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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  October 17, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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. >> this is the bay area's news station. kron4 starts with breaking news. one hour before bart workers walk offer off the job. >> as of midnight tonight we will be on strike. >> i am stick sick of bart and sick of this whole situation. >> there is no reason to strike, and it is terrible. >> bart workers go on strike in
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an hour leaving thousands scrambling to figure out how to get to work and school. we have reaction from frustrated bart riders from san francisco and walnut creek. let's check in with dan kerman from oakland. it has been a long day, dan. >> reporter: yes, it will really be a long day tomorrow with no bart to ride. trains will not run tomorrow. as you know things were looking good. they were at the bargaining table for 30 hours. they are shocked that negotiations collapsed and bart management is hoping to get the union back at the table. >> there is no need for them to strike. it is a terrible idea for the riders and the people of the bay area.
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>> reporter: thursday evening tom invited them back to the bargaining table. union members announced they would strike at midnight. >> i must inform the public that at midnight tonight we will be on strike. this is not a union strike. this is a management strike brought on by arrogance thinking they could take worker's rights away. >> reporter: it is not about salary and benefits. they were close on those issues but management's hard line on making changes to work rules. >> it is do we have control and the ability to make decisions about staffing and over time and job assignments and
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scheduling and technology. imagine if your manager couldn't take care of those things. it creates inefficiency. >> reporter: an arbitrator could make a decision. the union's proposal had management's proposal. >> they say we will take what money you have to offer but will not talk about work rules. it is not an acceptable way to negotiate. >> reporter: the vice president said he would reach out to the union. union officials put out a news release sayings they haven't heard from anybody. bart says the president and
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vice president contacted them and not heard back. we go to the he said she said and the blame game and the strike begins. as we mentioned we are 55 minutes away from the trains stopping running. dan kerman, kron4news. we have angry and frustrated bart riders. we have reactions from the embarcadero. >> reporter: they are angry at bart and union members. they are trying to get on trains in the last two hours before they stop. the rush is on to get home but for another bart strike. >> i am not happy. >> i am not happy about this. >> reporter: bart riders are
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furious over another bart strike. >> people are struggling to work and they are arguing over $56,000. they can -- [ beep ] . >> we are holding the city hostage over this. >> reporter: some are in favor of bart union workers. >> i think the management should do something are the employees. >> i can see how my own standard of living has gone down the last 20 years. they are trying to stop it. i want to say yeah it will help us all. >> management should have done something sooner. >> reporter: some say union demands are too himost of them any of us. >> they tend to be reflexively
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infavor of workers rights, but the bart workers are carrying it too far. >> at least they have a job. a lot of people in san francisco don't have a job. people have to go to school. kids have to go to school. grown up versus s have to go to work to take care of the children. >> reporter: it is safe to say almost everyone i talk with is upset, somewhat at both sides for not getting an agreement done and leading to what looks like a second bart strike. reporting live in san francisco. >> our team coverage continues
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in walnut creek. people are finding other options for tomorrow. >> reporter: frustrated is the feeling of east bay riders. they will have to start their commute several hours earlier. >> i take the bus but i do rely on bart. >> i will call it tomorrow. >> can you do that the whole week? >> no. we have a carpool set up next week. we have had it in place all week. it is really getting annoying. >> i don't know how i will get to work tomorrow at all. i don't understand why they don't have binding arbitration.
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. >> i will take a ferry from alameda or jack london. >> i go all the way into the embarcadero. it will definitely be crazy to drive. >> a taxi is out of the question. >> reporter: i spoke with the station agent, the last train will go through walnut creek at 1:00 a.m. the station will close at 1:30. kron4news. you can stay connected for the latest on and on our facebook and twitter pages and get push alerts for the latest information.
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dozens homeless after a fire. an important safety feature was missing. a sudden death surrounded by controversy. the claims around the 49ers team doctor found dead. a bay area investigator is charged.
