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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  September 19, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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a puppy in a video being beaten by his owner, and it's stirring up danger. >> the torture breaks my heart. >> we should tell you the dog is okay tonight and is now with authorities. a viewer told us about the video and wants the people responsible to be caught and brought to justice. we have the story you will only see on kron four. >> reporter: a man beats a 10 month old puppy until the dog cries in pain, and then comes a quick pick.
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the person who posted this video has deleted this from instagram. so upset this viewer did not want us to show her face or use her name. she tells me she is outraged that somebody could do this on a puppy. >> it's takes a special person to be able to film something like this and post it for everybody to see. >> i was afraid that the dog may have actually died during this event. >> the sergeant tells me the sheriff's office is investigating the abuse. after being alerted about the video, animal control did a welfare check and took the owner's two dogs as a precaution. they are being cared for at a animal shelter. >> according to the people that took the dogs, they appeared to be in good shape and healthy and rib beings in their hair.
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>> on twitter the person who posted the disturbing video defends the beating writing, she ate my mom's $300 sandals, yeah, she got it and deserved it. some people don't know the difference between animal cruelty and being disciplined. some of those posts have now been removed. >> i want people to be aware of this and we need to take this type of abuse serious. >> here is a picture of the puppy from the video. her name is lovey. she's fine and authorities will keep her until it's clear she never gets treated like this again. >> i'm glad they're safe. >> it is the person who beats the dog, not the person who took the video who could face animal cruelty charges. i reached out to the person who
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took the video who told me they would rather not comment. police investigating a deadly double shooting. it happened shortly before 8:00 this evening after police responded to a number of calls of shots being fired in the area of 23rd and arkansas street. we are live tonight at the scene. we have the latest. >> reporter: a man has died and now this case has turned into a homicide investigation. a little more than three hours after the shooting, you can see the police department is still on the scene. they've been focusing their attention on a dark sedan parked in the crime scene. around 7:50 they responded to an area in this area and found two people with gunshot wounds in the car, a man and woman, both in their 20s.
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both were taken to the hospital and the man died. the woman is expected to survive although she was shot in the arm and leg. at this time the san francisco police department has not released a mow if on this case. we also don't have any suspect information so we don't know why the shooting occurred or who was behind it. we also don't know how many suspects were involved. there is a liquor start and convenience start and they are looking at surveillance video that might catch the people behind the shooting. obviously investigators will talk to the woman, as well. developing new tonight out of chicago. police say 11 people, including a 3-year-old child, have been shot. it all happened when a gunman opened fire at a park there. fire officials say the child and two other people are in critical condition tonight. nobody has been taken into custody. back here in the bay area,
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the south highway, 680 ramp at mission boulevard is open in fremont following a big-rig spill. it took them hours to clean this up. police say a big rig collided with a car as it was leaving mission boulevard. the driver in the car suffered minor injuries. shots were fired at as many as 10 cars on highway 101 during the afternoon travels yesterday with pellets. nobody was hurt. just a few inches either way, police say it could have been a mess. they are searching for the shooter. >> this is a very dangerous situation. we take it seriously and we're doing everything we can to catch this person. >> they were out in that same area today in case the shooter decided to return.
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they said, if caught, that shooter could face felony charges. the u.s. tonight, a 10-year-old girl is recovering after she was shot while she was sleeping in her bedroom. it happened in haywood on tampa avenue. her three siblings and parents were not hurt. police are looking as to why her parents did not report the shooting until hours later. a girl is still in the hospital, but she's expected to be okay. there is no suspect in custody. the u.s. house of representatives has passed a bill to cut nearly $4 billion a year from the food stamp program. if the bill is passed, states would have to put together new work requirements in place for approved stamp recipients and test applicants for drugs, more than 47 million people receive
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the stamps. it's not expected to pass. coming up tonight, workers return after the deadly navy yard shooting in washington, and we'll hear from some of them tonight fans might notice a change in security, why the new procedure is being implemented. hours before the new iphone is released, where you can get one after you leave your house. and the rain that's coming up and how it might affect your weekend. google, what is glossophobia?
