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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  April 5, 2013 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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next at eight. an innocent teenager. shot in the face by oakland police. the boy's family. outraged. and planning to take legal action. plus, rain on the way. just when will the wet weather arrive? jacqueline has your full weekend forecast. next. i'm pam moore. we'll see you at eight. (male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts at eight. he only weighs 80 pounds. he got no hair on his face. why to they shoot him a police shooting in oakland. the second in 24 hours. the officers came out holding a weapon and officers discharged a round. >> pam: the o=p=d facing a possible lawsuit in the first shooting.,, a 16 year old who committed no crime. attorney john burris tells kron four it could be a matter of training. tonight we start with the latest of those two officer involved shootings. a 31 year old was shot in the shoulder after officers say, he was involved in a home burglary with another
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man. detectives tell us, the man shot was armed with this replica of a gun. the two men were arrested. the brother of the man shot says, police should not have fired. >> he would lay it down if you had told them".at least five years" >> pam: kron 4's j.r. stone is following the officer involved shootings. and has more on the mistaken police shooting that happened wednesday night. >> i did ask john burris if his client was willing to talk with us. he said no.the 16 year old and his family are distressed and still trying to get past what happened. as of right now burris is representing this teen who was shot but no lawsuit has been filed. j.r.
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stone, kron 4 news.
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>> pam: this is a live look downtown san francisco. the rainfall and a jacqueline? >> jacqueline: pam, the rainfall the we are going to see this weekend is nothing that we saw yesterday morning. as we take a look at this live look from the bay bridge toll plaza. . the showers to the north that system is well to the north of us here in washington. it is just off your screen. here is the tail end. it is going to sweep over northern california and the process will clip the north bay tomorrow. futurecast, by 2:00 a.m., cloudy conditions bay-area wide. hanhard by noon, widespread showers to the
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north bay. with a and to buy new in a somewhat weather by 2:00 p.m. this will be going towards noon it-2:00 p.m. impacting the north bay. some sprinkles over the north bay and clearing skies. increasing clouds will move right back in. towards sunday and what time it out on futurecast, coming up. of a gun. >> pam: trash cans in daly city stayed on the curb today. customers were forced to drop off their trash themselves, if they didn't want to wait until next week. as a sign of solidarity with striking garbage workers in youngstown, ohio. workers at allied waste services in the bay area, chose not to pick up trash the past two days. this affected close to 26- thousand residential and commercial accounts in daly city, colma and half moon
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bay. some customers say, this wasn't too much of an inconvenience. but they just hope that whatever issues that are being hammered out in ohio. don't have any long term effect on trash pick-up"news last night." allied waste says, it expects workers to return on the job tomorrow. commercial pick-up will resume monday and residential services will pick back up on thursday. but a spokesperson says. "must-do" accounts, such as hospitals, did not have their service interrupted. and in fremont. allied waste. trash and recycling bins were not emptied for the second day. you can see the trash already piling up. and that is not sitting well with some customers.
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most will have to wait for their next regularly scheduled pick-up day for service. on the upside, they can put out as much trash as they want next time, at no extra charge. as compensation for the inconvenience. heres a look at all the areas affected. in addition to fremont and daly city. parts of colma, half moon bay, pacifica, fairfiled, susuin city, union city. have no trash service because of the solidarity strike. a murder investigation is underway. now that a man who was shot earlier this week, has died as a result of his injury. that man was quinn boyer. a 34-year-old off duty santa clara e-m-t. sho driving e oakland hills. o-p-d homicide investigators are trying to piece together what happened prior to the shooting. authorities say, they need the community's help to find boyer's killer.
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"to come forward." crime stoppers is offering a 10-thousand dollar reward for information leading to the arrest of the person responsible in this case new tonight at 8-- all systems are go for chevron to resume full operation at its richmond refinery. the sign- off comes 6 months after a pipe ruptured leading to a massive fire. but as kron 4's dan kerman reports, regulators still have a number of concerns. >> reporter: at a hearing friday on the chevron refinery fire california's occupational safety and health administration announced, it had lifted its order, meaning chevron can now restart its newly repaired crude unit that caught fire back in august. >> we have carefully looked at all the documentation. their safety procedures, training of operators and we are convinced that it was completed to our set destruction.