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. >> developing news involving the man suspected of killing a federal criminal investigator this year, oakland police have charged this man on suspicion of vehicle theft and grand theft involved with the death of sandra coke. he dated her 20 years ago and was arrested when he violated parole by contacted her. ahead the latest on the
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bart strike. stay with us. uz)ñ
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. >> back to our top story, bart union members walking off the job at midnight after a marathon negotiations session fell apart. unless management goes into arbitration, bart trains will not run in the morning. >> we had two separate
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occasions to close this deal. we had come together on areas for everything they were asking for. they threw in something to take away all rights for workers. >> we think it is a terrible idea for their workers and the riders and the people of the bay area. >> riders need a plan b. maybe it is leaving a lot earlier than usual. popular options, you can get the free bus at 9 stations, west oakland, walnut creek, hayward, sanly and san leandro.
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return trips go from 3:00 to 7:00 p.m. there will be 5 to 15 buses. a spokesperson says there have not been calls for extra service. they will use existing personnel. fares are the same. bart was on strike in july and the vessels will be going from 5:30 a.m. boats will depart from san francisco at 3:15 p.m..
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>> stay connected with kron4. we will let you know if talks resume on tonight we have learned the sanford researcher and doctor for the 49ers was found dead at his home tuesday was the focus of a criminal investigation. lauren kelly has the exclusive. >> reporter: sources say that daniel garza's death is being investigated regarding adult interns. the probe was started before his body was found. his front door is still sealed by the coroner. they are investigating a
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possible suicide. a week or two before his body was found this street was filled with squad cars. she saw one person who seemed to be a crime seen investigator leave with what appeared to be evidence. he always kept his shades closed and wasn't seen in the neighborhood after that. he was a leading researcher in concussions and a well-liked professor at the medical school. they were made aware of criminal activity and called law enforcement. they were alerted by sanford by had no comment about the allegations about the now
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deceased doctor. the absence of sprinklers in a redwood city apartment is the cause of the spread. the fire began on the 4th floor. 4 residents were hospitalized. it is not clear how the fire started. >> it was another gorgeous day. we had sunny skies. our mobile app has a submit button. you can go to the sea breeze winds returned. we have temperatures in the upper 40s and low 50s. north bay is chilly in santa rosa and napa.
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we will warm up nicely. low 80s. 80s for inland valleys. we have sea breeze winds. low 70s in downtown san francisco. we will change in the next several days at the coastline next week. several days at the coastline next week. s[ male announcer ] it is more than just a new car... more than a new interior lighting system. ♪ it is more than a hot stone massage. and more than your favorite scent infused into the cabin. it is a completely new era of innovation.
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. >> good evening tomorrow night baseball play offs. dodgers game 6. jhonny peralta looked like a party early. he can't run. he is injured, slow, and out. 2nd inning. one will be shown for many moons in boston. a 450-foot home run by mike napoli. it is 4-0 when sanchez deals a
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wild pitch. tigers fought back, but that is as close as came. 4-3 win boston. they will close it out saturday night. ed to mick mcclellan's team cody comes back and the came is tied at 3. on a day that dan boyle is said to be feeling pretty good, sharks lose 4-3 in dallas. the record is 6 and 1. 49ers still looking up in the nfc west. from the university of california, 91 yards, the sea
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hawks have that feel as they did with the 49ers, language for a while with their defense. can't put them in the end zone. russell wilson, 34-22. 7 sacks, 4 turn overs. we have a new proathlete trend. arian foster received $10 million for a 20% stake in future earnings, signed a 5- year contract. may he needs a little dough if he is giving 20%. people will play him like a stock exchange. oregon is also first in
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football apparel. pink socks and gloves in support of breast cancer awareness. the ducks go pink against washington state. a 92-year-old woman doing the splits. this is jane. she was honored at a texas home coming. she was a cheerleader in 1939. >> she had a hard time getting up. >> but she is getting up. we have video she got up. sad bart news. >> it isn't good news. a reminder of what it looked like in july. the new strike is a half hour
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away. we had clogged freeway and lines for ferries. here we go again. check with us in the morning beginning at 4:00 a.m.
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capitol building freakout. >> this is not -- one nation under god. >> her bizarre rant. >> did a conspiracy theory drive her over the edge? then road rage disaster. >> he's hitting us, he's hitting us. >> slammed head-on by a crazed driver. this little one's mother didn't deserve to die. and -- a-rod shocker. >> the new book that claims he hired high priced call girls to come to his apartment. >> while he was dating cameron diaz. >> and kate hudson. plus the doctor on trial for drowning his wife in a bathtub. eight days after she got a facelift. >> he was planning to move his


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