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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  April 26, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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believes that this fire is suspicious. >> we are also following the latest out of boston, where the bombing suspect and has just been mold from the hospital. will have details coming up. >> we do have some low clouds melee in the north. the temperatures are very similar to yesterday. into the afternoon was the '60s and '70s. the temperatures will be between 5 to 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. '90s are a possibility. your satellite and radar shows that there are some clouds streaming in by high pressure will be over the west. warmer weather is on the way and i will talk about dried it will be and what we will expect for the first week of may. >> it is a very good
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commute this friday morning. we're not tracking any hot spots or major incidents. we're getting a bit of a delay in the left hand cash plan. amid realized have not yet been activated. quick commute check shows of the slowest traffic is at ease bay on in a state 5 a. >> the time is 6:01 a.m.. we are following at developing story out of san leandro were fire crews are battling a fire at an elementary school. kron4 will tran is live from the same with the update. >> they are that can possibly a quarter million dollar worth of damages to these new portables. they have just decimated. that were delivered just yesterday afternoon and they have attached them together to make one large classroom. there was a time when the electrical wires caught fire. this happened about midnight. the fired,
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believes that they received a good head start because it only took them about 20 minutes to put the fire rob. this whole thing was just a fireball. it was as high as the treetops. the tree behind it is still smoldering at this time. unfortunate, the reconnaissance inside the port was the time. this is what the damages only a quarter of a million dollars. , it could be worse. this is not attached to the building, the brought this out here to do work on it to allow the class rooms to be here while their renovated. if you are a parent of james madison elementary. this stated that the school is still on for today. they are waiting for the arson investigators to come man and they stated that there is no reason for the staff happened. they are reporting that the children might have been in the area
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plane when this fire took place. they stated that it was all so they did not have the evacuate any nearby homes. >> we will see what this investigation flushes out. >> we are following the latest from boston. the boston bomb suspect jt sarnaev has been mold from the best is a row medical center in a prison facility. the u.s. marshals service says that tsarnaev has moved to the bureau of prisons facility in fort devon's, massachusetts. >> the father of him has
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delayed his trip to the united states to help but with the investigation. anzor tsarnaev expected to travel here today. the suspect's mother has also delayed her trip and definitely do to help reasons. meanwhile federal investigators say that there interviews with him help produce new information. first, he reported that he and his brother were headed to new york city to a party after the attack. however, dzhokhar later revealed that he and his brother decided to spontaneously just go to times square as their target. new york city officials said that appear intended to travel with and asked you the they had carjack but there plan fell apart when the vehicle remote gas. officials said they also know more details about the devices that the mint could have used. >> new york city officials
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say that there's no evidence that new york is currently a target of a terror attack in connection to the boston bomb. >>the 11 year- one of the bigget issues as how am i going to get all of these cars, presents home on the airplane. >> aaron was even able to take a few steps at the bombing site yesterday. he still needs to stay in boston for a little while to go through some rehab. the good news is that it is on an outpatient basis. aaron and his family are expected to return home to the bay area in a couple weeks.
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>> two sisters who are day care workers accused of extreme child abuse make their first appearance in court. police say the they tied up some of the babies in their care so tightly that it restricted their breeding. both are facing seven counts of child neglect stemming from what police said was a disturbing crime going on here at this livermore if in preschool center. investigators said that the two women work swaddling babies, up their legs and arms so they cannot move, plus putting blood is over their faces blocking their ability to breed. this is not the first time, one of the sisters lida sharif has been in trouble for her matches and other day care practices. in 2010 at the same facility the state had revoked her license. >> the house could vote
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today on a measure intended to bring relief to airline passengers whose rights have been delayed all this week. last night the senate approved legislation to end cost cutting furloughs air- traffic controllers have had to take since sunday. the bill would transfer 253 million from of the programs. the furloughs and closure is are a result of the $85 billion government wide cut that took effecte sequestration. the four los affect about 15,000 bethpage a air-traffic controllers. >> when we come back we will have more headlines including, mayor ed lee talking about the super bowl. >> we will be right back.
