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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  October 17, 2013 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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are the fire crews. now the flams not as intense as they were in the fire crews now going more on the offensive. they took a defensive stance over the last hour. now we are in santa cruz six alarms. it appears they're finally getting a handle on the thick flames have been coming out of the building. people have been taken to the hospital. right now we're saying woodside road of being shut down. a lot of fire personnel blocking woodside road right now. here's the view from the ground. as kron4's jackie cecil has provided us the shot. you can see a closer view where the roof just gone from this four story
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apartment building. . the hope is that everyone was be able to get out we are hearing that there were multiple injuries. will continue to follow the latest with live pictures coming end of a large apartment complex going up in flames in a matter of minutes and it's been very difficult for firefighters to get this under control. is there burning for close to an hour now. it 50 there's not much left of these terraced apartments. >>james: with all the fire a heavily traveled roadway in that area we are seeing traffic impacted. george
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raft is following that part of the story. >>george: woodside road is shut down. this is a popular commute and between 101 and interstate 280. massachusetts will easily taking to alameda. from there to consider gone north to farm hill or south to san hill. " coming of age your best north-south route. on this out there is no accident on the nimitz
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southbound at experience that's affecting not only the south found ride but the north bound ride as we're all coming up from union city. at the bay bridge a big backup now westbound. we had a vehicle fire. here's erica now with the live picture weather. >>darya: come morning george plenty of sunshine as we started the morning. we half firmly been in the forties and fifties. sunny and pleasant conditions as we head into the afternoon with temperatures ranging from the upper 60s coast side spirit out walking to your weekend forecast coming
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up in just a couple of minutes. >>darya: kept 17th. bart trains are running this o'hare morning. we will have the latest in the contract negotiations. kron4's will tran is live at the caltrans headquarters with an update. >>: >>will: we are starting the 21 st our up negotiations. looks like they're going for a breakfast to break a but they say they will be back. looks like once they're done with that there will be back and to continue negotiations. in the meantime there is no strike and that means the trains are running. i can tell you what's going to happen on friday and the reason why it is because the unions say they can only issue the update daily and not even
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tell us if they plan to give us a five or six our heads up. the reason why is because they are in the hands of a federal mediator and it is up to the mediator to tell them what to say. in fact the media has taken it upon himself to be the spokesperson for the entire process. we had a chance to talk to him around 1030 last night when he stepped out and talk to media. here's what he had to say about the bart trains as well as the negotiation. >>: the negotiations have been continuing. the parties are totally engaged. trains will be running for the day tomorrow. i have no further things to say. i would not be answering any further questions. negotiations will
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continue through the night and we will be delighted to give you train service tomorrow. >>will: am back live now. want to get a little bit closer and see if they make any sort of commons. i continue the riders want to know if there is any guarantee that the trains will run as long as they continue negotiating. mr. hawke how our negotiations inside. >>will: moving along.
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>>: moving along. >>will: we thought that on monday the deal was imminent and that wasn't the case so we can't even jump to conclusions anymore. getting back to the riders. they have been telling me all week why can't they tell us well in advance as long as we continue negotiations will the trains run. they say that they simply cannot do that. their goal is to make sure management is
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unstable and off balance. that is why they are giving up weekly updates posted daily updates. >>: and a-c transit busses are running as well. a strike has been temporarily averted. kron4 spoke with commuters hopefully they can reach a deal. >>: i will deal with it once we get closer. i am optimistic really. this is going to hurt too many people. >>: i felt good. i don't have to walk.
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>>: i am tired of the riders being held hostage. and don't get me wrong, my heart goes out to these workers. you need to fight for which you believe in but not at the expense of other people and other peoples stranded. but i'm glad there's no strike. thank you. that made my day. >>james: governor brown can decide to issue a 60 day cooling off period. we will keep tabs on that. keep in tune to kron4. we will keep you updated with the latest developments at kron4 dot com. kit updates of facebook and twitter as well and download our new kron4 app. we will pushout modifications as soon as we hear from either union. we will continue to follow aren't ac transit and are breaking news this morning.
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welcome back. joining us now here are pictures from our breaking news story that apartment complex and a redwood city. it has been burning out of control for more than an hour. the latest word is 4 injured one of them seriously. here are live pictures from our abc seven partnership with abc seven news. we will get a live report from kron4's jackie cecil who will be on the ground giving us an update. we will be right back. state-owned. --stay
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toned. --tuned. toned. --tuned. mçó4+y?i
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the board will provide brown the government shutdown is over and that means that national parks are reopened. kron4's mike pelton has a live update from alcatraz.
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>>: here at alcatraz landing employees took down the signs earlier this morning as at long last they will have the opportunity to take customers over to the rock. for the past several weeks we've seen hundreds if not thousands of people from all across the world show up to find alcatraz closed due to the government shut down. rep tells me to shut down certainly impacted their bottom-line. >>: it's quite devastating especially during october. tents to be still are busy season. >>: what are you expecting today now that it's open. >>: we are and we are hoping for a big crowd. we are
7:18 am
welcoming that. >>: already this morning it is a handful of people waiting to get on the first cruise. they're certainly in better spirits from people who showed up in the past couple of weeks only to i'm told the bay there are plenty of tickets available. >>darya: thanks allot mike. and in addition to alcatraz you can also get back to enjoying national parks everywhere that were closed because of the shutdown that includes bear woods, yosemite national park parade of visitors to yosemite to start checking and today at noon. >>george: we are tracking
7:19 am
hot spots. starting in redwood city with our breaking news story. six alarm apartments fire on woodside road. the fire actually occurring between 10 field and union ave. but they closed off a much larger section of woodside. closed on the side of gordon and the west side at massachusetts. you're best off to get to 280 is to either use farm bill to the north% overall to the south. looking at the ride on 882 hayward. earlier occuring problems have a clear. in new accident on eighth street. southbound traffic is still slowed here. we're still slow at the bay bridge toll plaza westbound recovering from a vehicle. drive times back around 18
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to 22 minutes for the san mateo bridge we could have just about any minute now start to see slow and go and even stop conditions develop on the stand. so far the drive time is clocking in at about 12 to 13 minutes. whatever to the weather center. here's an update with erica. >>darya: what we are shaping up to be a very nice morning. take a look at not up. still not as cold as what we've seen for the past couple of days but still want to bundle up 3 at futurecast 4 highlights 81,
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number for of sunnyvale and cupertino. 79 degrees your high for looks like in the east bay plenty of the '80s. 82 degrees and walnut creek. mostly sunny skies. looks like it could be a little hazy today. mid to upper '70's down the east bay shoreline. 81 degrees in the above. 75 degrees expected today and san francisco. satellite and radar shows the clear conditions here in the bay area. the ridge of high pressure firmly in place so we will continue with a pattern of above- average temperatures and dry conditions. your 7 day
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around the bay forecast highlights the return of fog as we head into the weekend and then temperatures will start to trail off into the middle of next week. >>james: 721 for the lieutenant governor gavin newsom is heading to a panel to study legalizing marijuana and the state. in an official announcement is scheduled for today. the panel will study legal and policy issues to marijuana legalization and will include experts on the subject across the country. poll results are also expected to be read least today for support of legalizing marijuana and the states. >>darya: g m g janitorial inc. have to pay a total of $1.3 million to 275 current and former employees who did not to get benefits under san francisco's health care security ordinance between 2008 and 2010. the company was initially ordered to pay the amount in 2011 but they
7:23 am
appealed and then they filed the lawsuit arguing the agency exceeded the law by order a full restitution but now that appealed says they need to pay. >>james: we will take a quick break and return it with more updates on our breaking news street essex alarm fire burning in an apartment building right now. uc fire fighters there with the hoses.
