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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  June 7, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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. tonight, there are new details of the santa monica >> the total is five dead, including the gunman, who was killed by police. >> the situation ended as santa monica community colleges. >> the gunman a was firing at will. >> he was coming right forwards us and he -- the whole time he had his gun close to is his chest. >> i was in my car and a guy on the left side of the street jumped out of a car with a big black gun and started blasting rounds at all of our cars and the buildings. >> pointed a gun at a woman in a car and told her to pull over, which she did and then the woman behind her in the car, he waived
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her through with a gun, and she kind of hesitated, she kind of slowed down and he fired three or four shots point-blank into the car. >> here's more about what you learned. >> this was started as a domestic situation. >> the two people killed in the home were the gunman's brother and father. >> he was in dark black clothing. >> sergeant richard lewis describing the gunman believing to have killed 4 people in santa monica, assault rifle 15. >> a horrific event that everybody wishes never happened. >> police say there are nine crime scenes in santa monica. >> shots fired calls came in and when officers arrived a home
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was on fire. >> inside the gunman's father and brother, dead. >> the suspect went from that residence, car jacked a female after shooting at another vehicle, he shot at a blue bus. hen en encountered a ford explorer. >> the gunman continued to santa monica college. >> the suspect went to the campus, fired at another victim, in front of library. >> that woman later died. >> the gunman than ran into the library, but within seconds, he was confronted with officers. >> they're engaged officers in a fire fight, he was fatally wounded, shot, taken out of the library and he expired on the sidewalk. >> we have 4 dead, including the suspect, five, one in critical condition, one in
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stable and three others on that bus suffer some injuries. >> what do we know about the suspect? did he go to that school? what was his motive? do we have any information? >> at this point, that's a tough question to answer. >> authorities won't even basically say what exactly the connection to that school is. >> they won't give us his name. >> we don't know if he was connected to that school, if his brother was connected, his father. >> we don't have any sort on of name but we have a present conference the 10:00 in the morning at santa monica. >> it's likely we'll have new information on why should happened. >> he was dressed in black and had on body armor. >> thank you. we are learning more about the victims on that santa monica bus who was victims. >> the passenger drove up and started honking the horn and when the bus came to a stop, he
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opened fire. >> all the passengers immediately took cover with the bullets flying into the bus. everybody was screaming. there was a lot of panic. people were crying and we noticed there was one woman hit by a bullet. >> this was the resulting scene after the bus shooting nearly olympic and clover field in santa monica. >> paramedics could be seen treating a young mother. >> witnesses say a bullet grazed her head and another may have hit her right arm. >> her young daughter was at her side in the ambulance for the trip to the hospital. the serial killer known as the night stalker is dead. >> richard ramirez had been on death row since 1969. >> los angeles place added more killings to those linked to the night stalker. >> in december of 1985, los angeles was a a city in fear.
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>> lock your doors, lock your windows. >> if you have the ability to provide security devices do so. >> a string of murders and assaults and rapes had excel rated. >> police finally were able to connect footprint to a drifter with a record of minor crimes. >> his picture went out to newspapers and tv stations on august 31st his crime spree ended. >> he was spotted trying to steal a car. >> he was almost beaten to death by a mob. >> we're happy to announce the we have in custody richard ramirez. >> his trial lasted for years
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by frequent out bursts. >> we find the defendant guilt of murder. >> 13 murdery murder and rape, this time? san francisco for the murder of bay area peter pan. >> as in los angeles, his hearing attracted several female admirers. >> i know he's a nice person because i've met him. >> he's convicted of 13 murders. >> i know. >> ramirez eventually married one of those women. >> it was while he was in san francisco that reporter mike watkins got the only ever explanation he gave. >> serial killers do in a small scale what government do on a large one. >> there's are blood thrifty times. >> in addition to murdering peter pan in san francisco,
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ramirez took the life of this little girl. she was murdered in 1984, but it wasn't until 2009 that dna evidence linked ramirez to her murder. >> the 9-year-old was killed in san francisco near o farrel and larkon street. she was murdered in the basement of a residential hotel where she lived with her family. >> ramirez had been living nearby. it certain was hot out today. >> we were 102 in antioch. >> 90s for the south bay, upper 80s but closer to the coast line, right now temperatures still warm in fairfield and livermore, 77 degrees for this time of night. >> as we head into tomorrow morning, we'll have fog he immediately -- immediate coast line. >> widespread 80s and 90s and a
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few triple digits. we'll have more on that. also, president obama addressing a local cloud as he pushes forward with his healthcare agenda. >> we have details on his plan plus >> reporter: i'm jeff bush. market street will be closed for much of the wkt weekend. i'll tell you what it is being done and how long it will last. look at them kids. [ sigh ] they have no idea what it was like before u-verse high speed internet. yeah, you couldn't just stream movies to a device like that.
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eekend weekend. i'll tell you what it is being done and how long it will last. . busy market street in san francisco is getting a much needed face-lift and the work will affect traffic as you might imagine. >> we're live tonight in san francisco. what's going on there, jeff? >> reporter: pam, work crews started at about 7:00 tonight and expected to continue on until late tomorrow evening. >> this is all part of a seven hundred this dollar re pave
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$700,000 program. this is removing tons of asphalt. they were using hand tools and jack hackers. >> all of this to get it ready for the paving crew. this work is expected to continue on until late saturday evening. the streets effected is market street from sixth street all the way down to van nesz avenue. -- ness avenue. >> cars will not be allowed to drive on market street, but they will be able to cross at the perpendicular streets. reporting live in san francisco, we'll be back after this break.
