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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  January 27, 2013 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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>> next at 11. 49ers super bowl bound. the team touched down in new orleans a week before the the team touched down in new orleans a week before the su i'm i'here treprovpr that matini bai bel beeeseee packsac a who wle lot l somethmeing spg ialia insidnse thisth littlitwax wack why ghyo ord oinar try trthe spe ialia zip ziel felshnesh that haonly clyomes es from momini bai e niceni! yes! hey, gy,irls. lswant tnt per pct ct snack acaccesscey? it's t'totaltaly na ral,ra10 0% del diousioheeshe tasty. see?se good ooingsinealleado do come imen smalsmpackpaess like rue bies!es girlgilikeliubieub.. mini bniabybelyb cheeshe from the t laughaug cog have avyou lau ughed hedaya
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at 11. >> 49ers faithful gathered in san francisco to send off
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the niners.before they headed out to new orleans for next week's super bowl show down. hours later the 49ers touch down in new orleans. >> plus -- cars stopping traffic on a major bay area highway. so they can do this. (male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts another big story. >> hardcore niners fans came out to wish their team luck on their journey to the big easy today. the team had a tight schedule. so only media was allowed into the area where they were loading up. the players and coaches did not have time to speak to the press. they just walked by. the team seemed upbeat. most of them supporting smiles. once the team was loaded up the five buses drove past the crowd that gathered out front. where hundreds of fans cheered them on. although you couldn't see through the dark tinted bus window. 49ers faithful believe there is a special bond between them and the players. >> no autographs but i just wanted to show with the team that we are all here for them and we will be here when they come back. they saw us and we love
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them. >> hours later. the 49ers touched down in new orleans around 5 p-m our time zone. you can see the 49ers flag waving from the top of the plane. the team and their families piled into five buses. that took them to the hotel. a sweet moment captured as coach harbaugh is seen holding his kids.when he walked onto the tarmac. later coach harbaugh shed a little humor at a press conference. >> with colin kaepernick is running, he is the gracefulness. the strid cri reallowan the cr realizes ju how beautiful he runs and then i wake up. pa [laughter] >> at the press conference -- 49ers rookie quarterback collin kaepernick. feels he's always been prepared for this moment. and says there has been too much focus on him. >> i do not think they realize the other great weapons were have on this
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teen. there are other great teammates that are on this- 18. that make it easier for me to beat out there to perform on this-great tea. >> pamthe 49ers will play baltimore next sunday. seeking their sixth super bowl crown. since the 1994 season. the baltimore ravens arrive in new orleans on monday. kron news will have new orleans throughout the week leading up to the big game. as well as our facebook and on to developing news. 80 -- closed westbound lanes tonight. kron4's scott rates has the latest. >> this is a nasty crash upside down on the side of road it is just one lane on interstate-88 is zero in richmond. it is causing major delays on the 8800 as they continued to investigate. there has been one fatality involved. no
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other vehicles and no word what caused this crash. >> a freeway sideshow oakland. tonight, we are getting eyewitness accounts of what stopped traffic on interstate 8-80 yesterday afternoon. a bunch of cars parked along the freeway watching others spinning out. but as kron four's philippe djegal reports. this video may help investigators catch the criminals. (engine roars) >> reporter: a longtime california highway patrol spokesperson says this was even suprising to her. cellphone video uploaded onto youtube. shows spectators stopping their cars on interstate 8- 80 north in oakland. with the oh-dot-co coliseum and oracle areana in the background. recording a sideshow. mostly young men spinning donuts while traiffc sits still. creating a traffic mess for at least two minutes. this is another angle of it. >> "wow. stopping the whole freeway."
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>> reporter: and, it's not just one car spinning out. there are several. >> "only in oaklnd." >> reporter: the california highway patrol says it received a call about the sideshow at around 3-20 in the afternoon. one officer responded. several others then followed on motorcyles and cars. (engines ) >> "five oh's" >> reporter: the c-h-p was on-scene withing two minutes. but by then. a spokesperson says those involved in the sideshow had already left. investigators are reviewing the videos uploaded online and say several license plates are visible. and the c-h-p says witnesses are also cooperating. sending in tips and more photos. the c-h-p says participating in a sideshow is considered wreckless driving. a misdemeanor. but with enhancements could mean jailtime. philippe djegal kron four news.
