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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  April 18, 2013 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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now at eight. the faces of terror. they are identified as suspect one and suspect two. fbi images showing two men believed to be behind the boston bombings investigators asking for the public's help with this warning. your own. if you see these men, contact law enforcement. first lady michelle obama vsitis one of the wounded. an 11=year=old from the bay area. the president offering these words of comfort. you learn to stand and walk the f-b-i is releasing new photographs and video. of two men it says. are suspects in the terror attack. the images were released hours after president obama a service in boston to remember the victims. monday's explosions killed still in the hospital. kron 4's grant lodes joins new tonight at 8 -- a local
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terrorism and national security expert. is giving insight into today's findings released by the f- b-i-. ambassador david fischer says, the fact that the two men are being called "suspects" rather than "persons of interest". has a very high level of found the people who committed this act. the bombs was designed to terrorize and injure as many people as possible. are amateurs. who will day or two. >> alright here they are suspect one still in front of suspect to. now let against now let us examine each of the suspects. only one strap dark shoes, dark pants bart jacket may be a
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great hoodie sticking out. at the scene of the second explosion mckenzie cup a couple of more photos. his hair appears to be brown peeking out from underneath his hat a white cap. banks and matted down looks to be pretty pretty tall. >> >> reporter: suspect one right now white be necked shirt with a black hat here is another shot of suspect one clearly seeing he's
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wearing sunglasses right now. many people think his hat is a bridgestone off capp. several images of these two steals and videos now the fbi are asking the public for assistance. >> pam: a major improvement tonight for the 11-year-old martinez boy. who was injured in the boston
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attacks aaron hern got a surprise visit from the first lady today in his hospital room. hern's family says, he is care unit at children's hospital in boston, as early as tomorrow. aaron was injured on monday while watching his mother happening right now. massive fertilizer plant explosion in west, texas. the town's mayor says, the death toll from last night's blast has risen to 35. kron 4's j-r stone has the latest. >> reporter:continuing our coverage of the explosion in texas, the city of west sits
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in a very rural area. and the blast shook the entire community. it was just a major major explosion! the bond pit picture up and drop to it exploded all round new! the damage could be done far and wide. houses left in ruins and grooves and ripped apart it was utterly destroyed. and now much of the town is still closed off a search and rescue crews still search for survivors. what would you compare this to? a bomb
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nothing but a bomb there still in the search and rescue face of the process. pam now bactria kron 4's charles clifford the area. it was on fire it was a real heavy blaze and then all the sudden it just exploded
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maybe 50 ft. maybe farther than that. all the windows are blown man a sonic boom i ended up face down. you weren't there you do not know you do not know we could have been killed. >> reporter: just before 8:00 p.m. wednesday in a fire broke out at a for the
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period the plane exploded the shock wave damaged or destroyed nearby homes this is an aerial view of the house burning late into the night including this nursing home nearly, nearly after the explosion atreus was set up about half a mile away from the explosion on a football field. >> finally if we move back to the site of the explosion the fertilizers plant looked before and now this is an aerial view of how it looks today. completely torn apart in the news from charles clifford. new developments tonight.
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in >> pam: the murder investigation of a paramedic gunned down in the oakland hills. police have arrested a sixth teenage suspect. and believe they know who pulled the trigger. as kron four's terisa estacio reports. they plan an adult. here at the alameda county courthouse, 16 year old christian burton didn't say anything as a judge announced his name and that he was being charged as an adult for the murder of prosecutors are now revealing new informaiton in this case. saying that boyer a santa clara paramedica had pulled over here on keller avenue on april 2 and all of a sudden he was approached by burton and five otehrs in a car. prosecutors say they tried to take his car, in a carjacking, but boyer refused and then burton shot him. paramedic boyer tried to get away and stepped on the gas pedal but
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drove his car down an embankment. at the hospital. in a statement released by the alameda county da's office, da nancy o'malley said quote "mr. boyer, a paramedic, dedicated his life to helping others. his brazen daytime killing at the hands of a 16 year old armed with a gun is a tragedy on many levels." late thursday, police 13 year old, that makes 6 teens in total from 14 to 16 in this case. cameras were not allowed in court. burton didn't enter a plea. he is back in court friday for his arraignment. >> jacqueline: right now
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we're looking at the golden gate bridge clear skies here clear skies everywhere. high temperatures today as mentioned a little more than mr. day. it was even at 80 degrees up and now the proper settings for inland valleys 76 in san jose. temperatures only in the upper 40's and '50's out the door tomorrow morning. >> pam: developments surrounding the saratoga teen who was sexually assaulted. and later committed suicide. family attorney. that the school district is not telling the truth.
