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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 15, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> reporter:now at eight: a joyride around san catch the suspected thug who left them behind. >> reporter:developing in san jose: the search is on for missing teenage sisters -- last seen sunday night. >> reporter:another night of uncertainty for hundreds of thousands of bay area commuters. >>"it's horrible.both of them striking"
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>> some say bart and a-c them hostage. parents keeping a close eye district warns someone else is too. and someone's giving new meaning to "hanging out" at the park. you'll see exactly where our stanley roberts found someone behaving badly. (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> catherine: good evening. >> catherine: we begin tonight within san francisco, two little girls have been found safe, after the car they were in was stolen. police say it happened at 22nd and folsom -- in the mission district. the 1-year-old and 3-year- old were found about an hour ago - on sweeny street in portola. kron4's justine waldman is live at the scene. and joins us now with details. justine? >> reporter: it was stolen about two and a half miles from here on 22nd just a
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moment ago i spoke with a witness walking a dog and saw what happened when police found a bandit vehicle with the children inside. >> the boy was, but the little girl was more scared than cry for her mom. horrible, i cannot believe these things are happening here. things like this does not happen in our neighborhood so it was a shot. shot shock >> reporter: describe as a female-crawly short brown hair. try to figure out the connection between the of vehicle stolen in children inside and fight it ended up here. reporting live in san francisco and justine
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waldman >> reporter:and a developing story we're following. for help finding his two teenage daughters. their father says 16 year old madeline and 13 year old emily were last seen sunday night at del mar high school in san jose. >> reporter:their father says the teens were at a church event at del mar.but they attend valley christian high school in san jose. we have a crew on the way.and we'll have an update on kron-4 news at 11. >> catherine: happening now at 8-- >> catherine: the bay area is on the brink of two possible transit strikes.which would be a commute nightmare. a-c transit workers could walk off the job thursday. and bart is still in the middle of talks tonight. bart is getting help from 3 federal mediators. the lead mediator is george cohen. he's a director of the
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federal mediation and conciliation service.. >> reporter: union negotiators came up to to address the news media. one thing the union did not talk about was whether they would go on strike tomorrow is still remains an unanswered question. >> everyone is up in the caltran building working hard with the general management and mediators. there are still torn between floors to see if they kick if we get come to and deal. >> still a lot of work to be done on both economic issues will continue to
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tackle those remaining issues tonight. >> reporter: a lack of progress could lead to a work stoppage >> are doing everything we can continue to do everything we can we have delayed is strike five or six times their we will continue looking at questions and from a bus to see if we can come to a mutual agreement >> reporter: goshen issues continued still no agreement at this point than we do not know if there is enough progress to be made so that they would not strike tomorrow. the next several hours we will report to you.
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and reporting live in oakland, dan kerman kron 4 news >> catherine: he's done deals in a lot of high- profile disputes. working with the n-f-l and the f-a- a, among others. in his career.cohen has >> catherine: worked as a labor lawyer, negotiator, and mediator. and tonight, a lot of people are hoping he's the man to get the job done. we have team coverage on the >> catherine: new tonight at 8-- the possibility of a bart strike is causing some anxiety at san francisco state - where mid- term exams are happening all week. kron four's jeff bush explains what the university is doing to help students >> reporter:the university provides shuttle buses to
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and from the bart station for students and thousands depend on those shuttles and bart to get to and from schooland, with mid terms in full swing, the possibility of a bart strike is something that students are very concerned about. >>ben wheeler student i've got labs on days of the week that i need to come inworking on computers and stuff. if you can't take bart you can't do them. i can do some of them at home but that is difficult.: >> reporter: where are you coming from?: i'm coming from berkeley. >> student >>it does affect a lot of people. my friends have to find a different way to come to school. >> reporter:so, what is a young college student to do? the school has made arraingements for students that live far awaybut, those accomodations are not what one would consider ideal. the university says it will provide a mattress and linens on a first come first serve basis and those students are being given a
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spot in the community room with everyone else. as you can imagine, commuting students are very interested in the bart negotiations and are hoping there will not be a strike. >> reporter:i'm jeff bush at san francisco state, kron four news. >> catherine: and it's not just bart. the a-c transit union has announced a plan to strike thursday - if there's no new deal. kron4's grant lodes joins us now with the details. >> reporter:a-c transit drivers, mechanics and dispatchers say they'll walk off the job thursday.right after midnight. >> reporter:that's if there's no new deal. >> reporter:transit officials say a strike would be catastrophic. and have asked the governor to step in and grant a cooling off period to keep buses running. >> we had a letter prepared and delivered to the governor this morning. clearly what we would tell the governor is that the strike will severely impact life in the bay area as we know it.
