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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  April 20, 2013 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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(male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> details of the condition of the surviving marathon bombing suspect that shut down the surrounding boston area during the search are trickling out tonight. right now we know the surviving suspect, nineteen-year-old johar tsar-neye-ev, is in serious but stable condition and is unable to communicate, yet. he is recovering at a boston hospital guarded by armed officers. tsarnaev was captured last night inside a boat parked in a watertown backyard. these are images of that boat. the suspect's uncle, says the 19 year old was quote "used" by his 26 year old brother, tamerlan tsarnaev. but the hierarchy in the bombing plot is still
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unclear. we are also learning that federal public defenders have agreed to represent the surviving suspect. the office set to represent the suspect says a lawyer should be appointed as soon as possible because there are "serious issues regarding possible interrogation." a sense of relief for boston area residents now that the remaining suspect in the boston marathon bombing is in custody. brian todd has the exclusive images documenting the capture of jahar tsarnaev friday night. officers are negotiating with the saw sparks and aziz held inside a boat. >> , a out on your own terms. >> they when through back yards to get to the boat and police were rushing them. >> are you ok? >> reporter: it is just minutes later that they captured him. he had lost blood, was week but had put
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up a fight in that backyard. in gauging and gunfire and the entire neighborhood was on lockdown. as officers went door-to-door terrified. >> on the cypress street they were combing through this suspect. this is a resident of watertown. >> they searched the living room area. the dining room, the bedrooms, bathrooms, the kitchen. >> reporter: or the searching to the cabinets? >> not through the output of the bedrooms, closet doors and making their way to the back. >> reporter: this is his own footage. during these moments they did not know where he was or if he was carrying explosives on his body. >> knowing that they had him surrounded and so close to our neighborhood thought
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that maybe it could have been in our neighborhood. >> reporter: vivian's stevens lives by herself. >> and i heard a boom and then i heard a lot of gunshots. and it happened right behind my house. >> reporter: how do you feel right now? >> it is surreal. numb. i do not believe that it is all this is happening. and i am very happy that it is over and they got him. >> reporter: this sentiment was echoed by thousands of neighborsfederal agents are confirming that the f-b-i did interview the older brother, tamerlan tsarnaev in 2011, after being tipped off by a foreign government. the suspect identified himself as ethnic chechen from southern russia and officials there believed tamerlan was going to travel to the country's region to join unspecified underground groups.
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the fbi says it interviewed tsarnaev and relatives, and did not find any domestic or foreign terrorism activity. meanwhile, tsarnaev's uncle says he had a falling-out with the 26-year-old over his increased commitment to islam. as authorities continue to dig into the accused boston bomber's past. some are now connecting them to the islamic community. muslim leaders have condemned the attack. but as kron 4's mike pelton shows us, the bombing's have created a tense environment for many american muslims. >> reporter: like millions, she watched the bombings in a state of horror. i. >> it is difficult because the want to focus on the victim's but it is a concern and a feeling of even dread. that they're hoping that they are not muslim. or not clear connections to islam. >> the san francisco bay on
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american islamic relations saying that this is from a backlash of american muslims. one alleged terrorists have islamic ties. >> it is unique to have a minority stereotype in the american community. when even a white caucasian christian would also blow of something. >> reporter: she fears that something is already mind up. >> we have received a couple of heat incidences. fortunately, nothing has escalated to violence. >> reporter: has to set the record straight? >> the people letter myself, the civil rights lawyers, teachers, colleagues, doctor's. we are representative of the larger american muslim community >> reporter: in san francisco, mike pelton, kron
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4 news. >> social media played a big roll in the boston bombing story this week. kron four's jeff bush shows you how technology helped and hurt the flow of information. the entire country was focused on the events in boston all week long. it was a drama that played out on every possible platform imaginable. on monday, youtube videos were uploaded shortly after the bombing. this was a big asset to detectives who were just beginning their investigation. twitter was essential with getting the word out about the bombing but also helped people reconnect with loved ones after the explosions. internet sleuths were hard at work enhancing video and still images and uploading themagain, playing a key roll in helping police figure out who the bombers were.
