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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  September 13, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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dreyer's slow churned light ice cream. this is the bay areas news station. kron 4 news starts now. there is breaking news tonight in free month. roads reopened shortly after 10:00 after police say a patrol car collided with a motorcycle. they were respond toga call for service when they hit the back of the motorcycle. the injured victim is a 29-year- old woman who is an off duty police with the department. >> the motorcycle also hit the back of a white pickup truck driven by a 12-year-old man. >> there was like a super super big crash. that's why i looked up.
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i heard the cars colliding together. it was a huge sound. >> the motorcyclist was seriously hurt but is expected to survive. an investigation is underway. >> as long as the trains keep running i don't care. another bart strike looms. they battle to keep some trains running. bart management and the union are far apart from reaching a deal. that means trains could not running after october 10 bart management is considering something different for riders. >> it's time to get serious about the possibility that bart may not be running. >> reporter: you heard it. the possibility of yet another bart strike. >> we feel we have an
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obligation to see whether or not it would be possible to run a skeleton bart service. >> reporter: those with bart say they have 209 union managers because of their background in transportation. >> as trained operators or other rail operations. >> reporter: bart is in the early stages of evaluating how this would work and how trains operate. as for the bay 6 -- >> very limited in scope and duration. it would be a lifeline service for people who have no other alternatives in the event of a strike. continuing our team coverage we heard from the bart union management and they say
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putting managers behind the wheel of trains is a safety concern. >> they don't have knowledge to run trains and they should not be put the public at risk. >> bart union were quick to react about putting managers in there if a strike is underway (they have to go an additional 90 days of probation to make sure they're certified. it's irresponsible to train managers that they are operators. >> reporter: unions say not only are there not enough qualified managers to run the trains but to do all the other jobs to keep the trains rolling. >> it's a staff of technicians and mechanics that they're not
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thinking about. what are they going to do. they don't have a contingency plan. they don't know how to fix the rails. >> reporter: unions also accuse management of causing damage to train and a train yard when they took over a previous strike. they'll only walk off the job if management pushes them in that direction. they need to spend more time on how they're going to settle the disdispute. new tonight at 11:00, a dollars more. there could be a rate increase at the parking meters. this would potentially double the parking rates. in low demand it would go to
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$1. the transportation commission says this is part of a plan to using the city's parking garages. they also recommending changing the meter hours. they're now from 9 in the morning to 6 at tight and they're proposing 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. >> reporter: it took me a little more than a hear how to find this parking spot at locus and bonanza. that was the same story for all i spoke with. they say changing the meter prices may free up spots but no one is excited about paying more. >> it's a bummer if it goes up. >> i don't know about that. >> reporter: how much of a burden would that be? >> more than it already is. we already have to pay and you
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increase it more and it's not good for the customers. >> they should build more parking structures. >> you need people to be able to come in here. i understand the need to keep cars coming and going. it's crazy to come out here and spend a little more money. >> reporter: the transportation commission is expected to present their proposal next month t.rate hikes could go into effect 2014. this was the scene in san francisco's financial district this morning after a window washing rig accident. this rig dangled off the 41st floor this morning. a window washer was about to
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get into the rig but the able snapped. crews used machines and cables to grab it. the devastatingen mt. diablo fire is now 95% contained. full containment expected tomorrow night at 6:00. it cost $4.5 million in resources. fire crews continue to monitor the area for hot spots. they say the 5 day fire is just about out. officials belief the fire was started by sparks from people who were target shooting. we made it to the weekend folks. here is a live look at city hall. we are seeing some cloudy conditions out there this evening. san francisco is 58 degrees, 60 in san jose.
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highs today, we got up to 61 in downtown san francisco, 74 in san jose, 86 in liver more, 86 in concord. if you like these numbers you'll like the weekend forecast. we'll talk about rain in the 7 day forecast. one bay area school says some of the kids are playing a dangerous game. what parents need to know. a new warning system that would help detect an earthquake before it hits. united airlines makes a costly mistake. what the company is doing about the computer glitch.
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at least four people are dead following dangerous flash floods in colorado. this is a video of some of it. look at the destruction and flooding. thousands of others are
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stranded. national guard troops started lifting 300 residents from liting james town. that town has been cut off from power and water. one woman describes her experience. >> can't get water. after that no electricity. i have a one month old baby. i can't see to change his diaper in the middle of the night. it felt like i was in a horror movie. >> the forecast calls for more heavy rain through sunday. the massive boardwalk fire that engulfed sections of seaside park and seaside heights in new jersey is under investigation tonight. new video shows where the fire started. it destroyed at least 30
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businesses. govenor chris christy promised they'd rebuild aagain. it was hit by superstorm sandy 2 months ago. (. >> kids play a dangerous game. what parents need to know. plus, they vanished from the area years ago and the doggie heads are making a come back.
