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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  January 28, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PST

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(male announcer) live from the bay area here is your kron 4 news
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>> the competitive nature of the football game a championship game, very excited about it. >> can you see the excitement of my face? that is jim harbaugh excited and here it is the players getting off the plane this morning. collin kaepernick the quarterback already to roll with is cute little hat. in the upper corner is a live shot of san francisco. >> before we get to all of that let's get to weather and traffic and we will start with erica, good morning >> good morning james is monday and a lot of people are heading back to work or school. the weather is pretty quiet out there. pretty mild conditions for just about everyone was some spots waking up to the 30's.
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mainly the bay area is showing a wide range of 40's. this afternoon sunday but wendy -- (male announcer) live from the bay area here is your kron 4 nesunny but windy >> we are not tracking any hot spots. the bay bridge westbound ride is building up at the meeting lights but they're not yet activated. no back up yet just slowing up the cash lions. highway four to interstate 580 directly to the bay area is still doing pretty well. >> the 49ers are waking up and a big easy and as a good the touchdown as they're getting off the plane as they're arriving last night.
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again how mice that is. holding his daughter there. that is fun to see them and the off time. they get acclimated and practice. collin kaepernick said he has always been prepared for this moment. he said his focus is too much on me and the ross says the same thing don't focus on me or my brother. this focus on the team. win or lose sam francisco will be focused on how to control the crowds and the celebration on sunday. the city does not want a repeat of some of the destruction they saw when the c. >> >> the city of san francisco is looking to diminish the
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violence from what they're calling knuckleheads. there's they want to show the world as sam francisco is a world-class city that knows how to celebrate. the 49ers left for new orleans, here is a video. they were greeted outside by fans who wanted to wish them well. they hopped on a chartered plane and right now they're probably getting to northlands and eating breakfast. we will top the next several days about the ravens. over the next several days at the stamford cisco police the bar and that will decide on a plan to beef up the mission district. right after the giants won the world series we saw there is being thrown into the middle the streets and things being set on fire. and the legend, spray painting all over. when mayor ed lee it learned about that we're trying to learn from that incident. we're trying to keep it from reading.
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>> small business owners are emergency residence. we will do everything we can to keep our cities tape so we can celebrate. it should be everyone's celebration and not destruction. as we go on to celebrate hopefully we will have a super bowl win. >> you can see the san francisco 49ers leggett city hall. they have the gold and red lights on. as far as serving alcohol during the game, the mayor has made a request to the restaurants and bartenders to remind them to not served to much liquor to patrons who might be out of control. as far as being down here at city hall people are coming down to watch the game on the
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jumbo trine, that will not happen this time. the nfl will not allow it. >> a lot of people think that is a crack. instead of getting everyone to gather together to watch the game everyone has to watch their own and a get that for the ratings. >> exactly that is how often make their money. people will obviously have parties so you'd rather be at all, instead of in the freezing cold. >> what was the difference? what do you do? i honestly, and those first it for years there is no question in my mind that this was the year and we were going to make these playoffs. hours out of we get into the playoffs we had a team that
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could make the run the we just couldn't get it done. him bamako she is an put it together what he put together carry have players there. players that want to go out and work and sacrifice to do it. with the additional add-ons that some of the guys brand and it was just the coaches and players together very we have defined a way to get over the hump. >> that was patrick was talking about coast are bought and what he did when he got to the minors and how bright and this fall. is and a full week and runs spend a full week and new orleans.
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the niners have never lost a civil they have been and. there is a winning streak we can hopefully, on. kron4 news by the continuing coverage. cartop welcoached harh will be joining us later. in a super bowl ever raised that you would like you can add to our web site kron4 .com as well as our facebook and to mature feeds. >> today we learn the fate of a man accused of fatally shooting seven people at oakland's zero cloys university last year. last month won a goh was ruled
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incompetent to stand trial. today there will determine which then docile he will be sent to. he is currently being held without bail at alameda county jail in dublin. it closing arguments will be held today at the retrial of former san francisco police crime lab technician accused of taking cocaine from the facility. darman previously admitted to taking small amounts of the drugs built from evidence in 2009. her first trial ended in hung jury last fall. the less the from the labs drug analysis unit led to the eventual closure of the facility. it also forced prosecutors to dismiss hundreds of criminal cases.
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>> and a rare joint interview president obama sat down with his outgoing secretary of state, hillary clinton. the two spoke about how their relationship has evolved over the last five years. the two were once bitter rivals, but now allies. the president and hillary both consider each other strong friends. obama also asked about possible it possibly endorsing hillary in 2016 and here's what they both had to say. >> i was just inaugurated four days ago and we are tiny but elections four years from now. >> i don't think he or i can make predictions about what is going to happen tomorrow or next year. >> also during this interview secretary clinton was asked about her health health responded that she is
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great and she is looking forward to being full speed once again. today presiden president obama l meet with police chiefs from three communities that have experienced a mass shootings. it is part of his administration's plans to address gun violence. obama is dry attention to the origins of 2012 including the police chiefs from or colorado, oak creek wisconsin, and in town conn. as president joe biden will be in the meeting held at the white house. >> a full update of traffic and 45 degrees is san mateo. we will be back.