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plus: another smelly problem in parts of the bay area. where trash is once again piling up. because of a garbage worker strike. and: nasa says scientists have discovered distant planets that could host life. that's next. look at them kids. [ sigh ]
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>> pam: developing tonight. an attorney representing the family of audrie pott says. the saratoga school district is not telling the truth. authorities say pott -- a student at saratoga high -- was sexually assaulted by three teenage boys last year. there are allegations that photos of that attack were shown around school. and those incidents led pott to as kron 4's dan kerman reports.the family's attorney is now alleging a cover up by the school district. >> reporter: the scoop very
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clearly has acted when protecting themselves the district has issued this message the issue of bullying was never discussed with the family >> the district also states that shortly after autry's death the principal was quoted the two had knowledge that bullying was never discussed with dick in regard to her suicide. one of the suspects were seen with a cell phone in his hand with three other football players paul brown boasting, and one of them
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said-just not right. we think this was done to mislead or to deter further examination into the issue. do the right bank that's all we want these people to dill is to acknowledge that things should have been done differently. he's hoping that they will come forward with some answers. >> pam:thousands of people did not get their garbage collected today. many more will not get their trash pickedup on friday. in fremont. you can see bins lining the street. workers with republic services are on a sympathy strike.
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get better working conditions. this trash strike also impacts people in union city and milpitas. collection should resume next week. >> jacqueline: saturday and sunday for our inland valleys temperatures will be normal. twitter pitcher sees clear skies now we do see a few high clouds in the south. does the little bit of high cloud coverage. out
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the door toman low '40's and 50's quickly warning into the '60s and '70s. we will seek low 80 to grieve readings that will occur in the light on launch their color and is on your screen. 79 for san jose 80 in concord 81 for livermore. over and san francisco 70 degrees we will also sees 74 the north bay. warmer weather continues as we had until tomorrow and the
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weekend. we will have the fall we will have called for the weekend and remember you to rush the weather forecast on a 24 you can catch the latest news, forecast and traffic conditions whenever it's convenient - on our 24/7 bay area news channel. you can watch live on or on comcast channel 193. pam >> p. >> >> pam:bay area home sales are down from march of last year. 30- days. new tonight at 8-- nasa has announced that three planets have been discovered outside our solar system that could be very similar to earth.
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for the past few years, nasa's kepler satellite has been scouring the sky looking for other worlds. on thursday, nasa revealed that three more planets have been found that could possibly this is earth, for comparison, and planets 62f and 62e are a little bit larger than earth and these two orbit a star that's slightly smaller and cooler than our own sun. the key thing here is that these planets are in what's called the habital zone. that means distance from their start to be able to support earth like life forms. the third planet, kepler 69c orbits a star that's almost identical to our sun and it's also within the habital zone. these planets are earth...they don't know if they have atmospheres or if 1200 and 2700 light years from the earth. a huge sinkhole swallowed three cars early today. in a south chicago neighborhood.
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street fell in as the asphalt gave way under them. hole. out of the crater. and was taken to a local hospital. this sinkhole.
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>> pam:still ahead. the destruction in texas is stilleing assessed after a deadly fertilizer plant explosion. a live report from the scene coming up. plus: president obama and the first lady visit with the victims of the boston marathon bombing today. his words to a city in mourning. >> jacqueline:
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happening right now. the search continues for victims continues. after a
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massive fertilizer plant explosion in west, texas last night's blast claimed at least 5 lives. that number is expected to climb. buildings - and a community and injured is still unknown holly firfer is live in west, texas. latest developments. this massive explosion at a west, texas fertilizer plant left more than 160 people injured, devastating the small town. authorities are still searching for survivors, including first responders. "in the face of the most literally lost their lives left destroyed, homes were turned to rubble. these daylight aerials show plant even hours after the explosion.
