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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  September 2, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> developing tonight-- president obama says he's ready to punish syria for its chemical attacks on civilians. but his first battle is much closer to home. >> "it's been 2 years since the president said bashar al-assad must leave. syria is a cancer that's growing in the region and for two years the president has allowed this to become, quite frankly, a debacle." >> republican senators john mccain and lindsey graham espressing frustration over the mixed message from the admininstration. the secretary of state revealing new evidence to back claims the assad regime killed hundreds of people with nerve gas: >> "blood and hair samples that have come to us has tested positive for signatures of sarin." >> the president's surprise decision to put a syria strike on hold, saying congress should approve: >> "all of us should be accountable as we move
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forward, and that can only be accomplished with a vote." >> on capitol hill. >> "no comment, ya'll." >> "zip the lips." >> 83 lawmakers from the house and senate cut short their five-week summer recess for secret briefings. but there can be no vote until the full congress returns september 9th. and right now the divisions run deep. >> "i'm a yes" >> "i'm a no" >> "i hope to ask god to give us the wisdom we need" >> in barack obama's own words, if he orders military action, it's likely to be quote, "limited and narrow." but some analysts, now believe it would be a bad idea, unless part of a wider military strategy. >> if we do punishment strikes without a consequential impact. those chemical weapons are likely to be transferred to hezbollah. as you know, hezbollah is a foreign terrorist organization. the worst possible outcome for the united states and the west in general is for these chemical weapons to transfer from assad to hezbollah. the fear is that the lebanese militant group
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could use them against israel or attack western targets in the region. >> really no perfect options here, there's just a lot of bad options, and we've got to choose the least bad one. >> pro-syrian government hackers launched a pre=emptive strike of their own, today. they posted a letter on the marines=dot=com web site arguing that the syrian government is "fighting a vile common enemy." is has pictures of people wearing u.s. military uniforms holding signs reading "i will not fight for al qaeda" and "i didn't join the marine corps to fight for al qaeda." we're just hours away
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from memory - so many choices >> it is one of the best restaurants in the galaxy! >> even if there was lions and hikers i would still, because the food is so good even if there is lines and -- tigers. >> you heard from people from burmese superstar it was just packed. the health
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department investigation is still ongoing. had and they did it this voluntary closure of an e. coli outbreak. it has been opened for 17 years. and its unions., negotiators say they're still waiting for a response on its latest contract offer to unions. today union leaders explained why they have *not presented that offer to its members >> this is not a positive gain. >> what we could beat a ratifying union". maybe we'd be there." decision >> catherine: bart management released a statement today. saying that the mediators have set a negotiations
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schedule.resuming bargaining sessions on september 9th. management says its eager to hear the union response to its last offer.which has gone unanswered". >> catherine: san jose police are looking for a hit and run driver after two women were killed early this morning. it happened at the corner of skyport drive and north 1st street. police say a silver mercedes hit a toyota head- on.killing both occupants. they're looking for the driver of the mercedes and say that person apparently ran a red light. the driver of the toyoya was identified by her husband as 62-year-old carmen zavala. she and a friend had been headed to san jose's airport - where they both worked for a food service contractor. some of carmen's family and friends made an emotional
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vilked about what happened. ro >> this is a lot of pain. i i understand that it was an accident but it is still painful. >> she was a very hard worker she was constantly working and i always had to tell her to slow down. she was on the track and nothing could stop her. >> reporter: out the few of the the other dry air ran away. >> he was supposed to stay. at >> reporter: how do you feel about the driver of the fact that he ran away? >> reporter: he was supposed
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to stay. the name of the 2nd victim has not been made public. police are hoping to track down the hit and run driver. and want to talk to anyone who saw the crash. >> catherine: the driver faces felony hit and run charges. >> a grade school principal in kern county is accused of shooting and killing her husband. lesley chance is the principal of fairview elementary. a field worker found the body of her husband on a dirt road in kern county on sunday. police say todd chance had been shot to death.and his car was later found 20 miles away. the kern county sheriff's office says they're certain they have the right suspect. >> "we do believe she's the person who drove his vehicle into the neighborhood and left it in that neighborhood and then walked away from the vehicle." >> catherine: lesley chance is expected to be in court on tuesday. that's the same day her husband is scheduled to be buried. chance's co-workers are described as being in shock. >> happening right now. firefighters are getting a better handle on the rim fire.that's burning
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in and around yosemite national park. here are the latest numbers. the fire has burned more than 235-thousand acres. it's 70-percent contained.that's up from 60-percent earlier. full containment isn't expected for two and a-half more weeks. that's around september 20th. the rim fire is the fourth largest fire in california history. more than five thousand buildings are still threatened. and - at least 111 structures, including 11 homes. have been destroyed by the flames. >> there has been a lot of heavy rain. 2 in. in the problem for the yosemite fire is north of lake tahoe. so it is dry around yosemite. there is light rain through cupertino, sunnyvale but all the way through the east bay.