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then, on thursday, when the fbi released the photos of the bombing suspects those images were shared across all platforms of social media. at the same time, police were looking into the youtube and twitter accounts of the bombing suspects to get some insight about possible motivations. the drama intensified on the computer screen early friday morning when the first suspect was killed and people were glued to twitter and facebook right up until the second suspect was caught. the boston police made the announcement of his arrest on twitter. but, social media is not always a good thing. early in the investigation, two innocent people's photos were distributed across the internet.claiming they were the bombing suspects. i'm jeff bush in the newsroom, kron four news. >> it was pretty nice today. in the east bay. with other it is going to be look for
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them to get another five, 10 degrees warmer, tomorrow. this is a live look. clear skies and the entire bay area has sunset tonight plenty of stars and for this evening, plenty of sunshine. with temperatures reaching the 80s for tomorrow. look for '70s but the 80s in fremont. these warm temperatures are going to stick around. how long that will last, coming up. >> next up on the kron 4 news at 8. residents of west texas finally told they can go home tonight after that big fertilizer plant explosion. but what are they returning home to? plus new security measures at today's giants game. we'll show you what different. and it's game one of the n- b-a playoffs. find out how the warriors faired against the nuggets.coming up.
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the drought is over.
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>> san francisco giants are not taking any chances. >> expediting along lines around at&t park was the goal. with increased security meant more waiting bags were checked and people had to go through scanners. whatever could not get passed through was thrown out. what ever entry choice they chose, they were waiting for a new long while. most for understanding and understood and appreciated the extra
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security. >> is well worth it. to take the precaution. >> we have only been here for five minutes it is going quick. >> what ever it takes >> the giants is very fast on doing anything, professionally. >> it worked out really well. it is not usually an issue at all. we are glad. >> better safe than sorry absolutely what you going to do in today's world. >> it was pretty long. >> its move faster than we thought. >> this line we have been here for about 10 minutes but it was kind of long. >> better precautions. >> reporter: as you can imagine the safety precautions will continue. this recreational park
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>> exciting games for the rest of the series. kron four's philippe djegal watched them square off against the denver nuggets. with some of the team's most dedicated fans. there was no shortage of the home team's colors. stephen curry jersey's, golden state warriors shirts and hats -- the popular garb. fans at pappy's grill and sports bar in berkeley had a lot to cheer about. especially a steph curry three pointer to tie the game at 95 with less than 15 seconds to go in the game. but turnovers and a game-
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winning layup from the denver nuggets' andre miller with less than two seconds in regulation. sealed the warriors' fate. at an arena in which the nuggets have only lost three games this season. warriors all-star david lee ledt the game early in the fourth quarter with a hip flexor strain. fans are hopefull he'll be back for game two. the warriors now have two days to rest before tuesday night's game. a win then, would bring this seven game series back here to oakland, tied at one. philippe djegal, kron four news. >> is a beautiful night the giants, with the top of the eight. and really nice night out there foster city, san
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jose and the 60s. and the sea breezes is picking up. with readings in the 50s. that is going to be the theme. with the exception of the a immediate coast. so, elsewhere is going to be warmer. clear skies. sunday getting up into the 8 monday looks warm and we will gradually see a cool with your forecast map. 3:00 p.m., high temperatures. the orange is indicating the 80s. through the north bay. and even locations near the bay. notice, the cooler readings along the coast. it will be sunny along
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temperatures will be 50s along the coast in the morning. with a low mid '80s. san jose, milpitas. 80s, mountain view. the same for fremont. the warmest will be inland and the east bay. readings in the 80s but they are just about 86 degrees in concord, danville. with mid upper 60s form hayward, san leandro. san francisco, mid-70s for the sunday. 74 degrees in oakland, 82 degrees. mid upper 70's for the peninsula. birling game. and here your kron 4 7 day around the bay monday, about this and we will be in the