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>> welcome back. the time is 6:10 a.m.. a bay area to enter is behind bars this morning after allegedly making seven phony bomb threats against his high- school. this is video from earlier this week when students were evacuated and der valley high school. reports say that the 16
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year-old was taken into custody yesterday. investigators used audio recordings of the press and the telephone number they were made from to make the arrest. >> sheriff's deputies in san mateo county have arrested two people for possessing nearly $14 and dollars worth of drugs. here is a photo of what authority ceased. this all started with a traffic stop on monday in millbrae. police stopped a 20 year old carey stynes of san bruno for and talking on his cell phone while driving. there, police discovered a pound of marijuana and more than eight pelton dollars in cash. officers been found
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went to his home and found a another pound of marijuana, cocaine and weapons. a another resident in the home was also arrested for having a legal prescription drugs including xanex, vicodin, and norcos. >> sampras's go mayor daley is heading to baltimore for a day of community service in honor of a ravens super bowl victory over the niners. merely will meet up with baltimore's mayor where they will start the day of by learning to make crab cakes. it also agreed to third graders at a city public school, as well as paint and repair a police station. he says that he believes a the day of service will " strengthen the relationship between the cities and promote the relationship between the cities and promote volunteerism. get 3 years interest-free financing
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>> welcome back. for the first time in six years the golden state warriors are suiting up against the denver nuggets in game 3 of the playoff series. they are split with one when a piece. kron4 and jackie sissel is lot oracle or ring were that will play tonight. >> they are hoping to take a hold of the series against the denver nuggets. earlier in the week they beat the nuggets the no. 3 seed in the western conference playoff. they beat them 131
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to 117. let's take a look gets some video from yesterday when the warriors who are back in town had issued around practice. one of the big questions as how their superstar guard stephen curry--how will he be because he injured his ankle. of all chalcis seems like he will play. back in 2000 and seven, it was sold out every night and we had a chance to talk to someone. >> i am waiting for--i am excited to see the fans to be a part of pro season basketball. it has been a long time and any people that deserve it is the
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golden state warriors. i just cannot wait to get in here and here everything. >> not only are the warriors' plane, oakland a's are also planned at the same time. they share the same complex, so if you're coming to the game is to give yourself more time because the traffic will be an issue. you should take mass transit to get here. obviously, this is the first time in six years that the warriors' are now in the playoffs. >> the time is 6:17 a.m.. let's go to our weather and traffic. >> we are starting with cloudy conditions. it will not be as bad as just a day. we are starting to see a break in the clouds. temperatures are similar to 24 hours ago. it is 51
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degrees right now in the city. satellite and radar shows that we do have a layer of cloud. i pressure will build back end of the west and brent warmer weather and clear skies for the next several days. i want to break down the temperatures. futurecast 4 highlights by lunchtime will stay in the upper 50s. this is indicated by the blue on your screen. >> most of us will see 60's or 70's and possible. by 3:00 p.m. it looks like we will see more yellow and by 8:00 p.m. tonight it will drop back down to the '50s. afternoon highs will shape up like this. plenty of 70's and the south bay. it will be 724 milk ps72 degrees for mi.
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low 60's for downtown san cisco5 ye high for berkeley. in terms of the 7 day around the bay we will continue to see morning fog but sunshine into the afternoon. we will have gradually warmer weather for most inland spots. ms. 60s for the coast and yes, there is a possibility of low 90s. >> the temperatures definite will be it above average. we continue with the structure dry weather into the start of may. the time is 6:19 a.m.. >> as we continue to monitor a pretty good right, there are a few accidents. there is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza where the metering lights have just been activated. we are starting to see backups still land. it is still slow from the middle of the east
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bloc. it is about 9 to 11 minutes from the macarthur mayes. the san mateo bridge highway 92 is still delay free. the golden gate bridge ride 1 01 southbound is an easy trip and already we have more northbound traffic. i mentioned a couple of accidents. >> highway 4, is always slow in the morning but there was an accident reported adding a little bit of slowing than usual. what could turn into a hot spot if it does i get cleared is an accident in milpitas on the connecting ramp from west bound 880. this is near the turn lane. it is already backing up traffic for the short stretch. a again, this is a potential hot spot. >> president obama attended
