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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  June 13, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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there was a raucous crowd the oakland city council meeting to talk about the city's multi-million dollar budget shortfall. jeff bush shows you what it it was like. [ crowd noise ] >> reporter: the audience was riled up at the special meeting of the city council. local outbursts were common during the beginning, and the meeting was postponed as a result. most of the chants and chides came from union members who are upset over several issues including pay. their contract with the city expires at the end of the month,
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and a strike might happen. the council is facing a decision between two different budget allocations for the next two years. who gets more money. ? the crowd settled down, and oakland residents of all stripes waited in lineup. >> not putting appropriate funding into litter removal and cleanup. you're saying that our neighborhood is not as important as other neighborhoods in oakland. it is affecting our business. >> our cars have been broken into five times. as i thought about these events. my first thought that i was lucky. because they did not involve guns or physical assaults. these acts are reported on a weekly basis. it's no coincidence that the neighborhoods with the highest
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crime has the highest grime >> reporter: the city council is expected to take a vote on the advantage at the end of the month >> and a political struggle is at the center of the battle over how to spend the city's limited dollars. the budget allocates more money toward police, public safety, chp support, and more. an alternate budget gives more money for police but eliminates chp support and splits the budget allocation on other concerns including illegal dumping and graffiti abatement. an outdoor deck at a miami area sports bar collapsed tonight. it spent dozens of
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people into the shallow waters of the bay. divers have been searching the waters to make sure no one is still trapped. 24 people have been taken to hospitals, at least two in serious condition. ever since this video surfaced of a naked man going on a rampage at 16th and mission bart station, there have been new questions about security at bart for passengers and employees. jr stone tells us what they have to say. >> come here, get in the group! [ crying ] >> they need to come quicker. [ crying ] >> reporter: the cries for officers were heard loud and clear in this cellphone video shot last month showing a naked acrobat attacking people. >> reporter: san francisco
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police were are first on the scene, seven minutes after the call. bart police arrived by train, eight minutes after the call. >> that response time was about as quick as it could have been. >> reporter: witnesses could only wait and hope that the naked man could not attack them. oftentimes, bart police are at a station but not always. as in this case, lost month. >> we're actively looking at ways to address this. would i like to have a bunch of cops, one, two cops at every station? absolutely. >> reporter: he says there are plans to change this. >> we're also going to roll out a new plan that'll get more visibility in that station. >> reporter: he says the department is seeking a stayaway order for perez. more charges are coming against this man.
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there are 27 vacancies at the police department. they're actively trying to hire more officers on the patrol. police in san francisco knocking on doors asking if people recognize a man wanted for a weekend assault. >> reporter: the san francisco police department and the organization castro community on patrol are handing this flyer out to people who live in this area. the man in the picture is wanted for assault. police say he is considered dangerous. at around 1:00 saturday morning, a man wanted up to the suspect who appeared to possibly be homeless, getting ready to camp out on the sidewalk, and asked him to leave. the suspect did not. he then attacked the victim, causing head injuries. the victim was treated at a
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hospital before being released. he is a white man, 6'2", a heavy build. if you have any information that you can help solve the crime, call police. a young man just an hour short of his 23rd birthday was gunned down after a fender bender in oakland. he was a recent graduate of the university of oregon. he was on his way home to emeryville when the incident happened. ing >> he was just a happy, happy guy. always been quiet, friendly. his parents always joked around with him, don't be a hero whenever there's trouble. just stay away from it.
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and they only joked around before that you don't have to worry about that. i'll always try to stay away. >> police say witnesses describe a silver 4-door sedan driving away from the scene with possible front-end damage. the official is offering $5,000 for information leading to the rest of the shooter. it was warmer out there today. we saw more 80-degree readings around the bay area. here's a look at our highs from today. the upper 80s in places like antioch. 86 there, 86 also in napa. 85 for santa rosa. 83 in vallejo, and 80 in redwood city. tomorrow, mainly clear skies overnight. but some fog at the coastline. it'll be at the san mateo coastline into early tomorrow morning. sunny skies, and warmer temperatures than today.
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but the warming trend comes to an end this weekend. cooler weather ahead for father's day. also tonight, a raging wildfire in colorado turns deadly. and almost a week after a second limo fire in the bay area. no investigation! what an lawmaker is working on to push for better safety regulations. and bart approves a billion dollar budget. look at them kids. [ sigh ]
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two bodies found in an area burned by the wildfire raging northeast of colorado springs. officials say it is the most destructive wildfire in that state's history. and it continues to burn through whiles of tender, dry wood. the black forest fire is only 5% contained. at least 360 homes have been destroyed by the
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flames. about 40,000 people including some in colorado springs have been ordered to evacuate. later in this broadcast, the giants getting well in pittsburgh! oh, the a's! out of this world ! they take on the yankees today. and don't forget lebron james! ♪
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please say the gunman who killed five people in a rampage in santa monica last week left a note apologizing for killing his father and brother. the nose was found on -- note was found on the suspect's body. in the note he also said goodbye to his friends and expressed hope that his mother would be taken care of. police describe other victims they found in his possession. >> he is suspected of shooting and killing his brother and father at their home, and then shooting three other people after police shot and killed him on the campus of santa monica college. nearly a week since a limousine in walnut creek erupted in flames. several elderly women were inside at the time. but there is still no police investigation into what caused the fire. the vehicle
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was towed today. the fire inside the limo broke out on sunday, in the gated subdivision of walnut creek called ross more. the passengers were headed to celebrate a 90th birthday. flames quickly spread, engulfing the car. you can see the charred wreckage. everyone was able to escape safely. but this fire comes on the heels of another limousine fire on may 4th. fire broke out on that limo on the san mateo bridge who were celebrating a wedding. that limo was engulfed in flames. the bride to be and four of her friends died. >> it really raises my concern.