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80s inland. tuesday, wednesday, more fog. cooler readings. >> earth day is coming up on monday. but as kron 4's jeff pierce explains. you don't have to wait until then to do your part and help out mother nature. >> i'm mother nature. you're mother nature? yes i am it's my holiday today. >> reporter: and mother nature along with earthday was observed around the bay saturday with people cleaning up shore lines. >> a lot of straws, a lot of cigarette butts, a lot of plastic, a lot of cellophane a lot of bottlecaps. for those who weren't out scouring shorelines there were events throughout the bay area hoping to spread the message that earthday is about our enviornment. >> a lot of it gets ingested by fish and birds. >> think about the litter that's on the street and pick it up because that litter eventually gets washed off the streets gets into our food chain which will have a big impact on
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us. >> and she lays white eggs >> this chicken fertilizes the dirt at my house, it's wonderful for my garden and my garden is the earth. >> reporter: in berkeley vegans where promoting an eco friendly diet for earthday. >> this is the first year we're doing it at the david brower center which is the first all green certified building in the bay area. being earth friendly using compostable plates, all organic ingredients as well as locally sourced. >> i'm powering the pa system. >> reporter: bicycle evangelists played unicyle basketball to attract attention to their contributions to earthday. >> on earthday, for springtime and for their lives.just knowing that there are ways to get around that don't involve a car. >> you know earth day is everybody's idea it just makes common sense. >> reporter: in berkeley jeff pierce kron four news >> smoking can be hazardous to your health.but what about women? coming up - a new study shows why cigarettes may be even more toxic for females in the vicinity of a smoker.
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>> it's a choice we be a smoker or a non-smoker. and women who smoke --or are around others who do-- face the risk of a host of medical problems. susan hendricks explains why. >> reporter: we all know men and women are different. and experts say those differences may extend to risks associated with smoking. >> there's some evidence that cigarette smoke may be somewhat more toxic for women. that is for a given amount of cigarette smoke they may be a little more likely to get lung cancer-- they may be a little more likely to get chronic bronchitis and emphysema. some studies show women are also at higher risk for lung cancer from secondhand smoke. researchers are still trying to explain this. what is clear is that women
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who take birth control pills are at increased risk of developing blood clots.smoking raises this risk substantially. you can get a blood clot in your leg, it may break off and go into your lung, it may make you very sick, it may even kill you. smoking also impacts fertility, and may make it harder for women to conceive, experts say. good reasons for women to kick the habit or avoid smoking altogether-- but experts point out there are plenty of good reasons for men to quit too. >> smoking is for the most part an equal opportunity killer. for today's health minute, i'm susan hendricks. you kids should count yourselves lucky.
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(male announcer): here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. take a very close look; i'll leave the video up for a bit. if you notice there are two people and man and a woman both have syringes in their hands as for what is in the two syringes, well i'm not an expert all i know is that what i'm showing you they are under this bridge in the town of el sobrante just off san pablo man road what brought me here was this porta potty, one of the only one's i have seen with a notice that it's under 24 hour survalliance this pota potty is located right behind the el sobrante library located on appian way nestled right next to san pablo creek a watershed the portable toilet was placed there because people were going down to the creek and using it as a public restroom i took a walk around that area the first thing i noticed was this capped syringe only a few hundred
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feet from this playground not to mention all the disgarded liquor bottles scattered about and all the spray paint cans from grafitti artist yes there is grafitti painted under the bridge some not so bad looking albiet it illegal and i did see evidence that the park and creek have been used as public tiolet and even a used diaper disposal area i spoke to business owners who tell me there has been a problem with this creek for a while and it's not uncommon to find used needleas it relates to trash, te creek is slightly cleaner than many other creeks i have seen in a while but then again the porta potty that is under 24 hour survalliance was also preety clean inside oh and before we go lets check in on the couple with the syringes, oh shhhhhh they are fast asleep let get out of here they need their rest , in el sobrante stanley roberts kron 4 news if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, e- mail us at 'people behaving badly' at kron- four-dot- com.
