suspects in an officer involved shooting. kron-4's charles clifford shows. how the authorities were able to track this man down. and explains how dangerous this incident was for the pilot. >> this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news, which was on assignment over oakland monday evening. with their camera recording, the helicopter is repeatedly hit by a red laser beam coming from a home somewhere below. you can see the light flickering here. laser beams, like this one, can pose a serious danger to pilots. tuesday afternoon i spoke with the california highway patrol's air office about the problem. >> generally the laser lights up the interior of the aircraft and if the
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pilot looks into the laser it can incapacitate the pilot and he can loose control of the aircraft. >> reporter: in this case, sky 7's photographer was able to track down where the light was coming from. watch as this man pulls a laser pointer from his pocket and aims it right at the helicopter. what he probably didn't know is that sky 7's pilot was talking on a radio with a chp aircraft operating nearby. >> we have mapping software in our helicopter and airplanes and we just point the camera at the source and it gives us the long and lat as well as an address. >> reporter: once they knew the address, the pilots called in ground units. >> our officers on the ground made contact at the residence. upon making contact at the door the person came out and an arrest was made. >> reporter: pointing a laser at an aircraft is a felony offense. this man could face up to 2 years in jail and a two thousand dollar fine. in san francisco, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> pam: the manhunt for the suspects involved in the shooting of an undercover officer in oakland is over.
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police arrested 5 men. who they believe have gang ties. the shooting happened monday night between seminary and harmon avenue. police say, the officer was working as part of a new violence- reduction crime team. and was alone when he was confronted and shot by several suspects. the officer is recovering from his injuries. >> pam: new at 8 tonight. deputies say they need your help in catching thieves who successfully stole a dozen luxury cars in hayward. it happened early monday morning at auto world motors. kron 4's j.r. stone is following the story. he is here and has all new video of some of the heist. j.r. >> the man killed in a shootin this i one of the men that they are looking for right before they've busted into the auto world auto office and went to town. if
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you can see the video there were running across the parking lot thieves stole dozens of luxury cars. this is surveillance video. showing them at least three people involved in this operation. although world voters are expecting this at $200,000 for all world- motor co. office saying that this is at least three hours ago. the suspects have been deserting one of the cars because it ran out of gas. all 11 cars are still missing. this is video, though it early morning hours between 1:00 a.m.-4:00 a.m. i'd just spoke with the lme dug sheriff's offi and they sa that ferran are having no armrests through the alameda sheriff's office. they are trying to
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find out who is to blame. j. r. stone, kron 4. >> pam: the man killed in a shooting in the san leandro has been in san leandro. has been identified. officers say, 50-year-old kenneth lee seets. was shot to death while he was at the bus loading zone, at the bayfair bart station. bart police say, it happened just after 12pm saturday-- two groups of people got into an argument and started firing at each other. a woman was also injured and has been treated for her injuries one suspect was arrested. no word yet on the suspects name or age. >> pam: new tonight at eight. the san francisco police department continues its push to add 'tasers' to the arsenal available to the force. just moments ago. a special community meeting for community members to voice their concerns wrapped up. kron 4's reggie kumar is live in san francisco with the details. reggie? >> as you know the san francisco police department's is going to add the changes. but there has not thoubeen enough support.