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>>: of the many segments on a rolling stops or some people call them hollywood stops. the slide on the throw with a look both ways and aren't even looking. >>: after getting a tip from a copper block the intersection of love this stuff and jones avenues. my bosses asked me to go check out things. here i am. along behold the just like in the big city drivers were rolling through the stop sign. to them i present this evidence. and what should
7:27 am
this read car at the top signed however after stopping the driver rolls through an almost gets to you on and it's not just hollywood stops it looking at radar set up by the neighbors. let me tell you if every neighborhood was set up to my note to speed
7:28 am
and collision it would be phenomenal. in concord stanley roberts kron 4 news. >>darya: 727 as the time for it will be back with more in a couple of minutes as we have several developing stories this morning. one of them this massive fire and an apartment complex in redwood city. mar to trends continue to run as negotiators have negotiations have been taking place all night. [ female announcer ] come to jcpney
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7:31 am
like now. as the flames tore through the roof of the four story bit floor of the building. the flock fire broke out at 6:00 this morning. firefighters now getting closer and attacking the flames after taking a defensive stance for about an hour. they cannot get close enough with intense heat and flames shooting out of the building. let's go to the ground were kron4's terisa estacio is live on the scene about incidents. >>darya: you can see this attempt to fire. i just spoke with a firefighter who said they are in defensive mode right now. >>terisa: there were hot flames that were jumping out of the apartment building just a couple of minutes ago. four people have been transported to the hospital with injuries one and minor 1 moderate at one serious. i want to join now with the woman who lives in an apartment complex just over
7:32 am
here and tell me what did you hear this morning around 5:00 he said you heard a woman screaming help help. >>: yes. i sleep with my window open and i heard a lot of commotion open. i heard help and i heard a fire. i went running outside and my door faces the side of the apartment complex on fire and where everyone was out on their balcony screaming asking for help and within minutes i heard the firefighters coming assault. >>terisa: did you actually see flames when you're running out? memo we could see flames but i can see them coming home from the side of the stairs. >>terisa: what do you know about the building that's on fire. it did no people live and the place where we can see the flames >>: cannot personally but i see them because my their balconies face is where i walk into my door so i see them a lot. younger people
7:33 am
live at the top and an older woman lives right across from me. >>terisa: we can see the back part of the building. do you know what it looks like over around the other side. can you kind of describe it for me for it >>: i've only seen what i've been able to see on the news. we consider the backside of the building is completely burned. >>terisa: thank you so much for joining us. i also want to tell you that the smoke as intense out here very hard to breathe. the air is very thick. you can see the sky and sea of fire is reaching up into the air. very interesting. we'll be out here all morning long to
7:34 am
provide to breaking news of this situation. reporting live in redwood city terisa estacio kron4 newsprint >>mark: so you heard her for her injuries right now one of them serious. and a minute now government and from a minute from now we will go to a live press conference where president barack obama it is not going to be speaking in regard to the end of the government shutdown. we will be listening in. >>george: gordon is aware of the shutdown is. that's here. it's a little west of out camino and massachusetts is the of the perimeter on the west. your best bet to get to between 280 am 101 if you use either from hell
7:35 am
wrote on the north. from ho wrote. those are the two adjacent ontario's the run the full length. you can use either el camino burrell. for your ride around the bay. i need to quickly show you what's happening and traffic here. the 680 ride through the san ramon valley. very heavy this morning as you can see. so is the ride six '80s out for the sun no grade. south bay freeways heating up for sure. 101 especially in the north bound bound direction. and the bay bridge is still in recovery from an earlier occurring fire. long cleared from the upper deck. it was a vehicle fire from the west span. here's erica with a quick look into whether.
7:36 am
>>erica: we are looking for to a very nice there on the bay area. president obama
7:37 am
about to take to the podium within the next few moments. we will go live allison and as the president does that. the federal government to reopen today as the u.s. avoiding a debt to be false. we'll be right back as the
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kron4 morning news continues. look at them with that u-verse wireless receiver.
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we are back at 740. scientists unspent scientists in russia. have all the big chunk of a meter reader right-media right from the bottom of the lake. he blazed across southern russia in february and was the largest recorded a strike in more than a century. you may remember the dramatic video more than 1600 people were injured by the shock waves from the explosion when it hit. nasa says the meteor was 55 ft. wide wait 10,000 t and was traveling more than 40,000 mi. in the hour. we'll be
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right back. look at them with that u-verse wireless receiver.
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back in our day, we couldn't just move the tv wherever we wanted.