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after a week of terror, boston tries to return to normal coming up, we take a look at how that besieged city recovers by being "boston strong." people in west texas are beginning to return home after that horrific explosion. we see how the town is coping with the disaster >> temperatures are in the '60s and '70s. your forecast, coming up. .
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>> people in the boston area are breathing a sigh of relief now that the manhunt for the deadly marathon bombers is over. jake tapper ventured out into the city to see how people are feeling after yesterdays lockdown. >> reporter: today, boston tried to get back to normal. this afternoon's red sox game, re-scheduled because of the manhunt was a chance for the city to come together. and the city's most public space, boston common, was
8:30 pm
alive again after yesterday's eerie quiet. families strolled, relieved to finally have their city back after this week of terror. >> were you angry? >> absolutely angry. little scared for my kids. we haven't told them about it or anything, but definitely angry. as her daughter played at the water's edge, this mother said she could finally exhale. >> it's been terrifying. i mean it's definitely an amazing experience to just feel scared in your own city in your own backyard. so this is where we live in our home. it's a very vulnerable feeling. i'm thankful that we now can get out of the house and experience a little bit of sunshine because yesterday was very much a harrowing day." >> reporter: we stopped eric kaye on his run, the first he'd made since he was stopped just short of the marathon's finish line on monday. >> family was there at the finish line, thankfully they're all okay. but i thought this was the only
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way to reclaim s in a cathartic way, running for the community and city. >> reporter: and while the sense of anxiety here is abating, boston will be changed forever by what happened on its streets this week. last night locals burst onto the streets to cheer for the police who brought an end to the manhunt. but the light of day brings the stark reminder that while one suspect is dead and the other is in custody , the violence they left in their wake.that remains. four dead, and dozens more wounded with injuries they'll live with forever. the makeshift memorial here, a sort of prayer for them and the city to strong. the f-b-i has arrested an 18-year-old suburban chicago man who authorities say was planning to join an al- qaida-affiliated group operating in syria. the f-b-i says abdella ahmad tounisi of aurora was arrested friday night as he tried to board a flight to turkey.
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tounisi.a u-s citizen, is charged with one count of attempting to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization. according authorities tounisi carried out research online about nursa front. the most effective rebel group in syria affiliated with al-qaida. >> earthquake survivors in pakistan staged angry protests friday -- accusing the government of failing to provide enough aid. a 7-point-8 magnitude quake struck tuesday near pakistan's border with iran -- killing at least 41 people. more than a thousand homes in this town alone have been destroyed or damaged. the military has been leading relief efforts and the u-n has offered help if pakistan needs it. but the men on the ground here say they need more aid. >> we need support because this is primarily from the army. the damage to the contribution. so we need a
8:33 pm
law several levels of help to come and help. >> reporter: those seriously injured have been air-lifted to the provincial capital. the military has distributed tons of food, medicines and hundreds of tents - but the earthquake has left thousands homeless. >> residents are huddling outdoors in a town near the epicenter of a powerful earthquake that struck the steep hills of china's southwestern sichuan province. saturday morning's earthquake injured more than 6,700 people and left at least 160 people dead. and more are feared dead. the six-point-six quake triggered landslides and disrupted phone and power connections. one village was also hit hard, with authorities saying nearly all the buildings there had been destroyed in a the minute- long shaking by the quake. the earthquake administration said there had been at least 712 aftershocks, including two of magnitude-5.0 or higher. >> officials say that the area impacted by the fertilizer plant explosion in west texas is safe. city council member steve
