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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  April 15, 2013 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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(male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. (screaming, bombs) >> at 11. terror strikes the streets of boston. two explosions near the finish line of the boston marathon. several people killed and nearly 150 others injured. there are new reports coming in. police are searching an apartment in a boston suburb. just five miles from downtown boston. and authorities have confirmed the search is connected to the boston marathon explosions. the f-b-i is leading the investigation. here is what we know right now. police say, at least three people were killed in the blasts -- one victim, an eight year old boy.
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more than 140 others were injured. the explosions were about a block apart - and happened within seconds of each other. some victims lost limbs, suffered broken bones, shrapnel wounds and ruptured eardrums. of those hurt, officials say, at least 15 are in critical condition. police have no suspects in custody. however, police are searching an apartment in a boston suburb. in connection to the deadly blasts. officials in washington say, there has been no immediate claim of responsibility -- but the attack is being treated as an act of terrorism. what's still not clear is whether it is a domestic or foreign act. kron4's grant lodes takes a closer look at the pair of explosions near the boston maraton finish line. the amount tonight, a dramatic video of the first explosion. tonight, this
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was filmed by a boston globe a photographer and let me warn you that some of these images are horrific >> we have had an attack. all my god all my god oh my god. that was the boston globe a photographer. about one minute later you can see how many victims there word and the bloody victims and this second this was from a spectator. this was the
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second explosion about 75 yds from the first blast. smoke immediately and people are running for safety. panic and hysteria. at the boston marathon. grant lodes, kron 4 news. >> pam: continuing our coverage, kron 4's charles clifford gives us a virtual look at the area where these >> reporter: this was near the finish line of boyleston street there were run the east bound. and the first explosion occurred at 3:00 p.m. just 3 yds away. on the northbound side. 10-15 seconds later, there was a second explosion near the intersection here, again on the north-side. there is a
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starbucks.. on the corner of the national guard has moved in and blocked off this entire area. the fbi is leading the investigation with two different unrelated explosions. but one of them was here on the east of the finish line near copley square. the fbi will have this entire section shut down for several days. the in the news room, charles clifford, kron 4 news. >> witnesses describe some of those injured. lost limbs in the boston marathon explosions. one man was covered with evidence of this afternoon's attacks. >> on my pants. >> and this is the american flag that i was holding and this is how it ended up. "carrying the blood all this brighamthere were thousands of people running the marathon. or watching it. when the bombs went off.
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the deadly blasts knocked runners off their feet and triggered mass chaos. one of the runners describes a gruesome scene inside a medical tent near the finish line, as bombing victims were brought in "with no limbs." president obama addressed the nation today. following the deadly explosions. he made it clear that information is still coming in. and that all the facts are not yet known. the president did make clear. those responsible will be identified and will be held accountable. >> i have directed the entire resources of the federal government to protect our people. in super and to insure and increase security around our major cities. the americans will say a prayer for the boston audience tonight. we still do not know who did this or why. we should not jump to conclusions until we have the facts. make no
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mistake that we will get to the bottom of this. >> pam: new at 11. a 12- year old bay area boy was hurt in the boston marathon blasts. the boy's father, alan hern -- is the varsity football coach of alhambra high school in martinez. and was in boston with his family. the boy's mother ran in the race. the family from martinez was close to the explosion. and coach hern's son was hit by some shrapnel. the alhambra high school principal released a statement. in part it says. quote -- the family is safe, and will return to martinez as soon as possible. please keep them in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. >> san francisco police are on high alert following the terror attack at the boston marathon. the f-b-i has assured san francisco police. there are no specific threats to san francisco. but patrol officers are still being asked to be extra vigilant in areas where large crowds gather. police say, the move is a safety precaution. they are asking the public to be especially alert and report any suspicious activity by
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calling 9-1-1. and -- in oakland tonight. police say, there is a more visible police presence at the golden state warriors game. as well as the a's game. kron four's scott rates shows us what police were doing to keep fans safe. around the colosseum and the oracle are real. the golden state warriors were playing. if the oakland athletics for pain plane. fanned the security was a checking everybody with several oakland police department officers out here. even the bomb squad was out here, sergeant j.d. nelson what they were doing to keep people safe. >> before anybody was here we have the canine in units searching both facilities if this is an unusual night when the warriors and the oakland athletics are both playing tonight. and during
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both the vents, we will have the bomb technicians during both-the vents tonight. >> reporter: fans felt safe and appreciated the oakland police department they say that everything went smoothly. in join both games. scott rates, kron 4. >> jacqueline: it has been windy. xenopho 29 mph in half mn bay. 20's in santa rosa. and 20's in oakland. the wind advisory has expired for most of the bay area with the exception of the delta. the wind is expected to pick up tomorrow. calm winds into breezy are going to die down. chilly temperatures. noticeably, warmer and we
