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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  October 11, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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this is the bay area's news station. kron 4 news starts now. >> now at 11:00, the cooling off period deadline passes with no deal and no strike but the threat of a monday strike put 400,000 bay area commuters in planning mode and pressure on bart management and the union to get a deal done. >> i dread the thought of it. >> kron 4 news at 11:00 starts now. the bart negotiations came and went last night. they gave man najts. 3 days and today was day 1.
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jeff bush is in oakland at the site of the in negotiations. union leaders came down and addressed the crowd. they sat across the table from each of the unions and answered questions after questions and became more directly involved. this is something the unions have been asking federal reserve a long time. they say this is an en couraging sign. >> i don't want to be far along the line but we're bar goning. it's something we've all wanted. the good new social security there is serious discussion. >> we're saying it's good that the general manager is here because she can hear from the union and understand it herself
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and not have to rely on translation of the chief negotiator. hopefully that will be a better counter proposal from the district. >> reporter: speculation all day long is there will be a proposal from bart. they're under a gag order and can't say one way or the other. they did have a bit of a smile on their face. they'll be back at 9:30 in the morning. i'm jeff bush reporting live. there are a will the of people that told us bart's negotiations and threats of a strike have gone on too long. it's stressful that a deal is not done. this started last april when they started working on a new contract. kron 4 charles clifford shows us what happened next. >> reporter: bart union workers walked off the job on july 1st
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t.strike forced tens of thousands of people to find another way around. >> it's not a fun deal. >> reporter: on the evening of july 4th the two sighed agreed to a cooling off period. on august 4th with the union threatening to walk off again, govenor jerry brown intervened. a few days later bart management and the union presented to an inquiry board t.governor requested a 60 day cooling off period on august 11. the two sides have continued to negotiate. the cooling off period ended october 11 although both sides have agreed to talk through the weekend. >> we asked bart riders what their plans are in case a deal
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is not reached come monday morning. >> we thought about, seriously, we got up early in the morning to see if there was a strike or not. >> we were going to car pool if bart was not working. i had to get up at 4:45 and check the website. >> i'm concerned because i have to be at the airport at 7:00 on monday morning. what are my options. do i take a car, a cab or bart? we'll see. >> i'm just not going to go on monday. as long as bart is on strike i'm not going to go. i don't want to spend hours on the freeway. >> i hope they work it out. it's ridiculous and not productive for the city. >> three people in my house that commutes to the city
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everyday. it's a real problem. >> i dread the thought of it. continuing our team coverage of the looming bart strike, we all know that the bay bridge, in particular, will likely see thousands of more cars in the strike happens. caltran is changing the hours for car poolers. it's confusing some bay area drivers. >> reporter: i'm standing on bryant street at the car pool entrance of the bay bridge. there has been a chang to the sign image. caltran changed the hours on friday, this ahead of the looming bart strike on monday. car pool lines are not enforced on weekend. they say high occupancy vehicles or car pool lanes are enforced from 5:00 in the morning until 7:00 at night
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starting monday. typically car pool lanes are not enforced during non-car pool hours but this is being done to alleviates some of the heavy hours. you could face a minimum fine of $481s. testimony signs have been changed along as the interstates and highways 94 and 82. if there is no strike and the signs are up monday, don't worry about it. you will not be ticketed. >> stay connected with kron 4 about the bart negotiations. get the latest at kron 4 .com as well as by checking our facebook and twitter pages. we have a mobile app also. certainly it's cooling down in a hurry out there.
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current conditions in the 40. 43 in nevado. 48 in napa. low 50s in a number of locations. it's going to be a chily night tonight. fog returning to the coast line and north bay. winds are picking up and that's going to help clear the fog. the warming trend continues into next week. we'll take a look at how warm, coming up. why harvey milk is about to achieve a first, 30 years after his death. you're not far from seeing changes to limos here in the bay area. >> way a world grieves were adrian peterson, next.
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developing tonight, we're learning more about a tragic
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story that touches minnesota vikings running back, adrian peterson. he's asking for privacy after the death of his toddler son t.2-year-old was beaten into a coma before he died. the toddler lived in sue city south dakota with his mother. this man is being charged with aggravated assault, aggravated battery on an infant. those charges came before the child died. the officers were call today the apartment on wednesday because he was choking. he was unresponsive and he was rush today the hospital and doctors found injuries consistent with abuse. adrian peterson plans to play on sunday. harvey milk about to make history with a new honor.