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>> this is more cellphone video of an oakland sideshow. this one also happened yesterday. but this time at night -- on city streets. it looks very dangerous. with a crowd of people circled around the spinning car. the car came extremely close to spectators at times. but no one was injured in the video. >> new at 11. police arrested a man who allegedly robbed a victim. and stole his car in san leandro. it happened saturday night. on bristol avenue. police say the suspect. armed with a compact machine gun approached the victim at gunpoint. the suspect stole the victim's cell phone and cash and car.before driving off. the victim says the suspect was with another person driving a honda accord. police later located both vehicles and detained a suspect. who has been identified as oakland resident-- alex myers. >> a hearing is scheduled for tomorrow to determine the fate of the man accused of fatally shooting seven people at oakland's oikos university last april. this after one goh was ruled incompetent to stand trial earlier this month.
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goh is currently being held without bail at the alameda county jail in dublin. >> today parking meters in san francisco were turned on!! for the first time on a sunday from noon to 6 meters all over the city were enforced kron 4's scott rates hit the streets and shows us what people think about having to pay to park on sundays the grace period is over. starting today, officers in san francisco will now ticket cars at expired meters. on january 6th the city initiated parking meter charges on sundays between noon and 6 p-m. but up until now, officers have only given out warnings at expired meters. now parkers run the risk of a ticket that will cost between 62 and 72 dollars. >> most decent conditions but these high clouds are masking the moonlight. some of these showers are taking aim. but i think that for the most part it this system will start to fizzle out. moderate rainfall to the north. as it comes to to the
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celt we will start to see the showers break up. most of those could be a sprinkle in the north bay but that is about it. a live view of city hall. those colors look familiar, the red, the gold, which partly cloudy conditions. those high clouds otherwise, increasing sunshine for tomorrow. the wind will be picking up by 20 m.p.h.-and 30 m.p.h. and a few degrees warmer but we will increase the temperatures as we go for this week. >> coming up. fire crews rescue a man trapped inside his burning home. then. >> tons of 49er fans showed up this morning to bid the team farewell as they headed off to new orleans in pursuit of that sixth super bowl championship. and. hundreds of oakland a's fans oakland for this years fan fest. those stories and more coming up later in the broadcast.
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>> a house fire in san francisco sends an elderly man to the hospital in critical condition. the flames broke out just this afternoon. on the 800 block of athens street in the excelsior district. the fire department says the blaze started on the lower floor of a two story home. smoke reached the top floor where an elderly was staying all alone. the fire department says he already suffers from breathing problems. and, that he took in a lot of smoke. but he survived -- in serious condition. he was rushed to general hospital. >> we trained, and we train, and we train for this and it makes it all worthwhile. for the risk we've to not take risks without the rewards and knowing that this was at stake it was all worth it. >> the cause of the fire is still under investigation. right now, investigators say its unclear if the home has working smoke detectors. >> a deadly fire swept
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through a crowded nightclub in southern brazil early sunday. hundreds of people died. that story coming up next. at embassy suites, you get more delicious moreness every morning
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why not? ♪ yes. [ female announcer ] get more with embassy suites. book early and save up to 20%. >> authorities are beginning to work on the grim task of identifying the bodies of more than 230 people who died in a brazilian nightclub fire. witnesses are saying that a flare or firework lit by the band may have started the blaze early this morning. authorities are saying that at the time of the fire roughly 2,000 people were inside the club. nearly double the maximum
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occupancy. a doctor treating the victims of the fire says that the toxic smoke that filled the nightclub caused most of the victims to suffocate. more than 100 are being treated at hospitals for their injuries. this is what brazilian president dilma rousseff had to say. >> i would like to say to the people of our country that in this time of sadness for all together and we are going to overcome the sadness while still in mourning. >> the investigation is still underway but authorities are saying that the blame rests on the band for the pyrotechnics used in the show and manslaughter charges could be filed. >> secretary of state hillary clinton has said she isn't planning to run in the 20-16 presidential election. but that isn't stopping supporters from hoping she does. senator dianne feinstein of california told c-n-n's state of the union. she's firmly in that camp. >> "i'm not concerned with that as i am with what secretary clinton is
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thinking about 2016. i think she's accomplished an incredible record and really has unbridled popularity, she has a total knowledge of all of the issues. served in the senate. she has been first lady -" >> crowley: you're a fan. >> "i am a fan." >> crowley: you want her to run? >> "i would love it if she would run." >> senator barbara boxer echoed that sentiment during last week's congressional hearings on the benghazi attack. she told clinton she will be missed, but hopefully not for long. >> federal investigators are now saying the 7-8-7 that experienced a battery fire earlier this month was delivered to japan airlines less than three weeks before the fire. the national transportation safety board says the plane had only recorded 169 flight hours and 22 flights when the fire erupted in one of the airliner's two lithium ion batteries on january 7th. the fire occurred at logan international airport shortly after the plane landed. a second battery incident led to an emergency landing by another 7-8-7 in japan on