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between dublin and antioch it should hang on for several hours. and a eventually clearing with fog at the golden gate bridge. coast with high clouds. showers inland. clearing after that morning fog with details on your forecast, coming up. >> catherine: still ahead on kron 4 news at 8-- again. which vaccines offer you a little extra protection. ("cheering") >> she's tried it 4 times before.but this time she made it. the 64-year-old woman who finally managed to swim from cuba to florida. >> the a's are hot against the texas rangers with highlights and barry zito and the first person ever from person to swim from
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>> catherine: the fifth time was the charm. today diana nyad - managed to swim from cuba to florida. when it was over - the 64- year-old was exhausted and sunburned. but jubilant about making her long-time goal. she was the first person to make the swim without a shark cage -- or even a wet suit.. she had tried and failed.four times. to make the swim. sometimes succumbing to jellyfish and fatigue. but today.her lifelong dream came true. karen caifa reports. >> reporter: 50 or jellyfish could stop her. the 64 year- old could not stop for she was exhausted but in high spirits. >> never ever give up! (cheers & applause) >> reporter: the big finale.
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>> she is mentally and another world but it was amazing >> reporter: this was her fifth attempt with no cage and no wet suit. she began her latest swim from cuba on saturday. but she said that this would be her final attempt and it was the proverbial. >> you are never too old! >> reporter: she was taken away in an ambulance for observation and able to acknowledge the well wishes from her fans. >> catherine: coming up on kron 4 news at 8-- the new flu vaccines which offer an extra line of and.we're waiting for the bay bridge to be opened to the public. this is a live view from yerba buena island. stay with us. a live report is coming up.
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and free insurance up $50 all for the same low rat [ woman ] we arthe united states postal service [ man ] we are the united states postal servi. [ male announcer and our priority is u. go to® and try it tay. (male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> catherine: now at 8-30- it's a long time coming, but we're just hours away from the historic opening of the new eastern span of the bay bridge - ahead of schedule.
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instead of tomorrow at 5-am kron4's scott rates is live at the toll plaza. scott? >> reporter: kathryn, a lot of anticipation. everybody is ready. it is very quiet but we have seen some cars. there are making sure that everything is ready and let me show you the toll plaza. i just checked with the c h p. the general consensus is that it is going to be going. with this bill there
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are making sure we will continue to model we will bring you the latestnew tonight at 8-- >> catherine: some changes to the flu shot this year. grant lodes is following this.he's here with what we need to know.grant? this year brings more changes to the standard flu shot than any time in recent memory - so many choices it's even a little confusing to us doctors. like going to a car dealership, you're going to have some choices to make as new brands and models hit to the vaccination showroom floor. first, the advice as to who gets a flu vaccine pretty much stays the same, meaning - pretty much everyone, every age, except infants under age 6 months, should get a vaccine. there are a few exceptions. now, what's new: there is a new vaccine that covers an extra strain of flu. the typical flu vaccine covers 3 strains: 2 "a" and
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one "b". this year is an extra "b"- available in what we call a quadrivalent vaccine. it's hoped including the extra strain will mean better coverage- last year's vaccine missed a strain that wound up making a bunch of people sick. this new vaccine is mainly intended for kids, who tend to be the ones who are most prone to pick up the "b" strains. btw, this one comes in a nasal spray. if you've avoided flu vaccines because you are allergic to eggs, avoid no more. this year comes a new vaccine that isn't developed with the use of eggs in the lab. when you see everyone else getting their vaccine, hop into line and ask for the egg-free. a turbo-charged vaccine is now available for people over age 65. one of the problems as you hit your older years is that your immune system weakens, so get a flu shot, and your body doesn't even react - no build-up of protective antibodies. this new vaccine contains an "extra" kick, so your immune system will know to wake up and get cooking. finally, if you hate right dave?- there is a new a micro amount into the skin, so you don't feel like someone is driving a arm. the product is called "fluzone intradermal". a flu vaccine is never perfect, and frankly last year's only was about 60% effective. it's hoped these new choices will help more people, especially kids,keep in mind, don't get any vaccine and your protection is 0%- a heck of a lot less than even 60. vaccine, and this fall some extra protection. for the first time, certain vaccines will guard against four strains of flu rather than the usual three. they're called quadrivalent vaccines, and they're so new that they'll make up only a fraction of the year's supply. the quarterback known for his public displays of faith now needs a hail mary tim tebow. and today many people are wondering: is this the end of his n-f-l career?
