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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  January 26, 2013 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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(male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. with a developing story. >> we had numerous shots
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fired at will park. menlo park..police investigating a shooting tonight. two people were hit by gunfire. woman and her two year old child. the victims drove themselves to the mcdonald's on university avenue in east palo alto where they were met by police. >> so, what they found in menlo park was a place of several shot casings. it was apparent that the shooting was here in the east palo alto there was a vehicle with five adults in it. actually there were for adults and one child. there were two people that were shot inside of the vehicle a 21 year-old female and her two year-old was shot in the backseat of the vehicle. the child was on top of the mother's lap. at this time they are both at the hospital and some stable condition. the injury to the child are to the leg, head. and also the mother had injuries to the leg with non-life threatening injuries at this time.
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>> the suspects are still on the loose. the car they were as a dark green honda. another shooting was reported just after 9 p-m on capitol avenue in east palo alto. it happened several blocks from the site where the first shooting victims were found. police say a man was found dead with a gunshot wound to the head. police are saying the two incidents appear to be unrelated. streets in san francisco's north beach neighborhood have been reopened after a suspicious package was removed earlier this afternoon. people were evacuated and streets were shut down around vallejo and stockton. while a bomb squad removed the package and took it to a remote location. police later deemed the package safe. authorities have not said what was inside the package. >> is the 40th anniversary of roe vs wade... today, both were in san francisco.
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>> across the country 70% of people believe in row, so i'm optimistic we're gonna continue to move forward. >> reporter: it was 1973 when the supreme court recognized a woman's right to choose an abortion. this sea of people believe a medical decision should be made between a woman and her doctor.and say they each have to do their part to protect that choice. >> we have to keep defending row and defending the rights of women to make their own decisions on their bodies legally, but there's also a more profound fight about access and affordability and insurance coverage and about making sure that people especially in rural areas have access to it. >> reporter: advocates say the threat in the state of california is services, and preserving those services under the budget. as they take to the streets and defend their right, they think about other states that are not as
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fortunate. >> we can't expect other states where choices are more threatened than it is here in california, if we aren't willing to take to the streets and defend. >> reporter: access to contraception is an issuesomething sandra fluke says both sides should come together on. >> even people that have disagreements about abortion access. we should all be able to make sure that women have access to the contraception they need, so that they can choose when to start their families. >> reporter: while that pro choice group of people gathered at justin herman plaza, tens of thousands of pro-lifers filled civic center. these people say "let god plan parenthood". they want to 'stop abortions'. they believe life starts at conceptionlauren and scott frybarger are expecting their first child and say god gave them the gift of life and they're embracing it. >> all life is a precious gift from god and i think
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that god has blessed me with this child so it would be selfish if i destroy that innocent life that he's blessed me with. >> reporter: marching down market streetsome with children in tow feel life is beautiful, and each one is a blessing. >> every baby deserves to live. because you can't see a baby doesn't mean they are not human. human life starts at conception, and god has commanded us to respect life until our natural death and not interfere with that. we pray that will happen in our country one day. >> we're here to save the innocent lives of babies because they're being brutally murdered. >> reporter: this is a very sensitive topic. after 40 years the debate on both sides continues. these rallies were set at different times at separate locations in the city. at no time did they cross paths. alecia reid kron 4 news. back over to you vicki.
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>> their bags are packed and ready to go. it's on to the super bowl for the n-f-c champion san francisco 49ers. the big game is eight days out. and during their final practices at home. kron four's philippe djegal reports the team is feeling good about their chances. especially considering the quarterback's hot hand. >> reporter: quarterback colin kaerpernick says about a week out from the biggest game of his life. he's just trying to keep things simple. after a week of practices in santa clara. kaerpernick and the 49ers say they're ready for the big stage. this franchise has never lost a super bowl in which it's played. and, players say they expect to bring home san francisco's sixth championship trophy. coach jim harbaugh says the baltimore ravens are well- coached. and, present a challenge for the niners. both offensively and
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defensively but at this point. the 49ers have proven there are no challenges this team can't overcome. he praised the play of his hand-picked quarterback. also saying kaepernick has a strong supporting cast. harbaugh says the team is taking this super journey one day at a time. and, as long as they play the way they know they can. they can win. the 49ers will fly out to new orleans sunday. and, kron four will be there when the team takes off to the big easy. in the newsroom, philippe djegal, kron four news. >> cooler temperatures with 60s yesterday, mainly 50s today. most locations were
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in the mid '50s and those temperatures were down about five, 10 degrees from what we had on friday it will remain cooler as to go towards tomorrow with a weather system. it is producing rainfall near ukiah. and as we get closer to the bay, it will dissipate. we could see some sprinkles, for the north bay. but that is about it. as we take a look is pretty windy. the wind is over 20 m.p.h. in some areas and it will continue to be breezy. sunshine for tomorrow. breezy conditions will persist. more details and your seven day forecast. >> activists are urging more gun-control and a gun
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buyback program brings hundreds. how much san mateo shelled out and the san francisco police are getting ready for the super bowl stay with us.