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a memorial service in texas yesterday. he was honoring the victims of a fertilizer plant explosion in the town west. nearly 10,000 people gathered at baylor university to pay their respects. earlier, president obama had flown over the town to see the damage. 14 people, were killed in the blast, a ton of them were first responders. >> we are getting live pictures out of pittsburg. there is a transit bus that collided with a train. as you can see the buses just smashed. we are waiting for a word about any injuries. the train was carrying some type of chemical. it collided, this is as one of the live pictures that we are receiving from satellite. >> emergency workers are at the scene of a burned out psychiatric hospital outside
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of moscow. at least 38 people have died. the fire appears to have been sparked by some toppled electrical shortage. three people did manage to escape the fire. officials said that heavy smoke is hampering efforts to recover bodies from the destroyed one story building. >> and bangladesh this morning, rescuers are spending a third day looking for trapped survivors from a building collapse. at least 290 people have been confirmed dead, but authorities say that more than 60 were rescued since yesterday afternoon. the building held five garment factories employing around 2500 workers. survivors said that many of the employees went to their supervisors to express concern over a number of cracks in the building. effect for workers allegedly told them that the building was safe and that they had to report back to work. >> the time is 6:22 a.m.. here said live look outside
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feel the refreshing taste we know the value of your at ueducationeity of phoenx is where it can take you. [now arriving: city hospital] which is why we're proud to help connect our students with leading employers across the nation.. with leading employers across [next stop financial center] >> welcome back. the time is 6:25 a.m.. >> japan's transport
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minister says of the government is poised to allow japanese carriers to resume flying the boeing 787 once they complete repairs to the problematic batteries. a statement released by the transport minister says that the approval could come as early as tonight, following an expected officials safety order from the u.s. federal regulators. the 50 jets in service or grounded a made in january following a battery fire and they never smoking battery that led to an emergency landing. >> the u.s. service academies are ramping up efforts to groom a new breed of cyberspace warriors' to come from increasing press to the nation's military and civilian computer networks that control everything from electrical power grids to the banking system. students at the army, navy and air force academies are taking more course and participating in a leveraged cyber exercises as the
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>> the u.s. economy grew at what would be an annualized rate of 2 1/2%. most economists expected us to be at around 3%. most expectations are for a slowdown in the u.s. economy for the second quarter. we will be following the numbers through out the morning but the expected gdp numbers looks like eight down day on wall street today. >> we are waking up to 47 '50s around the bay area. this morning, very similar to what we saw 24 hours ago. we are seeing more breaks. we could see little more sunshine in the south bay. we will see the sunshine
6:31 am
with just about everyone by afternoon. temperatures in the '60s and '70s. color conditions with temperatures in the '50s for just about everyone. into tomorrow, as sunny day, warmer weather. low 80s and land. i'll have the full details on your we can forecast and seven day around the bay is just a few minutes away. >> we've been looking at a few accidents one of them now a hot spot on highway 4 at pittsburgh westbound. this is that rare bridge road where the left-hand lane is blocked. the chp has more than one car involved in this accident. they still have the left-hand lane blocks and that is blocking up jacket and and yet. an accident just be reported, a potential hot spot is being described as an injury accident on 880 northbound.
6:32 am
so far, no backup or delayed but there could be. there also continuing to monitor the milpitas accident that was on the milk on route >> if there was any fire that was suspicious, at this is the wind. these were delivered just a few hours before they caught on fire. it is still smoldering. there is nothing attached, no electrical wires going into the building. just six portables attached to make one large class room or office space. alameda county fire department got a phone call last night about a fire at happening. they put it out and about 20 minutes but
6:33 am
by the time they arrive here the fire already had a good head start. you could see what it did to the tree behind the portables. it said it all away to the treetops. there are reports of that there were kids possibly playing in the area at laughing going on. that is something the san leandro police department will be looking into. our investigators will come out here and take a look at what caused this fire. the portables or brought out here because they were doing some renovations to james madison elementary. this is supposed to be something for the mean time but now they will have to make other arrangements. if you are a parent of a james madison elementary student, classes' will not be disrupted. go ahead and drop off your child this morning. you did see the damage here and the fire department believes it is worth about $250,000 worth of damage. fortunately, nothing was inside so no extra contents were damaged. >> that is money the school
6:34 am