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the washington navy yard where there was a shooting on monday reopened today. employees are back at work. you see them going in here. the building where the shooting happened, though, has not fully reopened. many employees are still shaken by the incident but they hope things will return to normal. >> hopefully we'll have some
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normalcy. >> i think that the best thing is for us to just pick up the pieces and go on with our daily lives. >> information continues to come out about the shooter. back in '04, washington state prosecutors asked a judge to hold future shooter on $25,000, and that was after he was arrested for malicious mischief in seattle. but it's unclear why he was never charged in that '04 arrest. still ahead tonight we are live in palo alto where iphone fans are lining up. coming up later, the
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giants, they'll make the young rookies pay for being a part of the pro game, and the giant highlights from new york, and the dodgers celebrate tonight. all of that is straight ahead in the broadcast. ♪
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happening now, live forming outside apple stores, the latest iphone. you can buy it online at
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midnight tonight, as well. supplies will be limited when it launches on friday. we are live in palo alto where the line has been growing. >> reporter: the line over the years. there's only about a handful of people waiting in line near the apple store on university avenue. but this video we shot just a short time ago, you can see 50-plus people are in line and people just keep coming in line. about 10 more people a few minutes ago. everybody who came out here say that they want to be the first kids on the block to have a new iphone. >> we brought the couch and brought the living room chair and, yeah, pretty excited for the new phone to come out,
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especially excited about the new fingerprinting, as well. >> definitely the finger scanning, for me, and the lt on the new 5. the lt is the better version of the 3t, downloading and uploading is faster. >> reporter: all of that is worth waiting in line for? >> yes, definitely. >> reporter: they are expecting people to come in here about 6:00, and the stores open at 8:00. new tonight at 11:00, the california public utilities commission approved a decision to regulate the controversial ride-share services. they use apps to connect drivers to people who need a ride, and
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that means ride-shared companies will be licensed. this comes following protests by taxi drivers in san francisco, pressuring city owe perimeters into enforcing tighter regulations -- officials into enforcing tighter regulations. crime an bart is up. violent crimes from april to june were up when compared to the same time period last year. the increase in time is happening despite a new effort by bart to keep re offenders off. temperatures were in the 90s in antioch and napa.
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it was 88 in san rafael. there's a few patches offing for that are possible along the coastline. temperatures will be mainly in the 50s. this friday, big changes, increasing clouds through the afternoon and chances of shower in the north bay. we'll take a look at satellite and radar. mainly clear skies over the bay year. you can see this tail end of the system approaching the coastline and breaking apart as it moves to the coast. this is the area that will impact us. this will be mostly early saturday. a look at the afternoon high temperatures tomorrow, cooler than what we saw today, in the 70s down in south gay. we'll start the day with mainly clear excuse and see an increase
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in cloud cover throughout the day. 60s and 70s down the east bay shoreline. it will be 65 in san francisco, and in the 70s for the north bay. let's talk about the rain. it looks like we could see a to showers into tomorrow evening, but that's mainly for the north bay, which is what you see here. into the overnight hours, largely dry conditions, but here comes more organized rain for saturday money. we have the possibility of thunderstorms for the north bay only. so into the 11:00 hour sunday, we see showers mainly through the north bay and there could be small hail and possibly thunderstorm. into the early afternoon, a chance of showers south of golden gate, but it's forsy and light. it looks like the best chance for oakland, an fran, will be
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around 1:00 in the afternoon and conditions will be improving into saturday evening. here's a look at your extended forecast for tomorrow. cooler and increasing clouds through the day, and the mainly the rain is saturday morning. it won't be a wash-out by any means, but we haven't seen rain in a while, and roads will be slippery. by saturday, conditions will be improving and warmer into sunday and monday. daughter the game tonight, fans had to go through a new security procedure. from now on fans will have to walk through metal detectors. it's all part of major league baseball's new man tate. the security requirement is already in place for all nfl and nba fans. please allow extra times to go through the metal detectors. the dodgers go swimming to
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celebrate, and the a's honor cocoa crisp. we'll have more highlights coming up next. first. we all have our little tricks.
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receiving the award. he's been a great leader this year. it looks like the a's are up 6-3. dozer, his grounder let's guy him. the game is tied at six. the bottom of the eighth,ing here he goes. man, 21 home runs for him. the a's win 8-6. the rangers won. but come this weekend, they should be pouring champagne at the oakland coliseum. the dodgers got it down today. scully will take you one out of the away from clinching arizona. a high fly ball into left
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center, playable, and it's schumacher who makes the catch. they've finally done it. >> the first time since '09 the dodgers heading into the post season, and they took full advantage of that unusual swimming pool out in arizona. there they are in uniform diving in the pool and what makes it funny, if you are a dodger fan, or makes your blood boil in you are a d-back, arizona had requested they not dive into the swimming pool and celebrate in the d-backs' home park, and they did it anyway. try and stop us! the giants are finishing like world champs. they are winning eight of their last 11. a week-long troop trip to new york with the mets and then they start tomorrow night, as well.
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perez, scoring sanchez, 1-0, giants, and now it's 2-1, giants, and lopez, the first save the season, and the giants take advantage of being in new york and they took their rookies down to times square and had them dress like the naked cowboy who is receiving a lot of attention through the years. so, once, again, if you are spending six months in a clubhouse with the same guys, look at them dressing, you are probably in the mood for something you think is funny, and the giants did it today. atlanta lexington smith is off to a 3-0 start. mcnabb has his jersey retired prior to the game. smith playing for andy, the former coach. theyent to work here.
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they didn't have any interceptions. and it's a gatorade bath on his return to philadelphia, 26-16, chiefs. one more time! america's cup, at least one more race, and the oracle team usa is still alive after winning race 12 today by 31 seconds. the second race of the day c can sell canceled because the winds ex-seated exceeded 21 knots. not many stations want to help people and let you be with us. here is pam. >> you can get the latest news and developments on
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and you can download one of our mobile apps, as well. have a great night, everybody!
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