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yeah, our birthday entertainment was a mathemagician. because if there's anything that improves magic, it's math. the only thing he taught us was how to subtract kids from a party. ♪ let's get some cake in you. i could go for some cake. [ male announcer ] switch and add a wireless receiver. get u-verse tv for $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. welcome back to the kron4 morning news. we are tracking a hot spot this morning. part of the traffic coverage includes our 13 news story which includes the sixth alarm fire in redwood city. that stretch of woodside road is closed. your best bet would be if your needing to get to 101 or 280 if you detour around
7:45 am
did you could. but your best bet would be to either take out camino to form hill or alameda south over to san phil. either of those two are ok. the rest of the slow spots and now as we did tell them now. and was a truck that was overheating southbound at barges that jam up the south on 680 ride. another crime this morning. now 42 minutes from 85 up 2 to 37. so that's a
7:46 am
really rough commute. as is the ride through more ran which is now starting to slow southbound from b four highway 37. the slow going resulting from earlier of current problems. now the bridge is clear. slowing go bordering stop and go. but when i rise and the base of the and crime. and the golden gate bridge a problem for a commute this morning. is your forecast with erica. >>erica: can't get enough of that shot. sunshine there really can't complain this morning. you know this and other warm day inland but we could see temperatures drop off the coast line. history san francisco had a high of 80. today i think what it
7:47 am
mid-70s. today 73 is your hybrid upper 70's down the east bayshore library pleasanton at 83 degrees 81 degrees and fairfield. let roy to the late cult unclear conditions with temperatures primarily in the fifties and low 60s. satellite and radar shows clear condition terror and the bay area dry weather sticks around. your 7 day around the bay forecast showcases temperatures will start to trail off into the middle of next week. >>darya: good morning gary. >>gary: i know i'm here until the president starts speaking for it >>darya: i did want to mention that we could bump you at any minute. >>gary: >>darya: we have a lot of news going on. let's take
7:48 am
this moment to elevate sports. the dodgers. they stay alive and my big question is i saw adrian gonzales had a couple of homers and he did this mickey mouse hair thing and it brings up the whole is a bad. a word the dodgers' new school and carnot's are old school. is it ok for them to coexist like this having these two different sides? >>gary: no. i'm one of these guys if you're really upset at what someone else does get them back. and not so much for it strike them out. these are. oftentimes we forget these are still young guys who show off for a
7:49 am
living and if they do something good why not. i'm not forgetting and someone's face and taunting them verbally it. but a couple of adjusters here and there good grief. >>darya: you just said sports our entertainment. there's. i guess if you're upset with this task that when you're away but like he
7:50 am
said this land. and >>gary: i'm sure you heard that when the nfl is trying to cut back on the celebration people for years have said that nfl stands for the note found a leak so again and the taunting is best and the he evoked the moment. if i'm not done very well i want somebody yelling in my face. a couple celebrations are ok as long as it is over the top and no big deal. >>darya: i look its words. this is the toy segment. this is the fun entertainment so i don't get why its " corporate boston
7:51 am
red sox and tigers tied to tutu. 2-2. the bigger game this weekend. everyone is talking about the cold and the broncos and manning and anti-lock. >>gary: i'm looking forward to seeing that spirit that would be a big deal. i've been talking to people nfl folks and i said is there any way the colts should have kept peyton manning and they said no because antril log can play for 1012 years were paid in a man named never--peyton manning. no one is blaming the colts.
7:52 am
>>darya: given where they are today and if things do work out. creek and a bubble between those two quarterbacks.
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whatoes at first spooul tte le?
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working on to breaking news stories at this moment here on the kron4 morning news. an apartment complex fire in redwood city. they're also waiting for the president to speak any moment now. we will be back in a moment.
7:59 am
8:00 am
we are back watching the latest out of redwood city. that is our breaking news story. fire crews of battling a sixth alarm fire that broke out around 530 this morning on the 900 block of red side road. kron4's terisa estacio has the latest on the same. >>terisa: i just spoke with the fire marshal out here and he says they still do not have the upper hand on
8:01 am
this fire and that's the day are still in defense mode as they have lots of crews out there. they have the latter going into the apartment. the flames have clicked down but still the heavy smoke is behind the apartment and going up into the sky. you concede this huge plume of spot smoke. a lot of people affected out here. it is very very content with a very hard to breathe. some people are complaining already. right now i want to join at casey. that's your home. >>: when i woke up i turned the corner and the front door was already on fire. i woke my wife up and climbed down the balcony. i was able
8:02 am
to put my cap on the balcony and i hope she was able to get away but i am very thankful. >>terisa: thank you very much ac for telling us your story. it was check-in with you a little bit later >>darya: back to you guys. >>: let's go live to washington. president obama addressing the nation about the goat government. opening. >>: barack obama
8:03 am
over the past four years our economy has been growing. our businesses have been creating jobs and our deficits have been cut in half. we hear some members who pushed for the shutdown say they were helping the economy but nothing has done more undermining the in these crises. you don't have to take my word for it. the agency that put america's credit rating on the watch the other day explicitly cited all of this. say that our economy remains more dynamic and more resilient
8:04 am
than other in advanced economies and that the only thing putting us a risk is and i'm quoting here repeated brinksmanship ". that's what the credit rating agency says. the wasn't a political statement that was an analysis of what's hurting our economy. by people whose jobs it is to analyze these things. that also happens to be of the view of our diplomats who've been hearing from their counterparts internationally. some of the same folks who pushed for the shutdown and threatened a default claim that their actions were needed to get america back on the right track. to make sure we are strong. but probably nothing has done more damage to america's credibility in the world are standing with other countries then the spectacle that we've seen these past several weeks. and to encourage our
8:05 am
enemies. its symbol that our competitors and its depressed our friends who look to us for a steady leadership. now, the good news is we will bounce back from this. we always do. america is the bedrock of the global economy for a reason. we are the indispensable nation that the rest of the work looks to for the new safest and most reliable place to invest . today i want our
8:06 am
people and our businesses and the rest of the world to know that the full faith and credit of the united states remains of question. now that the government has reopened and the threat to our economy is removed all of us need to stop focusing on the lobbyists and blockers and the talking heads on radio and a professional activists prompted some conflict and focus on the majority of what americans expect us to do. grow the economy
8:07 am
strengthened the middle- class create jobs educate our selves. get our fiscal house in order for the wahl call. first in the coming
8:08 am
days and weeks we should sit down and pursue a balanced approach to a responsible budget. and had one side not decided to pursue a strategy of brinkmanship each side could have gotten together and figure out how
8:09 am
do we ship a budget that provides certainty to businesses and people who rely on government. we'd be going faster right now. the good news is the legislation i signed yesterday now requires congress to do exactly that. what it could have been doing all along. will focus on treating more jobs that pay better wages. remember the deficit is getting smaller print it's going down faster than that has been the last 50 years.