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>> electric me up and push me back and felt like an earthquake. the roof just caved in. texas governor rick perry declared mclennan county a disaster thursday. "last night was truly a nightmare scenario. anyone that grew up like your dad west know that this tragedy has most likely hit every family. it's touched what the blast felt like. took your breath away. and
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you. >> >> pam: hawley are the chemicals released last might consider dangerous? >> well the chemicals the hygienist ammonia use to make fertilizer can be harmful. because it doesn't have any watcher when you are exposed to it in high levels. it could be quite toxic or even deadly to your
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body. concern for the first responders who are still there. the townspeople what lost their homes or sting in makeshift spaces and churches and public buildings. because the town so small they pretty much knew each other. >> pam: think you calling.
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residents now? and how long at an interfaith memorial in boston today, president obama described those behind the bombings as "small, stunted individuals." and he told bostonians that the bombers picked the wrong reports. kron4- dot-com. website. kron4 dot com. they're still images that the fbi just released hears one with the white hat black shoes but pants black studying. suspect one this is the man that police believe drop the backpack for the second explosion. investigators need the public's help now they're asking for any one man seen these two to contact m e.
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neely. one wearing a bridgestone off had to. both men considered armed and very dangerous. the >>now for today's market here and bought you showed us boston that in the face of evil that americans will live up. we would choose to save and the
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comfort and hill which use french ship. we would choose love. quotation marks with his big smile and bright more hurting people. and the heartache of her family and friends on both sides we are reminded of the humanity that we all share. >> 61 people are still being treated seven
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>> >> pam: the videos and photographs newly released by the fbi are posted on our website kron 4 >> jacqueline: a gorgeous day around the bay area today. we actually hit a degrees up in napa this
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afternoon. 76 in san jose local or near the coast line because of the sea breeze wins. still some into and out of 66 in sunnyvale 66 and fairfield mylonite most clout free tonight. even warmer weather in store for tomorrow and the weekend. we will take a look at temperatures in your neighborhood coming up next.
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their early highs fairly widespread by the weekend. i looked outside on the satellite radar picture
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keeping the rain to the north of us. still mostly sunny and warmer than we saw today tomorrow morning temperatures and below 40 and fifties early morning. into the afternoon temperatures and '70s and '80s hitting 84 in cupertino. 80 in concord '70s for east bay shores and for the coastline and the '60s to moron due to the sea breeze. heading into an napa. warm and dry for the next couple of days actually warming by sunday.
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widespread '80s marin near '90s peaking monday. you can catch the latest news, forecast and traffic conditions whenever it's convenient - on our 24/7 bay area news channel. you can watch live on or on comcast channel 193. six >> gary: >> gary: >> gary: >> gary: >> gary: >> gary: >> gary: >> gary: >> gary: >> gary: >> gary: >> gary: >> gary: >> gary: >> gary: >> gary: >> gary: >> gary: (laughter) i'm smiling but nothing to laugh that home run and five
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to nothing jonathan like crying his era is seven 1.15. it is a first milwaukee sweep of the giants. warriors in the playoffs. they will open saturday in denver. at home
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38 and three. that's why the warriors went up today the need a couple of days to get their bodies prepared. we are going up today start breeding the air saturday we should be adjusted and hopefully that will take some of the advantage away. the pressure stands on them, we are the underdog. we will go out and try to hit forcefully. we're ready for that. game 1 is saturday in
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game two is to stay in denver game three weeks from tomorrow night. >> gary: >> pam: get it right the first crimes (laughter) >> gary: 1 the kron management is beating her up on the one san to not listen to anyone i am the one >> pam: we were just plain she did not mean it.
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>> gary: let's keep the moved going fired coaches here we go byron scott pagàn. lorne frank who is he going to yell at? a great what a guy with great credentials but collins. he said goodbye to a philadelphia. >> gary: this is his fourth team, each time he last three years, he to could not take it. >> gary: 180 on the ground.
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a couple of more highlights to show you. elan of falcons and what would be the regular season hoping to play. it should be a really rough year for oakland. the home opener with the jacksonville team. things giving derrick is this again before mission december 15th endeavor. all
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right we will take a quick break.
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