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>> reporter: state senator jerry hill says the two recent limo fires are extremely alarming and reveal that more must be done to step up safety on these vehicles as soon as possible. >> when you look at that limo in walnut creek, it didn't take long for it to be completely destroyed! and i think those ladies, if -- were snide in inside still it would have been devastating. >> reporter: he says it's especially important now because it comes on the heelless of another limo fire that killed five women. new legislation would provide more regulation. >> we're wait further highway
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patrol to complete its investigationful then we'll know -- investigation. then we'll know what caused that fire. but we do know no. 1 the limousines of nine passengers or les are not inspected -- less are not inspected by a third party. they're self-inspected, mechanically, or whatever. also from limousines of nine or fewer passengers, it has no requirement for a fire extinguisher. there's no inspection, and no requirement for a second exit! those are the areas we're looking at in the legislation. the bart board of directors approved a $1.5 billion budget for the 2015-fiscal year. they are focusing on customer priorities. the budget will direct $46 million in operating funds toward ordering 410 new
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rail cars. another seven$7 million will be used to replace existing train seats and floors with easier to clean materials. other items include more secure bike parking, more security cameras, and earthquake safety retrofits. it also includes a 1% wage increase to begin on july 1st. even parking spots are not immune to the recent surge in san francisco real estate prices. one spot in south beach sold last week for $82,000. the parking space is in an enclosed garage in a condo. it was warmer out there today, and tell be warmer into tomorrow. but big changes for the weekend as the fog returns and temperatures cool down!
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father's day, below average temperatures for this time of year. we're going to start to see some of that fog along the san mateo coastline. very strong winds out of the north. looks like we'll see some ti will be returningon hour, for saturday and sunday. temperatures tomorrow, 60s and 70s to start the day. 80s creep onto the screen in the noonhour. largely 90s in the central valley. for the even hours, temperatures rather mild in the 70s and 80s. more 80-degree readings in the south bay. 82 in san jose, 80 for millepedes.
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90 in fairfield. 87 for livermore and pleasanton. 60s along the immediate coastline. 72 in san francisco. and a range of 80s for the north bay. your extended forecast. tomorrow warmer than today. but the warming trend comes to an abrupt end this weekend. temperatures will drop between 5-10 degrees to begin next week. you can catch the news on comcast 193. the a's and yankees play an 18-inning thriller! and gary has the hilts. look at 'em.
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good evening everybody! most guys, they spray it. i just let it flow. and people reach a certain age, like at all these guys losing their hair, and i don't mean to egoist, but mine's just full! [ laughter ] >> all right, skna. anyway -- anyway. enough of that. you know what you remember from the newscast? i didn't like what pam had on!
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she's got a different hair this week. that's all people remember. >> they would like to hear the sports. >> yeah, but my hair has carried the day. [ laughter ] >> here we go! after the performance by lebron against san antonio in game 3, everybody is saying, look out! but the people looking out, james, 33, 11 rebounds, 4 assists. after being scored, tied up at halftime, it was all lebron. dwyane wade went off when lebron was off for a rest! lebron was tight.
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warrior underwent surgery today. the a's win 20 of their last 25. they honored mariano rivera. his final season. they'll reward his foundation with a little bit of a check. coco crisp in the 14th! boom! thought the game was over. but vernon wells threw out brandon mos. the first time since 1971 that a team has played two 18-inning games! and the greatest relief pitcher in history! a broken bat single. jaso scores. time for pies in the face! 3-2 a's! 5 hours, 34 minutes! the old washington senators, the last team to play two 18-inning games in a season. and if you're the a's you've got over half a season to go!
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lincecum and zito let the giants down the last two games. matt cane was not about to make it three in a row. he shut out pittsburgh over 6 and 2/3. blanco delivers here to make it 5-0 giants. and hunter pence rides 1 out, boom! 10-0 giants. they win 1-3 in pittsburgh. and they will be in atlanta tomorrow night. give us a shot of the rain in marion for round 1 of the united states open, delayed three hours! phil mickelson at his daughter's 8th grade graduation in san diego wednesday night! flew overnight! granted, firefight jet. but arrived -- private jet. but arrived 5:30 am. he's the current leader . one shot of tiger here, he winces a little
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bit. 2 over through 9 holes. then they stop play . pam, they'll resume tomorrow. [ laughter ] >> goodnight, everybody. ♪
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(woman over p.a.) tracy jordan to the stage, please. tracy to the stage. hey, hey, hey, where are you going? they've been paging you for rehearsal. rehearsal? we just did a show last week. i just came to pick up a paycheck. no. we do a show every friday, tracy. it's not gonna work. next friday is damon dash's birthday party. and the friday after that, there's an orgy over at elizabeth-- yeah? well, you're part of a team now, okay? so you have to be in the shows and you have to rehearse. and when you rehearse, jenna would really like it-- i would like it too-- if you would read exactly what's on the cue cards. it's making everybody crazy. can't do it. i'm an improviser. my acting style is like jazz. jazz that you laugh at. [imitates jazz trumpet] "ah ha ha ha ha! ah ha ha ha ha!" just try, okay? i have a meeting upstairs. i'll be right back. [classical music] ♪


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