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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  September 1, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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. >> this is the bay area's news station. kron4 starts now. >> the bay upon bridge bridge is hours away from hoping. kron4 spent the day on the bridge and looking at the progress that has been made. >> it could accommodate traffic, but we are not at the point where construction is complete. >> reporter: as of now the bay bridge will open as planned. >> it is on target for opening 5:00 a.m. on tuesday. >> reporter: crews have looked
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at what has been done. there was completion of the eastern bay bridge to make room for the bicycle and pedestrian path. tunnels and toll booths have been connected. the tunnel has also been cleaned. they are still striping and putting barrier rails in place. >> it has been determined if any weather does move in, it wouldn't be programmatic to delay the striping and opening. >> reporter: it is a private event with officials attending. the governor is out of down.
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>> j.r. stone, kron4news. a shooting fired 15 to 20 rounds outside of his house. police tried to calm him down to no avail. >> reporter: police were back at the home of ashooting and knocking on door and talking to neighbors. the man was outside of his home firing wildly. some missed a woman and her baby. he was visibly angry and screaming. >> he was yelling and using cuss words. that lady screaming no no no. it seemed like the more she said it boom boom boom like he
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was bezerk. it was very scary. >> reporter: police were negotiating but the man points at them. to protect themselves and the witnesses behind them they fired. >> he was always nice to us. i can't tell you why i happened. >> reporter: the family asked for privacy. this is a tough situation. he moved in with his dad after his mom passed away. in union city, a leashalicia
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reed, kron4news. two victims injured. shooters left on foot and were picked up by a dark sedan. the rim fire continues if you don't. 22,000 acres have burned. it is the 4th largest in the state's history. kron4 is in tuolumne county and how the fire may have started. >> reporter: it started in a remote area. fire officials are tight lipped over what sparked the blaze. >> often times this is a lengthy process. they don't make a determination
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until the fire has passed. then it is old news. in this case law enforcement wants to get into that point of origin. this is a large fire and that can take time. >> reporter: the u.s. forest service will run the investigation. this time investigators haven't determined whether humans or nature caused the fire. >> there was an individual on the rim fire. now those statements were completely false. we don't know what caused the fire. there isn't anything to speculate there is something else going on. >> reporter: firefighters try to stop the spread. >> it is a large fire. you have to just chip and make sure everywhere piece of ground you grab you can hold on to it.
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it is like a gorilla. if you wrestle with it you don't stop until he is worn out. >> reporter: 80% of the burn zone has fire line and could be contained in 3 weeks. cal fire says the rim fire will be in the top 5 largest wild fires in the state's history. here is a view of yosemite valley. here it isn't too bad. a few storm clouds. the rain from those clouds is falling in nevada not over the fire area. conditions not the best. we will see gusty winds
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throughout the week. closer to the weekend, higher heat and lower humidity and air quality is poor. all the thick smoke is making it poor. in the bay area a few high clouds could produce a few sprinkles. live view at golden gate. there could be a couple of rain drops. it is warmer this week. the rest of the forecast coming up. at 11:00 new evidence that syria used chemicalweapon and the plans for a militar
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. >> there is a new warning on an over-the-counter medication tie tylenol. >> reporter: always read the label, it will say contains acetaminophen. they are trying to get people to not overdose. overdosing on it is the most common poisoning. it can cause liver damage or death. it is a drug used a lot.
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. >> secretary of state john kerry was on talk shows after a obama is wanting military strikes on syria. >> reporter: the obama is taking their case to congress. there is an alleged chemical weapons attack on syria. >> blood and hair samples from east damascus has tested positive for signatures of
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sarin. >> reporter: some say not so fast, wait until the investigation is complete government action is taken. >> the facts is based on evidence collected on the grounds. >> reporter: the un will not say how long the investigation will take. congress isn't in session for another 8 days. >> we are stronger as a nation. our democracy is stronger when we have congress weigh in on this. >> reporter: for once not along party lines. egyptian t.v. is saying the president will
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stand trial for murder. he has been charged with 14 others in the muslim brotherhood. 7 people were killed outside the presidential palace. he has been held at a secret location since july. nelson mandela is home for the first time since june. he has been hospitalized since june 8th for a recurring lung infection. he will have the same level of care at home that he had in the hospital. gabby giffords was the
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subject of a school board poster. >> it merits attention. this will not do the kids of sunnyside any good. >> the flyers are being described as a hate crime. a woman had a fit in a cell phone store. her melt down was caught on a cell phone camera. >> reporter: it was a shouting match that the clerk filmed the
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exchange. the woman's son bought a phone and wanted a refund. >> i showed them everything on the receipt. >> reporter: after trying to explain to the mother that the policy for refunds was expired she didn't take no for an answer. things took a strange turn as she addressed has camera. >> take that. take that. you got that? you got that? you got a close up? cheese. >> i had to do that. he is telling me my money is up in the air. >> reporter: holding the cell
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phone, she is saying they sold her an outdated phone. >> there is no excuse for anyone to walk into a business and do that. >> there you have it. she said she had a good reason to do it. the clerk who took the footage said the store is pursuing criminal charges. >> reporter: i have more pleasing video for you. high clouds in the bay area. here they were in san francisco. interesting cloud patterns. there were lenticular clouds.
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there were brilliant scenes out there. this is from san francisco. a lot of high clouds out there. not much in the way of low clouds. there is the fog pushing into san francisco. if the fog weren't you would see the bay bridge. we have a lot of clouds. we are pretty gray. we may see a few rain drops starting the day. but it is light if anything at all. for labor day we start with the clouds and sprinkles then mixture in the afternoon. more sunshine and temperatures warming up in the weekend. there are the high and low clouds. we get closer to 8:00.
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look at the band there. what we might get would be a couple sprinkles. they few into the afternoon otherwise a mixture of sunshine and clouds that decorate the skies. the upper 70s and low 80s for the south bay. santa clara 80. los gatos is 82. hayward and union city in th mid-70s. 90s for antioch. mid-70s for oakland. san mateo 75. as we go into tuesday we will see fog in the morning, a mild day. things begin to warm up by thursday and friday. temperatures climb. by the time the weekend gets
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here, look for highs in the mid-90s with low to mid- 80s by the bay. here is the oyster update. the oyster fest in san francisco's water bar, let's have a test. >> reporter: if you like oyster, look new further. we were down at the embarcadero. they had the. >> there were 5 or 6,000. >> reporter: a dozen winier
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wineries. >> the benefits that come from that. >> oysters are good for your lov life. >> i am a shucker. >> reporter: vladimir downed over 90 in 2 minutes. >> the perfect protein. a good day on the ball field for the a's and giants. sports is around the corner. >> sponsored by nissan. unbelievable.
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the 2013 volt. charge ahead of the rest in the hov lane. ♪ . >> giants turning up the heat in the arizona desert. 3 runs, they beat the d backs. they drove in 2 runs and improved 5 against arizona. they head to san diego tomorrow. >> cocoa crisp homered with a 3- game sweep over tampa bay. bottom of the 1st, james lonie had a homer. texas and oakland go for a 3-
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game series monday. >> the oyster forecast? >> buttery. >> have a good night.
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