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tonight, they will explain how this new proposal will help for the public. this could help save in this technology will save lives. the chief wants to equip a 5%, or 100 cops with a crisis intervention officers. there was mixed reaction about the proposal. will hear from the commander and these will only be used in certain circumstances. like trying to use someone that is.. possibly mentally ill. taser use. >> in the instances when they present a serious threat not only to the officer with the general public. we are not talking about a person that runs a stop sign or anything of that nature. however, if
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there has been a dangerous conduct. we are talking about using this to give individuals who can escape the violence with an alternative means that are available to the officer to subdue them. >> the tasers and other data or instruments and nothing replaces people knowing people and helping each other. we are turning in a city where it is going to be like the old manhattan, the old chicago, los angeles, what ever. san francisco is just getting out of control >> keep in mind that this is a pilot case for taser introduction. most of with exception of one is on board with a meeting is scheduled that fatt february 4th at the
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scottish center. reporting live, kron 4 >> new at 8 tonight. the light at the end of the tunnel. crews are making good priogress on the caldecott tunnel bore project. when the fourth and final tunnel is up and running. there will always be two tunnels running in both directions along highway 24. right now there are only three tunnels: two tunnels with traffic in the commute direction and the third tunnel accomadates the non-commute directions vehicels. you can see the construction on the fourth tunnel here. once that fourth tunnel is up and running. there will always be two tunnels going east, and two going west. kron four's scott rates reports on the project timeline and the impact on bay area drivers. >> drivers taking the caldecott tunnel during rush hour know there traffic woos could be getting a little relief, they see the construction here everyday three years ago today ground broke on the fourth bore since then, crews have excavated dirt and rock creating a more then 3,000 foot long tunnel tonight the excavation is
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done, crews are now pouring concrete and working on the tunnels lighting and air quality systems. randy iwasaki is the >> here we are, with three years after the ground breaking ceremony and we have made tremendous progress. >> reporter: executive director of the contra costa transportation authority, his group is working in partnership with caltrans $402 million dollar project' them what they will see is a drastically different partner i the future. with a eight foot shoulder for rescue. >> reporter: iwasaki also say's once this new bore is open, two tunnels will run in both directions 24/7 hopefully elevating most of the infamous traffic problems in this area. i spoke with a spokesperson and they say that everything is right on schedule. they expect to run that opened by the end of this year. scott
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rates reporting and contra costa county, kron 4. >> jacqueline: changes with 60s for the most part what we did get to 60s in napa. 60s in half moon bay and a 65 and richmond. taking a look outside the satellite averaged and radar. the clouds have been coming up from the south with a plume of moisture. also a system to the north. these will merge together and impact us tomorrow with rain. that futurecast is set for 10:00 a.m. and the rainfall approaching the north bay. it is virtually widespread. we will time it out on futurecast. >> pam: still ahead at eight. panic on a community college campus in texas. as an altercation ends with gunfire. four teenagers shot in brentwood.
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>> in national news. some frightening moments on the campus of a community college in houston today. after shots ring out during an altercation two people were wounded. at student. it began as a dispute between two people. and bystanders were caught in the crossfire. a maintenance worker wastwo people are in custody. >> a top general caught up in the petraeus scandal has been cleared of allegations
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that he wrote potentially inappropriate e-mails. the defense department found that the allegations against general john allen were unsubstantiated. allen had been accused of question to jill kelley. kelley is the woman who led to the f-b-i investigation that blew the lid off c-i-a director david petraeus's affair with paula broadwell. kelley had claimed she was being threatened by broadwell. petraeus later resigned from his post at the helm of the c-i-a. >> new developments in the notre dame football player hoax.and this is the face of the hoax. and we'll try to break it down as simply as possible. this is the woman whose picture was used to help fool star player manti t'eo into thinking he had a girlfriend. diane o'mera said today that ronah tuiasosopo used pictures of her without her knowledge - when tuiasosopo
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created the fake girlfriend - using the name lannay kekua. o'mera says tuiasosopo called her last week, confessed to the scheme, and apologized. o'mera and tuiasosopo went to high school together but o'mera says they were never close. >> she says that for five years, tuiasosopo "has literally been stalking my facebook and stealing my photos." manti t'eo maintains he was tricked into an online romance with the fictional lennay kakua, and until late last month, t'eo says he believed his girldriend died of lukemia back in september. we'll continue to follow developments in this bizarre story. >> jacqueline: meanwhile, changes with the increasing clouds. cooler temperatures. the rain is expected for late tomorrow and noticed temperatures are going to get that much cooler. not very much cold air with temperatures in the 50s for the most part. dry conditions on thursday but the chance will return to the forecast for friday.