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>> following news out of the midwest. philadelphia reporting ninth minute delays at the airport this morning. travel in and out of this area will be trouble today. parts of the great
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lakes area you can see snow falling as well as in new york and boston. the peak here is the freezing rains. we are concerned about that as well. the good news out of this system as it is fairly fast moving. by tomorrow morning it should be out of their but travel delays are expected for much of the north east and our new england states. also watching the weather over the weekend of the storm was dropping quite a bit. crews will continue to clean up bit slippery conditions and minnesota over the weekend. snow and freezing rain and sleet made driving a bit tracker is is you can see here. this self of out of all fours. the conditions letter role in hundreds of crashes yesterday. nobody was seriously injured bo. the accidents included three jackknifed tractor-trailer is. one of those was a propane take care.
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>> a much different weather story here in the bay area. mild weather today and almost springlike weather by the end of the week. >> we actually have a very weak system passing by as now so we have clouds streaming through the bay area. we have moisture well off shore and light rain over the waters. also was waking up to comparable concessioncomfortable condition livermore is in the upper 30's and it is a brisk start to the morning. breezy conditions will continue into the afternoon. we anticipate mid to upper 50s. temperatures are a few degrees warmer than yesterday. santa clara afternoon high of 56. east bay and the fifties here as
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well. castro valley 60, 57 danville, downtown san francisco 58. satellite and radar picture shows i pressure really starting trying to go back to the west. mostly clear and dry conditions for the next several days. he was too dry stretch of weather on your 7 day around the bay forecast. thursday, we turn the corner and mid to upper 60s. one conditions and not a raindrop in sight. we will continue with that pleasant stretch to weather into saturday and sunday. >> we're seeing a back up starting to form at the bay bridge. the rest of the bay, we are not tracking any hot spots. 14 to 60 minutes for the bay bridge. san mateo bridge allow them as commute time for the westbound direction. your ride to the
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golden gate bridge is still an easy one. picking up a little more traffic on interstate 80 in the westbound direction. no major delays yet. 24, 680 all looked good. the north bay ride just beginning to slow now as the drive time goes from 23 to 26 minutes for 1 01 southbound from marin county. >> we are watching wall street this morning with the opening bell set to open in less than 15 minutes. stocks are little changed right now. investors will get smothered by a history of economic smoke signals this week, starting with the demand for big-ticket u.s.- made goods in the with the key january jobs report. investors will focus on results from caterpillar, do
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we for the start of trade this morning. yahoo is up after the bell today. the companies fourth quarter earnings are a big test for c zero more as the mire. the results will be a look into yahoos new business strategy. >> twitter is now worth $9 billion that is to an investment offered by the world's largest asset company. like iraq has launched an $80 million offer to a number of twitter is early employees. the increase in clears up value nation comes during iraqi. for silicon valley. abyla lost more than a third of its value in four months. intel and microsoft are struggling to adapt as smart phones and tablas dominate over pcs. all lanes of westbound as a highway 80
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and el cerrito are open after a fatal collision close the road for several hours sunday. the collision at the cutting boulevard off ramp was first reported just before 9:00 p.m.. in a mall the least two cars including a black as tv. one person was killed. all four lanes of highway 80 were closed while the chp investigated. the roadway it reopened at 1130. >> take a look at this of freeway sideshow and oakland. we're getting eyewitness accounts of what happenestopped traffic on interstate 880 saturday afternoon. self of video of loaded onto youtube and shows spectators stopping their cars near the old diet coke coliseum and oracle are read out. the california highway patrol says it received a call about a side show around 320 in the afternoon. an officer
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responded this are others then followed on motorcycles and cars. the chp was on scene within two minutes. but by then those involved in the side show had already left. investigators are you in the videos of loaded on line and say several license plates are visible. the chp says witnesses are also cooperating. this is more self of the video of another oakland sideshow. is one happened over the weekend as well. this time at night on city streets. it looks very dangerous. a crowd of the will start around as banning car. attack damaging to close the spectators that time at but no one was injured in the video. >> i remember when i watched you play >> can you spread the word on that, did that out? >
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>> we are back it 6:25 a.m. and new this morning and the authorities are beginning to work on the grim task of identifying bodies of more than 230 people died in a brazilian nightclub fire. witnesses say that a flair or firework led by the band man started the blaze early sunday morning. authorities are saying that at the time of the fire roughly 2000 people were inside the club.