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to our satisfaction -- >> reporter: but cal osha emphasizes that is not a sign off on the overall safety of the refinery as a whole, in fact , the organization told state and local lawmakers they still have some key concerns with chevron, namely the companys ability to respond to identified hazards, like corroded pipes in this case, it was reported in 20 02 and recommend is that it be replaced the was never replaced. it was extremely corroded. >> reporter: chevrons actions before during and after the pipe burst also has the u.s. chemical safety board concerned. the chemical safety board wants to see more rigourous regulation requiring companies like chevron to continually review their operations and make ongoing changes to reduce risks.
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for its part, chevron is pleased that the water has been lifted. but they will not even say when it will be back in full of rationed but some time before the end of the month of june. in richmond, dan kerman, kron 4. >> we are excited if you can not get excited on opening day? check for a pulse >> ".go giants!" >> pam: the world champion giants. return to a-t & t park. thousands of fans packed the stadium. to watch the giants beat the cardinals in their home opener. kron 4's justine waldman hasreaction from die-hard fans. hoping for another championship season. >> reporter: baseball is back at at&t park. and giants fans came to welcome home their champions.
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some missed work. or school. but know it is worth it for one of these tickets. to get in the spirit, they wore their best orange and black from head to toe. fans are hoping for another world championship. no pressure. at at&t park in >> we have all of the popular giants, romo, posey, the panama the skipper go giants! are expecting another championship san francisco justine waldman, kron 4 news.
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>> pam: kron 4 sports director gary radnich will have highlights from today's game. and player reaction. coming up in sports. ahead at eight. still ahead on kron 4-- the white house is now saying. a north korean missile launch may be imminent. the latest developments. and: president obama apologizing for comments he made about california attorney general kamala harris' appearance. plus: >> the lights were flickering on and off and all of a sudden,".this boom came" >> pam: an underground explosion in san francisco. damaged a car. and left people nearby a little shaken up. next. peop[ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids? it's nice having u-verse, isn't it? see back in my day, we didn't have these newfangled wireless receivers. fangled? no, we watched march madness in the living room... that's where the tv outlet was. what is he talking about? and if mom was hosting her book club that day, guess missed it! we couldn't just move the tv all willy-nilly all over the house. ohh! ohh! kids today have it so good. ok.
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heenan reports. the north koreans are doing their best to keep everyone on edge. >> catherine: this is the most powerful missile in north korea's arsenal. at least on paper. the musu=dan was first unveiled at a military parade three years ago and has never been tested. now two of them have been moved to launch sites on the east coast. >> north korea may be making preparations to launch a missile. we are monitoring this situation closely and we would not be surprised to see them take such an action. >> catherine: north korea has been the subject of increasingly frequent meetings in the situation room. >> i think they are watching very carefully the situation. i think they are watching if there are military maneuvers or a higher level of military alert on >> the ground in rhetoric. >> catherine: today north korean tv broadcast scenes of patriotic rallies and warned foreign embassies that it will be quote "unable to after april 10th. the wild card is north korea's young leader. >> you see he's out in photos almost every day with military units. that was unlike his father who was more reclusive. so that's
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what's different here. >> i think kim jung un is listening to people who are giving him some very bad advice. >> catherine: while publicly downplaying the dangerm the pentagon has deployed its most sophisticated weaponry to the korean peninsula this ultra=powerful floating radar platform is designed to track missile launches. it could be used with an anti=missile system being deployed in guam. part of the tension of course -- is the concern that north korea might launch missiles at its neighbors. who are u.s. allies. but could any of the missiles reach u-s territory ? kron four's charles clifford has a closer look. >> reporter: it's believed that north korea has six long range missles, that may or may not be able to deliver a nuclear weapon. 4 of those missiles are operational and the other two are still in development. let's use google earth to look at how far each one can travel. this is north korea.. here's the capital of pyongyang. it's not clear exactly where each missle is being kept and some of the weapons are mobile, so the
