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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  June 26, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. now at eight. 12 hours after two landmark rulings from supreme court rights >> long time ago. california's ban on same sexthe federal defense of >> pam: celebrations are stillthat's where kron 4's j-r
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>> reporter: this is what they had to say >> we are here! we stood in line and 04 and then we had our rights taken away from moss and then we have our rights and giving back to us. and two dozen south in 2013 when now have 1138 rights that we did have yesterday. and that are rich social security stars the matter. i am thrilled in an ecstatic that we are recognized like anyone else i think the supreme court and the gay community and the strike committee for care about us. and the
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straight community for caring about us. some folks have brought little ones are here as well. lots of little ones waving flags some of the costumes that they had on a 830. j.r. stone reporting live from the castro the dollarsame- sex marriage supporters in the east bay. >> pam: are celebrating this historic day. kron four's philippe djegal has a look at a block party in oakland. clergy from across the bay area showed their support for today's supreme court decisions. more than sixty religious leaders, from a variety of faiths, stood together on the steps of san francisco's grace cathedral this afternoon. they say, the defeat of prop 8 and doma. will allow them to serve everyone in the community equally. >> pam: moon >> reporter: religious
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faiths. to embrace the l-g- b-t community. >> we have been married three times and and has never been legal so we're hoping that the fourth time sticks. >>we have to move with humility to support gay rights in full equality in every church and mosque and synagogue and ashram./ >> for the first time and the 55 years of my life, the country but i love has loved me in return. for the first time in my life the powers that be the highest powers of these nations the present in the nation's evatt knowledge that i am complete human being with rights like everyone else in the free world. >> i know that it is kind of hard to explain. if those
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fabulous! >> reporter: she actually merritt five couples more symbolic than anything. in oakland felipe kron 4 news. >> pam: more than 60 a variety of safe the defeat of prop. 8 and the obama will provide a lot of just about everyone equally. >>i know that there are some congregations that are still struggling with this. there are pastors that will most likely not participate or give wedding services to
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their lgbt parishioners, but at least we've had the conversation that this is about civil rights for all people. >> pam: officials with grace cathedral also said today, they will offer same sex marriages 30- days after the state authorizes the unions. >> pam: that's the same waiting period that is required of all couples who marry at the cathedral. "nats of cheering" >> pam: listening to the crowd cheering in san franciscoin san francisco this morning. people cheered as the ruling was announced. san francisco mayor ed lee was there. along with lt. governor gavin newsom, and many others who have been active in the fight for same-sex marriage. in oakland. city officials joined mayor jean quan to celebrate today's supreme court rulings. >> pam: speaking on the steps of city hall. the mayor recounted the excitement the moment the ruling came down.
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>>"you could hear the screaming in our neighborhood when the decision was read. this is truly a joyful day in the nation and in this city./i think of all the things that we've done in recent years, this is one of the most moving days for me." the mayor says, she is >> pam: making arrangements for a large number of weddings to be performed at city hall. >> pam: grant lodes joins us now with a breakdown of what proposition 8 means. and reaction from plaintiffs in the case.grant? >> reporter:now we get to hear from the people behind the case and this landmark decision. two couples who were plaintiffs in the case were overjoyed with the supreme court's decision. >>we believe from the very beginning that the importance of this case was to send a message to the children of this country, that you are just as good as everybody else no matter who you love, no matter who your parents love. and today we can go back to california and say to our own children, all four of our boys, your family is just as good as everybody else's family. we love you as much as anybody else's parents love their
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kids, and we are going to be equal. now, we will be married and we will be equal to every other family in california." >> we just want to get married because it's the natural next step in our relationship. we want to join the institution of marriage, no to take anything away but strengthen it, to live up to its ideals. so today is a good day. it's the day i finally get to look at the man that i love and get to say, will you please marry me? >> reporter:this is the ruling that most legal experts forecasted. cleared the way for same sex >> reporter:it was a 5 - 4 decision.
