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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  September 14, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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(male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. i'm vicki liviakis, tonight after days of negotiations, a decision about syria has been made. >> today u-s and russian diplomats announced an agreement aimed at ridding syria of it's chemical weapons. this comes after u-s officials blame the syrian government for using chemical weapons in an august 21st attack that killed more than 14-hundred people during the country's ongoing civil war. kron 4's mike pelton breaks down today's agreement. and show us the pressure it puts on syria. >> reporter: the united states and russia is in the lucas committed to ending
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this. >> they made this announcement with the russian prime minister making clear that the chemical weapons would end. >> we have made a share assessment how it and we are committed to to the rapid assumption controlled by the international community of those weapons. >> a framework to end these weapons calls on cereal for a comprehensive plan to find the stockpiles. between now and november. and the complete elimination of all chemical warfare by 2014. >> we have established a standard that we want to terrify and verify.
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>> reporter: if they do not comply they could face united nations complications and consequences. >> this crash killed the driver, and alecia reed has the latest on the accident. >> reporter: this car jumped the curb and barreled into the tree before hitting the fence. after colliding they say that both occupants inside were ejected. this happened a little bit after 7:00 p.m. on hillcrest avenue near stirling drive. this 17 year-old was pronounced dead at the scene and the passenger, 19 year-old was rushed to hospital and the are critical from now, they are considered serious. the driver of the second vehicle
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is cooperating. those both drivers were speeding and investigators say that alcohol is not a factor. fees they want to get the details of this investigation and after the details are still visible. there are tire marks and this tree. alecia reed, kron 4 news. challenging for other people near the bart station. kron four's jeff bush explains what happened and shows you who police are looking for. el cerrito police say the attack happened on monday night around seven o=clock. police say that a woman in her 20's was leaving the el cerrito bart station and was walking home. she had her head down and was texting so she couldn't see her attacker.who, out of nowhere, came and started beating her uppunching her in the head and the face. then, that attacker grabbed the woman and started
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dragging her into the bushes. you can see on your screen, a police composite sketch of the suspect. police say the suspect is a hispanic man in his 20's, roughly five feet, five inches tall with a medium complexion and stubby facial hair. police say the victim was screaming and a nearby resident heard the screams through the window. she went to check out the situation. that scared off the attacker who ran away in the opposite direction. police say this is a perfect example of one reason why you should not walk and text. the woman is ok. i'm jeff bush at the el cerrito bart station, kron four news. >> tonight the husband of a woman killed after being run over in a san francisco park breaks his silence. the husband of christine svanemyr says he's grateful for the support he's received from family and friends since his wife was killed last week. she was sun bathing in a bernal heights park with her 11 month daughter. the suspect accused of the hit and run, thomas burnoski, also broke his silence today releasing this statement.
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it said in part, >> "my family and i wish to express our profound sorrow to the family of christine svanemyr. i am absolutely devastated by this tragic accident." today, kron four's philippe djegal visited holly park. where visitors are still thinking twice about their safety. following the deadly accident. >> reporter: while the memorial for christine svanemyr continues to grow. and,friends of hers like these two from the east bay continue to pay their respects. visitors haven't stopped using holly park. joggers running laps. dogs also getting their exercise. children playing in the playground. but with the memorial in the background. and, the accident still being so fresh on the minds of the people who live around here. ben calvin says he's been researching the city parks and recreation department's policy. in regards to the pre- cautions city workers should take when driving inside parks. even before svanemyr's death more than a week ago. despite the accident,
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calvin says he and his wife will continue visiting the park with their dog. >> i have not seen a parks and recreation but several people have commented and this is one thing that i was aware that they needed for regulation is that there is supposed to be a spotter walking with the vehicle at all times. and not on a public road. >> jacqueline: >> reporter: and, just hopes city workers follow the rules. in san francisco, philippe djegal, kron four news. >> temperatures for cooler around the base today. with inland, just the 70's for concord, livermore. and it was warmer in antioch. 80s and 90s. 64 degrees in san
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francisco in these cooler temperatures because of the heavy fog that we have on the satellite. stretching all the way to the north bay and towards santa clara. it took a long time for those clouds to clear. with a strong seabury's with a brisk day and a cool evening. if your looking over the view from mt. tam this is poised bright for tonight. look for the fog tonight at midnight and tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. heavy fog. that is why the coast and what as sunshine it will take for some areas to clear longer. >> the morgan fire is now one-hundred percent contained. it burned more than three- thousand acres in and around mount diablo state park. fire investigators have determined that target shooting in the area on sunday caused the morgan fire. officials say mount diablo state park is on track to partially reopen on
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monday. crews are working to fix park trails and structures damaged in the blaze. >> coming up on the kron 4 news at eight. hundreds displaced from their homes with more rain on the way as flood waters rise in colorado. plus. a community already reeling after super storm sandy goes up in flames. how resident along the jersy shore are coping withy another devestating loss. >> and. less than 30 days to make a deal. the latest on another possible b-a-r-t strike. more news is next.