8:10 am
the challenge we have right now is not short-term deficits its long-term obligations that we have around things like medicare and social security. we want to and for sure those are there for future generations. so the key now is a budget that cuts out the things we don't need close as corporate tax loopholes that don't help create jobs and frees up resources for the things that do help us grow like education and infrastructure research and these things historic we have not been partisan. >>mark: president obama as crisis is just barely averted. the government is
8:11 am
only funded through january so we could have a crisis looming ahead.
8:12 am
8:13 am
you're back on the latest from our developing story in redwood city where we had a
8:14 am
sixth alarm apartment fire. live pictures of firefighters on the same spirit real shot from early this morning and the flames were ripping through the selling of this four story apartment building 75 units at all. the top two floors bancroft for flames and for a time. firefighters have been able to put almost half. >>anny: james is shaping up to be a beautiful day here in the bay area. crystal clear conditions but it's going to see cooler weather as we head into the afternoon along the coast. robert dole's afternoon afternoon along the coast. robert dole's afternoon highs uz)ñ
8:15 am
look at them with that u-verse wireless receiver. back in our day, we couldn't just move the tv wherever we wanted. yeah, our birthday entertainment was a mathemagician. because if there's anything that improves magic, it's math. the only thing he taught us was how to subtract kids from a party. ♪ let's get some cake in you. i could go for some cake.
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since the government is back up and running president national parks are up our ride as well include it alcatraz. kron4's mike pelton is live with an
8:18 am
update. >>: right now there are several dozen people anxiously waiting for that 910 departure which
8:19 am
>>: during the government shut down they did have to lay off. i'm told there are plenty of tickets available. >>: our breaking news story has been this sense of our apartment fire at redwood city and its right all woodside road. the stretch between gordon and mass. so your best bet is to use up
8:20 am
to the north either from hill road or to the south san hill road. new contused alchemy no rio to taken off the south to either of those alternates. we have this accident on wall on north bound on woodside road. you can see north of coming up from 237. but continued to show real the traffic now. west 580 stow have it and to
8:21 am
double leverage with the north bound guadalupe park west. two 80 as a long slow commute. the san mateo bridge at last book was jammed up westbound and still continues that way with the answer may 10 stop and go traffic and this really private stretched from before the toll plaza to the base of the high rise. the golden gate bridge and bright spot in the morning commute. the way for a year and across the span. hysterical with your weather updates. >>erica: we only have some subtle changes to highlights but when britain about a pretty steady at 45. 50
8:22 am
degrees and oakland. mostly 50s or early in the south bay. it is a little cold out there. you probably need a jacket but really not as chile that what we've seen for the past couple of days. we will continue to warm things up into the afternoon. you notice of futurecast 4. looks like the rest of the bay area as well and to the '70s. will continue to see 80s. mostly
8:23 am
sunny skies and the east bay. walnut creek at 82% yesterday in downtown san francisco reached a high of 80. i think today will be in the mid '70s. we are holding to mid to upper 60s. and it's not going to impact any of our inland spots. the storm track will continue to be we will see the return of fog as we head into the weekend. temperatures are to slide into next week. we are following the latest with that the of the story of redwood city. we have live pictures here. >>james: this is the building up next to the apartment fire. firefighters
8:24 am
will begin to going to try and assess the cause of of the fire. there were four
8:25 am
people injured. two of them with minor injuries one was moderate at one we did understand suffered major injuries serious. we will take a quick break. on we come back at a 30 we will have a recap of your top stories. 7olooo the great american novel.
8:26 am
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8:30 am
we are back with a very latest on our breaking story. and a massive six all were armed firearm. kron4's terisa estacio is live at the same with the very latest. >>: i just spoke with a fire marshal and he says some derrick the news to think about. the fire they have
8:31 am
contained. there are going and looking at some hot spot especially in the attic to make sure it doesn't take off again. i just walked around to the front of the building on woodside and the damage is joining me now is oscar. oscar were the live inside the apartment complex that we see? >>: below the apartments on fire on one in from where that apartment is on the corner. >>terisa: oscar walk me through what happened. >>: i did hear the smoke detector. i heard the commotion. around 530. we will go because it does from the apartment above us by the turn scrambling someone running in the apartment. i was just thinking what are they doing running at 5:00 in the morning. i got dressed and i tried to go up the stairs to see what the
8:32 am
deal was and there was just bills of smoke coming out of the doorway in front of the stair well. san when i was
8:33 am
at the top i could see some smoke and flames. and when i came on the balcony with the help it down. >>darya: you must feel extremely grateful. you are able to get care wife and your baby and who is 6 months old. did you get whatever you needed to get out. >>: she got him the stroller. we didn't get diapers or anything. >>terisa: this is all about 5:00 this morning. >>: es 530-. >>terisa: thank you very much oscar for telling us your story. lucky you tell us >>: a very good news. the
8:34 am
fire has been knocked down pretty extensively. we still have some areas of some hot spots but the firefighters are getting to it. they've done an outstanding job let's talk about unfortunately injuries. i saw someone told me that they witnessed a man crawling all empire was on his arms. >>: one was critical. but i have told that it has increased to moderate. one additional moderate injuries for a broken scraggy. we feel pretty comfortable that with those injuries those people should survive. >>charles: it's so important
8:35 am
that people wait to operational cooking alarms. only if campbell's unattended. woodside is still closed. we have all but a fire trucks. there
8:36 am
will be here throughout the day tried to make sure no hot spots. a lot of people affected. we will stay out here on this developing situation.
