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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  June 21, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> the developing story out of the east bay where one person is dead fall of a shooting at an apartment complex. we will have a live report coming up. >> it is not a good day on wall street. the dow falls over 350 points, the reason for the mass of loss is coming up. >> today is the first day of summer and we are watching the weather is we take a live look outside from the golden gate bridge. here is erica up with a look at our forecast. >> we will have a mid 80s for the bay. it will be warmer as we head into tomorrow and saturday will be the warmest of the week.
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the temperatures will drop additionally and was said increase in cloud cover. we do have big changes to talk about with unsettled weather and i will have full details of what you can expect as 6:15 a.m.. >> for the first morning in many we are not seen early activation of the metering lights. this means that it is a better ride for you. this is especially good if you are a fasttrack user. it is about 9 to 11 minutes. you can see the sun is born to reach the end. we have been an incident. . quick commute check shows light traffic while highway 4 is heavy in the westbound direction. interstate 580 is slow for your ride through the alta mount pass way. >> the time is 6:02 a.m.. a
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deadly shooting at an apartment complex overnight. kron4 mike pelton has just arrived on the scene. >> the corner and just left with the victims about it just five minutes ago. when he brought of the covered body to the van there were about a dozen family members and friends who were outside to watch this. it was just a meltdown as i watched many of them cried. they told me that he is 51 years old and that his mother had to watch her son's body be loaded in a van. the shooting took place at 12:30 pm. they had to evacuate apartments because the research and for the gunman. on lowe's and howe, they have not provided any description of him. if they stated that he fled the scene and the family members stated that the victim got into an argument and this is
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what led to the shooting. of bordet's will sort all this out. they are taping up with the crime scene tape. they have not provided any detailed description of who they are looking for. >> they believe that he left this area and they did evacuate the area to deal with this. at this point it is okay for them to go back into their apartments. >> police in san francisco are investigating a shooting deaths and one man to the hospital. it happened around 10:00 p.m. near six and net, streets in the south part of market neighborhood. police found a victim suffering from two gunshot wounds and was transported to a local hospital. police say that the victim was not cooperative and would not give the many details about the shooting. multiple types
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of shell casings were found at the scene. police are now looking for more than one gunman. >> more victims coming forth and say, the there were rocked by the same two teams who committed violent robberies on board a streetcar in sampras's go out bayview district last would. here is surveillance video. officials of the two girls punched a 68 year-old woman in the face, before still in her bag. it happened last week. the girls are believed to be as young as 13 years old. a another victim says, that she was attacked by the same duo the very next day. the victims says, that she was left bruised in a struggle over iphone. >> another woman says, that she believes one of the girls stole her iphone last december, while she was shopping in union square.
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>> a strike vote is set for tuesday for bart workers whose contract is set to expire at the end of the month. the votes will determine if union employees are willing to go on strike, should it come to that point. district, bart workers handed out fliers to writers, warning them about the situation. negotiations have stalled between the transit agency and the union. is both parrmark and the a.c. transit workers strike, commuters will be called in the middle. >> watching wall street this morning. future trading show of three indexes in the positive this morning. a to date sell-off on wall street has wiped out six weeks of gains for the dow jones. here's a look at the closing numbers. the dow fell 354 closing at $14.758. the
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nasdaq dropped nearly 80 points to end the day at 3364. the s&p 500 closed down 40 points, ending the day at 1588. we will be watching the stock market all morning long here on kron 4 morning news. >> following the latest on the george zimmerman murder trial. this morning, the judge is expected to issue her ruling regarding expert testimony on voice identification. the trial is expected to begin on monday. >> residents in one part of berkeley are on edge this morning following a recent increase in crime. a murder, robbery and assault have all been reported in the past five weeks in the berkeley hills area near the mile 16 marker on grizzly park boulevard. many people come to grizzly peak for the
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peace and quiet. neighbors and tourists say that they are surprised by the rise in crime. >> you would not think, there are people out here that would do that and it is scary. >> i am shocked. this is a place where the teenagers hang out and the tourists take photos. >> uc-berkeley police say that the recent crimes have been in the early morning hours and visitors say that they feel safe during the day but they will stay away at night. >> we will take a break. next on the kron 4 morning news. we will have the very latest on the arrest warrant is issued for nfl star tight end aaron hernandez. he is now suspected in a murder out of massachusetts.