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are going to continue that warming trend. more on that, coming up in a bitstill ahead on kron4 news at. it >> pam: 11. we'll take a look at the increased security on bart. look at them kids. [ sigh ]
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>> the city of boston is heartbroken and stunned tonight, as is the rest of the country. the investigation into the boston bombings will continue through the night and into the days ahead. the f-b-i is leading that investigation with state, local and other federal agencies. zain asher has the latest from boston. screaming. >> i have heard of i have never heard anything as loud as that in my entire life. and to the ground shake. it's one of the scenes we've seen over and over today. a runner - an older man - who was forced off his feet when the first explosion hit. here's the video. >> it was quite a scene. massachusetts gov. called this a of horrific day and
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is calling on residents. >> report suspicious packages were suspicious activity to local law enforcement. we will work diligently to will gather the fox and to bring those who are responsible to justice as quickly as possible. >> president obama the city of boston is tough and resilient. they will take care of each other and to move forward. >> this is one of the scene that we have seen over and over againyou can see the 78-year-old man was just about to cross the finish
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line. listen as the veteran marathoner describes what the moment was like. >> i got down to within about 15 feet of the finishing apron and just tremendous explosion, sounded like a bomb went off right next to me, and the shock waves just hit my whole body and my legs just started jittering around. i knew i was going down and so i ended up down on the blacktop and i didn't feel any severe pain but as i rolled over, i seen a little scratch on my leg but nothing too bad, so i laid there just momentarily. one of the finisher assistants come over and talked to me and asked me if there was anything he could do and offered to give me a hand, help me get up and help me get over the finish line so i could complete my race. so we did that and i felt okay so i told him i was probably all right. >> pam: the 78-year-old runner says. he ended up with a scrape on his knee, and that a race official helped him to his feet. he walked across the finish line and another half- mile to his hotel. >> local officials across
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the bay area are also on high alert tonight. kron 4's dan kerman has details on how san francisco is responding to the attack in boston. all city departments are on alert and additional officers are on patrol. >> the officers of special emphasis of large crowds were large crowds to make sure that everybody is safe. >> these explosions for in the comparison to bay to breakers. the mayor is well aware of the safety concerns. >> we have to look at everything that occurred to figure this out so we are ultimately making sure the public safety is our word number one concern. that is what we're going to do with the cherry blossom, beta breakers, every event of any
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size. >> the chief made this clear that san francisco residents must play a part and report any suspicious activity. >> if there is going to be 50,000 people of the police to the apartment are not the only people on the scene here. that is 50,000 sets of eyes in the year is if you see something, say something. they want to wait of what exactly happened and boston. dan kerman, kron 4 news. >> authorities at s-f-o took action after getting the call for heightened security. bomb sniffing dogs were being used as a precautionary measure.
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officials at s-f-o say, they were called out to "move quickly". shortly after the terror attacks in boston. bomb sniffing dogs were also used at the san jose airport. but police say, that is standard procedure.. officials say, although they are monitoring events related to the boston bombing. san jose has not ordered extra patrols. no flights were affected at either airport. >> jacqueline: de gusting m.p.h. redwood city. with wind gusting at 55 at s f o! we are still expecting
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breezy conditions temperatures are going to warm tomorrow was noticeably warmer. '60s and '70s for wednesday and thursday. the satellite and radar showing some shower activity. this low pressure system pushed through the bay area. showers through the northern california we are going to see the wind pick up for the morning our. and we still lead the wind advisory for the delta region. notice, the wind picking up in the 20 m.p.h. for a number of locations. tomorrow will be
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center station with no issues.and although there are dogs doing details and more officers around, we're told at this time there's no target. bart's message to passengers is if you see something suspicious, whether a person, package, or activity, to report kron 4 news. >> and a recap tonight on the terror attack at the boston marathon. two explosions -- rock the city near the crowded finish line area. police say, at least three people have been killed - one of them an 8-year-old child. more than 140 others were injured. the explosions were about a block apart - and happened within seconds of each other. some victims lost limbs, suffered broken bones, shrapnel wounds and ruptured eardrums. of those hurt, officials say at least 15 are in critical condition. police are searching an apartment in a boston suburb. just five miles from downtown boston. in connection to the deadly blasts. police say. they have no suspects in custody. and so far no groups nor persons have claimed responsibility for the attack.
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stay tuned. as we continue to bring you the latest developments in this breaking news story. will will have updates on our website. kron-4 dot com. and on our kron4 morning show. there is also coverage on our news, forecast and traffic conditions whenever it's convenient - on our 24/7 bay area news channel. you can watch live on or on comcast 193. jacqueline? >> jacqueline: it was kind of nasty today. with windy conditions and i saw several down trees in san francisco. the wind is going to clear but not as bad as what we saw today. those gusting winds will be in the 20's with temperatures are going to start to warm up. it will continue as we
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go for the rest of the workweek. >> thank-you. have a good night tonight. ♪
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