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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  April 21, 2013 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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(male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> tonight, the aftermath of big pot party.that turned into a big brawl and giant mess. authorities are estimating that between 10 and 15 thousand people participated in yesterday's unofficial 4-20 event in golden gate park. here you can see you tube video that shows the crowds. a slang term for smoking pot
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april 20th has turned into an unofficial counterculture holiday.that's been growing in size over the years. but as kron four's philippe djegal shows us from cellphone video. that mellow celebration also turned violent. what started this brawl? we don't know. but what we do know. is that it got out of hand, quickly. and, dozens of people were involved. who were possibly intoxicated. pushing, shoving, punching. people getting thrown to
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the ground. and, eventually, a man grabs a guitar. and, smashes another man on his side with it. here's another angle of the man wailing the guitar. the brawl caught on tape from several viewpoints. the san francisco police say they were not notified about the incident. and, did not respond. on a typical day, some five officers patrol this area. on saturday, there were 50. city officials estimate the crowd at close to 15- thousand people. making it one of the largest unpermitted events police say they've ever seen. in san francisco, philippe djegal, kron four news. team coverage continues as kron4's maureen kelly shows us the mess golden gate park city workers found themselves stuck cleaning up after that big marijuana smoke out that took place yesterday. after the smoke cleared.rec and park workers found this section of the park covered with this video you can see most of the mess is confined to hippie
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hill.but as bad as this looks.the gardeners i spoke to it was way worse when they first showed up at 6:30 this morning.and the mess was spread across the entire meadow. 25 workers were called in.many on pick up after those who didn't bother.piles and piles of garbage.liquor bottles.and cigarette packs.litter associated with pot smoking.and it's after affects. the lawn was scarred in several places after smoldering charhere you can see someone left behind their bbq.where many others dumped piles of briquettes on the lawn.which many had been left smoldering. people showing up to enjoy the park sunday were upset by the mess. even some people who partied this woman.,.,.were mad when they saw the aftermath. but this reveler.who volunteered to help pick up.thought critics should mellow out.because of the
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economic benefit to the neighboring businesses.which sold a lot of the receptacles now left littering the ground. here's a breakdown of the police activity surrounding the four-twenty celebration. there were seven felony arrests. six of them for possession and use of narcotics. five misdemeanor arrests. mostly for drunk and disorderly conduct. thirty citations were handed out. mostly for drinking alcohol from an open container. and, today, at least 54
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citiations were handed out to people for illegally camping in golden gate park overnight. tonight police are searching for a suspect who they say shot a man during a robbery on a quiet neighborhood street in rockridge. new tonight at eight. kron 4's scott rates has the latest in the case, and talks to an oakland city councilmember about the shooting. a deadly shooting leaves
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one person dead in a hayward neighborhood and residents trying to figure out who the unknown victim was. kron 4's alecia reid brings us the scene and the latest in the investigation.
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three alarm fire in santa clara nursing home. started in garge of facility. residents were evacuated but allowed to return. no injuries retirement resident evacuated everyone started from a car fire in the basement it started at 5:15 and lasted for 45 minutes
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coming up on the kron 4 news at 8. the surviving bombing suspect - new signs he's starting to communicate. plus. big pop-ee of the boston red socks - we see how his strong words are going viral. and more victims of the west texas fertilizer plant explosion. why so many were
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while people in and around boston start the healing process, federal officials are working to move forward in the legal proceedings. the only surviving suspect in the boston marathon bombings, jaw-har tsar-naih- yev , has yet to be charged. tory dunnan has the latest. >> reporter: the surviving suspect in the boston marathon bombings could be charged at his hospital bedside sunday, according to a justice department official. dzhokhar tsarnaev is still in serious condition at beth israel deconess medical center-- sedated, with a tube down his throat, and unable to speak. although massachusetts does not have the death penalty, prosecutors could seek capital punishment at the federal level. >> "given the facts that i've seen it would be appropriate to use the death penalty in this case and i would hope they would apply it in federal court." >> reporter: now, more questions are being raised about the suspects, and if the f-b-i did enough before the bombings. in 2011, the f-b-i says it interviewed the older
