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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  October 7, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> the top stories that we are following on this monday, october 7th. a tanker truck accidents has in interstate 80 all from closed this morning. >> there was an early fire own yerba buena island that still has a role disclosed a leading off the bay bridge. >> the temperatures right now are in the 40's. 50s everywhere else. it is unclear start to your work week. the temperatures will be from the mid 60s along the coast. we are in the middle of a cooling trend. we have the potential for
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some showers. i will highlight the big change is coming up. >> even though this tanker is off the freeway it is have an impact on interstate 88, and this set of doubles of propane tankers, the reader overturned and it is blocking the east and west bound on ramp. you are going to use central instead. this is the most a jason bram. we have picked up some slowing. adjacent ramp. this will get you pass this problem. >> let's talk about the impact of this accident. call from bob estate 80 at eastern carlson near
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richmond as close. mike pelton is live a scene. >> there are a lot of fire crews out here and we are in standby mode because there are waiting for a second vehicle to come to transfer the fuel. you can see this as a double tanker truck in the back of it overturned. it has been sitting here for about three hours. the crews have shut down the east and west bound rams again just out of the abundance of caution. the fire crews stated they cannot just look this because it is a small the vapor leak. it is caring about 4,500 lbs. of propane. >> we are the reagan and an additional truck of the same type to be able to offload this and to keep the product
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on the way. we will then use tow trucks to up right and get back on the roads. >> there are several tow trucks here but the touch a driver stated that even after that make this transfer they still have to be cautious as set up like this because it is still pretfumes that are inside. fire crews did evacuate this nearby hotel because they just wanted to be cautious. they will be here for several more hours and you should keep this in mind if you go through this area. the incident itself, are trying to determine how this happened. >> firefighters battled a fire that broke on yerba buena island which caused
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major traffic across the bay bridge. kron41 yoli aceves is live on the island with more. >> as you look at the exit, it is still closed off because they're still out here to join some of work. you can say that the chp is out here trying to make sure that commuters no they cannot accept on to the island. here is the video that we receive right before 8:00 p.m. last night. it did cause a lot of traffic because they ended up having to close the exit they also have to close some complaints. people came out from the game last night. more importantly, it frightens some of their residents because they could see the fire and it is so
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limited access to get off of it. they dig a little nervous.more a little nervous. y were able to put out the fire but they're still investigating what caused this. there were costa this off fireworks but they're not sure if that is the reason >> the traffic is okay in a sense that all these lanes are open. if you live on the island unfortunately right now you will have to go into san francisco and then backtrack to get. >> pg&e says the that was shut down a natural gas pipeline in san carlos after safety issues were
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raised. a judge ordered the line to be shut down after san carlos city officials discovered an e-mail questioning the 83 year-old pipes safety. the utility insists that the line is safe. pg&e said it could take them until tomorrow to safely shut down. >> there is coming 3 days left before the end of the 60 day cooling off. when another bart's strike could happen. this is what other bay area transportation systems looked like during the strike that was back in july. the sticking points that are still being worked on our security for employees and the big gap on wages. bart is putting together a contingency plan for commuters, if workers do go on strike. both sides are scheduled to be back at the table this morning. >> on to bay area sports,
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the raiders at taking on the san diego chargers here on kron 4. the raiders are run out of the tunnel, with the late 8:35 p.m. start time. raiders running back darren mcfadden out with a hamstring injury. but quarterback terelle pryor was back from a concussion. he throws a 44 yd touchdown pass to make the score 7-0 raiders. second quarter the score is 14-0 raiders. third quarter, the score 17-story writers. danny woodhead
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kids by kevin burnett fumbles, he school set up and runs 25 yds for a touchdown. his nfl record tying 13th career defensive touchdown 24-3 riders. the final score 27-17. the raiders are now 2-3. they will play alex smith and the undefeated kansas city chiefs and next sunday. >> coming up on the kron4 morning news. to bay area professors are awarded one of the highest honors in the world. >> a messy crashed at an at inde
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will have more on what happened coming up.
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>> new this morning, three professors, including two from the bay area, have been awarded the nobel prize for their work in cell research. dr. jameson rothman from yale, dr. randy schekman from uc-berkeley, and dr. thomas sudhof at stanford,
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teamed up to unlocked a fundamental process and sale physiology. their discovery enhances science's understanding and research of the disease like diabetes. doctors and schekman pictured in the middle, identified the genes that regulate sales of transportation system. dr. sudhof pinpointed how ves icles now exactly when to release the molecule a contents. >> the government shut down enters its second week with no resolution in sight. house speaker john boehner says that he does not have the votes in the house of
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representatives to pass a clean the spending measure. democrats and even some republicans chalice the speaker, asking him to call a boat that the united states is moving closer to the possibility of the first ever to fought in the nation's history. >> coming up on the kron4 morning news. some bay area drivers are filling some new pain at the gas pump. we will have a live report coming up. i love having a free checked bag with my united mileageplus explorer card. i've saved $75 in checked bag fees. [ delavane ] priority boarding is really important to us.