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barnearly double the maximum maximum occupancy. doctors say smoke was most of the victims to suffocate. were the 100 people are being treated a hospitals for their injuries. flooding continues to be a major problem in parts of australia. you can see just how hard the waters were raging in brisbane queensland. there been a number of water rescues of the last few days. the brisbane times reports three people that as a result of the flooding, two others are missing. the flooding started with former tropical cyclone house wall. the flooding has also prompted some five other people to evacuate their homes in new south wales. >> a pot of about 20 to 25 gray whales appeared as off the coast of san diego. a couple visiting from out of town to these amazing photos. the birds aquarium
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executive director said its normal to see a lot whales around this time of year. it's mating season for the whales as they might write down the baja california. local marine experts say this might be the largest group of wales ever seen in the area. >> traffic is starting to back up here as we approached 638 am. will have a look at that when we come approached 638 am. will have a loo[ male announcer ]come citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me.
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okay. [ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up, the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank. >> we are back and there is the ringing of the opening bell this morning. they of dinosaur of hovered around the neutral line so we will see what trading will be done through out the day. we'll be visiting with rob black all of it later on. >> right now let's get a look at weather and traffic. it will be a pretty nice monday with plenty of sunshine? >> yes. we are we dealing
6:32 am
with a relatively weak system passing through. we have some moisture associated with it but most of the rain is currently over water. into the afternoon we will be dry again with sunny skies ahead. into tomorrow very similar conditions to what we expect this afternoon. we of a warming trend in the bay area as we head into the weekend. satellite and radar shows around the bay area we are dry. high pressure study to build back and >> we are lucky at 814 to 60 minute drive time and traffic is chilly and the east bay. with the as and
6:33 am
slowing for a 680 and interstate 80. south bay peninsula and north bay still pretty light and easy ride. >> the 49ers waking up this morning and your lens and we have video of them touching down in landing gear yesterday. all the players filing of of the airplane and the excitement buzzing. here is collin kaepernick then everyone is excited. there is jim harbaugh holding is kids as he walks off the plane. he is a guy just like everybody else. come sunday he will be incredibly popular in the bay area and keep your fingers crossed that the 49ers bring home a win. win or lose it they'll be ready
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in san francisco for the crowds. the city does not want a repeat of what we saw out for the festivities after we saw the world series. will tran is live on the scene outside his party a city hall with details about what the city has planned. >> the city and severance as though is working on a game plan to make sure things do not get out of control. they the giants have won the world series twice. well we get half ago the 49ers gave them practice as well. they want against the atlanta falcons for the right to go to the super bowl. fans were celebrating right after the game. so much so that dozens of people were arrested after the game concluded. the 49ers want to make sure it does not get out of hand. the severance as good a place where but says they plan that 400 officers were
6:35 am
constable's sunday. that is triple the amount of officers on a typical sunday. mayor ed lee has as many restaurants to make sure they do not get out of control serving hard liquor to the fans at the bars and monitor the situation at the bars. lot going on as far as standards is go to make sure things are going to be on the open up. we want to show the world we are a world- class city win or lose, although we will win. come and share your excitement thousands of other fans but not here, out the jumble china's not allowed by the nfl. >> i think they don't realize that with all the weapons we have on the scene of it be great offensive line up we have. there lot of people on the scene that
6:36 am
degrade the great things to make it easy for me to get out there. >> the pressure is on collin kaepernick and he is a cool cucumber. he is trying to deflect attention to the rest of the team. he is just trying to be the ultimate team player. we hope that he can pull this off on sunday. it will be the first time they've done it since 1994. the niners are and tom in new orleans already and beat baltimore ravens with jim's brother john will arrive in your month later on today. shop years there to kron4, we have cute babies and girlfriends and you name it we have it. we can also go
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through facebook and winter as well -- twitter. every press coverage this afternoon at 130. keep your eye on kron4 for that as well as facebook and twitter. >> the set is scheduled to vote today on more than $50,000,000,000.80 to northeastern states it battered last october's super storm sandy. the senate approved a 60 billion aid package for the hard-hit region in late december. house speaker john boehner scrap the vote on the bill before the clock ran out on congress last january 1st. >> the new this morning federal investigators as saying the 787 that experienced a battery fire earlier this month was delivered to japan air lines
6:38 am
less than three weeks before the fire. the national as adjacent ward says the plane only recorded 169 flight hours and 22 flights when the fire erupted in one of the airlines to lithium ion batteries on january 7th. the fire occurred at logan address all airport shortly after the plane landed. a second battery incident led to an emergency landing by another 787 in japan on january 16th. the 787 fleet has since been grounded. though the faa may have stopped going from flying a 787 dream liner is, the company is moving forward with production. a boeing spokesperson confirms the company is not only keeping its current production schedule for the jets but it also plans to double protection production by the end of the year. halting production would be costly for boeing and its suppliers. the company still has an order 800 dream liner
6:39 am
is planes to fill for airlines. >> we're looking for a day were the high will be right in the upper 50s. we will be right back.
