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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  April 22, 2013 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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(male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> public safety in rockridge is now a concernand neighbors held a household meeting about crime. normally considered a safe, affluent neighborhoodpeople are on edge since saturday's attack. in an attempted robbery, a man walking with his wife saturday night was shot in the shoulder. the gunman ran off before taking anything from the couple. although there are neighborhood watch groups all throughout the area, councilman dan kalb says residents are uneasy and want more police presence. there's concern as to how
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much money will be used in the next budget to reduce crime. >> reporter: this meeting was schedules before
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saturday night's shootingwhich now gave neighbors even more of a reason to address their concerns, the gunman is still at large. in oakland alecia reid kron 4 news. >> pam: the california highway patrol has agreed to extend and expand. its patrols in oakland. the agency's contract was scheduled to expire on friday, but mayor jean quan said, the c-h-p has agreed to continue patrolling. while the city works to finalize the terms of a new contract. the mayor said, the new contract would increase the c-h-p's availability in oakland. to as many as four days a week. oakland has been working with the c-h-p since the number of officers in its police department dropped from 836 to 611. over the past four years. the san francisco city attorney says. he wants answers from those in nevada. he says. a policy called - patient dumping - may be costing taxpayers here a lot of money. kron 4's j.r. stone has more. >> it is concerning. and i
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think deplorable. >> reporter: they are launching an investigation from the state of nevada as actions. call patient dumping. embossing the mentally ill out of state, the a greyhound. >> we need to report this over the last five years that 1500 individuals were discharged. with practically just a one-way bus ticket. >> reporter: one of the main destinations was san francisco. and the location is this facility and las vegas. with 1005 ordered people, they were sent to california. 36 came to san francisco. looking at this specifically so san francisco is protected. as a result of this we are reimbursed as we need to be.
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>> reporter: he has requested documents to help in his investigation. talking about patient dumping in the past. this seems to be different. >> this is concrete documentation. as to an estimate on what has? it is too early to tell what is costing the city. j.r. stone, kron 4 news. >> pam: kron 4 news has learned. the suspects in the audrie pott sexual assault, will spend their days in home detention. until their trial begins, ispott is the 15-year-old saratoga high school girl, who committed suicide last september. days after the alleged attack. tonight kron 4's dan kerman has reaction to the developments. >> reporter: a kron 4 news has learned that the three teenage boys has been released from juvenile hall and their home detention.
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>> they should be and juvenile hall. i think that they should not be in the cover of their own home. >> reporter: the officer is upset with this decision. >> to all of the girls are run them. and they are a threat. >> clearly the natures of the charges are a threat. and unless we can convince the judge that they are a danger to this community that this is not an unusual move by the court. >> reporter: the details of this case with legal analyst, stephen clark says that it is common to be placed on home detention because some minor is under a parent rule. >> there is a cost with that, with a curfew, drug & top tobacco. and other counseling required
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>> reporter: they are able to travel to and from school but the restrictions could be an ankle bracelets and restrictions on it social networking and computer use. >> this is not an opportunity for them to go out on a saturday night. they are going to be going to be staying on their home premises. this will have a strict curfew and the will have to check and with a officer, frequently. any violation will put them back in juvenile hall. >> reporter: they are not able to comment but they remain hopeful that these teenage boys will be tried as adults. dan kerman, kron 4 news. >> jacqueline: a warm day. with one of those warm records was 85 degrees in oakland. and that was a new record high and also the
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year 91 degrees in napa! but much cooler and half moon bay with fog. up to coast. bumping up along the san mateo coast with sharply reduced visibility. however, he does decent ever where else but it is confined to the coast tonight. it will not make it to the bayshore it is going to be cooler but portions of the bay area will be warmer. your complete forecast, coming up. >> pam: coming up. handsfree. or not. teenagers may soon be banned from hands free texting while behind the wheel. details next. and charges for the surviving boston terror suspect. the bay area boy injured in the attack gets some special visitors. plus. >> gary: the giants are trying out arizona at at&t. the warriors are read out david lee and kobe bryant. too much on twitter!, later.
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you kids should count yourselves lucky.
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>> pam: new at 11. under a bill approved by the state senate. drivers under age 18, would be banned from texting while driving. even if they use hands- free devices. the california association of highway patrolmen says, a bill that passed last year. allowing drivers to use not exempt teenagers democratic senator cathleen galgiani of stockton says, her bill --s-b-194-- would limit the possible distractions for in- experienced drivers. the bill was approved on a 35-3 vote. and now goes on to the assembly. also new at 11. the obama administration says, it has seized $21- million. from troubled automaker - fisker automotive. that's just weeks after the company laid off three- fourths of its workers, amid continuing financial and production problems. fisker had already received nearly 200- hundred million, of the $529- million dollar federal loan, before the problems which led officials to freeze that loan in 2011. fisker pledged its assets as collateral.. the government loan was given to the anaheim -based company. as part of an obama administration program to boost electric cars, and other advanced vehicles.
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>> jacqueline: this was really warm. however will it last? coming up.
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>> jacqueline: we're going to continue with the cooling '60s and '70s by thursday. we will continue with fog. it is up along the coast reduced visibility. the computer model is offshore. but i think that it is going to be along the san mateo coast. largely in the 50s. santa rosa.
