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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  October 5, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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. the a's win game two. it was a pitcher's duel against detroit but oakland came out on top. a real celebration tonight in oakland and all around the bay area. >> the sell-out crowd was treated to a thriller because the a's pulled it out with a walk-off single in the bottom of the ninth inning. we are live at the coliseum with reaction from fans and a's
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players on the big win. >> reporter: it was a nail-biter, but the fans are leaving happy tonight. burke comes through with the base hit to left field. it was a great atmosphere. it was a thriller and a nail-biter and everybody is happy that they won, but there was missed opportunities, but it was an exception performance by the rookie, eight scoreless innings, and that left fans happy. [ cheering and applause ]
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>> reporter: the future for the oakland athletics, looking good, and it's sweet for them to win game two seeing they were down two games to the tigers in last years' series. >> we want to go in there with a big win. >> reporter: what can you say about sony gray? >> he was fun to watch. he had his good fastball. >> reporter: can you tell the difference with the coliseum with the tarps on and off?
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>> i see no difference. it's a little bit different. last year and this year it's been rocking. >> it's a dream come true and exciting and fun and happy, emotional, everything you can think of. it was so much fun and so happy to come through for our team in that situation. >> reporter: so knits on to detroit for games three and four -- so it's on to detroit for games three and four. stay tuned and we'll have complete highlights later on in the newscast. a drunk driver was going the wrong way and caused a huge accident early this morning that resulted in one death and several injuries. we have details and video of the crash you will only see on kron 4. >> reporter: it was just before 4:00 in the morning and chp says a driver of a sedan was heading northbound in on the
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southbound side of highway 101. officials say the driver somehow got onto the freeway going the wrong direction and crashed head son into a taxi that was driving two people to the airport. then the infinity crashed head on into another car. the taxi flipped and ejected the two passengers who were riding in the back. one of the passengers died at the scene. >> the driver was talking but was being extradited with the jaws of life. the person who was fatal was between the taxi and the car driver. >> reporter: all lanes of traffic was shut down for hours while police investigated the crash. the victims were transported to the hospital with major injuries but are suspected to survive. they say the driver is in
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police custody at the hospital and will be transported to the county jail when he's released. he'll be charged with felony dui. a shooting leaves one woman dead and two others injured tonight. it happened this morning in oakland. the three victims were taken to the hospital with gunshot wounds where the woman died. the other two victims are in serious but stable condition. this is still an ongoing investigation as police work to find a motive and a suspect. several fires in the bay area over the past few days have firefighters working hard. they were faced with another grass fire today. one of the largest fires began near fairfield yesterday and scorched over 1,000 acres of land. the bay area air quality management district issued a
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smoke advisory that has been since been lifted. >> reporter: as far as you eyes can see, what used to be grass land is black tar. this blaze spread about 1500 acres. >> by the time the units got back, the fire was down to the other side. >> reporter: the blaze melted tires and ate away at vehicles. this is the last of a truck and this was once a tractor trailer. >> the worst is over there. the farmer got hit the worst. >> there was some equipment that was around the barn that got damaged. >> reporter: the hay barn is burnt to a crisp. the fire started off highway 12, and with winds up to 50 mph it quickly spread over the mountain. the farm earn was able to save his life stock but not much else. >> he had 20 minutes between the time he put them in here until
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it hit that barn over here. that's how fast it went. >> reporter: on saturday homeowners were still using generators as they waited for pg and e crews to get the electricity back on. >> you are talking six poles that they had to replace. >> reporter: the fire captain said this could have started from anything that came from a car or a spark. >> the winds have died down and we saw clear skies, sunshine, warmer temperatures today. in fact, temperatures are on the mild side. we're holding on to the low 70s in downtown san francisco. mid-70s in sunny vail.
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sunnnyvale of tomorrow, 79 for downtown san francisco. low 80s mostly in the south bay. mid-80s along the mid-area here. as we start the next workweek, we'll have the potential for rain. >> the raiders game will be here at 8:30 tomorrow night. immediately following the game we'll have a newscast and postgame show with all your highlights. that is all coming up. coming up, more details of a woman who was shot and killed by dc police after leading them on a car chase. hunting down a terrorist suspect. five days away from a possible strike.