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first, let us talk about tomorrows for this plume of moisture from the south will impact the north bay coast. by noon, it will be in full swing with moderate rainfall to the north. lighter rain fall to the south. and more intense will say to the north with shower reconditions. continuing to the north bay. lighter shower activity before it tapers off by the midnight hours. if the creasing for thursday morning. the time frame will be-degreasing for thursday morning. although, there could be some lingering showers and decreasing. under one-half
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inch for most locations the north bay could see perhaps a bit more than one-half inch. temperatures, as i mentioned are not going to drop that much. cold air. the afternoon highs tomorrow will be 40's and 50's. some locations will be a bit cooler than what we saw yesterday and today. 60s in the san jose. as for the sierras, not that cold. we're only going to snowfall at the highest elevations about a thousand feet. thursday, drier conditions and the increase would cause another chance of rainfall and snowfall in northern california a look a your extended forecast with dry conditions but cloud coverage will return and the chance of rainfall for the weekend on friday, saturday, sunday, temperatures are going to drop a bit. the good news is that the morning lows will be a bit
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more colorful. >> this is surveillance video from thissmart=phone and tablet "grab and run" robberies are on the rise. this is surveillance video from the twelfth street bart station in oakland coming up. >> coming up later, a former raiders sign that they've superable was rigged to will tell you. that a former super bowl was rigged and realist. who was the first time that he put his arm around, ray rate loes
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>> this is of surveillance videoa man steals a cell phone from an unsuspecting rider. then, jumps the fare gates to escape. this robbery happened in the middle of the day. and while a suspect in this crime. was caught. police say, a lot of the time, the criminals get-
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away. in san francisco, over half of all the robberies in 20- 12 were snatch and grabs. in oakland last year -- there were 13-hundred in a ten- month period. kron 4's tech reporter tells us, seemnly easy money for thieves. could be behind the spike. >> do not forget what a smart phones sell for in the store is not what they are worth. retail carriers subsidize the price because of a two-year contract. if you get a smart phone 4 free question are sometimes it can be worth $500. some of these items that are built and the memory, can be worth $850 and it takes a lot of precious metal to construct one. just for the recycle parts, a couple of hundred dollars. if it is not sold for parts? a thief
8:26 pm
can turn this off and just use the built-in wifi to search the web. also computers and media devices to watch television shows. the year also high and digital cameras. and hand held gaming devices. you can see why these are so tempting. this is easy for people and nobody seems to be concerned. a i visited this and everywhere i looked people are using these and not aware of their surroundings. you have to be careful. gabe slate tech report >> pam: here are some tips from police -- on how to handle your cell phone in public. - make eye contact with anyone who gets near you. - be extra cautious when standing near quick escape routes. such as escalators, stairs and train doors. - be wary of someone trying to create a distraction, such as dropping coins. or bumping into you- that's
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because some 'snatch and grab' thieves work in teams. - if you are using an i=phone, do not use the standard issue white headphones. as these are identified with the devices.
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ahead at eight-30. >> a special edition of people behaving badly.
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>> the satellite and radar with cloud coverage and rainfall of approaching. it details, coming up.
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>> a look at our top stories at a 30. the oakland police department is looking to hire bratton however, not this citizens are happy because of a controversial track record of stop and frisk.. also, there has been an officer involved shooting with five people in custody. he was shot in the arm and is expected to survive, people are getting ready to get ready for completion of
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the caldecott tunnel. three years later, the workers are installing the lightning and concrete. it is expected to be open for the end of this year. >> four teenage boys shot in brentwood. the bizzare reason why the may have come under fire. and the missing element that police in brentwood are looking for whoever shot and night. this was the scene on brenton drive. courtesy of hour helicopter partnership with a-b-c-7 news. kron-4's alecia reid is in brentwood. with what prompted the shooting. >> reporter: remnants of a shooting that sent 4 teenagers to the hospital lay on the sidewalk. now police are on the hunt for the person that pulled the trigger. >> the victims describe the suspect as being white or hispanic so all we have right now is what the witnesses tell us. we are canvassing the area and >> reporter: captain tom hansen says just before shots were fired , a late model white sedan drove past
8:34 pm