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>> reporter:today, union officials responded to a-c transit's request for the governor to impose a sixty day cooling off period. >> reporter:here's their response. >>".for our members." >> reporter:a spokesperson for the governor said the governor's office is considering the request. but so far, no word yet. catherine? >> catherine: continuing our team coverage. you may remember the scene during the last bart strike in july -- commute chaos. this video is from our helicopter partnership with abc-7 news. jammed freeways, packed busses, and full ferries. >> reporter:officials say two transit strikes hitting the bay area at the same time - would be unlike anything we've seen before. >> catherine: kron 4's j.r. stone talked with the m-t-c and got some reaction to the grim possibility. >> reporter: to my division
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usual traffic on interstate 880. but that the change any time with the bart and a.c. transit going on strike. >> >> reporter: and could one of the acc session need to prepare especially since we are talking about the possibility of both bart and a.c. transit striking during that time ac transit picked up quite a bit of the slack when the bart strike for four days. >> and bart strike a bomb in october the impact will be a lot greater than it was in july. >> flextime and casual car
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pooling. >> reporter: interstate 880 is one of the roadways that we would have all day car pool of our spirit >> catherine: stay connected with kron-4 for the latest on the strike threat by bart - and a-c transit. you can get the latest on our web site -- kron-4 dot com. also - our facebook and twitter pages. >>you can also download our mobile app to get push alerts for the latest bart information. >> catherine: kron4's dan kerman will be back with another live update in the next half hour. >> catherine: ahead at eight. >> catherine: it's been one week since lynne's spaulding body was found in a stairwell at s-f general hospital. the security changes the hospital is now making. >> reporter: coming up i
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will show you what parents think and what the principle is the line to keep the children safe >> reporter: changes to the seats and tray tables and even the isles have more people packed on the plan with new features. what you think about it? coming up next! >> jacqueline: warm weather will is the ground? coming up it's great having at&t u-verse high speed internet.
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[ male announcer ] at&t brings it all together. ♪ new tonight at 8-- one week ago today. that the body of lynne spalding was found in a rarely used stairwell at s-f general hospital. as kron 4's justine waldman tells us.the hospital has made some security changes. how lynne spalding diedand still under investigation. that information will help
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piece together how the 57year old san francisco woman. was found dead behind an alarmed door in a stairwell17 days after she went to sf general for an infection. as a way to improve securitysf general has now made several changes. starting with. daily fire stairwell checks updating all fire stairwell alarms so that they require deactivation by a staff member. if a fire stairwell alarm rings, it will trigger a security check by sheriff deputies >> when you see individuals also of school grounds report that to the school or to the al denys police department. other thing is to encourage students to come report it as soon as it happened. he started twice now taking pictures of students write out in this yard and the tickler he has shown chosen a time on around 150 to 2:00.
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is >> scary but i like to think the best of people so hopefully is not negative. >> i think is important that we also involve the kids. at >> reporter: i did check with eldon police asking parents to keep an eye out here described as an asian man of around 30 to 40 years old with dark hair lasting when a black jacket. last seen wearing a black jacket.