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. states like california are setting up new online marketplaces where beginning october 1st this year, can you comparison shop an array of private health insurance plans side-by-side just like you were going online to compare cars or airline tickets. >> and that means insurance companies will actually have to compete for your business. >> if you have insurance, you don't have do a thing. >> you've just got a wide array of new benefits, better protections and stronger cost
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controls that you didn't have before. >> and that will over time improve the quality of the insurance that you've got. >> there is still a lot of debate about exactly what the president's healthcare reform measure will look like when it takes effect on january 1st here in california. kron four residents have some reaction to the plan. >> the president was talking his affordable healthcare reform building inside the fair month hotel, they're wondering how low it will be. >> big corporations that are taking advantage of those loopholes. >> those loop hopes say critics include regulations that won't drive up the cost of insurance for people who buy it on their own and don't get it at work,
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one concluding young healthy people could see premiums double but those without any coverage, they'll get breaks. >> it means being able to get preventative services, able to have their own doctor. >> may they're not using the more emergency services frequently. >> president obama's plan concedes noninsurance groups will pay more, orange county and san diego, but others say it's a small price to pay to make sure everybody is covered. >> speaking for myself, i would happily go to a doctor a that i was told to go to if it meant that the others were going to receive healthcare. >> i think it's all about a little self sacrifice on our part. >> in san jose, kron four news.
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in cleveland, aerial castro was charged. the charges include aggravated murder. >> castro allegedly impregnated one of his captives five times. >> he terminated the unlawful pregnancy. >> one of them managed to shout for help while he was away. >> he will be arraigned next week. new tonight at 11:00, police are investigating the 23rd homicide of the year shortly after 5:00, officers received a call on the 2,900-block of house drive in west san jose. >> officers say an adult male later died. >> the motive is still investigation. the team which suffered the cap size of its boat last month and the death of one of its crew members announced today that it will miss the early rounds of
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the america's cup challenger series but it it will anticipate. >> the swedish racing team said it will launch its second boat in july and be ready to race by the end of the month. >> the challenger series is scheduled to begin july 7th. they don't have a revised schedule for the early rounds. a sizzling day out there. temperatures in the 80s and 90s out there tomorrow afternoon. >> even triple digits. >> at the coastline, we'll see relieve from the heat. >> those sea breeze winds pick up. >> they're going to usher fog into the inland valleys and that'll mean a significant cool down. >> if you don't like the heat, you only have to deal with it one more day. >> 8:00 tomorrow morning, things are heating into the 70s. >> by noon a lot of 90s. the south bay, all representing
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those 90 degrees readings. >> the pink will largely be contained to antioch and livermore. >> 60s along the immediate coastline and into the evening staying hot away from the coast. >> in your neighborhood, we're going to start at the coastline. >> i suspect a lot of people will be heading to the coast out there tomorrow. >> we're going to see sunny skies. the fog will clear off the coast. >> temperatures at 65, ocean beach 63, and half moon bay, 73 for san francisco, known for san mateo. >> it's going to be really hot out in antioch. 102234 down in livermore. >> as for the south bay, a lot of low 90s. >> 90 in sunnyvale, 88 mountain
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view and north bay, 80s and 90s, as well. >> with one exception, fairfield's going to hit 100 degrees. >> 94 in napa, 84 for mill valley. >> another hot one. >> but by sunday, a lot of relief from the heat. >> through the rest of next week, we will warm slightly even though fog will stay with you us most of the week. coming up in sports, the giants take on the diamondbacks. >> and josh reddic makes all the right moves on the south side of chicago. >> sport is coming up. you kids should count yourselves lucky.
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. good evening, everybody. >> one of baseball's cardinal rules don't let the opponents big star beat you in the late inning. >> giants in arizona, mat cane really good. seven innings, four hits. >> blanking arizona right into the 8th. >> the giant tally came when greg orblanco broke the seal. >> sandovol who had a couple hits. >> coming in to score with a base open, they could have loaded the bases, but instead, nope, they pitched to paul goldsmith, giving up a 3-run
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homer. >> diamondbacks win 3-1. >> goldsmith, allowed to swing away and the giants below one tonight in arizona. >> the a's do it again in great fashion. >> they take over first in the american league. >> the white sox would nurse a 3-0-league. >> if this is legitimate voting. >> there goes a grand slam, nine home runs, 41 rbis have the lead. >> and the drive by connor gilesby, looks like the game will be tied but josh reddic reaches over the fence. >> they have 18 to 21, now one-half game up on texas in the
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american league west. >> the soccer, a little bit of history if you're into this business. >> for the first time the u.s. has won a world cup qualifying event in jam ache a. >> beck ford scoring here to tie the game at 1, and the second minute of stoppage, usa's brad evans delivers the victorious goal. >> usa, its first world cup qualifies win ever in jamacia. >> why do you need me? >> i don't need you. i don't beg. >> go back to pam and talk about the sushi. all right. here we go. >> i don't need you. >> the boston bruins are on to the stanley cup finals. >> don't show jackie all the
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time. >> sidney crosby is more attractive. >> i don't think so. >> do you know hour fans say what time's kron on, or sometimes over. >> and they sweep the eastern conference final. >> a comment, what happened to pittsburgh? >> the first two games they got killed. >> they lost it in the first two games. >> you've got to -- you've got to do something in those first two games. >> our analyst here. >> 20 years ago i wish you would have looked at me differently, but right now, when she's talking, move out of the way. >> just give me a couple seconds. >> okay. just a couple seconds. >> it was a great match today in tennis, nadel versus jokavich. >> here we go. >> it's a clay court surface. >> this may go to the wire on the kron four.
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