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new tonight at 11:00, harvey milk, former san francisco supervisor was assassinated 30 years ago and will be honored with a us postage stamp. he was the first openly gay man to hold political office in california and now the fist openly elected official to be featured on a stamp. it will include one of his most enduring messages, hope will never be silent. a suspicious package prompted hundreds of employees to evacuate a building in richmond this morning. all packages coming into the building are examined and the contents in one package was
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suspicious. a bomb quad, firefighters and the police were on the scene investigating. >> we found the package just had some flashlights in it. that's what this was all about. >> the employees were allowed back into the building shortly after 1:00 this afternoon (. >> in light of the deadly limousine fire on the san mateo bridge, they will have more exits. limos with fewer than 10 passengers will have 2 push outdoors and windows. women died in a fire after flames erupted in a limo they were in. they'll conduct annual safety inspections on limos. 13 people are behind bars
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tonight following a drug trafficking sweep in alameda county. they seized 1750 marijuana plants and about $4 million from 11 different locations. police also found the bypassed utility meter indicate the theft of the electrical power. toyota was not responsible for a deadly crash in 2009. toyota said the jury concluded that the design did not contribute to the woman's death. her camry sped up to more than 100 miles an hour and crashed into a pole. toyota is facing several claims. this ruling could affect the future cases. with a wave of officers
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leaving the vallejo police department, questions are being asked about why tax dollars are not being used to hire more officers. >> there are cracks in the road. there is a bump in the road when it comes to the city of vallejo hiring new police officers this year. they decided to slate the money to be used for repaving city streets. some res departments trying to find an officer to talk to are not feeling good about the idea. >> i think the streets need to be repaved but that doesn't help when someone breaks into our home or car. >> reporter: they lost half of their police force when they
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filed bankruptcy back in 2008. they can't even keep the lobby open on friday. why not spend the money on hiring more officers? >> the process takes a long time. the recruiting process for police officers takes a fair amount of time. >> reporter: you need more people to help with that process? >> you know, i've added staff to the team just to focus on hiring police officers. >> reporter: the funds will be use today repair pot holes like these. >> we get complaints about public safety issues but we get complaints about the holes too. we have a weak system moving to the north of us. here it is. you can see the band of clouds associated with it. we have fog along the coast
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land. fog along the inland valleys. patchy fog inland. you can see it down to the south bay as well. winds out of the north pick up early in the morning and we'll see the fog clearing faster. by noon back to the coast line. it's still going to be quite chily. temperatures in the 40s in the north bay. 42 in napa, 32 in pass man bay, 41 in san francisco, 45 in livermore. for the afternoon, a little more sunshine and warmer conditions. south bay in the low 70s. 73 in sunnyvale. inland valley upper 70s. 60s for the east bay shore
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line. 64 in richmond, 66 in hayward. low 60s in downtown san francisco. upper 50s at the coast. a look at the extended forecast, a tad bit warmer tomorrow and we'll continue that warming trend into early next week. mid to upper 60s along the coast. >> 49ers let the raiders prepare [ inaudible ] game one was a classic. prepare [ inaudible ] game one was a classic. gafor over 60,000 s on california foster children, extra curricular activities help provide a sense of identity and a path to success. joining the soccer team. getting help with math. going to prom. i want to learn to swim. it's hard to feel normal, when you can't do the normal things. to help, sleep train is collecting donations
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the a's eliminated by the tigers last night. good news for fans. crisp option has been picked up for next season. bell four could be a free agent. here we go. game 1, dodgers st. louis, this should be a great great series. with the strutting around, here comes what could be the winning run. you don't see a tag from the catcher but the ball was ahead of time and they give benefit of the doubt to the catcher blocking the plate.
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1st and 3rd, here goes bell tron. .421, 17 rbis, with runners in scoring position. he's off and rolling. 3-2, cardinals win. the longest post season game for the dodgers since 1916. they'll go tomorrow. kershaw on the hill. sunday the 49ers host arizona. arizona still trying to team up during his run here in oakland. you figure palmer, his best days are behind him. harbaugh has to struggle to say something nice. >> he's a top notch quarterback who is smart, savvy, good in
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the pocket and make all the throws very accurately. he's tough to defend. >> darren mack fadden, star quarterback for the raiders is questionable. raiders is a 10.5 point under dog. they're going to have to try to defeat alex smith. this will be, more than likely, more than likely, the toughest performance to date for terrell pryor. he's going up a defense that's tough to throw against. 80,000 people breathing down his neck. dennis allen saying what you expect him to say. >> you have to execute. that's what it boils down to. if we execute our plays we'll have a chance. it's going to be a tough game,
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especially for the offense against their defense. >> warriors on their way to china. they left this afternoon. look at andre and his young wife. you get to take your family members with you, go over and represent the game abroad. mark jackson has his wife there playing around a little bit. let's hear from some of the fellas. >> i like the great wall. it's a lot of fun. >> it's a game. we take the 5 days and travel is tough. you know, a little more coffee and caffeine. >> 10 seconds of this. alex pedaler, he took out thomas hurtyl has been
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suspended 3 games. he's jealous because the guy showed off and scored 4 goals. >> what about me?
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miss universe, facing jail? why this one photo of the taj mahal has her in hot water. >> and imagine being carjacked in your own driveway. >> at this point he is standing right here with a gun. >> plus -- the billionaire founder of >> his father didn't know his biological son was the 12th richest man in the usa. then are they the couple who knew too much? >> come on marty. got anything to say? >> why they say they're under siege at their own front door. >> i'm going to ask you to leave. and -- is this the best or worst wedding proposal video ever? ♪


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