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distances i mention here... are estimates at best. now, the north has several short range missiles. one can fly about 186 miles and another a little 300 miles. these two weapons can reach nearly all of south korea. the north also has an operational missle with a range of about 800 miles, that means it could reach most of japan. beyond that the north has tested a ballistic missle that is believed to have a range of 1500 miles and they have another operational missle with a range of 1800 miles. both of these weapons, in theory, could reach guam, which is a u.s. territory. that leaves one long range ballistic missle in the north's arsenal. the question becomes could that missle reach the u.s. well in 2006, north korea test fired a taepodong2 missle which failed about 30
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seconds after launch but it's believed an operational version of this weapon could travel more than 4 thousand miles. at that distance, north korea could, in theory, target the states of hawaii and alaska as well as western canada. but that missle is not believed to be able to reach the mainland united states. here in the bay area, san francisco is about 55 hundred miles away f rom north korea. hopefully, well out of range. in the newsroom, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> jacqueline: we can see that this tale of this offshore will sweep through northern california tonight. possibly towards the north bay. take a look at futurecast north bay. with
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any rain will be mostly concentrated to the north some rainfall towards the sierras but not that much. this system will bring heavy rainfall but this snowfall towards the sierra. and moving through the bay area. it will be ongoing but very light. snow showers are continuing to the sierras. and locally, dry but some snow showers remain but it will be a quick moving system. gusting winds. as for temperatures tomorrow? widespread 60s. 70's through napa, san francisco in 50s along the coast. in the sierras, largely cloud coverage snow levels
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dropping at 6800 feet. they loved it your extended forecast. improving conditions and it is going to get warm. temperatures in the 80s!and remember you can watch the weather forecast whenever it is convenient for you on our 24/7 bay area news channel. you can also get headlines and live traffic. it's on comcast 193 and you can also watch it live on >> pam: an underground explosion damaged a car in san francisco. two manhole covers blew off. and went flying into the air, after a power cable separated. the manholes took the
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bumper off of this rental car. no one was hurt, but streets near bush and stockton were closed for several hours. a witness describes the scene. >> it was so powerful. >> we looked out a side and this is your main flute and i was in the middle of cutting someone's hair i am glad i did not have the scissors in my hand that could have ".been a problem" >> pam: the explosion left 21-hundred people in the dark in north beach and chinatown. power has now been restored to all of those customers. >> coming up people behaving badly on opening day. if she >> coming up later our producer produces all the festivities. highlights, and i will even harder down a so i do not look so red with some powder....
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(male announcer): here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. (cheering, chanting) >> channel four, right? yes this is channel four and it's only fitting that we celebrate the giants opening day with a little tips on what not to do first off to avoid a 83 dollar ticket and the possiblity of getting towed, please read the signs around the ball park it"s ok to wear a roberts giants jersey because for some strange reason i'm a wee bit partial to that name >> get out of here, stanley. >> i can tell you that some of the giants regulars are back, no not the players the scalpers like this guy who hates it when i take his photo like no one knows hes a scalper or this guy who just poped up on my radar last season >> to to make any sales to have?
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>> they got all tickets at the window and stuff today so it's really not that good even amatures are out scalping today and a few new faces, but as i always say let the buyer beware if you are going to take muni thank you for helping keep our air clean but remember try not to walk on the tracks >> i love opening day, it the only time i get to see people drinking in public well before noon . >> we got a little bit of ciroc straight, peach ciroc with no ice pregamming opening day were out of here guys san francisco giants repeat tree peat come on these two bottles of dom gone but remember dringing in public is still a gainst the law and in san francisco you could get ticketed or even arrested or you might just fall down and need the help of a total stranger to pick you back up now for the strange, how about a cat on a leash staring out at seagulls, or an acrobatic wheel chair rolling around out side the park all thile yelling >> i'm behaving badly
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but we can leave the park with a little clowing around from kenny the clown >> remember don't be put on people behaving badly its good to behave badly for me it is at the giants opening day, stanley roberts-kron 4 news if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, e- mail us at 'people behaving badly' at well, well, well.