budget cannot afford to mess. >> following the latest out of boston and that bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev has been moved from beth israel deaconess medical center to a prison facility. the u.s. marshals as he was moved to the bureau of prisons facility in fort bevans massachusetts. it is a federal medical detention center. >> the 11 year-old martina boy was injured in the boston bombing was released from the hospital. aaron hearns and the day during the bomb site yesterday. he was injured by the second blast while waiting for his mother near the finish line. his parents at love and support they have received has been overwhelming. >> so much gratitude. the people of boston, i cannot say enough about how... how
6:35 am
amazing this staff at children's hospital was. >> the hon family has long love boston. instead of instilling fear in that day, that has only increased their finest of the city. -- find nestfinis >> some members of a north a little league best baseball team that made it to the world series last year are now in trouble for allegedly gang up on a teammate. the press democrat the santa rosa reports for members of the petaluma national little league team were suspended for two days from petaluma junior high. this is video
6:36 am
the scene being honored by the giants last year. they're accused of having a scuffle with a teammate and a school stairwell. the incident happened sometime this month. the school's principal stopping short of calling his bullying, which he considers as intimidating behavior or prolonged period. the mother of the boys says other children have been making gay slurs about her son since last summer. >> and santa cruz county, a man who went on a rampage back in 2010 traumatizing entire community was then the rest of his life in prison. maurice ainsworth was sentenced to 130 years and six life terms in state prison. he is convicted in 2009 for a summit area robbery where he tied up a family of three and stole guns, jewelry and liquor. in 2010, and he escaped custody by stealing a share devi's
6:37 am
stun gun and shooting her in the head with it. he then fled to nearby preschool and held a gun to the teachers had. gains were also held a couple hostage before he was eventually caught. he will be transferred to san quentin prison next week. >> 27 sr. 07 charges be a reckless driving after the crash their cars and to a home in south san jose. the crash had been yesterday at the corner of leigh avenue and and dry. a 40 year-old female resident of the home remains in critical condition. her nine year-old daughter has not life- threatening injuries along with a passenger in one of the cars and boats drivers. classmates and neighbors of lehigh's will say the two drivers were racing and lost control of their vehicles.
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>> a new study found and number of growing americans are skipping needed medical
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care because they can't afford it. the commonwealth fund survey found 80 million people didn't go to the doctor or access other medical services last year because of the costs. that's 5 million more than two years ago and 17 million more than 2003. those were injured or have an adequate health insurance were most likely to have trouble affording care. the numbers are expected to improve as more health-care reform provisions take effect in 2014. today, at&t is launching a new service that will allow customers to control their home security system from their cell phones and tablets. it is called the digital life package and will be sold in major metropolitan areas including san francisco. customers control things like security cameras, thermostats and locked wirelessly. at&t plans to roll out the service nationwide by the end of the year. as for the beloved 20s, they
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could be on the show soon. does this is beginning production again under new ownership. it looks as though workers with the new company will be without a union. a labor dispute is will cause the company is set down the first time around. roughly 15 to 18,000 jobs were lost when the company closed last year. all former employees of hostess will have to reapply for any positions. the new owners say products are expected back on the shelves sometime this summer. 6428 am and we will take another break. we have a complete check of weather and traffic coming up. it is gray over severance as go, we'll find out what we can expect later on this afternoon and into the weekend.
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moved. dzhokhar tsarnaev has and transported from the beth israel and the dynast medical center to a prison facility. authorities say he was moved to the bureau of prisons facility and at fort devon's massachusetts. the golden state warriors are hosting the denver nuggets' tonight. game 3 of the playoff series will be held at oracle arena at 7:30 p.m.. >> we are looking at more than one hot spot right now. highway four and a commuter pittsburg out of antioch, here's a live video from our helicopter partnership with abc seven news. this is the scene of the crash were you then see things are pretty well jammed up. they had everything moved over into the left-hand lane and now you can see they have moved over to the right-hand shoulder. they've managed to get all lanes open but not until itlly ba in the middle of the new
6:47 am
construction that is going on to widen highway 4. it is ave on and off ramp. the westbound lanes were already restricted. that is why this is such a problem because it occurred right there at that chokepoint. it is a bigger than usual back up for the west highway four ride. that is not our only hot spot, let me take you to interstate 880n the nimitz freeway. there's an accident northbound at high street. in ambulance has been dispatched. it is backing of the right as well. here's a look of the nimitz. this is near the coliseum at 66 and these are the northbound lanes of 880. this is a big problem affecting nearly as many drivers as the highway four incident. because it is in the heart of the bay area, it is a bigger problem. the ride up 880