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january 16th. the 7-8-7 fleet has since been grounded. >> if it turned out to be a cool weekend however, there were some places in the '60s right now, a great visibility. we can see all the way through marin county but there are some high clouds toward and temperatures, are currently towards the 40's. san carlos, oakland, mid-40s. cupertino, 43. a bit cooler in the upper 30's. for tonight, there is tweather system from the north to the south. otherwise, plenty of sunshine and some gusting wind. possibly 20 m.p.h.-30
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m.p.h. as we go for the rest of the week it is going to be sunny, dry and even warmer by friday, saturday. we could even see upper 60s. this is going to continue or a long, dry stretch. these are the rainfall totals. everything is less than 1 in. of rainfall and even some areas less than one- half of 1 in.. we are below the totals for the rainfall totals for the month of january. and nearly 5 in. below in santa rosa. however, we are still at a decent amount because of the wet december. ukiah. as we go towards the morning hours, notice the shell or activity will stay offshore. there could be some sonoma- shower-activity offshore but
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just a little bit of cloud coverage. even though it will clear there will be late afternoon conditions that will be decent. 30's to start. 40's by the bay. 50s, 60s in the afternoon. so and for. cough and here is your oakland and the south bay your kron 4 7 day around the bay dry with plenty of warm weather by thursday, friday. mid '60s and perhaps some cloudy conditions for next weekend. >> the 49ers are in new orleans this is a video of the team. the forty-niners gave the team a big send off. mike pelton.
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>> go 49ers! >> the forty-niners or out in full force. dozens of fans brought jerseys and fans were showing their support. >> to show them the love and the support that is why i am here. >> i wanted to come out and do-will try to get an autograph. >> the helmet from the party of the opening kickoff for the new stadium. and i brought out my sports illustrated. >> i am not a huge fan autograph seeker but i wanted to try to get lucky. >> reporter: they brought fo tar balls. and this was only the one player that i noticed. >> i know that i did not notice that it too many but i wish them all good luck there going to be super bowl.
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>> he is not kidding it this has football fever in high gear. >> i am excited when i want to think about it i want to start crying. it is better for me not to think about it. >> he is hoping that those will be tears of joy way. and santa clara, kron 4. >> coming up the sharks and action could they continue the winning streak against the vancouver canucks... there's this island -- and it's got super-cute kangaroos.
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>> with the sharks in action again tonight. could they continue their winning streak tonight the sharks hosted the vancouver canucks today with a chance to run their recordand they did just that as joe pavelski scored two goals to lead the sharks over the canucks four-to- one. patrick marleau added a goal of his own but saw his multi-goal game streak stop at four. joe thorton also scored and coach todd mclellan earned their six game home stand against the anaheim ducks on tuesday. we're now just shy of 7 days away from the super bowl. and while that may sound close. there is still a full week ahead of n-f-l festivities in new orleans. if you're not heading to the game, don't worry you'll be able to see all of the excitement here on kron. kron 4's j.r. stone has more on what's to come in the week ahead.
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>> they have made the cover of the worl sports illustrated, and now, they are going to be a arriving in new orleans what are some people calling a circus of the vents. kron 4 will get closer to the action. as i will be able to try to get as many stories and circle of-events--there will answer questions to the media about favorite food, and other questions. they will speak with us before their 6:00 a.m. practice. friday, it is all about the harbaugh vs harbaugh. they are scheduled to talk to a joint press
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conference. and the celebrity and fans will get to gree opportunities to sample some great food. super bowl sunday, they will ride and prepare for their three:a 30 kickoffs. j. r. stone, kron 4 news. >> today, thetoday -- ten thousand a's packed the oakland coliseum their favorite a's players. some stood in line for hours to get an autograph, snap a picture or even ask a question. coco crisp, yoennis cespedes, a-j griffin, josh reddick, ryan cook and eric sogard. were just some of the players on hand to meet and greet fans. some got a closeup look at the team's world series trophies from years past. let's hear from some a's fans. there of we did a little bit of a father and son bonding with about 10 games. >> i am a big fan, 10 games. we're all fans and we just got worse season tickets. >> it is a great
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opportunity. weakest-got our season tickets-- >> and a this great. we just got our season tickets! this year's fanfest was sold out event. the winter festivities at this years x-games took a and everybody has been asking about your arm. >> we had an arm wrestling contest. [laughter] >> this was a bicycle accident. the weather was so nice. and i went out and rode my bike. >> and it will be a while. but tomorrow is going to be great? >> yes. >> that is it for us.


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