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in a story you'll see only on kron 4, a new craze. kids are playing a risky game. it's called the pass out game. kids breathe deep and blow on their thumb. the results, they say, that a 12-year-old british boy collapsed after doing this. the school sent out a warning to parents after a few teens were caught playing the game on campus. no one was hurt but parents are concerned. >> i would tell them it's ridiculous. there is basketball and wall ball and all the other things that doesn't require someone getting hurt. >> scoot staff members will act immediately if they see it.
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california legislature created a bill that would create -- a system to detect a earthquake. >> reporter: southern california is at the greatest risk for an earthquake. the state will spend $80 million building an earthquake detection network t.first signs of trouble are seismic p waves. they generally don't cause problems but they're often followed by mora waves. if approved, senate bill 135 requires office of emergency services to depend a network of earthquake sensors across the
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state. it would detect p waves. it could provide people with up to a minute's worth of warning and that would be enough time to slow down trains, shut off cars and take cover. in march 2011, warnings were sent out to millions in japan before a 9.9 earthquake. they've been watching for earth quakes across california since 2001. this is a more robust version of the network. the govenor has until october 13 to act on the bill. the iconic doggie dyner is appearing in the bay area. it closed back in 1986 after
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serving residents for decades. polish artist is giving it a new life and a new look. she has croatiaed icons all over the world. good news for the travelers who snapped up those tickets on united airlines while the company was experiencing a computer glitch. now the airline says it will honor the free or $5 tickets. on thursday the airline solid tickets ranging from 0 to $10. buyers scooped up the tickets and the airline is blaming a problem with the computer system. some people have all the luck. we're looking at temperatures on the cool side tonight. they'll be around average
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tomorrow, very similar to today. tonight we'll have widespread clouds and fogs. partly cloudy to mostly sun conditions saturday. we're tracking the possibility for some rain. it could be the first significant rain event in 3 months. general 50s and 60s for this evening. no activity here in the bay area now. lake tahoe has showers and storms. we're watching this low pressure that could affect us in the next 7 days, next week. right now maybe in the north bay but the models are backing up a little. high for san jose tomorrow 78 degrees, mid-70s for mountain view. low 70s for union city, 85 in
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antioch and liver more. heading to the north bay, up toward wine country, 85 in napa, 77 in nevada, 66 in san francisco. you'll notice not a lot of change temperature wise in the next six days but by friday i expect temperatures to drop and we'll be looking for the rain. coming up in sports, collin paper paper talks about russell wilson and the a's play a wild one in texas against the rangers. gary has the highlights and all [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to get great deals the easy way. you do enough flying around. that's why we give you real big club card deals. this week, a super low price on breakfast. honey bunches of oats is only $1.88 a box.
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interesting night. bay area baseball headlines. arlington texas. rangers three and a half back of the oaklands. 6th inning, home run. 9-2 oakland. then it does get, indeed, very interesting. texas is all the way back, 9-8. beltre' to left. rios representing the tying
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run. he's safe. umpire blew it. favor in the a's. doo little fin fished off texas in the 9th inning. the a's hang on after blowing a 1-2 lead. 9-8 a's. they're four and a half games up in the american league west. giants, dodgers, nothing on the line but here is that word again. clayton kershaw, best pitcher in baseball this worning. we had the dodger general manager on the radio today and he said this guy is in his contract here and he's woke up. bum garp never pitch add couple of beginnings. two dodgers aboard and the
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great yasiel puig strikes out. a couple battlers go down. 4-2 giants beat the dodgers is almost here. 41ers and the seahawks at 5:20 on sunday night. sam, you're probably going to miss kron 4 news at 8:00. jonathan, the new guy, the new reporter, he'll be doing some reports. i like him so much i had to ask 3 people for his name. harbaugh and kaepernick, for the last time -- >> you see a time where there is just a lot of good young quarterbacks coming into the league. they're doing a fabulous job.
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>> [ inaudible ] he's a good guy. good football player. >> they've been saying the same thing all week. that's all we've got. don't text me, tweet me, inextra gram me. it's the great john, you'll see him opposite the game sunday night. cal host ohio state tomorrow night. here is sonny dykes. >> i've been really pleased with our performance during week. we're going to have to raise our level of play on sat night. we know that. high school football. justin allen balm is the guy that has to replace bob. jared, 97 yards for a score.
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