8:37 am
>>george: woodside road is still shut down between gordon and massachusetts. your best bet would be to travel north or south through a their san hell or farm no roads. also we have this major accident no. 1 at woodside road and that is still jamming up good mid peninsula ride. back of all the way into mountain view coming from the south. that's really tied things up
8:38 am
>>darya: we are waking up to sunshine heading out to temperatures. forties and fifties of the door. as we head into the afternoon. the sea breezes will bring dell those temperatures closer to the. still enjoy a low 80s for our warmest inland spots. subtle changes as we head into the weekend including the return off coastal fog. i'll break down your details coming up in just a couple of amendments. >>darya: a reminder that bart trains are running this morning that's another developing story that we are following some better way to get around today bart and here at the golden gate bridge that to go 12. george raft is keeping track of any hot spot and erica caught up is taking care of weather. we'll be back in a couple of
8:39 am
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8:41 am
>> salsa overtaking catch-up as america's no. 1 condiment. these days, tortillas out sale burger and hotdog buns. sales of a tortilla chips trump potato chips, and tacos and
8:42 am
burritos have become so and ubiquitously. most people do not even consider them ethnic. but hispanics making more than a quarter of the u.s. population today and growing fast experts say that this changes dramatically slavery and the american experience. a consumer research firm says the hispanic foods and beverages were and $8 billion market in the last year. by 2017 that number may reach 11 billion. >> a startling new study out shows that an alarming spike in sugary drinks being consumed among teenagers. the study called still bubbling over shows a full 65% of teens ages 12 to 17 drinking it should read bridges and daily. that is an 8 percent increase since 2005. researchers are
8:43 am
concerned that teens are targeted age group for british companies and that they spend millions of dollars to market the strings. coming up at 9:45 a.m.. we will have an expert in the studio from the san francisco department of health to talk about the study. [ male announcer ] it is more than just a new car...
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8:46 am
>> welcome back. our developing story from redwood city. we are following the latest with the apartment fire that grew to six alarms. the right hand side is the live pictures with the firefighters. they're trying to put out hot spots. there are about 50 of residents that are displaced. the red cross is assisting them. the injured, four of them, have been taken to hospital. no one was killed in this fire which is amazing. >> we're also watching bay
8:47 am
area traffic. there is a hot spot. >> what a side road is shutdown of between borden and massachusetts. we're seeing heavy traffic in between the two. this stretch of road way southbound running past woodside road. these are two alternates and that you can take. it was and what side road that we had this big accident that is still jammed up traffic from san jose. this is just part of the slow traffic that is still persisting. it is heavy in the westbound direction from pinole. 680 is a real mess. >> the south bay freeway, 85
8:48 am
a ride and the one on one ride is bolts behind schedule and the trip to 280 to cupertino 1 01 southbound is really slow with 48 minute drive time from the beginning of the back up to the golden gate bridge. an accident on the richmond san rafael bridge is backing up the westbound direction heading toward marin. the bay bridge, westbound we're seeing some improvements. the drive time is still 18 minutes. the san mateo bridges that stand still. there were problems leading to the toll plaza earlier and that has backed up the ride to about industrial. >> it will be like this most of the highway about 18 to 20 minute drive times. the golden gate bridge has the traffic flow but no delays. >> i loved the shot of the
8:49 am
golden gate bridge. you concede the sunshine and the blue skies. this morning was not as cold so it is like upper '30's. we are a few degrees warmer. santa rosa is holding on to low 40's. antioch's at 55 degrees. satell shows clear conditions but we do have patchy fog trying to form. it will not reach us but it may be a little hazy. the high pressure is still in place over the area so this means that we will continue to see this pattern of warm and the average weather. no rain is in sight. and i do not focus on afternoon. it will be similar to what we s
8:50 am
>> will keep temperatures and the '70s along the east bay. oakland will have a high of 79 degrees and 73 in alameda. and down in the south it will be cooler and on lookit these numbers 814 at santa clara and 79 for mountain view. evergreen will have high of 83 degrees. we saw low 80s for downtown san francisco and today we will be cooler and will stay in the mid '70s. in daly city will have a high of 67. it will be cooler along the coastline but as we head to the north take a look at mine country, and napped of. mostl sunny ok at wind country, not
8:51 am
up.e country, napa. >> the time now is 8:50 a.m.. our top story this morning. bart trains are running as talks still continue. managers and union reps remain at the bargaining table overnight in an attempt to reach an agreement. federal mediators are overseen the labor negotiations. >> the labor talks will continue. progress has been made and the parties have authorized me to handle the talks. the trains will run for toman. i do not have any further things to say. i
8:52 am
will answer questions and i will go back then to the bargaining table and the negotiations will continue. i will be delighted to give in progress that comes up. >> this is the sixth time in the past week that the public was informed that threaten bart strike would avert the following day. it has been said that progress is being made. it remains unclear how much longer it will take for both of them to reach an agreement. >> ac transit will not be striking for now. governor brown put it strike threat on hold yesterday by appointing a three member board to investigate their labor dispute. that board will give the governor a
8:53 am
written report. during the report the workers are not allowed to strike area after the government reduce the reported that time you make a decision on whether not to issue a 60 day cooling off. >> if they strike for either transit agency happen, you can stay connected to kron 4 to find out ways to get around. we will have the latest developments. you could also stand form on our facebook and twitter pages. you can also download the mobile al. >> here is a live look outside. will be right back.
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
>> today is the great shake out, a world wide earthquake drill. some 24 million people, including nine and
8:57 am
half a million in california, have signed up to duck under their desks and cover their heads at 10:17 a.m. today. it is happening today because this is the anniversary of the loma preita earthquake that happened back in 1989. participating countries including japan, canada, italy and gone. powerful quakes have rattled the world and the recent weeks, including a magnitude 7.1 jobs that killed over 100 people in the philippines in damaged historic churches. drill organizers say that the focus this year is some fires that may be spared after a quake because of a ruptured utility lines. >> here is a live look from redwood city where an early morning apartment fire
8:58 am
injures four and displaces more than 50 people. we will have more on the story coming up.
8:59 am
>> following developing news out of redwood city where fire crews are battling a three alarm fire.