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vanek says that the first wave of residents should be allowed to move back in today. however they will be subject to a curfew for the time being. the west fertilizer company exploded on wednesday -- killing fourteen people and injuring dozens more. portions of the town were leveled and dozens of homes were damaged. yesterday authorities began inspecting the area. this is what council member vanek had to say today. everything is safe. any rumors that you've heard today, forget about it. it's good. we're trying to get our people back in, and i want to encourage that please. everything is safe, safe, and safe. >> now the people in west texas are beginning to pick up the pieces of their lives after that horrific explosion. for an overview of how the town is coping with the disaster we go now to martin savidge. >> reporter: the first aerial video of west, texas after the blast is stunning and emotional. >> i just toured the site,
8:35 pm
both from the air and from the ground. >> and, frankly, the observation along the area around the site is just total devastation. >> reporter: at least a four-block radius around the fertilizer plant is almost completely leveled. from the ground the view is just as horrific and heart wrenching. >> this appears to be what was a home over here, completely just obliterated, smoking, charred. >> reporter: all day thursday search teams continued looking for the living and the dead. including a number of the town's first responders of volunteer fire fighters, who raced to douse the flames and evacuate those in danger. they bought time for their friends and neighbors, paying for it with their own lives or injuries. they were trying to sit me down because i'm bleeding. >> i said, 'i've got a job to do. >> there's people hurt more than me.' >> reporter: west, texas is so small and the blast was so large, if a family hasn't suffered damage, injury or
8:36 pm
death they certainly know someone who >> on the one hand, so thankful that we're alive and i have mine. >> but i've got friends that don't. >> reporter; you've got friends who don't? the cataclysm was captured on video from many vantage points. but none more haunting than this. a day and a half later, the hearing of dad and daughter is back but the nightmare will never leave. >> i knew there was a good chance we were going to see an explosion. >> but i didn't expect what we got. what started the fire that triggered the explosion of deadly chemicals still isn't known. investigators say there is nothing so far to suggest anything other than an accident. the disaster registered as an earthquake, shook buildings 45 miles away and brought strangers together in long lines to give blood. at a news conference, an exhausted mayor, tommy muska, said his town had all the help it needed. then made one last appeal.
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>> i ask for your prayers. >> reporter: martin savidge, cnn, west, texas. a west texas nursing home was part of the many buildings damaged in the blast. now more than eleven different nursing homes across central texas are opening their doors to the patients who were displaced. one of the patients describes the horror she felt after the nursing home she was in collapsed around her. >> i was watching tv in the dining room then i heard this big loud explosion and then the ceiling collapsed on top of me. i was scared i just screamed and screamed. >> what went to remind? >> i was scared. >> now that the displaced residents have a place to stay, they can turn their attention towards the future.
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qaida-affiliated group
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savidge. what started the fire that patients who were displaced. >> five backcountry snowboarders were found dead saturday after being trapped by an avalanche in colorado's white river national forest. authorities say six snowboarders were caught in the slide saturday afternoon.but one member of the group survived. they were snowboarding at loveland pass.about 50 miles west of denver. the condition of the lone survivor was not released. >> airlines and the nations biggest pilots union are joining forces to sue the federal aviation administration. because of their decision to furlough air traffic controllers as a result of the automatic spending cuts required by congress. the lawsuit is asking a federal court in washington to block the furloughs -- which are scheduled to kick in sunday. industry officials say the f-a-a could have found other ways to save money. however the furloughs will
8:40 pm
reduce the workforce by ten savings of 200-million- dollars. but fewer controllers may mean longer delays at some of the nations busiest airports. >> plenty of 80s inland. this was a sunset over lake tahoe. 60s for tomorrow. it will stick around how long it is going to last. >> earth day volunteers in the bay area gathered today at pacifica's linda mar beach to participate in clean-up activities. the pacifica beach coalition has organized earth day activities since 2005 and today, hundreds of people assisted in liter pick ups, gardening, and habitat restoration. the organization focuses on improving beaches, shorelines, wathershed areas and streets by removing liter and non-native plants. over 150 community groups and 125 businesses participated with the pacifica beach coalition in this year's earth day.
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move over i-tunes. twitters is starting to enter the music field. our tech reporter gabe slate has the latest.