6:48 am
southbound 237, the accident has been cleared. the westbound a bridge ride had a back at their ithis is not completely cleared out. for a golden gate bridge ride, still very light traffic for southbound highway 1 01. >> we will see the sunshine later this afternoon, just like yesterday. it took awhile but we did see the sun. we're starting off with a grey look outside, this is cathedral's bell. temperatures are pretty seasonal right now, 40's and 50's. future cast four is tracking temperatures, by 12:00 we will be in the '50s and '60s for most of the bay. the mohr and let you go is when you start to pick up the '70s. by 3:00
6:49 am
jacket for the evening hours. temperatures to be a few degrees warmer than yester day, and mid-70s for walnut creek, 66 castro valley, los 60s downtown san francisco. oakland 65, 7 day around the bay highlights warmer weather, gradually warmer into sunday. although it is mid '80s here, we can actually see some low nineties for the warmest and let communities. that is certainly on the table, nothing but sunshine and dry weather. not only on your seven day but for the first week of may. >> we are watching wall street this morning, seeing how the numbers are shaping
6:50 am
up. at this point it is relatively flat. the dow was off by a four points, the snb is down by three, the nasdaq is down by about seven. we have the gp numbers come out this morning. to a half percent for the first quarter, it is lower than what economists were expecting. they're looking for about 2.8. it is a does breadepressed mood on wal street this morning. an elderly san leandro woman was held hostage and non and burglarized. the burglary have any early yesterday morning on the 600 block of black kind drive. investigators say the suspects and the way they broke into the house match the description of another burglary that happens tuesday morning on the 2300 block of regatta way. >> neighbors need to help other neighbors by keeping
6:51 am
an eye out. we have to keep an eye out for people that don't belong in the neighborhood, we are pretty close community. >> theictims did not have security surveillance and could only provide police with vague descriptions of to man. the san leandro police parlance as both victims are asian women so they are looking into the possibility that asian women are being targeted. neither the two victims in the burglaries were injured. the suspects got away with an undisclosed amount of money and other items. please ask that you call them if you can help solve these crimes. a brother and sister are recovering in the eastern caribbean island of st. after their ship sank during a fishing trip, forcing them to swim almost 14 hours to reach land. dan suiskski of san francisco and kate suski of seattle
6:52 am
thought they would die and never reach shore. they said the ship experienced an electrical problem on april 21st and began to take on water. the captain and first mate abandon the sinking said almost 0 mi. of state loses west coast. is that they're recovering after being hospitalized with severe dehydration and tendinitis and planned to return to miami on sunday. >> the a's have lost six of their last seven dropping to 13 and 10 on the season. the giants will be in l.a. tomorrow to face off against the dodgers. they have the coliseum game later on tonight, the golden state warriors. and i felt an nfl draft and the raiders
6:53 am
traded down from third to swell to acquire a second round choice the 511 one five of 11, 191 lb. cornerback d.j. hayden a former high school wide receiver as a playmaker and a medical miracle. he took the need to digest severing a vein in his heart in his chest filled up with blood. it is 95 percent fatal. he survived in six months later a first round draft pick. the 49ers of erich read it fills the void left by dashon the gold sends exit to tampa. the niners gave up their 31st election and one of their two third round
6:54 am
picks to dallas to move up and did the former lsu safety. more on the draft with gary radnich and about half an hour. >> we would take a quick break but before we do we will share these pictures over highway four would bart helicopter partnership was the i abc's seven news. this is my love bridge road, it extends all the way back to the highway four bypass. [ male announcer ] you think you know me. i'm just red carpets and big spectacles. but that's only the beginning. i have more than one red carpet. i like all sorts of spectacles. from the grandiose to the impromptu... to the completely unexpected. and the most epic thrill ride this city has ever faced.
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>> coming up on the kron4 morning news we have been pictures from the school fire in san leandro. will tran would try to join us live in just a few minutes. as we wilplus, the suspect in te
6:58 am
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(male announcer) live from the bay area here is your kron 4 news >> brennan for was delivered just hours before they caught on fire at an elementary school and san leandro, i will have details on what caused this fire. >> the boston bombing suspect just move from the hospital to a detention center, we will have the latest details ahead. >> watching weather this morning, it is a little gray over the city this morning and we will have your weekend forecast in just a few minutes but first we will start with traffic. >> we are tracking to hot spots this morning.


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