the group of teens on breton drive. some words were xchanged, and the suspect or suspects made comments on the type of clothing the victims were wearing. >> in the exchange of words the suspects mentioned something about the victims clothing, which led us to believe it was gang motivated. after the exchange they drove by and a subject in the car started to shoot. >> reporter: between 13 and 16 years old. at least one of them live on the normally quiet block.there are a number of parks and playgrounds in the development, and children are always out playing. neighbors that heard the gunfire, thought they were fire crackers >> it's crazy because you don't think it happens near your house, but it happened. >> reporter: police are working diligently to find the people responsible. meanwhile, none of the victims suffered life threatening injuries. >> two are out of the hospital right now and i don't know the condition of the others. >> it feels kinda crazy and
8:35 pm
im kinda scared also, because it's right here. >> reporter: neighbors are hoping surveillance video from one of these homes will help police in their search. in brentwood alecia reid kron 4 news. >> san jose police are hunting for at least three suspects in connection with a brazen home -invasion robbery. it happened last night on bret harte drive in san jose's almaden valley neighborhood. police say, three or four suspects tied up an elderly couple and then ransacked the home. making off with jewelry, other valuables and both family cars. police suspect the couple may have been targeted by the bandits, as neighbors expressed shock over what happened here. >> my heart goes out to this home couple and how did they know those? among the more that i know about this, this is a very of fluent area. >> i worry that if they tried to do this again it is possible the they they
8:36 pm
could escalate the violence. >> pam: the suspects are described only. as being either hispanic or pacific islander. police are also looking into a possible connection with a recent car-jacking in the area. >> if you noticed slick roads while driving thru the doyle drive tunnel today, you didn't imagine it. the sprinklers inside the san francisco tunnel leading to the golden gate bridge, turned on accidentally this morning. an official says, the system was triggered as cal-trans workers were doing routine maintenance. we spoke to one driver who says, she crashed her car after getting surprised by the sudden indoor downpour. >> it was like i was going through a car wash. it was unexpected. all of a sudden, there was water and i hit the brakes and i hit the oil tunnel. it was a shock. a very scary. >> cal-trans engineers fixed the problem, but will have to go back out to the site overnight to reset and re-
8:37 pm
test the system. late night commuters can expect to find one lane of southbound traffic inside the tunnel. closed from 11 p-m tonight, until 5 a-m tomorrow morning. >> a new concert venue is coming to san francisco's waterfront. the america's cup pavilion will be between piers 27 and 29 in san francisco. the anticapated 9-thousand seat venue will host major concerts this summer produced by live nation entertainment. the first headline act annoucned is multi-grammy award winning artist-- sting. this will be the first outdoor, waterfront concert venue. and is roughly the same size as the berkeley's greek theatre. construction is set to begin this spring. >> the n-f-c champs celebrated their super bowl berth after their cross country flight sunday night. t-m-z published pictures of star quarterback colin kaepernick and other niners teammates in a san jose club.motif night club. kaepernick was wearing a red beanie. couple other shots of him. kap apparently was getting
8:38 pm
so much attention and the crowd around him got so big, he had to go up to a private area. back-up q-b alex smith was also in the club. you can see teammate delanie walker there in the back. lineman ricky jean francois was wide eyed and ready to party after the big win. some players ordered bottles of champagle - little cristal. tmz reports it was a pretty tame party - mostly sipping champagne and toasting the nfc title. the d-j at the club apparently introduced the players one by one. crowd went bonkers. must have been pretty a fun evening. >> jacqueline: the rainfall will return and temperatures are remaining mild. we have
8:39 pm
a virtually wall to wall cloud coverage. 40's in fairfield and the chilly locations. temperatures and not getting to the freezing area for the overnight because of the cloud coverage. we do have a plume of moisture that will be meeting up with this system to the north and merge together. tomorrow, it will be cloudy in the north bay. it will be continuing for the afternoon and time it out on futurecast. >> coming up in the san mateo county you should be able to walk into a restaurant and see what they are operating but can you? in the next edition of people behaving badly.
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>> now for today's market update. stocks post modest gains. after large companies such as chemical maker du-pont
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and insurer travelers release earnings reports that beat analyst estimates. on wall street. the dow rose 62-points. the nasdaq was up eight. and the s-and-p 500 gained six to run its winning streak to five days. good news for silicon valley and the tech sector today as google posts a strong earnings report. the mountain view based- company reports fourth quarter earnings and beat analyst expectations by more than 14-billion dollars in revenue. that is up 36 percent from the previous year, giving google its first-ever 50 billion dollar year. google generated 51 billion in 2012, up from 37 billion in 2011. fuelled largly by it's venture into internet advertising. >> sports, a former greater great is accusing a coach accusingriging the super bowl. and harbaugh vs harbaugh, gary radnich coming up.