9:00 am
it broke out this morning in the 900 block of woodside road. kron four's terisa estacio is on scene, terisa? >> this is a developing situation. line at this minute they say that day have an upper hand on this fire. it is now men and downgraded and they are checking on hot spots. they stated they will be out here all day. this brought out about 5:15 a.m.. there are about 75 units. people tell me that they heard screams and saw flames. they stated that they dropped down to the ground and did what they could to get out. i spoke to residents who stated that
9:01 am
they did not know exactly what was going on but they hurt a lot of commotion. when mom and stated that she heard people screaming help. >> fire marshal stated that the latest count is that four people were taken to hospital and one was seriously injured. they have set up a red cross center to help people who are displaced. here is a picture to the left actually to the right where people have been evacuate three it you concede that this man here was telling me that he was able to get out with this six month old baby. he stated that they only have was on their backs and that they do not even have diapers for the baby. this is a developing story. initially, their work some
9:02 am
dialogue about a fatality but unfortunately that is not the case. the >> into the front of the building on what side there are a lot of people who said that they have been handing out clothes, shoes, and coffee for the people who had to evacuate. this all developed so quickly. that is the latest from redwood city. >> this fire has caused road closures this morning. lets go to george with an >> in order to accommodate all of this equipment they will have a closing watched placed. it is interesting because we see heavy traffic on the stretch of 280 that goes past rulewoodside road. it
9:03 am
is slow traffic on this stretch of interstate 280. also there is slow traffic on one-on-one approach and will decide. it is jammed in both directions because of an earlier our current problem. this has backed up the south bond ride all the way to what side. the san mateo bridge is have been slow in go and sometimes stop and go conditions. this is the new normal westbound. over the bay bridge we're still recovering from very slow conditions from earlier. the drive time has dropped from 18 to 16 minutes. >> the temperatures are on the climb and last report to santa rosa was at 48
9:04 am
degrees. milder conditions in oakland. currently is going to be at 61. the temperatures will be cooler along the coast as we head into afternoon. looking ahead it is pretty consistent weather but we have the return of morning fog. i will walk you through the seven day of around the bay coming up. >> now to our other top story. bart trains are running as talks continue this morning. the two sides met throughout the night in a marathon bargaining session. kron four's will tran is live at caltrans headquarters with more, will? >> they are back end right now and we are at the beginning of our--the
9:05 am
mediator yesterday's stated that he asked them not to leave here and usually that is a a good sign that a deal is coming. this is the second time this with the they have done this. we are monitoring this situation. i keep looking behind me to see if i see anything. we're also making jokes out here. it has been going on for so long that we do not even know why the paramedics are here. it may just extremely tired. the trantrains are running today but tomorrow there is no guarantee. >> the writers want to know what they're okay as far as moving forward. they stated that they cannot issue a statement because they want to keep the bart management
9:06 am
off balance and that this is their only leverage. because this is the only leverage, that only give updates daily. last night the mediator made this statement rar. >> madam been negotiating and now the commuterspeople whot found out that they're safe from a strike - a least for now. governor brown put a strike threat on hold yesterday. by
9:07 am
appointing a three-member board to investigate the labor dispute. that board will give the governor a written report within seven days. a-c transit workers are not allowed to strike during that period. after the governor reviews the report. he will decide whether to issue a 60 day cooling off period. >> if a strike for either transit agency does happen -- you can stay connected to kron-4 dot com to find out ways to get around the bay. we'll have the latest developments. you can also stay informed on our facebook and twitter pages. or -- download our mobile app to get push alerts for the latest bart information. >> new this morning. the government is back up and running today. more than two weeks after shutting down. officers are back open, along with national parks and monuments. president obama speaking moments ago
9:08 am
about the debt ceiling. here's what he had to say. >> i want the united states to know that it remains unquestioned. all my friends in congress understand how business is done has to change. we all have a lot of work to do on behalf of the american people and that includes the hard work to regain trust. >> >> we will be right back. back in our day, we couldn't just move the tv wherever we wanted. yeah, our birthday entertainment was a mathemagician.
9:09 am
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9:11 am
>> new video into kron four this morning. as police are investigating a stabbing. it happened overnight between 25th and 26th streets in san francisco. police responded to the area for a fight in front of a bar. police say the fight involved five males against one. the victim has been taken to to his face. he is expected to be okay. no one is in custody at this time. r >> oakland police tazed a suspect who crashed a stolen car into a building. this incident happened on martin luther king blvd. the suspect attempted to
9:12 am
flee on foot and that was when the police tazed him. he was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. >> coming up on the kron4 morning news. mark and rob will be in and talking about today's winners and losers on wall street. >> also, george rask is tracking traffic right now. mçó4+y?i
9:13 am
9:14 am
9:15 am
>> following the latest on the fire at an apartment complex in redwood city. here is a live look from our crew on the ground. on the left is video of the fire taken earlier this morning credit earlier this morning we heard from one other residents of that the building. it was a day pretty chaotic scene carry it we had a chance to speak to this president this is what she describes. >> i sleep with my window open. i heard a lot of commotion outside. i looked out the window and i heard someone say help and i heard the word on fire. everyone
9:16 am
was outside screaming. they were asking for help. i heard the fire trucks coming. >> in all 60 and possibly more residents have been displaced. red cross has set up help for them. we do >> we learned just moments ago that the closure of woodside road will be employed until tomorrow. currently is shut down between and massachusetts. the apartment building as actually between union and kent fill out. the best bet will be for you to use farm
9:17 am
hill road or sand hill road. you can use these to cut across. >> we're still in a recovery mode on one on one at woodside and things are pretty jammed up. we will start in the east bay where we are still seeing heavy traffic on 80 westbound. the richmond san rafael bridge has the accident that was cleared but it is still jamming of traffic. the san mateo bridges jammed up to the base of a high rise. here is the slow traffic that is beginning at the 280 interchange in san jose. it is like this all the way to woodside road. dog marin commute is still unwinding but it is over 40 minutes.
9:18 am
here is the san mateo bridge. the drive time here is 23 minutes. this is 5 minutes or longer and the bay bridge. the bay bridge commute from the nimitz is about 13 minutes. >> the golden gate bridge is passed the peak and we are seeing light traffic in both directions. >> it is a beautiful day outside. we have mild conditions in the temperatures are in the '50s. plenty of sunshine to go or around and no clouds in sight. we have patchy fog try to form but it would our regions. high pressure is in place and will continue with this pattern of warmer temperature and dry weather. should cast 4 shows just that. take a look lunchtime 60's for places like san
9:19 am
francisco but the rest of the bay is in the '70s. will start to seek 80s truckle led by 3:00 p.m.. again, this will be a gorgeous day. by 8:00 p.m. tonight the temperatures will be back down. >> santa clara will have a high of 81. this is the common number for sun belt and los gatos. we will see 80s again for pittsburg and walnut creek. upper 70's for richmond. we will start to cool down thanks to the sea breeze. san francisco will be in the mid-70s. your extended forecast highlights pretty warm weather for weekend and we will however see coastal fog. the temperatures will start to slide again we're seeing seasonal weather for next week. by wednesday, the high will be in the mid '70s.