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brother, tamerlan, after russian authorities alerted the u-s government. he then made a six-month trip to russia in 2012,but his exact whereabouts and activites are unclear. >> "the ball was dropped in one of two ways, the fbi missed a lot of things is one potential answer, or our laws do not allow the fbi to follow-up in a sound, solid way." >> reporter: while officials sift through the details, worshippers sought answers in their own way-- gathering at the cathedral of the holy cross sunday to reflect on the violent flare their city experienced in the last week. moving forward, governor deval patrick says there can be vigilance without fear. >> "there are some lessons we're going to have to learn and have learned painfully through this last experience that will have to be applied to future marathons, but there will be future marathons and i think they'll be bigger and better than ever." >> reporter: govorner patrick is asking residents to observe a moment of silence monday at the time the first of two bombs exploded near the finish line of the boston marathon. the one-minute silent tribute to victims is scheduled for 2:50 p.m. and will be followed by the
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ringing of bells in boston and elsewhere in massachusetts. it marks one week since the attacks that killed three people and wounded more than 180 others. but red sox first baseman david ortiz didn't stay silent, in fact he shared some colorful language at last nights game about the recent events. > > this is our citythe words were so powerful that t-shirts are already being made with the iconic sentence on them. f-c-c chairman tweeted afterwards that he would not be fining david ortiz -- who is affectionately referred to by the people of boston as big papi. the chairman added that ortiz spoke from the heart. saying that the f-c-c stands with ortiz and the people of boston.
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more than three-thousand runners laced up their shoes this morning to take part in the annual 'presideo 10' run at chrissy field. it's put on by the guardsmen. and. in the wake of the boston terror attacks, kron 4's mike pelton shows us for many, today's run had a whole new meaning.
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kinders deli in martinez is showing support for young boston bombing victim aaron hern-- who was badly wounded by shrapnel. aaron's dad, alan hern, is the football coach at alhambra high school in martinez. today, all workers of the deli sported alhambra high school football jerseys to show support of 11- year old- aaron hern- and his family. kinders is donating 15 percent of its sales to the hern family. aaron hern underwent several surgeries at boston's children hospital earlier this week. he is expected to make a full recovery. officials and family members
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have identified four more first responders who died in last week's fertilizer plant explosion in west texas. at least fourteen people were killed in that blast. west's mayor says that ten of the fourteen people who died were first responders. today officials let a group of reporters visit the area around the blast site. the fire marshal says that all of the fires have been put out and the remaining fertilizer tanks are no longer in danger. the cause of the explosion is still under investigation. some people started celebrating earth day over the weekend but it officially kicks off on monday. earth day was started back in 1970 by the modern environmental movement. it was the brainchild of wisconsin senator gaylord nelson. 20-million americans participated in the first event. and now -- 40 years later -- more than a billion people in over 180-nations around the world celebrate earth day. big changes coming to the boy scouts of america. coming up, we'll find out about a plan to partially lift its longtime ban on homosexuals. r
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>> big changes coming to the boy scouts of america. coming up, we'll find out about a plan to partially homosexuals. r the boy scouts of america are proposing to partially lift its longtime ban on homosexuals.
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this proposal comes after weeks of private deliberation between the organizations leadership. it would allow gay scouts to enter the boy scouts but would prevent openly gay adult leaders from participating. here's what some of the people within the boy scouts had to say about the proposal to lift the ban. >> i don't see a problem if they let the youth in or the adults in. i don't see the big deal about it. >> it's good for the organization to set back and look at how the world is changing and look at the views of how things are today. i mean things aren't the same as they used to be. >> the proposal will be submitted to roughly 14- hundred voting members of the b-s-a's national council. with the vote scheduled for the week of may 20th. >> coming up the latest on ac transit on people behaving badly.
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>> ac transit is required by law to stop all of these railroad crossings. apparently, they have forgotten about some of these rules. ac transit bus
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drivers have failed to come to a complete stop at these railroad crossings. in fact, this behavior is heavily frowned upon. however, these habits still continue and it all cases the driver should be putting their hazard lights on the but they do not come to a complete stop. based on experience i have seen that it is more of the same. if i were to return a few months later it would be business as usual. to be fair, some bus drivers and did come to a complete stop. but a majority just rolled across the tracks. in hayward, stanley roberts, kron 4 news. if you have a comment or
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story idea for stanley, e- mail us at 'people behaving badly' at kron- four-dot- com. >> possible links between one of the boston bombing suspects and muslim extremists. coming up, we take a look at what evidence the fbi is looking at. plus.marathons being run around the world. we'll show you how runners boston's deadly marathon. hamas a lot of warm temperatures for tomorrow. 80s. -a lot of warm temperatures, how long these summer-like temperatures record last, coming up.