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>> the time is 6 8:15 a.m.. happening now, and gas prices dropping 14¢ over the past two weeks. the bay area is still seeing some of the highest averages in the country. kron4 jackie sissel is live in san francisco with an update. >> here in san francisco wed $3.95. the good nils is that we continue to see the prices drop. 14¢ within the
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past two weeks but california is still the highest in the country. let's take a look at the numbers. california's average is at $3.85. down 8¢ in the past week. about 14¢ in the last two weeks. this still makes california the third largest. san francisco, is the highest in the state. $3.95, san jose is set to $3.84. >> the prices are dropping because of the cost of beryl's are cheaper. most of the refineries are running the winter gland and gas. to give you the difference, i filled up this morning 24 gal. of gas. i saved about
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$3.36. this is great news. this is a couple coffee at starbucks. >> the gas prices are some of the stories we will bay of following. hopefully that will still go down. >> we are watching interstate 80 become a hot spot a leading into richmond. this is because of a overturned tanker that has been underneath the freeway. it has forced a closure both west and east down. it surprises me a bit because so much of this traffic is backing up. at are you really have to do is go to the next exit which is central, if you turn towards the east, and complete connect. at the very easy--
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it is time to write and here is so low that the tanker that has turned on inside. it was hauling a propane. it will be held here for an a few hours. we will see this backup continue to get worse. >> the bridges, the conditions are okay. the bay bridge has backed up to the westbound commute. there is a small problem because of the closure of the island of flack. you will have to head into san francisco and turn around. the same is true from the island will have to drive into san francisco and then turn and run if you want to get on the westbound side. >> your ride to the san
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mateo bridges problem free and we have seen a slight increase in volume but no increase in drive time. >> take a look at the temperatures right now we are in the mid 40's currently in santa rosa. upper 40's throughout the north. this morning is cool compared to the past couple of days. satellite radar shows high clouds streaming and. the ridge of high pressure that was bringing warmer weather continues to work this way east. if we are no longer dealing with northerly winds. today is pretty much on top with the seasonal average. the south bay will be a gorgeous day and the temperatures will be in the '70s. san jose will have a high of 77 degrees.
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as we had to the east, you will notice 80s. 75 degrees for vallejo. low 70's expected for san leandro. downtown san francisco will stay in the upper 60s. today will be fairly mild and we will continue with a cool down. >> the seven day of around the bay shows interesting changes i wednesday due to a tracking of rain perry ed the temperatures will only come into the low 70's. there is a potential that the system will miss us all together. sunday and drier weather as wrap up the work week. in fact, by saturday and sunday the high will only be in the mid to upper 70's. >> in new york, a federal
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trial begins this week for the money made cost longtime secretarbernie madoff's longtime secretary and four other workers accused of concealing a multibillion- dollar fraud scheme. hits from squandered nearly $20 billion in investor money over several decades. he is serving 150 years in prison for his crimes after taking a plea deal. the defendants have pleaded not guilty. they are expected to argue that they were victims of fraud as well. >> exactly how much oil made it into the gulf of mexico in 2010. that is what a federal judge was to know today. experts for bp and
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the federal government will provide very different estimates on the amount of oil that was spilled into the gulf. off the government believes that the peace and negligence could total $18 billion. b.p. maxus out the penalty should be around $10 million =million dollars. >> coming up on the kron4 morning news. if you are having some trouble figuring out your apple's i l s seven program, we have got you covered. we would tell cut!
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>> welcome back. authorities and southern california have identified the fourth person who died in a private jet crashed at santa up my career airport. the coroner's office says 28 your old and lucas benjamin of malibu was killed when the twin engine crashed into a hangar. here is video of the crash september 29th. he was als the cause of the crash s under investigation by the ntsb but that work has been stopped because of the government shut down. >> this morning, apple is
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sharing some of their tips and tricks of its new i o s 7 model platform. the information is posted on apples on website. this page will explain the do not disturb feature to silence all calls, it will also show you how to change your keyboard settings and turn on the find my iphone the feature. >> watching wall street this morning. there is a budding optimism among traders on wall street that washington's the bickering politicians could soon reach an agreement on the budget and any increase seen on our own limits. future trading right now shows all three indexes in the negative at this hour. here is a closer look at the numbers on friday.