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that the government 'must' make the most common morning-after pill available over the counter to all women. plus: president obama is apologizing after making comments about california's attorney general kamala harris. >> jacqueline: this live look outside it is foggy the possibility of rainfall. your forecast, coming up suggested that ♪ it's sleep train's interest-free for 3 event! get 3 years interest-free financing on beautyrest black, stearns & foster,
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>> pam: now for a look at our top stories at eight- thirty. in west oakland. a police officer shot and injured a burglary suspect. who turned out to be carrying a replica of a gun. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc 7. police found one man armed with a gun. and another with a knife. one officer opened fire on
8:31 pm
the suspect carrying the gun. hitting him in the shoulder. the other suspect was taken into custody. >> pam: the chevron refinery in richmond is set to begin operations again. after a major fire last august. after extensive testing, today osha lifted a ban preventing the use of chevron's crude unit number four. more than 15-thousand people went to the hospital complaining of difficulty breathing and other problems. according to a technical report, the fire was caused by a corroded steel pipe. the world champion giants. return to a-t & t park. thousands of fans packed the stadium to watch the giants face beat the cardinals in their home opener this afternoon. sports director gary radnich will have highlights of today's game coming up a little later in sports. >> jacqueline: changes coming up. a live look of side the golden gate bridge. the fog showing increasing clouds through the bay area. to the north. the one of the big changes rainfall but the court to this is world to the north. trading over washington and oregon and california. over the waters
8:32 pm
of the very end of this system will brush the bay area. with light showers over the north bay. temperatures in the 50s towards the south-this is what we can expect come with a light shower chances this weekend. and a light rainfall expected with big changes in the warm up, next week. >> pam: now for today's market update. stocks close lower following a weak jobs report. he closing numbers. the dow ended down 40 points. it had been down as much as 171 points. the nasdaq fell 21 points. and the s-and-p fell six points. the march jobs report is out. and it shows a decrease in the unemployment rate. but experts are saying. it fell for the wrong reason. christine romans breaks
8:33 pm
down all the numbers. and explains what they mean. a disappointing jobs report for march. only 88,000 jobs created and the unemployment rate fell, it did fall, to 7.6%, but that's because so many people dropped out of the labor market. a half a million people just gave up looking, showing there was some weakness in the labor market in the month. when you look at the trend, also, repeating what we saw last year. in 2012 strength in the beginning of the year and it faded into the spring. again, strength at the beginning of the year, fading a little bit into the spring, making some people wonder if first quarter economic growth is going to be as strong as they wanted. where were the jobs? health care: we continue to see growth in healthcare jobs, another 23,000 there. we also saw some jobs growth in leisure and hospitality but not as many as we have been seeing. and we saw jobs lost in retail. 24,000 jobs lost in retail. some economists are speculating because of the loss of the payroll tax cut holiday, a little added tax
8:34 pm
burden for many pay checks. that's actually hurting the retail stocks. and finally we saw over all, when you look at the private sector vs the public sector, some 7000 private sector jobs lost. a lot of people saying those are directly related to postal service job cuts. i'm christine romans today a federal judge ruled that the government 'must' make the most common morning-after pill available over the counter to women of all ages. right now. girls under 17 now need a prescription. but that's about to change. the judge says there's no reason not to make the safe and effective drug available to all ages. birth control advocacy groups are happy.saying this may help bring down teen pregnancy rates. however - social conservatives argue the ruling could put the health of young girls at risk. since it eliminates the involvement of parents and medical professionals. there's still a chance the ruling will be appealed. if not - the drug could be available to all ages in about a month.
8:35 pm
>> an apology from president obama recently made kamela harris.. she is a potential candidate for cover or even the next u.s. attorney general. his >> reporter: by many accounts, a rising star in it democratic party but cresson may is not grabbing headlines. however, her-- resume.. president obama it said was her who of saying the to that dropped her and made a voter's sieger less likely to see her as a qualified were worthy of their vote. >> was this a harmless
8:36 pm
complement? >> and the president caused some raising eyebrows comments. >> it is not as if he called her a slut. >> they acknowledged that she is brilliant and dedicated and that she is tough. before he mentioned her looks. >> and if he was a male heir would not have made a difference. >> we do not fully know the extent of their friendship which they his " boys club ". and many ask of where is for women? recently, all appointed women to the cabinet. most recently, the secret service director he is not the for first.