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>> the time is 6:10 a.m.. new this morning, we are getting word that nfl star tight end aaron hernandez is going to be charged with the shooting death of his friend, semipro player odin lloyd. lloyd's body was gone about a mile from the home
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where hernandez lives in massachusetts. police say that hernandez surveillance system in his home was smashed. it was done intentionally and a cell phone was handed over to police and pieces. there was also a cleaning crew seen leaving his home on monday. the patriots tight end is also being sued in south florida by a man claiming that hernandez shot him in the face after an argument at a strip club. >> the miami heat made it back to back nba champions. this is the third since 2006, with a greek 95 to 88 victory over the san antonio spurs in game 7 of the nba finals. as usual, lebron james made it happen. the heat superstar poured in 37 points and grabbed 12 rebounds to earn mvp honors
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for the second straight year. with the heat and nursing a two-point lead, james secured the victory with a 19 ft. jumper with 27.9 seconds left. he added two free throws of four seconds later. the heat rallied from a 3 to 2 deficit to win the final two games at home. >> fans of the winning team swarmed out of american airlines are ring up and cheered on the streets after the game. you can see the ♪ [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be great if all devices had backup power? the chevrolet volt does. it's ingeniously designed to seamlessly switch from electricity to gas to extend your driving range. no wonder volt is america's best-selling plug-in. that's american ingenuity to find new roads. ♪ the 2013 volt. charge ahead of the rest in the hov lane.
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>> the fbi is asking for the public's healthelp in finding a fugitive who may be looking for a job as a software engineer in the san francisco and san jose areas. authority say that bruce marshall is wanted for mail fraud. marshall is accused of creating a fake company and convincing a previous employer to hire its a service. he then collected more than $100,000 in cash. marshall also goes by the name francois marshall and francois
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delacroix. >> california governor jerry brown says, that he will ask the court to stay its order issued a mandated nearly $10 and prison inmates to be released before the end of the year. the order was an effort to improve the overcrowding of california's prison population and to improve the medical and mental health care of inmates. the judges also present to cite the governor brown for contencontempt if he does not immediately comply with their order. the governor called the order under unprecedented and has already filed notice that he intends to appeal. >> the california stationers association issued a statement in response to the court order saying " this
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order is not a solution, it is harmful to public safety and the communities that we serve. " we strongly support the route request to stay this order, and have the state's appeal heard by the u.s. supreme court. >> heavy flooding has taken over parts of western canada where as many as 100,000 people could be forced to evacuate. take a look, that is a house being swept away from the heavy floods. two mountain resort towns are isolated after mudslides closed part of a trans canada highway. rain and winds spread flooding throughout southern alberta yesterday it washed out roads and bridges and left at least one person missing. >> today you should dress in layers. we will have low 50's out and pleasanton. the warming condition will go
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today and will be breezy. tomorrow will be the warmest of the week and a rain is in the forecast and you can expect cooler weather with more calls as we head into sunday. >> brentwood will be coming in at 90 degrees. upper 70's for brenda and martinez. low 80s out from san ramon. plenty of 70's for the east bay shoreline. 74 degrees will be for union city. we will see a fair shakshare of 80s. upper 70's for san jose. downtown san francisco will come in at the low 70's. overall, the temperatures will be warmer than where we were yesterday afternoon. napa will hit 82 degrees. >> satellite and radar shows clear and dry conditions and we do have patchy fog along