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>> reporter: famed football player tim tebow got the ax on saturday. the new england patriots cut the 26-year-old from their roster just 12 weeks after signing him. five days before the start of the season. tebow's n-f-l future has been questionable since day one of training camp. >> reporter: "do you think it's your last opportunity to be a starter in the nfl?" >> tebow: "i'm focused on today, getting better today, not anything that's going to happen down the road. but today." >> reporter: his release comes just a year after the height of tebow mania. where fans copied his pre-game prayer pose, known as "tebow-ing". his jersey flew off the clothing racks. while his face filled the * magazine* racks. he was even parodied on saturday night live. >> "the holy bible is my playbook. / oh that's great, that's great, but you need
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to read the regular playbook, ok? seriously i'm doing all the work here." >> reporter: tebow's stats once spoke for themselves -- he won the heisman and two national championships while playing for the florida gators. then came the n-f-l and the denver broncos. starting off as a backup quarterback. then building on his records. and winning infamy after throwing an overtime game- winning pass to beat the celebrated pittsburgh steelers. but now, he can't seem to catch a break. >> "if he's going to stay in the nfl, he has to play another position. he can't play qb he's lost sort of the ability, what little ability he had to play qb." >> reporter: but tebow says his faith in his future remains steadfast. on saturday he tweeted: "i will remain in relentless pursuit. of continuing my lifelong dream of being an nfl quarterback." >> reporter: a determination he's shown >> "i feel like in every situation there's a learning opportunity in life, not only in football, but in everything you do in life.".
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>> reporter: the c h p is saying that this bridge will open between 9:00 p.m.-10:00
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p.m. they are not providing more specifics. they are not going to put up with anybody that is lining up. they do not want you lining up at any of the access ramps. however, we are very close between nine-10:00 p.m. >> we had some wet weather for the bay bridge for the south-bay. here is a live look with long lines of showers that extend all the way to the santa cruz mountains. the same locations seeing this light rain with also the west- belly through cupertino, sunnyvale. some more showers
8:46 pm
falling these should continue for midnight. for tomorrow, mostly sunny skies and temperatures in the '70s. here is a your kron 4 7 day around the bay the with heavy fog for wednesday, thursday, drizzle. however, some sunshine and some off-shore wind and some much warmer temperatures. possibly closing to 100 degrees, inland. >> they're the steamy novels that had everyone talking. movie is finally cast -- but just like the sexy book. it's whipping up controversy. but at least the wait is over for "50 shades of grey" fans. today author e-l james revealed the names of the lead actors for the film adaptation of her best- selling book on twitter. not everyone might agree with the choices but here they are.