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continuing our team coverage. >> come out today on this first protest on the bay bridge.
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>> reporter: it took less than two weeks after the new eastern span of the bay bridge opened for yet another historical milestone to be achieved. >> we were the first protest on this span of the new bay bridge. >> definitely historical seeing it's the new bay bridge. >> reporter: with a contingent of california highway patrol men on bicycle providing guidance, to most it seemed a most natural phenomena. >> no why would i have a problem. does somebody have a problem with it? >> well i guess it makes it challenging for other people who want to walk the bridge but i guess it's their right >> as long as it's not disrupting traffic and allowing people to keep going they can do whatever they want. >> reporter: be they protestors or uninvolved pedestrians the bridge itself seems to transcend advocacy. >> personally i think it's
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beautiful and i think a lot of people are coming up here because the want to see the new bridge and the walk way and because there are so many people coming here over the weekend we wanted to bring our message to where thousands and thousands of people can not only see us but join us. >> i don't know about protests but for walking it's excellent so i don't know about protests. >> reporter: if there seemed to be a general acceptance of a culture of political discourse on the new span there was still some confusion as to which end of the bridge fostered that culture. >> only in oakland and berkeley. >> we have people who speak up against the war or other political things that are happening so i thought it was just very san franciscoorsan francisco.esh. >> reporter: a gap in attribution that even a new bridge can't span. on the new bay bridge jeff pierce kron four news
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in national news. severe flooding from a deadly storm is devastating northern colorado. up to 15 inches of rain fell in parts of the state this week. you can see the ares just wiped out from the rain. some areas look like rivers are running right through the towns. the storm leaves at least four people dead and hundreds unaccounted for. katie murray has the latest. >> i thought there was a tornado. lightning was going crazy. >> reporter: its a frightening site in northern colorado: raging waters, collapsed roadways, and scary evacuations. all while emergency responders try to rescue people trapped in boulder county and other remote towns. >> the intense operation in the air and on the ground will continue today at a level i've never seen. >> reporter: this video shot by the longmont fire department shows you what first responders are up against on the ground. national guard troops are also on scene to help local officials move people out of harm's way. they saved the life of mother melinda villa. she was trapped with her 1- month old inside their home with no phone service, no
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water, and little formula for her baby. >> i felt like i was literally in a horror movie. >> reporter: sadly, the flooding nightmare is far from over. the state awaits more rainfall saturday, which threatens to send swollen rivers gushing through streets with debris. this is why its important a county commissioner says for residents not to go outside and take pictures of the flooding. >> this is an epic event. a once in a 500 year event, and they want to make sure they preserve whatever for their own personal things. do not do this. >> reporter: as for residents like villa who had to leave behind a home and belongings -- she alive. >> i am glad that we are here and things are starting to look up. >> reporter: heading into sunday.rainfall is expected, which will only make rescue conditions more challenging. i'm katie murray reporting. >> governor chris christie toured the damage caused by a massive fire of the new jersey shore boardwalk this comes less than a year after hurricane sandy devastated it. investigators are now trying to determine what sparked the fire. as business owners try to figure out how to pick up the pieces again. margaret conley reports. >> reporter: seaside heights
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was rebuilt with the optimism that the boardwalk was stronger than the storm. less than a year later, livelihoods have been destroyed again. residents are in shock after they watched their businesses burn to ash. >> "there was nothing i could do." >> reporter: chris dennis, owner of 'shoot the geek' amusement stall - that opened on the boardwalk in 1992 - lost at least 40- thousand dollars in merchandise from superstorm sandy. he'll have to start from scratch to rebuild - and estimates damages from the fire are at least another 30-thousand-dollars. seeing the damage up close for the first time since the fire, he says this time the damage will take longer to repair. >> "sandy wasn't as bad. we were able to get back in front of us as soon as we had a boardwalk in front of us. the clean up wasn't nearly as bad. this, well if you look at my building right now, clearly, it's going to have to be cleaned up a lot. there's nothing left but a shell and it's not even a whole shell in its entirety."