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the majority of the justices said that supporters of the right to appeal a lower >> reporter: voter approved ban on same sex marriage. >> reporter:today the court's majority said the supporters of prop 8 were not able to show how marriage. >> reporter:now, a lower court ruling that prop 8 is unconstitutional remains in place.meaning gay marriage in california is expected to esume in 25 days. to make a broad ruling about whether banning same sex marriage is constitutional.that could have had a more wide ranging impact across the country >> reporter:today, the supreme court also struck down parts of the defense of marriage act -- also known as doma. the ruling will allow same- sex spouses to receive certain federal benefits in legal. couples can file joint tax returns and enjoy other benefits, such as commissary privileges in the military. as kron 4's catherine heenan now reports. the decision also provided the final
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bittersweet chapter. in a 42- year love story. >> love and joy. >> catherine: 10 years later spire was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis winter tech roared early-retirement to become a full-time caregiver. six years ago they went to the toronto to be merritt by first openly gay judge spider died in 2009. and was a learned in the eyes of her government was not her legal spouse. it was considered to be a stranger in a relationship to that. the irs requests the should pay 300 and the
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thousand dollars in inheritance taxes proposed. catherine heenan kron4 news. >> reporter: by the end of july.13 states and the district of columbia will have legal same sex marriage. california joins washington, iowa and minneso.these are the only stated to allow it in the >> reporter:the majority of states are in the northeast and mid-atlantic. maine, new hampshire, vermont, massachussetts, rhode island, connecticut, new york, delaware, maryland and d-c. >> reporter:same sex couples in these locations will now be benefits. >> reporter:but not everyone is pleased with today's rulings. opponents of same-sex marriage lashed out at the high court. and questioned today's decision. members of the group, save california, spoke outside the state capitol today. here is what they had to say.
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>>"does the vote of the people matter any more? does your vote count when judges strike it down? if your vote doesn't count, we don't have a democracy anymore. does the written law in the state constitution matter? will it be enforced? if it's not, guess what, we won't have a republic anymore. and that's scary for every american citizen." >> pam: the supreme court ruling comes just a few days before pride weekend hits the bay area. it is the biggest l-g-b-t celebration in the country. >> pam: coverage of the supreme court ruling on prop 8 continues. also ahead-- bart workers have overwhelmingly voted to authorize a strike. just days before their contract is set to expire. the nightmare which could develop for commuters. in other big news today. bart is one step closer tonight towards a complete shut down. the union has voted and the vote was unanimous. they have
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>> pam: kron4 scott ratios was born out on the street. >> reporter: right in the middle of the departing! let me show you was going on all night long here. castro street is closed obviously thousands of people are here waving flags. (cheers & applause) will the party goes on now
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pass 18th street so many people come out tonight. people with flags and signs everyone out here very excited about today's ruling pri >> i feel fabulous! life is a good thing to. >> is the nominal >> i wish they had done more but i believe this is a start and a good beginning. i'm really happy and i suppose that things are little different today. >> is actually finally happening i'm shocked is taking way to want. >> we give finally make it legal. >> reporter: castro or will
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remain closed until 5 until 9:00 tonight. the party here will last all night long >> pam: as kron four's terisa estacio reports, both sides say they don't want the transit system to stop running, but it isn't looking good. bart union respresentatives announced the result of the strike vote early wednesday morning. >>95 percent said yes. we also backed them. >> reporter:bart management quickly responded to the news.
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>>: this is disappointing. >> reporter:and to cap that. bart says it won't ask the governor to step in and issue a cooling off period. >>we don't want this to drag into the summer. meantime, negotiaions continue behind closed doors. with both sides saying they are far apart in any type of compromise. bart management says the union wants a 23 percent increase in salary. and refuses to pay more in healthcare or pay anything into pension. >> reporter: union members say it is more complicated then that. and say safety for themselves and riders is their primary issue. demanding improvements. the union must issue a 72 hour advance warning if they do plan to strike. with the contract expiring this weekend, there is not much time left to let the public know if the trains will keep rolling.