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>> reporter: as a way to improve security as thefts general has made several changes abating off fire stairwell alums. so that they're required the activation from a staff member. and if they fired steer wahl alarm goes off the charge nurses will immediately check the unit to insure that all patients are accounted for. as of jan also tells kron4 is in accord with ongoing investigations. every exit and entry is required to
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have cameras and martyred 247. they will like for it to be called when long lee and lynn law. >> reporter: and a few years, california could have an earthquake detection system that will provide a least a few seconds of warning that a quick is on the way. that may not seem like a lot of time but it could be enough to stop or slow down strains in cars, turn off equipment or just take cover. but before scientists like dr. peggy
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hell with at cal can start building the system will have to find millions of dollars in funding. >> reporter: the slightest need to make the system work has already been tested and a demonstration version of the network has been up and running for years but is not robust enough to protect the whole state. most fund is secured the next that will be to install a network of the earthquake sensors all across the state and build a computer system that could handle incoming information. because >> reporter: of the government shut down most of those projects are on hold. there wasn't any significant country. talked to researchers on the cal campus about that.
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>> reporter:on the cal campus, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> catherine: things aren't exactly sailing along in the nation's capitol. today - there was a potentially big blow to the prospects of avoiding a u -s default. a house plan fell apart tuesday night.possibly leaving the senate as the last hope. >> catherine: some fear that a huge hit to the markets could be next. one of the three major ratings agencies -- fitch -- warned it could downgrade the u- s from its triple a - rating. >> catherine: a ratings downgrade could mean higher interest rates for cars, mortgages and business loans. congresswoman nancy pelosi commented on the deal >> once they get over that then will see what they sent to the floor.
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>> catherine: more than 6000 lap record lab workers will be put on furlough. >> jacqueline: temperatures along in the upper 60s and low 70's in redwood city. we are going to be getting rather chilly of here tonight with temperatures dropping to the '40's in a number of locations of the low 40 in santa rosa, napa and 44 and half moon bay. we will still be in the warm side will still be on the one side in the afternoon or inland valleys and upper a couple low 80s and 70's near the indian coast line. we
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will take a look at that and the extended forecast that 845. >> reporter: sending out advice to the media where they will show off new ipad script will be in the small itasca? will be featured? state term ñáçwçñ
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>> reporter: is a pretty safe bet that there will be new ipad. it was this time last year that they show of the new ipad many and ipad spirit we expected better camera to be implemented. and the fifth generation
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reg'lar better ipad will be in more new slimmed down and design. it has a fall release but we do not know when. and make it was more details on the mac pro this is the four- cylinder shaped tower is to be the new high end dallas topped tower. and as black mysterious an extremely powerful. they may unveil an aid i watch or eyed tv. you can call me on twitter to four facebook at gate slate. i will be posting live from the yvette gate slate kron
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board new spirit >> catherine: a creature so where the on never laid eyes on one parent what could your mind coming up look like it bart does not come to an agreement tonight?
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you're the barbecue chicken combo with two chicken patties, bacon, cheese, and barbecue sauc you also come with curly fries and a drink for $39. bubbles! i have no idea what's going on. (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now.
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>> catherine: now at a 30 the bay area a.c. transit workers could walk off the job thursday and are still talking tonight. thus began with the kron4 bandit dan kerman >> reporter: still could go on night. at this point there is no agreement and we do not know whether or not you members will go on strike tonight. we thought she was going to say there are going to strike and not but instead she x management of bart.