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>> there have been growing questions over possible links between late suspect tamerlan sar-naih-yev and muslim extremists. the older brother had video of a jihadist on his youtube channel. that jihadist was killed by russian forces in the capital of dagestan.where sar-naih-yev spent some time. nick paton walsh reports >> reporter: is there a connection between this gunfight involving militants and police in dagestan. and
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one of the boston bombers? the youtube page of deceased brother tamerlan tsarnaev suggests there might be. he put up a link to a video titled abu dujan, emir rabbikalani. the video was removed - but cnn has now found it. and it shows this man. abu dujan is the name used by an islamist militant gadzhimurad dolgatov. russian special forces hit dolgatov's hideout last december. an armoured car brought in to kill as many as 6 militants inside, including dolgatov. the grizzly aftermath showing their heavy weapons. but also the heavy hand used to kill them. four months later, the marks remain of the tit for tat violence fueling militancy across this region. neighbors told us the young men who once lived here seemed peaceful, ordinary.
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but in the dust lies a question. why did tsarnaev's you tube page link to the rants of the militant who died here? in a town where tsarnaev's father lived, and that tamerlan visited just last year. inside you can see how intense the violence must have been against this apartment. and here could be the clearest link yet between one of the alleged boston bombers and the violence that's been gripping southern russia. a u-s intelligence source told cnn the tsarnaev brothers' social media accounts are being examined for possible links to extremists in the caucasus. in case they reveal the darkest secret of boston: why did the bombers do it? nick paton walsh cnn makhachkala >> boston's pain is being felt all over the world. today runners participated in a marathon in bethlehem, israel. and no doubt boston is on many of their minds. there were runners from all over the world. some were even at the marathon in boston.
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number of runners are participating to show their support for all those who were lost or injured in the deadly bombings. >> "i wanted to show the people in the us that we care about what's going on. it doesn't matter if a child dies from here or the u-s or even israel. children are our children. so i put on this shirt here in memory of martin. so i hope his family knows we care" >> yesterday london held a marathon where many participants ran in honor of the victims from the boston marathon bombings. meanwhile the marathon held in hamburg germany today paused for a moment to remember the victims of the boston bombings. many of the runners wore green and yellow wristbands that said "run for boston marathon 2013." before the race kicked off there was a moment of silence. >> relief teams flew in helicopters to reach some of the most isolated communities in sichuan.where a six-point-six quake kills more than 180 people. thousands of rescuers are working around the clock in china's sichuan province - trying to find survivors from saturday's deadly quake. chinese state media say at
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least 186 people were killed. and more than eight- thousand have been hospitalized. the chinese premier visited some of the victims in the hospital today. >> china reports there's been another bird flu death. which now raises the death toll to at least 18. that word -- from the official xinhua news agency. state media also reported several new infections related to the h-7-n-9 virus. health officials have raised concerns about the source of the virus - since many patients had no contact with poultry. but the world health organization still says there's no evidence of transmission between people. >> new information from the korean peninsula. south korea's yonhap news agency now reports - that the north has moved two short-range missile launchers to its east coast. that action -- seems to point to preparations for a test launch. the heightened tensions there. are set to be the focus when a chinese delegation heads to washington this week. jim clancy has more. >> reporter: north korea's response to the call of diplomacy has been blustery
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at best. it demands the world recognize its nuclear and ballistic missile programs as its sovereign exchange for even sitting down to talk >> kim jong un probably feeling very insecure and very unstable. and the more unstable and more insecure he feels, the more the need to hold on to, to cling onto this ultimate weapon of destruction, nuclear weapons. because this is the only thing that could ensure the continuation of the kim dynasty. >> reporter: the west hopes kim jong un's weeks-long propaganda outburst will cause china to make a fundamental shift in its support for pyongyang. that may be answered in a series of meetings in china and washington this week. >> if any country in the world has leverage in dealing with north korea and maybe to the point where north korea will be forced to actually give up, contemplate giving up on its nuclear weapons program, it's china.