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>> reporter:day three of the zimmerman >> pam: trial and the star witness could make or break the case for the prosecution. george zimmerman claims he shot the unarmed teenager in self-defense, but a friend who was on the phone with martin just before he was killed says martin told her zimmerman was following him. >> pam: rachel jeantel is considered the prosecution's star witness, and today was grilled by the defense team on what jeantel originally told prosecutors. >> suddenly the phone hong up. >> pam: she is expected to be back in court tomorrow. >> jacqueline: is still
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feels a little monkey out there this evening patrick and i see from the san mateo bridge still dealing with rollover delays from the down weather. no problems in oakland or san jose. temperatures for the most part are in the '60s and '70s. clear skies for much of the bay area but the fault is expected to return later tonight. it should clear about kennecott in most places. for tomorrow though sunny skies for most locations and warmer temperatures with that trend continuing as we head through the week. take a look at futurecast out the door '60s and '70s to start today quickly getting into the 80s by noon. the low
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nineties for a number of places including the delta in in a belly separate upper 80s for the south bay. so here is what it looks like 87 and cupertino and san jose and milpitas. low 90s for inland valleys places like concord 913 spirit 92 for pleasanton and '70s and '80s for east bay shore spirit '80s through the north bay. even warmer through friday. for alan bellies and member on a 24 hour day you can catch the latest news, forecast and traffic conditions whenever it's convenient - on our 24/7 bay area news channel. you can watch live on or on comcast channel 193. >> gary: the a's are
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incredible and the end asphodel wow tool murder stories coming up next >> pam: this is a live look at the castro district tonight after the break. denny's red white & blue plate specials
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>> pam: one couple talks about what today's ruling means to them. >> and means that we can finally get merritt. married. incredible meaningful. >> pam: many couples we talk with said that it will be back received their license to be merritt.
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>> jacqueline: clear skies tonight but we will talk about how hot is going to get coming
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam: developing tonight. proposition eight and the defense of marriage act struck down by the nation's highest court. and tonight, people across the bay area are celebrating the landmark rulings. this is video of the festivities in san francisco's castro district. taken from our helicopter partnership with abc 7. >> pam: that's where kron 4's j-r stone joins us live. jr? >> reporter: this is the biggest party in san francisco this evening. a lot of people taking
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pictures and walking around in this area because if you want another 50 ft. down that is where the music is at and that is where people are shoulder to shoulder, excited about the supreme court decision. >> this is definitely an occasion the supreme court did the people a great pleasure by deciding on crop acreage, eight. >> and glad that we are finally getting serious about equality in united states. >> reporter: in the castro
8:32 pm
district of sentences go if you come down you will see the large clock crowd. thousands of people are excited and now here and excited that gay marriage is here and a part of california. president >> reporter: obama would have loved to celebrate this news and the white house today but he was on his way to africa when the ruling threat. red. " this was discriminationthis was discrimination loving, committed gay and lesbian couples as a separate and lesser class of people. the supreme court has righted that wrong, and our country is better off while the president and many others around the country are thrilled with today's
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historic rulings. many are not happy. lawmakers in washington who are against same sex marriage spoke out today as well. :11-:24 >> what we have here today is a wholly quintet that goes against nature and nature's god. rep. michele bachmann this marriage that is something that god created, that is something that god has to find. minnesota >> reporter:other critics point out that today's rulings do not have a broad impact on the country as a whole -- only those states that have legalized same-sex marriage. >> reporter:the 35 states where those no change. today's decision was a long time coming. has a timeline of how everything happened. >> pam: kron4 lisa really
8:34 pm
how it will explain how long they have total and why. >> >> reporter: were a number of people that are getting married today but although they have the green light there is any 20 day waiting period and dry time an appeal can be commissioned for a rehearing. >> and total is to take about zero months. >> and definitely should have happened neons of all especially california aquino san francisco they were doing marriages here quite early. but haven't taken to 2013 in the united states and in california is a
8:35 pm
little bit ridiculous i did hear that the process ought to be sped up but we wouldn't have to wait as long. by this time >> reporter: by this time next month same-sex couples when to get married should be able to do so. >> catherine: same sex couples filled the offices, halls and stairways but it turned out to be a short honeymoon. within a few weeks, the state supreme court ordered the marriages stopped. and in august declared all of the nearly 4=thousand unions null and void. >> catherine: the next year, california's legislature passed the country's first law legalizing same sex marriage. governor schwazenegger vetoed it. in 2007, california legislators passed a new bill. and it was vetoed again. in 2008, california's supreme
8:36 pm
court ruled that same sex couples should have the right to marry. >> catherine: declared valid after all. opponents of same sex marriage began collecting signatures for a measure to ban same sex marriages. in november of 2009, prop 8 passed with a 52 percent federal judge declared in unconstitutional. in 2012, the ninth circuit appeals court agreed. and last december, the u=s supreme court agreed to take the case. catherine heenan, kron 4 news all day people have gone >> reporter: what has been trending on the web it slate will show a spirit online to react to the sumpreme court's ruling. kron 4's tech reporter gabe slate shows us what's trending on the web.