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american forces have captured an al-qaida leader linked to the 1998 u.s. embassy bombings in east africa. this man was wanted by the u.s. for more than a decade. relatives say he was taken outside his house today in the capital. there's been no u.s. casualties in that operation. officials say the capture would represent a significant blow to what remains of the al-qaida organization. in other operations in somalia, the seals were attempting to find the target but didn't find it. they inflicted some casualties but no u.s. navy seals were
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killed in this mission. last month a terrorist attacked left 67 dead. the latest of what democrats are saying of the shutdown. how today's bargaining went between unions and bart management. uz)ñ
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five days, that's how long they have to come together before another strike could happen. this morning both were back at the bargaining table. the sticky points that are still being worked on are security for the employees and a gap on wages. bart communication officer spoke this morning. >> when you look at the overall financial picture, the union is asking for $89 million more than bart is able to afford right now. it's a big gap we're at right now. as you said, we have almost an entire week ahead of us to negotiate and hopefully we can find that middle ground. >> bart is putting together a
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contingency plan that include three times the number of charter buses that will run and they want to open up parking lots for car pooling. both sides are scheduled to be back at the table on monday morning. it's day five of the government shutdown and there's still no sign they can pass a budget bill soon. house democrats are calling on republicans to vote on a spending time that doesn't exclude provisions like defunding obamacare. nancy pelosi is urging the democrats to join with democrat crates to pass a budget. democrats have sent a new offer. >> to end the republican shutdown 200 house democrats have signed their names to a letter reaffirming a commitment to support a clean continuing
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resolution on a 988 billion dollar republican members. this season been easy. >> today the house voted to provide back pay for federal workers furloughed during the shutdown. the president has made it clear that he will not negotiate over his signature on healthcare legislation. we are learning more about the woman who tried to break through a white house security gate earlier this week. the incident set up a high- speed car chase through washington d. c. and put the u.s. capital on lockdown. we have the latest. >> reporter: something was bothering this woman, something that appears having to do with the president. a source says her boyfriend allegedly told police back in december that she believed the president was using elect cron
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trick -- electronic surveillance to monitor her home. on thursday morning she packed a back of clothing and strapped her 13 month-year-old daughter into the car and drove almost 300 miles to washington d. c. she appeared eager to get up to the white house, clipping a security officer with her car as she drove away. she worked for dentist, brian evans, before she was let go. >> we thought she was a great employee while she was here. she had an accident and fell and had an injury, and then she found out she was pregnant, as well. >> reporter: apparently she had postpartum depression. discharge papers were listed
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for treating my bipolar and depression. >> her daughter was unharmed during the shooting. she was placed in foster care pending permanent arrangements. questions still remain as to why she tried to cash through the security gates and led police on the choice. yesterday her family arrived at the medical examiner's office to confirm the identity of the body. the family spoke to the media and say that she did not have a history of violence. >> my sister was a law-abiding citizen. she's not a terrorist and was
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not a terrorist. she did not believe that -- or, to my knowledge, she did not believe that the president or any government official was going to do her any arm. >> investigators say the situation leading up to the incident remain under investigation. there will be no air show or ship parade, all being canceled because of federal budget cuts. the fireworks are a way of thanking the people in the bay area for their continued support. you can see the fireworks there overlooking the bay bridge span. i want to take a live look outside at the bay bridge this morning. there's clear conditions, and temperatures are on the mild side. most of us are still dealing with the low 60s. as we head into tomorrow, expect warm to hot weather yet again,
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approaching the 90-degree mark for some communities. next week we'll start with cooler weather, a continued sea breeze in the forecast, and we're looking at a storm that could bring us raindrops as we head into the middle of next week. more details on that are coming up in your seven-day forecast. let's go over to future cast 4. tomorrow, temperatures are mild, around the 60s. the 60s will turn to 70s coast side in the afternoon. we have the potential to see 90s develop. by later on tomorrow evening, it looks like temperatures, for the most part, back into the low 70s. i want to break down the afternoons highs. still dealing with light winds here. in the east bay, it could pick up a 90-degree rating in
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pittsburgh. 80 degrees in richmond. downtown san francisco getting pretty close to that 80-degree mark. i think we'll see a good mixing of 70s and 80s down the east bay shoreline. there's not too much veriation in the temperatures -- variation in the temperatures. the sea breeze will become more pronounced by late tomorrow afternoon. your seven-day forecast, cooler weather into next week and a system dropping down from the pacific northwest could bring showers. as of right now, that's a 20 to 30% chance wednesday and it looks like we could see sprinkles thursday morning. it's a boy for barry.
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the baby was born in l. a. this is the second child for her who first daughter was born five years ago. it's the first child from martinez. up next, sports highlights including tonight's walk-off win by the swinging a's!
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a real nail-biter at the
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coliseum tonight, game two of the playoffs. there was 48,000 fans in the stands. sony gray up against verlander. back-to-back singles started the rally. another bases loaded here. they win it 1-0. it's tied up now at a game a piece. they start monday afternoon at comerica park. hockey season is in full swing. the sharks versus the coyotes. the sharks were on top. i have to demonstrate the tail
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here! it didn't work last night but tonight! on that note, we say good night everybody. go a's!
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