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>> welcome back. the opening bell on wall street. presidentpresident jimmy carterl be in the area today. the dow futures were down 117. things are looking and found worse if things continue. the effects of washington is weighing on the u.s. economy. >> happening now, all front on interstate 80 at east carlson near richmond as close to this morning. kron4 mike pelton is live is the scene. >> you can see this tanker
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truck has them all on the scene, this truck is empty and they're going to get the fuel from inside of this tanker. this was a double tanker truck carrying 4,500 lbs. of propane. crews tell may it is not simple just by popping up. they still need to transfer the fuel and hope that the empty one will be able to carefully put it back. they tell me that they have to be careful during this entire progress because there's already a small paper leaked. >vapor leak. >> we're talking about a flammable chemical and we need to take precautions. time is not our primary concern, safety is. >> just out of an abundance
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of caution, they did evacuate a hotel just off 90. they did evacuate these people or early this morning they told me that no one else should be in danger. at this point, they are born to transfer feel perry ethe chp is here investigating what led to this accident in the first place. the tanker driver stated that his trailer hitch brought. >>ke. >> they have closed both
6:33 am
bulk on an off ramp but the westbound side at carl's son on boulevard is all so close. you can see that chp are stating that the easiest way for you to do is go to central and turned east. it will put your right back on carlson boulevard. it is still back in upper right beyond cousin of boulevard which is the proceeding exit. centro, makes more sense. the east shore freeway is slower than usual. >> we're waking up to temperatures in the upper 40's. all the time we reach the afternoon will climb to the low 80s. the temperatures will continue to up climb. we do have the possibility of raindrops. i
6:34 am
want you to your 7 day forecast coming up. >> firefighters battled a fire that broke out on a yerba buena island. here is video of that fire that started just before 8:00 p.m. last month. the chp says that the on ramp westbound and off the ramp eastbound are both still close as fire crews continue to do a mock up. residents on treasure island said that the fire moved fast. >> are all around 8:15 p.m. i looked out the window and i could see the flames coming up the side of the hill. i went to get my roommate and we called our neighbors and we had only one way out. >> the fire sent up a large sum of smoke and flames
6:35 am
visible from the bay bridge. the fire is now contained. no word yet on the calls. >> it has been 3 months since flight 214 crashed landed at sfo. it killed three people and injured nearly 200 others. kron 4 continues to monitor all aspects of this investigation. the ntsb says, that the jetliner was traveling too slowly into low at the time of the crash. in fact, the agency's preliminary investigation indicates that the pilots did not realize there was a problem until seven seconds before impact. as far as the fallout, nearly two dozen passengers have filed lawsuits against the airlines. >> in the meantime, the
6:36 am
crash has raised a number of questions about how well pilots are monitoring their aircraft. it turns out, that prior to this crash, these issues for already been studied. in an interview was the only on kron 4therudy quevedo with the flight safety foundation, says that 97 percent of pilots land anyway, because pilots do not feel it is too risky. >> he says that his group along with manufacturers, regulators, and airline pilots association are all working to enhance pilot monitor of not just their aircraft but the actions of other copilots. >> raids have wear around
6:37 am
the world, by u.s. special forces over the weekend. anas al-libi was suspected in the 1998 u.s. embassy bombings in africa. he was captured as he returned home. libyan officials are calling this case than a abduction but secretary kerry said that a legal and appropriate target for the u.s. military will face justice in court of loss. this comes after you is rated a baby seals in somalia over the weekend. >> here is a live look outside at the bay bridge. we talked about the fire in how it is impacting your commute. how it is impacting your commute. >> former back in our day,
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>> welcome back. former president jimmy carter and his wife will be in oakland today to support habitat for humanity. the carters will spend today working on a new habitat built townhome development in east oakland. just last week, volunteers were working on the project were robbed at gunpoint. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news. today, the carters will be joined by hundreds of volunteers and tomorrow they will help renovate homes in san jose. the carters are celebrating 30 years of work with habitat for humanity. >> did great to see more twitter on some of your favorite tv shows. winter is partner in with some big names in tv including cbs, mtv and the nfl. the san
6:42 am
francisco-based company is using a platform called amplified to reach your yours, amplify allows content owners to been real- time video clips to twitter. the platform also extends commercial to smart phones and tablets. the move should appeal to potential investors as winter prepares for their own billion dollar ipo. >> the dow is off of by a bit. we will be right back. look at them with that u-verse wireless receiver.