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actor charlie hunnam will play christian grey, the 27 year old billionaire. and the role of submissive co-ed anastasia will be played by actress and former model dakota johnson. hunnam is famous for his role in the film "pacific rim" and the show "sons of anarchy." johnson is the daughter of actors melanie griffith and don johnson and appeared in the film "the five-year engagement"' and maybe is best known as the girl justin timberlake slept with in the social network. this summer, universal studios announced that the global release of this highly anticipated film will hit theaters august first of next year. i'm vicki liviakis, kron 4 news. >> catherine: the a's are returning and the latest on the quarterback with jason coming up on sports
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welcome back everybody. the a's are rolling through one of the toughest stretches of their schedule. .and now with 25 games left in the season.the a's and rangers in a dead heat for first in the american league west. rookie michael choice making his big league debut for the a's.against those very rangers. a's/rangers michael choice the a's 2010 1st round draft pick making his major league debut bottom 2nd/scoreless yoenis cespedes solo home run to left-center field his 21st of the season 1-0 a's 3 batters later chris young singles to center it gets past the rangers leonys martin alberto callaspo scores young comes charging around 3rd but is thrown out easily at the plate but it's still 2-0 a's
8:52 pm
top 5th/ 2-2 tie david murphy hits a 2-run home run off dan straily to tie it 2-2 bottom 5th/ 2-2 tie choice who walked his 1st at bat grounds it to 3rd but adrian belte makes the uncharacteristoc throwing error choice safe at 1st next batter coco crisp drives down the left-field line check it out as the ball just nicks the inside of the foul poll 2-run home run it's the 3rd straight game crisp has homered he has 17 for the season 4-2 a's final: 4-2 a's the giants continue to let barry zito eat up innings. and it isn't pretty. but this little fella is darn cute.gets the high five from joaquin arias.and mommy likes it. giants/padres little boy in giants gear gets a high-five from joaquin arias and a thumbs up from his mom barry zito is this his last start as a giant?
8:53 pm
here he gets some help from a svelt pablo sandoval who makes a diving catch of nick hundley's line drive bottom 2nd/ 1-0 padres chris denorfia singles to right off zito scoring logan forsythe and ronny cedeno. 3-0 padres. bottom 4th/ 3-0 padres hundley gets some measure of revenge with the solo home run off zito 4-0 padres final: 4-1 padres for the first time in 13 years. the 49ers have a new long snapper. opting to go with undrafted rookie kevin mcdermott over 2-time pro bowler brian jennings. who tied a franchise record with 208 consecutive starts heading into this year. mcdermott will get his first start sunday when the 49ers host green bay. harbaugh loved him at ucla.promised him a chance to compete for the job.and mcdermott seized the opportunity. then showed class praising the man he's replacing.
8:54 pm
the 49ers cut three receivers saturday, including former cal bear lavelle hawkins he did not have to say certain things. however, when you look at what did the 49ers have added a another wide receiver. but
8:55 pm
that didn't stop them from signing receiver chris harper off the seahawks practice squad harper dropped a touchdown in seattle's final preseason game against the raiders.but he was a 4th round pick so obviously's he's got talent plus any chance harbaugh gets to mess with seahawks coach pete carroll you better believe he'll take it plenty of bad blood between those two guys
8:56 pm
tahoeone other niner related note.last week coach harbaugh told us backup quarterback seneca wallace opted to retire. not the the green bay packers signed wallace to be aaron rodgers primary backup.guess the niners just weren't the right fit. and out of the boxing world. former heavyweight champion tommy morrison has died at the age of 44 the cause of death has not been released .though morrison did test positive for h-i-v in 1996, effectively ending his boxing career. however morrison denied to the end the existence of the virus in '93 morrison made a name for himself when he upset george foreman to win the wbo heavyweight title but morrison's moment on top was short livedhe lost shortly thereafter to unkown fighter michael
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benttand then in 1995 was knocked out by lennox lewis in atlantic city he is survived by his wife trisha in tennis - like in most sports - when you're're done. despite the urging from the crowd.roger federer was swept away in straight sets by a relative unkown at the u.s. open. tiger woods not a factor at the deutchebank championship tiger and daughter sam - pga deutchebank tiger and daughter sam - both wearing tiger's victory colors red and blackvery cutebut tiger finished tied for 65th18 strokes back sergio garcia - leader after the 3rd round imploded today with a 73 when the contenders were shooting in the mid 60's. 4th todaywith shots like this on the par 3 17th stenson wins by two strokes pockets $1.44 million bucks
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