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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  June 10, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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. >> this is the bay area's news station, kron4 news starts now. police are taking new steps to cut down on violent crime. they are adding more surveillance in crime hot spots. >> this is why these surveillance cameras will help out. new at 11:00 a new federal grant will help pay for them, about $266,000 and an additional quarter million for holding the cameras. it is helping officers catch
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crime suspects. >> reporter: cameras like these are being installed at market, chelsea and hanford. hopefully it has already solved crimes at this elementary school. >> we put it at the school to reduce the gang grafiti. the cameras are so good it picked up identifying marks on the vehicle. the gang unit went out because they knew what gang did it. they survailed it and made an arrest. >> reporter: the 3 year plan will fund fixed cameras [&tcvth will pan and tilt and are
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connected to shot spotter. this is money well spent. the cameras in the city have put guilty suspects behind bars. >> if a car speeds away, we will see it. officers got there immediately and saw two guys walking away and saw a victim laying down and solved a robbery homicide. >> reporter: once the initial three are in place, the next set will be installed in old town which has a lot of violent crimes. alicia reed, kron news. a body was found at 23rd
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street before 8:00 this evening. the death doesn't appear to be a homicide. in san francisco there have been a dozen cases of people jumping off of moving public buses. this is a problem that is now front and center in san francisco. muni riders are opening back doors during the ride and jumping off the bus even at speeds of 25 miles per hour. >> obviously this is extremely dangerous behavior. >> police are looking to see if one person or several people are to blame. nobody has been hurt yet but one bus has been damaged, and each time it is done the bus is
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inspected and that is more city dollars. goh is still deemed mentally incompetent. he will eventually stand trial. he killed 7 people at oikos university in april of 2007. results of a decade long project to update lake merritt. >> reporter: $128 million were put into water ways, and lake
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merritt is seeing the result. many of the buildings around lake merritt have been renovated including the boat house. this is an aerial view. this is now the same spot looked a few months ago. the roadway has been configured to 6 lanes. there is a bridge over the canal and the 12th street dam has emfmñ
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there is no investigation into the cause. they believe this was an electrical fire.
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smoke was coming in from the partition. the limo is supposed to be for 11 people. >> people around the bay area are making preparations. what this could mean for schools and restaurants. cell phone thefts have a new security feature. you kids should count yourselves lucky.
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. >> the offices of county clerks around the bay area are preparing to accommodate same sex couples wanting to tie the knot if prop 8 is overturned. that is california's ban on same sex marriage.
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the clerk's office has 35 volunteers to perform 200 weddings on the first day if same sex marriage is legal. preparations include training staff to process marriage applications and making sure the software and forms are updated. coming up, big names galore. we have mike tyson and tim tebow. kron4 the bay area's news leader. join us for kron4's live fire works show in the bay area. we have fire works from san rafael. why see one show when you can
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. >> the federal government has told a judge it will comply with orders that will allow girls at any age to buy the morning after pill. the justice department will drop the appeal on the april ruling of the controversial
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morning after pill. it is more forward for reproductive justice. opponents say it takes away parental rights because they don't have to have permission. san francisco's board of supervisors will put new limits on food trucks. there will be a buffer zone around restaurants where food trucks can't operate. the ordinance would allow eateries to operate on college campuses. they will vote on this legislation next week. america's cup officials are refunding tickets to the louis
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voitton race and the death of one of the crew team members. abc7 news reported on the capsize. there could only be 5 days of racing starting july 7th. smart phone owners are losing their expensive devices to robbers. we have a look at statistics and apple's plan to resell or reuse your phone. >> reporter: look at this, ripped out of her hands on a muni bus. 1.6 million americans were victims in 2012. in san francisco, half of
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robberies were tide to smart phones. they want a kill switch on smart phones and apple is adding an activation lock on ios7. >> if a thief trying to turn off my iphone or wipe the device, they will not be able to activate it because they don't know the code. >> reporter: there is an app called find my phone. thieves tend to turn that off, but they will not be able to. you will have to put your pass code first. it is required to wipe the
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phone or reactivate it. venture beat is a new site. >> this will put another layer between you and a thief trying to get your information or your phone. >> reporter: this can make it hard for users to actually sell their device. apple had time to figure that out. dan kerman, kron4 news. the members of congress expressed concern over privacy protection. a new poll says americans are split. most didn't track the calls.
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46% did not approve. officials say there are no plans to end the us surveillance. >> reporter: we woke up to thunderstorms this morning. tonight's fog returns to the bay area and especially the coastline. temperatures are staying in the 60s and 70s. here is fog tracker 4 for tomorrow. through the 6:00 hour and the 8:00 hour, we could see a few sun breaks, but the fog will linger. we could see sunshine through the rest of the bay area. starting in the south bay, wide
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spread 70s like cuppertino and 79 for los gatos. it will be 80 in pleasanton. a little further south in union city and fremont. 64 in san francisco. here is the extended forecast. mild fog and sunshine in the afternoon. the rest of the week, temperatures warm gradually but nothing like last week. the latest on pablo sandoval's injuries. signed with a new team and where. medications?
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. >> good evening, nothing official on pablo sandoval. word is he will be placed on the injured list. there were reports that maybe he had fractured the foot.
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not denying that probably tomorrow he will 5x disabled list. the new england patriots said tim, you think you will play with tom brady? you have another thing coming, but we will see what happens. the new england patriots have signed tim tebow. he is a quarter back and number 45. johnson is being reprimanded in court. >> do you have any questions? do you have questions for him? mr. johnson i don't know if you
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are taking this seriously slapping your attorney on the back side. everybody in the courtroom was laughing. . >> so they had a plea bargain. this stemmed from a domestic violence against his former wife. the judge all of a sudden said no, you will get 30 days for not taking it seriously. pam, that's why you need cameras out of the courtroom. i am not a judge, but we don't think chad will serve the full 30. if you are out there, chad, pam and i are on your side. you tell me the judge, she knew she was on camera. >> i don't know.
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>> you act this way on camera. tiger woods and sergio have shaken hands. i think tiger said i will beat your rear end. he made a stupid statement to tiger about serving fried chicken. the word is he is going to talk this week with the brooklyn management. mike tyson was at the tony's last night. >> tyson had a one-man show. give the man a hand. he is a heavy weight, yo. >> that was part of the
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