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>> reporter: chris's stall was just a few feet away from where the firefighters built the trench that stopped the fire from spreading. >> reporter: "the fire was traveling underneath the boardwalk?" >> "the fire traveled under the boardwalk. they got it contained to a certain point, but once it was in my building they couldn't get down to the basement to put the fire out in the building because it would have been unsafe for them." >> reporter: "what was in the basement?" >> "my plush merchandise and everything else. a lot of valuable stuff that is conducive for me to run my business." >> reporter: today governor christie announced a plan for 15 million dollars in state aid to go to businesses damaged in the fire. >> lots of fog and low clouds. faulk did not clear out in portal heights. with- fog-did not clear out in the same for the san mateo bridge. in ..bernal
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heights.. however, the golden gate bridge with lots of sunshine. it was pretty selective. right now, we are looking clear and i think that we are born to see some sunshine. for tomorrow, look for fog with clouds and drizzle to slow clearing temperatures will be warmer in some places. and monday, to stay the same pattern. this fog and sunshine for the afternoon with mild temperatures. things will change. wednesday, thursday we will see that fog clear with more sunshine and cooler weather. here is the fog tracker. and already pressing into the north valley. as it continues for the morning. low clouds by
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7:00 a.m.-8:00 a.m. and we will clear things out by 10- 11:00. and eventually clearing for the afternoon. i'd think the afternoon will feature more sunshine, less fog along the beaches. and temperatures for tomorrow looking for mid 70's for most of the bay. 77 degrees and is still relatively mild. with 80s and concord, antioch, livermore. and warmer than what we had today. san francisco will top out in the 60s. '70s and oakland and 70's for the north bay. your kron 4 7 day around the bay monday, tuesday, look for heavy fog in the morning. mild afternoon and this sea breeze will relax. wednesday, thursday with lots of sunshine and warmer
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and even the chance of rainfall for the next weekend. >> tens of thousands of americans may have been overpaid by uncle sam. a report from the government accountability office shows that about 36-thousand people got disability payments they weren't eligible for. to qualify, recipients go through a five-month waiting period, where they can't earn more than a thousand dollars a month. social security says it will recoup any improper payments. rohnert park police are looking for a suspect who sexually assaulted a hotel housekeeper. it happened friday afternoon at a doubletree hotel. the victim told police she patio when she was assaulted. the suspect grabbed the victim from behind and threatened her with a knife.then tied her up and police say the suspect is described as a black male.between 30 and 40 years old. he is about five foot 10 inches tall with a thin build. the suspect also had a tattoo with writing on his neck. >> three people behind bars tonight after police say they were behind multiple thefts in the bay area. the suspects which you see on your screen are adam
8:20 pm
stout of milpitas and brianne campana and karlee douglas of san jose. they are accused of having stolen property, narcotics posession, violating probation and being under the influence of controled substance. the trio targeted six different cities and two counties. police say that the items could have been stolen from cars and want to remind residents to not leave valuables in their vehicles. >> a warning for party goers tonight. san francisco police will be carrying out a d-u-i checkpoint. the location is under wraps. but the checkpoint will run until 4 a-m. so make sure to designate a sober driver or cab it home and keep safe! still ahead. the world's largest retailer is says it's going to cutback on using certain chemicals. but initiative. >> and. passing out. for fun? a disturbing trend on youtube that causes you to lose consciousness and why it's no laughing matter. unbelievable. shhhhh! in our day, we didn't have u-verse high speed internet. yeah, our babysitter didn't have a million ways to serve mom up on a silver platter. we had to count sheep to fall asleep. and i always worried that i was creating an overcrowded sheep farm.
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>> walmart says it's cutting down on certain chemicals found in household products. the move is one of the mega- retailer's green initiatives-- highlighted during a meeting about the efforts. walmart has not said which chemicals are on the chopping block, but that the change will impact household cleaning, beauty and cosmetic products. the company says it's asking manufacturers to transition to greener ingredients.
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next. the drama continues between b-a-r-t management and union members. why another strike could last for quite some time. >> and. he's gives us a run for our money when we behave badly. but does stanley roberts have what it takes to train with the c-h- p. stanley goes to bootcamp next!