8:37 pm
in san francisco's castro more reaction to today's rulings after the break. >> reporter: she is celebrating as she learned the news. this image of downtown philadelphia with l.b.g.t. t committing to over with a giant rainbow flag. many people tweet get the image or change the facebook profile. this is of the gateman course on the steps of the supreme court. and lastly google mislead little shot out telling people and family members about that and to check out. if you type gate are gay marriage into the google barn search for a rainbow
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will appear. >> jacqueline: it is clear out their hovering off shore as we head into the overnight hours. it was only 79 degrees and santa rosa looks for inland valleys we have even warmer weather ahead for the next several days. sunny skies by late morning the morning trend will continue. >> reporter: polythene loses another big sponsor and then cries on live tv and her inward scandal. coming up next
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the celebrations of the waves will have the latest. today.
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>> pam: it's the first two- day gain since last week, when the federal reserve said it could end its bond- buying program by the middle of next year. so long as the economy improves. >> pam: here are the final numbers the dow jumped 149 points. the nasdaq rose 28 points. and the s-and-p 500 rose 15 points. >> pam: the deteriorating health of south africa's nelson mandela more concern pours out. it 94 year-old mandela it is largely considered the father of africa. he is in critical
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condition but the government will not confirm that he is on life support. he has been battling in occurring lung infection for quite a long while now. in sports. two murder >> reporter: wal-mart is backing out as dean went on tv with tears and it was not for onions and was not from onions. >> and if that anyone has ever said something that they wish they could take back if you could just pick up this stone and throw it in my head and that is hits me. >> reporter: another sponsor
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the dropped her is caesars' casino company and qvc is willing its options. i'm vicky levy at this kron 4 news. >> pam: scary as the sports coming up! ♪ [ roars ] ♪
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>> jacqueline: if after what we will be waking up to a fault to mull it clears scuds in the late afternoon. fault of the door to my morning fairly widespread. the very slow to clear and think about 10 and 11 the folks at the calls line
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temperatures of the door barry, barry mild. quickly getting into the '70s and '80s by noon. but 2:00 hour will z10 for trees in the '90s. we will see temperatures in the '90s. upper 80s in cupertino and 88 in san jose. inland valleys in the low 90s for tomorrow afternoon with 92 and pleasanton and 934 antioch. for the north bay largely in the '80s. here to look that are extended
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forecast with a one must trent's friday saturday and monday possible three digit numbers. things will start to cool back down into wednesday. (male announcer): now, the orchard supply sports report with gary radnich. >> gary: began koch you can catch all the weather. and jackie what happens now? >> jacqueline: you cut me off! (laughter) (laughter) >> gary: charges against
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players stun the n-f-l. new england patriots tight end aaron hernandez has been charged with first degree murder of 27 year old semi >> gary: lloyd. hernandez was arrested earlier today at his home near boston. the 23 year old hernandez also faces 5 other gun- related charges hernandez pleaded not guilty and was ordered to be held without bail. a probable cause hearing was set for july 24th 3year veteran shortly after he was arrested. if convicted, hernandez could face life in prison >> gary: browns rookie linebacker ausar walcott has been charged with first degree attempted murder, walcott allegedly punched a man in the head outside a club in northern new jersey. he is now in critical condition. walcott was signed on may 14th as an undrafted free agent from virginia. he has since been released by the browns following the charges return to
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>> gary: a's reds playing final game of short 2 game series caesar izturis hits a long flyball, but josh reddick makes the tough catch back of starter aj griffin brandon moss hammers a double into deep right field jed lowrie overruns homeplate but reds catcher devin mesoraco drops the ball lowrie able to score giving a's 1-0 lead >> gary: the next batter josh donaldson breaks it open and hits a 3 run homer to left field his 12th of the year making it 4-0 a's >> gary: bruce swinging to give oakland the win and the series sweep final: 5-0 a's w- griffin 9 ip, 2 h, 0 r l- bailey
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(male announcer): now, the orchard supply sports report with gary radnich. >> gary: and system make my conscious still better. pam have 40 kids and her organization. >> pam: took 40 kids and everyone purchase the book and it will write a book project for the summer. helping juvenile diabetes and >> jacqueline: held in juvenile diabetes. all
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>> pam: goodnight (laughter)
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