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>> we're not trying to avoid or mislead or get information to our self spirit we're trying to get the riding public we will not be discussing anything the to the deck over has been released we appreciate the confidentiality that has been placed. it is unfortunate that the district chooses to think about things that they have not that they have been asked not to. >> reporter: what about a strike tomorrow? >> reporter: she still refuse to answer. so bay area commuters are still in limbo or in regards to
8:32 pm
striking. reporting live dan kerma , kron 4 mews riot >> catherine: you can also download of our mobile at to get pushed lawyers for the latest bart information. >> reporter: flying is not what it once was. several changes will impact your comfort naso match your hunter or wallet. smaller,
8:33 pm
thinner seat and more of them. implementing the smaller seats therefore, airline save money on fuel. more money for the airline's parent the depending and people are about an inch closer to the traveler seated in front of you parrot which knocked a lot of leg room was there to begin with. people are fed up by the moves to pack more people on the plane. >> poorly fitting comfortably at cannot imagine having smaller seats. shulamite get a lot of sympathy from other people she is tiny. >> reporter: dominique says
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if americans had imagination there would have been other transportation to compete with airlines years ago. >> reporter: not good news. >> reporter: shutterbug to this incredible shot. he hit the water from a 30 ft. cliff. he apparently was not hurt. admitted to the competition in time. quite a
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short cut. made even more famous by their mysterious flying surfer. the vicki will lead the rockets. >> reporter: me up something seen cannot be unseen. i was the only one hanging out no pun intended and the next edition of people behaving badly. >> reporter: >> jacqueline: we would take a look at those temperatures in your neighborhood coming up
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>> catherine: the latest edition of people being badly (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> reporter:dolores park where hanging out has taken a whole new meaning, yes this guy is wrapping up his junk with a bandanna. >> reporter:then he just kicks it in the park for much of the day naked as a jaybird wearing nothing more than a bandana only a few hundred feet from this playground. in case you are wondering if any rules are being violated lets look around the entire park to see >> reporter:first off dolores parks dubbed the underground park permitted and yes you are looking at cases of booze waiting to be handed out for a company party
8:39 pm
>> reporter:and not they did not have a permit, i called the permit department and they don't issue alcohol permits for this park ever >> reporter:oh and they ordered pizzas too so the deliverly man parks in the crosswalk but no worries he had his park wherever you want button activated >> reporter:the park is full of people boozing it up and smoking it up because smoking of any kind is also not permitted in dolores park >> reporter:i think the name should be changed to no rules park because there don't appeat to be any rules with the exception of this sign even dogs are only permitted in certain areas but hey it is what it is but hey back to our sunbathers, after all that bathing he now has to go potty so why not a bush and when don't in a bout of poetic justice after using the park as a public toilet he managed to step in some dog waste >> reporter:then it back to being naked with a bandana on his junk sunbathing in dolores park routine oh and by the way being naked in a city parks has
8:40 pm
been illegal for a long time >> reporter:in no rules park .oops i mean dolores park stanley roberts kron 4 news there's a new restaurant that'll leave you speechless. >> reporter:whether you like it or not. the newest food trend of dining in utter silence. after the break.
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>> reporter:imagine eating out and all you get is the silent treatment. awkward. but that's the idea here at "eat" in brooklyn and it could be catching on in the bay area. >> reporter:a four-course, complete organic meal in complete silence, inspired by the young chef's time in an eastern culture. >>"i spent some time in a buddhist monastery in india when i was in college and we
8:43 pm
had silent breakfast every day." >>"we just ask people to turn off their phones and to remain silent for the remainder of the meal." >> reporter:a hush falls over the dining room interrupted only by the occasional hand gesture or nod. >>"we made a lot of facial expressions you know we found other ways of communicating that weren't verbal." >>"so far they say they haven't had to discipline anybody for making noise.but there have been some close calls". >> reporter:a man steps outside to blow his nose, while this woman struggles with a giggle. but how would the inevitable difficult diner complain, other than suffering in silence. i'm vicki liviakis kron 4 news. >> catherine: imagine going >> catherine: imagine going for a s back in our day, we couldn't just move the tv wherever we wanted. yeah, our birthday entertainment was a mathemagician. because if there's anything that improves magic,
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>> catherine: they're not kidding when some beach visitors in >> catherine: southern california made aa huge oar- fish.18 feet long. the serpent-like creature is the longest in the fish family, and *very rare. they usually thrive in very >> catherine: deep water -- making it hard for scientists to study them. >> catherine: it was dead when it washed and believe it or not.experts say these things >> catherine: can get a lot longer -- as long as 56 feet.
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>> jacqueline: 83 in oakland and 78 in downtown san francisco with 79 in daly city. tonight, klay stayed clear and calm. widespread a least a mile and the rest of the workweek the court into the weekend temperatures up the door are 40's and 50's. into the afternoon around below 84 the south bay with 82 in palo alto. for an leadbelly's and low eighties for this part upper 70's and east bay shoreline with 70's again but not as quite as warm as today. 72 and seven francisco with the upper
8:47 pm
70's in your eighties for the north bay. thursday and friday will stay warm for most of the bay area. it will be cooler and to the '60s at sea breeze wins. as we head into the week and a cooling trend will continue. 70's with more cooling into monday and tuesday. >> catherine: gary will explain with more sports next!