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take a look at this youtube video that was posted yesterday. it shows san francisco police aggressively detaining a man just outside the 24th street bart station and it has some wondering if the officers used excessive force. let's take a closer look. police say the man was fighting with another man prior to the recording. they say the man in the video walked away from officers when they told him to stop. >> use of force is never pretty but california law does allow a law enforcement officers to use whatever force is necessary to make an arrest. in this case you see the officers holding down the suspect until reenforcements arrive. >> that includes holding a suspect down on the pavement like you see in the video. police say it looks bad but the officers in the video
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arrested the suspect by the book. authorities understand the video can be disturbing to watch.but say that an officer can use force to detain a suspect. the suspect was sighted and released for resisting arrest.
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>> we're now just 8 days away from the super bowl. and while that may sound close. there is still a full week ahead of n-f-l festivities in new orleans.
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francisco is a traditional the mission district of san francisco is a traditional neighborhood for rowdy neighborhood for rowdy celebration following big sports events and was the site of a lot of vandalism following the world series. with merchants in that district who say they do not want to see the same kind ofthe drinks were flowing as usual at the mosto bar on vallencia. the mayor has politely asked that bar owners do not overserve their customers on super bowl sunday. telmo faria says his employees have already been told to watch out for patrons who go over the limit. >> we have made it a point to speak to our bartenders and all the people responsible for serving alcohol that day to really are get to the point where they should not consume it anymore and if they get out of hand we are going to cut them off. >> reporter: this is what mission shopkeepers do not want to see againhundreds of rowdy people in the streets. dema grim says she will be holding her breath next sunday. >> i think football fans can take it up to a notch above baseball fans and it's often not even fansjust people looking for a chance to wreak havoc. >> reporter: dema says she hopes there are a lot of cops on duty come sunday. >> just having more police presence out on the streets whether it's beat cops or bicycle cops to stop
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graffiti and vandalismi think that is the smartest thing to do. >> reporter: merchants here in the mission district say they are just as excited as anybody else about the 49ers run to the super bowl but say that regardless of how the game turns out they hope people don't come here and trash the neighborhood. i'm jeff bush in san >> san francisco -- jeff bush. >> san mateo county authorities held a gun buyback program today. the turnout was so large -- organizers had to open gates early to stop cars from blocking traffic. those who turned in their rifle, handgun or shotgun were given 100 dollars. 200-dollars were given for assualt weapons. congresswoman jackie spier hopes the gun buyback leads to less crime but critics have long argued that there is a lack of evidence to prove that. >> for every gun we take off the street that means that it is one less potential for a murder, death >> officials also collected a 100 round capacity magazine, 30 round capacity magazines, a sawed- off shotgun and a street
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sweeper. a total of 63-thousand and 500 dollars was handed out at today's event. more than 680 firearms.including 24 assault weapons, 338 hand guns and 371 long guns were collected. the san mateo county sheriff's office will issue final numbers on monday. >> from san francisco to capitol hill. thousands of people took to the streets all across the nation today in support of president obama's gun control initiatives. chris mozingo introduces us to demonstrators in washington calling on congress to support the new proposal. >> reporter: lori bennett is not accustomed to events like this. this is her first demonstration. >> "newtown just tore my heart out. honestly didn't feel this emotional since 9-11." >> reporter: marching behind a banner that says, "when we stand together, we stand a chance". some demonstrators targeted the n-r-a with their signs, while others held up names of gun violence victims.