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bombing suspect that shut down the surrounding boston area during the search are trickling out tonight. right now we know the surviving suspect, nineteen- year-old johar tsar-neye-ev, is in serious but stable condition and is unable to communicate, yet. he is recovering at a boston hospital guarded by armed officers. tsarnaev was captured last night inside a boat parked in a watertown backyard. these are images of that boat. t quote the that f defenders coming up mccormick was seen at your -- a gourmet cuisine at the workplace. >> the your kron 4 7 day around the bay cannot look at them kids. [ sigh ]
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suggested. this is what it things that you will like. perhaps a band that you will like. and this is now playing. this has been playing that what you are following. people -- you are following, that they are playing. just hit play. that will open up that player and allow you to tweet. this is only available for the iphone. and it could come soon to android. >> a beautiful day on the coast. this is pacifica. sunshine, blue skies and temperatures in the 60s. it looks like a repeat for tomorrow. with a couple of days of nice beach days. for the inland valleys. for the monterey bay. santa cruz.
8:49 pm
the wind coming out of the north. look for a high of 80 degrees. and 60s for half moon bay, stinson beach. and also, the wind coming out of the beautiful sections for of this marin county coast. this live view of the bay bridge. clear skies. temperatures are mild away from the ocean. sunny, warm, and a highs will be in the 80s. we will see the same on monday and on tuesday. with just a gradual cooling trend as we go through the week. temperatures were sunday look good for the 70's in san francisco three degrees warmer. 80s in fremont, oakland, san jose, nearly 90 degrees in antioch, livermore. about 15 degrees
8:50 pm
above average. with clear skies all the way up to the pacific northwest. stormy weather will continue. temperatures will be in the fifties but cooler. for the north bay valleys and also the tried-friendly. for the afternoon, low-and '80s. south-san jose, getting into the mid '80s. 83 and downtown san jose. redwood city, palo alto, mountain view. temperatures in the mid upper 80s in some areas, inland. antioch, fairfield. 70's by the bay. the sea breeze will cool things off readings into the '60s and '70s in san francisco. oakland, 82 degrees your kron 4 7 day around the bay with readings about the same
8:51 pm
on monday in just a little bit cooler. the eventually, some more morning fog. and 60s near the base 70's, inland. and remember you can watch the weather forecast whenever it is convenient for you on our 24/7 bay area news channel. you can also get headlines and live traffic. it's on comcast 193 and you can also watch it live on wish your company had its own master chef for employees? coming up on dine and dish - we go inside an office space for some gourmet cuisine. >> salad with green beans. >> the food is the no. 1 park. >> this is an innovation lab with a professional chef. >> people appreciate a good meal.
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>> she is a pedigree chef. >> zuni thise exotic fish dish and the idea is that keeps them well fed and happy but it saves precious time. >> i get such great meals on how this lunch looks great. >> would you like some santeria? the top-secret sangria. to find out more " our website. >> coming up after the breakcoming up after the break. the warriors are in denver taking on the nuggets for game one of the n-b-a playoffs. we'll have highlights of that game as well as the giants and a's games.
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coming up next.
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>> after six long years the golden state warriors are back in the playoffs. but with one-point-three seconds to go nuggets guard andre miller sank a layup to lift denver over the warriors 97-to-95. coming into the game the nuggets had won 23 consecutive games in denver -- and today's win gives them 24 in a row. david lee left the game early with a right hip strain. he finished with ten points and fourteen rebounds. the team announced that x- rays were negative but he is
8:56 pm
scheduled for an m-r-i tomorrow. game two is on tuesday night in denver jeremy hellickson pitched seven strong innings and matt joyce hit a solo homer to help the tampa bay rays beat the oakland athletics 1-0 on saturday night. hellickson allowed three hits, walked one and struck out six to win for the first time in four starts this season. joyce homered off jarrod parker leading off the second inning. joel peralta pitched the eighth for tampa bay, which has won two straight over the al west-leading a's after dropping seven of nine of a road trip that ended thursday night. fernando rodney worked the ninth, finishing the three- hit shutout and earning his second save in three opportunities. the weather is spectacular. >> it is like summer. >> temperatures in the 80s and 90s. '70s and '80s by the bay. beautiful beaches. >> imagine that! >> andyou can catch the latest news, forecast and
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