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>> reporter: beijing's interest will be its own. it's about what china wants: economic stability in northeast asia and a non- nuclear korean peninsula on its doorstep. beijing doesn't like the pressure and thinks washington could do more. >> the chinese are very keen to just get back to any kind of talks. i mean, in fact, the chinese regularly tell me, if obama would just pick up the phone and talk to kim jong un, we could solve this whole thing. >> reporter: all parties know north korea is vulnerable. it desperately needs a good harvest to feed its 25 million people - including millions who may be on the brink of starvation. that's why beijing won't ratchet up the pressure. >> the chinese don't want to cause a regime collapse. that's their number 1 nightmare scenario, really. so, by cutting off aid to that extent, they would essentially be bringing on the one thing they're trying most to avoid. >> reporter: in coming days, north korea's military will
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be pressed into service in their tens, or even hundreds of thousands to help with spring planting - meantime, hundreds of thousands of south koreans not the military, but ordinary people, are coming out to celebrate the springor cherry blossom festival in the capital city of seoul. people here are tired of pyongyang's threats. for them, talks for the sake of talks are a waste of time. south korean president park guen hye has warned as much. but what would take the place of the 6-party formula.and who can convince north korea to change course? jim clancy cnn seoul >> it was a beautiful dave for the cherry festival in san francisco. the beautiful-day. with no fog expected in the forecast through thursday. great today for the beaches. with
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clear skies and sunshine to start. all the way through the day and temperatures will be about the same for tomorrow as what we have for tonight. approaching nine degrees. the futurecast, 7:00 a.m., cool in some places. and also some 40's in the livermore valley. otherwise, through the days sunshine and things will warm up quickly. already, places into the 80s. the north bay, the south bay. towards 3:00 p.m., notice some areas of even places nearly nine degrees! how much longer we can expect this, nearly 90 degrees --. >> good news for those filling up the gas tank tonight before the work week. gas prices dropped almost ten cents! as we take a look at local gas prices around the bay. according to aaa's fuel gauge. a regular gallon of gas in
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san francisco goes for $4.06. in san jose it'll cost you $3.93.and the same thing for oakland. many businesses are fighting a new proposal by california. that proposal would require companies to show consumers the personal information they've collected from them and how it's being used. the bill will require companies to show consumers how they use the information that is collected. in a letter to lawmakers 15 companies say that the bill would open up an avalanche of inquiries. >> coming up how high tech can help with night vision. and tom cruise at the box office. we're now 28 days away from this year's bay to breakers. kron 4 will bring you the race from start to finish. bay to breakers -- happening -- sunday, may 19th.
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>> where do you go when you have a hankerin' for gator meat? coming up on dine and dish - we take you to the boxing room for some new orleans gumbo and. deep fried gator. >> it sounds delicious! coming up, at 90 degrees inland. what we can expect for tomorrow, not. coming up.
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>> in the united states 5000 pedestrians are killed by automobiles. most of these happen at night but there's a new technology with night vision. making it easy for drivers to see. and night vision is the first advanced pedestrian detection vision. this video shows how it works. with headlights
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already showing this system with an infrared night- vision camera. it sends its imagery to the camera that spesenses special pedestrians. this result improve tonight division is displayed on a television monitor in the dashboard. and if this is spotted it will flash of yellow warnings. here is a comparison. the lower is the night vision. is it definitely it easier. and here it is again. in this example the person is revealed walking a dog on left side see them on the top portion. here is a second. this is offered in high-end luxury vehicles. it should be available in most
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cars for five, 10 years. >> here is a nice shot from san jose. beautiful scenes from santa clara, san jose with clear skies and we are seeing those nice conditions around the bay area. once we can see the cartagena's bridge. through alamo, hercules and temperatures in the '70s. for tomorrow look for another warm day. just like what we had today. remember, if today was like it is going to be pretty much the same for tomorrow. temperatures will drop three, five degrees. cooling each and every day. still, it is going to be nice. temperatures will remain on the warm side. '70s in the