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across the street, a counterdemonstration. dick heller was there. >> "it's a dangerous city when people are disarmed." >> reporter: both rallies come a day after vice president joe biden hit the road to promote the president's plan for new firearm laws. several high- powered speakers addressed the crowd at the gun control march. but perhaps the most powerful testimony came from colin goddard. a survivor of the 2007 massacre at virginia tech. >> "we need to challenge any politician who thinks it's easier to ask an elementary school teacher to stand up to a gunman with an ar-15, than it is to ask them to stand up to a gun lobbyist with a checkbook." (cheers & applause) >> reporter: the independent firearm owners association president says gun violence won't be solved with a ban. >> "what is going to be the impact on the future ban of those magazines and guns on criminals or crazy people? zero. nada." >> reporter: but lori bennett hopes for better
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odds than that. >> "the bottom line is, we can't prevent all the violence, but if adam lanza went into that school without all those bullets, lives would've been saved." >> reporter: chris mozingo, kron 4 news. >> casey anthony, who was acquitted of killing her 2- year-old daughter in 20-11 filed for bankruptcy. anthony is claiming about one-thousand-dollars in assets. and 792-thousand dollars in liabilities. court recrods show her listed debts include 500- thousand for attorney fees and costs for her criminal defense lawyer. court papers list anthony as unemployed, with no recent income. >> mostly clear skies it is kind of cool and windy. we have a lot of wind over 20 m.p.h. this live look of the bay bridge with mainly clear and right now the wind is gusting over 30 m.p.h. benecia bridge, 36 mph. and
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the wind is making it feel colder for tonight. there is a weather system to the north. here is futurecast. all of this rain in his remaining offshore as it presses to the sel--south however, by 8:00 a.m., the sunshine for the entire day. temperatures are going to top out in the mid '50s. even though there is sunshine is a bit cooler. by 6:00 p.m., still cool but this selected system. still producing rainfall. and this next system it will also dissipate. there could breeze some sprinkles early monday morning 30's tomorrow
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in the north bay. 40's by the bay. how high is reaching the mid '50s. 50s in pleasanton, san jose. it will be a nice day. for monday, the clouds and the morning there could be that shower. slowly see 60s. notice, there is a lot of sunshine for next weekend. >> a movie about the last day in the life of a man shot to death in oakland by a bart police officer has just been awarded two top prizes for a dramatic film at the sundance film festival. fruitvale picked up both the grand jury award and the audience award. i was there at sundance when fruitvale was first screened and created quite a buzz. >> 1 hot ticket this for phithe oscar grant film
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'fruitvalle' >> this story follows him on his last day of life. here at sun dance it was just picked up by a distributor for an estimated $2.5 million. not bad. >> coming of the san jose sharks but could they make it 4-0? and one of the days of the history book for patrick marlowe.
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in a row? plus why today was a day for the history books for patrick marleau. the golden state warriors were in action again today taking on the milwaukee bucks on the second night of a back to back. and unfortunately for the warriors they lost 102-to- 109. this is only the second time the two teams have met since the warriors traded monta ellis and ekpe udoh for often-injured center andrew ellis scored 20 points bucks used a big third quarter where they outshot the warriors 19-to-35. their four game road trip toronto on monday. patrick marleau became just the second player in n-h-l history to open the season with four straight mutli- goal games when the sharks hosted the visiting colorado avalanche earlier today. marleau scored twice on a power play in the first period to lead the san jose sharks to a four-to-nothing victory. according to the elias sports bureau you have to go all the way back to 1917 when ottawa's cy denneny opened the season with four multi-goal games.
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tomorrow the sharks host the vancouver cannucks with a chance to run their record to five-and-o. as the kaepernick craze continues to sweep the nation of its feet. the stars hometown is celebrating along with him. ever since kaepernick took over the helm of the 49ers over two months ago his small hometown of turlock california has been all abuzz. local restaurants are showing their support by baking sweets with the quarterbacks number and naming hotdogs after him. listen to what some of the locals had to say about their newly found home town hero. >> report no. 7 on them and they have been going like wildfire. >> everybody referring to: kaepernick this, colin kaepernick thought, so it is nice. >> we never realize that we would be on television and so it is great that he came from this town. >> these sweets and hotdogs have been selling like crazy as kaepernick gets ready to lead the 49ers into the super bowl.
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