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back in our day, we couldn't just move the tv wherever we wanted. yeah, our birthday entertainment was a mathemagician. because if there's anything that improves magic, it's math. the only thing he taught us was how to subtract kids from a party. ♪ let's get some cake in you. i could go for some cake. [ male announcer ] switch and add a wireless receiver. get u-verse tv for $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. >> welcome back. three-time indianapolis five hunter winner dario franchitti involved in a serious crash that occurred 13 spectators during the grand prix of houston. the wreck happened in the last lap of the race yesterda car was
6:46 am
bumped by a japanese car and driver. here's a closer look. as you can see, the impact sent his car airborne into protective sensing, sending pieces of debris flying toward the grandstand. witnesses say look like confetti. he suffered a concussion, broken ankle and two broken vertebrae is in his back. two of the 13 spectators injured were sent to hospital, the rest retreated at the scene. he is married to actress ashley judd. the couple announced the they were splitting in january. >> let's check the commute. >> we have been tracking a hot spot on interstate 80. this is to reason. a tanker overturned. the rear art tanker overturned and to the carlson . this route is a
6:47 am
blot but as a precautionary measure and because of the hazard that is associated with this propane, and the rap has been shut down both on and off from the eastbound side. the west on ramp is backing up the ride from highway 4 and that is what has turned interstate 80 into a hot spot. let's take a look at some of the traffic through the east, it is not too bad for the 680 ride or 24. the ride is typically heavy as you come to the alta mount pass way. there is an accident to 38 them back a ride to a castro valley. we see this new pattern into hayward, south bay freeway is slow on the mob is not too bed. >>.
6:48 am
>> the drive time is set 16 to 18 minutes however, we still have the closure of the island off the ramp from the westbound side of highway 4 because of the fire that occurred last night. kron4 yoli aceves is a monster in this and let us know when it reopens. the monotone and this and will let us know when it is available. >> let's take a look at a live shot from a roof cam. we are waking up to a bright morning and the temperatures are mild side compared to what we saw over the weekend. it was pretty
6:49 am
clear and we do have plenty of sunshine yesterday san francisco came in at 83 degrees and we will see clearer conditions waking up this morning. 45 degrees for santa rosa and mid 40's for vallejo. we should grab a jacket if you are heading out. as we head into the afternoon today will be cooler and the temperatures will be on the mild side. low 80s up for the san ramon valley area. livermore will have a high of 82 degrees. upper 60s for downtown san francisco. letter on to my the temperatures will continue to cool it was start to see the mid-level clouds streaming. upper 50s for the most part. your 7 day around the bay highlights continued cooling as we head into the middle
6:50 am
of next week. wednesday, we may see showers. sunday whether is back in the forecast as we transition to the weekend. >> we are watching wall street with a rob black. it looks like wall street will finally get the message that this stuff and washington may continue. le >> we have heard a lot of talk from everyone. >> the word obama and care did not really,. the republicans are now wants to back off this. the one to try to compromise. they will talk about immigration reform or the spending. the republicans are desperately trying to, with an image. they are no longer going for
6:51 am
obama care, they know that americans want this health care. this is one pushed forward. the word obama care was dropped from the news program but as far as the desalt on the dead, it seems to be that this may not happen. >> there seems to be that we will figure out a way for this not happen, will pay our interest rippin. everyone ss to be in this position that is in the resolution. >> what we service the interest are we prioritizing. the republicans would not cave, and the democrats did not look like they will cave. we have the government to spend
6:52 am
less money, we want them to come to the table. it will be something along that line. >> that will fight over who is the big winner, will we face a real spike in interest rates coming up? >> remember, the last time that this happened, the credit board downgraded the debt. march 3rd stored learn this. they will assume you and they will find what a comeback in you. it sees on thinkable, my dad is probably rolling around in his grave. the president is not going to the take any extraordinary measures spread >> do you think something
6:53 am
will happen? >> in the meantime will watch on wall street. >> the time is 6:52 a.m.. when we come back we will talk a bay area sports. the 49ers crush the competition. here is a live look outside at san francisco.
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>> to welcome back. a bay area sports of day. the oakland a's will play today against the detroit. they a's tied up the series on saturday night. today a
6:57 am
different pitcher will take the mound. that a's will play and the trade at 10:00 a.m. our time. >> though 49ers took on the texans. you saw a lot of pink ribbons admit guilt for breast cancer awareness week. >> patrick wallace out second straight game with a strained groin bread ma. the nis and go on for a big win this game. the final score was 34-3 49ers. their average is now 3-2. that will host arizona cardinals next sunday. >> coming up on the kron4
6:58 am
morning news at 7:00 a.m.. the raiders take on the chargers and it was all broadcasted here on kron 4. we will have the highlights and more coming up s 7:45 a.m.. >> a scary moment for a south they want whose windows were shot as he was driving on the freeway. >>
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the top stories we're following on monday, october 27th a tanker truck accident has an interstate 80 off ramp closed this morning. >> how it will affect your morning commute, coming up in a live report. >>


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