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>> pam: it is now official. jahar sar-nye-yev the bostonand here is the latest in the terror attacks. federal charges have been filed against sar-nye-yev, but he still faces charges from the state. and officials say, the bombing was motivated by a radical form of islam. but they do not believe others were involved. meanwhile, one victim, 29- year-old krystle campbell. was laid to rest today. and
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a memorial was held for the chinese graduate student, lu lingzi's. who was also killed. and of the victims still in the hospital, each is expected to survive. one of the younger victims of the terror attack -- a bay area boy - 11 year old aaron hern of martinez -- got a visit from some of his baseball heroes this morning. here's a photograph. it shows. oakland a's first baseman brandon moss, left fielder josh reddick and first base coach tye waller. all visiting with hern in the hospital. the a's are in boston to play a three- game series against the red sox. and stay with us as we continue to follow this developments out of boston. we'll bring you the latest updates here on kron 4. and on our website. kron4 dot com. canadian authorities say, two men were arrested and charged with plotting a terrorist attack against a canadian passenger train. intelligence officials in canada believe , al-qaida operatives in iran, gave
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direction and guidance to the two suspects. you see them getting off the plane. the suspects were planning to derail a passenger train in toronto. heading to new york. some cancer patients in california. could see their out- of- pocket costs reduced. under a bill that has passed one house of the legislature. the bill would cap the cost to patients. for oral , anti- cancer drugs. at 100- dollars per prescription. it passed the assembly monday, and was sent to the state senate. insurers who opposed the bill say, other costs will have to rise. to pay for the drugs. governor jerry brown vetoed a similar bill last year. the transportation security administration is delaying a policy change. because it has received plenty of backlash. federal officials say, they are temporarily delaying a policy that would allow passengers to carry small knives onto airliners. the t-s-a says, it needs more time to consider feedback from an advisory committee. that committee includes the aviation industry and consumer and law enforcement officials. the policy has been fiercely attendants' unions. it was slated to go into effect this thursday. if you're heading to the airport, you might want to brace yourself for some
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delays. air travelers in several cities around the country are experiencing late flights caused by the forced federal spending cuts. furloughs kicked in yesterday, for 47-thousand f-a-a workers, including 15-thousand air traffic controllers. workers have to take a total of 11- furlough days by september. that means 15-hundred controllers could be off on a given day, or 10-percent of the workforce. in fact, the f-a-a has been keeping some planes on the ground because there are not enough controllers to monitor the busy skies. officials warn delays are likely to continue. 'you have to see it to believe it.' that's what one of the workers said, as he was cleaning up a homeless camp this morning in san jose. the eviction and clean-up is part of san jose's on-going effort. to get people who are homeless off the streets, into a shelter. and onto a path back toward society. rob fladeboe? >> this will award showing dozens of homeless camp will
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warned-their camp considered an environmental hazard, as many as 170 campers were given notice on friday, that they had to gather their things and be gone by monday morning. kron four's rob fladeboe shows you what they left behind. a well-worn footpath through the trees and brush leads to several dozen homeless campsites for roughly a half-mile on either side of coyote creek, just north of story road. wearing dust masks and coveralls, teams of workers battled swarms of flies, a powerful stench and near 90 degree heat as they dismantled those camps. one garbage truck after the other loaded with lumber, furniture, bedding and other debris used to make shelters, most of which are built at the water's edge. the former tennant told me he'd been here five years. his next door neighbor built this treehouse. other campers living underground. open latrines like this one are leeching into the creek where submerged shopping carts and other debris are fouling
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the water and impeding the flow. one site had drip irrigation for a garden, another was being used strip insulation from copper wire, a third was being used to repair bicycles. most have one of these, an open-pit for cooking. there are gasoline cans and propane bottles and paint cans and piles of food trash everywhere. once cleared and doused with disinfctant, the site is laid bare and covered over by an earth mover in clean up expected to continue for several days. in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news. you kids should count yourselves lucky.
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we didn't have u-verse back in my day. you couldn't just... guys... there you are. you know you couldn't just pause a show in one room, then... where was i... you couldn't pause a show in one room then start playing it in another. and...i'm talking to myself... [ male announcer ] call to get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles.
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giants diamondbacks bruce bochy personally giving some batting instruction to first baseman brandon belt before the game top 6th, 3-2 az ryan vogelsong - gives up a solo home run to left to endy chavez to give zona a 2 run lead 4-2 az vogelsong: 7 ip, 7 hits, 4 er bot 6th, 4-2 az buster posey - looks like a double to right but former giant cody ross streaks in and makes the diving catch extending his body bot 8th posey at the plate again - he says "catch this" and sends a 94 mph david hernandez fast ball over the wall in dead center to tie
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posey: 2-4, 3 rbi bot 9th, runner on 2nd belt in for his only at bat of the game - bochy looking onduane kuiper the call belt wins the game - his first career walk-off hit.the giants 7th straight win at at&t park final: 5-4 giants a's/red sox petaluma's jonny gomes now with red sox top 2nd/ 1-0 a's josh reddick sigles up the middle josh donaldson scores reddick covering up his face with the head gear did he shave the beard? 2-0 a's
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bottom 4th/ 2-2 tie will middlebrooks 2-run home run over the green monster off a.j. griffin 4-2 red sox bottom/ 5th 4-2 red sox mike napoli grand slam again over the green monster off griffin. 8-4 red sox final: 9-6 red sox david lee injury update the warriors david lee is out for the remainder of the playoffs with a torn right hip flexor. lee, who led the this season, suffered the 1 loss to the denver nuggets saturday. now the team will have to turn to carl landry, draymond green and perhaps even andres biedrins to pick up the slack.
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game 2 is tomorrow night in denver. kobe tweets during the game yesterday the lakers lost to the spurs in game 1 of their playoff series, 91-79 in san antonio kobe bryant of course had to watch from his couch since he is out with a torn achilles tendon so he tweeted throughout the game, mostly strategy like, "post. post. post. gotta milk pau in the post right now and d12 will get good looks from it." -kobe on twitter coach mike d'antoni called kobe, "a fan." when asked about it. today kobe announced he would stop tweeting during games
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>> gary: when i watched kron. i do not want to start getting on twitter. [laughter] >> pam: good night!
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