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san francisco. fremont, san jose and nearly 90 degrees in walnut creek. we can still show some warmth. for the sierras, some warm conditions and this time in collapsed. some high claude's 69 degrees. more 60s on monday. high temperatures. fast warming getting to the '90s. fairfield, some areas to the north bay. notice on tuesday not quite as warm but it will still be a nice day. temperatures will be well above average. temperatures in the south- bay. getting into the low mid '80s. through san jose. we will see temperatures in
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the 80s nearly nine these inland antioch, livermore. nine degrees-nearly 90 degrees 80s in the north bay. cooler along the coast your kron 4 7 day around the bay that fog will return thursday morning. but it looks like it is niceand remember you can watch the weather forecast whenever it is convenient for you on our 24/7 bay area news channel. you can also get headlines and live traffic. it's on comcast 193 and you can also watch it live on >> every so often if you need is something that is fried gator and i was just
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kidding. >> this is deep fried alligator. >> do you steer clear of these? >> authentic cajun cooking to san francisco. >> and practice down. >> we have gator jambalay and hush puppies and crawfish has san francisco embraced the cuisine? >> the one of the authentic louisiana fare and the secret ingredient is the
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time & patience to rea and i do not need to go to the orleans. >> if you showed but if you do not need to drive all the way down there. >> and my favorite is the b gumbo and tastes like chicken [laughter] coming up after the break. we'll have highlights of the game. those stories and more coming up next. look at them kids. [ sigh ]
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>> the new tom cruise sci-fi adventure was the big draw at the movies this weekend. the post-apocalyptic "oblivion" eliminated the competition at the box office over the weekend. the film, starring tom cruise, topped the box office with 38-point-two million dollars in ticket sales. "42," the jackie robinson biopic, continues to score with moviegoers. it pulled in another 18 million dollars in its second week in theaters. and the dreamworks animated feature, "the croods" held onto third place, with another 9-and-a-half million dollars in ticket sales. barry zito was fantastic and buster posey hit his first home run of the year as the san francisco giants beat the san diego padres five-to-zero. zito pitched seven innings and only gave up five hits while striking out four and walking one. chad gaudin came in and pitched the eighth and ninth to give the giants their twelfth win of the year and a sweep of the padres.
8:54 pm
the giants still remain one- and-a-half games behind the colorado rockies for first place in the n-l west. tomorrow the diamondbacks come to town for a three- game series. after sweeping their three game series with the astros the a's dropped all three games against the tampa bay rays. today the rays put the nail in the coffin with an eight-to-one victory. starting pitcher tommy milone -- who started the season with a three game win streak -- gave up six runs over six-and-two- third-innings. for the second day in a row a's hitters only managed to notch three hits. now they head to boston for a three game series against the red sox before coming back to oakland. ryan johansen scored the tiebreaking goal with 1:37 remaining to give the columbus blue jackets a big boost in their push for the playoffs with a 4-3 victory over the san jose sharks on sunday night. mark letestu scored twice and vinny prospal also scored for the blue jackets, who moved into a tie for seventh place with minnesota in the western conference with 51 points.
8:55 pm
columbus has played one more game than the wild and two more than the ninth-place detroit red wings, who are three points back in the race for the final playoff spot. marty havlat, andrew desjardins and joe pavelski scored for the sharks, who needed only to take the game to overtime to clinch a ninth-straight playoff berth. antti niemi made 18 saves. warriors all-star power- forward david lee is out for the rest of the season. an m-r-i revealed today that lee tore his right hip flexor during the warriors 97-to-95 loss to the denver nuggets on saturday. now they'll have to move on without their star player for the remainder of the playoffs. game two is set for tuesday in denver. star cornerback darrelle revis is heading to the tampa bay buccaneers. the jets traded the corner for the thirteenth overall pick in this years draft and another selection in next years draft. revis celebrated the trade by signing a new six-year contract with his new team. you can catch the latest news, forecast and traffic conditions whenever it's convenient - on our 24/7 bay area news channel. you can watch live on or on comcast channel 193.
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and this feels the just like the summer! >> and i was thinking that it is not even this warm in the summertime. with 80s on tap for tomorrow. san francisco, we have been stopped in the 60s but today, 76. tomorrow 76 in san francisco, san jose low 80s. 80s in the north bay a warm day a nice day for the beaches. no fog expected so it is looking nice. >> and why not play hooky? >> and dell clouds. >> it is going to be great. >> in july and we will see
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you at 11:00 p.m. and we will see that then ♪
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