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(male announcer): now, the orchard supply sports report
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with gary radnich. >> jacqueline: >> gary: good evening! alcs - red sox at tigers #3 bottom 2nd 17 minute power outage at comerica park top 4th/ scoreless john lackey strikes out miguel carbrara swinging >> gary: we have a couple of hits tonight but here is the spot. and all of this show bolting and brushing back a chance to be a big hero know. they lead the series 31 to wrap it up tomorrow and las angeles. so they have a chance they have to
8:52 pm
start tomorrow. card leak 321. >> gary: last week he nothing but zeros into the seventh to mike. just one home run and the red sox stand up and that it bay women want to 0. the red sox leads the series to 20bottom 7th/scoreless justin verlander brilliant again but his only mistake a solo home run to mike napoli 1-0 red sox bottom 8th runners at corners koji uehara strikes out prince fielder swinging final out. uehara gets alex avila swinging to end it final: 1-0 red sox red sox lead series 2-1 3rd time in 4 games tigers have lost 1-0 with verlander pitching . >> gary: 67 penalty minutes
8:53 pm
are giving out! majored major suspension. taken to the hospital he is alert and responsive. sharks go on to a6 to 2 win! >> gary: the help ofdan b oyle >> gary: do people still tune in and to see the violent aspect of hockey? >> jacqueline: not the true fans. >> gary: you know how people say, look at the violence!
8:54 pm
one day a guy will not get out and may die on the spot. no matter how many years you should consume in not one to think that it is entertaining >> jacqueline: now they have the instigator rose to you cannot just go after the other guy. >> gary: >> jacqueline: the whole thing about the imports of going after someone will not get them suspended for dornan of the now they have the instigator rule so you cannot protect players like sidney crusty who has been out for a whole year. sidney crosby >> gary: 49ers defense
8:55 pm
forcing turnovers the 49ers defense has been back to it's ball hawking ways of late two weeks ago they picked off the texans matt schaub 3 times and forced 4 turnovers >> gary: last sunday they forced 4 more including this key strip by patrick willis on lary fitzgerald rookie eric reid recovering >> gary: they forced two against the rams 10 turnovers in three straight wins for the niners jim harbaugh talked about his defense >> they are optimistic and going a great job. really, really of standing. outstanding. >> gary: the raiders are on their bye week terrelle pryor and most of the mainstays went through a light practice the backups got most of the work while the vets spent time in the training room getting worked on as they
8:56 pm
heal up the raiders are 2-4 and will host the pittsburgh steelers two sundays from now dennis allen said this week is one for evaluation kobe bryant with steph curry >> gary: addressing the crowd kobe says is this were the nba finals he could play >> gary: yao ming courtside 2nd quarter david lee finishes off the nice pass from andre iguodala >> gary: 4th quarter/ 84-81 lakers stephen curry with the long three to tie it 84-84 kobe looking relaxed final: 100-95 warriors play lakers in shanghai on friday >> gary: adidas wiggins $180 million this weeks sports illustrated cover boy andrew wiggins will be a rich man soon enough wiggins - who is a freshman at kanas, is most highly touted player since lebron james so big that adidas is reportedly the front runner to sign wiggins to a shoe pro - worth up to $180 million wiggins will likely be one and done at kansas, and barring injury be the first pick in the draftand have that fat new shoe deal
8:57 pm
>> catherine: pretty hard to say no! see later [ male announcer ] the founder of mercedes-benz once wrote something on a sheet of paper ♪ the challenge always accepted. and the calling forever answered. ♪ introducing the all-new 2014 s-class. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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just go with it. this director's a gius. f bk as 1938, e director of the fbi, edg hoover, ote to the then-curatorof the j, ofessor daniel payne, aid in the evuation specimens hoover thought be irrefutably human. this was the result. laughter) despite thisarly disagreement, n ve forged mutuly beneficial, if somewhat tense relationship, which survives to this day. ank you. applause) ank you, dr. brennan. e there any questions? s? how much money have you madefro? don't rely know. have an countant d an agent... 's not really the kindof questir from an anthropology student. s? d you get your agentbefore r u wrote the book? ople, dr. brennan


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