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>> the california highway patrol says it's hiring again. the law enforcement agency was once on a 3-year hiring.
8:26 pm
thousands of job seekers are expected to apply. but for a look of what applicants will be facing in bootcamp. here's a special edition of people behaving badly. >> eyeballs. >> i was invited to attend the academy of boot camp. >> you are not going to need your backpacks or persons. >> all i remember was a lot of yelling! we started off with what i thought was something simple. and some pushups and what ever this is called. and then we had to get the matts. out for the real work out but i thought that was the real work out. the only time our rubber doing sit ups was a
8:27 pm
while and baremember --. while laying in bed and after an obstacle course. which was me climbing a 5 ft. wahl. and some of these officers thinking that i could never make it over that wall. and eight d u i training. >> and with this gogol's making the impression that somebody is drunk. and also i was able to drive a c h p cruiser. i now have a new- found respect for what they have to go through. i had eight hours in what people usually do in 27 weeks. stanley roberts, kron 4 news. if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, e-mail us at 'people behaving badly' at kron- four-dot-com.
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>> another board strike. and a dangerous child's game, and another bart.. strike possibility.
8:29 pm
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(male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >> tonight the tension over syria could be easing up. the u-s and russia have seized on a small opening for diplomacy on syria -- and have made a deal that might avoid the military intervention that -- just a week ago -- seemed imminent. the outline was unveiled earlier today in geneva. c-n-n's matthew chance has the details. >> reporter: it was this appalling chemical attack on the outskirts of damascus last month - killing over a thousand people - that has finally brought moscow and washington together. after 3 days of intensive negotiations in geneva, there is now full agreement, it seems, on how to rid
8:31 pm
syria of its chemical weapons. >> "we have reached a shared assessment of the amount and type of chemical weapons possessed by the assad regime, and we are committed to the rapid assumption of control by the international community of those weapons." >> reporter: it is an incredibly ambitious timetable. syria must hand-over a list of its chemical sites and stockpiles within a week. un inspections will be completed by november. by the same month, chemical production and filling facilities should be destroyed. with a view to the complete elimination of chemical weapons in syria by the middle of next year. >> "one of the key sticking points here in geneva has been the threat of us strikes on syria if it fails to do what its told. washington says it retains the right to take unilateral military action. but under the agreement with russia, non-compliance would be referred to the un security council, where any
8:32 pm
punishment would have to be agreed." russia is casting this as a diplomatic coup, averting a strike against its ally in damascus, and possibly opening the way for a broad political settlement to the conflict. >> "the successful realization of this agreement will have meaning not only from the point of view of the common goal of liquidating and destructing all arsenals of chemical weapons - but also to avoid the military scenario that would be catastrophic not only for the region but for international relations as a whole." (voice of translator) >> reporter: but in syria an already catastrophic war continues to rage, making the complex work of ridding this country of its chemical arms - even with an international agreement -- even more difficult. matthew chance, cnn, geneva. >> no word if the latest
8:33 pm
developments will affect arizona senator john mccain plan to respond to an op-ed piece by russian president vladimir putin. according to foreign policy magazine's "the cable," mccain agreed to write a column in a prominent russian newspaper. the column will reportedly attack putin's leadership. this week. putin's op-ed in the new york times argued against a u-s military strike in syri foreign policy. mccain's office has promised to submit his column by wednesday. >> another bart strike looms. bart management and its unions remain far apart from reaching a new contract deal. that means -- trains may stop running again. after the cooling off period expires on october 10th. kron 4's j-r stone spoke with bart management who are considering something different for riders. if another strike occurs. >> reporter: it is time to get serious that bart might not be running. >> you heard it, there could be another bart strike.