8:37 pm
>> binders full of women. >> nonetheless, he is pulling remains strong. polling.. coming up led clothing gabe slate tech report. >> this year's bay to breakers. san francisco based craigslist will be a presenting sponsor. kron 4 will bring you the race from start to finish. bay to breakers -- happening at 8 a-m. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
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gabe slate tech report >> reporter: wearable led
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future if it will be about 30% smaller. >> these can even save lives with cyclists, and running at night or in the low visibility conditions. the all of these are able to be made water-resistant. they run at very low power and there are no safety hazards. what is interesting about our products is that they can communicate and in real time with your smart phone. they are customizable and you can control this from your phone and for your information check it out at www of >> pam: the a's to take on
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>> jacqueline: showers are expected this weekend but like. nothing like what we saw on thursday. saturday,
8:45 pm
it will be impacting the north bay. we will have a chance of showers moving quickly and to light. taking a look outside at satellite and radar of the tail and showing that it is right offshore. that is what is going to sweep through northern california. just light showers out of this as we take a look at futurecast. we can see heavy rainfall but nothing over the bay area. through the north. we will see sunny skies but the increase in clouds with this next system impacting us to the north. snow showers in the sierras. the rainfall is rushing through to the
8:46 pm
south. light showers south of the golden gate. dry conditions in on a sunday afternoon. locally, some snow flurries through the sierras and monday. as of this system rushes to the south of the wind is going to pick up. fairly gusting. as for temperatures? it is going to be in the 60s low mid 60s for the bayshore. 50s closer to the coast. and temperatures will be mild saturday but there will be dropping off on sunday. and snowfall levels at 6,800 ft.. fresh powder. it will continue towards monday a look a your extended forecast. unsettled. in fact, much warmer with temperatures reaching the 86. and remember you can
8:47 pm
watch the weather forecast whenever it is convenient for you on our 24/7 bay area news channel. you can also get headlines and live traffic. it's on comcast 193 and you can also watch it live on (male announcer): now, the orchard supply sports report with gary radnich. >> gary: big day at the ball park. opening ceremonies manager bruce bochy comes out first from center field carrying the world series trophy buster posey introduced large american flag unfurled in the outfield boat in the cove spraying water sandoval and marco scutaro throw out first pitch 2012 world series flag brough in on a san francisco fire boat a handful of giants players including matt cain, tim lincecum, ryan vogelsong,
8:48 pm
angel pagan, hunter pence and manager bruce bochy carry the flag to the post the players hoist the flag into the sky flag outfield wall also gets a flag painted onto it giants cardinals barry zito - the giants have won his last 14 starts including 3 in last year's playoffs top 1st zito - gets help from pablo sandoval who looked pretty nimble today making several nice plays zito: 7 ip, 3 hits, 0 runs, 3 bb, 4 k's bot 4th, scoreless, bases loaded jake westbrook walks angel pagan with bases loaded scoring gregor blanco 1-0 sf top 9th, 2 outs
8:49 pm
sergio romo - strikes out allen craig to end the game romo: 3rd save in first 4 games giants win 1-0 giants starters: 26 innings, 0 er allowed so far this season >> was that the difference was that paul globally stepped it up and made a huge difference pau-- how low and to see baumgartner, siegel, and pabnlo... keepingbocce and we are all doing a great joba's astros orioles davis makes history a's are up 1-0.5th inning in houston.
8:50 pm
horace oriole player makes history 3 orioles honored for gold gloves.jj hardy, adam jones and matt wieters chris davis.grand slam to davis: joins willie mays, mark mcgwire and nelson cruz as only the 4th player to hit a home run in each of his first four games davis: ml record 16 rbi in first four games orioles win 9-5 49ers anthony davis $37 mil ghe 49ers have money to spend.
8:51 pm
davis joins mark mcgwire and neslon cruz.. anthony davis of the 49ers the former first-round t draft pick. or $37 million. he is just a big boy up front. started all 53 games and as we said he is a first round pick and today he gets paid like one with $70 million, guaranteed. when we come back, the rutgerts. and $17 minllion... for
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[ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids? it's nice having u-verse, isn't it? see back in my day, we didn't have these newfangled wireless receivers. fangled? no, we watched march madness in the living room... that's where the tv outlet was. what is he talking about? and if mom was hosting her book club that day, guess missed it! we couldn't just move the tv all willy-nilly all over the house. ohh! ohh! kids today have it so good. ok. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver. call to get u-verse tv starting at $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible.
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pernetti the latest twist in the rutgers. rutgers ad resigns the dominos are falling at rutgersathletic director tim pernetti is the latest to be forced out - offially "resigning" from his post. back in november pernetti saw a video of rutgers basketball coach mike rice shoving, yelling and throwing balls at players. at that time pernetti slapped rice with a 3 day suspension - though after the video was released earlier this week pernetti fired ricebut it was too late to save his own job there has now been an assistant coach, a careers assistant coach. the coach, the athletic director. pitino hall of fame
8:56 pm
rick pitino has louisville in saturday's final four today he was selected to be inducted into the naismith memorial basketball hall of fame pitino will be joined by former unlv and fresno st head coach jerry tarkanian as well as guy lewis who coached houston phi slamma jamma team with akeem olajuwon and clyde drexler this will be pitno's 7th final four appearence i would coach basketball twice per month and they would give me $200. and talk about something besides his team and he was not interested. and he was a one dimensional guy. a nice guy
8:57 pm
he is going to go into a hall of fame at 82 years old. and i think that it was a long day. >> pam: good night.
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