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the coastline. high pressure is building and for the next two days. looking ahead we do have low pressure currently situated in the western pacific. this will gradually bring a possibility for rain. >> we may see the most rain in the north bay and san francisco may see half an inch. you should keep your umbrellas handy if your in the north bay or the south bay. rain will linger on and to to stay but we will try things up for wednesday and thursday. the time is 6:19 a.m.. >> we continue to monitor a good ride around the bay. we are keeping an eye on the bay bridge in the westbound direction. the mean lights have been activated. the backup regis to the first over crossing and the good news is that there were not activated early this morning. on highway 92 for
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the san mateo bridge is easy traffic. they have no delays. the golden gate bridge is looking good light traffic all south and north bound. already we have noticed the northbound traffic on friday, is a little heavier than usual. >> the drive time around the bay as we look first at the east bay commute. use a good ride for 24 westbound and no delays. interstate 80 is looking good. your ride to the san ramon valley is 18 minutes into dublin. your commute to the south is light traffic for both 101 and 85. the north bay riders still looking great from novato it is under 25 minutes leading to the golden gate bridge. >> barbara fire
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officials say that they have contained a fire that claimed 75 a. and endangered more than 500 homes. they say that the fire was caused by welding crews in the area who did not have proper clearance. at one point the local utility building was threatened. it took 180 people to help the flames, including 12 engines, three air tankers, and one helicopter. >> the wildfire burning not far from disseminate is still a problem this morning. cal fire says that it is 65 percent contained. the fire has burned all 1,700 a. in mariposa county. only a few of the evacuation orders are still in effect, but a dozen buildings are still pretty by the flames. >> boots on the ground, and
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jones in the air. that is out senator chuck schumer is a summing up the beef up border security included in the senate immigration overhaul. an emerging deal on the legislation calls for a doubling of of the border patrol, with 20,000 new agents, 18 new unmanned surveillance drones, 350 mi. of new fencing, and an array of fixed and mobile devices to maintain vigilance. a final vote on the legislation is expected by the end of next week. the next move would be up to the house, where republicans are overwhelmingly opposed to provisions. >> even though the tthe 2016 presidential election is years away the mud slinging
6:23 am
and has already begun. a pro republican political action committee has launched a fund raiser effort to stop him to reach clinton from running for president. clinton has not even announced that she is running. the group called " america rising ", has sent out e-mail's to donors asking for money for calls. when e-mail list of the scandals that emerged what clinton was secretary of state. according to the group, the fund will go toward research and tv ads to spread the message. >> we will be right back.
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>> instagram is not just for pictures anymore, you cannot share videos. the announcement explained a new feature that allows users to share 15 second video clips. there also 13 new filters built specifically for the video app. the new instagram video app is available now on all apple and android devices. >> fester wife by could soon be coming youaster wi-fi could e soon coming your way. a new
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technology with speeds of up to 1.3 get a bits per second has been approved. wifi alliance, a nonprofit organization that works to standardize new technology. the new standard is called 80 2.118-seat and it will allow you to transfer high definition movie from your computer to your tablet in under four minutes. the company has authorized a growing line of robbers, access points, michael shemicrochips and smart phones. >> one of the first apple computers ever bill will go on the auction block next week, and it could sell for half a million dollars or more. the apple one is from
6:28 am
1976. the owner, a retired school psychologist from california has kept its stashed away in a cardboard box. and other apple one was sold last month for a record number all of $671,400 by a german auction house. >> of next summer kron 4 morning news. thousands of nascar fans flooding to the north bay this weekend for sonoma raceway. will have a live report coming up. >> we are just minutes away from the opening bell on wall street. will there be a from the opening bell on wall street. will there be a rlook at them kids. [ sigh ] they have no idea what it was like before u-verse high speed internet. yeah, you couldn't just stream movies to a device like that. one time, i had to wait half a day to watch a movie. you watched movies?! i was lucky if i could watch a show. show?! man, i was happy to see a sneezing panda clip! trevor, have you eaten today? you sound a little grumpy.