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>> 648 m nearly half of americans with college degrees are overqualified and their jobs they currently hold. that is according to a study released by the center for college affordability and productivity. researchers say the problem is is out of college graduates and the work force is larger than the number of jobs requiring a college degree. and the number of americans as high as academic degree was a
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>> we are back in a live look at the dow. up 13,909, getting up there pretty high on the level. rob black talking about the headlines that are moving the needle. what a big reports that came out this morning was durable-goods. we at a pretty good turnout for december. is this an indication that we are investing in the long term? >> durable-goods our big white ticket items like refrigerators, washers, dryers. it is tied for is the housing market. it is
6:49 am
expensive to make so doubling the expectations is a pause the sign that the economy is better than we thought. 2013 is looking better than 2012 as far as economic growth goes. >> it seems to be nothing but positive right now. caterpillar came out this morning saying they had pretty decent numbers for the fourth quarter. we were talking just before we came back here and what does that tell you when caterpillar is doing well? >> caterpillar is a big international company and pushes dirt around. they make buildings and economic expansion you put people to build a building and put people at. we were expecting not much better than meh. caterpillar knows on what durable-goods, it will be a good year. the dow and s&p
6:50 am
500 are within striking distance. >> talking about building a rebuilding yahoo earnings report will be out later on this afternoon. will this be the verdict on whether or not their new ceo is doing what she is brought on to do? >> this will be the first questireport card. and she bought mobile phones for her employees instead work on this, don't worry about the best shot. everyone gushes over her. she is pretty, and smart >> including you? >> including me. unfortunately her husband is a rocket scientist. (laughter) he is a good guy. we'll see
6:51 am
what happens with yet later on today but we get the numbers. >> sounds good, see you then. >> before that, you had a chance. route was the no. 1 contender before. >> we'll put it this way, it does not matter. >> 649 a m and looking at the traffic build up at the bay bridge. that is what you figure out on a monday morning. first, here is erica with weather though. >> good morning. the roof cam overlooking the san francisco's skyline. these are high clouds and thereby having any impact on our in visibility
6:52 am
sampras's go i 47, 42 oakland, low 40's and oak. future cast force a a.m. mostly widespread 40's. by lunch, 12:00 p.m. we are talking all of the light blue which indicates a good mixing of '50s. after nine highs will provide a few low 60s and we will cool it backed up by 8:00 p.m. tonight. at '50s are around the heart of the bay and '40's around your inland spots. satellite and radar shows high pressure is really tried to build back and here in the bay area. string of days. and has a very dry for the month and lookee your rainfall totals for january. we are below and answer for all locations and in fact most places grow and finance. looking at the rainfall deficit for the month we are
6:53 am
about 5 in. behind where we should be for this time of month for santa rosa. december was very wet so we're still at about 100 percent of the average for the season. we will continue with the dry stretch of whether for the next several days. sunny warmer conditions in mid to upper 60s. more clouds of the forecast but temperatures are still on the warmer side as we transition into the weekend. >> we continue to monitor a pretty typical commute. no hot spots with there is an accident on the lower peninsula mountain view. looking at your ride to the bay bridge, 14 to 60 minutes drive times. we have been incident free so far for the westbound upper deck. the san mateo bridge there is a disabled big rig at the toll plaza. it was clear and a
6:54 am
red traffic break for a minute. a little sluggish on your approach to the toll plaza but it is light traffic across the span. the golden gate bridge is a problem free southbound and northbound. in the east bay we continue to monitor did conditions with 18 to 19 minutes for the east shore freeway. 680 south still looks good as well as westbound 24. mlb we were led next and northbound and left hand laid on antonio road. that could become a hot spot. in the north bay, good conditions for 1 01 southbound. >> coming up on the kron4 morning news we will have more headlines for you and a live look from mt. tam. he gives the it is a little cloudy hire up but down here is not all that bad. we
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>>, i, he probably enjoy the hug by it a crime more than the money. >> did you catch that are the weekend? oh my god! the guy just the opposite end. and lebron just a tax them. this is a 50 year-old computer technician. he had
6:59 am
the one hand it looks out from ed court during friday's game. adjutancy after the shot one man, leb ron james at least for dead toward >> and tackle them to the ground. great way to celebrate weddings $75,000. >> coming up we will have you covered on all things and i near as we head into super bowl week. with the team has on tap today and how the city of sampras's go is preparing for sunday when or lows. we have a nice weekend store for the bay area but the northeast is dealing with icy and the bears conditions. a live look from newark city were the snow is falling. anny hong is tracking travel conditions back east. tiger woods is like his old self, could today be the start of


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