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post the report in a conspicuous place weird and he was here looking at it trags market in san mateo had a report posted. excect it appeared to be blank they actually had a good and excellent rating but it was filed away in the office and not visible to the public >> i got caught behaving badly >> over at kingfish at second ave and b street i couldn't find their health report the manager told me if fell off the wall the day before after i asked he then posted a photo copy of the report which revealed they received a fair rating he told me they are serious about food safety and everyone is food safety certiified at las americas the food report was hidden behind
8:46 pm
another report that was hidden behind a plant completely out of view >> now are you aware that is suppose to somewhere so people can see it there report also reflected they had a fair rating over at coldstone creamery, there was no ratings posted in site .in fact i was put on the phone with the owner >> where is it now? >> it's in your office, where is your home office in the east bay >> customers should be able to walk into any business that sells food and see the report this applies to liquor stores as well >> yea this is 2011 that was two years ago in fact the majority of restaurants i visited it was almost impossible to find the current restaurant health report with out asking red brick pizza had an excellent report but it was hard to find their report so the managet moved it at this restaurant the owner/chef argued with me about my request to see his
8:47 pm
report and took 15 minutes to find it >> you know the you have to post office where? >> where people can see it. it was the same for this carls jr in redwood city their report posted was two years old and the fact that it was just shut down by health inspectors was buried if you want to know the restaurant ratings in san mateo county i place a link on kron four com and its really easy to use in san mateo stanley roberts kron 4 news >> some of breaking news. this is a live picture from chicago. a huge warehouse fire is going on right now. this is in bridgemont avenue this vacant warehouse with 50 fire companies are dealing with this with a 200
8:48 pm
firefighters on the scene. that is about one-third of the city's vehicles involved in trying to knock down this place. no word on this caused it is an empty warehouse this police in chicago. we will continue to keep an eye on it. >> jacqueline: changes you are going to need your umbrella. in the late morning, and thursday before a chance returns on friday. this system is not very cold with the systems showing 50 there rainfall of approaching the north bay. heavier concentrated towards the golden gate. by 5:00 p.m., most of that rainfall will die dollar as for goal for the evening hours it is starting to wind down
8:49 pm
decreases with clouds early sunday morning. temperatures tomorrow the '50s and '60s with nearly one half-inch of rain fall with this storm. a rain/snowfall mixture but a dry day on thursday but the chance of snowfall returns on sunday and this weekend. we maintain a low of chance of showers friday, saturday, sunday. temperatures will be a bit cooler. mel let us check there's no new snowfall to talk about what we could see some new inches tomorrow. this same at alpine meadows, and a 70's on the base >> gary: good evening, everybody. harbaugh's on cover of si
8:50 pm
no surprise that the most recent issue of sports stands tomorrow will feature brother's jim and john harbgaugh face to face the caption reads: har-bowl sunday there will be blood our young staff prefers the term: "super-bro" here's more from the brothers you may have missed >> it does not matter who the coach is. for what relationship they have with somebody on the opposite side that would be my approach. >> every story is being told. there is really nothing else to tell. we are just like any other family, really. >> we have not spoken just a few text messages. >> i cannot say it enough they will bore you the tough
8:51 pm
and downplay it. downplay it until the media will run out of speed. conan o'brien. >> for the first time a both super bowl teams are coached by brothers. that is cool (cheers & applause) ltd. a their father said today i will only be disappointed in one of you. >> add the kaepernick story tonight is that there are only two quarterbacks that have started with less experience. ray lewis' first ever career it gave harbaugh an opportunity. >> you know, this is a man for all seasons. he is a
8:52 pm
tremendous football, baseball, basketball player a tremendous athlete and just the way that colin kaepernick the way that he runs, the grease and to the ground that he covers it reminds me of me when i run his--- grace... and then i wake up. [laughter] >> conan o'brien and harbaugh was involved in a oddity the first sack with religious was when he was playing for theharbaugh was playing qb for the indianapolis colts the sack came on october 13, 1996 check out the little dance by ray lewis after the sack 17 seasons later lewis now has 43 2 career sacks jim harbaugh was the quarterback. and tim brown of the raiders this is it it
8:53 pm
said it. callahan is being accused. he was the raiders' coach 10 years ago when they lost to the super bowl to tampa bay. he is being accused of sabotaging super bowl 37 by changing the plan on friday night. say that he was friends hegruden we called this sabotage because crude and was good friends. and we know that he did not like the raiders so that is jim brown's. >> i think with callahan and what brown is accusing him of is one which weight into the last second to change the game plan. i found it to be very unusual. you want to go into that situation known exactly what you wanted to do. to defense the appointmeopponent and we changed everything.
8:54 pm
>> those are both great guys but they should perhaps attract attention to a different way pamela, do you have a friend? >> pam: no. >> gary: the sharks, they were with the first. a total they are leading right now, 6-2. t and the story of chiefao... will not go away. the story of tao.. and mera the woman was a high school acquaintance nationswho tried to make this voter dame player look stupid. and i will say this relief quickly that
8:55 pm
these are just kids. making this notre dame... player and just for a much drop off a car without an engine with in front of their car instead of slaughtering somebody on the internet. back in a moment.
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>> $7 billion is what is
8:58 pm
being paid by a cable network. $7 billion. my producer, jason travels all over around the world and the loved african cup of soccer. this goalie shows this dance. my kids got a kick out of that >> good night, see you at 11
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