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>> welcome back. the opening bell on wall street. the dow lost 354 points. the dow lost 560 points in the last two days. it wiped out gains from the last six weeks. they are now of just a few points. we will market not coming down. >> the federal reserve announced a that was start tapering off towards the end
6:31 am
of the year. we are basically keeping interest rates low. this has been what has been feeling on wall street. as the atrocities out of this there were concerns. we're also expecting--these are the first numbers. they're still below the 15,000 mark. >> we would not handed over to george following a eyespot. >> we had this reported for the mimic for way 880 in oakland. this is out and hayward. it may be a serious problem and we are already calling it a hot spot. three lanes are blocked. this is just out of the 92 turnoff. it is already backing of the
6:32 am
ride before the '92 turn off. there is a report of an overturned vehicles and likely injuries involved. they have numerous emergency vehicles for responding. >> where are waking up to sunny skies and it is still pretty chilly outside. inside the bay we are waking up to a low to mid 50s. by the afternoon we will see made 80s. mild weather by 8:00 p.m. tonight and if you have evening plans the temperatures will be in the '60s. we do have the changes to talk about and we do have unsettled weather for next week. i will have full details coming up 6:45 a.m.. >> following a developing story out of richmond this morning, police are searching for a gunman who shot and killed a man in his 30's. it happened at the
6:33 am
pullman point apartment complex in the overnight hours. here is video from the scene. police are still on the scene investigating the shooting. many apartments were evacuated as police searched for the gunman. that the man has fled the scene and is believed to be out of the area. >> saleh said police are investigating the city's 25th homicide of the year. a team boy who was found wednesday night suffering from gunshot wounds has died. 16 year-old manuel uurzoua was falling wednesday in the 1600 block of virginia ave. he was taken to a local hospital where he died yesterday. police believe that the shooting was gang-related. >> a bold atm death in
6:34 am
oakland. police are searching for three suspects. the incident happened yesterday run 3:30 a.m. in the morning on the 76 station on park boulevard. adjutancy in the surveillance camera, the suspects rammed a pickup truck into the gas station, pulling the atm out and loading it on the truck. no one was injured and the thieves stole nothing else. the storeowner says that he has had minor break-ins in the past, but nothing like this. >> oakland's in term police chief is touting a new neighborhood policy plan, saying it will be more efficient and reducing the city's high crime rate. chief sean whent introduce the commanders of five new police districts each with their own capt. and about 66 officers. the chief says
6:35 am
that the new units will be able to focus on smaller beets and have a faster response time. city leaders hope that the new districts will prompt residents to feel more comfortable. >> a new study finds same- sex couples are being discriminated against when seeking rental apartments on line. when inquiring about rental apartments of the e- mail, and gay and lesbian couples received almost 16 percent if your responses than their heterosexual counterparts. that is according to a study by the department housing and urban development. the researchers based on more than 6800 e- mail correspondence as test about 50 u.s. states. >> it is expected to be a busy weekend of the north bay as nascar drivers take to the sonoma raceway. kron4 will tran is live from inside a race with this morning. >> day have something for
6:36 am
children as well. they have a conable with the vendors. if you come out here everything is deep-fried as far as the flu. we will show y they do not want you to this is the trophy place and you can see there will be able to drink wine. they probably not get into their personal cars and drive off. this is the event and they rolled out this car. this is a classic.
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there is so much that is going on. we have television crews who are ready to go. if you come down here to see them practice it will cost to about $20. the weather would be fantastic. they have the super stars, and dale earnhardt jr. and we will get reactions as to what you can expect. tomorrow will be another busy day. if you take this to costco i believe you can fill it up. this will improve your street credit. >> it would be hilarious if to show up at costco with that thing! and again, if
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a line >> the morning after pill is finally going over the counter. the food and drug administration approved unrestricted sales of plan b one step, lifting all aid limits on the emergency contraceptive. the administration had fought lifting age restrictions but gave in after several losses in court. the move applies only to one brand. the morning after pill is a higher dose of regular birth control that can prevent pregnancy if taken soon enough after unprotected sex. until now, women could buy it without a
6:42 am
prescription only if they prove to a pharmacists that they were 17 or older. >> the surprise on three year-old grayson clamps face in this video is priceless. it was the first time he heard a sound, and it was his father's voice. he was born without auctorial nerves which carry sound from the inner ear to the brain. he became the first child in the united states to receive an auditory brain stem and plan. he was adopted and his parents believe that his store will help many other children and help doctors improved technology. >> he has to now know how to
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♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> the time is 6:45 a.m.. here is a quick recap of our top stories this morning. >> police in richmond are searching for a gunman responsible for killing a man in his 30's this morning. it happened at an apartment complex. police believe the gunman has fled the area. >> a strike vote is set for tuesday for bart workers whose contract is set to expire at the end of the month. bart in new yorkers have been at odds ever since negotiations stalled. >> there is an accident that is still blocking the lanes. it was blocking three of the fire department was on the saying has already left. it
6:47 am
appears as though it may be in the clarence page. right now they have opened at one more laying with only just to block. the traffic is still backed up to 238. yu may still see slowing even if they do manage to get this open. here is a bigger picture of the back up. it may also affect the 238 traffic. >> looking at the bridges and the bay bridge backup regis to the 880 over crossing. the last few days of the metering lights have been cycling very low and today and there really is not that much traffic. we have been incident. . the san mateo bridge is still looking good though the volume is picking up. the drive time has picked up.