9:20 am
>> now for today's winners and losers on wall street with our financial expert rob black. >> we are watching a facebook and how they are starting to do private post for teens. this will change. i think bill loser in this story is people who hate facebook. i do not state that no one gives twitter grief when they do it. and teenagers are great for advertising. their voices should be heard but it's the parents who need to babysit with their children to join on facebook. it is not enough. maybe i should just be quiet. >> it is very difficult to keep up with your children on a social media 24/7. >> facebook is a right for
9:21 am
wanting them to be the audio. >> we have been talking about apple and the five-.c. >> the five-c may be okay for china. but most people are stating that they will read bart have the newest technology. maybe they did not get it right this time but it was all right to see that they tried. but steve jobs always went after this. >> a gir
9:22 am
>> you are always telling people to max out there 401k accounts. >> but you have to be careful. and the numbers are growing and it is good to see but this will be your retirement plan. if you save pretax dollars on it than there is no better a benefit for you to do. it was still break even. you are still doing good. >> 7 eleven is on to now
9:23 am
saell wine. >> this was like the wine that will blind you. they will start selling bottles at $19. they are going after--you normally do not a good this when it comes to them. they're trying to go after bulk wind consumption because it is escalating. what would win for them is that anyone who would buy it, embraced a total ticket higher. >> and they have some really
9:24 am
nice and sandwiches. >> they have a nice trail mix. >> you can't watch a rob on our new is the tunnel as well as our 24/7 news on channel comcast channel 193.
9:25 am
9:26 am
9:27 am
>> new woark mayor cory booker is heading to washington. he has won a special election to fill the seat of the late senator frank lautenberg. booker defeated conservative steve lonegan after an aggressive two month race. lautenberg's term was only through 2014, so booker
9:28 am
would have to campaign again almost immediately to run for a full 6 year term next fall booker, who is a stanford grad, is new jersey's first low >> coming up on the kron4 morning news. we are going to have the latest from the scene of an apartment fire out of redwood city. kron4 terisa estacio is live at the scene. >> plus, tourists are back at alcatraz island this morning. here is new video of the line.
9:29 am
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9:30 am
>> welcome back. the time is 9:30 a.m.. we are following a developing story out of redwood city were fire crews remain on the scene. at one point, it was a 6 alarm. it brought out this morning in the 900 block of woodside road. kron4 terisa estacio is on the scene. >> this apartment complex. route and not fire about 5:15 a.m.. fire crews are on top of the apartment building. i spoke with the
9:31 am
fire marshal and he stated that it is important for them to go in on the road and not get down. there and on and go inside to make sure that the hot spots are completely out. is there comes in and they do not want it to ignite a another a fire. this was a very intense scene. crews are raced out here and many people, 75 occupants at the time four of them were taken to the hospital and one person was seriously injured. i spoke to someone who had to evacuate and they stated that they heard a lot of commotion >> they stated this saw someone on the ground tried to crawl out and that he was seriously burned. it has been a horrible, but unfortunately they were able to get this fire under hand.
9:32 am
they stated that the flames are out and now it is one of the situation to make sure that they can control a hot spots. the streets and still closed and the area. and george will let us know the bigger picture. right now, fire marshals are stating did they have contain the situation and that a evacuation center was set up a facility. and a lot of people about 50 of them, are there trying to get help that they need. >> this was an amazing scene. this is just one of the developing stories that we are following. >> bart trains are running as talks continue this morning. kron4 will tran is live at the caltran headquarters. >> 38 minutes from now will
9:33 am
be 24 hours of negotiations. let me show you some video from 9:00 a.m.. what went on live and i saw them bring in a stretcher into the building. this is a video that we have. at the time we did not know who this was 4 when they came out it was confirmed that it has something to do with the bart negotiations and that one union member stated that they are killing them. they stated that so exhausted that one member needed medical treatment. a fire fighters, the medical team did not go into detail because of the privacy laws. when i accepted that has something to do with the negotiation that sestet person will be okay because they refused treatment >> and appears that it is
9:34 am
also wearing out but union members. the good news is that bart trains are running today prepared that will not assure us beyond today whether not the trains are born to run because they have unbalanced and that they have leverage and that people would just have the see if the strike will have not. >> riders who use ac transit can breathe a sigh of relief at least for now. the government trumpeted strike threat on hold yesterday by appointing 83 member board to investigate the labor disputes. that board will give the governor a written report within seven days. ac transit workers are not allowed to strike during
9:35 am
this period after the governor reduce the report he will decide whether to issue a 60 day cooling off. >> what side road is currently shutdown. this is according to the police department and will be closed through tomorrow. for the rest of the day the police department's stated that you should make your alternate plans. if you're one of the people will use woodside across then you will want to use farm hill road or sand hill road otherwise you could use el camino real. roosevelt is also a another way you can go. >> it was a earlier a car accident on 1 01 that left things and barely kept ujammed a
9:36 am
number of hot spots and one of the worst is the san ramon valley ride because it is jammed up from all the creek. south bay freeway is still very heavy and a ride on 1 01 northbound and 85 from cupertino. the san mateo bridge is slowly starting to undermine and a bit of back up and drive time was that 23 minutes and there has been slow going from industrial to the toll plaza. >> there is erica with a look at the weather. >> the temperatures are starting to climb san francisco was at 63 degrees approaching the afternoon will notice cooler weather along the coast. we're seeing upper 60s and pretty warm conditions where seen
9:37 am
warmer weather inland and the temperatures are climbing. a similar pattern as we head into the afternoon and i will talk about where they will start coming up in just a bit. >> the partial government shutdown is over. while you were sleeping, president obama signed legislation ending the shutdown. this and hundreds of thousands of federal workers back to work today. house minority leader nancy pelosi is speaking right now. let's listen in. the >> i had my ongoing concerns about this. the senate to cut and rescinded. you have to talk to them about was in the bill. i sat on the floor, and not want a pen-- i'm going to get the vote because we have open government. we did not have
9:38 am
to close the government because we made this offer-- it was an adequate. >> there is a certain frustration. >> the bill the president signed off funds the government to january 15th and averts a u.s. default by raising the debt ceiling and along the treasury to borrow normally at least to february 7th. >> here is live pictures from a line that is alcatraz. there are one of the attractions that has been reopened due to the shutdown been over. we will have a live interview and exchange from kron4 mike pelton.