8:34 pm
>> we haven't least an obligation to see weather or not it would be possible we have-at least an obligation. >> reporter: the service would be a limited number of trains during peak commute hours those people have 200 non-union members because of their background in transit. >> at least and rail operations. not many but some of them. >> reporter: they are in the early stages of the value witting how this would work. this focus would be on the trans-bay. >> skeletal service and very limited in duration. it would be very much like our bus service. for many people that did not have any alternatives. >> reporter: j.r. stone, kron 4 news. >> bart unions reacted quickly and negatively to plan.calling it irresponsible and potentially dangerous. an official says being a
8:35 pm
certified bart operator requires at least three months of training. the union suggests putting managers at the controls could risk public safety. >> none of those people they are talking about have any specific relevant knowledge. they should not be doing this or putting the public at risk. >> union officials say there are not enough qualified managers to run the trains and fulfill the other roles involved in keeping bart running. >> a warning to parents tonight. kids are taking part in a risky game. where they try to make themselves 'faint'. kron 4's justine waldman tells us. a north bay school has seen students playing the game on campus. in a story you will only see on kron 4. >> reporter: it is called the "pass out game" or the thumb blowing game. it is dangerous and kids are doing it. videos on youtube show us how to play this bizarre craze. kids crutch down, breath
8:36 pm
deep and then blow on their thumbs. the result. the kids faint. apparently they have weird dreams when they are passed out. one kids shakes on the ground others fall so hard they could hurt themselves. reports say, this 12-year old british boy collapsed and ended up in a coma after he copied videos he watched online. at sinaloa middle school in novato..the school sent out a warning letter to parents. after a few kids were caught playing the thrill game on campus. no kids were hurt. and the school wants to keep it that way. sinalo wants parents to tell their kids not to accept any blowing game challenges. kron 4 news spoke with family members who said they don't want their kids doing anything this stupid. >> hadn't heard will talk to him now >> it is unsafe i don't know
8:37 pm
where they get these things from it is weird >> whether it is the cin game or head in water.stay away cause they can get hurt or even worse >> staff knows about the game and if any kids are seen doing it on campus the school will act immediately. >> reporter: in novato justine waldman kron 4 news. >> we have the low clouds over the bay. bart right now for san francisco looking at the bridge clear skies. it will come in later and make for gray skies. temperatures and low 60s and relatively cool. with santa rosa and san mateo, low 60s. breezy
8:38 pm
and only upper 50s right now. look for heavy fog in the morning in some places kidding drizzle. sunshine and breezy with low 80s inland. a bit warmer inland. now, for the tropics the gulf of mexico this the second hurricane. this is strengthening. moving towards the mexican coast. towards monday morning it is going to produce heavy rain and the possibility of flooding. some of it could impact south texas. we are going to get some rainfall in the bay area. >> a warning out tonight for candy lovers. health officials say candy imported to the u-s from india contains high levels of lead. the candy which you see on your screen is santos rewadi sugar candy. the candy was recalled after tests results showed it contained lead levels that
8:39 pm
exceeded the state's standards. the department of health says that if you have any of this candy throw it away. >> in canada. controversy at an ikea! this monkey, known as darwin, slipped out of its owner's custody and caused quite a scare at the furniture store. authorities were called to catch the primate and when they did -- they refused to hand the monkey over to its owner, sparking a custody battle. this week a toronto judge ruled the monkey must stay at an animal sanctuary. to show her devotion, the woman who illegally bought darwin and kept him at home, got a tattoo of the monkey. >> an iconic bay area figure is back in the bay area tonight. with a twist. coming up. a new take on the doggie diner head. farmers presents: fifteen seconds of smart.
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>> it's a blast from the past. doggie diner heads are reappearing in the bay area. now we are seeing the iconic heads from years ago. but with a modern twist! to my everybody knew about the doggie diner. we all had the fund batteries. for many of us, this was on geary street there was a couple of locations one was in downtown. >> this was being opened in 1986 however, since some of these are getting a makeover from a polish artist. >> they are symbolic. in a
8:43 pm
way, they are able to combine and i feel like i am giving them to life. >> this has crocheted i c items all over the world. >> i came just a couple of months ago and i really loved the city. and i like giving items for people for public art. >> she spent three days. >> and to see these is like to see an old part of san francisco coming back. >> if you like mexican food with a modern twist you won't want to miss this. coming up - i take you to a hip new urban mexican restaurant in this week's dine and dish. >> today we had temperatures that were into the 70's. concord [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week.