6:48 am
your golden gate bridge ride is looking great and so is the commute through marin county. >> there is a look get your temperatures. they're still on the chilly outside. upper 40's for napa and santa rosa. there are 50s in the bay. the temperatures have hit their low point. following those numbers into the evening. 79 degrees for sunnyvale and upper 80s for pittsburg. 73 degrees for castro valley. downtown san francisco will be at 67 degrees and 74 expected for berkeley. clear skies for the bay area and the high pressure is building in. we do have an area of low pressure that will bring
6:49 am
storms to the bay area. the first one should arrive sunday. take a look at monday where the rain is certainly likely for the forecast. the north bay was the increase and almost an engine have expected. the rain will begin sunday and continue into monday. we concede to order to have a manager for san francisco. for the ls spots that were just a trace amounts of rain. you will notice a cool down also. the rain chance will linger for tuesday and we should be dry by wednesday and thursday. >> we're keeping our eyes on wall street. the dow dropped 560 points in the last two days. this is a bit
6:50 am
of a rebound and they're only off 84 points. they're sitting at 14,000, 840. >> here live pictures from a massive wildfires that has been burning. about 50 structures were threatened and 6,400 a. have burned. the containment is only a 10%. >> it was a packed house at oakland's grand lake their last night during a private screening of the famine " fruit belt station code film " a station ". the movie is based on the shooting death of 22 year-old oscar grant at an oakland bart station on new year's eve 2009. the actors talk about putting together the movie and what it meant to them. >> the film opens nationwide
6:51 am
on july 12th. it has already earned top honors at this year's sundance film festival. >> meantime, kron 4 spoke with the attorney for joha nnes mehserle, the bart transit officer convicted of a voluntarily it manslaughter in the fatal shooting of oscar grant. he says that he continues to struggle with what happened that night and that he feels awful about the tragedy. he is now working full time, they would not say where he is working on what he is currently doing. just that he is trying to move on with his life. >> an american airlines plane was diverted to denver international airport early this morning. smelling smoke in the cockpit. the boeing 757 that was carrying 183
6:52 am
passengers departed seattle late last night heading for miami. the flight landed in denver shortly before 4:00 a.m.. according to an airport spokesman, maintenance crews check the plane and found no issues with the aircraft. >> former enron ceo jeffrey skilling, already in prison for his role in the energy giant collapse, will learn if his more than 24 year prison sentence could be reduced as many as 10 years. he is to be read sentenced today during a federal court hearing in houston. this is part of a court ordered reduction of his prison term and a separate agreement prosecutors that will allow for the distribution of kron4 1 million in restitution to victims of in run's collapse. some enron
6:53 am
victims are expected to speed on today's hearing. >> we will be right back. bulldog: ahh, the dog days of summer... bulldog: ahh, the dog days
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>> welcome back. at the san francisco giants have now dropped eight games in a row to the miami marlins at at&t park. giants pitcher chad to gaudin was injured in the fifth inning. he was hit by hitdietrich line drive and he was diagnosed with a bruised elbow. they were up one to nothing in the eight. the giants dropped to to 1. a another tough game for the a's in texas. wrapping up a the series against the rangers. days were down 4 to 3 in the ninth. seth smith with a single to the center, about 0 by craig gentry josh at donaldson tried to score
6:57 am
from first. he is thrown out at the plate. texas now pulling within a game of the athletics by winning three times in the four game series. the athletics now head to seattle. >> one man put a lot of effort in his marriage proposal to his girlfriend. check this he spelled out the request on a wall using sticky notes! he says it took about 8000 sticky notes to complete his work of art. you concede he wrote the words " i love you " on every single sheet! all of his car were paid off, his girlfriend said yes! >> we will take a quick
6:58 am
break. coming up on kron 4 morning news at 7:00 a.m.. >> more people are coming for san that they were two victims of the teenage girls who robbed and punched an elderly woman on an muni train in san francisco. >> we're also live at the sonoma race without the people will watch. >> the world according to gary is at 7:45 a.m. where he would talk about the nba finals.
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(male announcer) live from the bay area here is your kron 4 news >> developing stories we're following out of the east bay, one person is dead at a shooting in an apartment complex. >> wall stree


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