9:39 am
9:40 am
9:41 am
>> since the government is back up and running,
9:42 am
national parks are also reopening. that includes alcatraz. kron four's mike pelton is live from alcatraz landing in san francisco with more, mike? >> you could see the line of people on waiting. this will take them over and two of them have already set sail. a 9 a lot of these have already sold out they did not even start selling tickets until yesterday afternoon. here's a look at the scene from this morning. you can see some of them here as early as 7:00 a.m.. many of the residents heard that there are back open. some of them on their last day of vacation. >> i would have been
9:43 am
disappointed. >> i guess i would a judge had a spirited from the docks. >> is of the night toward were excited about this. >> when the tickets were available, we purchase them. >> i really have no real hard sillies.phillies. >> i'm just glad that is back (it >> out a dress and did have tilt refund about 10,000 tickets but there are plenty of them available. this is something that the national spokesperson stated was a benefit of opportunity that has come out of the shutdown. normally this is the back and the peak season. but a lot of decent normally would be sold out but they tell me that there are plenty of tickets available for this weekend. >> the time is 9:43 a.m.. we
9:44 am
will be right back.
9:45 am
9:46 am
9:47 am
>> welcome back. the time is 9:46 a.m.. we have been following this developing story about the fire in redwood city. they are continuing to have traffic implications. this road is closed between gordon and massachusetts. westbound lanes will be closed through today. redwood city police department stated that you should start making alternate ways for tomorrow. they have to adjacent freeway is for you to take farm hill road or sand hill road. you can also use our love me up for el camino real. we are still tracking
9:48 am
hot spots. there is a ride through these bay that is jammed up trying to get down to danville. westbound interstate 80 is also tough today. your commute to the east shore freeway. westbound traffic is heavy to the macarthur mayes. >> also, looking at slowing for the south bay they have a long raimondi on northbound which is backed up before 280 interchange. this is a 44 minute drive time. this is really tough. maligned the bay bridge on westbound, things are easing considerably. it is still about 16 to 18 minutes. the san mateo bridge is passed the peak of the slow traffic the drive time is that 18 minutes working his way down to 13 minutes. >> we are enjoying the sun
9:49 am
shine. here in san francisco is very mild conditions. the conditions are in the low 60's. it is still a little chilly in santa rosa as 53 degrees. as we head into the afternoon will he things up especially in a land where the temperatures are warmer. it is pretty much on par with just today with upper 70's. a little bit cooler in san francisco with a high of 75. satellite and radar shows a few conditions and where we have patchy fog form in. high pressure is still in place. we will continue with mom and average temperatures and dry weather prepare to take a look pitcher extended forecast. the seven day of around the bay shows that the fog will return. it looks like the temperatures
9:50 am
will slide into the middle of next week and the mamas inland spots will only come into the '70s. >> a new study of today shows an alarming spike in sugary drink consumption among teenagers. this is the first time compared to analysts of sugary drink consumption trends four california used.r california yog us this morning is. laura brainin-rodriquez with the nutrition services dept with the san francisco department of public health >> there was a decline for children who worked drinking days. there was a big spike for people 12 to 17 years old. >> we can see that they have
9:51 am
increased. 65 percent of older kids are drinking this. >> you are telling us that is a lot of the sports drinks. a lot of people do not think about that. and they do not think about the gatorade. those can also be as bad. >> they have a small amount of sugar. the total amount is the quantity that they are consuming sugar. is about a hundred and 50 added calories. if you look at california as a whole-- >> this is why the health department, why you are here stood give people the effects of these sugary drinks. >> it is really bringing up the epidemic of obesity. a
9:52 am
higher percentage about 43 percent of younger children are overweight or obese. we think this can lead to health problems such as diet beatty's and high blood pressure. >> as parents, it is the difficult. what do we introduced to our children instead? >> part of what we are promoting as a campaign and what we do is educate people of the importance of drinking water. they can use of water, the fruit, vegetables and when you introduce people to a they are actually blown away to know the this is something they can use. >> the problem is the expense because this is what you are seen because it is cheaper to buy a coke that
9:53 am
it is to get natural sweet drinks. >> we and natural way recommend to you to just use tap water. this is a popular when you presented that way. >> thank you. >> the time is 9:53 a.m.. we will be right back. it's great having at&t u-verse high speed internet.
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and speed options... you're welcome. [ male announcer ] bring it all together. ♪ >> take a look at this. a rare whale that was founded on venice beach in loss angeles. the 15th but stejnegers beaked whale washed ashore tuesday night. what makes this so rare is that it has a dolphin shaped head and say bart like to eat. this species typically dive deep into subarctic
9:57 am
waters to feed on fish and squid. they are believed to migrate as far south as northern california. >> are bay area weather is or to be average. the morning the temperatures will be in the 40's. it will be a little chilly in the afternoon. >> we will have the latest as we continue with the commute will bart and ac transit. we also have more information about the 6 alarm fire in redwood city. >> what side road will remain closed. this is a 75 unit apartment building that one of the claims. what side is expected to remain closed through tomorrow morning. >> we will see you back here tomorrow. dr. phil is next
9:58 am
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>> announcer: today on an all-new "dr. phil." she ran away from suburbs to slums. >> loni, come out here. it's your dad. need to talk to you. >> i'm done. >> announcer: their daughter needs help. >> dr. phil: she was arrested for heroin. did you bail her out? >> announcer: so do the parents. >> dr. phil: you guys are not ready. you're hiding stuff from your husband. >> she's not hiding anything from me. >> dr. phil: she told us she did. she's lying to us or lying to you. >> announcer: next. >> dr. phil: loni finally made it here. >> announcer: the intervention. >> i'm a heroin addict. i can say it. >> are you a heroin addict? >> i'm not. >> dr. phil: were you addicted to painkillers? >> she's doesn't want the world to know. say it.


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