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now that the music industry is in digital. there are so many ways to purchase music it can be challenging. google is making a big opportunity. here is an example. this greatest it from the clash.. is it did chilly remastered. it is on sale for digital avenues. google play is offering you exclusive content anywhere else and it is available for free! you can watch it through google play or
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google plea you tube. and this is an old clash lyric you complete it on you tube. from google play you tube channel. with new interviews, and the guitar player. and the most unique item is the label is several hours of never seen footage. it is a ton of fun to watch. i just do not want this to be a box. i would rather be that cool friend or your cousin saying you have to check this out and getting people's trust that way. we care about music just as much as new france. >> this place when we have
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musicians come into our studio and perform their own songs or even cover songs. and it is right in front of our cameras that is part of this clash promotion. we found some contemporary gusts that we really admire. and they did them their way. the best way to have new people like old music is for new people to do it. >> for more information on google play www.kron4.comand if you'd like to connect with gabe slate. you can add him on facebook, follow him on twitter. or email - slate-at- >> take a look at oakland in the background. and the new eastern span of the bay bridge. there is some low cost that is pressing through tonight. how will it impact for tonight for the
8:49 pm
america's cup? mostly sunny with 60s. and a lot of fog but by the afternoon look for temperatures in santa cruz to be in the '70s. a nice day at the beach with breaks of sunshine. and 70's for the beach with 70 degrees. here is the satellite with fog. and this weather system offshore is off in the pacific and it will slowly meander towards the west coast. it will keep the fog in place. however, for tomorrow, tuesday. by wednesday, thursday it will increase with the on shore wind. it could not overcome the impact temperatures tomorrow which will be mild.
8:50 pm
however, 80s in the south san jose area and los gatos. 77, mountain view. and the inland locations will be once again cooler than average. you can see low 80s. livermore, and all the way for antioch, 86 degrees. the highs are going to be 70's mainly. cooler in richmond, berkeley, the oakland, san leandro. fog and then clearing by 11:00 a.m. redwood city. and for the north bay temperatures are pretty nice look for '70s and '80s. 80s through sonoma and and a your kron 4 7 day around the bay napa we will see sunshine. temperatures will be about
8:51 pm
the same but the fog will vanish. the sunshine will be in full force. 80s and 90s inland. that all changes quickly. there is a chance for a weather system. >> if you are looking for mexican food that is innovative, modern and a real adventure you have to check this out. >> welcome. not your typical mexican restaurant. >> many people are expecting a large taco or a large burrito however , this is different. >> juan is an architect and this bart is run by the
8:52 pm
chefs that created this amazing experience. this is snapper with cauliflower cous cous and corn with grasshoppers and the flavor and the curnch and moment of truth these are grasshoppers.... the perfect finish for a small piece all saw. it is a fresh fruit pies desert with splashes of color my top is the jueveso and the la urbana margarita 2
8:53 pm the a's are on a roll. bay area sports is next unbelievable. shhhhh! in our day, we didn't have u-verse high speed internet. yeah, our babysitter didn't have a million ways to serve mom up on a silver platter. we had to count sheep to fall asleep. and i always worried that i was creating an overcrowded sheep farm. in my head... never looked like that farmer took proper care of those sheep.
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too much? a little. [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible.
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>> a's are virtually unstoppable. bartolo colon shut down texas on seven hits over eight innings. oakland winning 1-0 for the seventh time in eight games. brandon moss' rbi double in
8:56 pm
the first inning took care of all the scoring as the swingin' a's opened a 5 2- game lead over the rangers in the al west. in college football. kevin hogan threw for 188 yards and three touchdowns as no. 5 stanford got past army 34-20. tyler gaffney ran for 132 yards and scored a pair of tds for the cardinal. it's buckeyes vs. bears in berkeley. cal hosting number 4 ohio state at memorial stadium. head coach sonny dykes not happy with his team. cal losing to ohio state oracle bounces back. emirates team new zealand nearly capsized in race 8 of the america's cup, allowing defending champion oracle team usa to sail away to a 52-second victory on the bay. it was just the second win of the series for oracle, which has now erased the two-point penalty it was assessed in a cheating scandal. the second race of the day was abandoned due to excessive wind. they hit the water again - tomorrow. >> it could still be when the with 10 m.p.h.-20 m.p.h. when th but not as bad ty with wind.
8:57 pm
>> great. >> good night. >> see you at 11
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it's "entertainment tonight's" rush weekend special. >> i'm brooke anderson. >> and i'm rob marciano. >> rich hemsworth. >> olivia wilde. >> you're a bad boy. >> and director ron howard. the set. >> you got a lot of women. >> i'm moving a lot. >> the speed. >> an amazing ride. >> the '70s formula 1 showdown. >> receive it up for the rush weekend special. >> the true story of hard-living driver james hunt, from the stunt to the london wedding, we're behind the scenes. >> it'sal an all-out pedal to the metal rush. ♪. >> we can tell i actually look more broken than the song sounds. >> is miley about to


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